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Calming Jasmine and Rosewood


Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No synthetic fragrances ensure you can spritz your pillow or upholstery and fill your room with a calm and relaxing aroma.

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Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
December 2, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Beautiful fragrance in mist form
T.Slatter - avatar T.Slatter
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
December 2, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

All fragrances I have received smell very nice and fresh. Most gift sets are for presents and I am sure my friends will be pleased with them.
Janet Eyles - avatar Janet Eyles
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
December 2, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Amazingly gorgeous scent, long lasting and very reasonably priced
Maggie Mans - avatar Maggie Mans
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
November 25, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Lovely scent. Great for a quick boost 😊
Theresa - avatar Theresa
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
November 18, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Authentic aroma, based on essential oils rather than synthetic fragrance. Not as long-lived as the Jasmine & Neroli but lovely nonetheless.
Mia - avatar Mia
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
November 17, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Revived this as part of a gift set and not something I would usually buy. Started by spraying before visitors came but the smell is so gorgeous I’m now spraying just to treat myself. Already ordered other fragrances !
Julie - avatar Julie
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
November 7, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Quick acting and refreshing room spray.
Charles Richens - avatar Charles Richens
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
Jasmine and Rosewood Room Mist
November 2, 2020

Our jasmine & rosewood room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I love this, a sophisticated smell completely unlike any other room mists I have tried. Excellent.

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of eight pure essential oils to calm and banish stress.

Calm & Relaxing


Jasmine is used for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones. Jasmine oil has been used for hundreds of years in Asia as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety, emotional stress, low libido and insomnia.


Our Brazilian rosewood oil has an aroma that’s warm, spicy, woody, fruity, floral and enlivening. Aromatherapists use it to help treat depression, as it imparts feelings of happiness and strength. Rosewood oil also helps calm the mind, allowing you to relax and let go of stress and mental clutter.

Breathing in, I calm my body; breathing out, I smile.

Our Jasmine & Rosewood scent is blended to help you feel calm and banish stress.

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91 reviews for Calming Jasmine and Rosewood

  1. Emily

    This smells lovely but the scent is gone after a few seconds. Would be good to see it having a longer lasting effect.

  2. C Twigger

    This is a deeply sensual fragrance. I had this as a sample, I will be ordering it as a diffuser. Wonderfully warm and and delicate with a strong depth to it.

  3. Susan Barrington-Smith

    I have just received a sample of the Jasmine and Rosewood room spray – it’s absolutely lovely.

  4. Alison Groves

    I love the scent of Jasmine and paired with Rosewood this gives a nice ‘soft’, calming scent to a room.
    I discovered Valentte at the Country Living Christmas Fair – delighted to find pleasant smelling room fragrances that use pure essential oils and no ‘nasties’!

  5. Marina Anne Teoh

    The most refreshingly beautiful scent I’ve used! The jasmine scent is reminiscent of jasmine growing in the garden where I grew up in Asia. Coupled with my favourite rose, this is sweet nostalgia in a bottle!

  6. Amanda SCRIVENER

    This one I sprayed in my bathroom. It’s totally got rid of the musty smell that was in there before beautiful fragrent smell

  7. Codruta

    Loving this calming, beautiful fragrance. These products make the perfect gift for every occasion as they immediately change the atmosphere in the house. And with a good range of fragrances to choose from, you can gift them all year round.

  8. Saffron

    Great as a room mist & would be great as a perfume in the spring & summer.

  9. Yazzie DD

    this was amazing i loved it so much and it smelled amazing!

  10. bmwbrowne

    Love it…. will definitely order

  11. Steve Itzinger

    nice fragrance

  12. Ruksana bibi

    This is a gorgeous room fragrance!
    Feel so good as if am relaxing in a spa! It’s a bonus if you like Rose as I love Rose fragrances.

  13. Giedre

    Definitely gonna buy one more as it amazing smell!

  14. Clare Anderson

    Use in bathroom it’s lovely

  15. Sadhna Patel

    Absolutely love the products. The smell is amazing and lingers for a long period of time. I will definitely recommend to family and friends. I saw this on Facebook.

  16. Lorraine Farrelly

    Got this as one of my free samples and love it, but then everything Valentte do is just Fab

  17. Caroline crocker

    Absolutely lovely, smell great, and only need a little bit.

  18. Lucy Morley

    Only ordered a sample of this, but will be buying a candle I think to put in the bedroom! Loved the scent!

  19. Papi A

    Used it in the living room and it smelt amazing!

  20. Dolores Prem

    Love this it’s such a lovely relaxing smell

  21. Kerry Smith

    This smells so strong but a lovely scent even my 9yrold likes it

  22. Amanda Denlely

    Had my free sample of Jasmine and Rosewood the smell is gorgeous

  23. Kerry Smith

    This was my favourite scent out of the three very strong smell and lasts all day on.

  24. oana

    Calming scents, perfect in the evening

  25. Annette Bateman

    Such a warm scent which stays with you all day

  26. Beatrix Bodo

    It’s a phenomenal scent .. I’m loving it

  27. Bushra

    I have put this in my bedroom it has a lovy smell

  28. Bushra

    I have put this in my bedroom it has a lovely smell

  29. Bushra

    it has a lovely smell, I recommend this highly

  30. S mullin

    Very aromatic and sensual it has woody notes along side the long lasting sensual smelling jasmine with a good linger after dispersal

  31. Bridie

    Order free sample, lovely relaxing fragrance, smells amazing, definitely recommend

  32. Amanda

    Ordered this a a free sample and it doesn’t disappoint and makes the room smell fresh

  33. Jacqueline makin

    Smells amazing it’s like a spa so clean and fresh smelling

  34. Susan Irvine

    Lovely fragrance for a fresh crisp bathroom

  35. Patricia Quinn

    This fragrance was not for me. It was pleasant, but not what I would personally choose.

  36. Rebecca Louise Duncan

    such a beautiful scent, I spray this scent on my scent less rose box & wow after spraying them and my living room such a massive long lasting scent , if it could give it 6 stars I would 🙂 can’t wait to order again

  37. Amanda Oldroyd

    Love this smell reminds me of my lovely 92 year old nan !😄

  38. First Name * Angela Kerr

    Calming smell nice to spray just before bed

  39. Mike Evans

    Lovely delicate scent…long lasting fragrance. Does what it says!

  40. Samuel White

    I ordered this the very next day after I received my first order from Valentte. It is exceptional, really strong but not overpowering, really fabulous scent. I can’t praise this company enough. Everything is as promised, just wonderful.

  41. Adriana

    These fragrances is very delicate , smell lovely, and yes highly recommended.

  42. Joanna Simmons

    Complex and mature, the rosewood overpowers the jasmine (which is left as a subtle undertone) but is certainly calming, reminiscent of a luxurious spa, would work well in a bathroom

  43. Rachellouise Lenihan


  44. Gemma Taylor

    Highly recommend this room mist, absolutely loved it

  45. Elva Brabham

    It was the first time I had tried Jasmine and Rosewood room mist although I have been using Valentte products for a long time. I LOVED it and will certainly buy it again.

  46. Siobhan

    Beautiful. Natural, long lasting smell. I felt I was on holiday in a high end spa, wonderful.

  47. Karen Knight

    Ideal for bedroom

  48. Andrea campbell

    Didnt recieve this. X

  49. Nalini

    Ordered a set of samples as wanted to try something different. This is beautiful and so calming. Could be my new favourite!!

  50. kim

    received as a free sample lovely fragrance.

  51. Lesley Stamp

    Not my favourite scent but nice and fragrant . I have to say all the scents were way better than I thought they would be . 8 will definitely be ordering more !!

  52. Margaret Green

    It was a shame that the container was faulty – the spray action didn’t work

  53. Laura shepherd

    Fab fab products 😍 😀

  54. Lynne Handley

    I bought a gift box with 3 diffusers in. I have tried the Jasmine and Rosewood and it is beautiful. The scent fills the hall and does just what I wanted it to. The gift set was beautifully wrapped and I will be purchasing more from this company. The special offers are fantastic value for money

  55. Amanda West

    Lovely fragrance, I have been using it on my bedroom smell last for ages

  56. Lorraine Green

    Something different for me, but I liked it a lot.


    Lovely smell will definitely purchase more items

  58. Carol

    This is such a beautiful and gently calming scent. I sprayed my room before meditating and it helped me to feel extremely peaceful and relaxed.

  59. Michelle Taylor

    Gorgeous scent love it

  60. Marie

    I just love Jasmine and anything to do with Rose fragrance. Sprayed on my pillow but I have packed all away for our pending house move.
    Saw these products on facebook. I may order some of these as Christmas presents for the females in my family.

  61. Sharon Keogh

    Have ordered two gift boxes now from this company and each time been able to choose three other fragrances as samples. Really good idea as it helps you decide what product to choose next. Only problem is if like me you like every fragrance you still can’t decide what to go for next 🤷🏻‍♀️

  62. Catherine Haslam

    I am regular user of these products and they never disappoint. This was a new one for me which I tried having experienced it’s scent at a friends house. It is really lovely. Not too strong but lingers well. I will be ordering more…..

  63. Janice

    Beautifully presented and lovely fragrance

  64. Kim Seeley

    this is a beautiful fragrance and all the better for being natural

  65. niki jones

    ordered this as a sample to try,sprayed it on a felt patch to fit in y cars air freshener, smells lovely , it really cheers me up on the way to work

  66. Elaine Rogers

    absolutely brilliant fragrance lasts forever definitely my favourite

  67. Elaine Rogers

    lovely perfume & lasts a very long time

  68. Elaine Rogers

    Excellent just love this perfume certainly for me!

  69. Elaine Rogers

    As my previous review love this so much I ordered it twice

  70. Peter Housam

    Wow wow why did I ever wait so long my products arrived today so beautifully gift boxed packed very securely and smelling do gorgeous thank you so much to all concerned I am so overwhelmed this is amazing

    Many thanks

  71. Angela smith

    Smells amazing! Very fast delivery and beautiful packaging, great as present of treat yourself

  72. Patricia Sutcliffe

    Have bought this for my bedroom, a lovely warm relaxing scent, perfect 👌

  73. Tracey Swallow

    These samples are an ideal way to try the fragrance before you buy to make sure it is the right one for you. I loved this one and will be making more products in this range very soon.

  74. Claire Rogers

    Very lovely

  75. Sharon

    Received my first order of patchouli and eucalyptus gift box and was very impressed with the quality and fragrance of the products. Bought with the intention of using the products in my guest bedroom, none of them made it there. The diffuser and mist was taken by my daughter for her room and the candle is scenting my kitchen. The products are really lovely and I will be buying more. Samples of the lavender, neroli and lemon and the jasmine and rosewood were enclosed and are all equally fantastic. Well worth the price and will become a regular purchase from us.

  76. Cheryl Ashford

    Gorgeous fragrance like a room of fresh jasmine. Holiday memories evoked, harmonious not overwhelming.totally love these products .

  77. Susan McGarragh

    I have bought gifts for Christmas and kept the samples myself, I spray them on my duvet. The gift sets I can smell in another bedroom and they’re boxed. Such good fragrance and quality. Found these products many years ago at a Christmas fayre.

  78. Fran Johnson

    Simply gorgeous! I’m totally hooked on Valentte products. Gorgeous as gifts and even better for keeping for yourself. Please develop perfumes, I would definitely buy!

  79. Lucie Bond

    Lovely at bedtime on pillows.
    Or as a room spray or even just on clothes.

  80. Karen Eeles

    Calming is the right way to describe this scent !

  81. Jo Harris

    This is a beautiful smell and reminds me of summer sunshine and the smell of jasmine drifting around your house certainly lifts your mood

  82. Mrs V King

    First time using this Company but I have to say I’m very pleased with my experience. I have purchased the Set for a Gift for my Daughter for Christmas as she loves Natural Products and supporting Local Small Businesses she lives in London. The Set arrived beautifully Packaged and Presented and what helped the most was being able to Order Samples to make the best choices. I love everything about my Purchase and hope she does too. How lucky to spot your Company on Instagram. Thankyou Valentte and long may you continue to trade in these difficult times.

  83. Tracey Swallow

    Brings a lovely warm smell to the room as you entre.

  84. Jenny Veale

    A fresh and naturally calming scent. I am so pleased I discovered Valentte by chance on the Internet as I’ve also discovered some wonderfully natural scents for my home and in time to gift for Christmas

  85. Rhoda Davies

    Very happy with this .I was recommended to Valentte by son and I love the products

  86. Susan catterall

    This is so nice, will be buying the Reed diffuser as well as the room scent


    I bought several ‘room mist’ products, some for Christmas presents, although I also bought one for me as I’d not tried Valentte before.

    Lovely fragrance, not overpowering, just right.

  88. Anne Hayman

    Absolutely delighted with the gift box, incredible value and better than any home fragrance products I’ve used before, will be buying more as Christmas presents for family and friends.

  89. Linda Stevens

    Love this aroma. Great combination of oils which is definitely a mood-lifter and also very calming. Excellent just like the entire range.

  90. Elaine

    Love this room mist. The whole house smells lovely.

  91. Karen Cook

    Lovely scent of jasmine very calming

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