I remember the first time our glass order for the candles and diffusers came on a pallet. We made stock from home back then, there was a knock at the front door, and I was greeted by a hesitant delivery driver asking whether we were expecting a pallet?

Helen and Mandy who still run our production to this day came rushing out, and we all stood to look in excitement. We took pictures, then carried all the boxes inside, storing them in our sitting room along with our packaging and equipment for the Covent Garden Market stand.

We had a similar moment this week where we could see the progress; we are making in growing the business. We use oil in our diffusers that we bought in 5-litre containers at the beginning, then we moved up to 25 litres, next it was 220-litre barrels. This week for the first time we received a 1000 litre IBC. The huge container is the same size as a pallet.

The production team and I shared a happy moment of reflection. We marked our progress, and I expressed my heartfelt thanks to them for all their hard work and support on our journey. It hasn’t been easy, and without them, it wouldn’t be possible.

I think it’s vital to celebrate milestones. The journey towards your goals and dreams is a long and hard one. There will be many times when the summit is lost in the clouds and success feels a distant prospect. At these moments more than any other that we must celebrate the small victories that mark our progress.

It comes back to the concept of enjoying the journey. Happiness doesn’t come from achieving the final goal. Happiness is born out of committing to a target, making steady progress, becoming skilled, sharing a common bond and passion, working together to fulfil a dream.

I believe that we all have it in us to fulfil our dreams and goals. But too often we get hung up on the final goal. We would be better off focusing on the journey, enjoying it and sharing it with the people we love and never forget to celebrate the good days.

I hope you can find five minutes today to pat yourself and your team on the back. Remind yourselves how far you have come. Take a moment to celebrate together. Long before others believe, you must believe it’s possible.

Remember, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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