Working On One Leg

I have just returned from Burghley Horse Trials after four incredible days. On Thursday we had our highest sales day ever at a show, and then amazingly beat that figure again on Friday.

The weekend continued in much the same way, and I had to pinch myself on Monday morning when I totalled up the figures. Thank you to everyone who shopped with us and helped us set a record!

Those of you who visited may well have met Jade who worked alongside Matthew and me. She has been a regular on our stand over the last three years having started as a customer who fell in love with the products and then asked for a job! She typically works about 15 or 20 shows each year.

Three weeks ago, she fell off the ramp on her horsebox and severely damaged her ankle. She already had pins in this ankle and knee from numerous riding accidents in her younger years and so arrived at Burghley hobbling badly and taking loads of pain killers.

We teased her about working on one leg, but she soon put us to shame, recording the highest sales figures out of the three of us on both Thursday and Friday. I couldn’t have been happier or prouder of her.

She set such an example of dedication, hard work and sheer bloody-minded determination despite incredible pain. This was brought sharply into focus on Saturday afternoon when we had to call the St Johns Ambulance over to the stand as her knee had swollen up so much and resembled a football. The paramedics had to strap her to the chair as they carted her off as she wanted to walk herself there.

Sunday morning came, and she was back on the stand, topped up with pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets. We couldn’t have done it without her, and I will always admire and respect her for the way she worked over the four days.

She knew that I needed her. She knew that the business needed her and that the team was relying on her to produce her best, and she delivered despite the pain and discomfort. This blog post is my way of saying thank you.

Life has a habit of setting us challenges and shining a light on who we are as people. Your character is laid bare in times of hardship, and it is during these moments that you will come to understand what you are made of.

Are you a person who has grit and determination? Are you a person who can be trusted and relied upon? Are you a person that will be there when things get hard? Can you keep smiling, stay enthusiastic and keep working when all about you are wilting from the pain?

Your character is never set in stone. We all have the power within us to change and to learn. Today and every day to come, I urge you to be the person who can be relied upon when the road is hard.

Thank you Jade, I will never forget what you did last week. Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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