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Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser


Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients and will scent your home for a minimum of 4 months, perfect for relieving stress and tension.



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Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 27, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

This is my favourite. The aroma lasts and lasts. Beautiful scent fills the room.
Michelle - avatar Michelle
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 26, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

Love this product, smell lasts for such a long time too
definitely recommend
zoe - avatar zoe
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 26, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

Love this product. Lasts for such a long time
Will definitely buy again
zoe - avatar zoe
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 21, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

Smell so nice
Kotryna Cesnaite - avatar Kotryna Cesnaite
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 19, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

Gorgeous! Great value and fast delivery
Louise Petricca - avatar Louise Petricca
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 19, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

Gorgeous I love this scent. It lasts well but is not too strong. Will certainly purchase again
Louise Harrison - avatar Louise Harrison
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 16, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

What a beautiful fragrance. Not my normal choice but decided to try something new and definitely made the right choice! So fresh and luxurious.
Sarah N - avatar Sarah N
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser
May 15, 2020

Our geranium & ylang ylang reed diffuser is made from pure, natural... View

Second time I have ordered this. Beautiful scent and very long lasting. Love it!
Wendy Dwyer - avatar Wendy Dwyer

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of five pure essential oils.

Relieve stress and tension


This sweet-smelling oil will uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness.

Ylang Ylang

Sensual and exotic ylang ylang is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. With it’s calming and euphoric effect, it helps relieve negative emotions such as anger and frustration. Ylang ylang is very yin and is considered to be very much a womans oil.

Storms Don’t Last For Ever

Say goodbye to stress and tension

using our Geranium & Ylang Ylang

home fragrance

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


120 reviews for Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser

  1. Sally

    A gentle smell but could be stronger to make a difference to even the smallest room.

  2. F

    Lovely smell, really soothing. I love Valentte products, natural fragrances, well packaged and great quality.

  3. Ann Hannah

    I love the candels ,this is the first time I have had a diffuser smell is lovely .

  4. A J

    Love the smell of this diffuser. Teamed with the candle it’s perfect. Makes a great gift, beautifully package. Have now purchased 5 mix and match boxes for friends as well as myself.

  5. Jinni

    I have had several Reed Diffusers from Valentte – they smell lovely, maintain their aroma and last several months.

  6. Gwen Griffith

    Have had this diffuser in my bathroom for several months and can still smell the great scent from it, going to purchase another for the second bathroom

  7. Tracy

    It smells divine, and gently fragrances the room so not overpowering. Lasts very well.

  8. Charlotte Butcher

    Lovely smell, not too potent but nice and subtle back ground smell. Makes even a large lounge smell good.

  9. ce_moore

    Received this as a Christmas present.
    Beautiful fragrance, perfect for our downstairs loo, very happy with this, will definitely buy more from this range.

  10. S Ward

    Love love love these ! I like natural organic products that smell amazing and so glad I found Vallentte. I believe they are looking at individual packing as these make lovely gifts but unless you buy the gift box, they don’t look special enough for giving. However I have bought them for myself and family who like them as much as I do

  11. Judith Maddison

    Bought this for my daughter to put in her tiny bathroom, she didn’t want an overpowering perfume, and this was perfect. She is over the moon with it – exactly what she wanted. I love your reed diffisers, found you at The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, I’m so glad I did.

  12. Mrs Patricia Prigmore

    After giving the Valentte goodies as gifts, I have recently purchased this one for myself. Such a wonderful fragrance and long lasting too. I am so impressed with the Valentee range of products and will be looking out for your stand at the Horse Trials again this year.

  13. Kathryn Brousson

    Gorgeous scent, which filled my bedroom with delicious fragrance the minute I set it down.
    I first discovered valentte at a the fair.

  14. Rachel Box

    Great looking item, idea as a gift. The fragrance could do with being slightly stronger, it’s quite subtle at the moment. Love the look and the smell.

  15. Emma C

    These diffusers or any of Valentte products make lovely gifts, even to yourself, well packaged and quick delivery. This geranium and ylang ylang is subtle but fresh.

  16. Rachel Box

    A lovely subtle scent and stylish design.

  17. Katie

    Lovely scent, would have given 5stars but the aesthetics of the product packaging let it down however they were aware and have already resolved this . I have purchased 3 different scents this is the first one opened and very happy with it. 5 star plus customer service.

  18. Jacqueline Jones

    I found Valentte one day when walking through Covent Garden and have been buying these diffusers onine for many years for myself and to use as gifts – the geranium and ylang ylang is by far my favourite smell – it is simply gorgeous! My only criticism is that, plain packed refills should be an option, I would be happy to pay the same price, but I just hate throwing away all the beautiful packaging and the glass bottles – it seems such a waste, could have a tick box if you required gift wrapping, it would save so much money!

  19. Julie Cox

    This is the first time I’ve purchased a product from Valentte, after seeing the company advertised on a ‘deals’ website. However, I wasn’t sure if the diffuser I’d ordered would do the job that others had failed to do! After reading reviews on the site, though, it seemed like the Valentte fragrances would permeate my home and last a lot longer than others – and I wasn’t disappointed! As a dog-owner, I’m definitely more self-conscious about how my house might smell at any given moment, so it’s great to know I can rely on this gorgeous reed diffuser for many months to come! (And the free candle was a lovely bonus, too!)

  20. Janet Lindsey

    A gorgeous scent – it really fills the room! It is in my bedroom and makes the room smell clean and fresh but also luxurious. I love it!

  21. Paula Hamiltom

    Love the smell. Really fills the whole room, although not overpowering. Always beautifully wrapped and well presented. Really looking forward to trying the other scents

  22. Claire Carr

    Lovely reed diffuser ❤️

  23. Teresa

    Lovely fragrance , delighted with it.
    Found your brand at a show and was impressed by a hand creme sample and also decided to buy that

  24. Gail Buchanan

    My bathroom smells like an oriental spa thanks to this gorgeous reed diffuser. All my visitors comments so I am able to recommend this company to lots of my friends too!

  25. Margaret

    All my goodies smell amazing but at the moment this is my favourite, but who knows this might change when I try other fragrances later. Glad I discovered Valentte

  26. traceyrowson1966

    Love this fragrance. For me it’s feminine and sensual. Perfect for my bedroom.

  27. lynnemannino

    Another wonderful product from Valentte. The scent is perfect for my guest bedroom. Reed diffusers are often too mild for a room, but the diffusers from Valentte live up to their promise & scent the whole room. They stay strong over time too. I ordered after seeing the company on a deals site & was so pleased with my order( which came the next day) that I ordered again immediately. I have reed diffusers in my sitting room, bedroom & downstairs bathroom & my home smells glorious. One happy customer, & I have to stress that the products are worth the price.

  28. Julia Lycett

    Lovely in the bedroom, not too overpowering.

  29. Mr Wu

    It would be good if you actually shipped the reeds for the deffuser. Tried contacting support twice and got no response. Can someone ship me my missing reeds please?

  30. pauline cuss

    Arrived besutifully boxed the reed diffuser smells gorgeous will last a long time

  31. Susan Canning

    Bought this Geranium and Ylang-ylang oil for reed diffuser in a sale that you had,absolute bargain at £12.99. Have it in my front room and it’s got a lovely subtle aroma that’s not too overpowering. Had a lovely surprise of four small sample spray bottles of different fragrances as a bonus. The oil came well packaged in a white box with a ribbon tied around it. Perfect as a present.

  32. Margaret Pitts

    Bought this for myself. Lovely fragrance, not too overpowering. Discovered Valentte when I received a message advertising free samples which unfortunately could not be supplied due to the cost. Having read some reviews I decided to risk it and ordered items for presents and for myself. I was not disappointed. The fragrances and packaging make them quite special.

  33. Jan S

    I bought this as a present for my parents. They really enjoy the fragrance and I know from experience that your diffusers last for quite some months, at least four months.

  34. Caroline Kimber

    This is my favourite reed diffuser around. The scent stays full and lovely and the product is great quality.

  35. Claire Jones

    Love the aroma of the geranium and ylang ylang it floats around my whole house without being overpowering.
    I first came across Valentine about 3 years ago at a caravan and camping show. I am asthmatic and bought some candles because of the way they burn.
    Since then I have bought many products for my own use and as gifts, always receiving good feedback from my friends.

  36. laviniagee

    Love the aroma and it is subtle and gently goes around the house without being sickly.

  37. Florence Cheng

    I didn’t have a sample before I bought this. It’s ok but I’m not such a big fan of the smell.. It reminds me of bathroom..

  38. Joanne Priestley

    I love this diffuser, which lasts so long and gives off a beautiful aroma. My second purchase, love it. My first experience of Valentte was a gift from my brother, via my mum. I’m now hooked.


    This is great with a long lasting scent. Makes the room smell wonderful. Highly recommend these products!!
    I discovered valentte products after by boss purchased some for our chiropractic clinic! The diffusers still smell great after months so had to buy some for myself at home.

  40. Sheila Bradbrook

    The quality of these reed diffusers is better than any others I’ve found. The smell of this one is fabulous but not over powering and the diffuser lasts for absolutely ages. I’ve bought these for myself and as presents and love that all the ingredients are natural and there are no added chemicals.

  41. Jackie Jones

    I regularly use ‘Geranium & Ylang Ylang’ room diffusers in the whole house – the smell is just gorgeous, visitors often remark on the beautiful smell in the porch, even the postman commented on it – it is such a pure clean smell and fabulous that it is all-natural – well done Valentte!!

  42. Susan Vascetta

    This diffuser has made my house smell lovely, when my daughter visited she said it smell just like a spa. I will be ordering another for a Christmas gift.

  43. helenpickering78

    Lasts for ages! i’ve had this for over a year and love the way it smells, the scent’s so concentrated unlike other brands. Will definitely buy again.

  44. Wendy Bambrough

    Really lovely smell and very long lasting. Great value for money

  45. trikkia103

    First time i’ve Tried this as i’m A die hard Lemon and Neroli fan normally, loved it though it’s so fresh. These diffusers last forever and I love the fact they’re natural oils and not synthetic fragrances.

  46. heather martin

    First found Valentte at the Southport Flower show a couple of years ago when I bought a couple of body scrubs as presents. My friend told me how much she had loved the smell of the Geranium and Ylang Ylang, so this year I have bought her the Homecare Gift box in the same fragrance for Christmas. When it arrived I had to carefully open the box for a little peep and smell. The box was never closed as I just had to use it myself, it was so lovely😊! Fortunately for her I will be ordering her another one.

  47. Wendy Wilson

    Following a recent stay in an airbnb where these diffusers were in the living and bedroom areas, I loved the delicate fragrances and took note of where they came from.
    The geranium and ylang ylang is a gorgeous scent and I’ve treated myself to a gift box and purchased others as Christmas gifts.

  48. Charlotte

    The reed diffuser smells luxurious and lasts for months still giving off a string fragrance.

  49. Davina Insley

    Lovely fragrance great presents

  50. Linda

    I bought this because a family member was using it and I loved the smell. So thought I would get some for Xmas presents.

  51. Kerry Evans

    Love this fragrance, my whole bathroom smells beautiful every time I walk in!!! Also purchased handwash and hand and body lotion to match. Will definitely be buying again.

  52. john bowman

    great fragrance from day 1 until empty, long lasting because of natural oils used the best diffuser on the market
    have been using Valentte for number of years never disappoints. Great value for money

  53. Katy

    Just in love with this fragrance. Am I obsessed with Geranium? Maybe!! But this is so refreshing and its all organic etc… ticks all the boxes for me


    This is a warm subtle but fresh smell that definitely raises the spirits!
    I would recommend these diffusers as they last a long time and gently purify the air.

  55. J Pugh

    Love my geranium and ylang ylang diffuser, this is my third purchase as I never tire of the smell

  56. mandywarren38a

    Just love, love, love the Geranium and Ylang Ylang reed diffuser [and candle and hand cream!]. The smell is just so uplifting. I have also bought the Lime and Grapefruit and White Neroli & Lemon [more favourites] diffusers for friends. The trouble is it is so difficult to give them away as presents when I just adore your products…. only one thing for it – just have to buy some more! I first discovered Valentte at one of the big shows [either Spirit of Summer / Christmas or the Country Living show] and it is so lovely to be able to test the products at these shows and know you can order them from home [bit heavy to carry on the tube]. One other thing for Asthma sufferers: I have a chemical allergy which triggers asthma which stops me using any household or perfume which is not pure or contains chemicals. Thank God for Valentte – my home smells lovely now – no reaction whatsoever as your products are pure. Thank you!

  57. Agnes Mcintyre

    Very happy with the reed diffuser haven’t used the candle as yet

  58. Veronica Mellor

    I love the scent of this diffuser that is currently in my bathroom … everyone comments on its beautiful smell
    The Lavender scent is also absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    Five stars indeed
    I shall definitely be returning to Valentte to purchase more

  59. Laura

    What a relaxing and calm fragrance!
    This reed difuser is simply relaxation in a bottle.
    I would reccomend this if you are feeling stressed. These powerful oils will relax your body and mind. Great value for money

  60. Dawn

    Purchased gift set containing candles and reed diffuser, great fragrance and instant smell within the room. Great value

  61. Tracy

    The most amazing luxurious scent, so calming and relaxing – bring a spa feel to your home

  62. Margaret Pitts

    A long lasting fresh smell. Nicely packaged
    so ideal as a gift.

  63. Jeanette Rawlinson

    I went to the Malvern Autumn show and stopped at the Valentte stall where I was able to hear about these products. Being able to try before you buy encouraged me to purchase a gift box. I was so pleased with the hand cream, diffuser and candle that I ordered more to give as Christmas gifts. The products are attractively priced, packaged and arrive promptly. I am very pleased to have discovered such a great range.

  64. john bowman

    Geranium and Ylang Ylang reed diffuser great for any room fragrance absolute delight
    reed diffuser and candle are both long lasting aroma to the very end
    would recommend these products everytime


    fabulous, best fragrance company on the market

  66. Helen

    I met Luke at Olympia this year, took home a couple of diffusers and loved the smell so ordered a Lavender for the bedroom and the Ylang Ylang for office at work, received lots of compliments. Will buy products again from Valentte.

  67. Sharon smith

    This brand are the one of the best by far and healthier for your home not to add the smells are so relaxing and calming
    Love them ❤️

  68. Linda Wetherill

    Beautiful natural smelling fragrance that fills the room and lifts your spirit

  69. Tasha Bocock

    Absolutely love this diffuser. I had to have one after I smelt one at my mums house. It’s smells just like a spa! 💕

  70. Sharon Rawlings

    Again lovely I will be ordering again.

  71. Lindsey Brown

    Fabulous Scent. The bottles look great, very premium. Extremely happy with my purchase!

  72. Debbie

    just wanted to send a review about my recent purchase of 2xdiffusers one lemongrass and geranium and ylang ylang.lover em! my cousin was with me and she purchased the same.we also got a sample of the mini handcream.Thank you.Looking forward to receiving a free candle coupon.Happy Christmas. thanks Debbie

  73. Rebecca Taylor

    Love this scent, all my diffusers last so long from valenette

  74. Emily

    Lovely scent. I can smell it when I walk in the door. Would be nice for the scent to be a little bit stronger though, I have 2 diffusers and a candle on my dresser but the smell is still quite mild.

  75. Mary Marshall

    Really happy with my diffusers as are my two daughters too. All three of us ordered them after buying stuff off a stall at Olympia last December. Lovely clean smell and last longer than others I have bought elsewhere

  76. Jayne

    Absolutely thrilled with my purchase and with Valentte. I never write reviews but felt compelled to do so now. I have purchased a few Reed Diffusers now and can honestly say they last SO long. I get comments all the time. Every morning I am welcomed by the fragrance…delightful x

  77. Lynn Elder

    Absolutely love this scent it’s so refreshing and the smell lasts so long.

  78. Esther

    Lovely product. Instant and long lasting scent

  79. Kate Brierley

    I just love these diffusers. This one’s a present for my Mum. They smell divine and last for absolutely ages. Best I’ve ever had! First discovered at Southport Flower Show

  80. Rebecca

    Love this smell, very classy and sophisticated. Friend visited me and was on the website whilst she was here to order some. Everyone who comes loves the smell.

  81. Sally

    We loved the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser which we received in a Valentte gift box from a friend, so we thought we would try the Geranium and Ylang Ylang one for a different room, and we weren’t disappointed, it has a lovely relaxing aroma.

  82. Marilyn

    Of all my lovely Valentte products this is my favourite and the fragrance ivies throughout the house. Lasts a long time too!!

  83. Caroline Mahal

    The Geranium and Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser is certainly one of the best I’ve ever bought. The scent is so refreshing and since I bought them back in February the fragrance has remained long lasting.
    I would like to thank Valentte for producing such wonderful products. They are a joy to have and make wonderful gifts.

  84. Lesley Gould

    I am a regular customer when visiting Ascot Fashion Fair or the other shows that Valentte exhibit, they are products always in my home. I love having diffusers and candles in my home and these fragrances are so pleasant to have and make the whole of my home smell amazing. Visitors constantly comment. Given our lock down situation for the awful virus its great that I have still been able to buy them online. Thank you.

  85. Susan Hill

    Love these candles. The smell lingers for ages. Best candles I have ever purchased

  86. Jane

    My favourite reed diffuser- love the smell and it’s long lasting too.

  87. Jayne Wainwright

    Lovely smell and lasted a long time. My daughter bought me a gift box and i was so impressed i bought one for my other daughter.

  88. Carol Mitchell

    This is a new one for me and I love it will definitely be ordering more

  89. Shonagh MacLennan

    The scent is lovely and fills the whole room not just were it is, the reeds are thick and holds the scent very well and looks expensive too. Overall would highly recommend, it also comes in a very attractive box.

  90. Emma Harris

    Oh my goodness, half an hour after the delivery driver handed me my parcel I have the beautiful scent of my geranium and ylang ylang candle and diffuser wafting around my lounge. So beautiful, so relaxing and I am definitely going to purchase more of your amazing products to continue enjoying these lovely products with their amazing scents. Thank you team Valentte.

  91. Joan Hofland

    Fantastic smell as I come into my sitting room each morning….. Such a uplifting aroma .

  92. Anne Loveday

    This is gorgeous, have it on my dressing table and it’s lovely scent fills the room and is very calming

  93. Katharine

    I first discovered Valentte at a spring fair & then subsequently at Burghley Horse Trials where I met Luke & signed up for the email letters he so beautifully writes.
    I am a fan of the reed diffusers in particular as they are so natural & have such beautiful fragrances.
    This one was for a birthday present which was well received & I was especially impressed with their quick service in such a tricky time.
    Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  94. perfectpaulaxx

    Lovely scent I have this in my hallway, such an uplifting fragrance, highly recommended!

  95. Julie forde

    New fragrance for me but just as good as any other ones. Smell is fragrant but not overpowering. Well worth the money

  96. Claire Aveyard

    Valentte reed diffusers we’re recommended by a friend and wow the geranium and ylang ylang Smells amazing and it doesn’t fade unlike other reed diffusers I’ve purchased in the past ! Will definitely be back for more 👍

  97. Wendy Dwyer

    Second time I have ordered this. Beautiful scent and very long lasting. Love it!

  98. Sarah N

    What a beautiful fragrance. Not my normal choice but decided to try something new and definitely made the right choice! So fresh and luxurious.

  99. Louise Harrison

    Gorgeous I love this scent. It lasts well but is not too strong. Will certainly purchase again

  100. Louise Petricca

    Gorgeous! Great value and fast delivery

  101. Kotryna Cesnaite

    Smell so nice

  102. zoe

    Love this product. Lasts for such a long time
    Will definitely buy again

  103. zoe

    Love this product, smell lasts for such a long time too
    definitely recommend

  104. Michelle

    This is my favourite. The aroma lasts and lasts. Beautiful scent fills the room.

  105. Robert Franklin

    This is my favourite lovely smell and it last a long time will buy again

  106. Valerie Wagstaff

    This has to be my new favourite, will definitely buy it again

  107. nikijones16

    i just love the diffusers i always buy a gift box of three – sometimes i give as pressies, sometimes i treat myself they smell so nice around the house, you can smell them as you go in each room, they are so fresh and uplifting, my daughter has asthma so shop bought ones irritate her, she loves these she even has one in her bedroom and it doesnt set off her allergies or asthma in fact she like to try all the fragrances

  108. Elaine Rixon

    Love this diffuser. The smell is wonderful.

  109. Amanda Jane Wood

    After receiving a diffuser as a gift from a friend as a gift, I ordered another…sadly the geranium and ylang, ylang barely smells.
    Really disappointed

  110. Tara

    Already owned the lemon and rosemary reed diffuser so wanted to try something new.. Love the geranium and ylang ylang, it creates such a lovely smell and leaves the room smelling fresh all day.

  111. Joyce Thomson

    I love my new diffuser. The scent is just lovely when you come through my hallway. Will be ordering more for both myself and for presents.

  112. Joanne Shorter

    This smells amazing! It’s the second time I’ve bought it. Unlike other diffusers I’ve bought in the past the smell lasted and you could smell it when you walked into the room. Would make a beautiful present in the gift box.

  113. Christine

    Amazing aromas, I just love the gift boxes. I have purchased several from shows and now direct on-line. All of the products are such excellent quality – I will definately be purchasing more for family and friends.

  114. Pat

    Absolutely love this reed diffuser fragrance and it is sooooo long lasting. I’ve just bought my second one after the first has lasted me just on a year! I have it in my bedroom and find it perfect. Thank you.

  115. Clare Willson

    Hi, after receiving two lovely gift boxes I was really looking forward to my free geranium and ylang ylang diffuser, so I was very disappointed to find a lime and grapefruit one sent in it’s place!
    My other products are as always gorgeous!

  116. Annie Johnson

    Love this! Fresh, clean and gentle. Well done!

  117. Alli

    Am usually a lemongrass and rosemary gal but thought I’d give the geranium and ylang ylang a whirl. Lovely scent but still prefer the lemongrass.

  118. Elizabeth

    Lovely smell in my room

  119. Amanda M

    Lovely fragrance and lasts a good few months. Reasonably priced too. I’d definitely recommend Valentte products and have been buying them for myself and as gifts for a few years now.

  120. Susan Votier

    Love this beautiful fragrance. Clean and fresh spreads through the room. Order arrived very quickly and such careful and professional packing.

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