Billy’s Adventures

Meet a beloved member of our Valentte family – Billy the Cockapoo! Here on Gate Farm we are all animal obsessed, and seeing Billy every once in a while is the highlight of our week. Six year old Billy belongs to our manufacturing manager Paul. Paul loves going on adventures with Billy – even when he misbehaves.

We all love a cuddle from Billy, although this is often short lived as Billy doesn’t sit still for very long! We’re sure if we let Billy off the lead at Valentte he would explore every corner of the farm including the farm animals!

Paul loves sharing Billy’s adventures with us and all of their favourite places to visit. Energetic Billy gets up to lots of fun and mischief out in the countryside. Every morning Paul gets up before work at 7am to take Billy on a peaceful walk through Nantwich town or Billy’s favourite – a run around Nantwich Lake. Often, we wonder how Billy (or Paul) has any energy left after his adventures, but he always surprises us, and it is never to long before he is ready to go again.

Billy absolutely loves running on the beach. Paul and his wife occasionally take him to Wales for an explore of the coast. The sand on his paws and a paddle in the salt water make him a very happy dog! We can’t wait to find out about Billy’s next adventures with Paul…

-Justina, Co-Founder and Creative Director

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