Old Wolves!

On Monday I arrived at the Great Yorkshire Show, tired, but very happy after an exceptionally busy Hampton Court Flower Show. The show stands are expensive, and we always cross our fingers and hope to make a profit. So, a big thank you to everyone who shopped with us. Without your continued support, we wouldn’t have a business.

In the showground, I bumped into a friend, and he remarked that I was looking well. I said that I was feeling less stressed. We have cut down the number of shows we do by stopping doing more than one at the same time. To put this change in context, two years ago we did more than 200 shows rather than the 50 we are doing this year.

This simple change has resulted in a dramatic improvement in our fortunes. The business is easier to manage, we are making a good profit rather than losing money, and my life is consequently, much less stressful.

My friend, who has been doing shows for over 30 years laughed and said he had been telling me to do that ever since we had met and was pleased that I had finally come to my senses!

I’m struck by how hard it is to take advice, even from those whom we respect. He has told me repeatedly that trading multiple shows doesn’t work. So, why did I endure five years of stress and hardship before taking on board what he was saying?

He is an “old wolf” of the showground and has seen many guys like me come and go over the years. He knew what he was talking about and I should have listened, but like many before me, I thought I knew better!

This simple truth is the key takeaway here. If a person you respect, who has a depth of experience and knowledge is giving you advice, then try to listen and take notice of what they are saying. It won’t be easy, but it may just save you a world of pain!

The very characteristics that make you able to follow your dreams and build the life you imagine make you vulnerable to ignoring good advice when it goes against your world view. You need to recognise that this advice is coming from hard-won experience rather than a desire to hold you back.

So today, as you step out on the path towards your dream life, please remember to take special notice of the advice from those old wolves! Ultimately, you must make your own decisions and follow your own route, but some have been that way before and listening to them isn’t a bad idea!

Remember, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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6 replies on “Old Wolves!

  • Jenny

    Hi Luke, the song ‘silver lining’ by ‘First Aid Kit’ may resonate with you. Have a listen on you tube if you can. Hope you enjoy the show.

  • Alison Watkins

    Good Morning
    I do enjoy reading your blogs, thank you for writing and posting them . I live in South East Wales will you be visiting my part of the world in the future? I would love to visit your stand and browse your products and to say ” hello”.
    Kind Regards

  • Jane Morris

    Hello Luke

    You’re not alone – we usually don’t learn except from our own mistakes. We have to see for ourselves where we are going wrong and I’m glad to hear that you are less stressed.

    All the very best to you and yours.


  • Jacquetta Pease

    I came and bought from you at Hampton Court and as always I was impressed with your open and easy wAy of dealing with the queue of clients waiting to be served. So impressed I mentioned it to my friend who had also noticed it. It charmed us both. I love the product have been buying it on line too and am Now enjoying the pearls of wisdom you are sharing . (I am really really old and still learning!!). Thank you. You are a joy to do business with!!

  • Linda Thorne

    It was nice to meet you in person at Hampton Court As someone who spent my life working non stop for a bank I wish I had taken the advice work to live not live to work much earlier in my life. Life is far to precious to spend time doing things you don’t love.


    Thank you for the inspiration you give every time you write. Having been through life changing surgery I need a daily dose of inspiration just to keep living! Everything is such a struggle but ” one small step at a time”. The lavender body lotion and hand cream help me to keep calm and relax. Keep up the good work!


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