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Balancing Geranium and Ylang Ylang


Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No synthetic fragrances ensure you can spritz your pillow or upholstery and fill your room with it’s soothing aroma. Perfect for relieving stress and tension

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Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
January 17, 2021

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

gorgeous fragrance,yet not over powering
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
January 14, 2021

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Lovely perfume, not too strong.
J Marfleet - avatar J Marfleet
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
January 7, 2021

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Beautiful fragrance and it lasts. Love all your packing, sent with loving care. Discovered Valentte on Facebook recommendtion.
Rachel Dickinson - avatar Rachel Dickinson
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
December 28, 2020

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Amazing fragrance with floral but warm, comforting undertones. The room mist compliments the soy candle perfectly.

Elegantly packaged and also looks nice just left on the side!
Joanne Fortella - avatar Joanne Fortella
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
December 22, 2020

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Disappointing. The room mist had no impact whatsoever. Immediate scent at point of spray but left nothing in the room. Sadly I cannot recommend this product.
Christine Roberson - avatar Christine Roberson
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
December 9, 2020

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Lovely to have a room must as well as Reed diffuser. Beautiful scent
Sarah Corder - avatar Sarah Corder
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
December 8, 2020

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

I buy this just to enhance the aroma from the Reed diffuser , I think it’s very good value I love this fragrance
Lana Brigstock - avatar Lana Brigstock
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
Geranium and Ylang Ylang Room Mist
November 21, 2020

Our geranium and ylang ylang room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Very disappointed in size of room spray,caused a laugh (at my expense) with visitors .we all though it was a sample bottle.although smell very nice.coulntnactually give as a present though
Patricia Malpas - avatar Patricia Malpas

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of five pure essential oils.

Relieve stress and tension


This sweet-smelling oil will uplift your mood, lessen fatigue and promote emotional wellness.

Ylang Ylang

Sensual and exotic ylang ylang is renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. With it’s calming and euphoric effect, it helps relieve negative emotions such as anger and frustration. Ylang ylang is very yin and is considered to be very much a womans oil.

Storms Don’t Last For Ever

Say goodbye to stress and tension

using our Geranium & Ylang Ylang

home fragrance

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


102 reviews for Balancing Geranium and Ylang Ylang

  1. Marilyn

    I got this as a free sample to try out the scent before I bought the room mist. It is an absolutely gorgeous smell – very calming and relaxing smell. I would definitely recommend the germanium and ylang ylang fragrance. I am definitely now going to order the room mist for myself.

  2. Elizabeth Saunders

    Love this perfume, smell is lovely,and sample was beautifully presented.

  3. Jeanette Rochford

    Saw Valentte in Birmingham at a show and was so impressed with their products. Didn’t have much time to try the fragrances. So ordered 3 of the fragrance samples, such a good idea. It helped to select favourites.

  4. Jeanette Rochford

    Such a brilliant idea to be able to order Valentte’s fragrance samples to help choose your favourite.

  5. Amanda SCRIVENER

    Another fantastic smell which makes my roo. Smell fantastic

  6. Veronica Nesbitt

    Good strong scent, this was still in the air after a few hours, fragrance is so nice and relaxing

  7. Codruta

    Lovely fragrance and so relaxing! I use it every time I want to pamper myself.

  8. Sian Chafer

    Having had the opportunity to try this as a sample I am just about to place an order for this fragrance. It is amazing. What a super idea to offer customers a chance to try. I am addicted to the white neroli and lemon but am ordering this now as well.

  9. Sian Chafer

    Having been addicted only to white neroli and lemon I had the opportunity to try this as a sample..what a brilliant idea as I am now ordering both. Thank you

  10. Sandra Wilson

    This is such a beautiful and uplifting scent. While we are going through this pandemic it has really helps to uplift the soul while mediating …highly recommended.

  11. Alison Evans

    I’ve not tried this fragrance before I knew I wouldnt be disappointed as I trust the quality and unique fragrances of this range. Everything comes beautifully packaged. The gift sets are amazing value.

  12. Denise abbott

    Hi this room spray was amazing smelt very divine and my partner was impressed too , think l will be ordering more of it also the smell last a long time not like other room sprays .

  13. Helen Greig

    These samples are all amazing – so nicely presented and a lovely addition to a gift box. I was really impressed with all the scents I chose.
    Helen, Huddersfield

  14. Julie forde

    Love the fragrance

  15. Sarah Kitteridge

    A lovely smell, more subtle than some of the others. I would describe it as a soapy sweet smell. a really beautiful product.

  16. Clare Anderson

    Use in bedroom it’s lovely

  17. Ann-Marie Basnett-Roberts

    Geraniums are my fave plant I’m missing them on lockdown as I cant get any so this made my heart happy

  18. Aine mc dermott

    Love this spray. Got as a free sample to try and it brought me back to my student nurse days with the ylang glang . I collect perfume and throughout my home I love nice scents. This range is very luxurious and had good longevity.

  19. Karin Kidd

    Tiny tiny & no instructions on what to do with them!

    Used to love there products. Had a few issues with then in the past (many years ago) let’s hope they have now sorted this.

  20. Zul

    My favourite smell. Very calming.

  21. Amanda Denley

    My free room spray of Geranium and Ylang Ylang has a beautiful scent my favourite so far. Keep the room smelling for a long time.

  22. Natalie Bayford

    I wanted to try a few samples as these are my favourite candles by far and I normally go for lime and grapefruit – I loved every sample ordered so will now need to decide which ones to go for – the fragrance literally fills the house x

  23. Leigh Harvey

    This one is my favourite its lovely.

  24. Tanya

    These smell amazing I will defo buy more

  25. Bushra

    Lasts for ages, love the smell, will be ordering again

  26. Erika

    Just tried new scent, it’s amazing! I am using it in my living room, especially in evening, when relaxing after a hard day at work. Recommended for my friends, they are surprised about the smell’s long lasting.

  27. Jules Stokes

    I ordered this as a free sample and have now bought the reed diffuser for my bedroom. Beautiful natural scent, fills the room and lasts for ages, perfect for unwinding and aiding a peaceful sleep.

  28. Bridie

    Lovely uplifting refreshing fragrance highly recommended

  29. joannelouiseg

    Lovely fresh smell

  30. Christine Mckean

    Lovely and refreshing smell i love yhe product

  31. Hazel Mclean

    This is an amazing product, it makes the room smell fresh for hours it has a beautiful smell, I would recommend this product .

  32. Amanda

    A crisp and fresh smelling room mist , this is my favourite one

  33. Miss Zoe tonks

    Great scent. Lasts ages. Definitely order again.

  34. Miss Zoe tonks

    Great product. Lasts ages. Definitely order again.

  35. Dinah

    Lovely scent, and nice to have a decent size tester.

  36. fiona

    Gorgeous smell makes room smell nice for hours dont have to use alot due to strength of scent. highly recommend this.

  37. Jannine ward

    Nice floral scent smells soothing and calming

  38. Karen_a_knight

    Nice scent – ideal for this time of year

  39. Rebecca Louise Duncan

    Yet another beautiful scent! This is Defs a one I can’t wait to buy in a candle smell for my living room 😀

  40. Amanda

    Totally this smell reminds me of spring days !

  41. Anthea Richards

    I found out about this company through Facebook, so happy I did. I love love love the smell, its elegant and not to overpowering. Being asthmatic I can never seem to find fragrances that do not trigger attacks. I have also recommended my family and friends to try the will not be disappointed. When pay day comes I will definitely be making several purchases hopefully a couple sets. Thank you to all the ‘Valenette London’ team, keep safe 😇

  42. Carlene Pearson

    Smells lovely would recommend

  43. Kellie Copley

    Beautiful fragrance that left roooms smelling gorgeous for hours, this item has certainly left everyone asking about the scent.

  44. Samuel White

    I ordered this the very next day after I received my first order from Valentte. It is exceptional, really strong but not overpowering, really fabulous scent. I can’t praise this company enough. Everything is as promised, just wonderful.

  45. Rebeca

    smells really good and two sprays is all you need, kind of smells like lemons.

  46. Rebeca

    smells really good and two sprays is all you need, kind of smells like lemons.

  47. Adriana

    Woww i love ylang ylang, i will buy more. Thank yoy Valentte.

  48. Aisling Creaney

    Ordered the sample of this and it’s amazing these are some of the strongest scents I have came across amazing will be ordering more products

  49. Stacey Heywood

    Well what can I say these scents are beautiful, I feel so refreshed and energised. This company has impressed me so much with their service and kindness. These scents are beautiful and so much more natural than heavy perfume I urge everyone to try them xxx

  50. Gemma Taylor

    Loved it, like all the Valentte scents, it lovely smell last for ages.

  51. Courtney

    Not the sort of fragrance I’m usually into but lovely if that’s to your taste. Great customer service and speedy delivery from a lovely company.

  52. Maureen Scott

    Great smell anywhere in the house hard to choose where to put it

  53. Jayne Rowland

    Gorgeous smell and lasts for ages…

  54. Lynda Brennan

    Beautiful long lasting aroma. Would definitely use again, am just looking to try other samples as the choice is so tempting.

  55. M Brown

    Very pleasant but I still prefer rosemary and lemongrass

  56. Lisa

    Lovely fragrance lasts for hours

  57. Gillian Loveday

    Sadly I didn’t receive any of these scent samples so am unable to leave a review 😔

  58. Thalia

    I have room mist and reed diffuser next to my bed I find the scent divine and after a hard stressful day supporting mental health patients it’s just what I need

  59. Nicole Chappell

    These samples are a great idea. The room sprays are really refreshing, and the hand cream sample was so good, I bought the larger version.

  60. Claire Davies

    This was a really lovely mist, the smell lasted.

  61. Sue Emmett

    Really lovely scent. I usually prefer citrus based fragrances but this is divine. Received a sample and will definitely buy a diffuser or room spray in this in the future. I really like the fact that the sample was a mini spray.

  62. Amanda West

    This is a nice fragrance but doesn’t last as long as some of the others

  63. Mark Dickey

    Very relaxing scent

  64. Sharon Adams

    Fresh and beautiful

  65. Gladys Compton

    Very calming.

  66. Rena

    I have ordered 2 boxes for gifts. Beautifully wrapped and well received. Great products. All the fragrances are lovely.

  67. Lorraine Bunyan

    Not my favourite scent but better the less does longer well

  68. Faatima Osman

    Nice smell and very calming. A little strong at first but mellows after the initial spray.

  69. Alison Perrett

    What a beautiful fragrant room mist foils my room with a long lasting aroma

  70. Margaret Guthrie

    Beautiful fresh smell

  71. Melanie Humphrey

    A gentle,calming scent ,I love the geranium!

  72. Debby Nack

    Love this fragrance. Seems to be lasting a long time and isn’t overpowering at all

  73. Avs

    This is a new smell for me, great to be able to try as a sample. I’ll be buying something in this range very soon.

  74. A Allen

    Amazing fragrance, everyone comments

  75. Clare Kavanagh

    I bought myself a gift box and loved it so much I’ve bought my oldest friend one too. The lemongrass is gorgeous and smells like you’re in a spa. The samples are nice but a little fiddly. The candle and diffuser are gorgeous. Just about to order my niece a gift box for a big birthday.

  76. Claire Rogers

    Very fresh smell

  77. Jane Clements

    Smells amazing…ordered a gift box and was so impressed with the gorgeous smell that filled my room….highly recommended will definitely use again xx

  78. Lynn Rowatt

    Amazing scent. So glad samples are available as I now know what I will order next
    Excellent service and delivery.

  79. Jenny Veale

    A beautifully calming scent, perfect for the bedroom or snug

  80. Bronwen Gwynn

    Absolutely great to try out there fragrances with the samples. This one is lovely 😊

  81. Jean Kirk

    Love the fragrance of the samples. I bought the hand lotion for a christmasy gift and i know the person will love it.

  82. irene hope

    beautifully packed all ready for xmas present

  83. Karen Cook

    Another lovely scent- cant find one I dont like !!
    Great to “try before I buy”

  84. Janet Cheshire

    This product is absolutely amazing the smell is wonderful and the great thing the fragrance lasts
    Great company beautifully wrapped samples included can’t wait to order thank you

  85. Yvonne Casey

    I received a sample of Geranium and Ylang Ylang with my order and I’m going to purchase the diffuser next. Since I’ve ordered for my friends off Valentte they have gone on to order gifts. Beautiful fragrances and the gift set packaging is beautiful

  86. Sharon Hacib

    A wonderful blend of geraniums and ylang ylang uplifts your mood promotes wellness

  87. Linda McKay

    Lovely aroma. Will be buying the regular sized product.

  88. Elva Brabham

    The most gorgeous room diffuser and it matches the body wash and body lotion and room mist that I purchased at the same time – now completely surrounded with that lovely perfume. Thank you Valentte.

  89. Marie Ufton

    The smell of this room mist is beautiful so much so that I will purchase the candle and reed diffuser in the near future. A lovely floral smell that lasts. Just love Valentte for the quality of their products . So glad I discovered them!

  90. Jean Addison

    Beautiful fragrance bought as part of a gift set. I have this my hall and the fragrance infiltrates nearby rooms. The gift sets are beautifully packaged and and are great value for money. Would highly recommend this product.

  91. Corrie Masson

    This will be next on my list of purchases. Had no idea what the scent would be like so it was great to get a sample with my last order

  92. Janice Loughlin

    Smells beautiful and packaging exquisite

  93. Clare

    I love getting the free samples with each purchase as it gives you opportunity to see if you like the scent, love love love the geranium & ylang ylang will be purchasing more products soon.

  94. Nicola smith

    Great free sample with out committing in case you don’t like it

  95. lynnemartin1953

    I’ve ordered this frangrance in a diffuser as I was so impressed with the smell !

  96. Jeanne Scolding

    Received this as a sample bottle so can’t really comment too much but the smell is divine, very luxurious and would very much like to try further products. Thought it was a great idea to receive samples, worked for me

  97. Heather Radcliffe

    Love all of the room mists
    Have tried them all.Will leave your rooms smelling amazing

  98. Sharon Watson

    After taking delivery of my third box I requested a free sample of Geranium with ylang ylang and once again I am not disappointed, it smells gorgeous, so nice I’ve ordered some room scent and body scrub! I love it and with each incentive of free gifts, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Can’t wait for my next box of goodies! Thanks Valentte!

  99. Don ellison

    This room spray is wonderful very uplifting and lasts for hours would recommend this and can’t wait to purchase a candle next time along with many others

  100. Alison Brown

    Fabulous scent. Not too heavy or overpowering like others I have tried. This will be on my next order!
    Sounds odd, but our washing machine burnt out and the whole room, and the wet clothes, smelt absolutely dreadful. I sprayed the room mist a couple of times, and it saved the day.

  101. Bernadette Galea

    The sets were lovely however I never received my room mist was very disappointed. 😔

  102. Sue mould

    Warm floral spray for a clean fresh smell. Good for a summer smell in your room

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