Free Samples

Today’s blog post is about the free sample requests and to address the increasing customer anger we are experiencing for not posting them out. So, let me start by explaining how the system used to work.

Stop Digging!

Some months ago, I decided to reduce the number of shows we do and the number of staff on our stand. I went back to working all the shows myself, only having an extra pair of hands when the show demanded it. At the time, it felt like a step backwards.

Self Talk

This week I’m staying a beautiful campsite on a working farm, just outside Edinburgh for the Royal Highland Show. It’s my third year, bringing the caravan to this tiny site.

No Regrets

I’m back in Nantwich for 48 hours before heading up to Scotland for the Royal Highland Show. The team are busy making stock, and I’m recovering from a very early start on Monday morning after getting up at 2:30 am to take Justina to the airport! She is off to Lithuania for four days to see her family.


I woke up this morning to photos from our landlord at Gate Farm, where we make all the stock, showing the area in front of our unit has flooded. Luckily no water has entered, but as a precaution, he had gone in during the night and placed sandbags inside the door to be on the safe side.

Parkland Dreams

Yesterday I moved north, from Bramham Horse Trials to Ripley Castle where we are exhibiting with UK Grand Sales. I woke up this morning and had breakfast looking out over the beautiful grounds.

Moral Dilemma

Over the weekend, I had a long conversation with a friend whose son is battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It was heartbreaking listening to her story and knowing how little there is that she or I, for that matter, can do to help him.

Angel of the North

I arrived at Bramham Horse Trials yesterday having just finished Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh. I followed the coastal route that took me through Bloxham, Morpeth and on past Newcastle Upon Tyne and down to Bramham Park, just North of Leeds.