Today, not tomorrow

I arrived at Blenheim Palace yesterday, ready for the horse trials which start on Thursday. Alone, deep in thought, I walked the cross-country course as dusk fell on the beautiful palace grounds and realised how grateful I am for the opportunity to spend my working life in such places.

Outwardly the show season is one of constant upheaval as each week we move from show to show, and place to place. But considered on a longer timescale it has a feeling of continuity and stability. As each year passes, I find myself back in the same situation but a year older, maybe a year wiser and certainly a year greyer!

Looking back allows us to see how far we have come. You can celebrate your achievements and track your progress towards your goals.

During the daily grind of climbing the mountain, it is almost impossible to gauge your progress; there are many days when the summit is so far off in the distance you feel that reaching it is impossible. But we climb on anyway. Such is the motivating force of our dreams.

Grit and determination will carry you forward towards your goals but think carefully about how you harness these qualities. Channel your energy, focus on the critical things that will make a difference. Ask yourself, if what you’re doing right now is the single most important thing that needs doing?

Remember, how you spend today will define what tomorrow looks like. There is no point dreaming about your future if you’re not prepared to walk towards it today. It is the relentless focus on the small things, the simple daily habits that will bring you success.

You create your future today, not tomorrow, but right now with what you do and how you spend your time. With the effort you put in and with the sacrifices you are prepared to make. There are no free lunches. There are no easy routes. Only the pathway you choose for yourself. Keep reminding yourself that it’s possible!

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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