Heady Days

I’m in London this week for the London Fashion Weekend event at Bloomsbury Square, it’s a new show for us, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the exciting young designers. I turn 48 this year and surrounded by young businesspeople I can’t help reflecting on the passing of time.

I can remember being in my twenties like it was yesterday, the excitement of working and partying in London in the early ’90s was an incredible buzz. My friends and I experienced life at a million miles an hour, hoovering up London life.

Intoxicated with hope and dreams, high on life, fuelled by the passion of youth, and far too many drugs, never thinking about yesterday, we believed we could have it all.

Everything seemed possible, and nothing was beyond our reach. The perfect career, the best parties, passionate sex, friendships that would last forever and dance music that even all these years later still makes my heart melt when an anthem comes on the radio.

So, has life changed? Have I changed in the 25 years since those heady days?

Outwardly in the obvious ways yes everything has changed. I’m sober. I rarely party and live a quiet life dominated by my work. But inside, I don’t feel any different to that young man with a world of opportunities ahead of him.

I may be 47, but to be honest, I still feel just as excited about the future as I always have. Each morning I wake up and can’t wait to get started with the day. I look ahead and realise that I still have so much that I would love to do.

It would be easy to think life is coming to an end and to worry about running out of time. But that is a mistake. I hope to have another 40 years. That’s almost the same again, so I’m barely halfway through. Still so much to do, so many exciting things to experience.

And, even if I don’t have time and my life is cut short, then I will look back and say thank you for the life I have lived. Would I change it, maybe some of the more embarrassing moments, but probably not!

My god, it has been fun, and if the next 40 years are even half as good then what a ride it will be. Bring it on! I’m ready and as excited as I have always been.

I hope you will join me as we walk hand in hand towards this exciting future. Keep smiling, keep believing and above all keep living your dreams as together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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13 thoughts on “Heady Days”

  1. I’m 48, I worked in London for all of my 20s and 30s and partied far too hard too! I feel exactly the same, you could be me. Those words could be my words. For a long time I felt guilt about how I behaved but I’ve now allowed myself forgive me and I look back fondly. We had the best times and did some amazing things. I too am now sober and I love my life. I love your optimism and you’re a great fella! Hope you enjoy the next 40 just as much!

  2. I am 73 and still have the same mindset as when I was 33! It does not change. I still have so many things still to achieve. I had a great career until I was 67 Gave something back to the world. Now, I still work in hospitality and love being amongst young people.
    I love your blogs! You write beautifully. Don’t stop. And my God, you have so much more to come. Relish every day.

  3. Thank you Luke. A bit older than you!!-77 today and outwardly yes-inwardly no!!! Loved reading your blog today. Keep encouraging us!

  4. I couldn’t help but smile when I read your blog! I, like Patricia, am in my seventies, how I suddenly became 74 I have no idea! One minute I was 50, the next 74, my mind is no different.
    Although I’ve lived a somewhat different life from you, I’ve lived it to the full, sometimes good, sometimes bad, but it’s progressed as I’ve aged, in a better way. I’ve put some disastrous times behind me and replaced them with better, I’ve taken on new interests and challenges and enjoyed them to the full. I have every intention of living life In the most fulfilling way possible, be it it a simple stroll along a windy promenade or a challenging game of Bridge! Just enjoy every moment.

  5. Thank you Luke. A bit older than you – 77 today and outwardly yes, inwardly no!!! Had, and still having, a good life despite many “rocky” bits. Keep encouraging us with your blogs. Love reading them!

  6. I’m 54 and still don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up!?! 30 years of kids and all different jobs, now I want a career but in what?
    Luke your writing is lovely and calming like your scents! Keep it up!

  7. As yet again your blog is inspiring and I love reading it. I don’t read many blogs infact I only read yours because I love to hear what your doing. My life is moving onwards and upwards and I think how much I’m grabbing life and living it and loving it X thank you so much for driving me forward and giving me your strength it much appreciated X lots of love Rach

  8. What a wonderful reminder to have the glass half full approach rather than half empty which I have.
    I am 66 and like you have had amazing times but sometime spend too much time thinking time is running out.
    Live your life and pray to welcome each day and use it well.
    Thank you

  9. Thank you Luke – again praise for your wonderfully expressive pieces, mirroring so many of our own thoughts and dreams! I’m an older version on the outside of the young, vibrant woman I used to look like – 63 and no idea how the years have passed so quickly. So much has happened but there is so much more left to do…let’s hope I don’t run out of steam too soon! I think reading your blogs will keep me fuelled and emotionally fed for a long time . Please keep up the excellent work!! X

  10. Hi Luke just wondering if you can mix and match fragrances as I used to be able to get a body wash of patchouli and ylang ylang which was absolutely beautiful.


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