I have been thinking a lot about change over the last few months. It started on a walking trip in the Lake District over Christmas and hasn’t stopped. A motivational speaker on YouTube said,

“At some point, you have to look at your life and say, do I accept this or do I not?”

This message stuck with me, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. I kept asking myself whether I should accept my current situation? Will it ever change? I was tossing and turning. Backwards and forwards I went. Have you found yourself in a similar dilemma?

Should you change jobs? End a relationship? Find a partner? Move to a new house? Lose some weight?  Start getting fit? Spend more time with your kids? It’s hard to look in the mirror when doubt and uncertainty take over your thoughts — asking yourself if this is the right path towards your dreams.

When I feel like this, I find it helpful to push my body physically. I will cycle or walk or run long distances. Never very fast, it’s not about speed or competition or winning races. It’s a form of meditation. I need to push my body hard enough so that I can feel the effort, but too hard that it cries out to stop. The benefit seems to come through achieving a kind of inner peace, to be in the zone. My heart rate is raised but not too much, and in this state, I can exercise for hours.

You can build up to these times. Concentrate on time completed not the distance covered. Keep the intensity low enough so that you can do it for your target time. Don’t try and increase this time every time you exercise. That will lead to burn out and failure. Instead, do one longer session each week, and gradually push the time out.

Maybe your standard exercise time is 30 mins. So, then you do most sessions at 30 mins, but once per week, you do it for 45 mins. Then the following week the single “go-long” session might be 60 mins and then 90 mins and then 2 hours and so on. I’m using exercise in its loosest sense here. You could be walking the dog for example.

Here in this quiet time of challenge and endurance, you can think and dwell. There are no distractions. The phone doesn’t ring; there is no email, no Facebook and no demands on your time. You can shut everything else out to think and feel, learn and grow. Your body and mind will thank you. They will reward you with the peace and answers you need.

You can’t stay where you are and get where you want to go! The life you live is in your hands. We must change to grow. I know change is scary; I feel it every day too. But we must face up to our fears.

First stand your ground by committing to making change. Then smash through by taking daily action.  Your dreams are a reality on the other side. Long before others believe, you must believe it’s possible. Remember, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

16 thoughts on “Change!”

  1. I agree change is scary and something we all avoid for different reasons, but I also feel that striving for ‘different’ ‘more’ ‘something else’ is also damaging. We also need to look at the positives in our lives and balance that with the need for change. Is the desire to change born out of an inability to be content with what you already have. Will change happen automatically when we stop yearning for it?

    • Hi Hilary

      What you have written is very true. Our consumerist society actively encourages us to be dissatisfied with what we have and to seek something newer and shinier! Change as a result of these pressures is not a good idea at all. I feel very strongly that endlessly seeking more and better material possessions is a recipe for personal disaster of unhappiness. The grass might look greener but it rarely is!
      Best Wishes and thank you for making a very important point.
      Luke x

  2. Hi Luke yes it is certainly time for me to change direction I certainly feel that way and a lot of my clients feel that way too this year is the year for change and as we are all vibrational energy it is up to us to feel and do what we want to become and put our thoughts out into the universe , it is taking that leap of faith to feel and believe we can be the person we all want to be, and to go inside ourselves to find out what it is ehich is the hardest part for me . There is so much more out there for sure and with that belief you can all do it and it does work , just feel deep inside what it is you want and the universe will be there to help you all the way ?

    • Hi Julie
      I agree so much with your view on this year. So many people I have talked with recently are sharing this kind of journey. We have everything we need already; we just need to find the confidence to explore and accept it. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Then take action. Do something small every day. Small steps turn into huge distance covered when you look back from 3 months or a year.
      Best wishes
      Luke x

  3. Hi I love your products The lemongrass and rosemary room diffusers being my favourite.
    I would love wax melts in this fragrance have you ever thought about making these too?

  4. Hi Luke,
    Your words could not have conveyed my current situation any more perfectly! I deliberated for years on ‘should I stay or not’, and finally found the courage to make life-improving changes, starting in Nov18 by separating from my controlling husband of 23 yrs. And just this month, I’ve been successful in finding a new job which is better money, better benefits and less hours! I feel 10yrs younger, I’m so much happier, and initially was kicking myself for not being brave enough to do it sooner – but I soon stopped that, we can’t change the past, but I have great strength knowing that I’m in charge of my future now.
    I love reading your emails, they’re so inspirational. Warm regards, Px

  5. I love getting your emails and blogs, thank you so much. Not only am I completely enamoured with your amazing products, but I have huge respect with the integrity with which you manage your organisation and life and the values you hold. You’re a superstar, thanks for your words of inspiration and your openness in sharing your experiences and the challenges life chucks at us. It sooo helps xx

  6. Hi Luke
    I’m not generally a blog reader, but I gave yours a try and find them thoughtful and inspiring.
    Thank you. You sound like a lovely person.
    Warm wishes,

  7. Your blog entries are interesting, but I gave you my details in response to your initial offer of samples for your products. They never came. You followed this up by writing that, despite being swamped with sample requests, you would honour them. I feel I gave you my data in good faith — and to try your products. In these days of GDPR, I trust you will respect my position. You’re also a businessman – beware your blind spots!

  8. Thank you so much for these blogs – I don’t usually read this kind of thing – but they are really helping me through a tricky stage in my life at the moment – so thank you.

  9. I’m in that situation at the moment. I need to change a situation. My problem is I’m ready and need to move in but the person in question is not.

  10. Hi, IV asked and reasked and now I’m asking again to PLEASE send the samples IV asked for! IV applied 4 times now and nothing has come thru the letterbox! I would love to see how the candles smell and the room spray! It was a link from magic freebies invade you are thinking I’m crazy! Thank you so much

  11. I also see others here saying the same thing! We are customers in waiting and not sending out samples makes people feel you don’t value us. Thanks and have a wonderful weekend! Kelly


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