Running Away

I love listening to Toy Robbins speak and hope one day to hear him in person. He talks with clarity and purpose about how we can unlock our abilities and smash through roadblocks to reach our goals. His compassion always strikes me along with a genuine understanding of the pain many of us feel.

Headphones On

I’m loving my new cycling turbo, a Wahoo Kickr, and have been using it in the caravan. This week I’m at Ardingly for the Eden Crafts Christmas show. I have never been one for morning exercise but have been reading about the advantages of raising your heart rate at the start of the day.


I began writing this morning and realised the last entry was three weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly time passes. I started this blog at the beginning of 2019, aiming to write each day. This schedule gradually settled into a more manageable three times per week.

Looking Forward

I’m back in Nantwich for a few days going over our production plans for Christmas as you can imagine it’s our busiest time of year. The show sales are typically twice as high, and I’m hoping online will be double or even treble our average week through the rest of the year.

Shades of Grey

I’m still in Malvern, and the clouds have come down, hiding the top of the hills. Looking at the map yesterday I noticed that the showground campsite is at 50m above sea level, the highest point on the ridge is at 425m, while the carpark sits at 300m.