Heady Days

I’m in London this week for the London Fashion Weekend event at Bloomsbury Square, it’s a new show for us, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the exciting young designers. I turn 48 this year and surrounded by young businesspeople I can’t help reflecting on the passing of time.

The Eternal Optimist

One of my aims for 2020 is to improve the visual look of our products. This goal involves a move away from labels to screen-printing directly onto the glass or plastic. We are excited about the change and spent the last few weeks designing artwork.

Life Lessons

Last weekend the squirrel and I were at the Barbican for a two-day event called Life Lessons put on by The Times. Billed as a weekend of big talks from big thinkers, that encouraged us to dream of a better future.

Trombone Oil

I have an app on my phone called Feedly, which I use to follow and read a variety of blogs. Most of them publish daily content that I find useful and inspiring. The app puts all this great information in one place, so when I have a spare five minutes each day, I can open it and catch up.

Accountability Mirror

This morning, like almost every other, I got up early and listened to motivational speakers on YouTube. One of my favourite speakers is David Goggins. He is the only man in history to complete elite training as a Navy Seal, Army Ranger and Air Force tactical Controller, who went on to set numerous endurance records.