The Golden Hour

For as long as I can remember my working day started the same way. Sat at my desk, I would look through a to-do list and number some of the jobs to do today. Then I would open my email software and answer emails from customers, suppliers and so on. Next, I would check our company bank accounts and update our cash flow and financial figures.

Finally, I would start on the jobs on my to-do list. I imagine that your working day starts in much the same way. It was reactive and allowed others to dictate what was important to do.

I began to think that maybe this wasn’t the best approach. My thinking was that the first hour is my most productive at work. I’m very alert; there are no phone calls, it’s quiet, I’m focused, awake and energised. So capable of doing my highest quality work.

The reality was that I was spending that “Golden Hour” doing low-value work. Work that didn’t take much energy, work that although necessary I could do with my eyes closed. Work that didn’t push the business or me forward. Work that was the business equivalent of swimming treading water.

Are you guilty of wasting this golden hour too? Are you spending the most important first hour at work on mundane, routine, repetitive tasks?

To achieve your goals, you must spend your time working towards them, not treading water! In my previous pattern, I would identify what needs doing to achieve my goals and then add it to the bottom of my long to-do list.

Then maybe I would get to work on it in the afternoon. By which time I’m tired, unfocused, distracted and already thinking about going home. Hardly the time to be doing the high-quality work that my primary goal deserves.

Crazy isn’t it? I spent all that time thinking through my goal, planning, identifying what needs to be done and then I have started working on it right at the end of the day. I have let loads of other things be more important and take my time and energy.

So, what’s the answer. Well, I have made two changes to my schedule. Firstly, I now plan my day the night before. In bed, I prepare a list of what I’m going to do in what order tomorrow. That way I don’t waste vital morning energy on it. Next, and most importantly, I have swopped my day around, and the results have been amazing.

For example, my most important task to deliver my goals is to write this blog. So, I sit down at my desk first thing and write it. I don’t open my emails; I don’t do anything else, I won’t even answer the phone (it’s on silent) until I have written the blog post. This habit has been life-changing.

Starting your day working on your most important goal is powerful and liberating. Spending this “Golden Hour” on the task you have identified as the most important thing to help you reach your goals will change your life.

Doing this, has made me calmer and more relaxed for the rest of the day. My team have commented on the difference too.

Whatever happens for the rest of the day, whatever the distractions I know that I have taken a 1-hour step towards my goal. I hope with all my heart that you give this a try. I’m on day 33 and have never felt so alive, so positive and above all on track to achieve the things I have dreamed of.

Your future and your dreams are in your hands. People don’t become successful by accident. Do it first and do it in your Golden Hour. Long before others believe, you must believe it’s possible. Remember, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

4 thoughts on “The Golden Hour”

  1. I absolutely agree with the first ‘golden hour’ I have never done admin in the morning and plan the afternoon before. Not sure it is the best way to go though! Instead I do my first hour and a half in bed with a pot of tea, product testing, drawing, making. It sets me up for the next couple of productive hours doing something useful. In this glorious weather I have been glossing my stand and the grass (we now have blue grass) . The danger being the low value work becomes a job that’s done tomorrow but does not get as often as it should. I am very guilty of this! I find the financial stuff very boring any excuse to delay this, I will take it.

    • Hi Katie
      You have a great way of starting the day. That first hour and a half being creative working on your business rather than “in it” makes all the difference. During that time your brain is alive and wired for progress. I hope 2019 brings you everything you dream of. Best Regards
      Luke x

  2. Dear Luke,
    I came across your company by happy accident while spending many hours sitting by my husband’s bedside in a Sydney hospital. We should have been enjoying a much saved for and much planned holiday but it was not to be. Our five night stay in Sydney has turned in to eight weeks and counting.
    It has been terrifying, devastating and with long term consequences and yet I feel calmer, more confident and more resourceful than ever before. My priorities have changed, my values re-examined and my gratitude for everything is enormous. I have really enjoyed reading about your journey and look forward to seeing more of your posts in the future.
    Thank you

    • Hi Sue
      Thank you for your lovely message. My heart goes out to you. What a tough time you have obviously had but your spirit shines through. I admire and respect your positive outlook and energy. I wish to live my life in the same way. Fingers crossed that things are on the mend for your husband.
      Best Wishes
      Luke x


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