Royal Highland Nightmare

Do you find it hard to make changes? Do you find reasons for not implementing the changes you need to make in your life? Change is never a matter of ability, its always a matter of motivation. In 2015 the EU brought into force a new law that required home fragrance products like candles and ... Read more

Service Station Life

Each year I visit a lot of motorway service stations. Last year I drove just over 40,000 miles. Sitting in the café on one such visit I watched at perfectly average family arrive at a table with their food. Mum and Dad with two youngish children, I guess of 4 or 5. They sat down ... Read more

That Niggling Feeling

Mandy is our candlemaker. She came to me and asked if I would come and examine a batch of wicks that had been delivered. She had just made a test candle and was about to burn it to make sure the wicks were working correctly. She said, “the wicks don’t feel right” and would I ... Read more

The Value Of Experience

One of the big changes you will see with Valentte products in 2019 is the phasing out of labels on our product and replacing them with a screen print directly onto the glass. I’m excited about the change, and sure it will increase the quality and feel of our products. The new screen-printed glass is ... Read more