Angel of the North

I arrived at Bramham Horse Trials yesterday having just finished Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh. I followed the coastal route that took me through Bloxham, Morpeth and on past Newcastle Upon Tyne and down to Bramham Park, just North of Leeds.

I have not driven this route before and so had never seen the “Angel of the North”. It’s a beautiful sight and a powerful symbol that dominates the Northumbria landscape. Designed by Antony Gormley, this vast steel sculpture of an angel is 20 metres tall.

I’m struck by the confidence the statue represents with its massive strength to withstand the fierce winds. She demands attention and is impossible to pass by without a thought. I find Gormley’s work both fascinating and deeply inspiring.

He draws us into a world where we must confront ourselves and our landscape. His figures stare past us to the horizon, lost in contemplation, I imagine them searching for answers about their future. Many are planted in water; I see our reflections merge and think about the waters power to clean and purify.

Many of Gormley’s statues stand still and isolated as the landscape moves and changes around them. As in life, history is made by those who dare to believe in themselves. The masterpiece is not created by divine inspiration but instead through hard work and repeated effort. We master our craft by dedicating ourselves with passion and commitment to be the very best we can be. We must challenge ourselves to understand every tiny detail.

We must learn to see ourselves as we truly are, to look outwards at our landscape and the people around us to find the answers we need to accomplish our dreams. Nobody is going to hand success on a plate. Mastery comes from your dedication and hard work.

You must rejoice in the minute details of your craft as you move towards the future you have always dreamed of. Create a life filled with the joy of learning and discovery and always remember, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

3 thoughts on “Angel of the North”

  1. Luke
    I awake early every day to pop off to a very uninteresting job but filled with the thoughts you have taken the time to write about your travels and very deep take on your journey through your life, I’ve never really read anyone’s blog as other people s lives are there own and usually not very thought provoking… so thank you for your time and insight and wish you well in all you do. Kindest regards Suzan sharman.

  2. Hi Luke, good to read your blog about the Angel of the North. Yes it is a fantastic piece of work and stands majestically in Gateshead which is where I was born. It is not however part of the Northumbrian landscape, but it is in County Durham/Land of the Prince Bishops.
    Oh I have been a customer of your for quite sometime and love the products ?

  3. Hi like
    I love to read your blog I find it do inspiring especially when I’m feeling down. Please keep doing it you make my day x


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