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Relaxing Pure Lavender


Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No synthetic fragrances ensure you can spritz your pillow or upholstery and fill your room with it’s calm, warm and relaxing aroma.

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Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
July 1, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

I really love the room spray. It helps to top up the reed diffuser and ensures that I sleep well at night as well as making the room smell divine
Sharyn Gibb - avatar Sharyn Gibb
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
June 20, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

Really lovely room/pillow mist, very calming and relaxing and everything was so beautifully packaged - will absolutely buy again 5 stars!
Matt Davison - avatar Matt Davison
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
June 11, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

I bought this to spray in my room just before I go to sleep it helps to calm and relax me so I can ease of to sleep smells wonderful
Gemma Hartman - avatar Gemma Hartman
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
June 11, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

This is a this lovely calming lavender spray which I have been using in my bedroom to help me sleep at night and my daugther has also been spraying it in her bedroom to help her unwind.
Ola Harrison - avatar Ola Harrison
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
June 8, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

What a difference a short spray makes to the calming feeling in the bedroom, after a stressful day it’s a wonderful way to calm and feel relaxed ready for a good nights slee
Molly - avatar Molly
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
June 5, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

The scent of this room mist is lovely. I also use it as a pillow spray as it is so relaxing. Highly recommend.
Jenny - avatar Jenny
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
May 27, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

Spritz over your pillow every morning and the scent lingers all day, ready for a peaceful nights sleep. Bliss.
Michelle - avatar Michelle
Lavender Room Mist
Lavender Room Mist
April 29, 2020

Our lavender room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No... View

I only use this company now for all my spray mists and room diffusers. The lavender mist spray has a wonderful aroma and calming effect. I use it in my bedroom before sleep to increase relaxation and calm.
The items ordered from Valentte always arrive very quickly and are beautifully packaged.
Sue - avatar Sue

The Blend:

A therapeutic use of pure Lavender essential oil to deliver a powerful calm.

Warm and Relaxing

Pure Lavender

Lavender has a fresh, sweet, floral, herbaceous aroma that is soothing and refreshing. It is great for winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that make it just as beneficial for boosting stamina and energymaking it perfect for for skin and beauty poducts.

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Pure Lavender

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


36 reviews for Relaxing Pure Lavender

  1. Emma Finnamore

    Did not recieve item

  2. Gillian Miller

    Loved this sample, great idea to have it in a little spray pot, sprayed it in my room before going to bed, improved my sleep, smell is lovely will definitely buy a full size one when I next order.

  3. Alison Kennedy

    I always find nothing to relaxing however instantly with this products I feel that my ultimate relaxation

  4. Natasha Baker


  5. Debbie Bell

    Very impressed with the smell, it’s real, I can
    Smell the fields of lavender in France when I spray this.
    I spray it on my pillow every night, helps me
    Sleep and keeps the linen fresh.
    I’ll be using this in my Holiday cottage as well as home.
    Fantastic service and quick delivery

  6. Denise abbott

    This was a lovely room spray for my bedroom helped me to sleep and rest , but not too powerful again l would recommend this product to my friends .

  7. Sophie Gray

    I ordered this a sample with my gift box as I’m a bit funny about lavender one brands lavender can be complete different to another’s , so I put the brand to the lavender test and yes I’m impressed
    In terms of room mists generally I bought the rosemary lemongrass and frankly I would say bin fabreeze glade whatever traditional “ air freshener “ that’s simply a concoction of chemicals that we don’t really know what health implications they may have are they carcinogenic etc and go for these more natural authentic aromatic products that Valentte has to offer would be my recommend and my plan moving forward so glad I’ve discovered these great products can’t speak highly enough about them , thank you x

  8. Jenny

    Lovely smell

  9. Khatun

    Such a soothing smell I love it

  10. Debra phillips

    The lavender spray smells absolutely lovely I spray it on my pillow and it relaxes me and helps me to go to sleep

  11. Pauline Jones

    I ordered a sample of product to see if I would like the smell of it & can honest say it’s absolutely lovely. I spray it on my bedroom about an hour before I go to bed & it helps me have a good night’s sleep so I will be ordering a full size to use…💗

  12. Hannah

    eautiful fresh clean scent of lavender. The lavender spray mist is very calming, relaxing and smells amazing, certainly helps me sleep after a 12 hour shift especially in these difficult times and . Arrived super quick and well packaged.

  13. farrell.eden

    10 stars … amazing the room spray lasts hours and I just love everything Valentte do

  14. Melanie Overend

    Really fresh and natural smells just as if I have the flower in my room.

  15. Claire Ramsay

    Absolutely beautiful scent!. I love lavender but sometimes find lavender scents don’t always smell like it. This does! Gorgeous and extremely fragrant yet not overpowering smell.

  16. Charlotte

    Absolutely love this! It’s calming and soothing.

  17. Jane

    I spray this on my pillow every night as it is so calming and relaxing! I will never not use this product after this experience.

  18. Ruta Chomentauskaite

    Brilliant choice before sleeping. Love that smell so much! Helps to sleep calm for mine little one baby. Love it!

  19. Julie

    My samples came today I will be using the lavender one tonight to help me sleep so let’s hope it works so I can decide if going to order bigger one

  20. Stephanie Moffett

    Fantastic oils. I use in my defuser before bed and my room smells amazing. Very relaxing scents. Definitely recommend the lavender 👌

  21. Hazel Mclean

    Spray this in a room and you will smell the Lavender for hours, it is one of my favourites I just love Lavender I would recommend this product for a fresh smell in your room for hours.

  22. Angela Jamison

    Smells to me what a real good Lavender should smell like

  23. Val Jones

    Just gorgeous! Such a calming and relaxing smell, great at this present time to help with the stresses and anxieties of covid 19.

  24. Dawn Emmett

    Used this in bedroom to help with sleep,definitely helped. Natural smell not artificial

  25. Clsire Kusiak

    I have always used a lavender mist in my bedroom at night before I go to bed but this mist is the best I have had. I am so pleased I chose this as one of my free samples. Would definitely choose this fragrance again. Thank you.

  26. Amanda Duffy

    I love this and it also relaxes my rescue dog too, amazing and I shall be ordering more.

  27. Kellie Copley

    This is such a beautiful scent especially for the bedrooms, it is a very delicate scent that remains fresh from many hours.

  28. Sarah

    This is amazing, absolutely love it and will definitely be ordering more. Helped me to relax and fall asleep quickly.

  29. Aisling Creaney

    Strong intoxicating fragrance used on pillow to help sleep

  30. Soph

    Smells soooo amazing and is really relaxing!

  31. Maureen Scott

    Lovely in the bedroom sends you off to sleep

  32. M Brown

    I sprayed this on my pillow and slept like a log!

  33. Judith Mercer

    Lovely scent will order to use in the bedroom or the bathroom while relaxing in the bath

  34. Jill Embling

    I got this lavender as a sample spray when I purchased a gift box but I am definitely going to purchase it as a room mist.
    I have been spraying it on my pillows and bed linen before getting into bed and definitely noticed a difference in the amount of time that I slept.
    It’s a nice fresh smell of lavender not over powering like some lavender products I have smelt.
    Will by next time I place an order.

  35. Thalia

    I am very fussy when it comes to lavender
    This is amazing seriously good scent seriously relaxing

  36. Ann Livings

    Thank you for this tester. Another scent to add to my favourites. What shall I order in this scent?…….

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