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Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash


Our lemongrass and rosemary hand wash smells amazing, but it’s how soft your hands feel that you’ll really love.



Total Reviews: 222
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash
May 22, 2018

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand wash smells amazing, but it's how soft... View

Handwash beautiful just wish it lasted longer.
Diana - avatar Diana
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash
May 22, 2018

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand wash smells amazing, but it's how soft... View

A really lovely perfume and excellent hand wash too. Am recommending to my friends!
Doreen Davison - avatar Doreen Davison
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash
Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash
May 21, 2018

Our lemongrass and rosemary hand wash smells amazing, but it's how soft... View

This is my second purchase of the hand wash and I will continue to keep it in my toilet as the smell fills the room and smells gorgeous on my hands too. All my visitors comment on how lovely it is. It is quite concentrate so a little squirt goes a long way and produces a good lather. I love it.
GIles - avatar GIles
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Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.


With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.

Size: 250ml
Use within 12 months of opening
None of our products are tested on animals


Aqua, Potassium Sunflowerate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerine, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, parfum * Linalool, Limonene

* Made with 100% natural essential oils.

Total Reviews: 222
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Your email will not be published.

Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.



With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.


Product Details

Size: 250ml
Use within 12 months of opening
None of our products are tested on animals


Aqua, Potassium Sunflowerate, Potassium Cocoate, Glycerine, Potassium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, parfum * Linalool, Limonene

* Made with 100% natural essential oils.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


222 reviews for Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash

  1. GIles

    This is my second purchase of the hand wash and I will continue to keep it in my toilet as the smell fills the room and smells gorgeous on my hands too. All my visitors comment on how lovely it is. It is quite concentrate so a little squirt goes a long way and produces a good lather. I love it.

  2. Doreen Davison

    A really lovely perfume and excellent hand wash too. Am recommending to my friends!

  3. Diana

    Handwash beautiful just wish it lasted longer.

  4. Victoria

    Bought this handwash to compliment the reed diffusers and room spray I bought as part of a gift set. The handwash has a lovely texture and a little goes along way and the gorgeous scent lasts well on your hands after washing. Will definitely purchase this handwash again.

  5. Jeanette kenyon

    I’m not somebody who can really afford to spend £14 on a hand wash but it’s very concentrated so 1 squirt is enough and, amazingly, it scents my whole bathroom. I love this product and have just bought my sister a bottle as a birthday pressie because she loved my hand wash when she came to stay for the weekend. I’m hooked! 🙂


    *5 stars*
    I received this as a free gift with my order of 2 gift boxes. I haven’t used this yet but I am looking forward to using it, although need to make sure the kids don’t get to it and waste it. It has a beautiful, light smell and I can imagine it will leave a lovely lingering smell after you have washed your hands. I will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends and will certainly be a go to for gifts and treats to my self.

  7. Susanne Foyle

    With with hand wash, I go to the bathroom to wash my hands even if I don’t need too! I just love the smell on my hands. I would not normally spend such an amount on hand wash but now I have tried this, I will treat myself, as a little, goes a long way.

  8. Bronwen Aprahamian

    Really struggled to give it to my sister as really wanted to keep it. Smells delicious.

  9. Susan Cusack

    Guests commented on this lovely hand wash over Christmas. The same lovely scent as the diffuser and candle.

  10. Louise Metcalfe

    This is one of my favourite things that Valentte make. I love the consistency and how much foam it produces but the best thing is that smell which lingers on my hands after I have tried them. My absolute musts are the lemongrass and rosemary range, none of them disappoints.

  11. Josephine Scott

    Love this LEMONGRASS & ROSEMARY Hand wash, I made an order for 2 gift boxes to get the Free hand Wash, disappointed that it was out of stock and received in replacement a White Neroli & Lemon hand wash, which I had already ordered in one gift box. still after all that, I do like the Neroli & Lemon. THANK YOU VALENTTE .

  12. Penny

    We first came across these amazing products at a country fair and became a fan. Recently I was looking for a special hand wash for guests and am delighted with this beautiful product. As always it arrived in lovely packaging and the quality and fragrance are exceptional. Thank you.

  13. Joanne Ramsden

    What a wonderful smell. Will last a long time. Don’t need to use a lot.

  14. Pat Steward

    I discovered Valentte quite by accident but I truly love your products and brought ‘Home’ gift boxes for my daughter and daughter in law to be for Christmas so they could discover your beautiful products. My 4 year old grandson loves the smell of the Lemongrass and Rosemary handwash and keeps asking me to smell his hands!! You will have a customer for life now. Thank you. P.S. I look forward to the email from Luke every week, always makes me smile.?

  15. danni.head

    I received one of your gift sets for Christmas (hand soap, hand cream and candle) and absolutely loved them. The scent is gorgeous and lasts for ages. I loved it so much I purchased 2 extra hand soaps as soon as mine ran out! Very good service, quick delivery and even sent me a free gift. I will definitely be purchasing from you again.

  16. Lisa Gorman

    After purchasing a lemongrass and Rosemary gift box at a Christmas fair as a Christmas present, I couldn’t resist and treated myself to candles, diffusers, hand cream and my latest purchase is the hand wash they all smell lovely. Very good service and a quick delivery. Thank you

  17. Richy Trethewey

    The smell of the lemongrass and rosemary is amazing. I have it in my downstairs toilet and when ever the door has been opened the rest of the house is filled with the scent. My house is small but since having this product, every guest has complemented on it.

  18. Lorna Wheeler

    I’ve been in love with your home fragrance products since discovering you at Cheltenham gift fair some years ago but this is the first time I have tried a handwash. It is superb. Stunning fragrance , which lasts in the bathroom and on my hands , and unlike many others I’ve tried it is really moisturising and gentle. A truly wonderful product.

  19. Jayne Kentwebster

    Smells gorgeous and you only need the tiniest amount as it lathers really well. Doesn’t dry out your skin like other hand washes do either.

  20. Yvonne Rolfe

    Gorgeous smell that lasts – great value and excellent customer service

  21. rk.turner

    I first bought your products a number of years ago at Holkham Fair. Loved the hand wash but you stopped producing it for a while. So pleased it is back and as good as I remember it. It will become a regular order of mine again now.

  22. karenwhitehead26

    I received one of your gift sets for a Christmas present and absolutely loved them
    I love it when I walk into my living room the lemongrass and rosemary smell is gorgeous, I have had a reed diffuser going for around 6 weeks
    And I love the room spray to match you only need a very small squirt that lasts for ages
    I have just ordered 2 more sets I love your products

  23. JS

    I really love this product. You don’t need to use too much each time and my hands smell great. I shall keep using it.

  24. Dianne Taylor

    Love this hand soap! It smells so good and you only need a small amount! Also it leaves your hands feeling so smooth.

  25. Lisa chance

    Bought a number of these products love the smell would recommend. First tried them at the spirit of Christmas and now buy them direct.

  26. Dianne Taylor

    Amazing hand soap that smells wonderful and leaves my hands feeling silky soft!!

  27. Oceana_900

    I received this hand wash free with 2 gift box purchases. Luxurious and a wonderful accompaniment in my bathroom with the Lemongrass & Rosemary Reed Diffuser

  28. Janice

    A beautiful scent – my favourite! I’ve bought this product as a hand cream and body lotion. The fragrance doesn’t diminish and that’s just fine with me!

  29. Debra Blyth

    I received this free with my box set order, and it’s lovely.
    Would recommend

  30. Nikki O’Hara

    This the nicest hand wash I have ever had. Not only does it smell delicious but it leaves your hands so soft.

  31. Heather

    One small free sample of this has inspired purchases of 8 pots and the recipients are now also placing more orders. It’s lush!

  32. crystaltips17

    The most amazing perfume that lingers on your skin long after you have washed…like delicious lemon sherbet crystals .

  33. David Coulson

    First time I’ve used this product, will definitely buy again

  34. Gillian Todd

    Valentte fragrances smell divine and their diffusers are superior to any others I have bought over the years. The oils last for ages and continue to smell lovely for around 6 months…. can’t recommend highly enough…. and make great gifts!

  35. Georgina Hopley

    Again another perfect product from Valentte . I just love the lemongrass and rosemary fragrances . It compliments well the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser . Will be purchasing again . Thank you .

  36. lynnemannino

    Fabulous product. I bought both the handwash & the lotion & I am above thrilled. I was confused for a second as the wash was labelled lotion but I soon realised the mistake. I will be re ordering. Can’t wait to try the other scents.

  37. Jayne

    I have been using the diffusers for a while now and got the rosemary and lemongrass lemon grass hand wash free with my last order. I had never tried it before but love it. That burst of fragrance every time you wash your hands is wonderful. It is more expensive to buy than other liquid soaps but as a treat is well worth it.

  38. edmontonkitty

    It is the best scent ever! I ordered the whole range and my bathroom smells divine.

  39. Debbie Byrne

    This is by far my favourite scent from VALENTTE. The first time i’d heard of the company was when I purchased a gift box last year at the Ripley Castle show which had diffusers in & now I buy the hand wash for my main bathroom. The liquid leaves my hands & the room smelling lovely & guests always say how nice it is. If you haven’t tried it yet I strongly recommend you do as it’s good value! Thank you Luke & the Team, keep up the good work.

  40. Andrew Wilson

    Have become a regular customer here after discovering the products at the Malvern show. Already had tried the, diffusers, candles and hand cream, so usually like a nice bottles scented hand shop in the bathrooms. I have a lemon grass and rosemary diffusers in downstairs cloakroom and so adding the hand soap has been great, lovely soap and great fresh and zingy smell.

  41. Kay Chilcott

    This hand wash is the very best. The smell is amazing. It is in my bathroom along with a lemongrass and rosemary diffuser………my bathroom smells so clean and fresh. I will keep using this as it is so nice.

  42. Sharon

    Another favourite from the lemongrass and rosemary range, thank you

  43. Elaine Hancock

    Gorgeous smelling hand-wash, feels like I’ve been at a spa every time I use it. Easy to order and prompt delivery too!

  44. Deb Light

    This hand wash is absolutely a must have! The smell is fantastic and leaves a lingering scent. W have this in our downstairs cloakroom it’s been commented on by everyone that has used it! My last order was for gifts for my mother in law and a friend who both commented on how nice it is. Very quick delivery and packaging great, arrived in a lovely gift box.

  45. Freya

    This hand wash smells amazing! Every single person who washes their hands in our bathroom comments on the hand wash!! You won’t regret it if you buy it! I would 100% recommend!

  46. Sue Sharp

    I am already hooked on the lemongrass and rosemary diffusers but the handwash is something I didn’t expect. The aroma wafts around my kitchen and lingers on my hands. Everyone comments. Beautiful.

  47. Heather Perrin

    Such a beautiful fresh fragrance and a really good quality soap

  48. Lynne Mannino

    Fantastic scent. Kind to hands. This is a replacement as I’m running out of my first one. Lasts ages as you only need a little.


    Not only is this a fantastic product like all Valentte products, the service is brilliant.

    All the products I have purchased have been loved by myself as well as those I have bought for.

    Keep it up guys, fantastic.

  50. niki jones

    I love the smell of this , got as a present or my friend who love the citrusy smells

  51. Helen

    I first .came across these wonderful products at the Hampton Court Flower show back in early July. Since then I have been ordering gift boxes for family and friends for both birthdays and Christmas presens. I love the lemon grass. I have a reid defuser in my wardrobe and all our clothes smell of lemon grass.
    Most recently I have brought the lemon grass hand and body lotion. I am determined to keep this for my self ! This leaves my skin soft fresh and smelling delightful.
    I am also impressed for the prompt delivery service.
    The other week i Emailed Valentte and had a very quick response.Thank you .

  52. Susan Smith

    Excellent product. Love the clean smell

  53. Mary

    Love this hand wash the smells is amazing

  54. Sheila stewart

    Love this hand-wash. Got it in my downstairs loo and people comment on the lovely smell

  55. Suzanne Lewis

    Beautiful hand wash. I bought this initially for its smell, lemongrass and rosemary are an amazing combination. It doesn’t take much soap to wash your hands, it leaves your hands soft and beautiful.

  56. Anne Galloway

    Smells gorgeous. Lasts a long time. Doesn’t dry out your hands.

  57. Dawn Rawson

    Delicious aroma . I bought it for my husband, he loves hand soaps . He can’t get enough of it , I think I will be ordering another flavour sooner than I think. It is really hard to decide which one to choose , as they all look so tempting. I discovered Valentte on the free website, that you mentioned you were mistakingly added to.

  58. Anne Hopkins

    I bought this for a birthday present for a close friend but I had to keep it for myself as I just loved the scent and the feel of it on my hands and it’s perfect with the lovely scented hand cream. My hands felt so good after using both. Definately a great purchase.


    I regularly buy the lovely Valentte diffusers and room sprays, but hadn’t tried the hand wash until now. I love it – soft and cleansing with a delicious fragrance, it makes my cloakroom smell divine. Shall be purchasing again.

  60. Jo Godwyn

    I love this fragrance, it smells really special, clean and uplifting, like lemon sherbert. Makes my hands feel lovely after using it. I’m a repeat buyer I wont buy anything else now.

  61. jenny

    Long lasting scent which leaves both your hands and bathroom smelling wonderful. You only need a small amount which is the mark of excellent quality so the bottle lasts much longer than you might think. Your hands are left clean, soft and fragrant. I love it. It always feels very indulgent. I first bought the hand soap as I buy the candles and diffuser in this fragrance which I love. I wasn’t disappointed.

  62. Vicki Petersen

    Love this smell, and the soap leaves your hands super soft

  63. Janet

    Lemongrass and rosemary hand wash.

    Absolutely amazing, beautiful smell , very little soap to wash your hand and leaves them beautiful and soft. I also bought the hand and body lotion as the two go together so well. A must have gift for everyone.

  64. Hayley

    This. Is. Ahh-Mazing!!!!! I love the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance but this is the first time trying the handwash, it is truly beautiful. If you want your bathroom to feel like a five star boutique hotel, get this immediately. It smells so clean and fresh and just oozes quality. The bottle looks great too. Also, if you have sensitive paws like me, this is really kind and gentle. Sometimes after using a handwash I can get little dry bits of skin in between my fingers. Not so with this paradise product. I love it!!!! Thank you Valentte!

  65. Denise

    Beautiful smelling fragrances,my daughter in law absolutely adored it

  66. Harriet

    Smells amazing! Fills my room with this lovely scent my fave of all! So many compliments 🙂 Beautifully presented and nice packaging

  67. Karen Daniels

    I love all the products with this fragrance !! My friends always comment on the fabulous smell and the wonderful feeling using this hand wash offers. It has become a perfect Christmas present for my ” hard to buy for” friends and i don’t have to wrap the gifts as the packaging is so beautiful.

  68. Sue Chappell

    Leaves hands smelling really lovely very soft soap

  69. Yasmin Nixon

    A beautifully clean and fresh smelling hand wash. Good quality ingredients and soft on your hands.

  70. Jill Hunt

    Lemongrass and rosemary hand wash. Very lovely hand wash but the thing that worries me is that we should not be using plastic but using similar in old fashioned soap.

  71. Sarah Norman

    I found Valentte last year at a xmas craftvfair in Cheltenham, tried their products and loved them. So far this festive period I have found them 2 more times and have always been greated with a smile. I really like all the products I have bought, so much so I have bought 2 gift boxes for freinds and family and have candles and reed diffusers around the house

  72. Sue Fiorani

    Absolutely love this hand wash, it leaves a lovely fragrance around my house, and my hands feel so soft after using it, definitely recommend !!

  73. Dennese

    Excellent quality. Brilliant value and I love the scent. I will certainly purchase again.

  74. Mrs. Elizabeth Goss

    Love this hand wash. It’s high quality with a great scent. Friends think so too & I have converted them to this hand wash!

  75. Heather Ord

    Absolutely love the smell of these diffusers have them all over the house, everywhere smells wonderful thank you

  76. Carol Garofalo

    Wonderful hand cream gorgeous smell and leaves hands feeling soft and smelling wonderful

  77. Vicki Heenan

    Everyone has been asking where we got this from, great product, amazing smell. You will get loads of additional orders from my friends and family!!

  78. Tracy Williams

    Brilliant fragrance and super quick delivery! Will absolutely be ordering more from this great duo! As seen at Olympia 2019

  79. Alice

    Came as a freebie with my order. So impressed with the quality and scent.


    Wonderful smell – stays on your hands for such a long time. Really like it !

  81. Val Clulow

    I absolutely love the Lemongrass & Rosemary hand wash and also the lotion too. They give off a fragrant and long lasting freshness which is definitely uplifting and stimulating when used.
    The service from this company is also faultless, very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  82. Sue

    Love the long lasting fragrance of this product

  83. Val Cousins

    Best hand wash ever,leaves hands feeling soft and smelling lovely.

  84. Lindsey Brown

    I put this in my downstairs loo. I’ve had so many compliments from my friends and family as to how wonderful this smells and how long the scent lasts afterwards.

  85. Jeanette M Meakin

    I recently purchased the lemongrass and rosemary hand wash and handcream as a gift it was beautifully wrapped and smells divine. My sister in law was delighted with it. I will be ordering some for my self. Jeanette Meakin

  86. Carol

    This is lovely. It smells gorgeous and is gentle on the hands. Another great product from Vallente.

  87. Annette

    One of the best hand washes I’ve tried. Makes my bathroom smell lovely. It was a freebie with my order but I’ll definitely be buying some soon.

  88. Margaret Engel

    Same fragrance as before but trying a new product.

  89. Johanna Duffy

    A fresh smelling and lovely hand wash. A great buy

  90. Karen Moore

    Got a hand wash for free with a Christmas order and now I’m addicted to it, it smells delightful and scents the bathroom when used, it feels so lovely on the hands. Such a pleasure to use, cleans softens and protects. Would definately recommend.

  91. Tracy Williams

    This is absolutely beautiful both in quality and fragrance. Knocks socks off more expensive competitors.

  92. Virginia Player

    My friend introduced me to your products after buying me a candle from the Olympia Horse show. I then ordered this hand wash. Which is lovely and smells so fresh. Friends have enjoyed using the bottles that I ordered for them.

  93. Peter Bertoncini

    I found it to be an excellent Hand wash smooth and the great scent. I discovered you as an exhibition I think it was a Christmas show

  94. Eileen

    Wonderful product. Divine smell.

  95. June Ferritto

    This hand wash has an amazing perfume,and lathers up so quickly, leaving your hands soft and smelling so fresh.

  96. nikijones16

    i just love the smell i have the difussers as well

  97. B Clarke

    I love all the Valentine products, nothing compares!
    I first was given a sample and have been using all the range since then as well as giving them as presents

  98. Ann Mcgurn

    I love the lemongrass and rosemary hand wash,it smells so fresh and makes my hands so soft. It also makes the bathroom smell good too!

  99. Lelder

    This hand wash has an amazing perfume,and lathers up so quickly, leaving your hands soft and smelling so fresh. It leaves a lovely smell even after you leave the room, very happy with this product

  100. janice khoo

    I love this scent, the soap is gorgeous, not drying and the pump works to the last


    Just smells SOOO fresh – love it!

  102. Heather Searle

    It smells so refreshing. Have the reeds too. Just what you need this time of year when you can’t open all the windows and doors x

  103. Pam Brimage

    This hand wash is so fresh you can almost taste the Lemongrass. It is gentle and in these times of frequent and more lengthy hand washing this is a huge benefit. Team this with the hand lotion and you will be as protected as you can be from this horrible virus that is decimating our world as we know it.

  104. Rowena Jones

    Since finding Valentte at the Country Living show Islington I keep coming back to your wonderful products for myself and friends.

  105. Karen Jeffery

    Love this hand wash. So many of my friends and family also commented how nice it is , the lemongrass is definitely one of my favourite fragrances and your hands feel so fresh after washing with this. One of the nicest hand washes I have ever used .

  106. Kazimiera Kaczmarska-Nelson

    I love the Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand wash. The smell is so fresh and uplifting. Originally purchased a gift box at the
    Country Living Xmas Fair and loved it so much that I ordered a further 2 bottles.
    I also received a free sample of the hand cream at the Fair which I gave to my daughter. She absolutely loved it as it made her
    hands really soft but also did not dry the nail area. I purchased 2 for part of her Christmas present.
    Ps: would love to purchase refills for the hand wash if this becomes available!

  107. Jeanne Lawrence

    Lovely refreshing hand wash.

  108. Ann

    I love this fragrance and getting my children to wash their hands is usually a struggle but this smells so lovely they want to use it. In the current situation it has been invaluable

  109. Karen Gillings

    Wanted a good natural hand wash to use during this awful time we are going through this one smells divine and my hands feel lovely and clean after using it.

  110. Liz Whiteman

    I buy this hand wash regularly and now buy also buy it as gifts for my family and friends as they all love it. The smell is amazing! Everyone comments on it when they use it at my house. I first discovered Valentte at the Royal Highland Show and have been ordering online ever since.

  111. mpazowska17

    This handwash is absolutely amazing. Kind to hands and smells heavenly. Highly recommend

  112. Barbara

    This is my favourite hand wash & visitor love it too

  113. Susan

    Excellent as ever

  114. Susan

    Always lovely and smells wonderful

  115. Julie Williams

    This hand wash is is lovely. I really like the Lemongrass and rosemary fragrance and it leaves my hands very soft. I like to use it with the hand cream. A real treat 😊

  116. Andrea Graham

    Lovely fresh reviving smell.Highly recommend this handwash

  117. Richard Miles

    Wonderful smell and very soft on your hands. Great at this time of frequent hand washing.

  118. Muriel Saberton

    This hand wash smells so lovely but all the products do from Valentte love your products

  119. Denise Mant

    Excellent product. Fantastic smell and highly nourishing to my very dry hands hence purchasing the hand lotion as well.
    I absolutely adore all the products sold by Valentte, they are fantastic. Well done the company for continuing to work in these surreal times .
    I discovered the company at the Spirit of Christmas fair.,

  120. Katy Gaudin

    I first tried Valentte products at Burghley horse trials. I absolutely love the scents. They are so full of flavour.
    The hand cream is luxurious without being greasy. The hand wash is stunning. Put the two together and your hands feel soft, cleansed and smell divine!

  121. Caroline Neill

    The hand wash consistently lifts my spirits as I smell it as I use it and the soap makes me feel as though I have thoroughly cleansed my hands – especially important as these times of Covid-19 and it’s dangers. Thank you! Great product.

  122. Elaine Rigg

    This is the first time i have tried this handwash, I will certainly order it again. Very moisturizing and the delicious smell, love it.

  123. Sw

    Smells great and foams nicely. Very happy with my purchase

  124. Veronica Glaister

    This is gorgeous my favourite fragrance and hands don’t feel dry afterwards

  125. Julie Kane

    Love this it smells amazing and so soft and gentle on your skin, especially as we are washing our hands more often at this time. I’ll

  126. hilary.east

    I have been so impressed with is product. It smells wonderful and lovely creamy consistency. Great value for money!

  127. Michelle Murphy

    Will never buy anything else, absolutely love this product!! Leaves your hands feeling soft and doesn’t dry your hands out as so gentle, no harsh ingredients in it

  128. Lindsay

    Love this hand wash, it smells beautiful and leaves hands feeling soft. First tried it at Countryfile Live and I keep coming back for more !

  129. Lisa Morris

    First encountered Valentte products at Olympia horse show a few years ago. Loved the gorgeous lemongrass & rosemary fragrance so bought a gift box to try and have been a repeat customer ever since! The hand-wash is perfect for my eczema prone hands! Doesn’t dry my skin and leaves my hands feeling silky soft. I’m usually not one to write reviews but feel so grateful to have found these products! Try the hand-wash and also anything else you fancy, you‘ll definitely be in for a treat!

  130. Joanna Woodward

    I’ve had this hand wash before and I love it. Also it lasts quite a long time 🤗

  131. CP

    First bought this with the matching hand cream at The Spirit of Christmas event. Absolutely love the smell – so fresh and the hand cream is wonderful too.

  132. JACKIE

    Beautifully fragranced hand wash which is kind to your hands and doesn’t strip away natural oils.

  133. Ashley Halls

    Gorgeously scented hand-wash with a fragrance that lingers after rinsing. It’s the only hand wash I’ve ever bought that has prompted compliments from guests. Special & luxurious.

  134. Joanne Humphrey

    In this period of constant hand washing I decided I deserved something a little special and purchased this and the matching hand cream. Both products are just beautiful, both in their scent and nourishing properties. It’s a pleasure to use and in my view knocks spots off some of the prestige much more expensive brands. I’m already a Valentte candle and diffuser convert but delighted to have expanded my range into their skin care x

  135. bevflett

    I absolutely love the smell of this handwash I love lemongrass as a fragrance anyway but you only need a little as it goes along way and my kitchen smells gorgeous afterwards

  136. Lorraine Lovering

    Excellent products I was bought some as a gift I was so impressed I bought some things for myself but also a present I found the smell really relaxing but also fresh excellent for personal use but also present

  137. Louise Attwood

    Amazing! Such a fresh lemon smell which stays on your hands for ages after washing. It’s also a really nice product, doesn’t dry your hands. My second bottle is already on order

  138. Alison Crute

    I work in a Gp surgery and received this as a free gift. My hands were so sore with continually washing this smelt lovely and I was so impressed I bought the hand cream to use after little things make such a difference these days

  139. Sue Deans

    I love this handwash as the smell is divine. I also buy it for my daughter: she has very sensitive skin and says this is the only liquid soap she’s ever used that hasn’t irritated her skin. So, win-win all round. Thank you Valentte!

  140. Sue Nemeth

    My daughter originally bought me these products as a gift and I loved them so much I bought more! The hand wash certainly compliments the hand cream ! I have other smells too not yet sampled those but I’m 100% sure they will be just as lovely!

  141. Pauline Dixon

    I bought the hand wash for my daughter-in-law as a present, she was so pleased I purchased one for myself and the whole family have enjoyed using the hand wash.

  142. Dinah

    A lovely hand wash, with nice smell. It is kind to my hands and not drying as some hand washers can be.

  143. Barbara Allebone

    love the smell and the texture

  144. Josie Marvell

    Such a refreshing scent that stays around too! Would highly recommend!

  145. Nic195

    Love Love Love this hand wash, it leaves your hands so soft and followed by the hand cream it’s just a perfect combination to maintain healthily looking skin.

  146. Morna Eddie

    My daughter in law bought me my first Valentte candle and room freshner and I absolutely loved the fragrance in my room, when it was finished I had to get more so I ordered the gift box in the same fragrance. I love the hand wash it leaves your hands so soft and the scent is gorgeous.

  147. Samantha

    If you are looking for a new hand wash – Lemongrass and rosemary will not disappoint. Such a refreshing scent that stays on your hands after washing.
    Yes, I would highly recommend this product and fragrence

  148. Graham

    We love this item, the guests that visit also agree.

  149. M Brown

    Smells just as nice as the reed diffuser I’ve had for ages. Good consistency so just the right amount dispensed

  150. Ann Bixley

    Great hand wash with a lovely smell


    This is the second time I have purchased the hand wash in this scent. It really is a beautiful hand wash and the smell lingers in the bathroom for a long time afterwards. I’ve purchased many products from this site. All have been good quality and well packaged. I had a problem with one order recently but it was promptly rectified by Andy at the office in Nantwich.

  152. Denise Oates

    Leaves your hands feeling lovely and soft. The smell lasts for ages. Excellent product.

  153. Barbara Allebone

    lovely, smooth hand wash, leaves the hands feeling soft, clean and smooth

  154. Anne

    This is my favourite hand wash! The scent is refreshing and clean, leaves hands soft and fragrant, and lasts for ages as you only need a little,

  155. J Hill

    This is my favourite fragrance at the moment both the hand wash and hand cream smell so fresh and the reed defuser really does freshen the room, I have been using this in my cloakroom and it smells amazing.

  156. deborah loosley

    This is my 6th order, everyone still loves this fragance

  157. Liz Reed

    Wonderful. Had not tried the hand wash before, however, chucked one in my basket to trial. LOVE it! When my other hand washes are empty I now replace with Valentte hand washes. This scent is the best. It’s refreshing and awakening.

  158. Sarah Howlett

    Totally love this scent ..best handwash I’ve used

  159. Mrs Margaret Ellis

    My oh my!
    I have used many different scented hand washes but this is just fantastic.
    Such a lovely scent and so foamy.
    Shall certainly purchase again.

  160. Gary Walker

    Lovely scent and great for a 20 second hand wash on entering the house.


    Although I have been a fan of the reed diffusers and candles for a few years, this the first time I have tried the soap. Absolutely beautiful product, the smell lingered on my hands and left them feeling soft and fresh. Packaging is subtle and will look good in any bathroom. A real hit with me, I will buy again.

  162. Gillian McCormack

    I’ve been enjoying Valentte products for many years but never tried the hand wash . I am now delighted to say the rosemary and lemongrass hand wash is wonderful! The fragrance is fresh and clean and most importantly, in this time of constant hand washing, moisturising. Lovely product.

  163. Susan Beal

    I gave a bottle of Lemongrass and Rosemary handwash to a friend a while ago – it seemed a random thing to give her but she was going through a difficult time and I thought the amazing fragrance would lift her spirits, as it always does mine. It was also the start of the pandemic when handwash when vanishing from the supermarket shelves so maybe not so random ! She recently told me how much she loved it and asked me to order her another, which I was very happy to do.

  164. judithhewitt900

    The most beautiful handwash I have ever used. Such a natural smell and left me hands feeling super soft. The scent lasted in the bathroom too which was an added bonus. I received this as a free gift with my order and will definitely order again. A real success!

  165. Geraldine

    I have tried a couple of the hand washes and this one is definitely my favourite. You only need a tiny bit and it leaves the bathroom and your hands smelling lovely. All my visitors comment on the smell and want to know where I get it from. Really uplifting.

  166. Carol Carson

    Great website, fabulous customer services, fast despatch, items very well packaged. What more could you want ?

    These luxury products are sold at affordable prices. The scents and the longevity of all Valentte’s products will ensure you are fully satisfied and become a loyal, repeat customer.

  167. Tracey Davies

    I have had so many remarks on how lovely, fresh and invigorating the smell Is from this hand wash. So much so I have ordered another bottle.

    I discovered Valentte at RHS Tatton Park last year.

  168. Crena Millen

    What a treat ! I have been using Valentte reed diffusers and candles for some years and they are marvelous but after receiving the handwash as a gift from them I am now buying that as well. At the moment when we are all washing our hand even more than usual its nice to have a bit of luxury and it is well worth the cost.
    Terrific products from a terrific company

  169. Jennifer G

    I have been ordering the diffusers and candles for a while. This is the first time I have ordered the hand wash and it is lovely. I will definitely be ordering this again.

  170. Jenny Eveling

    My first experience with Valentte products was at Hampton Court show and in my pack was a free sample of their hand cream, lemongrass and rosemary fragrance. I loved it , the smell and texture was rich and from there bought a large one for myself and as presents for friends. The soap I bought afterwards, and was not disappointed, again a lovely thick texture and beautiful fragrance. Definitely a good purchase. Love these products xx

  171. Jenny Eveling

    My first experience with Valentte products was at Hampton Court show, and in my show pack was a free sample of their hand cream, lemongrass and rosemary fragrance. I loved it , the smell and texture was rich and from there bought a larger hand cream for myself and as presents for friends. The soap I bought afterwards, and was not disappointed, again a lovely thick texture and beautiful fragrance. Definitely a good purchase. Love these products xx

  172. Jenny Eveling

    Love this soap, it is thick in texture and smells amazing, definitely my favourite fragrance. I have purchased quite a few to date and the hand cream is highly recommended too.

  173. Muriel

    This hand wash has a clean refreshing natural scent And lathers nicely leaving A lingering scent on the hands . It is quite expensive but a worthy treat for someone. I have useD Valentte products even more during Lockdown Because they feel so luxurious and thoughtful, nicely packaged and so far no delivery errors or delays. They have been very reliable

  174. andrea_atkinson

    This has to be the best handwash I’ve ever used. It smells divine and feels so silky soft there’s no need to use hand cream as well. A real touch of luxury – just hide it from the rest of the family!

  175. helen bird

    I absolutely love this product , the scent is beautiful . I also purchase the hand and body lotion and the diffuser as well as they compliment each other and leave the bathroom smelling divine. I always get plenty of compliments on this product and I had to smile when even my friends teenage son made a comment on how lovely it smells, which is totally out of character for him !!
    Great products, well done x

  176. Pat

    This hand wash is really lovely and does not dry your skin at all plus it smells divine.

  177. Amanda Sykes

    Amazing softness and beautifully fragrant, just love this hand-wash.

  178. Christine Brough

    The Lemongrass and Rosemary hand wash is just lovely! The fresh aroma of the product is just amazing, filling the cloakroom with its scents. I am hooked, love it, my friends and family will be receiving lots of presents this year from Valentte.

  179. Sue Brown

    I just love this hand wash, it keeps my hands really soft, especially as we are having to wash our hands so frequently at the moment.
    In fact I love all your products and would even say I am addicted. I discovered it a few years ago at an event in Yorkshire and have recommended to all my friends.

  180. Stephanie Robinson

    This hand wash and the hand cream in lemongrass and rosemary are absolutely wonderful, fragrance stays for a long time and keeps hands lovely and soft. This is the third time I have purchased these would definitely recommend them.

  181. Gillian

    Lemongrass and Rosemary hand wash is a true luxury. My hands feel so soft, even after frequent hand washing. The fragrance is fresh and clean and lasts for ages. I love it!

  182. Joy Smith

    This is simply amazing – best perfume I’ve ever come across in a hand wash ! Everyone comments how gorgeous it is. Highly recommended.

  183. Jan Harding

    The smell lasts forever in the bathroom!

  184. jools.warburton

    This is my favourite Valentte scent, had so many comments & compliments when guests have used it, would highly recommend

  185. Kath Downing

    I love this handwash, especially in my favourite fragrance.

  186. K Downing

    I received my previous handwash as one of your free offers, loved it so much included it in my gift set and sacrificed a diffuser on my recent order.

  187. M. gilbert

    I ordered two boxes of products from Valentte and was surprised to received them very quickly. Before I even opened the box they were posted in I got the most beautiful aroma from the Lemongrass and Rosemary. I was so pleased with the contents of the gift boxes which were beautifully wrapped. The hand wash is amazing and leaves your skin lovely and soft whilst the scent lingers. Will definately be ordering from this company again. Thank you so much.

  188. sonja day

    this is just a beautiful smell and product, used it first at friends and just had to buy one, really good quality and lovely to use

  189. Fiona

    A great lively scent that is also sophisticated. I use this as shower gel too, works wonderfully with the rich hand and body cream. A winner with friends too !

  190. Pearl Floyd

    The lemongrass and rosemary handwash is just lovely, very kind to your hands especially at the moment when we are washing our hands so much. Smells gorgeous too!

  191. Jayne Clark

    This lemon grass hand wash is very refreshing, kind to your skin, especially as we are all washing our hands more.
    Quality product and well presented.

  192. Dany Cotton

    The lemongrass and rosemary combination makes for a wonderful hand wash. Definitely my favourite scent combination.

  193. Mary

    One of my favourites The smell is amazing

  194. Barry Luff

    I love the scent which lasts long after you have washed your hands. A tiny amount gives a good lather and leaves your hands lovely and soft. I have bought this as a gift for several of my friends, having originally being sent a Valentte gift box as a birthday present myself.

  195. Jacqui

    This product is amazing. Feels good, smells lovely. Superb product yet again.

  196. Ed

    I love this hand wash – not only does it smell fab but leaves your skin feeling so soft and moisturised.

  197. Edelle

    This is fabulous and makes your hands so soft and the smell is amazing!

  198. katerina economou

    I keep this in my guest toilet and I always get my guests saying what a wonderful smell so I’ve got another two for stock

  199. Joanna Woodward

    This is a quality product. The fragrance is very pleasant, but more importantly, with all the hand washing everyone is having to do, this hand wash is very gentle on the skin. Have now ordered this several times.

  200. Ruth Bassett

    A free gift as part of a promotion with a gift box. Perfect accompaniment.

  201. Linda Johnson

    The hand wash has a lovely clean smell, it is also very economical to use. I can certainly recommend it.

  202. Alison

    Light and refreshing, but leaves a really lovely scent on your hands. Very good value. Would buy again.

  203. Moira Ronan

    O my I am obsessed with this product the lemon grass smells amazing your hand feel wonderful and the whole room smells wonderful every time you use it .xx

  204. Louise Attwood

    I love this hand wash, I’m totally hooked. It smells so fresh and lemony and is such a thick texture, leaves my hands feeling soft and smelling lush!

  205. Linda Johnson

    A lovely refreshing and clean smell. Very economical to use a little goes a long way.

  206. Kay Reid

    I ordered a few items and will review all I have tried so far. I will copy and paste most of the words for each to explain our start point! My partner and I are extremely sensitive to scents (aha, we are scentsitive!) so I was nervous about ordering online. To be honest I only did so because of the offer, thinking there was less to lose if we reacted. Second one, the Lemongrass and Rosemary Gentle Handwash. This one was a freeby with an order over a certain amount, presumably why the bottle is different from the one on the website. Lathers fine, smells nice, hands feel nice. I’ve only put ‘good’ instead of perfect because I’ve yet to see how our skin reacts over time. But we are hypersensitive and so far so good!

  207. Julie Adams

    A lovely rich fragrant hand wash. You only need a little and your hands feel soft and clean with a delicious aroma. Would buy again. This clearly is a luxury hand wash!

  208. Debra Down

    Smells divine, makes your hands super soft has been great to use with the hand lotion aswell.

  209. Valerie

    This product is a must have I’m totally in love with the lemongrass and rosemary hand wash the smell is divine and product leaves my hands clean and refreshed. I would highly recommend this.

  210. Samantha

    Quite simply the best handwash in the world! I have dry hands and they have really been suffering with all the extra washing of late. I was given this a gift from a friend who said it saved her hands! This handwash is unique in its feel – washed hands are left soft and moisturised and the smell is divine – using the handwash is enough to freshen the whole bathroom. Have bought more!

  211. Ali

    I was originally given this as a gift and now regularly buy it as well as gifting it to others. I tend to buy the hand wash and diffusers. This lemongrass & rosemary scent is probably my favourite, giving a beautiful, fresh & natural fragrance without being overpowering. The products are lovely and packaging really nicely presented. Well done Valentte!


    Love the handwash very economical and smells lovely

  213. Nikki higgins

    Wow this really makes you want to wash your hands . The scent is amazing and uplifting and lasts a long time

  214. Anne smith

    I love this delightful, fresh smelling hand wash . Cannot wait to try more products

  215. Kay Reid

    Lovely feel and smell. I have a very sensitive nose and skin and have not reacted to this. Personally I find it a teeny bit too strong for me, I prefer not to get a waft of scent when my hands go near my face, but that is purely down to my sensitivities. I think most people would love it. The smell is very fresh. Any hey, the scent reminds you not to touch your face in this time of Covid! 🙂

  216. Julie Parker

    I bought this to try in my bathroom. It smells lovely, and my hands feel clean and refreshed after using. Definitely recommend.

  217. Jane Taylor

    Delicious lemongrass fragrance which stays long after drying your hands.
    Makes my hands feel very soft too!

  218. Julie Oneil

    Leaves your hands gently fragrance and soft

  219. Jayne Caldwell

    I received this as a free gift with my order. Also received 3 samples of different fragrances which is so helpful when deciding what to buy😃
    The hand was smells divine – it looks and smells really expensive and you only need 1/4 of a squirt to produce a rich scented lather. I have sensitive skin and so far I’ve been fine with this and love the clean fresh smell on my hands after using it. Delighted with my whole order from the ease of ordering and the speed of delivery to the quality of products – give them a try…you can order 3 free samples (just pay 99p p&p – that’s what I did!😃)

  220. Jaq Whitelaw

    The minute I washed my hands I was surrounded by this luxurious smell, like I was in an expensive hotel spa. The aroma not only smells decadent but it lifts your spirits, with its stimulating refreshing scent. I ordered this in a mix and match gift box set along with the body lotion and hand cream, they arrived beautifully packaged. I have since bought a gift set for my friend’s birthday and she was delighted. I have bought many items from Valentte now and have told all my family and friends. I can not recommend more highly, you will not be disappointed.

  221. Diana Hamilton

    Your lemongrass and rosemary handwash is addictive – the fragrance is so gorgeous it makes you want to keep washing your hands!


    The Valentte hand washes are fantastic. They smell amazing and are not drying for hands, especially with all this handwashing at the moment. Guests who have washed their hands when visiting have all commented on the beautiful smell, and wanted to know where the products came from. I would gladly pay the extra few pounds to have the gorgeous scent in the bathroom over a cheaper hand wash, the Rosemary and Lemongrass is my absolute favourite but Neroli comes a very close second. Try them, you will be hooked!

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