Journey to Success

After the victory of our trial day at Greenwich market (where we sold a grand total of one bath fizzy all day!) – we were accepted to join the other traders on a permanent basis. What a relief!

Luke and I were juggling full-time jobs and making regular trips to the market on days off. It never felt like a job; I loved every second of it – from making bars of soap late in the evening to waking up at the crack of dawn on my day off to catch a crowded train at 5:05 in the morning.

Having a passion for what you do gives you wings – that was the power that drove us back then, and it is still very much the driving force these days. And boy, oh boy, you need that passion! There were some days when that was all that we had. We believed in what we did, and we hoped that the late nights and early mornings would pay off one day.

We climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

-Justina, Co-Founder and Creative Director

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