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Home Fragrance Gift Box

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Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products across our whole range. Each gift box contains three products. For your first two items you can choose anything (candles / reed diffusers / room mists) and then the third item must be a room mist. The three items can all be the same scent or different. You decide!



Total Reviews: 1302
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 25, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

This product came up on my Facebook page so as I love diffusers thought I would give the gift box a try.
The products come in a beautiful gift box and they all smell gorgeous. I was fed up of diffusers that smelt very little but these are lovely without being overpowering or sickly. I am going to order one for my friend who also loves home smellies.
Nichola Howden - avatar Nichola Howden
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 25, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

I am new to this brand and am so impressed with my first order - excellent quality products beautifully presented. Will definitely order again.
Christine Pearce - avatar Christine Pearce
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 25, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

My gift box arrived in a very secure outer wrapper. The presentation was lovely. I have given it as a gift and the recipient was delighted. I will definitely be ordering again.
alikpeett - avatar alikpeett
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Mood Boosting

Mix and match the fragrances to create your perfect combination. Each scent is made with pure essential oils blended to improve your mood and wellbeing.

More Info:

All products in our gift boxes are standard sized items. None of our products are tested on animals

All items are made with 100% natural essential oils.

Total Reviews: 1302
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 25, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

This product came up on my Facebook page so as I love diffusers thought I would give the gift box a try.
The products come in a beautiful gift box and they all smell gorgeous. I was fed up of diffusers that smelt very little but these are lovely without being overpowering or sickly. I am going to order one for my friend who also loves home smellies.
Nichola Howden - avatar Nichola Howden
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 25, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

I am new to this brand and am so impressed with my first order - excellent quality products beautifully presented. Will definitely order again.
Christine Pearce - avatar Christine Pearce
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 25, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

My gift box arrived in a very secure outer wrapper. The presentation was lovely. I have given it as a gift and the recipient was delighted. I will definitely be ordering again.
alikpeett - avatar alikpeett
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

The gift box is beautifully presented and customer service is excellent. Now I know which fragrances to order, I will certainly be doing so again and again. Lemongrass and Rosemary is perfect - thank you!
Liz Timson - avatar Liz Timson
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

Beautifully packaged and beautiful products and fragrances.
A lovely gift!
Jackie Hart - avatar Jackie Hart
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

Really great packaging and perfect for presents. The fragrances are wonderful and great value for money. Will be ordering again.
Nicola Ferguson - avatar Nicola Ferguson
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

Loved the packaging its for a friend at Christmas so I have not tried yet, however I tried the samples love the lemongrass and rosemary. Will order again. I discovered valentte a friend gave me a gift of it i had never heard of it before . So will be ordering it again.
Clare GORMLEY - avatar Clare GORMLEY
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

Enquired on Sunday, responded on Sunday. Ordered Sunday, arrived on Thursday and gifted to my bestie on Friday. Just such a great service and love the products. I did a sneaky order for myself also. Love the room mist and the diffuser is amazing.

Thank you to your team work and will be ordering again very soon.
Miriam Dower - avatar Miriam Dower
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

Loved the smell of lemongrass & rosemary in a friends house, bought some and love it in my house.
Annie - avatar Annie
Home Fragrance Gift Box
Home Fragrance Gift Box
October 24, 2020

Create the perfect home fragrance gift box by mixing and matching products... View

Delighted with my purchase. The candle, diffuser and room spray came beautifully boxed and will make a lovely gift.
Bernadette Moore - avatar Bernadette Moore
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Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Mood Boosting

Mix and match the fragrances to create your perfect combination. Each scent is made with pure essential oils blended to improve your mood and wellbeing.


Product Details

Gift box contains three full sized items.

More Info:

All products in our gift boxes are standard sized items. None of our products are tested on animals

All items are made with 100% natural essential oils.

1302 reviews for Home Fragrance Gift Box

  1. Lynne Thomson

    These are fantastic products. We first came across these products a couple of years ago at The Ideal Homes Show and we were delighted with our purchases. The Gift sets are beautifully boxed and make a lovely present, but more importantly the quality of the products is excellent. The reed diffuser oil is second to none and they genuinely last between 4 and 6 months. The scents themselves are amazing and you can tell these are proper essential oils and not synthetic. The Rosemary and Lemongrass reminds me of sherbet lemon sweeties and can be used anywhere as it’s such an uplifting fragrance. Visitors always comment on the lovely smell in our house and we’ve recommended these to all our friends and family. The candles and the beauty products are of the same high quality and I thoroughly recommend them too.

  2. Graham

    I’ve been buying the odd gift box @ Xmas , Valentte really go the extra mile with no expense spared on the packaging of the gifts you buy. Hense buying a gift box for my anniversary. Mr G.Deacon

  3. Mrs m

    Absolutely love this gift set, the neroli and lemon is such a gorgeous scent and it doesn’t burn fast like most candles! It’s a great buy and would definitely recommend…. I’m so in love with this scent and at last I’ve found a company that does great candles and products that I will definitely be buying again and again! Thanks valentte 🙂

  4. Jackie

    Brilliant value and beautiful items. The Lemon Grass and Rosemary in all three items have the most wonderful lasting perfume. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  5. Marie

    Buying in a set is such great value and the diffusers are the best you can buy both in longevity and scent.

  6. Gwyneth Gulliman

    Package arrived very well wrapped and in lovely box with ribbon, looked very classy. I love the fragrance and the combined items give a subtle but discernible aroma, absolutely lovely!
    The lemongrass and rosemary room spray is perfect in the kitchen, fresh and clean with an appealing scent.

  7. Jackie Tranter

    Beautiful gift box containing three beautiful products. The Lemongrass and Rosemary candle, roomspray and diffuser all compliment each other and create such a lovely perfume around the home. I have bought several for myself and as gifts for friends. Thank you.

  8. Marjorie Laundon

    I purchased some products at the Anglesey Show last year and was delighted to get your email recently which has encouraged me to buy more. The blend of Neroli and lemon is heavenly, a gorgeous room fragrance,not at all overpowering just a subtle hint of freshness. Thank you also for the beautiful gift wrapping, absolutely ready to hand over to my hosts.

  9. Capsfanolly

    Beautifully presented gift box purchased at the highland show, this candle is my favourite, lovely fresh lingering scent and I’ve yet to burn it! Purchased more to put away as gifts for Christmas ?

  10. Kathryn Turner

    Absolutely love love love this !! I have bought a set for my friends birthday she’s going to love it too! Such a fresh smell great quality last for ages

  11. Collette

    Gorgeous smelling candle burns evenly and lasts a long time, excellent value when bought as part of the gift set. I bought two gift sets for gifts and the recipients loved them. Will definitely be buying more.

  12. D Porter

    Oh I love this fragrance so much. Up to now, this is my favourite. Bought with the ‘boxed’ set, 3 items for £25 – excellent value. The diffusers last for such a long time. Purchased my first in July 2017 (at Carfest North) and it is still going. Gorgeous, natural fragrance that just lasts and lasts. The packaging is rather lovely too.

  13. Debbie Ball

    Everyone comments on the lovely smell in my house. As a result I have bought approx. 10-15 diffuser/candle/ room mist gift sets and use them at home and give to friends as gifts who are always over the moon. So beautifully packaged and quality products. Even more exciting to hear that the diffusers now don’t need turning as much and hopefully the scent will go even further. Beautiful, calm and classy scents!

  14. Lorna

    Amazing amazing amazing the smell of the lemongrass made me enter the tent to the stall !!! They are the best diffuser eva

  15. sandiemassey1

    Absolutely Love these products, they are the best on the market in my opinion and I have tried many.
    The diffuser smell fills the whole room and lasts brilliantly.
    I have now purchased 3 boxes the first for myself and then two more as presents. Love the fact htat you can mix and match.

  16. karlymckay

    Purchased my first gift box at The Royal Highland Show and absolutely loved all the products! I have since purchased another 2 boxes one as a gift and another for my home so I can have the fragrance in all rooms! I absolutely love valentte products! I will be a customer for life!

  17. Mandy C

    My friend bought me this beautiful Lemongrass and Rosemary gift set when she came for dinner.
    Since then I have purchased more for myself and another friend as I just can’t get enough of this wonderful fresh uplifting smell around my home.

  18. Jane Walter

    Beautifully packaged , gorgeous scent , lasts far longer than many others I have purchased , very reasonably priced . What’s not to love ?

  19. Emma

    I purchased the 3 piece set in the white neroli and lemon , from the Hatfield house game fair last year . I loved it, the room mist is long finished but the candle which I use regularly and the diffuser are still going . The fragrance is lovely and Continues to fragrance my house nearly a year later . I’ve loved the products so much I asked my friend to pick me up another set from this years show . I’ve now discovered the website and will be ordering more sets for gifts . Fabulous!

  20. Vicki Smith

    Lovely products that really fill the room with fragrance. Will be buying again

  21. Sally

    Most beautiful scent, last long time and the scent does not fade.

  22. E Chatwin

    I absolutely adore this candle and diffuser. I have used so many different candles and room fragrances over the yearsbut this is the only company that actually can fill a room with a gorgeous fragrance. I can smell where my money has gone and it’s money well spent!

  23. Dave Edwards

    I first bought your products at the Great Yorkshire Show (July 2017) and was so pleased with them ( longevity and maintenance of scent throughout) that when in Covent Garden, in December, I bought three gift boxes for Christmas presents. I visited the Great Yorkshire Show again this year and was pleased to see your stand, where I bought some more of your excellent products.

  24. camillablanchard

    I purchased the gift sets at Christmas time for presents for friends and family and they all loved them. The candles have an amazing smell to them the whole time all the time and they never give off the black soot.

  25. Rachel Ruff

    It’s not often that I write reviews, but feel compelled to for these wonderful products by Valentte. I had a set of room fragrances bought for me as a birthday present, I was so impressed with the room diffuser and candle that I’ve just my myself another set. I’ve used many many room diffusers over the years, from M&S, John Lewis etc, I’ve never experienced a scent that keeps on filling the room with fragrance for weeks, absolutely sublime! I will continue to use these products from now on, lots of lovely scents to try and I won’t hesitate in recommending to my friends bravo Valentte

  26. Emma

    Beautiful scent that lasts far longer than other diffusers. Gift set was beautifully packaged. This was a birthday treat & I’m delighted with it!

  27. June Scargill

    We bought a set of reed diffuser from Southport Flower Show and I’m so impressed by the smell when you walk in the rooms, I’ve bought what I thought were good ones from M&S, Debenhams, ect.These are definitely the best so far.

  28. Lisa

    The scents are amazing and I would certainly recommend them. This is my first purchase and certainly won’t be my last.

  29. paulandrachh

    Lovely natural smelling fragrances.

  30. Jill lang

    I bought a gift set from tatton park flower show . I am absolutely blown away by the fragrance of the candles and diffuser and spray , so long lasting, much much better than well known luxury brands . My favourite is patchouli and eucalyptus! ❤️??

  31. Dani Rixson

    I bought the lemongrass and rosemary home fragrance gift box at Burghley horse trials a fortnight ago. I put the candle and diffuser in the living room when I got home and by the next morning, the room smelt absolutely gorgeous, really fresh. That was without lighting the candle!
    Today I’ve lit it and am really delighted with it. Burns really cleanly and again, the scent is just stunning. The room spray gives a little boost to the scent (not that it needs it!).
    A fabulous gift box, beautifully presented. I will definitely be buying from you again.

  32. amandaccrawford

    I received the patchouli and eucalyptus gift set as a birthday present and I am really delighted with it. The scent is amazing.
    Can’t wait to get ordering for Christmas presents!

  33. Paul Waters

    Wow! I first purchased your gift set at the NEC last year. The fragrances were incredible, superior to any others I have bought previously. So I decided to purchase more as presents. What a superb service. Beautifully wrapped and delivered in 2 days, for both orders. The professionalism of your company is first rate. I would recommend you to anyone. Wonderful, amazing products and service. Thank you so much!

  34. Jean Halkyard

    I purchased a gift set in the summer at Southport flower shop & absolutely love it! My two daughters do too so I’m ordering sets fot christmas. Love the rosemary smell!

  35. Chaletmaid

    If you like fresh and citrus, rather than flowery, then this is for you.
    Like most I originally bought at a show, but been ordering ever since. These are quality products. they last so long and the candle burns very clean. Absolutely perfect price, quality and packaging to solve so many Christmas problems!

  36. Sarah Scarborough

    Love love love this. I’ve purchased twice at various shows throughout the year and recommended to friends. The amount of compliments I get when walking into my house is unbelievable. Such a fabulous set.

  37. Joanne Hirst

    The gift sets are great value for money, the hardest part is choosing a fragrance as they are all fabulous. I first bought a reed defuser well over 12 months ago and it’s still going strong. Quality products that last and smell amazing.

  38. kbs1909

    Patchouli and Eucalyptus Soy Wax Candle
    I purchased this at the Om Yoga Show as a gift box together with the White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Oil and I’m so happy with these as they burn so well and the fragrance is the best I have ever had as it lasts throughout the whole candle. Thank you!!!

  39. Jeanne Batchelder

    Bought a home fragrance gift box from the Cheltenham gift fair. I chose the patchouli and eucalyptus candle and the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and paid extra to have a candle in the lemongrass and rosemary too!! So beautiful! Just taking the lid off the box when I got home and the aromas escaping confirmed that I had chosen well for my rooms! Very happy with my purchases and will be placing another order soon!

  40. Lisa Donelan

    I saw the Valentte range for the first time yesterday at the Wellbeing festival in Birmingham. The smells of the products were just amazing and I spent quite a bit of time trying to choose! I opted for a box with a white neroli and lemon candle and diffuser, and geranium and ylang ylang room mist. The diffuser went in our Hall last night and the house is smelling divine. I’m now checking out the website for Christmas gifts (and my wishlist ?)

  41. Kelly

    I first met valentte at Burghley horse trials,
    I was having trouble sleeping and the man suggested a few things so I bought a gift set. I absolutely love it. And it definitely helps me relax too! Thank you so much.
    I’m Almost at the end of my candle and spray now so I will be ordering again soon ??

  42. Kayleigh

    I bought this set in lime & grapefruit at a fair in Ripley, you can actually smell the candle when its burning and its such a refreshing scent, better than other candle brands…..will certainly buy more 🙂

  43. David Beardwell

    We purchased a Lemongrass and Rosemary Home Fragrance Gift Set at the Spirit of Christmas Show this year and it is absolutely fabulous. The fragrance is bold but not overpowering and makes the room fresh at all times. Cannot speak highly enough about this product . All in all a really great set.

  44. Barbara

    Beautiful products beautifully wrapped and quickly delivered. I chose 3 fragrances all of which I
    Loved. None where too sweet or overpowering, in fact they give off a very expensive aroma. I Just ordered some more.

  45. annahowroyd

    I first bought a gift set of candle, reed diffuser and room spray in white neroli and lemon at Southport Flower Show. It is so beautiful – wonderful long lasting scent. I loved it so much I bought a similar set including body lotion at another local festival. I am now ordering another set online as a gift. Fabulous products – best I’ve come across and very good value.

  46. Margaret Phillips

    Gift set arrived today smells beautiful and I’ve not even opened it as its a gift lovely surprise of an additional cardamom candle unfortunately although heavily bubble wrapped all the glass on one side was shattered into what seemed liked hundreds of small shards of glass didn’t realise until UN wrapped an d have spent over half an hour ensuring all glass is cleaned up, I’ll try and save the candle if I can

  47. johnbowman279

    ordered home fragrance gift box excellent delivery time, beautifully wrapped have purchased on numerous occasions and find the
    candle aromas to be one of the best this time we purchased the geranium and ylang ylang . Highly recommend

  48. Mrs Bronwen Percival

    I first came across Valentte products at the Shrewsbury Flower Show . I purchased a home scent gift box as a present for my daughter in law. She was so pleased with it that I then purchased one for myself online. It arrived promptly, was beautifully packaged and I received a free reed diffuser with it ! Since then I have purchased several products with varying scents and without exception they are all beautiful. The scent from the reed diffusers is gorgeous, long lasting but not overpowering. The candles last ages and the scent is pure and not at all sickly like some other brands and the room mists are great for a quick freshen up after bringing home a wet smelly dog from his walk ! Have now tried the hand cream and that is amazing too ! Just a very small amount leaves your hands so soft and smelling divine. Can’t fault any Valennte products. They’re my new “go to”for Christmas and birthday presents.

  49. Dianne Taylor

    These giftboxed are great presents and this is my favourite scent. It’s fresh and uplifting and makes you feel good!

  50. dawninari

    I absolutely love the gift box value for money excellent gifts for people lovely scents came within a couple of days from ordering 5 star service

  51. hmurray1980

    I love valentte and all the products.
    The gift set is an absolute bargain and such a lovely gift.
    My friends abc family always say how lovely my house smells.
    They have all received the gift boxes for Xmas presents

  52. Maureen Lavin

    Wonderful gift box first bought one at Birmingham exhibition, so treated my daughter in law for xmas , she loves the smell

  53. Lorraine

    First discovered Valennte a The Manchester show last year. I ordered 3 gift boxes this year. Beautifully packaged and the candles are amazingly fragranced and burn for a long time as they are really good quality. The fragrances are beautiful, my favourites are the lemongrass and rosemary, lavender and cardoon and nutmeg. A real treat for any home


    *5 stars*
    I treated myself to the home fragrance gift box for Christmas after discovering the room spray at my mother in laws. I currently have the lavender diffuser in the bedroom with only just 2 reeds which is just perfect, it gives off such a subtle aroma it is lovely. I’m really looking forward to using the other products in my gift box and also using the 2 free gifts that I had received too, which was so lovely of Valentte to send. I will definitely be buying more products for myself and family and friends.

  55. annie.mc1

    I purchased two of the gift boxes for my step daughters for Christmas, I had purchased one at the Spirit of Christmas fair for myself and loved it. I would Defo recommend the products.
    Defo 5 star rating. Delivery was fast and products beautifully wrapped.

  56. julie pates

    A beautifully presented box with wonderful products. Perfect for presents although I bought this for myself. The fragrance is lovely and I love the understated containers.

  57. Susanne Foyle

    I bought six gift boxes for Christmas presents and everyone was delighted with the items in their box. The lemongrass and rosemary candle, room sprays and diffuser, hand wash, were our favorites, but I also had lavender and other smells equally delightful. The candles do not have to be lit to fragrance a room either. The gift boxes were excellent value for money, and will certainly be buying from Valentte again. Fabulous, lush products.

  58. Lorainne Gower

    Excellent value for money and choice. My husband and I prefer different fragrances so gives us opportunity to purchase a candle each, plus room spray, in one beautifully presented box.

  59. Warren Richens

    Second time of buying and this product is amazing, the best one out there the smell is lovely and last forever, thank you.

  60. Jane hayman

    Everyone remarks on the beautiful scent.. it also lasts for ages

  61. davidgdaniels

    I bought this box as a gift at the Christmas show in York a year ago sadly they weren’t there this year but I found them online and just had to order as this is such good value and I just love the patchouli and eucalyptus fragrance.

  62. Anna

    5* Fabulous home fragrance gift sets. Gave two as Christmas gifts – the fragrance is wonderful, and beautifully presented. Everyone delighted. Will definitely be buying more.

  63. Anne Galloway

    Wonderful products, beautifully wrapped. They make great presents. I have bought various products over the last few years & have always been delighted with them. Highly recommend this company.

  64. Kelly Wilson

    Absolutely love these products, the smells are amazing & last so well.

  65. Sally Spicer

    I have purchased a few items since the Hampton Court Flower Show and would give them all 5 star ratings. The most recent was the Lavender gift box with candle, room spray and diffuser which was a gift for someone suffering from anxiety and off work. She was absolutely delighted and I am always pleased with the high quality eco friendly products and beautiful scents. Thank you

  66. Kirsten

    5* received the pitchouli and eucalyptus gift box for Christmas and the scents are unbelievable! It not only scents my bedroom but everywhere you turn upstairs you catch the aroma. I have scents all through my house; these are by far the best ?

  67. Andrea Scatchard

    Wonderful fragrance from the candle it can fragrance a room even before it is lit. We have the reed diffuser in one of the bedrooms of our cottage and to fragrances all the upstairs with top ups from the room spray
    Thank you so much ?

  68. chrissty1966

    True value for money and a gorgeous present so appreciated by my fiancé
    The scent of the candles is truly exquisite and complemented by the matching room mist

  69. Julie

    Love the lemongrass smell the fragrance fills the room can’t choose favourite that’s why I love the giftbox so I can have a candle room spray and diffuser .
    Love this so much bought gift boxes for family for Xmas as well as one for myself

  70. Moya Wall

    I bought the Geranium and Ylang Ylang giftset as a Christmas present to myself from the Kingston Christmas Market marquee. It is wonderful, every time I walk into my living room the subtle fragrance greets me, and I know that I shall be only buying my room fragrances from Valentte in future!

  71. D Mulhall

    I purchased my gift set back in August at the Country File Live Show and have left writing my review until now as I wanted to see just how long the room diffuser lasted for. So, I opened my lemongrass and rosemary diffuser as soon as I returned home and today five and a half months later the bottle is now empty and going in the bin. The fragrance has filled the house and I can honestly say it’s a diffuser that keeps on giving. I have used other makes of diffusers in the past, but Valentte out does them all. All I can say is give it a go yourself as you wont be disappointed and my next order has just been placed.

  72. Angela Ford

    I bought the White Neroli and Lemon gift box at the Stonor Park Christmas show for myself. I liked it so much I purchased 3 more for my bestie friends. I Will be buying more. The hand cream is lovely. I am a hairdresser with dry hands. The products have a high quality aroma.

  73. Sheila Bradbrook

    This gift box makes a fabulous present – if you can bear to give it away!
    I’ve bought several of these in different scents and they have all arrived beautifully presented and smelling wonderful. Everyone I’ve bought them for has been delighted. I’ve also bought the hand wash but am keeping that for myself! I’m sure once I try it there will be no going back.
    I first bought the reed diffusers at Barleylands Steam Rally a couple of years ago – made my day!

  74. Alien Weir

    Excellent value for money and great as a gift, my Mum loved it, she put it on her Christmas list after smelling products in our house

  75. Mandy march

    Beautiful packaging and amazing products inside I’m totally hooked amazing long lasting aroma makes my house smell wonderful

  76. p.payne2

    Absolutely lovely. Frangrance is beautiful. Presentation makes it feel such a special gift. Can not fault it! Highly recommended

  77. Miss sharron denny

    I was gifted this gift set the white neroli and lemon , must say soon as I opened it and placed in specified room I was able to smell straight away , these are the best diffusers and candles I ve ever had and great value for money , I will be purchasing plenty more in the future ,

  78. Sue

    Received the lime and grapefruit gift box. The smell is wonderful and the diffuser is probably the best I have had.

  79. Janice Bennison

    Love this product, the lemongrass diffuser smells so clean, everybody comments on the smell when they come to my home, lasts a long time.

  80. Kim Cooper

    I bought a gift box at the Spirit of Christmas Fair in London. It was intended as a present but the smell of lemon grass and rosemary was so beguiling, I kept it for myself. My house now smells so fragrant and transports me back to a wonderful holiday in IndoChina. Such a good value gift to myself! I will definitely be reordering and hope I can part with it so the recipient can have the same pleasure that I have had. Thank you, Valentte.

  81. Sharon Langston

    I was given a home fragrance gift box as a present, the Lemon and Rosemary smell is wonderful and has really enhanced my bedroom’s peaceful feeling. I will be ordering some more products.

  82. Lorraine Boswell

    I have just received two of the lovely home fragrance gift boxes. I first came across Valennte products at the 2017 Christmas show at Event City and have loved the candles ever since my first purchase. e beautifully packaged and are fantastic value for money for only £25 for 3 home fragrance products.
    I ordered one for my daughter as a house warming gift so received a free cardamom and nutmeg candle, perfect to fragrance my home on Christmas Day.
    Highly recommended

  83. pamsbeauty

    I was given some of the Valentte products as a Christmas present – candle & hand cream and loved it so much I decided to look at what else there was on the company website.
    I’ve since ordered 2 of the gift boxes – both as gifts for friends which they’ve loved. And I’ve kept the free candles for myself. Very happy with them.

  84. Angie Huggon

    Definitely 5 stars for these products. I bought the gift box at Harrogate Country Living Fayre, initially as a gift but too nice to give away so kept for myself and two months on, the reed diffuser smells just the same as day one. The patchouli and eucalyptus fragrance makes our hallway and landing smell lovely and the candle in the lounge is also so long lasting. these are the best I have ever bought and will be buying more in the future.

  85. Hasu Anand

    I absolutely love all the diffuser range and i having tried them all . I now have one in every room from my hallway to tge bathroom and not forgetting my desk at work. Since taking it to work, i have my colleagues telling how they feel peaceful from the beautiful frangrance of the lavender diffusers. Ive even had colleagues saying they can smell the lavender as soon as they walk into our our office which a huge open plan office.
    Thank you Luke for your amazing products and the fact they are organic is an additional bonus.

  86. Linda

    After getting a gift box for my birthday, I have since bought 4 other gift boxes for family and friends. The lemongrass diffuser has lasted for weeks and still going strong. The patchouli and eucalyptus candle is another strong but pleasant smell. The most recent lime and grapefruit is one of my favourites. Long lasting and refreshing smells, and with the bonus of free item in my recent delivery, so worth the money. Looking forward to trying other smells. Would definitely recommend.

  87. Vicki Masters

    Having purchased several gift boxes at country shows I ordered one from the Valentte website. I bought it as a gift for a friend and I was very pleased to see the gift box hadn’t changed – very classy !

  88. Mrs m mallabone

    Wow! I absolutely love valentte candles,reed diffusers and room sprays… they fill the whole room with fragrance and burn gently with no black smoke like others I’ve tried from various companies! I love all the range and don’t buy any other products now.

  89. Nara Kronfli

    I adore Valentte products and have continued using them since I discovered them at a Spring fair years ago. I love the fact that these products not only smell amazing and are of the highest quality but they are made with integrity, totally natural with no harm to animals. The staff are also always so friendly and a joy to chat with and I often look out for them at various events.
    My all time favourite has been the White Neroli and Lemon for being so comforting and uplifting. As a holistic therapist I like my environment to reflect my ethics so I love having these products around in both my therapy room and the rest of my home. My clients really appreicate them too and they make beautiful gifts.
    I am always burning candles and these are so long lasting with a clean burn. The reed diffusers last for several months and I have them all around the house!.
    I recently tried the lime and grapefruit in reed diffuser and room spray; this is so fresh and zingy to have in the kitchen or bathroom although I have to admit I took the room spray for the car as it make me feel all enthused for my drive!.
    My most recent order included the lemongrass and rosemary – wow! its so refreshing and invigorating..this is my new fragrence for my office and I may use it in the kitchen as well.

    I also received the patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser. Contrary to what some may assume, this is not at all overpowering but a lovely gentle balance between the warm and nurturing fragrance of patchouli and a light clean scent from eucalyptus.
    Always enjoy these products and the customer service and presentation is excellent. Thank you to all at Valentte!

  90. Jayne Ball

    I bought a gift box at the Country Living Christmas Fair and have been so impressed with the reed diffuser. I’m using 5 reeds and enjoying the gorgeous subtle smell of lemongrass and rosemary. I’m impressed that the bottle remains almost as full as when I started it 6 weeks ago. Such good value. So much so that I’ve now ordered another gift box to try the geranium and ylang ylang this time. My daughter is loving the room spray too!

  91. Anne Brooks

    I am so pleased with all the Valentte products I have purchased so far. Have re ordered the Geranium Ylang-ylang reed diffuser because it is the most beautiful smell, I purchased the room spray as well this time. Gave one to my Daughter at Christmas and she also loves the smell . I thought I would try the Lemongrass & Rosemary as had good reviews, and may I say it has lived up to my expectations, such a fresh beautiful smell, I love it! my friends have asked what the lovely smell is. I am so pleased with Valentte products I am now sharing with friends. Have sent a link to my yoga friends & a young beautician friend is so excited for her first gift box to arrive .

  92. Lynn Wallace

    I love the gift boxes they make excellent gifts or as they are such good value I buy them for myself.
    My favourite product is the diffusers that last for ages and provide a lovely subtle scent around my home

  93. June

    I first bought a Valentte product at The Game Fair and was really pleased with the reed diffuser which lasted very well. I recently ordered a gift box which was delivered very promptly. The gift box was beautifully presented and I am extremely pleased with the reed diffusers and room mist. I will definitely purchase more Valentte products in future.

  94. Julia P

    These gift boxes are amazing. Not only are they fantastic value, but they are just so beautifully packaged that you almost can’t bear to give them away! My go-to gift for special people, and they are always blown away by them. I first discovered Valentte at a county show, they stood apart from the other offerings and their products are a class above.

  95. Janet oldland

    My daughter gave me a lemongrass gift box for Christmas the smell as I unwrapped it was amazing, so I ordered the same for my daughter in law she loved it and is now a new customer

  96. Linda Hayes

    Just love Valentte products! Best diffusers I’ve ever had – the smell lasts for ages and fills the house.

  97. Sharman

    I have made a few purchases to this company and have found that they are 5 star products at really great prices and would recommend any of these fantastic products. Very transaction is top notch service. So many thanks and hope to return again and again. Kind regards Suzan sharman.

  98. Patricia morris

    I’ve bought the lemongrass set and absolutely gorgeous

  99. Patricia Morris

    I have bought these several times and the smell lasts a long time

  100. Kerry Lumley

    I buy the lemongrass and rosemary sets regularly, either online or at various shows that I visit. They’re an essential in our loo. One of my friends recently said its the nicest smelling toilet they have ever known! Would highly recommend.

  101. vickymg

    excellent value for money, reed diffuser lasts longer than any other I have tried. Loved the white neroli and lemon the first time I smelt it at the Malvern Spring Show, have used it ever since. Friends say my bathroom and sitting room smells like an expensive spa!

  102. vickymg

    Excellent value, love the scents and reed diffusers last so long! My bathroom and sitting room smell like and expensive spa

  103. Jo davies

    I have recently bought the home fragrance gift box for my work colleague ,what an absolute bargain this gift box is and beautifully wrapped so no need to gift wrap myself.
    Another convert from generic candles and diffusers she usually bought she was so impressed that she has vowed never to buy another make of home fragrance again.
    Wait till she tries the skin care range I just know she’s going to love that too.

  104. Elizabeth Anne Galloway

    Love all the products. Fragrances last a long time. Great value for money. First bought the products at a craft fair a few years ago & continue to buy on line. Highly recommend all the range.

  105. Fay Wallis

    I purchased two of the gift boxes while they were on special offer. My mother recommended them to me because she said the quality of the products was outstanding. Now that I have received the candles and room sprays, I completely agree with her. Every scent is divine. I will definitely be ordering more from Valentte.

  106. Jo Evans-astley

    Second one of these I have had, nothing rivals Valentte for the lasting fragrance, absolutely beautifully designed and superior quality

  107. Yvonne Rolfe

    Fabulous smells and excellent value for money

  108. judy.maddison

    Absolutely love your gift boxes, this one is for my sister, who had never heard of you!! She will now, I know she will love it, every bit as much as I do, because of the amazing scents and beautiful gift wrapping

  109. Yvonne Rolfe

    Excellent products excellent customer service and excellent value for money

  110. Yvonne Rolfe

    Really love these products and they make great presents. Had them delivered to work and everyone loved the smells so they are now buying them too!

  111. Penny Dimmick

    Good value, Love that you can pick and mix items. They smell wonderful, really natural.

  112. Anita Thirlaway

    Found Luke at the Harrogate country fair 2 years ago & bought the lemongrass candle. I literally hunted until i tracked down the stall ‘by smell’ last year as their products are AMAZING. Lemongrass is defo my favourite, but am trying all of their products as they are brilliant value for money lasting ages & they smell right to the last second! Well done Valentte team – your products, your customer service and your delivery speed are exceptional. Anita in Lancashire.

  113. Taslim

    I bought this gift set for my husband and he absolutely loved it. It came packaged beautifully and the candles and diffuser smelt amazing. A truely wonderful gift for that special person.

  114. Angela Pykett

    Every time I visit a fair ie Country Living Fair or the Ideal Homes Show I always stock up one on my favourite scent and always try and a new product as well. Such beautiful long lasting fragrance which smells high quality

  115. marg.hewitt1

    We bought our first gift box at Carfest South and have since ordered 2more boxes. The product is first class.
    The diffusers smell amazing and long lasting as they are made with essential oils, as are the room sprays. I have just ordered the hand cream due to trying a free sample and am really pleased with the creamy texture and beautiful aroma. My friends all comment on the diffusers and have now ordered them for themselves. With the excellent packaging they make brilliant presents.

  116. toetallyyours

    This is such a beautiful gift, especially as a luxurious house warming present. When starting it is lovely to have something so thoughtful as your focus is on essentials. This is so beautifully wrapped and packaged makes a very easy beautiful gift. I love all products but great to have a gift of three. Whilst the price may at first look appear steep it really is not a bargain indeed Wyn purchasing tho gift box.

    Keep up the good work Valentte, your customer service is a joy and another reason for keep coming back to you.

  117. carterjodie

    Brought the gift box as a house warming present, it came beautifully boxed and smelt amazing! Our friends were really thrilled with it x

  118. kendahallam

    Purchased for my mum who loves it, her house smells beautiful, will be treating myself very soon,
    Excellent all round and recommended to all, many thanks

  119. Fiona Side

    I bought a box of lime and grapefruit diffuser and candle with lemongrass and rosemary hand cream from the Ideal Home Show today. A quality product, gorgeous scents and vegan and eco friendly. Hand cream is rich and one of the best moisturing creams I have tried

  120. Cazzer

    I have tried many diffusers and these are honestly the best I have ever had.My house smells like an expensive spa! Delicious natural smells and the packaging was a delight.will definitely be repurchasing,great value.

  121. Lynn Hedley

    Absolutely love my gift box the reed diffusers smell wonderful . My daughter was bought the gift box a while ago and each time I walked into her home there was a beautiful aroma , she told me it was your reed diffusers and candle !This is the reason I purchased them , I will definitely be purchasing again and hinting to my family I prefer these gifts to flowers . Thank you

  122. Kate

    I bought the home fragrance gift box for my daughter-in-law and she was thrilled with it.
    I bought one of your diffusers last summer and it stills smells great. Definitely value for money

  123. Shaun Grime

    I bought this for my fiance because she loves candles and diffusers all over the house. I thought the mixed descents looked interesting and when she opened them she was smiling from ear to ear. I was definitely in the good books. The downside is I have to buy more of them! Haha

  124. Karen Browne

    Love this! Saw at ideal home show and was completely hooked!

  125. Deb Eddleston

    Saw this product at the Ideal Home Show. Just placed my second order. Beautiful classy packaging and great products. Anyone I know who has a birthday this year will have a home that smells of lemongrass and rosemary. Fab!

  126. Sally

    Packaging looks amazing Contents smell fantastic. Love it!!

  127. George

    I bought one of these gift boxes for my mum on mother’s day and she is more that happy with it 😀
    The room smells amazing!

  128. Maggie Parker

    Fabulous gift for a friend. Smell is divine. Purchase from Crufts and about to make another for another friend

  129. Russell Shaw

    Lovely, natural fragranced products that are carefully wrapped in a well presented gift box. The best thing is that you can choose the items in your box.
    I purchased 2 gift boxes and will be purchasing more as they make excellent gifts for others and also myself.

  130. Maxine Hall

    Absolutely loved these. Beautifully boxed and smelt geogous would buy again

  131. Mo

    I love these products’ natural lasting scent.They are beautifully packaged and make excellent presents for those that like their home to smell lovely.The gift box is extremely good value and a great treat for yourself too.

  132. Bambia Verdant

    Great gift, nicely presented and it’s really good that you have the option to mix n match.

  133. riaballarano22

    The most amazing natural smells not at all synthetic. I absolutely love the lavender room spray in my bedroom, so calming and relaxing

  134. Claire Carr

    My friend bought me a gift for my Birthday, a reed diffuser and candle. I loved them so much that I bought more. Not sure which is my favourite as they are all beautiful scents. ❤️

  135. Jackie Colvin

    I love these home fragrance boxes – these are fantastic gifts and you can choose a lovely selection of goods – my fav are the candles! Highly recommend as a gift or just to treat yourself

  136. james lownsborough

    wonderful value in this gift box ,the fragrance is awesome and makes a fabulous gift or just spoil yourself!!

  137. Angela Harwood

    I discovered Valentte at Chatsworth Horse trials about 4 years ago, and have been buying from them ever since. The diffusers are amazing, they last forever as does the scent. The candles are the same, fabulous smells and all natural. Delivery is always prompt.

  138. Carole mclean

    I love these!! Fabulous quality and prejce. I first bought at Ripley Christmas fair and was so impressed- I’ve been ordering since. Well done Vallente

  139. france.antoinette

    Just got my second order from Valentte, this time I ordered the gift box which contained one candle, one reed diffuser and one room mist all in the same fragrance of Lemongeass and Rosemary. I had already got a room mist in that fragrance and I just love how it lasts so long and everyone that has come to mine always comment on how fresh my living room and hall way smell.
    I bought a gift box a couple of months ago for my bedroom again candle diffuser and room mist this time in the fragrance of patchouli and eucalyptus, it smells just devine. I got my first reed diffuser from a craft show in Harrogate 2 and a half years ago, I didn’t use it for around 8 months as I’d bought from a high street store a reed diffuser and wanted to use that up first. When I opened up the valentte diffuser there was such a difference my bedroom was full of this sent and it lasts so long in fact I’ve still got a small amount of the oil left in my first diffuser and it still smell just as good. Id recommend Valentte too anyone.

  140. Cazzer

    This is the second home fragrance gift box I’ve bought and love them.
    I have one diffuser downstairs and one upstairs and the whole house smells amazing.Perfect for pet owners!
    I will continue to buy these great value mix and match boxes for myself and also as wonderful gifts.

  141. Jill Dillon

    Discovered this brand at Sudely Castle Spring Show, helped by the lovely staff for whom nothing was too much trouble.
    Purchased 3 candles and a diffuser, my house smells gorgeous!!! Will definitely by more!

  142. Jackie

    In my opionion your candles, diffusers and room sprays are the best I have ever purchased. The aroma and perfumes of all three are beautiful and long lasting. My favourite being the Lemongrass and Rosemary. Although this time I am trying your White Neroli and Lemon. Smells delicious.

  143. Sara Gallop

    Incredible!!!! I purchased the Lemongrass & Rosemary Candle, diffuser and hand cream and it is all just amazing. The hand cream has worked wonders and the candle and diffuser really makes the house smell incredible. Thank you x

  144. Libby Lewis

    Lovely products and a great gift. Smells amazing!!!

  145. L Hill

    The Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser scent has reached all areas of my house, it’s lovely fresh smell is very uplifting. The hand cream has a super texture for hard working hands

  146. Mrs Sharon Butler

    Lovely gift wrapped box, My home smells amazing, my favourite is the Jasmine and Rosewood diffuser, and the Mandarin and grapefruit candle which I have in my kitchen.


  147. Gill

    Ordered a Home Fragrance Gift Set for my friends birthday gift it arrived quickly and was packed well. The perfect gift for for lady who has everything she absolutely loved it. Will definitely order again. Thank you .

  148. Mrs Pauline Salt

    This is the first time that I have ordered a home fragrance gift box, I’m pleased to say that it won’t be the last. I’m thrilled with products which smell beautiful.

  149. Fiona Burrows

    This is the second home fragrance box that I have purchased. I bought my first back in October and it is still in use. The ladies at the Sudely show in April were very helpful and my purchase was delivered in just a few days ( not all the items I wanted were at this show). Fantastic service and delightful scents. Looking forward to visiting your stand at Cheltenham racecourse in the autumn.

  150. Jennifer

    Beautiful fragrance , your candles , room spray and diffusers are the best that I have bought , I have now started buying them as presents for friends and family.

  151. Lorraine Bamford

    First time I’ve bought from Valentte what a great service you provide. I can highly recommend the fragrance gift box, it gives you a chance to try several items. The lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser has such a refreshing smell, unlike other diffusers your scent lasts for ages… great product. Will definitely recommend to friends.

  152. zoejuson

    Ordered the lavender box which included defuser, candle & room fragrance. It looks & smells so gorgeous I’m going to order a box as a gift for my sister whom I know will just love it😊
    Received a free sample of hand cream at Malvern flower festival last weekend & the smell is just so beautiful, that will be my next treat to myself! 😜

  153. Jane F

    Lovely stand at the Devon County Show, a very helpful salesperson with so much product information. The product is as good as he promised. My house smells lovely, geraniumand ylang ylang candle has filled the house.

  154. Melinda Richens

    Great product smells amazing and very reasonable price thank you

  155. Sloane Verbeeten

    What a beautiful gift, my friend was delighted.
    She says the candle smells amazing just being in the room, she hasn’t even lit it yet!

  156. Sam

    We visited Valentte at the ideal home show and bought some reed diffusers from the friendly team. They were very helpful in helping us choose and we loved the scents. They fill the room and everyone comments on how lovely our house smells. We recently bought the gift set with reed diffusers and the room spray for my aunt, she loves them too! Great price, lovely gift set, would highly recommend

  157. Louise Holmes

    Loved the fragrance which is very evident as soon as the door is opened .Neroli and Lemon such a wonderful combination . I will use it again and recommend your company to other people.

  158. L Mouat

    Love these gift boxes perfect as presents for friends and family. Would definitely recommend.

  159. Sloane Verbeeten

    Beautiful fragrance, I don’t even want to light the candle as it smells divine anyway!
    I love the products, they arrive promptly and in lovely packaging.

  160. Judith Bissell

    Ordered a lemongrass/rosemary gift box for an anniversary present for my daughter and son in law they are delighted with it. The service and delivery were excellent and I will be definitely ordering again.

  161. Maureen Pattenden

    We visited the Country Fair at Holdenby House, Northamptonshire and purchased a Home Fragrance Gift Box containing the Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser and 2 Lemongrass Hand and Body Cream pots.
    The fragrance of the reed diffuser is so amazing and every time I go into the lounge it makes me feel happy just to smell it and as suggested I turn the reeds around every week which enhances the smell once again.
    The hand and body cream is again really rich and creamy and not at all sticky and again has the wonderful smell.
    Thank you so much.

  162. grannymitchell56

    Bought this as a gift and she absolutely loved the lemongrass and rosemary difusser and candle beautiful packed love shopping here at valentte

  163. Sharon

    I know this should be a gift but once you’ve had one you’ll buy them for yourself. The scents are amazing and they come beautifully packaged. Valentte are by far the best on the market.

  164. Jayne

    I first bought this gift set at a Grand Designs show and now have the diffusers throughout the house. The gift packaging is excellent, the rosemary and lemon grass fragrance is wonderfully light & lasts ages and the whole package is excellent value for money. Everyone asks when they visit what the lovely smell is. Highly recommended as a beautiful gift or just for yourself.

  165. J ingledew

    My gift box was rosemary and lemongrass, I am so impressed with it as our lounge is fairly large and this is the first fragrance that fills the room in a subtle way. Thank you

  166. Timothy O’Leary

    absolutely brilliant, fast service ,really beautifully packaged,the quality of all the items i bought are excellent and were a great gift will buy again

  167. Lindsey

    Recently purchased this and would really recommend the items. The diffuser and candles have great scents which are long lasting. Love that they are soy wax as well.

  168. Julie

    Found these amazing products at the Norfolk show and I patiently waited a year to get more . Now I order regularly online 😍.i love love love these products and treat myself to a new product or smell but my absolute favourite is lemongrass and rosemary . Not only do I treat myself I buy gift boxes for all the family who are all loving their gifts .

  169. Carol Neal

    Came across these amazing products earlier this year at Crufts in Birmingham, fell in love with them straight away, the diffusers are amazing and makes the room smell lovely & fresh all day long, this is my 2nd order and I will highly recommend these products I have also brought the candle & hand cream which again I love , so glad I came across Valentte, thank you 😁

  170. Jackie Tranter

    I ordered two gift boxes this time as needed to stock up on some more candles, diffusers and room sprays. This time I bought White Neroli and Lemon which has a wonderful fragrance and fills which ever room the products are in with the most beautiful perfume. The gift boxes are packed so beautifully too. Since buying from Valentte I have not been tempted to buy from anyone else. Your products are the absolute best. Thank you. Jackie T

  171. traceysteedman2

    Bought a gift set with 2 candles and a diffuser at the Scottish Garden Show at Ingliston. I have these in different rooms and love the freshness of the lemongrass and rosemary. I have tried various brands but these are the best so far. A real find and will be on my go to list moving forward. Highly recommended

  172. Gillian Turnbull

    I bought a gift box patchouli and eucalyptus,candle, reed diffuser and room mist for a friend she absolutely loved it. I keep returning as the gift box makes a lovely present. I bought 2 boxes from a Harrogate fair last year . They were so lovely I ordered a further 5 for Xmas gifts

  173. Lorna Taylor

    We saw the products at The Ideal Home Show in Glasgow. I was tempted by the gift box offer. I am delighted with all my purchases. I especially like the scent of the lemongrass and rosemary. I haven’t tried the lavender yet. Very good products, promptly delivered, nice packaging.

  174. Cherie harwood-knight

    I discovered the lemon grass and rosemary defuser on a visit to my sisters home which was filled with the auroma from the defuser , so I promptly ordered the home fragrance box which to my delight was on offer, so now I can devide and share the contents between myself and daughter for a fraction of the cost of purchasing my regular brand that is not as good as the Valentte range. Win win situation. Thinking of Christmas gifting already .

  175. Helen

    Very well presented box. Would make a superb present. Fast delivery .. the lemon grass diffuser and spray is amazing my house smells lovely. The only disappointment is the other diffusers I seriously can’t smell them.

  176. Suzan

    I have now had 3 of these home fragrance box’s ..Always the same I’m afraid (lemon grass and Rosemary) and can justify this cost to hubby as they are the best products I have ever purchased the smell is amazing throughout our house, not weak and whishy washy like so many products I have purchased before. So Luke please do not ever change what your doing as your doing it well.
    Suzan sharman

  177. annehallam123

    I visited the Valentte stand at the Highland Show and loved the Lemongrass and Rosemary products in particular, superb quality; I shall definitely re-order when the time comes.

  178. Julie Kinnon

    I ordered the lemongrass and rosemary gift box just for me! The diffuser and candle are my favourites, I love the aroma and have received several compliments from visitors to my home.

  179. Jaqui Carter

    I have so enjoyed having a lavender reed diffuser in my bedroom, that I decided I would like the whole house to have the same ambience. Having been through a stressful time recently I ordered two additional reed diffusers and a room mist. We are now feeling relaxed and far less stressed. Thank you.

  180. Tracey Collins

    I can’t make my mind up as to which fragrance is my favourite. Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser is a lasting smell and lavender is relaxing in the bedroom. I don’t think I will ever use any other make of diffuser again.

  181. Carol Mitchell

    Beautifully presented this gift box was bought as a present and the recipient absolutely loved it will definitely be ordering again soon

  182. Julie

    My favourite is the lemongrass and Rosemary it makes my rooms smell so fresh.

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  184. linda.bits

    I bought this for a dear friend. You know the one that you have know forever, (seriously we have been friends since we were 5, which is 53 years!!!) She is also impossible to buy for! I think this will do the trick! She really does like “nice things”The box and ribbon trim look gorgous. And it smells devine.

  185. Helen Wood

    I bought this as an impulse purchase at Ripley Castle show, I just couldn’t resist! After years of having mediocre smelling candles in my house, these have transformed my home! I chose the Lemongrass and Rosemary soy candle and reed diffuser and the Geranium and Ylang Ylang candle. Even when the candles aren’t lit the room is filled with its beautiful perfume. I will most definitely be purchasing for myself again, and I think these will be my go to gift also.

  186. cazgray51

    Excellent value with lovely fragrances.

  187. Linda Warner

    What a lovely box of goodies, even as I opened the box the scent was heavenly. I love the Reed Diffuser with lemongrass and lavender it fills the house with its gentle, relaxing scent. The other items will make lovely gifts.

  188. Karen dynes

    Brilliant value for money, I absolutely loves these products especially lemongrass and rosemary.

  189. Kathleen Timoney

    I discovered Valentte at Gardening Scotland and loved their stuff. I bought a gift box on the day and have since ordered more. I love the fresh relaxing aroma around the house.

  190. Karen Daniels

    Thank you to a close friend who recommended your fab products. I have ordered the Gift box as a present for my best friend as i know she loves your products. It’s a perfect gift as it is already so beautifully wrapped and i know she loves the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrances.

  191. Julie G

    A beautifully packaged gift box. The scents are so lovely, and have a very natural, floral aroma which does not make me sneeze (or my eyes water) as other products tend to do. My daughter is so impressed with the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser that she has ordered one for herself!

  192. Wendy Clarke

    I am so delighted with my diffusers and hand soap. They smell divine.
    The package looked really lovely. I must say I am really impressed.
    Thank you.

  193. Stephanie Pitt

    Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers fill the room with a lovely fresh citrus fragrance. I’ve bought these multiple times since seeing you at Carfest a few years ago. They last well. Beautifully packaged and good delivery service.

  194. Sacha Feehan

    Beautifully presented this gift box is wonderful. With so many choices it is easy to create a delightful gift for someone special and the aroma that hits when you open it up is lovely.

  195. Claire Mckie

    I bought this very soon after buying products from the Highland Show. The quality of product is amazing and keeps even the largest room in the house fragranced. With the essential oils no nasty artificial smell either! I will be a regular customer x

  196. Lulabel

    I have seen valentte at several shows but never tried them, their packaging is wonderful and has an exclusive feel about it! The gift box is great value for money! And the essential oils smell amazing and incredibly fresh, so glad I tried them. Will definitely be ordering these for friends at Christmas

  197. Sara Headford

    My sister bought me a set from Valentte for Christmas, I loved it so much I have recently bought 2 sets for friends birthdays, they smell fabulous, may order different scent next time but love the Lemongrass one. Hoping the company is at the Sandringham Craft Fair.

  198. Amanda Richardson

    I Have recently made a purchased of the lemongrass & rosemary mix & match home fragrances gift box it filled my home with a wonderful scent, I have now purchased two more since they make a wonderful gift very well presented and just smell great.

  199. michaels.edelle

    So ….. after an initial misunderstanding can I say how impressed I am with your customer service! Andy – you have been so professsionsal and the products I received today have been amazing. The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is amazing! I’m coming back !! 😘

  200. Debbie Gardner

    I use a lot of candles and this is one of the better ones, excellent value for money. Lemongrass and rosemary is my absolute favourite, the smell fills your room, clean burning and lasts. I’m now on my second box and will be back for more 😊

  201. pickle100

    Amazing smells, fantastic product and great price in the set. Highly recommend. Thank you

  202. Maggie

    My first purchase was at the Yorkshire Show – 2 diffusers and a candle – all amazing, I was so impressed I ordered another gift box for my sister. My favourite fragrance (so far) is white neroli and lemon but all products are outstanding and I will definitely be trying more fragrances soon.

  203. Joanne ARMSTRONG

    I absolutely love my home fragrance gift box! I love the smell of Lemongrass and these products do not disappoint! They keep my house smelling fresh even in the largest of rooms. The essential oils are carried through out the house. The room must is perfect too especially in the kitchen after cooking! I will definitely be buying some more when these run out! I’m just deciding what products to try next!

  204. Isobel Clevely

    Bought my first box at Glasgow Ideal Home Show. I was so delighted with them I just had to have more. My favourite is Lemongrass and Rosemary but I love them all. Would highly recommend.

  205. Gillian John

    Recently purchased a home fragrance box with the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser and room mist. I have been pleasantly surprised with the strength of the perfume which is really pleasant not at all overpowering yet sufficient to provide a gentle fragrance throughout our home. I have tried numerous room fragrances from other companies and regardless of the price, whether expensive or cheaper range, all have failed to provide a subtle long lasting fragrance until now.
    Very nicely packaged and very prompt delivery service. Will definitely be using this company again.

  206. Gillian John

    Having purchased the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance for my home I received a free sample of other fragrances. They are so lovely I have just purchased the Lime and Grapefruit home fragrance box of diffuser, candle and room mist as a present for my cousin. Beautifully presented in a gift box I am sure the recipient will love it as much as I do and be a convert to the Valentte fragrances.

  207. C Proctor

    Love my recently brought home fragrance box set which contains lemongrass & Rosemary Reed diffuser & room must ! I’m so happy with my purchase it smells so beautiful I’ve just placed another ordered !!
    So pleased

  208. Viv Francis

    Such a beautiful Gift Box, a gift box you would want to keep for yourself

  209. Louise Sandford-Webb

    I really love the classical packaging. I am looking to making some gifts bags for my friend Hen Weekend at a Spar Hotel in Somerset next August. It think they would make an ideal gifts. The fragrances sound amazing and just the right for a beautiful gifts. The experience would hopeful make the weekend and wedding very memorable. Thank you for allowing us to to have a preview of the experience with the samples. It feel these is an amazing hidden secret

  210. Deborah

    Everyone always comments on the lovely fragrance when they visit always smell nice and good quality products

  211. Sarah

    Wow what an amazing gift these make, such wonderful fragrances leaving your room smelling fresh and wonderful. I think maybe I am an addict as I have one in every room along with the room mist and candles. Unlike others I have purchased in the past these also last for months. I have ordered these for Xmas presents for everyone this year and I’m sure they will also love them 💕💕😍

  212. Catole Mclean

    Fabulous value for mi ey, scent is irresistible- recommended highly

  213. Abigail walton

    Value for Money!
    I bought this with the intention of splitting it up and giving to friends as presents; that didnt happen! I kept it for myself…. All of it!
    It was a brilliant purchase only now i jave to get another to do what i intended on the first place.

  214. emmafromyork

    Lovely gift set, presented so nicely. I’ve bought this for my Mum’s birthday in her favourite fragrance (Lemongrass), and she will love it. Very happy with purchase.

  215. sharon thomson

    Love these products. They smell so good. On my 2nd gift box now & planning ordering more.

  216. Vicki Smith

    All products are amazing. Such brilliant fragrance that really lasts. 110% recommend

  217. Janet

    This s for a present so cannot comment. It is very nicely presented and looks very classy

  218. Susan Laffan

    Absolutely love these gift boxes I ordered. The scents are great and the smell lasts a long time. Would recommend these to everyone.

  219. kay gee

    great product first bought the lemongrass & rosemary gift box from southport flower show the diffuser fills the hole house with fragrance

  220. Vicki Petersen

    First encountered Valentte at Southport flower show, where received a hand cream sample. Both mum and Ioved it instantly so we put order online for a whole variety of products and love them all! The gift boxes look really expensive, and great that you could choose each item and scent. Highly recommended!

  221. sandy.ramsay545

    First bought the gift box at the house and garden show for my daughter for her student flat , the reed diffuser lasts such a long time I decided to buy the gift box for myself as such a great price

  222. barbarajean

    A beautifully put togehter box, delightfully presented. Contents were excellent. First order and will be buying again. Wonderful value.

  223. Barbara Walker

    Excellent value-got the candle,difusser and room spray in lemon and rosemary- will definitely be buying more for presents

  224. Patricia Yourston

    Bought a gift box at the Southport flower show everything in it is amazing absolutely love it all the aromas are Really lovely it is very difficult to choose a favourite. Will definitely be buying more for Christmas presents

  225. Selena Brougham

    Bought a gift box at Chatsworth, I was tempted back to buy the lemongrass and rosemary items, which smell beautifully fresh and lemony. Reed difusser is brilliant! Will certainly buy again and recommend to family and friends.

  226. Eleanor

    Discovered the products at Edenbridge Show and ordered gift box online. Delighted with the Lemongrass and Rosemary, and the Lime and Grapefruit Diffusers. The free gift of a further Lemongrass and Rosemary Diffuser was a much appreciated surprise. The aromas are wonderful and the whole presentation a delight. Well done, Valentte.

  227. julie

    I bought a gift box at the Ripley Christmas Fair for my sister who raves about it so much I bought one for myself, the Lemongrass and Rosemary smells amazing and lasts for so long. I will definitely be purchasing more as gifts and for myself.

  228. Pat Sweetmore

    I recently purchased 2 gift boxes of Patchouli &Eucalyptus fragrance at the Southport Flowers Show.
    My home is filled with the most beautiful fragrance and my sister was delighted with her gift box.
    Will definitely be ordering from you again.

  229. Lisette

    I found valentte at chatsworth country fair. I always home in where lemongrass fragrances are available. I got my reed diffuser home and can’t believe the fragrance. The strength of diffusion around the room is the best ever.
    I ordered more immediately and found the website to be so user friendly. Can’t fault anything.
    Good job valentte!!!!!

  230. Sharron Riddington

    I can’t actually remember how I came across Valentte – but I am a total convert! These gift boxes are really good, and a nice price for a quality product. They keep the air smelling fresh, yet natural. There is no ‘chemical’ tinge to the scents that you get with some other products, and they last a good long while. I put out one of my reed diffusers on the 1st July, and it is only just running out now. I flip the diffuser reeds once a week, and that is enough to refresh the scent. I like them so much I now have 3 dotted around the house! And the room mists are lovely too – especially the lavender one which I use in my bedroom!


    Amazing gift set. I purchased it as a treat for myself but will be buying more for Christmas gifts. Great value. Beautiful packaged too.

  232. Moira Kuprewicz

    Absolutely love this product. Recently bought a gift set at a show (purchased lemon grass and rosemary). The scent is very refreshing and strong, l also received a sample of hand cream . This is very spa like, makes your hand feel wonderful. I will definitely buy this product again. Great value and a brilliant product. Regards Moria Kuprewicz

  233. c_a_davies

    I found Valentine at the Ideal Home Show in March and I just love these products. The postage, packaging & delivery was perfect and the aroma as I opened my parcel yesterday was wonderful. The gift boxes are beautiful too. I don’t have a favourite scent, I love them all and have bought gifts for family, friends & myself this year!!

  234. Julie Donovan

    I first purchased a gift box at Hampton Court Flower Show and have since ordered several more. As you can choose the products they make excellent presents. The boxes are beautiful and packed with care. My favourite fragrance is the Lemongrass and Rosemary but I plan to try others in the future. Thank you Valentte for excellent products at a realistic price and your prompt delivery.

  235. Lisette Bradbury

    I love everything about valentte. The start up story right through to the products. I came across them at Chatsworth show and am now hooked. I bought a gift box. The room spray is beautiful but my reed diffuser is amazing. Favourite scent is lemongrass. I have one in every room. Thanks guys. Xx 💝

  236. vickydufton

    Beautiful products… a great find at Soudley Castle earlier this year where I bought the lime and grapefruit diffuser and candle. I have now bought other fragrances and my house smells delicious!
    The gift sets are amazing value and will definitely be buying again.
    Thank you 😊

  237. Cazzer

    I have purchased several of these now and they are good value.
    High quality products,the smell is gorgeous.I will continue to be a loyal customer to Valentte.No other product compares to the quality and price.

  238. Shell

    Amazing long lasting fragrance, becoming addicted to all of them !

  239. Mandy Forder

    Purchased a gift box with the lemongrass and rosemary candle and reed diffuser . They are gorgeous, fill the room with a really fresh scent. Have a gentle not harsh scent as natural too. Really recommend. I also have a hand cream which is lovely . Made my purchase at the Kirsty handmade crafts event this month in Hampton court.

  240. a_dawnn

    I absolutely love this gift set (Lemongrass and Rosemary) diffuser, candle and room fragrance. Such good value for high end spa like products. I received some free samples of room fragrances with my first order too. A friend recommended Balentte to me, and I will be recommending them to my friends too!

  241. Jane Clarke

    I love then scent from the Room spray, it lasts for ages , the room fragrance smells lovely and the scent is still good right to the end . I’ve also purchased the cracked heal cream, I’m on my feet all day and have tried different creams with little success, this cream is really good it sorted my feet straight away and I didn’t need to use again for 3 days , will definitely be getting this again

  242. tracy1cadman

    First came across Valentte at Chatsworth Country Fair and was so impressed i have ordered 2 gift boxes. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is such a lovely scent and lasts much longer than other reed diffusers i have bought. The room spray gives a quick blast, that again lasts ages and compliments the reed diffuser. You will not be disappointed with these products. I will be ordering again for myself and suspect my friend, who the other box is for will ask me to order more for her.

  243. Christine Bridge

    Purchased one of these boxes at Southport Flower Show following a friends recommendation, really pleased with the scent Patchouli and Eucalyptus, diffuser works well in the lounge as do the candles. Will be purchasing again and also as gifts to spread the joy!

  244. Jean waddingham

    The lemon candle is wonderful, you can smell it all over the house. You can smell it in the room before you light it .
    And the diffuser is the same
    I first tried these candles from the ideal home show

  245. Susan Hunt

    I bought a gift box for my daughter and the fragrances are wonderful! I also have a lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser myself and the aroma is so refreshing but not overpowering. I’ll be buying more gift boxes as Christmas presents (and for myself too!)

  246. AJ

    I discovered Valentte at Badminton last year. Love the product, the White Neroli is a pleasant smell. Very impressed with how long the candles last.
    The products you get in the gift box are well worth the money too.
    Money well spent. Have gifted another box to my mother, and recommended to lots of friends!

  247. Diane Burgess

    I bought 2 home gift sets at the Royal Norfolk Show, patchouli and eucalyptus and gave 1 as a present. Big mistake, wish I’d kept it myself. My diffuser was put in my bathroom beginning July and is still going. Smells as wonderful as the first day.

  248. jeapano

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  249. courtney77711

    Ordered this as a gift for my Nan. It came beautifully packaged and the products look and smell very high quality. The hand cream that came was also wonderful. She will love this gift. It’s a great price for what you get and delivers very quick. I will continue ordering after this.


    I bought a Valentte gift box for a gift but once it arrived and I smelt the beautiful fragrance of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser and candle I just had to selfishly keep it for myself! It is such a gorgeous fragrance and really fills the room. Everyone comments on how lovely the scent is when they come in. You can smell the candle even before it’s lit and it burns perfectly even. The only problem is….that I will now have to buy another one to replace the one I stole!! Probably buy some more as well as they are such wonderful quality and are so beautifully presented. No one could ever be disappointed to receive such a gorgeous gift.

  251. Dorothy Watson

    I bought the Lemongrass and Rosemary gift box at Southport Flower Show, wished I had bought more. I am using it myself and will be ordering a replacement plus another for a gift. Great smell and great value, thanks.

  252. Fiona Kitchen

    I was given a set two years ago. The diffuser is still going. The candle is divine 5/5 love it

  253. Paula Hussain

    Bought this as a gift for a friend because she loved mine so much. Great gift box, terrific value for money and fantastic products.

  254. Dianne van Beek

    A brilliant gift but really something you will want to keep for yourself so make sure you buy more than one.
    I love the fresh clean fragrances of Valentte.

  255. Liz Hunter

    I bought a lemongrass gift box at country file last year and have just recently opened it for my new bathroom. WOW. The smell is amazing and lasts for ages. I haven’t even had to use the room spray as the scent from the diffuser is so long lasting. Everyone who smells it is impressed and says the room smells like a Spa. I have just ordered the lemongrass for my daughter and daughter-in-law as Christmas presents before they sneak mine away. I’ve also ordered the lime and grapefruit for my lounge which also smells amazing. The items come very well packaged and look far more expensive than they are. Definitely recommended.


    I purchased this gift box in the grand designs live exhibition. The smells of the candle’s are amazing, they fill your whole room and the smell really lingers once the candle is out. I also got a body lotion which is beautiful on, last smell and soaks into your skin perfectly

  257. joanne.flint

    I was givena hand cream sample at Malvern Autum show this year. The home fragranve gift boxes are a good way to mix and match products. The lemongrass and rosemary diffusers are brilliant, the fresh scent from these carries around the home and lingers and doesnt seem to dissipate like diffusers from other companies. The skin and handcream goes on well and my daughter loves the lavender room mist. Good value, excellent speedy service.

  258. Elaine Holland

    A perfect way to add your favorite scents and at a very economical price

  259. Melanie Guy

    Purchased my first gift box after a visit to Sudeley earlier this year, loved it so much that I returned to purchase a second. White Neroli is my current favourite and the recipient of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser loved that fragrance too.

  260. Angela Boulton

    2nd time ordering this gift box set. Perfect.

  261. Sue

    I’ve ordered the White Neroli & Lemon Diffuser and Room Spray several times now. They give such a pleasant smell in any room and always look nice too. A scent i would definitely recommend to purchase.

  262. Liz

    Fabulous gift box, beautiful candles and room mist – such lovely fragrance and great value!

  263. Julie

    First bought one of these home fragrance sets at The Tatton Flower Show. Have had various fragrance mixes and love them all. So many people comment on them and I now buy them as gifts.

  264. Sarah Makin

    You cannot go wrong with this gift box! Besides the products smelling divine, the packaging is amazing and it’s quick delivery. I love it – I might have to buy myself a gift.

  265. Nadine Ellis

    Bought this as a gift and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. Chose lemongrass as it’s gorgeous. The packaging is perfect. Im sure that my friend will be delighted with it.

  266. Jenn Thompson

    Oh my! I bought gift boxes last year and gave them away as Christmas presents. This year I bought one for myself-Lemongrass and Rosemary and I LOVE it. The reed diffuser actually works, and although I was disappointed with the candle initially, that was because I hadn’t lit it at that point. Now it scents a room when it isn’t lit. Excellent quality.

  267. SJF

    I received one of these boxes as a gift earlier this year so was keen to get one for a friend. Beautifully presented with products that actually smell as they are advertised! So many people commented on the diffuser as I used it in my porch, a wonderful welcome every day!

  268. Carol Procinski

    I visited your stand at the Cheltenham show today and purchased 3 Lemongrass & Rosemary Reed diffusers. As soon as I got home I put a few drops of the oil in my electric diffuser and the refreshing aroma filled my large kitchen area immediately. I am very impressed with your product and I will definitely purchase your products again in the future.

    Kind regards
    Carol Procinski

  269. Janice Bennison

    Bought the gift box for a friend and when it arrived I kept it for myself. Fabulous products at a fantastic price.
    The reed diffuser, which is lemongrass and rosemary, smells so refreshing and everybody who comes into my house always comments on the lovely smell. The candle is gorgeous and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another gift box.

  270. Barbara Wells

    Bought the Rosemary and Lemon Gift Box as a present for my daughter. Lovely products especially like the candle and reed diffuser. Was introduced to Valentine at Tatton Park RHS Show when I was given a sample of hand cream which is also gorgeous.

  271. Angela Shone

    Met you at Burghley Horse Trials. Bought a gift box and was thrilled with the perfume the defusers gave off just had to have some more for the rest of the house. Will certainly be buying more.

  272. Davina Insley

    Really lovely gift box either for present or treat for yourself good lasting fragrance. Bought after my daughter purchased set at grans design show.

  273. Laura

    Such a delight to receive my gift box. Beautifully packaged and everything inside has clearly been placed and wrapped with care. Ordered lemongrass and rosemary (candle, read diffuser and room spray) all smelt amazing and the scent lasted! Ended up purchasing another 5 gift boxes!

  274. Nita

    This has been purchased as a gift
    – a request from recipient as I had given them one before & they were impressed with the contents
    Beautifully wrapped & presented
    as always.

  275. Ann

    Amazing value in the gift box and the smell is so lovely in the hall when people enter the house.

  276. Julie H

    Christmas gifts sorted for all my friends and family 😍hope I have a Valentte gift box under my Christmas tree

  277. Sue

    Received quickly. Loved how it was presented in the box. Love the smell of the candle, can smell as soon as I walk into the house. Love it. Will definitely be ordering more

  278. Susan Curran

    Beautifully presented and boxed, makes a really lovely gift.
    Really appreciated the fact that it was organic, no toxins or chemicals!
    Discovered at the racecourse event in Cheltenham.

  279. Stephanie H

    This is my second time buying a Gift Box and the 1st time ordering it online. I first discovered Valentte at the Royal Highland Show and was immediately impressed by the scent and throw of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser. The box set is beautifully packaged and a great deal. Makes a lovely gift for yourself or another.

  280. Juliet Cheek

    This was my first Valentte gift box which I discovered on a free site which was offering a free candle. I wanted a special candle set for my daughter in-law for Christmas and chose a cardomon and nutmeg candle, diffuser and room spray set which arrived beautifully presented and I can’t wait to give it to her. I received a rosemary and lemongrass free candle which smells divine and so tempted to keep myself. Will be ordering more sets as make beautiful presents and I received some samples so will be trying these out. Thank you so much, glad I have found Valentte definitely luxury all wrapped up in beautiful packaging smelling divine

  281. Carole Johnson

    What a perfect gift. This is the 5th gift box ive bought and these products never fail to impress. Great that you can mix and match the scents

  282. Joanne Thompson

    My fave candles . I struggle to identify which is the best . As a therapist I love the clients saying how much they love the smell of my home and it’s all down to your lovely products thank you

  283. Sharon Welsh

    Excellent value gift set and the fragrance is amazing! Will definitely be buying again.

  284. Josephine Scott

    I have been along time customer buying from Valentte. Would not go any where else. Love to go along to the shows to see and have a little chat to them.
    Always love the gift box’s, very good value where you can select and make your own choice. Thank you Valentte.

  285. Liz Scruton

    I Absolutely Love these gift boxes for myself and for gifts , I will be ordering more for Christmas presents Liz👍

  286. Suzanne Browning

    receiving my parcel at warp speed, I could smell the deliciousness before I even opened the outer box! The scents are incredible, the packaging beautiful, and the products…better than ANYTHING I have purchased in my 30 years of being a home scent fanatic. Bold statement, yes, but incredibly bold fragrances. My mouth is watering just at the thought of them and I am in the office, not even at home! I feel slightly ashamed that I actually discovered Valentte via the ‘freebies’ website, and like thousands of others requested my free testers, but I am now completely and utterly converted and shall never buy home fragrance elsewhere. My living room smells like a delicious tangy hot lemon meringue pie has just been sliced. My hall and stairs smell like a delivery of the freshest of fresh cut flowers. The only problem is that my dogs will not be getting baths as often, as I cannot smell them 🙂 Thankyou Valentte, you are doing a sterling job!

  287. Colleen Bennison

    I highly recommend this company and its products. Look no further for affordable quality gifts that for me have Christmas all wrapped up. They were kind enough to include in my order not only samples but extra products as a Thankyou. I will be definitely be ordering again before Christmas. Join the mailing list too for very entertaining blogs from the owner. Excellent delivery time and customer service.

  288. Tania Whitehead

    Received a gift box myself last Christmas, loved it so much, bought further products and now ordering Gift Boxes as gifts for Christmas 2019. Service and presentation is top notch – will continue to be loyal customer.

  289. Ali Gayward

    Great value, and such a wonderful way to introduce others to the wonderful world of Valentte.

  290. Aysegul Cinar

    I attended The Royal Horticultural Hall on the 31st for the charity event. I met Like and his lovely assistant. I absolutely loved the white neroli scent and bought the gift box with candle, diffuser and large hand body cream. Incredible value and great product. Neom has some competition coming it’s way from your lovely company.

    I wish much prosperity and success.

    Kind regards,
    Aysegul Cinar

  291. Amanda Heath

    I first discovered Valentte at RHS Tatton Park several years ago & have been a fan ever since, the scents are amazing, Lemongrass & Rosemary is my favourite, I have just taken delivery of 3 gift boxes all for Christmas presents & I know my friends will love them. The body lotion is just fabulous & the scent stays with you all day, I love it.
    I will definitely be ordering again, packaged beautifully with excellent delivery.
    Thank you

  292. Charlotte

    This box makes a beautiful luxurious gift .

  293. Jane Locke

    I saw the Valentte products at Car Fest south in August ,loved them but didn’t buy anything which I soon regretted. However I was emailed some offers & decided to buy the Home Fragrance box for a friend’s Christmas gift. What great choices & the box beautifully presented arrived very quickly. She will love it.

  294. Joanne Thompson

    As always love receiving these candles and diffusers . I work from home and all my clients comment on the lovely scent of my home

  295. Kay

    Bought this as a gift for my mother in law and she adores it! I have been using the rosemary and lemongrass for years and it always smells amazing and the scent lasts for ages! Will be ordering again soon as I am running out and I can’t be without it!

  296. Julie Barnes

    Discovered you at Malvern Autumn 2019 flower show and loved this box with the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser. My house smells wonderful and the oil is lasting far longer than other, more expensive ones I have bought in the past. I am ordering more for Xmas.

  297. gill jalland

    the home fragrance boxes are such good value. i bought a lemongrass diffuser for a present ive had one before and love the smell to put in the bathroom. the patchouli diffuser is wonderful i have that in the living room.
    i am most impressed with the very quick answer to my email and the order being exactly as i wanted. very efficient. thank you

  298. Stephanie T

    I received a gift box with a lemon grass and rosemary candle, hand cream and diffuser as a birthday gift. I can honestly say they are the nicest scented candles and diffusers I have had. The scent fills the whole room and lasts so long. I am so glad I found you!

  299. Ursula Evans

    I purchased two of the gift boxes, beautifully packaged but not over the top.
    The scents, lemon grass and Rosemary and Geranium and Ylang Ylang are really lovely. Rather think Valenette products might become a bit of an addiction.

  300. Karina

    I came across the valentte products in March at the ideal home exhibition in london and I’ve not used any other diffusers since then, beautifully packaged and presented and they smell absolutely wonderful and last a good while longer than typical shop bought alternatives. They make an amazing gift.

  301. Soraya Barber

    I bought this gift box for My mum as I knew she would love These organic products made with essential oils.
    The package was beautifully wrapped and my mum loved the contents . I chose two candles and a room mist and she was absolutely delighted. I’ve bought these products before and they smell absolutely amazing. A friend of mine recommended Valentte after she had placed an order at The Christmas Ideal Home Show Last year . The candles are made of soy so they don’t leave any soot or pollute the air .
    Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite scent from Valentte, but I’m going to try them all . I’ve just received all their samples , so I will be placing another order soon, but this time as a treat for myself.

  302. Sue Foyle

    I discovered Valentte over a year ago now at my niece’s house, and have purchased the Gift Boxes every time. They are such great value for money and the smells have been wonderful! The fragrance of the candles linger through my bungalow without being lit, the diffuser perfume does not fade until after its empty and room sprays give and extra boost before visitors arrive! Again I have purchased the gift boxes for Xmas and so looking forward to giving them away. There is not one scent that I dislike, so thrilled with any combination of Gift Box.

  303. Barbara McKnight

    Bought the gift box of rosemary and lemongrass. The smell is gorgeous and visitors to my home have complimented me on the lovely fragrance and where they can buy it.
    I’m going to head to the country living fair show in Glasgow where I believe they will have a stall and stock up for Christmas. Hope they don’t sell out .

  304. BeeVee

    Absolutely amazing smells and products which last a long time and nicely presented. Numerous comments on lemongrass and rosemary smell as it lingers on for ages. Ordered gift box many times as I just love the products.

  305. pattypurple

    Absolutely amazing products. I first purchased this product from an Exhibition at Birminghams NEC, a couple of years ago. My friend gave me a gift box for my Birthday last month, I was highly delighted , as soon as I walk in the front door I can smell the Lemongrass and Rosemary, truly a superb product.

  306. LG

    Amazing value for money – I am an existing, and always delighted, customer and thought I’d treat a loved one with a gift box. I however ended up keeping it for myself. Oops…. oh well! Delighted as ever with the fragrance and quality of the products.

  307. Alex

    Love these gift boxes! I always buy myself these candles at Burghley Horse Trials but gift boxes make great value presents. Love the scents and presented so nicely. The hand creams are also fab!

  308. Christina Williams

    I love everything about the gift boxes. The quality and fragrance is beautiful and the ability to mix and match items is a great idea. I’ve now ordered several for gifts and even a couple for myself. I’m hooked!

  309. Lorna Brown

    Bought the gift box of rosemary and lemongrass. The smell is gorgeous and visitors to my home have complimented me on the lovely fragrance and where they can buy it .
    Lorna Brown
    I first bought At the Christmas fair in Glasgow last year and have bought a few more from he website since. Just love it.

  310. Susan Hill

    Love these candles. The smell lasts long after they have been extinguished. Would definitely recommend buying over cheaper ones

  311. Louise

    Fantastic value for money and the products are gorgeous.the diffuser In lemon and rosemary is so fresh it has had so many comments from visitors to my home asking me what the smell is .

  312. Chris burrows

    Love these! The smell is amazing and the room scents leave a delicate smell.. Not too over powering… These have become my go to candles rather than the generic ones you see in the shops.😁
    So glad I discovered Luke at the Southport flower show 2 years ago

  313. Peter Cook

    We first discovered Valentte products at the Burghley Horse Trials. My wife purchased the lemongrass home fragrance reed diffuser, candle and spray. I have now been requested to purchase gift boxes for our 3 children, mother and mother in law who all love the smell.
    These are a fabulous product that actually smell nice with lasting scent. I am reluctant to tell any other family members of this find. One can only buy so many gift boxes before it becomes an obsession!

  314. Jo

    Amazing scent and beautifully packaged

  315. Gwyneth Owen

    A very easy, clear website to navigate. Payment process easy to follow. Delivery was super quick and superbly packaged so that the products arrived without damage. The gift packaging is beautiful. The reed diffusers smell heavenly and last for ages – as does the room spray. The biggest problem is deciding which fragrances to choose. The inclusion of samples will make my next purchase easier. An amazing company that I first came across at Southport Flower Show. The free sample handcream that I was given there hooked me in. Love the e mail updates as well. Brilliant. ❤️

  316. Ali Gayward

    Such great value – a perfect way to enjoy my favourite items but also a super opportunity to share these wonderful products with others.

  317. Emma Saich

    I have bought a few of these and everytime they are amazing. The scent last ages and so prettily packaged.
    Customer service is exceptional too.
    Just can’t fault this company.

  318. Aasiya

    Do not look anywhere else for distinguished, long lasting, grown up and gorgeous scents for your home (or someone else’s for that matter!). This gift set is my go to if I am buying a present for anyone now. Great value for money for a very chic gift.

  319. Julie laybourn

    I am so disappointed. I purchased my first diffuser at Hampton court and loved it the whole house smelt wonderful. So I purchased two more. They hardly smell at all. Have to have your nose practically on too of them. Think they may have been watered down. Not happy

  320. Donna Holbrook

    Lovely gift box, was such great value and beautifully put together. The reed diffusers give off the perfect amount of fragrance and are not over powering at all. Found Valentte at the spirit of Christmas show.

  321. Chris burrows

    Love these boxes so much!! Fab that you can choose what you want and the different scents.. Will be buying more at that price 😊

  322. Val Stallard

    This box was beautiful presented, & as soon as you opened it the smell of products could be inhaled.
    Deliveries were prompt.
    Easy web site too use.
    First discovered these products at a Xmas fair held in Victoria in aid of Royal Marsden hospital.
    My three daughters all bought products as well.

  323. Gillian Todd

    I have tried many many Reed diffusers some very expensive and none are as beautifully fragranced or as long lasting as Valentte so highly recommend them. They are also beautifully presented so make perfect gifts for all occasions!

  324. Clare Nussey

    I purchased a gift box for a present for my auntie, it came beautifully packaged, I bought myself a room mist and it smells lovely, a few sprays and it lasts for ages, really nice strong smell I will purchase again

  325. Kay Chilcott

    I absolutely love this fragrance and to be able to get all I love in a beautiful gift box is fab.
    This company is so professional and my orders are always shipped to me promptly and nicely packaged.
    Thank you Valentte

  326. Liz Smith

    I discovered Valentte at the Tatton Park Flower Show & loved the fragrances – bought a gift box with 2 diffusers & a hand cream. Loved the White Neroli & Lemon so much that I’ve just ordered myself another set with diffusers & a room spray. The scent has lasted better than other diffusers I’ve had and lots of lovely comments from my friends.

  327. Linda Lord

    Such a wonderful gift box! I bought one in Liverpool’s Christmas Market for a friend. It smells amazing and it was gift wrapped so beautifully!

  328. Jackie Cross

    I first bought a Home Gift set for myself two years ago and loved it so much that I have treated myself again and have bought three more as gifts for family. I especially like the eucalyptus and lemongrass.

  329. Jennifer Gilchrist

    This is a great buy, lovely Christmas present. I will buy again .

  330. Belinda

    Lovely gift box, the packaging is great quality and looks wonderful and would make a really nice gift for someone special. All the products are marvellous, such lovely fragrances.

  331. Benjamin Davis

    excellent value, quick delivery and, above all, a quality product. would by again

  332. Marian Barry

    Absolutely fantastic set. I bought this as a gift for a friend’s 50th and she was absolutely delighted.
    She loves the smell and was delighted with the beautiful packaging.
    Both myself and my friend will definitely order time and time again

  333. Pauline Pauline

    Beautiful packaging love these products the diffusers last for ages the scents are lovely the house smells lovely very impressed with everything I have ordered

  334. mandywarren38a

    Absolutely love these gift boxes. Extremely good value [mine contained 2 reed diffusers and a hand cream in White Neroli and Lemon. A beautiful fragrance which lasts and lasts. Will definitely be ordering more! Have been buying on-line since discovering them at Spirit of Christmas Fayre in London.

  335. Pauline Pauline

    Beautiful packaging the fragrances are gorgeous last for ages very pleased with all my purchases

  336. Debbie Brown

    This is such good value. Am never without one on the go and one in stock!

  337. Florence Beckett

    Bought 4 boxes for gifts, beautifully presented and lovely scents which last for ages, i first bought some of the gift boxes at the Yorkshire Show about 3 years ago and have bought them for myself and also as gifts since then.

  338. Abbie

    Absolutely beautiful products! The house smells so lovely just in time for Christmas! I’m going to be ordering more as gifts! Great value too!

  339. Lucy Henson

    Wonderful gift box or present. Beautifully presented & products that actually smell lovely & last. Great value for money. Will be ordering more!

  340. Julie

    From the moment I opened the box, the wonderful scent permeated the air! The candle smells delicious even before being lit! I ordered this as a Christmas present for my sister & her husband, and shall be ordering more for my other siblings!! Carry on the good work, Luke & Justine!! You’re doing a brilliant job!! (Thanks also to your production team for all their hard work!!).

  341. Deborah Scott

    The gift sets are incredible value for money, i just love the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and the geranium and ylang candle. I will be purchasing more of these for gifts and myself!

  342. Penny

    I love the fact that you can mix and match the products in this gift box at such a reasonable price. The gorgeous scents are beautiful and I can’t wait to order more to try out the other fragrances.

  343. Caroline Stacey

    Wonderful gift for hard working midwife who deserves this lovely fragrance gift box to relax and unwind with

  344. Vicky Green

    Fantastic service
    These gift boxes are beautiful, such great value for money. They smell amazing, I cannot wait until next payday to treat myself again. Will try the lemon grass and rosemary next time.
    Thank you

  345. Helen

    Night as a present so can’t comment on products themselves but the gift box looked great, really good value, makes a great present.

  346. Marilyn

    I love this range
    Amazing scent which lingers
    I have treated family to gift boxes for Christmas and know they will be pleased

  347. Julie Adams

    These products are amazing I have purchased several gift boxes as Christmas gifts and a couple for myself ! Everyone comments on how lovely my house smells!! They are such good value too as they last for months. A great buy and I highly recommend them. Thanks Valentte.

  348. Helen Wright

    I love Valentte candles, diffusers and room mists. I’m very happy with the new cardamom and nutmeg scent for Christmas. My favourite is lemongrass and rosemary. I was a Jo Malone fan but it’s my belief that the fragrances have been diluted since the takeover! Valentte products are far better value for money and the fragrances are all delightful. One candle lit for an hour or so can perfume my sitting room for days .. I gift box sets to friends and family and they are never disappointed 🙂

  349. Dennese

    I have purchased this as a gift but cannot part with it! i have a diffuser in my bedroom and it radiates throughout my home. I greeted every evening after a long day at work with the subtle fragrance of lemongrass and my mood is lifted! i simply love these products and will never change brands! Thank you!

  350. jacqueline wylie

    I bought this as a gift, well surprise surprise, it smelt so lush that i have kept it for myself, the smell is divine.

  351. Collette Guest

    Over the moon with my purchases perfectly gift wrapped and quick process from point of order to delivery.
    I have used these products over the last few years. I came across the Valentte stand at the Christmas gift Fairs at the NEC. from then on I have continued to buy these beautiful products. My home is full of these amazing scents and the aroma lasts for hours.
    Highly recommend Valentte products and service. A perfect gift too!

  352. Wendy

    I love everything about your products I love the patchouli eucalyptus , white neroli lemon diffusers As soon as I walk in the room the smell is amazing I have so many comments from friends about the amazing fragrance , I have given so many friends the gift box sets for presents and they also buy for there friend now . I first discovered your products through a friend she bought me a set for birthday present from the ideal home exhibition And from then on I have been hooked ,

  353. Suzi

    Love these products the scent is great and long lasting. I have bought a few more gift boxes as presents.

  354. Denise Burton

    Bought has a pressie for my mum lovely packaging and great contents

  355. Danielle Moore

    Excellent gift. All natural and smells absolutely wonderful

  356. Elaine Tunstall

    I bought both of my daughters the home fragrance gift box, which I added the deffuser, candle, and room mist in Patchouli and Eucalyptus, which smells delicious I have bought the large candle in this fragrance twice so fare and iam trying the lemongrass hand wash and will let you know how l go on. Keep Up The Good Work and hope to see you soon at the Southport flower show again

  357. Susan Hickson

    I purchased 3 gift boxes containing lemon and rosemary one for each of my daughters. This is the fragrance that I choose for myself. These products are way ahead of other brands when measured in strength and true to description.

  358. Nichola Ashby

    I have been buying Valentte products for the past several years now, usually in bulk when visiting the Great Yorkshire Show but more easily on line. My preference is the patchouli and eucalyptus, it is a very earthy yet fresh fragrance and has a delightful calming effect on my mood. I bought it as a gift for a work colleague who was worried when she received it that the patchouli would be Too Much but she loved it and I have got this box set for her every year since and she still loves it as do

  359. Richard

    This is the 4th year running we have bought this fragrance gift box. Fantastic value for money and lovely fragrance

  360. Rebecca Jones

    I first came across Valentte at CarFest South a few years ago and have been buying regularly since. As always this years Gift Box purchase was great value for money. I bought as extra last minute presents and ordered the last week before Christmas and it came in plenty of time. The diffusers have a particularly long lasting fragrance and the candles burn beautifully and evenly without leaving smoke stains around the glass. Great value for a quality product.

  361. Mrs Carla Gardiner

    I first came across Valentte at the Malvern Show and fell in love with their Rosemary and Lemongrass scent. Since discovering them I have bought numerous gift boxes as presents and the friends who have received them are now converts and have started buying them too. Products are lovely and if buying for the first time you will not be disappointed.

  362. Victoria

    I love the lemongrass defusers. Everyone comments on how lovely our house smells. I keep ordering the gift sets. I can’t get enough of them.

  363. Janis Elliott-Dowling

    The home fragrance gift box is such good value for money and makes a superb gift. The packaging is just lovely. I love the diffusers, candle and home fragrance and the lemongrass and rosemary is gorgeous. They last such a long time and anyone who comes to our house always comments on the smell. This is my 5th gift box and I won’t stop buying them for my friends and family

  364. Bryan Atkinson

    Having done extensive research & read the many positive reviews I took the plunge & bought a gift box for my daughter for Christmas.

    I was really impressed by the professional quality of the box itself & the packaging.

    My daughter has since spoken to me saying she is delighted with the candles – not overpowering – but delivering a beautiful scent in the room !!

    Excellent value – considering some of the vastly overpriced products in the market place – will definitely use again !!


  365. J Steele

    Excellent value, long lasting natural fragrances and quality packaging. I have bought several as gifts and treat myself as I love trying out the different fragrances! I discovered Valentte online and enjoy receiving information about the special offers.

  366. Gill

    Bought as a Christmas present. Excellent value for top quality products. I know I’d be happy to receive this as a gift – hope my recipient feels the same. 100% recommended

  367. danandclairecoe

    Received the white neroli and lemon gift box for Christmas from a friend, it was beautifully packaged and the scent is amazing.
    My living room smells wonderful from the diffuser, I’m looking forward to lighting the candle, but saving it for New Year’s Day when we have visitors – smells to luxurious to waste on just us! Will defo order more and completely recommend.

  368. Sue

    I bought 4 gift boxes of the Lemongrass and rosemary. it is the best I’ve ever had. I honestly thought nothing would beat jo malone but these really do. They have the most wonderful lasting smell.

  369. Jane Gould

    Fantastic!! Great value for three superb products.

  370. Alan Blount

    We love the lime and grapefruit scent. It reminds us of our holidays and is a unique, subtle smell. We cant get enough!

  371. Jenni Holland

    Service exemplary
    Products are reliably consistent
    I have given as presents before and the recipients loved them for their scent and how long they last!
    Love your stuff!!!

    First saw Valentte at a Gift Fair

  372. Sam graystone

    The scents are just amazing they really fill the room and last and last – excellent! highly recommended

  373. Charlie Vaughan

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my partner’s grandmother. She absolutely loves it – would highly recommend. Scent is strong and lasts a long time. Will be purchasing again.

  374. Pamela Woodcock

    Love this! Great gift idea or to keep for yourself – I’ve had several of the reed diffusers and love them. Visitors always compliment the lovely smell of lemongrass in my house. Highly recommended.

  375. Heather Searle

    Beautifully wrapped.
    A friend recommended as I could always smell something lovely in her home.
    I’m looking forward to using after all the Christmas smells are finished.

  376. Alice

    Excellent value at the special offer price and very attractively presented. The products (I chose two diffusers with the spray) are excellent without the high level of chemicals contained in popular high street brands. Would whole heartily recommend

  377. RW

    loved the gift box – the lemongrass and rosemary scent is amazing and so long lasting.

  378. Heather searle

    Lovely packaging, looks expensive.
    A friend recommended after I commented how nice her house smelt

  379. Paula Barrows

    Bought the gift box for a Christmas present for my son and partner because they had commented on how lovely our house smell! Now they can enjoy it too.

  380. Paula Barrows

    Bought the gift box for a Christmas present for my son and partner because they had commented on how lovely our house smell! Now they can enjoy it too. Lemon and Rosemary is the most beautiful fragrance.

  381. Lynda Gannon

    Fell in love with these scents and products at the Country Livin show but couldn’t carry anything else at the time. Delighted I now have a room diffuser, scent spray and candle all in the lemon and neroli fragrance. Lovely natural scent, there is nothing synthetic about the effect from all three. Very pleased and will definitely try others. Also much better priced than some, but good quality.

  382. Mrs wray

    Received this for Xmas, exceptional fragrance long lasting candle and diffuser and room spray.
    Much better than Yankee and white company for continue smell and fresh smelling ingredients

  383. Angela lloyd

    Great value for money and the best diffusers I’ve used, I always have the lemongrass and rosemary.
    Been using them for the last couple of years since buying a set for a friend then keeping it for myself!
    Everyone comments who enters our house on the lively fresh smell, the smell lasts for ages.
    I’ve tried other diffusers in the past but none match the quality and smell of these!

  384. Christine Cousins

    Had a Home fragrance gift box bought for my birthday. Lime and grapefruit. The smell is far better than any thing I have had before. So good I have ordered another one.

  385. Julie Kane

    Bought my first gift box at a craft fare, originally to give as as gift but we loved it so much we kept it for ourselves! I have just bought another to give as a house warming gift. You can’t go wrong with this. Scent is beautiful and suitable for any room in the house. Hand cream is so good I keep mine with me at all times. Love the product with beautiful packaging.

  386. Patricia Hulme

    I bought my first gift box after experiencing how wonderful your room mists and Reed diffusers are at a friends house. Beautiful

  387. Amanda Sharpe

    I bought a lemongrass and rosemary gift set at a handmade fair last year as a gift. I kept the reed diffuser for myself as the smell was amazing every time I opened my box where I keep all my presents. I have had so many positive comments from people who have visited. It’s been open for a month and the smell is still going strong. I would recommend this reed diffuser whole heartedly (and it comes in beautiful packaging if you buy it as a gift set).

  388. Rebecca James

    I absolutely love the Lemongrass & Rosemary hand and body lotion along with it’s room diffuser and scent. I bought some for myself from a Craft Fair at Ascot and was then given a gift scent for Christmas, so I just can’t get enough of this product. Would highly recommend it for it’s scent and very good price.

  389. Heather C

    I recently purchased the gift box for a Christmas present and my friend was over joyed with it .We had seen it at Ascot and the fragrance lemongrass was her favourite .The delivery services was excellent even to the extent that the driver covered it over because it was raining.5 star

  390. Stuart

    I saw the Valentte stand at Burghley Horse Trials and like the products so much I bought a Gift Box for every member of my staff as part of their Christmas present’

  391. Ailsa Kapadia

    After my recent visit to the Harrogate Christmas Show I received a free sample of Valentte hand cream. I just loved it. The texture and fragrance are wonderful. I have since ordered severalitems and not been disappointed. I will forever be a customer. x

  392. Yvonne Senior

    First bought a gift box at a show I went to , I was so impressed at the reed diffusers that I bought another box with the mist spray . The scent is lovely and lasting really well , I love the fact that it’s natural essential oils rather than the artificial ones in shops and they are very good prices , I shall be buying again .


    Excellent value and beautiful to gift. No wishy washy fragrances with Valentte. Perfectly fragrances the room without being cloying or smelling synthetic. They also look very stylish and understated.

  394. Stephanie Pitt

    I have bought the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser gift box many times as it is such a lovely fragrance. I often get comments about the fragrance when friends come round. Would highly recommend.

  395. Nicola

    I haven’t given this to the recipient yet but I bought it on the back of a friend buying me a candle and diffuser in the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance – I’d never heard of Valentte before but as soon as I started using the diffuser in my bathroom I ordered myself three more and a gift box for a friend. Great price in the sale and definitely a rival for more ‘well known’ brands. Lovely 😊

  396. Lorraine Copestake

    Purchased for a Housewarming gift as I love Vallente products and feel everyone should try them. The recipient is very pleased.

  397. Joan Holcroft

    This is the second gift box I have purchased and they are absoloutely fabulous. My home is filled with the beautiful fragrance of lemon and neroli. The candles and diffusers last for so long and are really good value.

  398. Vicky pailing

    Got a gift box for Christmas and loved all the smells!!
    They are really strong and fill the whole room. I have since bought another gift box with candies and diffuser, not disappointed. Will be ordering again x

  399. carol walsh

    I received a gift box for Christmas & have since ordered a number of items for myself & for gifts. I love the scents that fill my home & the candles burn really well without blackness from the wick. You are on my favourites list forever.

  400. L Ford

    Really lovely products. The fragrance is wonderful and the items are beautifully presented. This range was recommended to me by a friend and now I love them as much as she does

  401. marion.lawn

    Fabulous gift pack , I got one as a present I loved it so much I’ve ordered more to give as gifts
    Can not fault product and service

  402. Melanie Reed

    Amazing diffusers they last ages and smell divine. Everyone that comes into the room comments on the beautiful fragrance and have then gone onto purchase them themselves. A fabulous product with no nasties and beautiful packaging. Well done Valentte

  403. Rachel Dodds

    Great gift box

  404. Natalie Perrott

    The gift boxes are just a very beautiful gift to give. They are excellent value for money and the fragrances are just gorgeous.
    I have purchased a number of these boxes for family and even had once sent out to Switzerland.
    The diffuser last for a long time. I opened mi e around Christmas and I’m only half way through (if that). I’m not usually a fan of room sprays, but these are lovely. Just one spray high into the air and it’s very effective.
    I am so pleased to have discovered this company.

  405. Georgina Hopley

    What can I say except ….. a fantastic product and range ! The gift box is beautifully packaged , excellent value and the best Reed diffusers I’ve ever purchased . I always buy the Lemongrass and Rosemary and get so many comments in my house from friends and family that I am always reordering for them now too . The candles , room mists , hand and body lotions are equally lovely . The gift boxes make the perfect present . Super fast delivery too . Will keep reordering . Thank you Valentte .

  406. Bridie

    I ‘m so glad I discovered Valentte products at a Christmas market. They are fantastic, smell divine and last for absolutely ages, so are excellent value for money too. I strongly recommend you try their products, you won’t be disappointed.

  407. Susan L

    They are the best I’ve every purchased.
    Will be buying again at the flower show this year.
    Tha is for the lovely gift sets they are amazing.

  408. Mandy Forder

    This gift box is presented beautifully. The products are amazing , smell really lasts and it makes a fantastic present …or just for yourself would recommend.
    I first saw the products at a craft fair …Kirsty’s homemade craft at London .

  409. Jane Mutch

    My daughter bought this set for me for Christmas. Everyone who has come to my house has said how gorgeous it is I will be buying more for myself and friends. Thank you

  410. Marian Barry

    Absolutely gorgeous gift set. The smell is amazing and all presented in a beautiful box and crepe paper. A great present for a friend but also yourself.

  411. Jackie Leatham

    Beautifully presented making it a perfect gift. Diffusers also last so much longer than others and smell divine.

  412. Della Dolman

    Been using Valentte candles, room spray and hand wash since first purchasing them at the Grand Designs and exceedingly happy with them. Love lemongrass and rosemary scent and lasts forever with no black sooty marks. Would 100% recommend.

  413. Carole Plant

    What a bargain, such quality products. Have bought two gift sets so far for myself. Nice to be able to mix and match and get freebies too, who can ask for more

  414. Jill Leonard

    Excellent value and the fragrances are just divine, always come back to buy more!

  415. Judith

    First found u at Bath show a couple of years ago, love the products. Have recommended to friends, the smells are amazing and last.

  416. Veronica Nesbitt

    These boxes make beautiful gifts or just something lovely for yourself. The scent from the diffuser and candle is so relaxing and fills the air. A great buy !

  417. Suzan sharman

    I have purchased Valentte box sets for myself, family and friends who have given such fantastic feedbacks on the lemongrass and rosemary, it keeps me reordering them as no other products even come close to these for smell, and value for money..Suzan Sharman

  418. Susan White

    I have bought many gift boxes for myself and as gifts. They always come beautifully presented with black tissue paper an exquisite box. I especially love the diffusers, which I treated myself to this time. Lemon and Rosemary being my favourite. I am a fan for life!!

  419. Samantha

    I love my lemongrass and rosemary diffuser! I have one in every bedroom. It’s fresh citrus scent lifts the room. Perfect gift, beautifully presented. I will definitely reorder. Thank you

  420. Kathleen Timoney

    Since first buying this product at Ingleston Show I have now placed several orders for my own use and several for gifts. I would never buy any other products claiming to be as good. They never will be.

  421. S Sharman

    I purchase the lemongrass and rosemary box sets for myself family and friends and have never been disappointed with them, as they far outweigh anything I have ever purchased, the smell is gorgeous and travels throughout the house and anyone visiting always comments on the sweet smell vaporising from the products. Also found just recently that the customer service Valentte offer is also quick and with a favorable outcome to a silly query on my behalf. So keep up the good work, Valentte I wish all good for your hard work. Kindest regards

  422. Janice Bennison

    My gift box arrived today and the products are amazing. This is my 3rd gift box and wouldn’t hesitate to buy another in the future. Everybody that comes to my home comment on the refreshing smell.

  423. Louise Kime

    I walked in my friends house and the scent was amazing and I just wanted the fragrance in my home. I bought the 3 gift box of Lemon Grass and Rosemary diffuser,hand cream and hand wash. It is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of my friends have ordered the products and we are all extremely over the moon with the products. Just what we all need in these difficult times.

  424. Alice

    My parents gave me and my husband a gift box last Christmas.. Great set.. Especially love the candle.. Keep up the good stuff!!

  425. Shirley Hartley

    I recently purchased 10 gift boxes in a variety of fragrances – as a gift to my staff to cheer them all up . What better way to do that than with some beautifully presented, delightfully scented, quality products 🙂

  426. Andrea

    Amazing products and excellent customer service from an ethical company. I received a call from Andy in Customer Services checking if I wished to continue with my purchase as I had forgotten to checkout . His prompt action ensured I took advantage of a free diffuser in my fave Lemongrass perfume with my purchases. Thank you!!

  427. Karen Formston

    I have to say simply wow! I received my home fragrance gift box today I chose the lemongrass and rosemary, geranium and ylang ylang Reed diffusers and the geranium and ylang ylang room spray. Already my bathroom smells like an expensive spa and my hallway is fresh and uplifted with the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser. Arrived beautifully boxed and a free hand cream sample. I will always use Valentte from now on, already thinking about gifts for my family.

  428. Diane Hunter

    Always purchase from Badminton and Burghley HT. Sadly, this year obviously cancelled. First time I’ve ordered online. These products are superb! Beautiful fragrance, excellent communication and delivery. Well done Valentte. Now thinking about my next order!

  429. Caroline Phillips

    White neroli and lemon is such a wonderful scent, so pleased I discovered just before lockdown. The whole collection has turned my bedroom into a spa and has contributed to my wellbeing.

  430. Dorothy Homer

    Received a Valentte reed diffuser as a present sometime ago, have been so impressed with the scent and the length of time it lasted, replacement now purchased.
    Excellent product, great value.

  431. maryjones989

    Received my order Good Friday 10 April having ordered 7 April, excellent service. I purchased a gift set last year at a show with Lemongrass and Rosemary, super fragrance and it lasted ages. My Son visited in December and wanted to know what the lovely smell was in my cloakroom – praise indeed from a 48 year old man! Mary Jones

  432. huw.glover1

    I love these gift boxes with their fantastic long lasting fragrance.
    Really good value for money!

  433. Tania Glover

    I open the utility door the candle fragrances
    are beautiful and they are not even lit.

  434. Lesley Gill

    What a lovely birthday present, brilliant just what I wanted, pleasant smell of lemon all-over the room thanks

  435. Jackie Tranter

    A lovely way to purchase three items all perfectly packed and presented. I usually choose the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers and room mist which fill my rooms with such a beautiful fragrance. Thank you for the free hand cream sample which was also enclosed which I am sure will be as beautiful as all your other products. I shall certainly continue to purchase from you for a very long time to come.

  436. Jan

    Fantastic value in this fabulous gift box. This is the third gift box I have ordered. Everyone coming to my home all remark on the fragrance which is lemongrass and rosemary. Highly recommended.

  437. Sandra Moon

    First bought this at the Yorkshire Show a few years ago – it has remained favorite ever since . Beautiful fragrance .

  438. Julie Carlile

    As usual, beautifully presented and packed.
    Lemon grass and Rosemary is my absolute favourite room fragrance.
    Many thanks for continuing your online business in these difficult times. Good luck to you all.

  439. Diane Roberts

    I love the Lemongrass & Rosemary reeds & room mist, the fragrance is so fresh, clean, and long lasting.

  440. Lisa Simpson

    First became aware of Valentte at a horse trials, was very impressed with the hand cream,so I ordered a diffuser and loved it, so I ordered a gift box, love it, will order again.

  441. Deborah Harmer

    The gift boxes are excellent value especially with the offer of a free diffuser. I love the Lemongrass and Rosemary which fills the room and reminds me of a spa.

  442. Arthea

    Great value box, best thing is you get to choose what products you want so can really tailor it to suit the recipient. The recipient of this box was for first time new parents!

  443. Natalea lynch

    I love these products

  444. Christy Sawyer


  445. Alison Matthew

    My first purchase in 2017 at one of the home exhibitions at the London Excel venue,
    Brought a gift box of 2 candles & room mist
    My favourite is the Lemongrass scent, perfect for my home beauty room, candles last for many hours & are the best I’ve ever smelt, will definitely purchase again

  446. Alison Matthew

    My first purchase in 2017 at one of the home exhibitions at the London Excel venue,
    Brought a gift box of 2 candles & room mist
    My favourite is the Lemongrass scent, perfect for my home beauty room, candles last for many hours & are the best
    Will definitely buy again

  447. Alison Matthew

    brought at a London home exhibition
    Favourite is Lemongrass & Rosemary
    Perfect for my beauty room
    Fabulous smell, very happy with my purchase

  448. rochelle.saneria

    Bought a gift set after a friend recommended the candles. Excellent product, very happy, bought 2 candles, room mist and a number of samples. Gift box was delivered next day, nicely wrapped and the candles are lovely. Burn well, good strong but not overpowering scent. I like how you can select free samples so it enables you to see what the rest of the Available scents there are. Highly recommend

  449. Louise Kime

    💕💕Another amazing gift box.These make the best presents for friends and family.My favourite is Lemongrass and Rosemary 💕💕

  450. Tracy Hine

    Great value and a lovely selection of products. I first purchased this last year at Burghley and it was great to be able to purchase again. I can recommend the Patchouli & Eucalyptus scent. Lovely fragrance and the diffuser lasts really well. A nice bit of cheer in the times are living in at the moment. Thank you!

  451. margerybromley

    Having received my gift box on Wednesday I am as usual overjoyed with contents. I decided to try different scents this time and am enjoying them. Gave my daughter the Lemongrass and Rosemary which she loves. Also got some samples to see which scents I’ll try next.. My cousin introduced me to Valentte a couple of years ago and I can’t thank her enough
    Keep up the good work
    Stay safe

  452. Margaret Felstead

    I love this product I have many of them, both diffuser and the candle. Highly recommend..

  453. Anita Thirlaway

    Great value for money as this gift box makes an expensive gift… affordable! It comes beautifully packaged with a bow, making extra wrapping an unnecessary option. Well done Valentte team.

  454. Anne Brooks

    I have been buying these gift boxes for years now and they are the best diffusers and candles ever!Having tried most fragrances my favourite is the lemongrass and rosemary,the smell is heavenly and really fragrances a whole room The gift boxes are such good value,try them you will not buy from anywhere else again!! And the service delivery is fantastic too !
    I discovered valentte at Covent Garden and then the ideal home ,it’s great the online delivery is just as good as the face to face service

  455. Anne Brooks

    I have been buying these gift boxes for years now and they are the best diffusers and candles ever!Having tried most fragrances my favourite is the lemongrass and rosemary,the smell is heavenly and really fragrances a whole room The gift boxes are such good value,try them you will not buy from anywhere else again!! And the service delivery is fantastic too !
    I discovered valentte at Covent Garden and then the ideal home ,it’s great the online delivery is just as good as the face to face service

  456. Emma Harris

    I opted for this box as a new customer to Valentte. The website looked good, the reviews were positive and the products sounded nice, BUT I am never sure of anything until I have tried it out myself, and I am so good that I have. I ordered my box during the 2020 covid pandemic but this didn’t stop the team from Valentte dispatching my box swiftly. I received my box only a few days after I placed my order and I am so glad that I did. I went for the Lavender mist and the Lavender diffuser oil, plus the White Neroli and Lemon diffuser oil. My house now smells beautiful and I feel a lot calmer to. I will be ordering some of the other products next month, and I cant wait to try some new scents.

  457. Jennifer barrow

    Bought as a gift my friend loves it. Got her a variety she can’t decide which she likes best!!

  458. Lorraine

    I recently had this gift set bought for my birthday and I have to say all the products are amazing . Im so impressed that iv bought the same again as I’m constantly getting compliments on the smell of my house, they come in such lovely packaging too so make such a special gift . Would recommend without a doubt !

  459. shannonj.price

    I recently bought a home fragrance gift set after discovering Valentte at a Christmas market. I went with the geranium & ylang ylang fragrance! The smell from the diffuser and the candle are amazing and the hand cream is so soft! I will definitely be buying another set 🙂

  460. Elizabeth Hoey

    Delighted with this gift box and the diffusers and room spray are just lovely! They last an amazingly long time and the delivery was spot on! Will be buying more from this range – great gift for friends and family during this strange time.
    Thanks for being there
    Stay Safe Everyone

  461. Sharon

    I’m a regular customer for good reason – the candles smell sensational! I love ringing the changes and all the fragrances are amazing. The lavender room spray is a must in my evening routine too!

  462. Valerie Mitchell

    I bought the Ylang Ylang and Geranium Home Fragrance Gift Box for a dear friend who was having a very sad time, because I couldn’t be with her. She was absolutely delighted with the set and loved the fragrance. Added in were 3 scent samples and she also rated these highly and said she would definitely consider buying these products in future. I must also say a word about Andy, who handled my query about delivering to a different address from the billing address with good humour and efficiency. I ordered at about 1.30 and the box was delivered to my friend the following morning. Excellent products and service!

  463. Karen Twohig

    Purchased as a gift. Recipient loved it and will be reordering. Ok

  464. Bridget Levingston

    Very classy, ideal gift for my friends birthday. She absolutely loved it.

  465. Caroline Walters

    Wow wow wow!!! just love all of these products and though I have favourites I keep buying others as I’m finding it so hard to choose which I love the most !
    You will not be disappointed !! Just try x

  466. Leonard Davis

    I bought some at the caravan show and loved them. Just ordered another set. Thank you.

  467. Frances Ross

    Just love these gift sets. Get to have the best of all worlds with the Soy Wax candle, diffuser and home spray. Wonderful

  468. savannah-middo123

    This is the 4th box i got since christmas, these are long lasting smells, smell absolutely amazing. Best company i have ordered from for candles too.
    I would definitely recommend everyone to order!

  469. Jean OBrien

    Well presented gift box , as soon as I received it you could smell the candles such a lovely product and fantastic value for money .
    Thank you !!
    Will be ordering again soon as so pleased with this product

  470. Jaqueline Robson

    I love the lemongrass and rosemary range, Reed diffuser, candle and room mist. My niece first bought me as a gift and now I am hooked, long lasting and home smells gorgeous!!
    The hand wash range is lovely to use too.
    I loved the trial samples so I found a perfect lavender Gift box set for my mum and she loves the beautiful set.

    Spoil yourself or Treat someone 💕 I highly recommend it. Excellent packaging, high quality and brilliant service.

  471. Pauline Hayes

    My favourite fragrances are Patchouli and Eucalyptus and Verbena and Peppermint. I first came across Verbena and Peppermint when we stayed at Troy Farm a lovely B&B near Oxford. It was in the bathroom. When we arrived home I looked up Valentte on the internet and ordered a room mist and candles. I use this fragrance for the bathroom and kitchen as I find it expels strong aromas. I use Patchouli and Eucalyptus for the rest of the house as it gives a lovely elegant aroma. The gift boxes are very good value. Thank you.

  472. Sharon Johnson

    I first purchased a gift box about 2 years ago and have used Valentte ever since to make my house smell fantastic have tried many different fragrances and have not been disappointed with any of the product they are long lasting and the fragrance does not diminish over time. Would and have recommend them to family and friends

  473. Janet O’Mahony

    I bought 2 gift boxes at a xmas fair
    and loved the rosemary and lemongrass
    diffusers also I bought the room spray as well. The fragrance Is absolutely gorgeous.
    I gave the room spray to my mum who lives in a care home and everybody that goes into her room ask what is that lonely smell.
    I also gave her the hand cream I recently
    purchased and she loves it.

  474. andy broster

    I discovered valentte at Bleinheim horse trials. The products are fabulous and i would always recommend them thank you

  475. andy broster

    excellent product room sprays are lovely

  476. tania.glover1

    Great scent. The hand wash is so soft.
    The scent lasts.

  477. Elaine Williams

    This was my treat for working at home – to make my work area smell divine and keep me alert – Lime and Grapefruit room spray. And the candles are another little treat for me and my daughter to enjoy. These gift boxes never fail and are amazingly good value for money. I love the smell even before I open the box. I can highly recommend the lavender hand cream its lush and especially kind to the hands, after all the cleaning we are all doing. Don’t change a thing Valentte we love you💕
    I first bought candles from you a few years back after reading a review somewhere – I’ve continued mainly for me and family as well as gifts for friends. Beautiful products.

  478. Sarah Jones

    I first found Valentte at Pub in the Park in Bath. I bought a gift box there and fell in love with the scent. White neroli and lemon is my favorite, it smells like being at a spa absolutely gorgeous and the reed diffusers last for months.

  479. Angie

    I purchased one of your home fragrance gift set last month on line for the first time because I usually purchase them at Harrogate flower show. I purchase 2 diffusers knowing that they will last until September flower show.
    Your lemongrass and Rosemary scent is the one I like the most as it always seems to have a nice calming relaxing effect around the home.
    THANK YOU to all the staff involved sorting and delivering my purchase to me much appreciated due to the circumstances.

  480. Rachel Gilbert

    Wow!! Amazing scents which really fragrance your room unlike some other diffusers I have had in the past. The lemongrass scent is amazing … I have slept so much better having this is my room. I would highly recommend Valentte – reasonably priced and the smell is amazing 😍

  481. fiona henderson

    i received my home fragrance box yesterday it came beautifully packaged the lime and grapefruit room mist is lovely,have’nt opened my diffuser’s yet,the box is fabulous value even the p&p is cheaper than most and delivery box was sturdy have already recommended to a friend thankyou all at valentte fiona

  482. Patricia Valente

    My daughter bought me my first gift box when she was at Crufts. As our family name is Valente I think this attracted her attention! Fragrances are absolutely lovely. And the smell lingers . Just purchased a gift box for myself which came really quickly and was packaged quite beautifully. I have reeds in every room so from now on I am hooked on the Valentte ones. Will definitely
    recommend to family, friends and work colleagues. I am even keeping the boxes!!

  483. Ray Rochester

    Fantastic service and a wow when opening the packaging.
    Ordered a gift box in the evening of 4th May and received it early on 7th May. Well packaged and the standard of product wrapping was superb. Great first impression.

    The fragrances are lovely, excellent product. Will definitely be ordering again for us as well as for gifts for friends and family.

    100% recommended.

  484. Linzi Flatt

    Discovered Valentte at the Royal Norfolk Show. So glad I did! Was pleased to see the option to purchase a refill on the website. This meant I could reuse my first purchase and treat myself to a new scent as well. Happy Days!
    The gift box was a present for my mum. It arrived beautifully packaged with the gorgeous reed diffusers inside. She was thrilled.
    Will definitely order again.

  485. Marion

    Fabulous products! This is the longest lasting diffuser I have ever found…worth every penny…and such good value for the money.
    Service is first class too!

  486. Archie Kane

    Excellent value. The candles are beautifully scented as is the room spray. Highly recommended.

  487. helen thomas

    I was delighted with the fragrance gift box. Such good value and lovely products. I discovered Valentte at The RHS Tatton Flower Show some years ago and my friend and I always buy the box and split the contents. But I have bought The diffuser in White Neroli and Lemon direct in between. The room spray and diffuser last better than some much more expensive brands and never fail to delight.

    Helen T

  488. Stephanie Pitt

    Love these fragrance gift boxes. They are such good value as the reed diffusers last a long time and are lovely fragrances. Definitely recommend.

  489. Alex Alexander

    I first discovered Valentte at the grand designs show in Birmingham and I bought a candle, body scrub and hand cream. I have never found a candle that smells so lovely and so strong. It finally ran out last week so I decided to search Valentte on the internet (I’ve never thought to look before) and discovered their fabulous gift boxes. Delivery was so quick and I ordered a few samples too so I can try other fragrances next time (although my favourite is still lemon and rosemary).. I love it! You’ve got a very happy customer who will be ordering lots more in future. Thanks for making such fantastic products that feel luxurious but at affordable prices x

  490. Michelle Rathbone

    Had received my first gift box as a gift and loved it so much I re purchased for myself and a friend,I highly recommend, they’re a wonderful luxury gift.