Wet Days

I’m at the Lowther show in Cumbria and boy is it wet! The craft marquee has a small river running through the middle, and I doubt we will see many visitors. I feel enormous sympathy for the event organisers when the weather is like this as they do a thankless task. They take all the blame when things go wrong, even when its not their fault and receive none of the credit when things go right!

The showground is very wet, and from the vantage point of my warm, dry caravan I watch an ice cream van get stuck in the mud. A pickup truck soon arrived and towed it, slipping and sliding into position. I don’t imagine he is going to be selling much ice cream over the weekend with gale-force winds and more torrential rain expected. But that is the show lifestyle. We take the good with the bad.

I expect that will be me on Monday morning as my caravan is in a deep bog of mud and slime behind the craft marquee. I drive a transit van, with front-wheel drive and its easy to get it stuck at the best of times. I have zero chance of towing the caravan uphill and out of its position with a heavy stock laden van, so I won’t laugh too much at the struggling ice cream van!

Then it’s off to Southport Flower Show, and my weekly routine repeats itself. A day or two of office work, then load up with fresh stock, drive to the show, park the caravan, unload the van, set the stall up ready for four days of selling. I love this transient lifestyle with each week in a different part of the country. I get to explore our beautiful countryside and enjoy the vibrancy of the different people I meet.

I believe it is this love of the process, of the everyday activities that are the secret to success in any venture. Sure, everyone enjoys the flag-waving big success days, but these make up such a tiny part of our time on this earth. Most days are mundane, simple and just like so many others. For us to find happiness and peace, then we must take pleasure and pride in these “ordinary” type of days.

It’s so easy to wish your life away thinking about the future, thinking about some distant summit that would crown your achievements, but this is a mistake. Instead, focus your energy on enjoying each moment of your life.

You need to find pleasure and pride in all the simple things you do. Spend your time learning and growing and seeking out the activities and the people that will bring you joy. You have the power in your hands to choose the life you lead, make sure you embrace it with both hands. You never know what tomorrow will bring. The life you lead is defined by the choices you make today.

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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