On The Edge

I have had a busy few days at Carfest South, before leaving Jade to manage things over the weekend. Then yesterday I drove across to the Edenbridge & Oxted Show where I’m on the stand for Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

The Captain

You are the captain of your ship, and the enemy is bearing down on you. It is your responsibility to defend your ship and protect your crew. Your supplies of gunpowder are limited.

Age Old Problem

Are you working on your dream? Can you see it up ahead? Are you toiling away at the coalface, thinking and dreaming and grafting to make your vision a reality?

20 Mile March

In the book “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins, the author compares “10X” companies with a direct competitor who has similar market conditions, products, company size and skills. Through this comparison, he asks, why one company outperforms the other, not by a small amount, but by an enormous margin, hence the “10X” title.

15 Minutes

I’m at Southport flower show, and it’s raining again. Feels like it hasn’t stopped for days. The noise is magnified by the caravan roof, and inside always sounds much heavier than it is when I venture outside.

Why Wait!

I’m at Southport Flower Show this week, it’s windy and like Lowther last week, very wet, but this time the event is in a park that drains well, and so I don’t expect any major problems beyond discomfort.

Bad News

Life is full of surprise event that can easily throw you off course. You have made a plan; you have a target in mind and are quietly and systematically working towards it. Then, out of the blue something comes along that knocks you down.

Wet Days

I’m at the Lowther show in Cumbria and boy is it wet! The craft marquee has a small river running through the middle, and I doubt we will see many visitors.

Attempt #2 Honister Pass

Today I have been cycling in the Lake District again. I took the same route as yesterday but this time in reverse and so arrived at Honister Pass after two hours of cycling and from the opposuite side.


I arrived in the Lake District today for a few days of cycling before going on to the Lowther Show at the weekend. It’s pouring with rain, and I didn’t much fancy going out on the bike!