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Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream

£10.00 £5.00

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand cream has an ultra rich formulation and is made with natural African shea butter and coconut oil to deeply nourish dry and sensitive skin.  Scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. The rich texture makes it perfect for dry, sensitive and chapped skin.

Size – 60ml



Total Reviews: 523
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream
April 18, 2019

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand cream has an ultra rich formulation and... View

I was given a sample of this handcream at the Ideal Home Show, and liked it enough to order some more. The handcream is nice enough in itself, but I have two quibbles. Firstly, when ordering online I couldn't find any indication of the amount of cream in the jar so I had no idea how much I was getting for my £10 + postage. Secondly - and more importantly - the tiny little jar was placed in a gift box which was far larger than necessary, and this in itself was then enclosed in a vast, paper-packed parcel box. An electric kettle I bought recently came in noticeably smaller packaging than this cream did. I can't be a contributor to such a totally unnecessary waste of resources, so shan't be buying any more handcream I'm afraid.
Anon - avatar Anon
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream
April 17, 2019

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand cream has an ultra rich formulation and... View

Having been given a sample at The Ideal Home Exhibition I had to order some as it is the most beautiful hand cream. Smells and feels amazing!
Sloane Verbeeten - avatar Sloane Verbeeten
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream
April 16, 2019

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand cream has an ultra rich formulation and... View

Smell divine and it lingers.
Rich cream that leaves your hands soft and fragrant.
Brenda McGovern - avatar Brenda McGovern
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Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.


With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.

Size: 60ml
Use within 12 months of opening
None of our products are tested on animals


Water (Aqua), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Cocunut Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, parfum * Linalool, Limonene.

* Made with 100% natural essential oils.

Total Reviews: 523
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Your email will not be published.

Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.



With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.


Product Details

Size: 60ml
Use within 12 months of opening
None of our products are tested on animals


Water (Aqua), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (Cocunut Oil), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) Emulsifying Wax, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerin, Tocopherol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, parfum * Linalool, Limonene.

* Made with 100% natural essential oils.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


523 reviews for Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Cream

  1. Bruce

    This hand cream smells amazing and leaves hands feeling moisturised and refreshed. Just the right size if you need a portable hand cream!

  2. Paula Reed

    I came across Valente at Covent Garden and tried this hand cream. it is the best hand cream I have ever used. The smell is divine and the texture is smooth silky and not too thick or greasy . I have to scrub my hands a lot and so they get dry and sore but this hand cream soothes them straight away. I also have sensitive skin and will not use anything that isn’t natural. This only contains natural ingredients coconut oil and shea butter vitamins and minerals. I am so pleased that I can order this on line now as I won’t use anything else.

  3. D Porter

    Gorgeous fragrance and is readily abosorbed. The aroma stays on your hands for ages. Even my son commented on the lovely smell after I had applied some! High quality item which I will purchase again in the future.

  4. Karen

    My daughter got a sample of this at Sandringham Craft show. I suffer with very dry skin especially on my hands. This product is wonderful. It moisturises without leaving a greasy feel. My hands are 100% improved in a short time.

  5. emmawatson

    I love this hand cream. It’s refreshing, nourishing and the scent lasts! I can’t stop smelling my hands when i put it on. Love it x

  6. anne.mitchell56

    Tried this at craft show last year, was really impressed. Looked out the stall at the Spirit of Christmas fair last week end and to my joy they were there. Bought 4 lots of creams and the free sample of Shea butter is brilliant to. Never thought of looking for the products on the web, so now will stock up whenever I want. Lovely scents and fantastic results on my old chapped hands.

  7. Beverley

    Was given a sample of this hand cream at a Christmas market. After trying it once had to look up this site to order some.
    The scent is lovely and makes your hands feel very soft.
    I have also purchased other items from the range.

  8. Diane

    Was given a sample of this at Ripley Christmas Fayre. It smells divine and is lovely and creamy and absorbs well. Absolutely love this fragrance. Will be trying others in the future. Bought a gift box and it came with the free gift of a beautifully fragrances diffuser. What a lovely surprise! Will definitely but again!

  9. Shirley Foster

    I first saw these products at the yoga show at Crystal Palace and I was very impressed then. I bought a gift package for my step daughter who loved it. Having had a free sample of hand cream I decided to buy myself some along with another daughter. We are both so pleased with it . The smell is just beautiful . We had the lemon grass and rosemary. Your hands feel so silky soft after the application. Wonderful.

  10. louise.metcalfe3

    This is my favourite thing, the smell is amazing and the hand cream is really good at softening skin.

  11. Susie Black

    Absolutely gorgeous smell which lasts and hands feel fabulously soft and hydrated. Love this product.

  12. Louise

    I bought several pots for a friend who was thrilled with them. The scent is wonderful and leaves your hands feeling beautifully soft and hydrated.

  13. Lynda

    Wonderful scent and makes my hands feel very soft and nourished.

  14. Grace Aza-Selinger

    I love this product. The smell is divine and it doesn’t irritate my very sensitive skin. 5 stars well deserved ?

  15. Penny

    This is the best hand cream ever! I first came across these products at a spring show and became a fan. This hand cream is wonderful to use with a beautiful fragrance. Wonderful packaging and a lovely gift. Thank you

  16. Janette Dickinson

    Bought this as a gift as I received the white neroli hand cream at Christmas and loved it!

  17. Susie

    I cannot get enough of this product. Leaves an amazing smell on your hands for ages after use and not greasy melts into your skin like velvet.
    I first received a sample at an event and that was it I fell in love!

  18. carriesams03

    An absolutely beautiful fresh fragrance in a light cream that is readily absorbed but not greasy.

  19. senichol

    Lovely refreshing smell and great moisturiser for my extremely dry hands . ❤️

  20. Kathryn Sewell

    Originally received a sample at a Christmas Fayre at Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire. The sample lasted ages and was a lovely smell which people commented on. I would recommend as it lasts for a long time and sinks into the skin really well.

  21. Heather Chalk

    The first I knew about this product, was a free sample on a cold day at the races. I used it immediately and it was brilliant. Family members loved the smell and wanted to share it. Next Christmas I need look no further than Valentte for presents.

  22. Kerry Cooper

    I’ve used many hand creams in the past but will only use this product from now on. Its perfect and does not make your hands greasy. Very fragrant and lasts a long time.

  23. Rianne

    I love the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream. I bought about 4 containers and gave my friends to try them out and not surprised that they loved it, too. The only downside I guess is the size of the container when they arrived. They didn’t look like the ines in the photos when you order. They came in a very tiny container. But yeah, I love the lemongrass and rosemary scent of all the range, from diffusers to the hand cream and hand soap and body lotion.

  24. Soraya Barber

    This hand cream not only smells gorgeous, it makes your hands super soft and it’s non greasy. A little goes a long way. Plus It’s all natural .
    Bought it online as part of a gift set after receiving a free sample at the Home and Garden Christmas show

  25. Lisa Gorman

    I received a sample at Country homes & interiors Christmas fair, and I purchased a lemongrass and Rosemary gift box as a present , It smelt so lovely I couldn’t resist and treated myself.

  26. Sarah

    This is divine..I can’t stop using it !
    Great to keep your hands soft and love the scent…definitely a treat so worth having.
    Guarantee you won’t be able to stop using it when you buy some

  27. Helen

    Wonderful products ! First discovered Valentte at The Hampton Court Flower show and have been a fan ever since. Particularly love the Lemongrass & Rosemary hand cream. The candle lasts a long time & smells incredible. Have also purchased the diffuser which lasted for several months . Would highly recommend Valentte.

  28. Lynda Kennedy

    Love this. I know it’s meant to be a hand cream, but I love the fragrance so much I’ve started putting a little on my neck and wearing it like a perfume. Lemon’s said to be a good mood booster and I can honestly say that its scent fills me with joy.

  29. toetallyyours

    This hand cream is delightful. The most divine small which lingers. The cream is easily absorbed and comes in a lovely glass jar which easily fits into the handbag. I love the fact it is glaas with a tin lid too as feel all good for the plant as well.

  30. Elizabeth Munro

    . I just wanted to say Thankyou for my Handcream and diffuser omg both are fab. I am gobsmacked with the Handcream it is Amazing after one application my hands are transformed and the scent is Beautiful I have never used a Handcream as effective as this and I have used many my hands are so soft and hydrated and my cuticles look so good. I am going to try another scent NEXT TIME I order and I can see this little pot will last me ages… I am so glad I found you.. Thanks again.. Please feel free to use this as a review if you would like. Xx

  31. Anne CAIRNS

    Yet another beautifully fragranced product. Clean fresh and invigorating!!!! This is a light hand cream but really delivers a moisture hit. Highly recommend!
    I discovered Valentte at a craft show but didn’t make a purchase as I ran out of time. I have recently rediscovered the web site and have been delighted with my purchases. The products come carefully and thoughtfully packaged. Thank you x

  32. Christine Jackson

    A beautifully fragranced hand cream that has special properties that makes your hands feel so soft. The perfume isn`t overpowering but very subtle. The ingredients are natural with no artificial additives. I would definitely recommend this product it won`t fail to disappoint. I came across Valentte when I visited the Game Fair at Ragley Hall, The products were so attractive and inviting that I could not resist to buy one of your boxes which I shared with my sister. The range of candles on offer are so fragrant and the fragrance lasts for such a long time friends and family have commented how special they are .

  33. Nikki O’Hara

    Absolutely lovely.

  34. Wendy Ward

    Very good product smells nice hardly need to use any works well would recommend it

  35. Brenda McGovern

    Smell divine and it lingers.
    Rich cream that leaves your hands soft and fragrant.

  36. Sloane Verbeeten

    Having been given a sample at The Ideal Home Exhibition I had to order some as it is the most beautiful hand cream. Smells and feels amazing!

  37. Anon

    I was given a sample of this handcream at the Ideal Home Show, and liked it enough to order some more. The handcream is nice enough in itself, but I have two quibbles. Firstly, when ordering online I couldn’t find any indication of the amount of cream in the jar so I had no idea how much I was getting for my £10 + postage. Secondly – and more importantly – the tiny little jar was placed in a gift box which was far larger than necessary, and this in itself was then enclosed in a vast, paper-packed parcel box. An electric kettle I bought recently came in noticeably smaller packaging than this cream did. I can’t be a contributor to such a totally unnecessary waste of resources, so shan’t be buying any more handcream I’m afraid.

  38. Georgie

    I love this hand cream. I was gifted two other brands and have been frantically using them so I could reorder my favourite from Valentte again. Not only does it smell divine but it works. As you work it into your hands the texture changes as you warm it up and then it’s like silk, soaking straight in. No doubt that over time my hands are also less dry. And then there’s the smell… too good. I’m becoming a bit evangelical about Valentte products. With good reason I think.

  39. Nicola Channon

    Fantastic handcream smells divine. Leaves my hands feeling soft.

  40. gillianharber54

    Smells gorgeous. Leaves a lovely shimmer on the skin. Was well packaged with my other products in a wonderful gift box. Excellent value. Luxury. Thank you

  41. Teresa

    Really lovely hand creme, tried a sample at the home show and loved it. So much so l brought some the next day.
    I adore the fragrance, and it is very rich, leaves my hands feeling moisturised.

  42. dave

    Absolutely first class, hands never felt better, wonderful long lasting perfume

  43. Jette Adler

    I grabbed a sample of this hand cream at the Ideal Home Exhibition. Loved it, but had no label on it. I sniffed and sniffed and decided it was lemongrass and rosemary. Ordered it – plus another similar – and was sooo happy!!! I got the right one and I LOVE IT!!!!

  44. Di

    Love the perfume and a good quality product hands feel lovely after using and No plastic tube.
    Don’t give 5 stars for any product usually.But well learnt.

  45. Paula

    I received a sample of your Lemongrass & Rosemary hand at The ideal show London ( it was the Best thing there!!😀)
    I just couldn’t believe the wonderful smell 🍋😊
    the texture is so light & doesn’t leave your hands all greasy!!
    I couldn’t wait to order more, 2 gift 🎁 box’s & a handwah later, which all arrive on time & beautiful packed.
    I’m now thinking what fragrance should I try next ??


    One of the best hand creams I have ever had amazing luxurious texture extremely moisturising with the most gorgeous smell!

  47. Maggie

    The best time to apply is just before bedtime, the fragrance is so calming and sent me off to a lovely relaxing sleep! My hands feel better and more supple after only a week’s use, thank you

  48. genia3

    Lemon grass and Rosemary hand cream! Wow , wonderful! Terrific smell and leaves my hands smooth and fresh smelling, would highly recommend this product! Rich and creamy, brilliant! Saw this firm advertised online and thought I’d give it a go, the added bonus of a free room diffuser was a huge bonus! Give them a try I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

  49. Helen Wyn Williams

    Lovely rich handcream with the most glorious smell. A liitle goes a long way so good value as well.

  50. Rachel

    What an amazing product. For years I have tried to find a really good hand cream that will stop the tips of my fingers splitting, without any success. This fantastic product was given to me as a sample at a recent Show. Just one application was sufficient for me to realize that I had found a winner. I sent for a pot straight away and have not been disappointed. I would recommend it to everyone. A really nice Company to deal with as well, everyone is so helpful.

  51. Charlotte

    I can not rate this hand cream enough! I grabbed a free sample at Badminton Horse Trials and absolutely love it! I work with horses so my hands are always exposed to all weather conditions so I suffer from very dry hands which become chapped and sore in the winter. This hand cream has been my savour! I have only been applying it at night and I can’t believe the difference it has made to my hands, they are lovely and soft and smooth. Not only is this hand cream extremely moisturising with out being oily it also smells Devine! I have tried almost every hand cream on the market and this is by far the BEST! It’s also very reasonably priced which is an added bonus! I had to order myself another pot straight away and now working my way through all the other lovely products this company sell.

  52. zoejuson

    Had a sample of Hand cream at Malvern flower festival & adored the fragrance. Ordered the gift box containing lavender defuser, candle & room fragrance & loved it, beautiful fragrance & long lasting, makes the house feel so fresh. Will order another box as a gift to include the hand cream also, box looks & smells fantastic.

  53. Gemma

    Had a free sample of this at a show and loved the scent and feel so much I immediately ordered some online, lovely light hand cream which absorbs quickly and smells lush! Will definitely be buying again and recommending to family and friends.

  54. Sarah

    I bought this hand cream at the Harrogate flower show & loved it so much I ordered 2 more on line.
    It smells beautiful and is very moisturising.
    I would definitely recommend.
    I Like the fact that it is organic & am looking forward to trying more products. Thank you.

  55. Camilla Case

    I love your hand cream but would NEVER buy from you mail order again as two TINY pots arrived in a large cardboard box measuring 30x25x25 cms. These pots could have fitted into a small padded envelope which would have been much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly. This is a company that prides itself on natural products!!

  56. Sarah Blanchard

    My favourite hand cream, introudced to me by a family member. Smells delicious and lasts long

  57. J Mansell

    Words from my wife “Love it. It goes everywhere with me. The smell is divine and lasts a really long time. It is now my go to hand cream”
    There you go, another happy lady.

  58. Shirley. Nelson

    Received a small pot as a sample, at the Malvern flower show and love it. A friend also received a free sample and also loved itHave now bought a gift set ffor her special birthday . Will let you now her reaction.

  59. love21jones69

    Recently bought this cream and it is amazing it nourish your hands and smells lovely. Always get comments about it on work. Two of my friends also bought the cream amd said it was good does what it says.

  60. Sarah Sarah Rollason

    After having a sample at tbe Devon county show I have actually brought this and another hand cream! Fantastic hand cream the best I’ve ever had and believe me I’ve had a few! Keeps my hands so soft and lasts for over 24 hours. Will use nothing but valentte hand cream. Thank you so much for all your products.

  61. Yvonne Norman

    It is a very nice handcream and the smell is lovely but I thought it rather expensive for the small pot that arrived. The box and packaging it came with was rather excessive I thought as I eventually found the much smaller pot than I was expecting. It is greasier than I remember too from the sample pot I was given at the Ideal Home.

  62. Lyndsey Bell

    Beautiful scent and a lovely texture – not greasy and lasted for ages!

  63. Lynne Curtis-King

    Lovely product. Was given a free sample at a garden fair and it was love at first smell! Gorgeous texture and perfume. Will definitely buy again.

  64. frances

    Lovely smell and texture and perfect size to put in handbag

  65. Katherine Rose

    A simple tiny sample pot of this handcream from the Spirit of Christmas Show has lead to me being quite obsessed! I love the feel of this cream. It’s luxuriously rich and you feel it is actually sinking in to your hands when they feel dry, without leaving a slick on top of your skin. I haven’t tried all the scents but this one is a definite favourite. Small enough jars that they can be carried around but they do last a while too. Highly recommended and I’ve just bought as presents for friends!

  66. Cathie Booth

    Bought this hand cream as I absolutely love the smell of my candles and diffusers. You only need a small amount which rubs in and absorbs into your skin easily. The smell is quite strong at first, which I thought would clash with my perfume, but it soon “calms down” . My hands feel lovely and soft all day! I would highly recommend this product, and the company! Keep up the good work!

  67. am_l

    This hand cream smells absolutely delicious. It is so rich and creamy but not greasy. I will be ordering more of this as it just makes you feel really refreshed just by the scent of it.!! My first experience of Valentte was at the Gardening Scotland show where I sampled all the scents. There were many gorgeous scents but this was my favourite one by far.

  68. louise richardson

    Tried this as a sample at the modern homes exhibition and totally loved it ! Bought my sister and I both one . The smell is amazing and lasts forever , the cream is really rich and moisturising and does not irritate my psoriasis. Definitely recommend this .

  69. Jude Logan

    I was given a trial size of this hand cream and it’s one of the best I’ve ever used. I have since bought a full size one.
    It’s got a fabulous smell and leaves your hands feeling moisturised but not greasy.

  70. Sue Austin

    Fantastic product, smells gorgeous and leaves hands lovely and soft. Picked up sample at Devon County Show and then ordered two. Quick delivery, very efficient.
    Many thanks

  71. Joanne johnson

    Just love this hand cream. As well as smelling lovely it absorbs into the skin and has a luxury feel

  72. sarahbowring

    This hand cream is lovely, makes your hands so soft and amazing fragrance

  73. Amanda Cuddigan

    I love this very nourishing hand cream with the most wonderful smell. My favourite.
    I first came across Valentte at a show and haven’t looked back. Their products are amazing. Highly recommended.

  74. Annamarie Baynham

    Really great product so smooth and a lovely fragrance.
    One surprise was the package or rather box it came in such a shame to use a great big box which would have taken at least 50 tins such a waste and must be expensive for you to dispatch

  75. Annabel Buckley

    This hand cream smells absolutely wonderful, is so smooth, absorbs into the skin and is not greasy at all, I have ordered for Christmas presents already!
    I discovered Valentte at Bramham Horse Trials this year and have diffusers and candles around my house, oh and room sprays!! Highly recommend.

  76. Teresa Hamilton

    In all honesty one of my favourite beauty products that I own. I am tough on my hardens especially in the summer as I have an allotment and a garden and I hate to wear gloves when working in them. This hand cream is just wonderful – it is soothing, super absorbent and I wouldn’t be without it for my hands. The scents are all wonderful especially this one and I am sure you will be as pleased as I am if you try it. I discovered Valentte in Covent Garden a while ago now and always stock up at one of the shows (this year at Badminon Horse trials). I have also bought over the internet and it is truly hassle free. Great small company to deal with.

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  78. Lynn brown

    Fantastic hand cream, so rich and moisturizing without being greasy,
    I also use it on my feet, works wonders on hard dry skin,

    Would not any thing else

  79. Kunka

    Very nice and rich
    The way of packaging would be good for a royal person as well…):

    Thank you

  80. jogodwyn

    I tried this at Garden Scotland, so I bought a gift box with this included, it is really lovely, soaks in well, non greasy, and smells divine!

  81. Jane Smith

    Lovely hand cream the smell is gorgeous reminds me of my holiday in Thailand and the fragrant smell of lemongrass throughout the hotel. It leaves your hands soft and moisturised. My first purchaseof this product and wknt bethe last.

  82. julie.chenery

    Love this cream, the smell is gorgeous and makes my usually dry hands feel lovely and soft, will keep buying.

  83. francesca.bradford16

    This hand cream is fantastic. I work outside so I’m very hard on my hands. What I love is that you don’t get a greasy or oily residue with this cream. It all soaks in and makes your skin feel wonderful. I recommended it to one of my clients and she loves it too do has placed an order for herself.

  84. Sue

    Really beautiful lemon scent, so refreshing and feels very luxurious. I’m ordering more for friends for Xmas already!!

  85. B Gourlay

    Love it, all my friends borrow it because they love the smell and the way it makes our hands feel

  86. Lorraine Fullalove

    I love the fragrance and as I a cleaning business my hands really need a rich hand cream. With the Valentte I only need a small amount to do the job.
    Actually, one of my customer’s had a diffuser in her bathroom in this fragrance and it filled the whole room. I love it

  87. Ann Woodhams

    After being given a free sample at Hampton Court Flower Show, my daughter and I were so impressed with this cream. It is really creamy but not greasy and absorbs well into the skin. It smells delicious and I have used it every day since then.

  88. Vivien Drydon

    I really like this hand cream and the scent is lovely but I thought the size of pot misleadingly small having ordered it online

  89. Hayley Tansey

    The Valentte Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream is amazing! The fragrance is incredible and the texture of the hand cream is wonderful. I would fully recommend this beautiful product as both a gift for your friends and also for yourself!

  90. Sally Berry

    I tried a sample of this at The Hampton Court flower show. I loved the smell and it made my hands feel very smooth. I then went onto buy a gift box for myself including the candle and room diffuser all in the lemongrass & rosemary. I love them all.

  91. Judith Murray

    Amazing product smells lovely and leaves hands feeling soft without being greasy repeat purchase love this item!

  92. Tina Dooley

    Lovely hand cream bought as a present for my mum who had loved her sample given out at a craft fair

  93. Jan Bowry

    Since buying this for the first time last year I have and will always go back to this cream,the smell is divine and my hands are well nourished,keeping them soft for a long time.

  94. Margaret Thompson

    A lovely treat for hands, leaving them soft , cared for and smelling lovely. A little is all that is needed for great results.

  95. Yasmin Nixon

    This hand cream i so easily absorbed with no greasy residue and you only need a small amount as it goes a long way. Smells so fresh and the nearest to the real lemon grass scent I have found.

  96. gillian.ggordon

    Received a free sample at Southport flower show. Loved the smell and the hand cream was amazing. Bought a box at the show and also placed another order when I got home. Excellent customer service and excellent products .

  97. vdobson71

    I was brought home a sample of this from a fair this year. Lots of these sample we pick up we never think of buying a full size, BUT this is different . I couldn’t wait to find website and buy more. My hands are softer than ever and smell delicious

  98. Catriona Shedden

    I got a free sample of this at the Royal Highland Show. I gave it to my Dad who has very dry hands and has had quite a few sun spots removed from them. The difference in his skin is unbelievable and he actually makes a point of using it every day as it has made such a difference . I have since bought him two jars. Apart from the lovely soft moisturised skin, the smell is amazing!

  99. Sharon Lake

    My favourite fragrance by a mile. I’ve become addicted to this cream, well done

  100. Maeve Rogers

    I can not recommend this product enough.. it really does what it is suppose to do. This is like an high product hand cream, well impressed
    I have the Lemon Grass fragrance, the scent is so vibrant plus it lingers on the skin for hours.
    Will be purchasing more for gifts as well as myself.

  101. Vicki Petersen

    First encountered Valentte at Southport flower show, where received a hand cream sample. Both mum and Ioved it instantly so we put order online for a whole variety of products and love them all. Highly recommended!

  102. Sue

    Received a free sample of hand cream while at the Chatsworth Country Fair, loved the fragrance, and my hands were lovely and soft straight away. Next day I was back and bought a gift box which contained a candle, diffuser and hand and body lotion.

  103. Gillian Cottle

    I bought this hand cream at a show in West Sussex. It is absolutely fabulous, it really makes my hands soft, I have a problem with dry skin and the smell is wonderful. Its a real treat to use!! I have ordered more for presents and I shall certainly be ordering again. So glad I found you!!

  104. clairegodwyn

    I love this handcream. Luke gave me a free sample at the Gardening Show in Scotland. I loved it so much I bought myself a gift box of goodies. It smells divine, rubs in beautifully and makes my hands feel amazing. What’s not to love!

  105. sward123

    I tried your hand cream at carfest and loved it so when I got home I ordered it. I can honestly say it is the best Hand cream I have ever used

  106. Liz Kirkham

    Delighted with all my purchases…if it had not been for the stall at the Chatsworth Country Fair and being given a free sample I would never have known about this company. Such reasonable prices and great for presents as well as for myself. Beautiful smell.Will definitely be ordering more. Thank you so much. Liz

  107. Karen

    Best hand cream purchase ive made, totally love the scent and feel of this cream.

  108. lyndadewdney

    Had a free sample of the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream given to me at the game fair loved it so much had to order a full size one.
    Decided to try the diffuser as well and have not been disappointed the smell is lovely and makes my lounge smell gorgeous would definitely recommend well worth the money

  109. Rachel G

    Beautiful fresh smell and lasts for ages too. Cream sinks in well and does not feel sticky and yet hands feel very well moisturised. Excellent product.

  110. Elaine Hancock

    Beautiful, soft, moist and amazing aroma! Feels like I’ve visited a spa! I will continue to buy all products in varying aromas 😊.

  111. Dee Russell

    Recieved a free sample at Hampton Court flower show, and just had to but a bigger pot which I am using to refill the sample pot which fits perfectly in handbags. The beautiful scent is long lasting, the cream is thick but light and easily absorbed, with no oily residue, best hand cream for dry hands, especially during the colder winter days.

  112. Suzanne Lewis

    Loved the way this hand cream quickly makes your hands feel so much softer. The scent from it is lovely. Beautiful hand cream.

  113. Moira Kuprewicz

    Love this cream. Smells gorgeous. Makes your hands feel amazing.Being a nurse it’s important to replenish the oils back into the skin after repetitive hands washing. Fantastic product . Moira Kuprewicz

  114. Barbara Wells

    This hand cream is the best I have ever used! The fragrance and nourishing quality are outstanding. Given a sample by Luke at Tatton Park RHS show and am now hooked. Have ordered other products too and my home smells delicious. Than you Valentte.

  115. angelabronte

    Got a free sample at Harrogate flower show and had to buy some for Christmas presents. Wish i had got some more samples in different fragrances. Angie B

  116. JanA

    I originally got a sample at Southport flower show in August. I love the scent and the lovely creamy quality. I have just purchased 2 more of this product so that can give one to my mum.

  117. Steve Beattie

    Bought for my Wife, she loves it, we were given a sample and then bought the larger hand cream.
    I also love the fragrance.

  118. Lisa church

    Love this gorgeous smell .. the whole range smells so good and lovely to walk into the hallway and smell so good !

  119. Gillian Yvonne McKenzie

    Got a sample at Tatton and thought the scent was lovely and great hand cream. Lasts ages. Bought more for gifts. Good to support local company for me.

  120. Graham

    My good lady uses this every few days & thinks it’s a very good product being a Post lady out in all weather’s. Also her customers love the sent given from yet another great product from Valentte

  121. Ann

    So lovely- this is a replacement as my daughter loved it so much she had mine! I have been using this now since we went to Hampton Court and were given a free sample. It is a superb hand cream and smells delicious. Thoroughly recommend this product. I shall never stop using it now.

  122. Joanne johnson

    Love this product it smells amazing which is why I ordered 4 which are supposed to be for Christmas presents!

  123. Elaine Holland

    I was with a lady who had some of this hand cream and she offered some to me as I commented on the fragrance – and my goodness how soft it left your skin after just using a small amount – I hadn’t previously heard of Valentte but I knew then that I was going to order some – so glad I did

  124. elizabeth61newbigging

    Wonderful scent which lasts for ages so much so I frequently find myself smelling my hands. My friend recommended Valentte for which I am eternally grateful as I love all the products. Fabulous gifts that are inexpensive.

  125. Sandy Ramsay

    Had this lovely hand cream as part of the mixed box and it’s wonderful , smells so lovely and it’s a lovely rich creamy creamy formula , will definitely buy again , would make a great gift

  126. Trudi Croft

    I love the smell of this hand cream it stays with me all day.
    My hands are so much better since I started using it after a free sample at the Great Yorkshire Show in July my favourite handcream ever.

  127. B Kerry

    Had a free sample when I went to Hampton court flower show, loved it, had to buy more, wonderful scent. My hands feel silky smooth.

  128. Christine Woods

    Recommend the mix and match gift box, makes luxury products very affordable! Purchased this as a birthday gift for my sister and she was thrilled with the hand cream and the other two matching products – Lemongrass and Rosemary is my particular favourite! Love the Valentte back story and enjoy the regular product updates and blogs!

  129. Julie

    Absolutely amazing smell. I ordered several different ones but this is my favourite by far. A little goes a long way and the smell lasts all day. Fantastic chemical free product thank you

  130. Margaret Brien

    Great smell and a really rich hand cream. Worth every penny

  131. Penny Croft

    I love this scent. A little goes a long way, it leaves my hands feelings really soft and nourished. In fact it scents the whole room.

  132. April saunders

    Wonderful product lovely smell keeps my hands very soft

  133. ebwcuff

    Discovered this cream at Blenheim horse trials. Love it. Normally I’m allergic to floral scents but not this one!

  134. Pamela Woodcock

    Dream Cream! I totally love this hand cream, this has got to be my favourite scent – so fresh and uplifting. I first found Valentte at the Great Yorkshire Show a few years ago and have loved their products ever since.

  135. Angie Boulton

    Fabulous product. Will deff buy again.

  136. Maggie

    Bought this as part of a gift set for my mum. The hand cream is rich, nourishing and smells lovely. The two diffusers I included in the gift set also smell great. Only gave them to her yesterday, so keen to discover how long the scent lasts.

  137. Nadine Ellis

    Bought after visiting Southport Flower Show where I tried this. Love the fragrance, the quality and the price!

  138. Gill Lane

    I have been using this hand cream since receiving a free sample at the Ascot Christmas Fair.
    The perfume is intense, natural and strongly addictive (be warned!). You only need a small amount of the cream
    and it is non greasy. The price is right, the perfume is gorgeous and it works – why look further?

  139. Jane Bradshaw

    My sister in law got a free sample of the hand cream at a craft fair. We love the lemony smell and it’s non sticky and leaves you hands feeling fabulous.

  140. Helen James

    Received a sample of this and was impressed by the scent and richness of this so ordered a full size

  141. Lisa barrett

    Gorgeous hand cream, very rich and moisturising. The scent is lovely, uplifting aromatherapy.

  142. Marion Smith

    I cannot get enough of this scent! I have it in the room spray, candle and reed diffuser also! The hand cream, apart from the heavenly scent, is so nourishing and a little goes a long way. First discovered Valentte at the Grand Design exhibition at Birmingham NEC.

  143. Kay Haney

    I am so glad I bought this amazing hand cream so light the fragrance is just delightful. I got my daughter to try it because I thought she would and I intend to get her some for her Christmas stocking, she was as enthusiastic about lovely fragrant hand cream so all I can say is it well worth buying this hand cream.

  144. Ann Mcgurn

    I have just received my 2nd jar of lemongrass and rosemary hand cream from Valentte. I first tried it at the Glasgow Ideal homes exhibition and loved the scent so ordered some on line. I find it very easy to rub on and it’s long lasting. I have been recommending it to my friends and bought one for my daughter .

  145. Julie Radford

    Love the smell of this hand cream..i think it’s my favourite smell. As always excellent delivery and beautifully packaged.

  146. Susan Curran

    Discovered at the racecourse event at Cheltenham. Was given a free sample, and immediately sought out the stand belonging to Valentte.
    Light and beautifully fragranced, this will be a favourite from now on!
    Also great that I’m not putting chemicals on my skin, Many thanks!

  147. Rose Bavister

    I originally found this company via an on line group which shares freebies. I wasn’t successful with a free sample but I was intrigued by the little blogs which were included on each email. I eventually decided I would buy something so I choose this hand cream. What a treat, I love everything about it. It smells gorgeous and is easily absorbed. The packaging is lovely and being in a pot means I will be able to use every last bit. I also ordered a diffuser and this was also gorgeous, both in looks and scent. I’m now thinking about ordering items ready for Christmas as they have both arrived, beautifully packaged and I’m confident they would make a fabulous gift.

  148. Jackie

    Received a sample at Hampton Court Garden Show and had to buy a pot. Amazingly addictive perfume. Can highly recommend.

  149. Kirstie McDowall

    Smells amazing and leaves your hands really soft x

  150. Denise

    Very creamy and smooth the lasting smell is beautiful

  151. Harriet

    Smells amazing! Fills my room with this lovely scent my fave of all! So many compliments 🙂 Makes hands so soft

  152. gillian

    I love all your products. So, it’s hard to say which I like best! The hand cream, which I have been using for the past few years is perfect for me. So light but nourishing and the aroma is wonderful. I always apply last thing at night, just before bed. I can honestly say that my hands and nails have benefited from this wonderful product.

  153. Susan Gough

    This is a new favourite product. The perfume is totally uplifting and the cream is light, nourishing and a little goes a long way. Perfect

  154. Cath Gibson

    This is the first time I have purchased this hand cream and it is like heaven!
    The scent is gorgeous, to me it smells like lemon sherbet and the texture is just right and it absorbs perfectly in to skin. Doesn’t feel greasy either.
    I had never heard of Valentte until I went along to South of England craft show a few weeks ago.

  155. Coleen

    Love love love this stuff!! Smells amazing and lasts ages. Will be buying again

  156. Jenny from cornwall

    My hands are always in water and using this hand cream it help soothes and prevent cracking in these winter months ahead.. also it smells amazing.. love this product.. will definitely buy again.

  157. Marge

    Love this hand cream. Smells great and the cream is easily absorbed and is not oily.

  158. breerne

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  159. Beverly Colburn

    Received a sample of this at local craft fair and couldn’t wait to buy the larger version – for sure my favourite scent but looking forward to trying others.

  160. Patrica

    I loved the Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream. A very little goes a long way which means I feel I can use it every day!
    The citrus lemon smells tangy and fresh, the texture is smooth and fine, leaving no greasy residue. A little bit of daily luxury does you good!


    Very moisturising and a lovely scent. Had a sample of this at a show and had to purchase

  162. Fran Winsor

    The hand cream is amazing. Smells delightful and leaves my hands soft

  163. Encaddy

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  164. Elaine Cockle

    I received a sample of the hand cream which I really liked and went on to order the full size pot.
    The hand cream smells fabulous, rubs in well without leaving an oily greasy feeling and lasts well.
    I top up the little sample pot to keep in my pocket and get an aromatherapy hit every time I open the lid. Love it!

  165. Nicky

    I bought a couple of £25 gift set as presents and added a skin care gift box for myself , the lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream smells Devine and keeps your hand soft and moisturised also day. Great offers online was had to chose from the great selection of fragrance.

  166. Laura Callaghan

    Lovely hand cream smells amazing and leaves your hands feeling soft. Ordered this on the back of a free sample.

  167. Louisa

    The most gorgeous fragrance and keeps hands soft all day. Love it.

  168. Kayleigh

    Amazing product and smell amazing used them and cant fault in anyway. A little amount goes a long way and the smell lasts.

  169. Lorelei

    Absolutely love this. Had a sample given to me at Spirit of London show and have based a lot of my Christmas gifts for friends and family around this. I hope they like their gifts as much as I did buying them!

  170. Carey Roest

    I am head over heels with this amazing hand cream. I got a sample at Spirit of Christmas Fair and had to send off to buy it immediately. I can see why the lemongrass scent is your bestseller, it is intoxicating 😍

  171. Gill PatersonGi

    Tried a sample given at Bramham Horse Trials, could not believe how effective this hand cream is. It has a wonderful scent which lasts throughout the day even after handwashing! Working outside in all weathers this product is a little bit of luxury which brings a bit of cheer on grim days! Having good hand cream is like the feeling of cleaning your teeth, hands feel refreshed as the skin feels light and moisturised. The best hand cream I have ever used !

  172. Dawn Fox

    I received a free sample of the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream at the Country Living Christmas fair recently. The scent and rich texture were so lovely, I ordered a full size pot.

  173. Elaine White

    I bought this as a part of a 3 piece gift box and the recipient was delighted. The cream was rich and was absorbed into dry hands in an instance leaving them silky smooth and feeling very hydrated.

  174. Elizabeth Whiteman

    This hand cream is amazing. I first got a sample size at the Royal Highland Show and I was hooked. I’ve bought it for Christmas presents and for myself. The smell is lovely and it’s non greasy, but really moisturising.

  175. Sarah Lafbery

    Smells lovely and fresh. Easily absorbed leaving your hands soft and supple
    Would highly recommend

  176. Sue Barnes

    First tried at the Christmas country living fair. Lovely perfume and very soothing. Have purchased recently for Christmas presents .

  177. Mary Dix

    I was given a sample of the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream at the Spirit of Christmas Fair and I loved it so much that I went on to buy other Valentte products. The hand cream is beautifully perfumed and makes my hands feel nourished

  178. Belinda

    Fabulous the best hand cream I have ever used and the fragrance is wonderful too.

  179. Rachel Jones

    Wonderful product so sensitive for you skin and smells wonderful.

  180. Leigh Gillespie

    This is the nicest hand cream I have ever used. Not one for creams as I don’t like the feeling of my hands being greasy. This is the second one I’ve ordered and will continue to use

  181. Trish

    I was given a sample at a this year’s Burghley Horse Trials and it has become my absolute favourite hand cream. Smell is wonderful without being overpowering and it really works!

  182. Janice Macleod

    I picked up a sample of the Lemongrass & Rosemary hand cream. Having used numerous hand creams over the years this one has proved a winner. Long may it last! Thank you

  183. Ann Perkins

    I received a sample of this at Ripley Castle Christmas fare and was so pleased with it I sent of for some straight away, the smell is fantastic and it makes your hands lovely and soft. I have bought quite a few hand creams in my time but this one is fantastic.

  184. Jan B

    Just wanted to say I love the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream and candle which I purchased at the Sudeley fair.The wonderfull aroma from the candle that is sitting in the hallway(and hasn’t even been used yet)is so powerfull.The hand cream is just the same leaving my hands really well moisturised.i am certainly going to buy more.Great that it’s made from natural products.

  185. Helen Tutton

    Even the next day my hands were beautifully soft usually very dry skin totally recommend

  186. ellieir

    Smells amazing can’t get enough definitely recommend bought it for family who loved it

  187. Elizabeth Webb

    Lovely product. Ridiculous amount of packaging. Large cardboard box, mountain of brown paper. Beautiful presentation box with bow, lots of tissue paper and contents of two tiny jars of hand cream. If they were boxed individually I’d give them a presents but too small

  188. Elizabeth Webb

    Lovely product. Ridiculous amount of packaging. Large cardboard box, mountain of brown paper. Beautiful presentation box with bow, lots of tissue paper and contents of two tiny jars of hand cream. If they were boxed individually I’d give them a presents but too small

  189. Dennese

    This is part of a Christmas gift. Beautiful packaging (no need to wrap!). Excellent product and can’t recommend it highly enough!

  190. Elizabeth Hockney

    This is just the best hand cream ever and is smells fabulous. I carry a small sample pot of it with me everywhere and a small amount goes a long way. Can’t recommend it enough.

  191. Audrey O’Gorman

    Fabulous product..gorgeous scent and real feel good factor with very soft hands

  192. Val Gair

    I like this hand cream, it has improved my hands.
    It also has a lovely scent.

  193. Libby

    My daughter in law gave me a small sample pot of this after visiting your stand at a show. She knows how I struggle with very dry hands. I have an “outside job” and my hands really suffer. I was so impressed by your product, after I had finished the little sample pot I immediately ordered a “big” one.
    Having received my new pot, the only criticism I have is why is it necessary to send such a small parcel in such a large box. As couriers charge for size and not necessarily weight it’s surely an unnecessary expense for your business. The products are however beautifully presented.
    My hands have never been so good. They smell lovely too! Thank you so much

  194. Lynne Watson

    Received a sample at Country living fair and just loved this hand cream. Super coverage and the smell was just lovely. Liked it so much bought more as Xmas gifts.

  195. Vicky

    Amazing! Best hand cream I’ve ever used. Really moisturising without being greasy. I’ve bought this product several times for myself and gifts. Would definitely recommend it.

  196. Jenny Eveling

    I’ve tried many different hand creams before, but this really is a beautiful in both texture and smell. I either bought or was given a sample when I visited a show at Hampton Court and from there I have made two purchases, one for me and one for a friend. Absolutely love it. Thank you x

  197. Valentina Redmond

    Please buy this amazing hand cream, it makes your hands so soft. I love all your products because they do what you say they do – thank you

  198. Melanie

    Bought this as a gift after sampling the handcream at the Sudeley home and garden fair, and loving it! Smells and feels gorgeous.

  199. Jacky Shirley

    Fabulous smell & also so very moisturising !
    What I thought was fantastic was the packaging it is by far the best I have seen & will definitely be ordering some more as presents.

  200. Karen Blackwell

    I absolutely love this hand cream. I was given a sample at a Christmas fair and could not stop using it. It smells amazing and nourishes my hands in a way only natural products can. The beauty is that you only need to use a small amount to be effective. I have ordered more and highly recommend this product to others.

  201. Dawn Hutchinson

    Lovely texture cream and gorgeous smell

  202. S Brown

    Bought this after receiving a sample at a craft fair in 2018, been look for a local supplier ever since. Love the scent and a little goes a long way. Really helps my dry hands, would buy again.

  203. Susan ayliffe

    Absolutely gorgeous, great value

  204. Sharon Sherman

    Come across this lovely fresh smelling hand cream at recent London exhibition show.
    I suffer with very bad psoriasis on my hands. Been looking for a hand cream with a lovely scent to use along side diprobase and that doesn’t cause problems with my skin.
    At last, i have found something that suits my skin and that it likes.

  205. Sarah Clifford

    A wonderfully luxurious hand cream with a beautifully addictive scent. Real value for money and fabulous packaging. A lovely gift to give .

  206. Lorraine Mackinnon

    Brought this as a present for mum but kept it for myself beautiful smell and leaves hands soft

  207. E Anne Perkins

    I love this hand cream. It smells great and if feels great. It is quickly absorbed without leaving a feeling of greasy hands. I like the fact it is in a tub and I can dunk the ends of my fingers in it if that is all that needs moisturising.

  208. Penny

    This is the most amazing hand cream. I have been buying this hand cream now for the last 18 months and keep a pot by my bed and kitchen.
    Smells wonderful, absorbs quickly. Arrives in such lovely packaging and perfect for a gift. First came across this range at a country fair. Highly recommend.

  209. Robert Bell

    I bought this cream for my wife for Christmas & she was thrilled. I am sorry to saythis, but in this day & age of trying to save the planet, it came in the most enormous box! Otherwise top marks.

  210. S Beesley

    Received a sample st Cheltenham races. The most divine fragrance and a little goes a long way. Bought a full sized pot for myself and as a Christmas gift. Beautiful box and delivered promptly.


    Received a sample at Ascot Racecourse event. I love the scent and the non greasy feel of the product.

  212. Chris o

    I was given a sample at Ascot Christmas fair and love it so much I found the web site and bought some.

  213. Lyn Lynch

    I was given a sample of this hand cream at the ideal home exhibition. If I had tested it then I would have definitely bought it. The smell is delicious and it’s sooo creamy and makes my hands feel very soft. I purchased two pots and will definitely be back for more – love it!!!

  214. Shirley Wilson

    Absolutely fantastic hand cream. Best I have ever used. Hands feel great and non greasy afterwards. Great on cuticles too. Will definitely order more. First tried a sample a few weeks ago at the Ripley Xmas Fair

  215. Harry Horton

    My wife says it’s the best hand cream that she has ever used. Nothing more to add really.
    Ideal Home show maybe 🤔

  216. Tracey Smith

    Amazing smell – just love the smell and feel of this hand cream 😀

  217. Tracy Williams

    Absolutely beautiful cream which leaves your skin soft but not greasy! Superb customer service – tried a sample at Olympia Horse Show on Sunday 22nd December. Ordered that same night and products arrived Tuesday 24th December. Totally converted ++++

  218. Lori Neill

    The scent from this Lemongrass & Rosemary hand cream is absolutely intoxicating and delicious. I’m one of those laid low by a flu bug right through Christmas and New Year and was so glad I had chosen it as part of my Christmas gift because it cheered me up enormously every time I put it on! First smelled your products at the Glasgow Country Living Fair and they lingered on my mind!

  219. Alison bigot

    I bought this alongside another hand cream and candle. It came beautifully boxed and it smells amazing and a little goes a long way. Will certainly buy more when this runs out

  220. Mrs J Bifulco

    This is such a great product. I regularly buy for myself and friends. One of them told me that every winter her hands get very dry and chapped but this has not happened since using this cream.
    I either buy it online or at crufts, gardeners word live or craft shows.

  221. Carolyn

    I bought this handcream together with diffusers for my mother in law for Christmas having discovered Valentte at the Country Living Christmas Fair. She was on the phone within minutes of receiving the gift, delighted at both the beautiful scent and luxury and softness of the cream in her hands. I will definitely be reordering this both for her, me and friends!

  222. Elaine Holland

    This hand cream has knocked all the others off the top spot- what’s not to love, the creaminess and you only have to use a small amount For your hands to feel soft and smell gorgeous. My lads are 6ft 4 and they love it too,

  223. Sylvie Hunt

    Had a sample of this hand cream given to me at the Ascot Racecourse Christmas Fair, got home, used the following day, within a week used… my hands are so soft and moisturised. The fragrance is wonderful, very clean, crisp perfume and absorbs wonderfully quick – I keep smelling my hands too….

  224. jayne

    Had a sample of this from the spirit of christmas, amazing cream really helps my dry hand look good, my husband now uses it to, a real winner

  225. Louise Swan

    I was given a sample of this when I was at Spirit of Christmas at Olympia. I loved the smell and the texture is perfect for a hand cream. It’s not too oily and soaks in well – as well as the smell being so good. I ended up buying another one for myself along with some other gifts for Christmas.

  226. Melanie Byrne

    Picked up a sample of this at the Cheltenham Fair and loved the texture, how it felt on my hands and the gorgeous smell. Unfortunately I had gotten rid of all the packaging but somehow was lucky with my google search, so I was able to place an order for a larger pot of hand cream. My only criticism would be receiving an extremely large box containing one small pot of hand cream.

  227. Gloria Grace

    I was given a sample of the lemon grass and rosemary hand cream at Holkam Game show in Norfolk. The cream is non sticky and leaves my hands feeling and smelling amazing. Have ordered other products and would definitely recommend them to any one.

  228. Susan

    I was giving a sample of the hand cream at a Christmas fare. I suffer with very dry hands, I’ve had eczema for most of my life, I couldn’t believe the difference in my hands after just a few applications. I love the consistency and the fragrance it’s amazing.

  229. anne-marie thomson

    My friend let me try this and I just loved hands are often dry due to always being in water ,but after one application they felt so soft and hydrated, and it smell so nice ..I keep going for a wee sniff 😁…
    This will definitely be my new hand cream ….

  230. Patricia

    This is a great hand cream. It leaves your hands soft and the fragrance is really lovely.

  231. sue

    this hand cream is a dream makes your hands feel really pampered lovely and moisturiser with fabulous lemon grass smell ,put on at night as well before bed and the lovely fragrance seems to help you relax I just love it

  232. Louise Bamford

    I was given a pot of this as a gift, it feels very luxurious, made my hands so soft and the scent is lovely & lasts a long time.

  233. Sue

    Very fresh smelling and lovely to use handcream

  234. Freni Chinoy

    The scent is very uplifting and the hand cream I use for my feet and they remain soft.

  235. Mrs Nelson

    Bought gift box at the Country Living Christmas fair and received a sample of hand cream. I gave it to my daughters who has raved about it since, saying it is the only hand cream that does not dry her cuticles and feels and smells so good.

  236. Lindsey Brown

    This was the scent I received as my free sample. It was so good I had to order a full tub! I absolutely love this.

  237. Marthe Hoyer-Andreassen

    Fantastic hand cream, leaves your hands lovely, the most effective hand cream I’ve tried. I’ve got two pots, this and the ylang ylang; I do find the scent a bit too strong, hence 4 stars rather than 5.

  238. Bernadette Lake

    Got a free sample at Olympia 2019. Loved it. So ordered some more. I have horses so my hands really suffer but this has kept them soft n supple with a fabulous smell.

  239. Barbara Wood

    I was first introduced to this hand cream after being given a free sample at the Ripley castle fair in November. After trying it at home I couldn’t wait to order some for myself and for an Xmas gift. This is the best hand cream I have used. I love both the scent and the texture.

  240. Issy Brunsdon

    This hand cream has the most wonderful and fresh smell. Very velvety on the skin.

  241. Maria Newham

    I was given a sample of the hand cream at the country living fair in London it was so good I sent for 2 more it smells wonderful and my hands are so soft the order was promptly delivered so thank you .

  242. Susi Jenkins

    The fragrance is intoxicating and the formulation of the creme superb and effective.

  243. a the best hand cream I have used. The texture of the cream is neither too oily or too thick and the lemongrass and rosemary smell is gorgeous and lingers for ages. I have now bought more to give as presents.

    This by f

  244. Marilyn Wilson

    This is by far the best hand cream I have used. It is neither too oily or too thick and the lemongrass and rosemary scent is just gorgeous. The scent lingers for ages too. I have now bought more of this lovely hand cream to give as presents for my friends to try.

  245. Sophie Bice

    Was given a sample of this hand cream at The Country Living Fair and found it so good I ordered two pots. The fragrance is beautiful and it is the first hand cream I have found that soaks in without leaving my hands greasy. I absolutely love it. Thank you Valentte

  246. Kimberly Lee

    I am absolutely obsessed! You gave me a sample hand cream at Olympia 2019 (and a few of my friends absolutely raved about how much they love your products to me too!). I am hooked! Not only is it a lovely cream, but the smell is absolutely out of this world!! I love it. There’s no way I need to use the cream as often as I do, but I can’t stop now haha. Thank you!! I’ll definitely order more.

    Also – your customer service is AMAZING!!! Prompt delivery, lovely packaging, I highly recommend xx

  247. Sue Randle

    I love your hand cream and have bought it to give to friends as a gift. It feels very rich and creamy but doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky. BUT the packaging is very extravagant. I ordered four jars which were beautifully presented in with black tissue paper in a very attractive box tied up with ribbon. This came inside a cardboard box stuffed with brown paper so there was a lot to recycle. Could you give your customers the option of gift wrapping or basic packaging? My order was to be part used by me and part to be given away so I split the contents. My New Year’s resolution is to try and help the environment (and to encourage others to do so!). I first came across Valentte at Badminton Horse Trials. The pot sat on my kitchen worktop for weeks but I finally thought I must try it and I was converted.

  248. Kathryn Borg

    I ordered this handcream following my visit to Chatsworth where i discovered these wonderful products. I gave this to my brother’s girlfriend who i have recently introduced to Valentte products. The scent is comparable to Jo Malone scents, the packaging is wonderful, despite what others have said, it adds class and quality to the products and makes the perfect gift at an affordable price.

  249. Annemarie Thomson

    You must buy this hand cream ,the smell is to die for , my hands are the softest they have ever been, they are usually very dry , but not anymore ….

  250. Zoe Barber

    I was given a free sample of this at Chatsworth show and loved it so ordered some for me and my mum. The smell is heavenly and it sorts my hands out a treat.

  251. Lyndsay Barnett

    I was handed a sample of this at Olympia and didn’t think to much about it and then I tried a bit one day and fell in love. By this stage I had taken it off the card and had to search online to find you. Really love this cream and the smell lasts ages, godsend for horsey hands!

  252. Dianne Warrington

    Smells absolutely beautiful very rich and creamy but not sticky ,have a tiny pot of this in my makeup bag from Grand Designs last October still smells as strong and scent is appreciated by my grandsons !

  253. Claire Kent

    I was given a sample of this hand cream at the Cheltenham Racecourse Christmas fare and WOW!! The smell is divine and rubs in quickly. I ordered 4 more pots online and was very happy with the speed of delivery. Good idea to hand out freebies as I would never of found this wonderful cream!

  254. Andrea Duddridge

    My twin daughters have dry skin and really rate the hand cream highly. They both carry a mini tub in their handbags and I have just purchased some more for them( it’s half price at the moment!!👍-win win -two for the price of one😂)

  255. Hazel Bromham

    Just ordered more. What can I say that hasn’t already been said before – it’s fabulous. Rich but not sticky with a great smell that lingers not like other makes that disappears within minutes. Perfect for those with dry skin or who just want an amazing smell. Can’t wait for my testers of the others scents to arrive. Fast delivery with great packaging. Hope to see you at the Harrogate Flower Show again this year.

  256. Pilar Martin

    I’m a nurse and as you can imagine I’m washing my hands countless times a day. Most hand creams just don’t cut it. I was given a sample of this hand cream and thought it was fabulous. It’s thick and smells heavenly but it doesn’t leave your hands sticky. This cream is my rescue remedy for hands.

  257. Lynsey Milne

    Got this as a free sample at a Christmas fair in Glasgow and immediately loved it. Wonderful citrus smell and a brilliant moisturiser. Decent size tub that will last a good while. Will definitely be buying this again and would highly recommend it to anyone

  258. Louisa Lets

    The best hand cream I’ve ever had.. it smells gorgeous and fresh.. it’s beautiful and rich texture makes my hands feel soft and moisturised ..
    I’m hooked on your products. Louisa

  259. Carole Dandy

    Tried a little sample from Olympia and loved the texture and fresh fragrance. After reading the reviews about helping with dry skin I ordered some for myself and a friend and very pleased with the results!

  260. Sarah Baker

    I’m a gardener and horse rider so hand-cream is a daily essential. This is the best one I’ve ever found and as a bonus the smell is intoxicating.
    I suffer from cracks in winter and daily use of valente hand cream has healed the cracks in the middle of winter which is unheard of. I’ve been recommending this product to everyone.

  261. Amanda Moylan

    Was given a small tester pot of this hand cream at the Spirit of Christmas. Loved the fragrance and was really impressed on how little one needs to moisturise your hands. Now have purchased a full size tub, absolutely delighted and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  262. Amanda Moylan

    Was given a small tester pot of this hand cream at the Spirit of Christmas. Loved the fragrance and was really impressed on how little one needs to moisturise your hands. Now have purchased a full size tub, absolutely delighted and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  263. Julie Hill

    First tried this hand cream from a sample I was given at a Christmas Fayre in London and absolutely loved it –
    it smells divine and is the best hand cream I have tried on my poor chapped hands – works miracles.

  264. Sharon Carr

    A scent that lasts for ages, even after washing hands. Lovely moisturising properties, slightly greasy for a while until it soaks in but a great product.

  265. Tina Wingar

    Absolutely amazing smell and a lovely consistency. Non greasy and leaves my hands feeling really soft. I would highly recommend this cream, and will certainly be buying some more.

  266. Julia umney

    I just love this hand cream
    It works on my skin with a amazing sent

  267. Mara Ciolfi

    Gave some good f this cream to my friend for Christmas, she loves it, we have just bought some more to give to other friends. Lovely Lemongrass and Rosemary, thank you Valentte.

  268. Maria Di-Sapia

    Beautiful scent and silky smooth on hands – great product and super value for money!

  269. Janice Robertson

    I bought 3 Lemongrass and Rosemary hand creams. They are very effective and your hands aren’t left sticky. Plus the smell is out of this world !

  270. Barbara Anderson

    Absolutely the best hand cream I’ve ever had! Normally my hands are a mess in winter rough and cracked but this year, using this cream they are smooth and supple. It helps that the perfume is simply gorgeous and that it’s a pleasure to use it. Have bought some for friends who are equally enthusiastic. Easy choice for future gifts!

  271. Amanda

    This is the best handcream I’ve ever had. it really nourishes my hands and smells wonderful. When I rub it into my hands I take 3 slow deep breaths to take in the relaxingly fresh lemongrass smell.

  272. simon shaw

    Lemongrass and rosemary cream etc.
    Brought 3 gift boxes for xmas,Everybody was very happy with the products. .Just brought 4 hand creams for a present,came in a gift box and very well packed.well pleased.

  273. Joanne johnson

    I buy this all the time it is my favourite scent. I am intolerant of anything too chemical or floral so this did my MUST HAVE!

  274. June ferritto

    I love this hand cream, so smooth and not at all sticky like others ,lovely perfume,hands feel soft to touch, together with hand wash,just wonderful, I have purchased many now for friends and family.

  275. Joanne

    I received a sample of this hand cream at a craft show and loved the consistency and smell so much . Purchased whilst on offer and will certainly be buying again!

  276. Elizabeth Saunders

    i received a sample of this hand cream at the Handmade Festival and ordered it as it was so good. The smell is absolutely delicious if I can say that about something you can’t eat, and it is truly lovely on the hands as well.

  277. Susan McNally

    Tried this at a show and loved it, bought my mum some for Christmas, so fresh and non greasy lovely strong scent. We keep the tester pot in our handbags and refill it from the bigger pot!

  278. Sarah Kidd

    Smells lovely, really nice moisturising hand cream. Very happy 😃

  279. granna

    Had a free sample at Malvern Autumn Show and it’s the best handcream I have ever used. Over the years I have tried many expensive products but this is simply the best. Non greasy with fabulous fragrance which is fresh and NOT full of artificial/chemically induced fragrances. A friend liked mine and I bought her a gift box for her birthday in January. 10 star rating. I will definately buy more.

  280. Mrs Jane Loome

    I was given a free sample when I attended Olympia at Christmas and loved it hence I ordered more via your website. I was however horrified at the amount of packaging that this small item was sent in. This would definitely make me think again before ordering this again.

  281. Maggie Grattan

    Fabulous smell and my hands love it

  282. Gillian Miller

    Absolutely lovely, smells Devine, easily absorbed and my nails seem to be much stronger while I use it.

  283. Rachel Waterer

    A perfect addition to my handbag. Such a gorgeous scent. A great quality product.

    Rachel , London

  284. Debbie

    Amazing hand cream super moisturising and smells wonderful tried a sample and it’s now my go to for soft hands

  285. Kate

    I had tried a sample before lovely cream, but was very disappointed with the size of the tub, if only it was a bit bigger so you aren’t disappointed when the package arrived. When you are just ordering products for your own personal use you don’t need all the fancy gift wrapping so you could save money here.

  286. Sonia Lemon

    This hand cream is one of the best! The fragrance is divine, and you only need a little bit to make your hands feel lovely and smooth. I suffer with cracked skin on my hands, and I find this hand cream so soothing. Excellent value!

  287. Gillian Ward

    Received a sample from the christmas gift fair in Ripley. Now I’m hooked. Non greasy luxury hand cream. Smells beautiful. A real pamper yourself treat.

  288. Suzanne

    This smells Devine. Great too , leaves you skin silky smooth. Good to rub in your cuticles,

  289. Liz Fenton

    I love the hand cream, the smell lasts for ages.
    However I was disappointed that for an ‘environmentally friendly’ company , the amount of packaging was ridiculous, to wrap a small pot of cream.

  290. Sally

    Smells amazing. The first hand cream I am happy to use due to it not being greasy. Beautiful, but rather excessive, packaging.

  291. Nicola

    One word for this hand cream “divine” 🙂

  292. Julie

    I really like this hand cream. The scent makes me think of sherbet lemons

  293. Fay

    Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream – this is the second time I have purchased this and it is a wonderfully rich cream that smells heavenly.

  294. Gill Mingo

    This hand cream smells amazing, soothes your hard working hands and is absorbed easily.

  295. Judy Young

    I had a sample at Crufts 2020. Lovely hand cream, rubs into hands easily leaving feeling soft

  296. Alison Kennedy

    100% recommend this ❤️❤️❤️

  297. Helen Binding

    This hand cream is the best I have ever had. A sample was handed to me at The Olympia Horse Show and it became my favourite instantly.
    It’s one I don’t happily share with anyone but I let people smell it! Lol.

  298. Sandra

    Creamy, silky and smells lovely, I ordered this cream from a free sample that was given to me at Birmingham Grand Designs. I like it so much I found the website and ordered more.
    So moisturising, love it.

  299. Hilary Milman

    Recently received a free sample at London fashion fair and never buy hand cream until now just wonderful feels great not sticky or greasy smells fab. Love it

  300. Hilary Milman

    Recently got a free sample at London Fashion Sample Sale. Never buy hand cream until now. Non greasy or sticky smells fab and hands feel great.

  301. Janet Miller

    I love everything about this hand cream, you don’t need to apply much, makes your skin nice and soft plus the smell is nice and fresh.

  302. Jill harris

    Received a free sample from Olympia at Xmas.
    With all the hand washing started using the sample, had good results so ordered some online.
    Arrived very quickly, was kept up to date with text arrival date.
    Now having the luxury of using it, I was a bit disappointed with the size when it arrived, but have found you use so little with a great result, so will last a long time.
    Definitely recommend!!

  303. Sally Peacock

    I was given a sample of this beautiful hand cream at A Taste of Christmas last year and it is the best and most beautifully fragranced hand cream I’ve ever had, so I had to purchase some. The fragrance is exquisite, a little goes along way and rubs in well, leaving my hands moisturiser and smelling amazing. I love this product.

  304. Sarah Gairdner

    I love this hand cream and absolutely love the smell of the Lemongrass and Rosemary range. Also packaged beautifully so make great presents to send.

  305. Barbara

    Creamy absorbed well and delicious scent

  306. Monika

    Wow, this cream is heavenly wonderful and smells absolutely amazing! Every time I’m using it, people around me start asking what is this amazing smell. Top score! It’s more oily then my usual hand cream and it takes a bit more time for it to be absorbed but it is something that I got used to. Well worth it.

  307. linda Kent-taylor

    A really lovely hand cream in these days of constant hand washing the perfect product. I alawys use it

  308. Denise Bayes

    Last summer my Mum gave me a tiny tester of this hand cream. I loved the rich texture. Suddenly as life demanded endless handwashing, I remembered this creaminess and ordered more. Thank you. Please keep making your lovely products.

  309. Denise Cannon

    I’ve brought this at several shows and love it. The smell is divine as is the texture, rubs in well and keep my hands in great condition. Also had candles and room scents 💖

  310. Karen Wilkinson

    I ordered this hand cream after getting a free sample at an exhibition last year. It smelled so lovely that I kept the empty container until I got around to ordering some. Recent events and the amount of hand washing needed has really dried my hands so it was the perfect opportunity to buy some. It arrived beautifully packaged ( if a little excessively for a small container) and I use it everyday. The smell is as lovely as I remember especially the lemongrass which is so invigorating. Highly recommended.

  311. Jennifer Sabell

    This is beautiful .,,, gorgeous scent & although small looks like it will last 👍

  312. Daniela Gabrielli

    I have ordered this hand cream after getting a free sample at an exhibition few months ago. It smells amazing and leaves my hands soft & moisturised.

  313. Emma McCready

    Fabulous smell that lasts. Feels gorgeous on skin.

  314. Valerie Butcher

    I went to Cheltenham racing festival and picked up a sample of this beautiful hand cream from the stall there. The smell was so divine and lovely creamy texture my hands have never felt so good. I decided to order a pot from the website it arrived the next day. Service from this company is excellent I will definitely be ordering some more products in the future.


  315. Anne Moran

    Lovely smelling very fresh really rubs into your skin. Makes my hands feels soft and refreshed especially after gardening my nails look better since using this product firstly from a sample given to me at cheltenham racecourse would definitely recommend

  316. Amanda Mayo

    Since receiving a sample of this hand cream at a show I’ve always enjoyed using it so over this period of Coronavirus I needed a pick me up and thought I would treat myself to a full size pot. I’ve not been disappointed it is a beautiful product that a little of goes along way.

  317. Colin Spear

    Tried this pruduct as a free trial gift at NEC bike show in November. Used it loved it.
    And when corona virus came along washing hands all the time dried them out. Perfect solution and healed dry skin.

  318. Jill harris

    Lovely product, had a sample at the Olympia horse show, and used it when hands dried out washing so often. Decided to purchase, really good move.
    Excellent, well recommend.
    The free samples were all very nice

  319. Debbie Hedges

    The hand cream is so rich and moisturising a lovely fresh fragrance that’s lasts a long time, you only need a small amount as it rubs in well. My hands were becoming so dry after washing them so many times because of the pandemic, I definitely recommended it’s saved my hands from becoming cracked and sore. I have tried so many other different hand creams but this is my favourite.

  320. Sarah Lupson-Darnell

    I encountered Valentte at the Grand Designs Show last year, picking up a sample of this hand cream. And WOW! what a sample. So often you pick up samples at these shows and they are disappointing, but this stuff was amazing! A fantastic scent and REALLY REALLY GOOD for your hands. A double whammy!
    So I just ordered a larger order online. Imagine my delight to know they were operating as normal during the virus lockdown! Very happy! Recommending them to my friends!

  321. Eileen Flux

    Lovely hand cream. Rich and rubs in really well. The scent is amazing and lasts, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and smelling gorgeous and a little goes a long way. Would definitely recommend.

  322. Angela

    Lovely scent and really creamy – absorbs well into my hands to keep them foft

  323. Penny Leask

    The best hand cream ever!! Lemongrass and Rosemary is such a wonderful fragrance. It absorbs quickly and effectively moisturises hands. I also use as a foot cream!

  324. Lesley GH

    Does exactly what it says on the tin. Have been using this for sometime but recently with the Pandemic and all this hand washing I realised just how good it is. Now have two pots one up and one downstairs, happily recommend to all my friends.

  325. Kay Carr

    Absolutely lovely have cream. Beautiful smell and my hands are so soft. You only need a tiny amount too. It’s fabulous x

  326. katieastrachan

    Best hand cream ever! Have previously tried loads of ridiculously expensive, luxurious creams from all over the world in the hope of finding one that actually works- but failed thus far. Other creams seem to sit on top of the skin and not actually do anything. This stuff is nothing short of magical! I love the packaging (easy), the product (it actually works and absorbs onto the skin without leaving any greasy residue) and the smell is Devine!!

    Smells have memories and this one reminds me of vacations in Mexico. When you walk into our favourite hotel this is what you smell! The fragrance is long lasting to! My boyfriend actually hugged me and commented on how I smelled like Mexico- it’s jus perfection! Great fragrance- great memories- i adore this product!

    Will be stocking up on all the lemongrass stuff for sure

  327. Caroline Neill

    I picked up a sample of this handcream at the Great Yorkshire Show last summer and could feel how hydrating it was as soon as I used it. My daughter, a midwife, was complaining about how sore her hands were after washing them incessantly at work and so I gave her the sample. She loved it and I managed to track the company down from the small amount of information I had (I only gave her the pot and threw away the card!). I have since then bought many pots both for her and me and we find it refreshing to smell and incredibly hydrating without being greasy. Thank you.

  328. teresa.h

    This is one of the beauty buys I cant be without. I garden and have an allotment so my hands get some rough treatment and this really soothes and hydrates. I think its a bargain especially if you buy as part of a box. You only need a small amount to be effective so it lasts ages. I love all the scents but this is my favourite. Makes a great gift and I have converted a friend who I gifted it to.

  329. Stephanie Scouller

    Fantastic hand cream, I have been using this product for a while at home and I now have this pot in my car to use when I am out and about, keeps my hand lovely and soft and ofcourse smelling great!

  330. Stella Waterer

    This is a really delicious hand cream. I received it first as a present fromone of my daughters on Mothering Sunday, but have since bought some more just for me.I Iove the perfume, it is so refreshing. Can’t wait to introduce friends to it.

  331. Carol Mitchell

    Just love the smell of this lemongrass and rosemary hand cream and the texture of it feels lovely on my skin

  332. Andy

    Amazing hand cream. With all this hand washing currently, this cream has kept my hands smooth and soft. The fragrance is lovely and fresh.

  333. B Anderson

    Absolutely the best hand cream I have ever had. In normal conditions in winter my hands are dry and the skin gets cracks . This is partly due to the cold weather but also because I am careless about using hand cream. I use this cream properly because I love the perfume so much and have discovered it does a wonderful job- my hands are soft and smooth. This , despite the constant hand washing these days. Will not use anything else in future.

  334. Elizabeth Sunderland

    I discovered Valentte at a Christmas fair at Ripley castle and was given a free sample of the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream. The sample didn’t last long. Every time I used it someone asked what that gorgeous smell was and I let them use some. Its not just the smell though. I have very dry skin and psoriasis and it really has made a difference. My hands are much softer and less redeemed by psoriasis. I definìtely need to buy this product and experiment with others in the range. What a great find.

  335. Debbie Vanner

    Wow this is an amazing hand cream it has transformed my hands completely and smells so refreshing !! I have been helping my husband lay a patio shovelling rubble and sand which has made my hands so dry and cracked. This hand cream has brought them back to normal.

  336. Ginny

    Need this on a monthly order, this handcream is simply the best and lifts my mood every day
    Thank you valentte

  337. Edina

    I obtained a free sample at the ideal Christmas show and didn’t use it until a few weeks ago. I wash my hands a lot at work as most people now do. When I applied the hand cream after washing my hands I got quite a few compliments on the lovely smell. Of course my colleagues wanted to sample this lovely smelling cream. I had to politely decline as it was only a small sample but I did tell them the name of company and fragrance. After finishing my sample my hands felt so much better, softer and not as dry. I went ahead an ordered a full size hand cream and have been using it ever since. I have not been disappointed. I can’t wait to try other scents.

  338. Karen Twohig

    Was given a sample of this at Cheltenham. Amazing- the best I’ve ever used. Purchased the full size as soon as the sample ran out. Smells fabulous and hands are so smooth

  339. Debbie

    Such a rich moisturising hand cream, just what my hands needed. I love the fresh long lasting lemon fragrance, it’s so refreshing.

  340. Karen King

    Absolutely amazing love the smell of the lemongrass 😍

  341. Sue Appleton

    This hand cream smells Devine but not only that it feels very luxurious. Worth the effort of ordering rather than throwing another brand straight into your trolley at the supermarket. That is no where as nice 👍

  342. Louise Gibbs

    I was given a sample of this hand cream at a show and loved it so much ordered a larger pot.

  343. LizKeene

    This is a first class hand cream with superb scent which lasts and certainly keeps hands moisturized longer.
    I bought 2 boxes as gifts and will be ordering more.
    Liz, worcs.

  344. Chris

    This hand cream rubs into the hands well and leaves them feeling soft and moisturized- I adour the aroma of the lemongrass and rosemary and it is so long lasting.

  345. Chris

    The last review should have been 5 stars

  346. Kelly

    Love this hand cream. First got this as a free sample when bought a different scent. Always get this one now. It makes hands so soft and especially now with all the washing.

  347. lynnemannino

    I have been using the handwash & hand & body lotion in this wonderful scent. It makes the whole bathroom smell divine. I felt a richer cream was needed for now & this does not disappoint. I love the products & the scent lasts right to the end.

  348. Marion Steer

    Whilst I was purchasing a lemon grass & rosemary gift box at the Cheltenham Festival in March this year I was given a trial hand cream. As I am washing my hands even more at present due to Coronavirus I have used the hand cream and it is keeping my hands lovely and soft and the smell is so calming. So I have purchased a full size pot.

  349. Lorelle Berkeley

    This is a beautiful product. It feels lovely on my skin. I got it as a gift from my husband. I liked it so much that I ordered another one as a gift for a friend.

  350. Katherine B

    I love this hand cream. It makes my hands smell amazing and leaves them feeling moisturised for ages. Will definitely buy again.

  351. JACKIE

    Lovely fragrance and the cream is very light and soothing. Makes your skin do soft and I use it along with the hand wash. A great product!

  352. Sally Howarth

    I was given a sample at Olympia, loved the scent and decided to treat myself. It’s a really nice light hand cream that absorbs well and doesn’t feel at all greasy. Delighted with it.

  353. Carole Brunton

    Love this stuff – it’s the best value for money and smells delicious 😍

  354. Becci Pirie

    Lovely rich hand cream, a little goes a long way

  355. Ann marie Coyle

    Since finding this team at an expedition I fell in love. It’s the best hand cream. I have now bought it fir others. More than that the scent is so amazing. Smell is such an amazing thing for your mind and spirit. I have now bought the body cream and the room fragrance. The product lasts a long time. It’s worth the money and packaging is lovely

  356. Dawn Ward

    I was given a free sample of this hand cream at the Chatsworth house country fair in September of last year. I fell in love with the amazing smell and how soft it makes my hands feel. My daughter in law bought me a full size pot for my birthday. I have recently bought a gift box of the same fragrance for my sister’s birthday.

  357. Lynn pestell

    As a key worker my hands were really dry and rough but with this cream I have noticed a great improvement in the moisture of my hands and it smells Devine

  358. Lisa

    Best hand cream ever! So fragrant and moisturising. The scent is amazing and now my favourite hand cream!

  359. Karen

    Both the texture and fragrance of the lemongrass and rosemary hand lotion are exquisite – a real pleasure to use!

  360. janet.robinson0808

    As a key worker this hand cream is lush. It’s not oily and smells wonderful and makes yours hands feel good again. I would recommend this for anyone with really dry hands.

  361. Julie Oneil

    Oh my this is beautifully fragranced light as a mousse and leaves your hands so soft

  362. Yvonne Rose

    I visited the Malvern Autumn Show last year and was given a free sample of the Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream, the jar then sat unopened in my bedside cabinet for six months.
    I started loads of gardening again in March and my hands quickly became really dry, sore and cracked which is when I rediscovered the little jar of hand cream. I applied it last thing at night and the effect was fantastic, it’s so rich and creamy (not at all greasy) and smells just lovely, a real pleasure to put on. Within a couple of days of using the cream my hands improved greatly, I was really impressed. When the free sample was all used up I visited the Valentte web site and ordered some more, I was really surprised on how quickly my order was processed (especially in these troubled times) and my hand cream was received two days later.
    I don’t usually undertake product reviews but I just wanted to say well done to all of you at Valentte!

  363. Emma Doyle

    This hand cream is wonderful rich! It is quite thick but absorbs into the skin very well, and is long lasting which is perfect as I am a ceramicist so often have quite dry hands so after I finish work I make sure I use this hand cream to lock in moisture otherwise I can get quite dry and cracked hands, especially during the winter. It has an amazing scent, I often add some of the cream to my wrists also, as it is such a lovely smell!

  364. Lucy Grove

    I got a free sample at the Ideal home exhibition and fell in love with this hand cream it makes my hands feel soft .I would strongly recomend it to everyone

  365. Jeanette young

    Lovely quality and smell highly recommend

  366. Joy Brannigan

    Having bought 2 gift presentation boxes of Lemongrass & Rosemary at a Christmas Fair – one for a present and one for me, I discovered the wonderful efficacy of the hand cream. I was delighted, not only with the fragrance but with the texture and its absorbent qualities. I was drawn to the brand because of their use of natural products and am very pleased to say, I was not disappointed.

  367. Andrea West

    Love this hand cream, it’s the best I’ve ever used and the smell is so uplifting. I can’t stop putting it on which is a first for me as usually I struggle to remember to put hand cream on.

  368. Mrs Minto

    I was given a free sample of the lemongrass & rosemary handcream at crufts. It smells amazing and soaks into the skin. I’m washing my hands loads because of the virus at the moment. This sample really helped my hands. After ordering it was delv. on time. The handcream came in a lovely gift box that would make a lovely present. I would definitely recommend this product and I will be back to replace my order. Thank you

  369. Rebecca Wright

    Just love this – sanctuary for my hands, especially with all this handwashing! Found Valentte at Cheltenham. So pleased I did. Have quite alot of their products now and all are amazing

  370. Christine Malindine

    Smell delicious and creamy and leaves my hands really aoft.

  371. Pearl Floyd

    Love this hand cream smells delightful and rubs in beautifully without any residue greasiness.

    Picked up a free sample of this at a show last year.

  372. Barbara Allebone

    Really lovely, silky smooth and delightful fragrance

  373. Becky Handley

    Wow just wow. Absolutely love all the fragrances and the hand creams have been a miracle cure for my hands In the current situation. The fragrance lasts forever and I have had nothing but compliments about the aroma. Company and products comes highly recommended A******

  374. Lynne Winter

    I found these scrumptious products at Burghley horse trials, oh my the wonderful wafting perfume drew and my girlfriends to their stand. We were not disappointed once we stood at the stand . The most amazing smells coming from the products. We loved the bottles and the packaging for the luxury, top quality products. We ended up stocking for Christmas. I have bought most of the lemongrass and rosemary range and I particularly love the hand cream and reed diffuser. I know what my girlfriends will be having again for Christmas. Just love love love the range and just to mention you guys are so passionate about your products and you have every right to be proud.

  375. Anne

    I just love this hand cream. I use it every night and it is so rich and moisturising. I’m using it more often just now and it does really help to keep my hands soft.

  376. Jacqui Hinchliffe

    I tried this at a fair I was at And got a small sample to try and absolutely loved the smell. I ordered a gift box for a Christmas present and they were delighted ! I had some money for my Birthday recently and ordered myself a reed diffuser, candle and another hand cream ! I also have ordered 3 samples now to try some of the other fragrances 👍

  377. Chris Abbott

    I went to the Ascot Xmas fair with some friends, we were given samples of lemon and rosemary hand cream. We started to use the sample recently because of washing hands so frequently, our sore rough hands were soothed and you only need a tiny amount.
    It’s one of my friends lockdown birthday soon and as a surprise I have ordered a box of goodies for her. This includes a diffuser, hand and body lotion and hand soap dispenser as well as the hand cream.

  378. Claire

    Love the scent lemon and rosemary this cream so hydrating love it 🙂

  379. Heather Bartle

    Gorgeous fresh smell. Not too greasy love this hand cream

  380. Cheryl Whiteley

    Absolutely love this handcream, the smell is amazing . Thanks to being given a free sample at the caravan show at the Nec in Feb, I am now a a big Valentte fan !

  381. Patricia Valente

    Bought this for myself. May be more expensive that normal hand cream but worth every penny.

  382. Lavinia Hough

    Bought as part of a gift box and what a great hand cream, rich and silky and smells divine. A must for dry hands. Thank you

  383. patranger

    Discovered Valentte on Facebook, sent for some free samples and then bought a gift pack. When it arrived there was a sample of the Lemongrass and Rosemary handcream – wow! Such a thick cream that gradually soaked into my hands and left them beautifully soft, wonderful with all the handwashing we have to do at the moment! Will have to do another order!

  384. Lynne

    The best hand cream I have ever used. Wonderful smell,
    you only need a little bit. Essential for these times of frequent hand washing

  385. Sossie Morris

    The best handcream Iv ever used , really works on my hands which are now looking a lot better , a little goes a long way , so the pot will last ages plus it calmed my red sunburnt face down a treat , I will be back for more
    Thankyou very much 😊

  386. Margaret McLaughlin

    Gorgeous, scent lovely and texture top end I’d love this in jumbo size.

  387. Barbara Allebone

    Very pleased with this hand cream. My hands have really improved since using it

  388. Annie Johnson

    Recommended your products to a friend, bought her a jar of this and she gave me a patchouli and eucalyptus gift box!! Definitely try that trick again 😄

  389. Ruth Turner

    I love the scent and the non-oily feel of this wonderful hand cream. I’ve bought it as a present for several friends already!

  390. Jo Webb

    Was handed a generous free sample of your lemon grass hand cream at the Ardingly showground a year ago, thank you. I really like it. The depth of the cream and the lingering scent is a must.
    Where can I purchase it?

  391. Daniele Robinson

    Fantastic product! Hands felt smoother straight away!

  392. Kate Concheiro

    This handcream has a gorgeous scent and leaves my skin feeling very soft. Also noticing improvement in the condition of my nails. I rub this into my hands before I go to bed and my husband always remarks on the lovely smell!

  393. deborah loosley

    This hand cream is amazing, it is so rich and makes your hands really smooth and soft

  394. Donna

    I was given a sample pot of this by a friend and fell in love with the product, so much so that I bought myself both the hand and the body lotion. A non greasy formula that actually works. Working outside all year round means my hands are a mess but since using this they have never looked or felt so good. Fabulous smell that stays with you which is a huge bonus.

  395. Ruth Turner

    This is my favourite scented hand cream from a gift box from a friend on my Birthday. It also doesn’t feel greasy on the skin which works for me!

  396. Pam Cheetham

    All three of the recipients I sent gift boxes to were thrilled to bits with them .They loved the perfumes and the luxurious feel of all the products

  397. So Shan Lam

    I didn’t think of buying the hand cream as I like those in tube but bottle. However, after I tried it which came as a gift of my order, I can’t wait to place an order for a full size one! The smell is my favourite and the hand cream is so rich and moisture. It can keep my hands so smooth and soft for a long time! I hope it can come with a tube in the future though! 🙂

  398. Ruth Bassett

    The scent is amazing & the product makes me hands feel so soft & moisturised. I absolutely love it.

  399. Joanne johnson

    This is my favourite scent out of all the products. I buy the hand cream all the time in bulk. It has been my lock down essential!

  400. M Bradley

    This is my second pot of this gorgeous product and I’m sure it won’t be my last. The smell and texture is a real treat and with all the extra hand washing we are all needing to do at present, this hand cream has been great at preventing sore hands. It’s Improved my nails as well.

  401. Marion Smillie

    This is the best hand cream I have ever used and for some reason makes my nails grow fast and strong Hand sanitizer had been drying my hands to sandpaper After just two uses my hands were lovely and soft Bought some for my daughter too and she loves it Great product

  402. Jean King.

    I came across your Hand cream at a christmas market and then at crufts. Purchased a speical offer at both events. I found the hand cream the best I have ever used as I work outside with the animals my hands do get rough and dry this hand cream makes my hands feel 100 % better straight away. Thank you for an excellant product and service.

  403. Jean King

    Love this hand cream by far the best I have ever used. Thank you excellant and the service brillant.

  404. Roz Brown

    Got a free sample at Ripley Castle Fair & just had to order more as such a good product

  405. Sarah Benson

    Just the Best hand creme. I got a free sample at the Christmas show and loved it. So rich it really softens the skin and if I put too much on I rub it into my dry heels and they are silky smooth now. The smell is gorgeous too.

  406. Elizabeth Cavin

    Lovely hand cream the lemongrass & rosemary has a lovely smell & it is not greasy.Leaves your hands feeling great.

  407. Christine Dickens

    My daughter and I came upon this hand cream having been given a taster sized pot at a Flower Show. What a discovery! A seriously moisturising cream which absorbs into the skin easily and has the most amazing uplifting scent. An absolute ‘must have’ product.

  408. Phil Ferguson

    Feels and smells luxurious fresh and clean. I’ll definitely be gifting this as well as using it myself

  409. Ruth Bassett

    Feels & smells gorgeous on my hands.

  410. Deborah

    Love this hand cream !!!First had a trail size and I am now hooked . Great rich cream that sinks into your hands . Found my nails are longer and stronger too .
    Gorgeous fragrance of lemon . Will be ordering for friends and family for gifts .

  411. Lynda

    This was my third order with the company in a matter of weeks, I’ve ordered several candles, room sprays and diffusers for myself and friends. I was sent a sample of the hand cream with one of them and just had to order a couple of those too!
    I love all their products because they use natural aromatherapy oils, so not only do they smell amazing but they also make you feel good too…… without any of the nasty chemicals.
    The customer service has been terrific and the standard delivery has been good.
    The hand cream is really moisturising and comes in a glass jar, the packaging is great too and their use of plastic is minimal.
    Love Luke’s blogs too I find them really uplifting and honest.
    Thank you x

  412. Jan insch

    Amazing my hands feel very well nourished and the smell is gorgeous

  413. Julie Rose

    Thoroughly recommend the hand cream. The smell is gorgeous and my hands feel moisturised all day long. A little bit goes a long way.

  414. Emma painton

    I love the smell of this hand cream even my 10 year old son uses it , had a sample last year when at blenheim palace, loved it so much decided to buy a big pot .

  415. Jennifer Davies

    This hand cream smells wonderful and makes hands feel moisturised . Importantly it has made my nails harder and the growth is the best I have ever achieved with any of the most expensive nail hardening treatments.

  416. Diana

    I loved the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser and hand wash so much I bought the hand cream and was not disappointed – it smells wonderful, really uplifting, and is very moisturising without being too heavy. Would definitely recommend!

  417. Linda Bateson

    First tried this hand cream at Grand Designs Show held at the NEC Birmingham.
    I love this hand cream, my hands are constantly being washed (I am a nurse ) and are rather dry, this is quickly absorbed and smells fabulous.

  418. Jackie Stapleton

    What can be nicer in times of constantly washing our hands than this hand cream, it smells divine and keeps my hands soft, thoroughly recommended and delivered quickly so hardly any waiting time, makes a lovely gift too!

  419. Mimiz

    the smell is amazing, it reminds me of fresh lemons in hot towels. So relaxing and soothing, I love the intensity!

  420. Wendy

    Lovely fragrance and as we need to wash our hands so often this hand cream moisturises and softens. After ordering my gift boxes over the phone I was delighted at how quickly they were delivered and such helpful staff. Will recommend these products to friends and relatives. Thank you.

  421. Sheena Robertson

    This has to be one of the best that I’ve tried,will order again

  422. Christine Murrell

    I first discovered Valentte at Burghley Country Show. The stall was absolutely crowded and when I eventually managed to get a free sample of hand cream I understood why! I have very dry hands and most hand creams are too greasy and slide acrosss the top of my skin. Not so for the beautiful Mandarin and Grapefruit hand cream I tried. It is very creamy and seems to penetrate and soak into my skin rather than just sitting on the top. I went straight back to the store and bought several gift boxes after spending ages sampling all the beautiful scents on offer. I have since sent boxes as presents and ordered others for myself and to give away locally during the pandemic. Lemongrass and Rosemary is currently my favourite but I also love the perfume of nutmeg. Perhaps I will save that for Christmas! My recent gift went to a friend for her birthday who was thrilled with the hand creams and body lotion. The gift boxes are beautifully presented and she said she felt very pampered which was just what she’s needed after weeks of not being! Definitely to be recommended.

  423. Karen Mc

    I was given two items from this range as a Xmas present and have just re-ordered as the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary is absolutely wonderful. The diffuser smells beautiful, is strong and lasts for ages. The delivery process is really quick and the customer service was brilliant. Sadly, my package was damaged, but no problem for Andy, who I spoke to. Sorted by the following day. The pick and mix offer they have at the moment is great value. Bought two lots! Many thanks Valentte.

  424. Helen Barker

    Nice packaging, feel like I’ve treated myself. Take the lid off the jar and enjoy the luxury of divine smelling cream, with a thick consistency that quickly absorbs into the hands, leaving them lively, hydrated and soft..with the added bonus of a gorgeous aroma.

  425. June Chamberlain

    I have been delighted with my hand cream and diffuser plus my free samples. Love the fragrance my hall smells great. Will certainly be ordering again.

  426. Maria Brightman

    Love my hand cream, the scent is wonderful. Excellent service. Highly recommend.

  427. Maria Brightman

    Hand cream is so luxurious and the scent is amazing. Excellent service, highly recommended.

  428. Chris Rice

    Amazing hand cream,smells divine,defiantly recommend this

  429. Patricia Valente

    This is the best hand cream ever!! The smell is absolutely gorgeous and lingers. It leaves hands feeling really soft and smooth.

  430. Marion

    Love this Handcream, leaves my hands very soft. I am trying to persuade my husband to use it.
    Also like it’s in a glass jar not plastic. I wish however it’s packaged in a individual box.

  431. Bernadette Tatton

    Beautiful scent and a rich and nourishing hand cream. I actually bought this as part of a present for a birthday present, but have bought it before for myself and can highly recommend

  432. Lisa Pond

    I love this hand cream . It is not greasy and it moisturises your hands so well .The smell is divine and leaves your hands so soft . I discovered this wonderful company through a friend

  433. Jean Smith

    I was given a sample of this hand cream with an order I had placed. At the time my hands were quite dry and what a difference this cream has made. I absolutely love the fragrance too.

  434. Kim Brain

    Wow, got this has a free sample with a few other items and was really impressed with how my hands looked and felt. Will definitely order some for myself and a few family members for Christmas presents.

  435. Julie Allott

    Indulgent hand cream really nourishes dry hands and smells wonderful another top product from Valentte !


    This hand cream is not greasy, absorbs easily and the fragrance is lovely.

  437. Cassandra

    A lovely scent! Will buy again.

  438. Alex Crawford

    Absolutely love this hand cream..
    Use last thing at night and the smell is wonderful to doze off to …as well as making hands and skin feel supple and nourished..
    Will be ordering more..

  439. catherine

    This is beautiful and a little goes a long way.

  440. Susan

    Lovely, soothing hand cream with a gorgeous perfume. Premium product, good value – especially as part of gift box.

    I discovered this brand on Facebook and am pleased with all I have bought.

  441. John Wootten

    Very refreshing scent and easily absorbed. You cant go wrong.

  442. Margaret Godbehear

    Very pleased overall with service and packaging to give as a gift.

  443. Michelle

    I first got involved with this product when I picked up a free sample from a Harrogate Show.

    I have since purchased the haandcream as well as the red diffuser….omg I just love the smell. It is quite strong so just use less reeds but I love it, definitely highly recommend.

    Also you can purchase 3 sent samples if your unsure what fragrance you would like, it’s just 99p for delivery and great to find out what other fragrances you like, from doing that I also purchased the rose, the peppermint and eucalyptus. I not opened the red diffusers yet but the samples smelt great

  444. Ann Goddard

    A really rich and soothing hand cream to use any time of day but especially at night when it really nourishes my hands ready for the day ahead of frequent hand washing.

  445. Debra

    smells beautiful lasts a long time, not greasy.

  446. Rachel

    This hand cream absorbs really well and leaves my hands not only feeling soft but my hands have a lovely scent to them which I can smell for quite a while. A little goes a long way.

  447. Sandra Douglas

    Feels nice and leaves hands soft, isn’t sticky at all, unlike some hand creams. Lots of people said it was their favourite fragrance unfortunately not mine, but that’s down to personal preference, each to their own, I’ll try another fragrance another time. Does what it says so would definately buy again. Unfortunately I never received the samples Isent off for so will find it more difficult to find my favourite.very handsomely packed and quick delivery. Overall very pleased.

  448. Robert Murray

    This cream also smells lovely and leaves your hands nice and soft.

  449. Kim

    Got a sample of this hand cream with a trio box and was so impressed I ordered some more. The smell is so sharp and refreshing and leaves my hands feeling soft and hydrated for ages.

  450. Anne Cauwood

    Gorgeous item, beautiful fragrance. I am so pleased I discovered Valentte products.

  451. Amanda Gray

    Absolutely love this hand cream. My hands were really dry after using hand sanitizer constantly, this fabulous hand cream left them really smooth, and the smell is divine. Will purchase more when this runs out!

  452. Marian Ferguson

    Wonderful cream that smells heavenly and leave my hands nourished

  453. S.Wilson

    Lovey feel to hand cream not too greasy and long lasting smell

  454. Gillian Miller

    This is lovely hand cream the scent is wonderful, it is really easily absorbed and is fantastic for dry hands, could not recommend highly enough, try it you will not be disappointed.

  455. Deborah Keating

    Just an amazing product . This handcream is so rich and creamy and has truly made my nails so much stronger . My hands are not dry anymore .
    I have recommend this to all my friends !

  456. Me Serena

    Love this product so much! I received a small sample in a goody bag and loved it. Will definitely be ordering again the smell is divine and packaging beautiful.
    Fast delivery despite Covid .

  457. Niki

    I love, love ,love this hand cream!
    The feel is great and the smell is delicious!
    Can’t wait to try the other scents

  458. Lisa Everett

    This handcream smells divine and is rich and creamy without being greasy. Makes my hands so smooth

  459. Cheryl

    I first came across Valentte at a Country Fair where I purchased a pre wedding gift for my daughter. It went down a treat. I have now tried a few products myself, this hand cream being one. It is the most beautiful hand cream I have tried and keeps even the driest of hands soft.

  460. Karen Eeles

    I was given a sample of this cream at a Top Drawer show in London and loved the smell. I bought two pots recently and lost one to my husband unbelievably !! Will be ordering more soon, perhaps my grown up sons can be converted.

  461. Sue Gevaux

    Lovely rich cream with great scent. Using my free sample and purchased another for a friend as part of mixed gift box for special birthday. Discovered Valentte from online advertising/email. Looking forward to using products in my new home

  462. megio-cooper

    Best hand cream around saving my hands at the moment and smells lovely

  463. Elizabeth Hockney

    This hand cream goes everywhere with me. Not only does it smell wonderful but it is so effective. Dry hands are a things of the past.

  464. Maureen Taggart

    Wonderful hand cream. I keep it in the kitchen so that I can use it regularly and my hands have never been softer.

  465. Jude

    I absolutely love this hand cream. It smells divine and really feels luxurious. My hands really do love it, especially at the moment with all the extra hand washing due to covid. I would highly recommend.

  466. Barbara Wells

    I discovered this wonderful hand-cream after being given a sample at an RHS show.
    Love the texture and the perfume and it keeps my hands well moisturised.

  467. sally.deung

    Amazing texture and fragrance – am completely in love with all the Valentte products after getting some as a birthday present. Would highly recommend them!

  468. Patricia Valente

    This hand cream is the best I have used. The smell is amazing. I originally received a sample so I kept the small container and keep filling it up so that I always have this hand cream in my bag wherever I am.

  469. Alison McAleer

    At first sight I thought the tub looked small and it wouldn’t last long, but a little really does go a long way. It smells gorgeous, and I am using it alongside the hand wash – feels like luxurious products, and the packaging is fab as well. I also love the fact you can get samples – a great way to try the different fragrances.

  470. Kath Kearney

    This is absolutely gorgeous hand cream. I first received a sample at a Country Living Show and the smell was amazing. Whenever I put it on people comment on the scent and I end up passing it around for everyone to try. I now have the full size hand cream and refill my sample pot to keep in my handbag. As well as a lovely moisturising hand cream it’s a great pick me up when I need to be energised!

  471. Lyn Howell

    This wonderful hand cream is the only one that stops my hands from getting chapped in the winter. As it smells so gorgeous I use it all year round. Introduced to the product at the business design centre, with a free sample.

  472. Jenny Keeling

    Love, love, love this hand cream. The smell is so fresh and the cream is really rich. It makes my hands look younger, feel softer and smell amazing. As we are all washing our hands more often and using hand gel, my hands are much drier and sensitive than usual, same for my 8 year old daughter. This is the only cream that will not irritate her skin when it’s sore, not even E45 helps! Amazing cream, definitely recommend.

  473. Liz

    Very luxurious!

  474. Sharon Smith

    This hand cream is gorgeous the smell is amazing. With all the hand sanitiser I am using at the moment it is drying my hands out so much but this hand cream is great, it makes my hands so soft. Will be buying more.

  475. Donna Dorrell

    Amazing product beautiful fresh smell it makes having to look after your hands a real pleasure.

  476. Lynn Booth

    Bought as a gift (not for the first time) for someone who adores these products. Lovely smell and so nourishing.

  477. Terena Sage

    Not only does this smell divine it leaves my hands feeling moisturised and soft and not greasy

  478. Jane Greenwood

    Washing hands all the time this hand cream is amazing leaves my hands so soft and a lovely smell

  479. M Kirtlan

    Great Hand cream it’s up there with the likes of Moulton Brown, makes your hands feel amazing and smell is gorgeous. My favourite by far is the lemon grass, so fresh

  480. Sandra McDonough

    Lovely moisturising hand cream that’s light and very quickly absorbed.Leaving my hands soft and nourished with no greasy residue.

  481. Jane Anthony

    Love the handcream. Makes your hands so soft and the smell is wonderful.

  482. Val Gerrard

    I love these products. The hand cream is the best I have ever used, not only because of the perfume not overpowering, just right but the fact that a little goes a long way and sinks in very quickly. No waiting for ages before you can do anything with your hands. I am a fan.

  483. rmkimages

    I discovered this Hand cream when my manager was putting some on and it was the most beautiful smell (even through my COVID mask), so I just had to order some for myself. It arrived in luxurious but eco friendly packaging and is such a wonderful product.

  484. sue

    I have been using Valentee hand cream lemongrass for over 2 years it is absolutely fantastic – goodbye to dry hands – don’t waste your money buying other brands.

  485. Beverly Walters

    I absolutely love this hand cream. The smell is gorgeous and it makes your hands so soft. Perfect for keeping your hands in good condition especially with all the extra hand washing.

  486. Allison Eustace

    Discovered Valentte products 6 months ago and now hooked. The lemongrass and rosemary hand team is gorgeous.

  487. Jill

    Introduced to Valentine by a colleague. Loved the trial size scent of Lemongrass & Rosemary so this Hand Cream is the perfect treat!

  488. Paula Moss

    I am so thrilled with my purchases including a box of Lemongrass & Rosemary products, I actually bought 4 boxes of all different scents. They arrived beautifully packaged & the perfume from the boxes is amazing. I will definitely be ordering again as I am so pleased with them all. I’m so glad I saw you on Facebook ,which to be fair I was a little wary of but my fears were unfounded! I’m sure the recipients of the boxes at Christmas will be equally as pleased as I am. Thank you Valentte.

  489. Susan Stevens

    Every time I wear this someone comments on the wonderful smell. You only need a small amount and the fragrance lasts for ages and your hands feel super smooth.

  490. Sara

    I received this delightful hand cream from a dear friend last Christmas, I introduced it to another friend (who this purchase was for) as she loved the texture, smell & the soft feeling it gave to her hands. Thank you for a beautifully wrapped gift, I shall enjoy giving it to her.

  491. Lorraine Johannesson

    I actually bought a handcream in each of the scents and was really impressed when they arrived in a beautifully presented box.
    The texture and smell of the handcreams are wonderful. A lovely present to receive and an even lovelier treat for yourself!

  492. Marguerite Bambrough

    Have only just started using the lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream. It smells devine and has a nice texture. Would prefer to have had it in a tube as I don’t like putting my fingers into a jar.

  493. Yasmin Rahemtulla

    Amazing hand cream and smell. Anything by Valentte is amazing ! Just love this brand!

  494. patricia.polley

    I received my first order today and I am absolutely delighted with the quality of the goods and packaging. The candles smell amazing as does the hand wash/cream .
    I will definitely purchase from the company again as well as recommend the company to friends and family.
    Kind regards

  495. janice

    Couldnt resist buying this for myself i love the smell lemongrass and rosemary

  496. Margaret Allsop

    This hand cream smells of what it is supposed to!. Strong fragrance of Rosemary, tempered by the Lemongrass.
    The consistency is smooth and silky and not too heavy. Wonderful!

  497. Kate Howard

    Absolutely love the scent which is very fresh & invigorating. The cream absorbs easily and leaves my hands feeling moisturised & smooth.

  498. Ceri Brown

    This hand cream is fantastic, it is so aromatic, rich and luxurious !

  499. Debbie Mulhall

    I first tried a sample of the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream at the Country File Live show last year. I liked it so much I placed an order to treat myself. Its a lovely product, smells lovely and it’s not at all greasy. Would really recommend anyone giving it a try.

  500. Jo Sage

    Lovely handcream, rich but not greasy and one of the best fragrances I’ve ever had. Ordered for friends this time. Originally got sent the wrong items but mistake rectified really quickly, no fuss. Great company to buy from.

  501. Helen Leedham

    A beautiful hand cream that smells divine & keeps skin soft & supple. Great delivery & service from Valentte , highly recommend.

  502. Deborah Mulhall

    I have been using Valentine products for some years now and decided having tried a free sample of hand cream to purchase a full pot. The Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream is beautiful. It rubs in perfectly and the fragrance is beautiful. I would recommend this to all my friends.

  503. A Jackson

    Was a Christmas gift. It smells divine. Like it so much I’ve brought myself another one.

  504. Marie Hall

    This company is totally new to me. I think I first became aware of it as it popped up on my Facebook feed. It looked really nice , consequently I started to read reviews. Couldn’t believe my eyes at the number of 5 * reviews. As a result I ordered several gift boxes for Christmas presents all of which have been well received. I ordered one for myself also along with the hand cream. As I spent over £100 I got 2 free gifts, a hand wash and a hand lotion. The quality of the products and fragrance of rosemary and lemongrass are absolutely wonderful. I am sure the other fragrances are just as good. I am now about to order the shower gel.

  505. Sarah Bridson

    Lemongrass and Rosemary Handcream is gorgeous.
    You only need a very small amount. It is rich, smooth and soon absorbed.
    The scent is clean and fresh, very lemony and lasts a long time. I am comforted that the product is vegan and not tested on animals.
    I first discovered Valentte at a friends house a couple of years ago. Her house smelt lovely. She used the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers. I fell in love with the smell which is now how my house smells and my skin. Beautiful, kind smells.

  506. Siobhan O’Byrne

    This is my favourite product the smell is amazing. I suffer from really dry cracked hands and this is working a treat

  507. David Field

    My wife is delighted with this product!
    She is a health front line worker and is constantly washing her hands and using sanitiser gel. At the end of the day she says this cream is heaven for her dry skin.
    Thank you ++

  508. Christine Barrett

    After finishing my lime and grapefruit hand cream I am now using my lemongrass and Rosemary.These hand creams are amazing as they are non greasy with the most wonderful fragrance.I love them so much that I have another order on the way as they are a lovely gift but not sure if I can part with them.These fragrances are so refreshing,totally organic and will be a part of my everyday procedure for some time to come.Thank you Valentte.So glad I noticed your page on Facebook x

  509. Marie Meaden

    Theses hand teams are wonderful, they leave your skin feeling very moisturised without being greasy. Fragrance is lovely and they are organic which I like. I would highly recommend Valentine products to everyone. Thank you Valentine.

  510. Marie Pierce

    This product is great. My hands were in a bad way due to work and then the constant washing of hands. This is first hand cream that instantly showed an improvement. Bonus is it smells great

  511. Louise Gledhill

    Lovely product, keeps hands moisturised, Perfect in a time when we are constantly washing our hands.

  512. Jill Hunt

    Absolutely lovely hand cream – lemongrass and rosemary – one of the best hand creams. Have been buying Valente since discovering it in one of the Countryfile slows at Blenheim.

  513. Penny Shutts

    Love the fragrance of this hand cream and it is very moisturising. I have ordered Valentte products before and have always been delighted. No nasty chemical smell.

  514. Maureen McIntyre

    I have to say this is my favourite Valentte scent so far. The hand cream provides good moisture for your hands, smells divide and is an excellent price for such a great product.

  515. Manda

    I have been given a lot of hand creams this Christmas, due to the current situation, and this one is miles better than any of them. Such great value. Thank you.

  516. Lisa Presland

    Lovely hand cream, the nicest one I’ve tried. The fragrance is gorgeous.

  517. Deborah

    Amazingly rich and soothing, long lasting effect, with zesty fresh fragrance. Everyone is getting this for their birthdays this year!

  518. miranda.goodjohn

    I got this for Christmas from my parents mum loves your products. I am a beauty therapist and this is the best hand cream ever I love it. My hands feel so soft and no dry skin. Thank you.

  519. Anne Wood

    Having had a sample of this which was in a small pot and very useful to take in my bag, I ordered the full size and one for a friend for Christmas. It smells so nice, reminds me of a spa! Very good for the hands and a little goes a long way… highly recommend!

  520. Carol Quick

    First tried Valentte hand cream at a gift fair.I really loved it & have sent for several of their other products all of which are first class.Wonderful perfumes & great quality.The hand cream has a remarkable effect on my hands making them look smooth & cared for & the rosemary & lemongrass perfume is wonderful.Keep up the good work Valentte & thanks for the great service. Carol Q

  521. Trudy Davies

    Amazing hand cream, beautifully rich and creamy a little goes a very long way! Smells divine too and the scent lasts really well. Very happy with my purchase. This is the first time I have shopped with Valentte I had always assumed they were expensive, but this is not the case. Will definitely be ordering more products.

  522. Alison Allen

    Absolutely adore this scent and the hand cream is so soothing, whilst smelling divine. I always have a pot of this in my hand bag and one to put on my hands at night. Love it!!!!

  523. Hazel Broomfield

    This hand cream is wonderful. It isn’t sticky and vanishes into your hands so quickly and also keeps then soft .
    So good I have ordered more and given it to some friends.

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