Age Old Problem

Are you working on your dream? Can you see it up ahead? Are you toiling away at the coalface, dreaming and grafting to make your vision a reality?

Feels hard, doesn’t it!

I know that feeling, each morning I wake up with mixed emotions, one side of me is excited and raring to go. The other side is fearful and scared, weighed down by the size of my ambition and the pressure I feel.

There are no easy answers — no simple solutions to this age-old problem.

Nobody said it would be easy. If you want to live the life of your dreams, then don’t expect each day to be without challenge or sacrifice.

Pain and discomfort are part of your journey. They make you tougher, they build your character, they shape your experience, and ultimately, they will define your success.

The lessons you learn in the dark times give you the very skills that will shine so brightly when your moment comes, and you stand atop the mountain.

Take pleasure in the journey, relish those hard times, welcome them with open arms. They hold the key to your future.

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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Hi, I'm Luke Bream, the author of this blog, one of the co-founders of Valentte, hillwalker, cyclist, dreamer and an eternal optimist! My writing is focused on learning how we create the life we have always imagined, become the person we have always wanted to be in order to fulfill the dreams and goals we have set ourselves. I believe there is a power within each of us to achieve whatever we commit to mastering. Want to hear more? Read my full story. (coming soon...)

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4 thoughts on “Age Old Problem”

  1. Luke – I have saved many of your blogs. Love your honesty and some of your innermost thoughts are so helpful – thank you and keep posting. I am sure there are many readers whom you inspire every day.

  2. We all make mistakes the biggest problem is learning by them with humility, learning not only to forgive others but forgive ourselves. Everyday brings new opportunities and challenges, wake up looking forward to the new day and be glad in it, not regretting yesterday. Yesterday is gone we can’t change it only seek forgiveness if we hurt anyone, today is here live it to your best for none of us know if tomorrow will come. So make the most of every moment today doing your best for yourself your loved ones, remembering to love your neighbour as yourself, no matter how they treat you. A smile can change not only your day but the person you smile at, so much better than a glare or a grunt, give a cherry greeting it will lighten your load as well as others.


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