Are You Trying or Committed

I sometimes find myself questioning the responses I give to others when they make a request. I’m not a great one for going out in the evenings. I wake at 4 am each morning and consequently go to bed early. Often at shows, friends invite me to the pub, or for supper at the end of the day. I always respond with “I’ll try”. I know this means I’m not going to go, they probably know it too.

I imagine you have found yourself in similar situations where you have said to others or yourself, “I’ll Try”. It’s an easy defensive statement when we are not sure if we want to do something. It also comes out when we are not sure if we can do something. Hiding behind “I’ll try” when we are scared or unsure leads to problems

How much confidence would you have in an airline pilot that said I’m going to TRY and fly you to New York safely? What about the government that said we TRY and make our nuclear power station safe. Or the partner who TRYS to be faithful.

This got me thinking about the words “I’ll try” and how self-limiting they are. So what’s the alternative?

The simple answer is to use “I will”. See the difference. Now I’m making a commitment. Its public, open and there is no hiding from it. Returning to our example, how much safer to do you feel with the airline pilot who says I WILL fly you to New York safely.

Next time you find yourself using “I’ll Try”, stop yourself. Ask yourself the question, “why am I saying I’ll try.” Either you are committed to doing it, so say “I will do XYZ”, or I’m not committed, and then you would be better off saying nothing or “NO” I’m not going to do it.

Challenge yourself to make firm commitments to your dreams and goals. Stop trying to do things and start saying I WILL DO THINGS.

I hope you will spend time, making sure you are “making firm commitments to yourself and your dreams”. Imagine what we can achieve with this kind of confidence in ourselves and each other. Remember we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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2 thoughts on “Are You Trying or Committed”

  1. Wise words. I have been all too guilty of saying I’ll try, when l know full well it is an excuse for me to justify my failure.
    I will adopt the ‘l will’ strategy. All ready l feel empowered and confident that l will succeed.


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