The Mission

The Mission has always been simple – to create products that actually work, that smell beautiful and are long-lasting. Our use of only natural ingredients is the very thing that helps us to achieve this.

We believe in making products that we, ourselves, use in our homes – that are long-lasting and beautifully packaged. Our skincare range has been specifically developed with the highest quality natural products and blends of botanical oils to be kind to the skin whilst helping to soothe and moisturise rough, damaged and sensitive skin. We use all-natural, pure, plant-based ingredients and aromatherapy oils to ensure our Home Fragrance products smell stronger, last longer and work better than other products on the market.

We are a company that you can rely on. We strive to offer our support to our community of customers in any way we can by providing quality products, efficient delivery service and customer service with a smile.

Our collections of Home Fragrance and Skincare come in each of our signature scents, allowing you to customise your collection based on your specific tastes. We provide collections of products and personalised gift boxes that are customisable to your specific tastes and desires.

Every single one of our products is made with love and care on Gate Farm in Nantwich. We always have and always will make our products in small batches to ensure that we always have full control over the quality of each product.

We Believe

We believe that our homes should contain beautiful, natural products that enhance our health and our wellbeing. Our natural products are made from carefully crafted blends of pure botanical oils and plant-based ingredients.

We challenge the preconception that organic and natural products are more expensive and, therefore, only available to a small minority. Our purpose is to make these products affordable for all.

If you are the kind of person who cares passionately about the products you buy, the ingredients they contain, and how those products are made, we hope you will consider Valentte next time you are shopping for Home Fragrance and Skincare.

Our Ethos

We are a small UK-based business that started in London in 2011 and moved to Nantwich, Cheshire in 2012. We believe in manufacturing in the UK, creating local jobs in Cheshire and in selling directly to our customers.

We started small and were afforded the opportunity to sell to our customers face to face through markets and trade shows. Now, in 2021 after what has been a life-changing year for the world, we are trading solely as an e-commerce company and are delighted that even though we can’t see our customer’s face to face, we are able to stay in touch with our communities through email and social media every single day.

We are here to talk to you, to learn from you and, with your help, learn to become even better at what we do every single day. If you want to chat, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]



2021 marks our tenth anniversary, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank each of our amazing customers for your support.

We started small, selling handmade bars of soap at Greenwich market in 2011 and, with growing demand, opened a second stall in the beautiful Covent Garden. We left London for the rolling hills of Cheshire shortly after searching for more green and somewhere to expand our small business! We are now located on Gate Farm in Nantwich where we work hard hand making Home Fragrance and Skincare products in order to keep delivering happiness and wellbeing one box at a time!

Each of our products is treated with love, care and attention every step of the way. From the first time, we think of a new idea for a fragrance or product, to the making process, to its delicate, careful packing – right up to the moment your order is delivered to your door.  We thought you might be interested to find out more about our little business and see what really happens during the making process.



Above, you can see a video of us making our candles – this is a long, precise process that takes a lot of love, care and attention throughout! We start by breaking up the natural vegetable wax into small chunks to make it easier to melt, then place the wax in our wax melter and leave it to melt overnight. In the morning, the wax is melted and ready to pour. We then set up a table of candle jars and carefully lay the wicks in each jar, ready for the wax to be poured. Next, the wax and essential oils are then poured into the candles during a two-step process – not forgetting to centre the wicks in the jars as well! A few hours later, the candles are set, ready for us to trim the wicks, polish the jars, package them up and send your beautiful new candle directly to your door! Hand making beautiful home fragrance products remains at the heart of what we do, but let’s not forget about skincare.