Healing the Mind

A friend of mine is going through a tough time. Yesterday we talked about the healing process after emotional trauma. She is still right in the middle of a horrible situation; however, I believe she can see the light at the end of the tunnel for which I’m happy and relieved.

Reflecting on our discussion, I have been thinking about the word “healed”. For me, it implies a finished state, in that the person is better. There are no further problems. With a broken leg, this may well be true, but what about mental health? Is healing the mind so neat and tidy?

Healing is a process, like the fulfilment of our dreams. We start it, probably thinking there is a clearly defined destination, but as we peel back the layers or develop our skills, we realise there always exists another higher level.

As regular readers will know, Les Brown is one of my favourite motivational speakers. He often says “Practice does not make perfection, it makes improvement. We can never achieve perfection!”

There is always room for improvement. There is always room to grow and develop, and hopefully, there is always room to heal the emotional traumas of our lives. Happiness and healing come from making progress, not from reaching a preconceived destination.

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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6 thoughts on “Healing the Mind”

  1. Loved the blog this morning! Very apt as I have just been in another amazing weekend of learning with Anna Garcia, an amazing coach, in London. Trauma can play out in very subtle ways quite often further down the line than one would ever have imagined. This concept does need understanding by those on the outside as well as the sufferer them self. I can speak for myself personally as an individual as well as a Homeopath where I see remedies contribute amazingly in unlocking the traumas patients have been suffering with….. sometimes unaware of the impact of what they had been dealing with and how it was playing out for them. …. they had just been suffering in silence, suppressing their emotions… and perhaps for a very long time, not yet managing to experience the shift they so desire. Sadly medical prescriptions often only contribute to the suppression…. they do not heal deeply. I would therefore love to bring Homeopathy to the table as a very good and safe system of support and healing, having read this touching and very real blog! Please do explore it .. it works! It heals, because it works on the person as a “whole” both mentally and physically … and it goes as deep as is necessary for each individual but in a very gentle and subtle way therefore usually bringing about incredible relief and results.It is non-addictive and has no side effects because it’s natural. The link below will lead you to more information. I truly wish your friend well Luke.

  2. I like your blog on HEALING THE MIND it made me think about how I feel emotionally, I am going through a period of uncertainty and will have to find my pathway I do find that sharing your upsets with your girl friends is a great help because they understand what you are going through however small it may be and it helps to put things in perspective and one can only grow.

  3. Fantastic blog this morning Luke, thank you. We all strive for perfection but actually it’s not attainable. Life is ever moving and ever changing whether we want it to or not. My mantra is simple… When I know better, I do better. It’s empowerment not guilt laiden. We say it to children all the time ‘just do your best.’
    If we were a bit nicer to ourselves then our mental wellbeing would be greater. Thank you for all the time, effort and emotional intelligence that you put into the blog.

  4. Oh my god found this company last year was fed up with the cost of YC and the black smoke coming from them, hassle to contact, here quick answe amazing fragrances both in body and home fragrance wouldnt go back have a few friends changing now just ordered two more home fragrance sets so excited they keep my house smelling good day and night keep it up guys youve impressed a devoted YC gal

  5. Saw these products advertised and was happy to move to a small company as opposed to a large conglomerate whose candles contain paraffin (horrible black marks on wall). The reviews were all great. Sadly I experienced a few issues with damaged deliveries and the delivery company didn’t want to know but, but upon speaking to Luke, all is sorted and I can’t wait for my replacements to arrive. Great customer service. Thank you Luke!


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