I began writing this morning and realised the last entry was three weeks ago. I can’t believe how quickly time passes. I started this blog at the beginning of 2019, aiming to write each day. This schedule gradually settled into a more manageable three times per week.

So, what has changed?

On a simple level, life has got in the way. October is the start of our Christmas show season, and I’m busy on the stand which leaves little time or energy for writing.

I have written many times about the power of habits, about creating them, maintaining them consistently, and the positive results they bring.

Writing this blog was one of my “good habits,” a significant part of my morning routine, and I believe one of the critical factors in the prosperous year Valentte has had.

But like all our good habits, we take them for granted at our peril.

One day of non-writing turned into two, then three then a week and so on. Suddenly a previously cast-iron habit has been forgotten. Restarting is hard, once the pattern has broken. It feels like pushing a rock up a hill. Daunting, scary, intimidating and overwhelming.

Weirdly, restarting occurred in combination with fixing another broken habit. I haven’t done any exercise in nearly a month. Wanting to fix this, two days ago I bought a turbo trainer for my bike so I can exercise on it without having to brave the cold weather.

I started using it and hey presto I have started writing again. Maybe it’s the endorphins from the physical exercise, or perhaps it’s the feel-good factor of restarting one habit that has given me the mental strength to fix another.

Either way, it feels good, and I’m glad to be back at the keyboard.

Are you going through something similar and letting your good habits slip? Sometimes its not tough words you need, or even a kick up the backside. Sometimes all it takes is the rush of energy and good feelings that exercise brings to get you back on track

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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