Let’s make a difference in 2019

It’s a new year and time to put down on paper what we believe in as a company.

We believe that our homes should contain beautiful, natural and organic products. Free from the chemicals and toxins that are damaging our environment, our health and our well being.

These products should be affordable and available to everyone. We challenge those who say organic and natural products are always expensive and only for a wealthy minority.

 We believe in manufacturing in the UK, creating local jobs in Cheshire and in selling directly to our customers.

If you are the kind of person who cares passionately about the products you buy for you and your family, the ingredients they contain and the way that those products are made then we hope you will consider Valentte next time you are shopping.

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Hi, I'm Luke Bream, the author of this blog, one of the co-founders of Valentte, hillwalker, cyclist, dreamer and an eternal optimist! My writing is focused on learning how we create the life we have always imagined, become the person we have always wanted to be in order to fulfill the dreams and goals we have set ourselves. I believe there is a power within each of us to achieve whatever we commit to mastering. Want to hear more? Read my full story. (coming soon...)

Whats Valentte?

We are a small Cheshire company making organic skincare and home fragrance. Scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. Learn More About Us

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  1. Do you have a stand at rhs show at Tatton Park thus year? I had sample hand cream which I love and want to buy more but don’t know which one it is!


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