Attempt #2 Honister Pass

Today I have been cycling in the Lake District again. I took the same route as yesterday but this time in reverse and so arrived at Honister Pass after two hours of cycling and from the opposuite direction.  From the North West side, the approach is less intimidating and initially follows a more gentle gradient, before ramping up very steeply to perhaps 25%.

The gradient again beat me, but this time unwilling to reverse my route, I climbed off the bike and walked up the hill. Slipping and sliding in my carbon fibre cycling shoes as I had stupidly forgotten to bring my flip flops despite anticipating this moment back in the caravan.

I have never walked up a hill pushing my bike before, and I can’t say it made me feel great. My pride certainly took a beating as the cars edged their way past and the occupants gave me sympathetic glances! Despite this, I ended up having a great three-hour ride through stunning countryside.

I used to own a beautiful carbon fibre, top of the range bike that in 2007 I rode the entire route of the Tour de France on, unfortunately, it was stolen, and I have never had the money to replace it. I now ride a cheap and cheerful bike from Decathlon that does the job. Although it rides well, it does not have the correct gearing for such steep inclines, as the gradient rises, I’m left pushing too big a gear and unable to turn the peddles.

This brings me to the point of today’s blog post and my overwhelming desire to buy a new bike. The climbs would have been hard but achievable on the right bike, and I find myself endlessly justifying a new and expensive purchase in my mind. I scroll through the bike websites, looking at the glossy images and imagining myself aboard the beautiful machines.

As regular readers will know, Valentte had a very difficult 2018 where we built of debts approaching £100,000. We have since turned the business around and are well on the way to being debt-free by the end of this year. We have achieved this recovery through a variety of means, but one of the biggest is “no unnecessary spending”.

This sadly is another one of those moments as I won’t be buying a new bike until we are debt-free. Sure, I could put it on credit card, or get in on finance, but what’s the point? I would know in my heart that I shouldn’t be buying it, and so the joy of ownership would be tarnished.

I cannot tell you how hard a choice it is. Every bone in my body wants a new bike and yet I know the right decision is to wait until we have cleared all our debts. I believe when the moment does come, and I make the purchase using cash, not credit, the feeling will be one of joy that has been earned.

Are you in the same situation, craving something new and shiny? Maybe you believe that life cannot continue without it. If you truly can afford it, then go ahead. But if not, if you need to borrow to purchase, then please pause and ask yourself if you “really” need this item.

Freedom and the associated peace of mind come from not worrying about money, the quickest and easiest way for you to achieve this feeling is to reduce your spending rather than increasing your earnings.

Waiting until you can afford something is an old-fashioned virtue that has lost none of its power and brings the bonus of truly appreciating things when you do finally get them. Don’t waste your time and money buying things to impress others, it never works. Don’t borrow to fund spending on luxury items that you will have forgotten about tomorrow.

Instead save your money, spend less, consume less, own less, live a simpler life with fewer possessions surrounded by people you love doing things that bring you joy.

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

Hi, I'm Luke Bream, the author of this blog, and one of the co-founders of Valentte. Thanks for taking the time to read about our journey.

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Valentte make affordable, luxurious home fragrance and natural skincare. It smells amazing, works like a treat and comes beautifully wrapped.

8 thoughts on “Attempt #2 Honister Pass”

  1. Hi! I can totally sympathise with u on honister pass I walked up it with my soon to be ex husband…. I must of cried a few times but when I got to the top it was stunning the sun was shining and it had snowed the snow was so deep me been short it came up nearly to my knees I can remember loving the coldness from my sore feet. I also understand that need to want or keep things I’m in the process of getting rid of my dear dear campervan which I love so much. My ex never loved it like I did and its breaking my heart to sell it because to me it means freedom. People say oh u can get another one but I know in my heart I never be able to afford one again. But hey life will go on and I ve achieve so much and people believe in me and I never thought I’d make it through this very tuff year. I ve realised I’m a fighter and I’m a very lucky lady. I ve read Yr blog and I ve also met you so I think you ve given me strength knowing that were all not alone in our daily struggles.. X

  2. I have already e mailed you. To Grace?? I requested some samples you were offering and gave you my e mail address. I have received no samples only e mails!! Can you investigate please. Regards Susan

  3. Yes. And another nudge to curtail spending.
    In 1999-2000 I was very broke; but I’m a really keen cook and saved up for some seriously good saucepans – which I bought one by one over a period of a year – and twenty years on, are still serving me every day. I’m protective about things I saved to buy. As they cost me something. A good lesson.

  4. Only just started to read your blog and would like to say I am seriously impressed. You speak wise words in an honest way which hopefully will be taken onboard by readers. Well done in turning the debt around and every good wish for the future.

  5. I love your blogs Luke, you are such an inspirational man and I truely wish you every success with Valentte.
    I’m a qualified aromatherapist and your essential oil blendings are spot on.
    I am now a patient at the Royal Marsden after an ultrasound and biopsy in March this year revealed I had a Sarcoma in my thigh
    This was successfully removed along with the cancerous tumour and reading your blogs have made so much sense.
    No body knows what the universe throws at us and when.
    I’m convinced you will earn your new carbon bike and I sincerely hope your business continues to profit for you. Keep up with writing too!!
    Much luck xx

  6. I love reading your blogs Luke
    They really make you think. sharing your own personal struggles is a brave thing to do but is very inspiring
    Please Keep writing

  7. I really look forward to reading your blogs each day. You really are an inspiration and the majority of the things you write about hit a nerve with me and really get me thinking about my own life and the issues I have encountered along the way. This world has indeed become very materialistic and that is something which I don’t encourage with my own children. I came from very little and myself and my husband have worked very hard to achieve what we have and that is what we try to instill in our children, that you don’t get anywhere in life if you don’t put the effort in and borrowing is not the way to go unless you can afford it. I really admire your grit and determination which is why you are such an inspiration to others. Please keep the blog alive for us all to read and I promise I will keep buying your amazing products and support your fab business xx


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