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Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser


Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients and will scent your home for a minimum of 4 months with a stimulating and uplifting aroma.



Total Reviews: 2343
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
January 30, 2021

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Absolutely love this , so very fresh smelling ! Will be ordering more !
Jeanette Dodd - avatar Jeanette Dodd
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
January 30, 2021

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

I ordered a number of items the lemongrass & rosemary Reed diffuser smell is amazing. Mandarin & grapefruit candle I’m using the now smells so fresh. I was a bit sceptical about ordering as people say these are great and they aren’t. But I will definitely recommend as they are so good. Presentation boxes they come in are so nice, what a lovely gift
Angela Gallagher - avatar Angela Gallagher
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
January 30, 2021

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

I first came across Valentte a few years ago and absolutely love their products
The aroma from the lemongrass and rosemary Reed diffuser is divine, it lasts for ages and makes our home smell amazing. The candles are beautiful and last really well. I have been using the skin products for a while now and have recently introduced the eucalyptus and patchouli to my bathroom, it is lovely, and really boots a hot shower. I've given these products as gifts a number of times and they are always well received.
Helen - avatar Helen
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Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.


With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.

Size: 100ml

Looking After Your Diffuser

Flip The Reeds
Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.

Use The Right Number of Reeds
All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.

Direct Sunlight
Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.

None of our products are tested on animals


Scented with pure organic essential oils they fill your room with a gentle scent crafted to improve your mood and well being. Lasting for a minimum of 4 months.

Total Reviews: 2343
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Crisp clean and fresh ... smells absolutely amazing... i brought this defuser lemongrass & rosemary in the gift box as a present but decided to keep it for myself ... Will definitely be ordering some more.
Donna Barrett - avatar Donna Barrett
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Quite new to Valentte read reviews on FB and first tried lemon and rosemary Reed diffuser . The smell is fresh and light but great to walk in the room and enjoying fragrance lasting much longer than other more expensive products.
I bought my son the lemon and rosemary candle as he is working from home and he loves it .
I have ordered some gift boxes for Christmas and they are fantastic value . I was delighted with how they are so carefully packaged and even got some free samples to give me ideas for next time .
Helen - avatar Helen
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Bought as a gift. This smells lovely, very tempting to keep it. Packed well. Order process great and speedy delivery. Thanks will be ordering again
Jill - avatar Jill
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Love love love this fragrance! It makes a lovely change and wonderful in the kitchen. Lasts for ages too unlike others which just seem to evaporate very quickly.
Iwona Grimwood - avatar Iwona Grimwood
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

The lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser fills our apartment with a lovely fragrance. Delighted with the product and have ordered more. Highly recommend this product .
Elizabeth McDonald - avatar Elizabeth McDonald
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Can't explain how happy iam with this product smells devine smells my whole room fills up like I've stepped into a spa. highly recommended these products. And so beautifully gift boxed ❤️❤️
Maria Viglione - avatar Maria Viglione
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 5, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Lovely fragrance. Beautifully packed. Would make perfect present
Jane - avatar Jane
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 4, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Have been using this diffuser for a week now and all l can say is wow. The smell is divine, imagine a classy spa, it immediately lifts your mood, the scent isn't overpowering or artificial, just enough aroma to make a difference. Would definitely recommend these diffusers and purchase Valentte products again.
Lesley Nancarrow - avatar Lesley Nancarrow
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 4, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

The lemongrass and rosemary diffusers does not disappoint. A lovely aroma throughout my hall. Perfect pick me up for a cold winters day.
Thank you.
Nicola fraser - avatar Nicola fraser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
December 4, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Amazing smell that lingers and lingers.
Patricia Valente - avatar Patricia Valente
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Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.



With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.


Product Details

Size: 100ml

Looking After Your Diffuser:

Flip The Reeds
Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.

Use The Right Number of Reeds
All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.

Direct Sunlight
Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.


Scented with pure organic essential oils they fill your room with a gentle organic scent crafted to improve your mood and well being. Lasting for a minimum of 4 months.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


2343 reviews for Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser

  1. Amanda

    A lovely fresh smell and they last for months, excellent buy.

  2. Angela Cunningham

    My favourite. Recently opened and placed it the guest room. I love going in there for the fresh herbal scent.

  3. Janice

    Love this diffuser, everybody who comes in my house says how fresh it smells. Definitely be ordering again

  4. Fiona Hewitt

    This smells amazing! The fragrance lasts for ages and isn’t overpowering. Excellent value.

  5. Dawn

    Beautiful fragrance and very long lasting – love it!

  6. Kathryn turner

    Absolutely love love love this !! I have bought a set for my friends birthday she’s going to love it too! Such a fresh smell great quality last for ages

  7. F

    Beautiful fragrance, fresh and clean. Lasts for ages if you keep changing the reeds round. Really pleased with this.

  8. Andrea

    My favourite way if scenting my home. They last for ages and people always comment when they visit.
    Have recommended to all my friends and the gift boxes are always a welcome gift.

  9. Will Parsons

    Beautiful smell and lasts a long time too!

  10. Will Parsons

    Lovely smell and the product does last a long time too!

  11. Claire Bloor

    Absolutely love the smell and it lasts a lot longer than other diffusers I have used. Wont use any other product now as nothing comes close to the gorgeous fragrances and the amount of time they last.

  12. Diana

    As with the other reviewers lovely smell and it does last and last. One minor point with my last order I noticed that the liquid was less than the one I had before. Please keep the liquid levels the same.

  13. D Porter

    Oh I love this fragrance so much. Up to now, this is my favourite. Bought with the ‘boxed’ set, 3 items for £25 – excellent value. The diffusers last for such a long time. Purchased my first in July 2017 (at Carfest North) and it is still going. Gorgeous, natural fragrance that just lasts and lasts. The packaging is rather lovely too.

  14. Tiffany

    This diffuser is amazing, it’s lasts for such a long time and the fragrance is still going strong. I wouldn’t buy another brand now.

  15. Lynda

    As usual I find Valentte products excellent. My neighbours always comment about the beautiful, subtle aromas of my house. Also my friends have loved their gifts from your ranges. Hopefully they are purchasing direct from you now.

  16. Victoria

    Gorgeous fragrance that is lovely and fresh whilst not being overpowering. I bought two of these with a room spray as part of the gift set which was very reasonably priced. The gift sets will make fabulous presents and I will definitely purchase more for myself as well as for gifts.

  17. Rachel Gregory

    The most gorgeous scent; not at all cloying or artificial like so many other types. I bought mine before Christmas and, at the end of May, it is still only about half gone. Excellent value.

  18. Diane Roberts

    Geranium and Ylang Ylang – an absolutely divine mix that fills the room with a beautiful fragrance – I have used this for a few years now and fallen completely in love with the smell so much that I choose this as a gift for friends and family and now they too are hooked!

  19. Jennifer Brookes

    Gorgeous scent – every time I walk into the room, I ssy it to myself. Bought as part of a gift set – great value and a real treat.

  20. Jean Irving

    Lovely long lasting fragrance

  21. Vicky Furst

    A beautiful, refreshing natural scent that I never tire of. This is my third Valentte diffuser and I am so impressed with the quality.

  22. Carol

    Met you at Harrogate Flower Show. I bought the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and it is just lovely. The fragrance is really good and is obviously long lasting. Last year I bought some hand cream in white neroli and lemon – Just luxurious! Will be certain to buy again.

  23. Kate Villa

    This is my favourite scent – a wonderful fresh yet warm citrus. I’m a reed diffuser girl rather than candles and these just last so long – fabulous value and look great too.

  24. Lex

    This is so lovely. Our bathroom smells wonderful and everyone comments how gorgeous the fragrance is. Comes beatifically packaged so makes a wonderful gift as well.

  25. Lynda howard

    I am really pleased I discovered your stand and bought reed diffuser at Malvern show last year, along with hand cream, it is an amazing smell the quality is fantastic. Your products are far better than some of the expensive high street brands, you still have quality at fraction of the price. Welldone, will purchase more.

  26. Rachel Quartley

    As I walk into the house I can small the lovely smell from the diffuser in the kitchen. It fills the house and the diffuser lasts for a really long time. Love it!!

  27. Minnie

    Absolutely gorgeous
    Normally only buy Jo Malone and I’m now a convert!!! A strong and long lasting fragrance
    Bought some at Pub in the park
    Ordered another 2 straight after

  28. Catherine Harris

    I first bought your reed diffusers at Chatsworth Country Fayre. They smell beautiful and other friends have asked about them. I now buy them and the room fresheners for myself and as presents. They are ALWAYS greatly appreciated. Hard to choose between the different fragrances – they are all so nice.

  29. Rebecca Crossley

    Absolutely gorgeous scent fills the room and last for ages. New favourite brand!

  30. kimhazelmorris

    I love this fragrance, it leaves a really natural, fresh scent though the house and the diffusers really do last! I only change mine about every six months. Gorgeous and good value.

  31. kate.randerson

    A refreshing and delicate fragrance , I have several Reed diffusers placed these around the house.

  32. Vanessa

    Purchased a gift box at the Summer Homes and Garden Fair at Ripley. The salesman made me laugh and the beautiful smell of the Lemongrass and Rosemary made me smile. Reminded me of Lemon Verbena from Avon that I was bought as a child and the smell just makes me happy! A very pleasant experience all round!

  33. traceyamphlett

    This is the best reed diffuser by far. It smells amazing and lasts much longer than I expected. A fantastic buy x

  34. mummy_bear

    This reed diffuser smells divine. I think I might be addicted!

  35. Nicola McLeod

    This is definitely the best diffuser I have ever used. Absolutely gorgeous scent fill the whole room. Everyone that has visited has commented on the beautiful fresh scent.

  36. Laura Watson

    Hi recently purchased a gift box of your lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and candle set. I am normally a jo Malone fan but I have to say having used the products that I much prefer your. the scent is fresh and my home smells wonderful. will definitely be buying more.


  37. Westie0411

    Love this product the fragrance is lovely and fresh.

  38. Karen Roy

    Really good buy. Love the smell and is lasting very well, this one has been going for three months and is less than half gone. Great value for money especially if you buy the gift box.

  39. lesley.pert

    Fantastic product- my flat smells amazing. Well worth the trip back to buy it.
    Bought gift box of your lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and love both.

  40. Lynn

    A lovely fresh fragrance that fills the room but is not overpowering or cloying. Definitely recommended!

  41. Karin

    First bought this at a Christmas Show last year & absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fragrance , lasts for ages & everyone who comes to visit always asks what it is , have continued to buy again & again as nothing beats this for scent , DEVINE !

  42. ourkingdom1

    Amazing smell! One of the best I’ve got. Smells so refreshing definitely worth it

  43. capsfanolly

    This is the nicest diffuser I have ever bought, beautiful fresh scent have had several compliments from visitors ?

  44. Lynn L

    I purchased the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser at a show in London and then went on to buy a couple of your mix and match boxes too. The smell is just so unique, refreshing and not overpowering at all. I even have one on my work desk.. its that good! It might be a current pregnancy craze but I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more when I run out.

  45. Janed1234

    I bought this from the Good Food summer show at the NEC to put in my new caravan. My friends have been to stay and messaged me to say they need one because it smell so beautiful – I ordered the mix and match set for them. Delivery was quick and well packaged.

  46. Nancy Docherty

    Everyone who comes in loves this scent. A great diffuser. Have already recommended to friends.

  47. juld38

    This scent is amazing, it is refreshing and relaxing, reminding me of a Thai spa. I have now ordered 2 gift sets for presents and will be recommending this to my company who use another high end brand in our offices. This is way better and a really good price.

  48. Graham

    We love this item the sent is crisp & clean. Also the sent holds in any room it’s used unlike other company’s we have purchased.

  49. Nicola Orr

    I purchased two of these at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh this year. I opened them and placed them in my home before going on holiday. On our return the house was filled with a gorgeous fresh scent. An amazing treat to return to. Will certainly be purchasing more. Thanks

  50. Susan Harris

    First bought at Hampton Court flower show. I’ve had some many comments about the wonderful fragrance in my home.
    Definetly on my list for Birthday and Christmas gifts!

  51. Wendy Brown

    Lemongrass & Rosemary Range
    Visitors all comment on how amazing
    My house smells? thanks you valentte


  52. Alison Petherbridge

    A lovely fresh scent and as far as diffusers go, this has to be the best yet – the smell is as strong now as the day I got it! I have one in my downstairs cloakroom and have now purchased another one for my kitchen. Excellent product

  53. Wendy Brown

    Everyone that comes in to my house comments on the amazing smell ? L & R products are well worth the price

    Thanks valentte

    Wendy Brown

  54. Helen Arnesen

    Bought several of these as presents after discovering the brand at a xmas fair at Kempton Park last year. Got one for myself of course. The smell is divine, turn a reed occasionally for an extra strong rush of scent, wonderful ! This difusser has so far lasted longer than 3 cheaper brands in another room and still going strong. Love this and will be buying more , and trying other scents, for me and friends x

  55. Christine Berrocal

    I discovered this reed diffuser at Hampton Court Flower Show and absolutely love it! In fact I ordered several items which were delivered promptly after the show and the fragrance had permeated the packaging – wonderful.

  56. Sarah

    As with the candle (same scent), this reed diffuser is worth every penny. I have never, ever had such a potent and wonderful smelling diffuser. It fills the whole room and is so fresh and invigorating. Will be coming back for more!

  57. Julie Smith

    I purchased two of these diffusers RHS Tatton Park The smell is lovely, I usually buy Molton Brown but will be definitely purchasing your products from now on. Its the first time I’ve bought a diffuser that you can actually smell when you walk in the house

    So natural and not ” synthetic” Really satisfied thank you
    Julie Smith

  58. Stuart & Paula Ackery

    We purchased the Lemon Grass and Rosemary diffuser at the Royal Welsh show 2017, we were that impressed we went and hunted the stall down again in 2018, it fills the room with an incredible fragrance, so pleasant we love it.

  59. Melinda Richens

    Hi there, I brought a candle and diffuser set at country file show at Blenheim Place, the smell is amazing, and it’s the first diffuser I have ever brought that my husband can smell. I brought the lemongrass and rosemary it’s fantastic Thankyou my home smells Devine xx

  60. Patricia

    I bought this product at Hamption court flower show it was worth every penny I got a good offer as I got a free room spray and the candle and defusier for £25.00 I will buy again even if I have to pay £24. 00 just for the defusier it is simply the best 5 stars

  61. Sally Spicer

    I purchased one of your gift boxes at the Hampton court flower show and have recently started using it. I chose the Lemongrass and Basil – wow it is amazing and such good value for high-quality products. The house smells beautiful, so I have just purchased a mixed box for my daughter’s birthday as she really loved the aroma. Very happy thank you

  62. Ruth Jones

    My lemongrass reed diffuser has lasted well over a year and smells just as strong and fresh as the day I bought it. Far exceeds other well known brands of diffusers.

  63. Margaret Brown

    I bought a set for £25 at Burghley 2017 and the diffuser is still going. I like it so much I bought 2 yesterday, also for £25 and received a small room spray (ideal for travelling) free. Excellent products at that price.

  64. Karen Law

    I brough Valentte products at a Gift Fair last year and was thrilled they were back this year. This smell is amazing and last from beginning to end.
    I would definately recommend. Thank you Valentte!

  65. Paula Barrows

    Bought my first one last month, the fragrance is just beautiful. Keep being complemented on how nice my home smells. Like the ethics of this company willbe buying again.

  66. Jane Horrocks

    I bought the Lemongrass & Rosemary diffuser and candles at Kingston Christmas markets last week.
    The room smells lovely and reminds me of a Thai spa I once visited in Phuket.
    Do recommend the products 10/10.
    Such a delightful young man selling the products too!!

  67. Debbie Waterman

    I bought this diffuser at Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair in Harrogate last week. It is divine! The fragance is powerful without being overwhelming and the scent is lovely. This is the best diffuser I have ever bought and I will be back for more!

  68. aliwright1973

    I received this diffuser when I bought a gift box. It really does fill the room with a lovely scent. Thank you Valentte for making such beautiful natural products.. I am a convert. And special thanks to Andy who packed my products for fantastic customer service.

  69. D Taylor

    Lovely fresh, delicious scent that has a feel good feeling!;

  70. Claire

    This is such a great long lasting fragrance!

  71. Roz Daley

    I stayed with a friend and was so impressed with the fabulous perfume coming from her Valentte diffuser I decided to order 2 gift sets for myself and as presents.
    Will definitely be a regular purchase from now on.

  72. Anne Brooks

    Wonderful smell,my house smells like a spa ! I have been buying these diffusers for a few years now and they are the best on the market and very reasonable.Thanks for making such lovely products,candles are also great

  73. hmurray1980

    Absolutely love this fragrance it is my favourite and use it both in my salon and at home.
    My clients always say how lovely it smells and I tell them all it’s thanks to valentte
    Thank you

  74. Julie

    This is an amazing product smells wonderful!!!
    First bought from these guys at the great Yorkshire show
    Spent hundreds since for parents and my house
    Best products yet

  75. Min

    This is the best diffuser I have ever used. It was a gift from the developer when I moved into my new flat and since the day I know this product, I stopped buying other brands. Lemongrass smell like a luxury spa and whoever visited my place always give good compliments on it.

  76. jane hayman

    Such a beautiful long lasting fragrance

  77. judith bissell

    Visitors over the Christmas holiday have asked what the delightful smell was and i was very happy to tell them about your products especially the lemongrass diffuser and candle.

  78. Kevin Gerety

    Bought this as a present along with a soy candle, they arrived beautifully packaged and the scent is amazing. Definitely a hit!

  79. Lauren Gilbert

    My whole house smells of the wonderful aroma of Lemongrass and Rosemary. I’m back to buy more for my friends and family

  80. Susan Cusack

    Love this fragrance – it’s quite strong but not over-powering. Perfect for the bathroom. Very good value too.

  81. Chelsie

    This reed diffuser is amazing, the lemongrass and rosemary is refreshing and the smell is beautiful and hasn’t diluted since opening it.
    Highly recommend this product.
    I bought this at Ascot Christmas fair as the scent was the best of all candle suppliers there!

  82. Mrs Emma Parker

    Amazing smell. Had so many compliments. Long lasting fragrance. Highly recommend this. Have had diffusers from other companies but this company produce amazing products. All my family are now using them.

  83. Deborah spauls

    5star best diffuser I’ve ever bought they smell all the time and visitors comment every time they visit me

  84. Alison Smart

    A lovely fresh fragrance… I now have them in 3 rooms around the house. No other diffuser lasts as long… I just love it!!!

  85. Joan

    Excellent service and very speedy delivery. This is the second time I have purchased these diffusers. The first one, purchased at the Malvern Spring Flower Show lasted over twelve months and it is still going strong. Other makes evaporate so quickly. I have just purchased the Lemongrass and Rosemary as well as the Verbena and Peppermint Diffusers. They were beautifully packed in a presentation box, tissue paper and ribbon. Well done, Valentte!

  86. pvthebarn

    I am delighted with the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser. I bought it at the
    spirit of Christmas fair and I can still smell the lemon when I walk into my hall and it is
    in the nearby cloakroom. I would not buy any other diffuser, it is brilliant

  87. Bronwen Aprahamian

    Smells lovely. Even husband with super sensitive nose commented on it …. in a good way!

  88. Chris

    Lovely long lasting scent. Bought in the sale – definitely worth it.

  89. Jann Reinke-Duffy

    I love this fragrance. It’s fresh and zingy, and powerful. I’ve used many brands of diffuser and the vast majority of them just do not put any fragrance into the room. This is so powerful I’ve taken some of the reeds out of the one in our bathroom! I love it. I stocked up in the sale and would thoroughly recommend. I’ve even put one in the teenager’s room to great effect. I first came across Valentte in Chichester at a market and bought a three pack of their products as they smelled gorgeous and were reasonably priced. Nothing I’ve come across since compares at this price point. They also make great gifts as the packaging is gorgeous.

  90. Susan Smith

    Excellent, smells wonderful

  91. Debbie

    Excellent quality fragrance is very strong and lasts everybody comments when they visit me

  92. Alien Weir

    Excellent product, lovely scent which is commented on by everyone. Long lasting as well, very happy with item.

  93. A Haan

    I came across Valentte at a Christmas Fair last year and bought the Lemongrass reed diffuser and candle. Lovely scent – compliments received from many friends!

  94. Amanda

    Brilliant diffuser – smells gorgeous and lasts for absolutely ages.

  95. Margaret Banks

    Very refreshing smell and lasts for a good long time. Value for money.

  96. Kim

    The smell of the diffuser is amazing and lasts for weeks love this product

  97. Denise

    Love the smell of the diffusers and they last for so long.

  98. Jackie Gentry

    A really lovely fragrance and nice for in my kitchen along with this i purchased the handwash which again is lovely

  99. Jan

    I just love these reed diffusers they smell lovely and lasts for weeks.

  100. Michelle Savage

    I discovered Valentte through a friend who had a lemongrass and rosemary diffuser in her downstairs toilet – it smelt divine! Unbeknown to me, my friend had bought me the gift box with two of these diffusers in! Such a lovely gift. I’ve since bought two more sets of the gift box – such a great gift for other friends! Four of us now use Valentte on a regular basis! The lemongrass and rosemary is my favourite “ perfume” but also like the lime/grapefruit and white neroli and lemon- the products last a long time which is an added bonus!

  101. lynn beaumont

    Lovely product really gorgeous smell. Only discovered Valentte at Christmas and I am hooked.

  102. Kerry Cooper

    Love this diffuser. My favourite smell and lasts such a long time.

  103. Jocelyn Major

    I absolutely love the Valentte reed diffusers-such beautiful products that fill my cottage with their gorgeous fragrances. I discovered Valentte at Badminton Horse Trials last year and have made several purchases since. Visitors always comment on the fresh scent of my lemongrass and rosemary diffuser.

  104. Phil Scully

    The very first Valentte product we bought and it remains our favourite of all the diffusers. Remarkably long-lasting and fresh with no trace of synthetic chemicals and the like. Freshens up a large living room with ease. Well worth the money and far superior to other much more expensive brands.

  105. jacqui Tanswell

    I love love these products and everyone comments on the scent from my diffuser.

  106. Ann Hannah.

    Love this diffuser lovey,easy to order and prompt delivery .

  107. Ian Barker

    After trying a order of diffusers at the Great Yorkshire Show we were very impressed, we put a order in for more products just after Christmas I don’t think the service we received could be bettered. Thank you and yes we recommend your company and we do tell our friends about you.

  108. Julie Crabb

    Love this fragrance. I purchased 2 recently to replace one my husband had bought as a gift at the Wisley Chrstmas market. Very long lasting.
    Have also bought a gift pack tovgive a friend for a special birthday.

  109. Jacqueline Northover

    The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is gorgeous. Such a lovely fresh perfume it scents the bungalow beautifully. Well packed and fast delivery, First class.
    I spent a weekend in my daughter in laws air bnb and fell in love with it then.

  110. Caroline Dickson

    I LOVE this candle so much! The scent is powerful without being overwhelming and it lasts a long time.
    Loved the tip when I first purchase on your stall at the grand designs event to burn ge candle to the edge the 1st time it’s used and it will burn equally.

  111. Sarah Gairdner

    Absolutely love these products. They smell wonderful and last much longer than any other diffuser I’ve used. I’m a happy repeat customer. I first met them on a stand at a horse trials several years ago and now also use the mail order service.

  112. Lesa

    Absolutely amazing. The freshness in the Room is second to none . Would really recommend this to all tastes. Thank you

  113. angelitt

    Smells amazing,lasts alot longer than other diffusers.Would deffinantly recommend.

  114. Lorna Pepler

    A beautiful, clean and refreshing fragrance. Will definitely buy again. The best reed diffuser I’ve ever bought!

  115. jan_collins66

    Probably my favourite of the diffusers. I love the light, natural fragrance which is strong without being overwhelming.

  116. Lesley Stanworth

    I have never had a reed diffuser that smells as lovely and as strong as this one. My hallway has been transformed

  117. woodslandylord

    I was cleaning a clients house and could smell this lovely aroma turns out it was the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser. I love this smell and I cant stop buying them I have just got more for my daughters new house and have told my friends to get me more for my birthday .They come nicely packed and arrived promptly .Will be trying other products from Valentte my house smells beautiful .

  118. Sarah

    Love this scent which is so fresh. It lasts so long and everyone comments when they walk into my house .
    Highly recommend purchasing this item

  119. Jo Knight

    Love this product such a beautiful scent and really strong without being to much. Every time my dad came to my house he commented on how gorgeous the smell was in my hallway and cloakroom so I’ve just bought him two for his home he’s over the moon! Would definitely recommend this product.

  120. Sue Beal

    I had bought the Lemongrass and Rosemary room spray several times at various shows, until last year at the Countryfile show Luke convinced me to try the reed diffuser and I absolutely loved it. Since then I have discovered ordering on line and have tried several different fragrances – all good, but the Lemongrass and Rosemary remains my favourite. I only replaced it a couple of weeks ago, it lasted so long. Fresh, sharp and sweet all at once, and strong enough to scent quite a large room. I also keep a room spray in the car. Love it.

  121. Jennifer Jackson

    Bought my first valentte diffuser March 2018 from Living North spring fair in York. Liked so much ordered 2 more (still using original diffuser so lasted approx 10 months so far)! Friend liked too so ordered 1 for herself online.

  122. Kerry Pitcher

    Originally purchased one of these in a gift pack at Hampton Court Flower Show and have continued to be a fan ever since. I now won’t use anything else! Several friends are now fans of this reed diffuser as it smells gorgeous and lasts for months and months. A really good buy.

  123. Rianne

    I purchased the home fragrance box with the lemongrass diffuser more than a year ago and just fell in love with the scent. Being an Asian, I love putting lemongrass on my food, but it won’t end there now because I can smell it everyday since I started buying the diffuser. I don’t know but I just kept on stocking up and now I have like 20 or more lemongrass diffusers. I have been giving these to my friends because they, too, just love it! I also have the hand creams, hand wash and lotion, all of which are of the same scent- lemongrass and rosemary?

  124. Ann

    Wow = what a lovely aroma. I have bought three of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers after smelling one at a friends. I have used other scents from Valentte so knew it would be good quality but I am now a convert to this scent. It smells gorgeous and I have so many comments from visitors. I have also recently decorated a couple of rooms and placing one of these diffusers in the room soon dispels the smell of paint. Excellent product would thoroughly recommend

  125. Julie

    I love the aroma of this diffuser. I first purchased the product at a Christmas show in Olympia, london. Since then I’ve bought a number of them for myself and friends. They make great gifts. I’ve had several compliments from visitors to my home asking what is that lovely smell.

  126. Lynda Kennedy

    I’m a bit of a diffuser addict. (With a dog, two cats and a teen, you need all the help you can to purify your home.) Unlike some diffusers which quickly lose their fragrance, the Lemongrass and Rosemary is still glorious a couple of months in. Even the (very) expensive diffusers on the market don’t seem to keep their fragrance so long. Or smell so completely and utterly glorious. I’m completely in love with this fragrance. This is what heaven smells like.

  127. Diane Ullmann

    I was given this difuser as a gift and I love it – it has lasted many nonths. So recently I orderdd one for my daughter as a Birthday gift and she absoluelyl loves the fragrance. I shall be purchasing more in the future.

  128. Holly Wilkins

    I brought this for my mum and she absolutely loves it! smells as strong a few months in than it did on the first day she opened it! had lots of compliments on the smell and will be purchasing some of the other scents! very good quality

  129. Heather

    Having loved the lemongrass and rosemary hand cream, I decided to try the reed diffuser. Most reed diffusers lead to migraines, but this is really fresh and has had no ill effects. Everyone who comes in loves it and I will definitely use them as presents.

  130. janeblake203

    I first discovered Valentte fragrances at their stall at the Hampton Court Flower Show a few years ago. I instantly fell in love with the lemongrass and rosemary scent and purchased a diffuser. It lasted for ages and every day I was so glad I’d bought it! I’ve recently bought another one as I find that other brands don’t hold their scent so long and don’t smell as good!

  131. Carolyn

    This is one of the most beautiful essences that Valentte produce. First came across Valentte at Carfest last year and can confidently say that I’m an addict of their fragrances now….absolutely love them xx

  132. Iz pickford

    I recently visited my friend and her house smelt Devine! I have since bought 2 of these and the armour in my house is gorgeous. I have already recommended this product to friends! Will definetly order again

  133. Lynn wallace

    This is definitely my favourite. Just provides my home with a lovely subtle scent which I just love opening the door to every time I arrive home. Plus excellent value as really does last 3 months

  134. Ruth McGuinness

    Absolutely adore this fragrance! I get so many comments about it when anyone visits! I’ll probably never use any other diffuser.

  135. Janis Elliott-Dowling

    First founf Valentte at a Christmas fair at Burghley House and have purchased every year for myself and as gifts. Although more expensive than some Reed diffusers they are well with the money as the fragrance is lovely and they last for ages.

  136. Victoria Halliday

    I bought this as part of a box set when I visited the Ideal Home Show in London. I am very sceptical of Reed infusers as I have found in the past that they are very disappointing for using in my lounge. Until now – this infuser has made my whole lounge and hallway absolutely wonderful. I will definitely being using more of these products and will order the different scents as well.

  137. Sue

    Long lasting smellie! Absolutely gorgeous and so many positive comments from visitors.

  138. karenwhitehead26

    I love your products the Reed diffusers last such a long time and the smell from the lemongrass and rosemary is gorgeous

  139. Deborah Lowe

    Absolutely my favourite fragrance. Everyone comments on the aroma and it permeates the whole house. Great value too. Highly recommended. I’ll definitely be purchasing again.

  140. Dianne Taylor

    Love these fragrances! Valentte have the best fragrances ever! I’ve bought them for so many gifts and treated myself too!

  141. Ruth Atkinson

    I ordered this as part of the gift boxes. This is one of the best scented diffusers that I have ever bought. It smells the whole of the upsairs of my house. Previously my favourite diffuser has been by ESPA but this is much better in scent and value. Would definitely recommend and buy again

  142. Lyn Ruthen

    Beautiful fragrance, excellent purchase

  143. Gail

    My 2nd one of these, the best ever. I had had lots oomments from friends and have recommended. Found this company at Shropshire flower show

  144. Jan

    Definitely my favourite product! I have these diffusers in several rooms and they continue to emit a beautiful fragrance long after similar products have expired. The fragrance is fresh and natural which is brilliant as I can’t abide the smell of commercial synthetic room fresheners. I can recommend without any hesitation!

  145. Annie

    Bought as a gift. Beautifully packaged, am sure it will be well received as hand wash divine

  146. louise.russell-boyne

    The smell wafts across the room as you walk in. It invigorates you but in a calming manner.
    It last a long time. If you put by a window & open it slightly after changing bed linen the smell wafts over the fresh bedding & ladys.

  147. louise.russell-boyne

    Just love the lemongrass that comes through & lasts. All the products are 100% quality x

  148. crystaltips17

    What a refreshing perfume ,have placed it in the hallway so it wafts throut the house…..simply glorious.

  149. sue2.white

    I am now totally hooked on Valentte diffusers. I have to have the next one ready for when the one in use is running out! The Lemongrass and Rosemary is my ultimate favourite! I have bought Valentte as gifts too and have always been complimented on how gorgeous they are. I am now a customer for life!

  150. Alison

    I have been so disappointed in the past with diffusers including expensive ones. Having discovered Valentte Lemongrass and Rosemary Diffusers at the Homes and Garden Fair, Ripley Castle, I will not be buying diffusers from anywhere other than Valentte from now on. Firstly the smell is divine, fresh and uplifting and it lasts. Day after day I walk into the room and can smell the gorgeous aroma. Occasionally I turn the reeds for an extra hit.
    The gift boxes are great value, lovely packaging and I have purchased several as gifts.
    It is important for me to know they are natural and organic products.

  151. Alison

    Excellent day-long fragrance – beautiful scent.

  152. Debra Blyth

    This is a lovely smelling diffuser and it lasts such a long time, I bought this in a gift box which are such good value, to replace one I had I first found out about Valentine at Tatton flower show and would highly recommend.

  153. Lisa

    Simply gorgeous, this is superior in quality and smells beautiful. Not only is the fragrance strong enough for our large bedroom, I can also smell it downstairs. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

  154. susanwilliamson1953

    Just received and my room is smelling beautiful already. So delighted that I have just placed another order. No problems for Christmas presents this year. Susan

  155. MaggieB

    Not only refreshing but beautifully relaxing, also bought hand cream which is so soft to use but gives a long lasting scent. The gift boxes will make a wonderful present, looking to choose fragrances for my daughters wedding so I will be trying different products from the range too.

  156. Jackie newell

    Whole room smells lovely! A really nice smell, unlike other diffusers that can smell chemically this is really natural. Love it.

  157. debbie philpott

    bought this at the ideal home show I love it!!!! fills the whole room with a lovely scent

  158. Brenda McGovern

    This arrived as a free gift. My problem was it looked so good do I keep it or give it as a present.
    The smell is divine and it looks so good. So I’ll keep this one and buy one as a gift.

  159. janet_tooley

    It is an absolute pleasure to write a review for this gorgeous diffuser. The scent is beautiful and fills our sitting room, in fact, you could almost say that I am addicted to this fragrance.
    I will not hesitate to buy it again.

  160. Katrina Marshall

    I love this diffuser! I was given one as part of a gift set a few years ago and have never been able to find any others as good! The lemongrass smell is just so lovely and fresh! The box it arrived in was so pretty too! I would 100% recommend and i will definitely be re-ordering again!

  161. tara.m.king

    Already planning to purchase more! The smell is heavenly and I am completely thrilled with my purchase!

  162. Ali Lowndes

    I’m so happy with my purchase. House smells amazing when you walk in and everyone comments about the heavenly smell. The lemongrass is so fresh I’m addicted !!

  163. Jen Howl

    This is such an amazing reed diffuser and I now don’t purchase from anywhere else. The smell is simply amazing and it just makes the house smell so fresh and lovely. Everyone comments when they come into our house what a lovely smell it is. Would highly recommend this product.

  164. Kim Parkes

    Wonderful smell fragrance from.difusser as soon.as I walk.into room ..very happy with purchase ..will buy again

  165. ljp9216

    I was lucky enough to receive this diffuser for free as part of a recent promotion, but I’ll absolutely be buying more myself in the future! I can see why this fragrance is popular – it’s so fresh and makes you smile! The whole product is lovely quality, looks great, and fills the whole room with fragrance. Thanks Valentte!

  166. Capella

    I fortunately came across the brand at the Ideal Home Show and tried the hand cream, walking around with it on. An hour later I could still smell the fragrance so bought a gift box of products. I’ve been using the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser in the bathroom for almost three weeks and the fragrance is still clear and very little has ‘evaporated’ from the bottle. I’m very happy with the purchase, I’d recommend and will use again!

  167. Kate Hopkins

    I discovered Valentte at the Harrogate Country Living Fair last year. Loved the smell of this diffuser and have ordered it online since. Valentte reed diffusers last so much longer than any others I have tried and the fragrance is delightful.

  168. Martina Cole

    I have tried so many different Reed diffusers in the past but I have to say that Valentte lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is by far the best for it long lasting scent that is fresh

  169. Tracey Balu

    Bought this as a present for my very fussy sister along with hand cream. She can’t stop raving about it so Definately need to treat myself now

  170. Deb Eddleston

    The best fragrance ever. Really uplifting when I come into the house. Am I the only one who can smell notes of ginger? Diffuse, burn or spray, but definately buy this one!

  171. Marilyn

    Beautiful fragrance and makes the house smell lovely. Will definitely be ordering another one.

  172. dee-parry

    This is the best diffuser product I have ever bought. Even after over a week of use (when others are starting to lose thier smell) the aroma of lemon when entering the room is still strong. We love it and have been back for more. Everyone comments about the lovely fresh smell in my home soon after they enter the building. With doors open the aroma seems to waft through our entire bungalow. We havent even turned the diffuser reeds over yet. Thats a real treat waiting for our senses when we do that. Discovered Valentte on Facebook an was sceptical as not cheap to buy. We now have the same fragrance in handwash soap, body lotion, body scrub and more diffusers arrived this week. Love it. Dont waste your hard earned cash on cheap imitations. You get what you pay for. Valentte = Valued and Lovely Everyone Notices The Tantilising Effects.

  173. Nicola Channon

    Best reed diffuser that I have ever purchased. I have placed it in my bedroom and I can smell it as l walk upstairs. The packaging was beautiful. Definitely going to try out other products

  174. Martha

    Bought lemongrass and rosemary room diffuser. The smell is divine, pleasant and fresh. I’m glad l have met Valentte. I would highly recommend to friends and family:)

  175. Debbie

    The lemongrass diffuser is fantastic, I have it in my up stairs hall and I can still smell it down stairs. Great product

  176. Karen

    So glad I bought this … has a fantastic scent

  177. Catherine Harris

    A beautiful scent which fills a room and the diffusers last for months. Brilliant!

  178. Susan McBain

    Such an amazing fresh smell, absolutely love this . First time trying Valentte , can’t wait to try the other ones , doubt I’ll use anything else in future!

  179. Kim Cooper

    This wonderful aroma penetrates the whole area outside the bathroom. It is so much more intense than products I have paid more for and lasts longer. I bought one for my daughter too who is now a convert to Valentte. I would highly recommend this diffuser.

  180. leeds1234

    beautifully wrapped so i decided to give as a gift.
    My friend opened the diffuser and put in her loo- within a couple of hours the smell was divine.
    Would highly recommend

  181. Michelle

    Smells absolutely Devine, I would highly recommend

  182. kelly155

    I now have the whole set of rosemary and lemongrass items. I love it! It smell so pure and not artificial at all. It’s the best 😊

  183. Marie Marr

    If you love Lemon you will love this. Personally I prefer the Neroli based diffuser and candle. I struggle in smelling the Rosemary.

  184. Prue Clark

    Have bought loads of these. Have them in the porch, lounge and conservatory. Have the lavender one in my bedroom. Very good value if you buy the gift boxes. Great as presents as well.

  185. juliesavage05

    Bought this for my bathroom as I have the candle and love the smell. Love it! Too early to know how long it will last but so far so good

  186. Alison

    I’ve had so many positive comments about this lovely diffuser since using it in the downstairs loo!
    A good, strong, long lasting lemony fragrance.
    Would definitely buy it again.

  187. Adele Willis

    This was my first purchase from Valentte and I was not disappointed. The scent is lovely and would highly recommend the product. It is packaged very nicely and is better than other brands which I have tried in the past.

  188. Cathie Booth

    WOW, WOW, WOW! I have just received my first order of Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser and I can honestly say it is fantastic! I am absolutely thrilled with it and the smell is gorgeous. It is quite a powerful smell, which I like, but I suppose it could be overpowering to some. I also got a matching candle which has the same delicious smell. I would highly recommend these products.

    One quick suggestion I would have is to give an option to have the product sent in the beautiful box for giving as a gift or packaged more simply when it’s a treat for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the packaging but once it’s opened it’s a shame to just throw it away (and not very eco- friendly although I did put it in the re-cycling box).

  189. Angela Kenchington

    Absolutely lovely , bought this at the Harrogate Flower Show, I am not disappointed. My whole kitchen smells amazing it’s a large room but people have commented how nice it smells. Love the lemongrass and rosemary scent. Can’t wait to try more. Thank you

  190. Yvonne

    My first purchase is the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser, its lovely, may be a bit strong for some but I
    love it, will be trying others. First aware of Valentte on Latest Free Stuff inviting you to apply only to find
    you were overwhelmed and couldn’t fulfil the requests although it did subsequently appear again.
    Packaging good but maybe an option to not have gift box if purchasing for yourself as seems a shame to
    have to recycle so much

  191. Georgina Hopley

    I have only purchased the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser out of all the fragrances , but it is absolutely gorgeous smelling with a strong but not overpowering scent . I have tried many different Reed diffusers and this is by far the best I’ve ever purchased . I have reordered the Lemongrass and Rosemary as it’s my favourite . I’ve had so many friends and family comment on the beautiful fragrance that they’ve asked me to order some for them . The products also come very well packaged and are ideal for presents . I’m highly recommending this product.

  192. Liz

    Bought this 3 (?) years ago at the Ideal Home Exhibition, and I’d forgotten how much I liked it until I smelt it again at this year’s show. Now I’ve got the diffuser in my bathroom and my whole flat smells gorgeous.
    I think my friends & family will be getting Valentte gifts this year 😃

  193. Kim T

    I gave this to my mum as I am not a lemony fan, she says it is beautiful and it makes her home smell gorgeous.

  194. Carole Johnson

    I have now bought 4 of the Lemongrass and Eucalyptus diffusers and these products never fail to impress me. Such a wonderfully refreshing scent

  195. lynnemannino

    I ordered this yesterday & it was delivered early this afternoon. I have been out for a while & on opening the front door was greeted by the most wonderful scent. The whole house smells gorgeous, so fresh & lovely. In just 2 hours the diffuser has made my home smell beautiful. So very impressed. I got an email promoting Valentte & as I had not heard of the company I was reluctant to order. I read the reviews & decided to take a chance. I’m so glad I did. I will certainly be re ordering & I will be singing the praises of this company. Beautiful packaging too, these would make really wonderful gifts.

  196. Di

    This is the nicest smelling diffuser I have ever purchased. I placed in in our bedroom and the whole floor smells gorgeous.
    Never heard of the company before and initially went for a free sample.Lovely email saying that they had been inundated with requests and sent an offer to be ” bumped ” upthe line.Marketing worked will definitely buy again

  197. Sue Chappell

    Absolutely love these products they really smell lovey and retain the scent in the room really well

  198. Sue Chappell

    Absolutely love these products they really smell lovey and retain the scent in the room really well

  199. traceyrowson1966

    Beautiful fragrance. Very uplifting and energising, clears my mind for thinking. In my hallway to wake and revive for the day ahead

  200. Hannah Mather

    I discovered Valentte whilst visiting a friend. I used her white Neroli & lemon handcream and it was divine, plus the scent lasted for hours. I went home and ordered myself a few bits & have not been disappointed. My favourite of all is the entire Lemongrass & Rosemary range; the scent is so uplifting and fills the house. I’ve got the reed diffuser by my front door and every person that comes in comments on the scent! I’m really impressed with the strength & quality of the fragrance (no synthetic rubbish) and have reordered more of the reed diffusers for the rest of the house. I’m hooked, my house smells like a spa & I absolutely love it!

  201. Liz Britton

    Discovered Valentte at a Christmas Fayre in Glasgow, have re ordered this diffuser twice so far. It has a lovely refreshing natural lemony smell, not at all sickly sweet as others can be. I have found them to be long lasting and very fragrant to the end. The room mist is an identical fragrance and very pleasant too.

  202. genia3

    A fantastic smell, this is my 2nd week and it smells as gorgeous now as the first time I tried it! Most other products I’ve tried from other companies have lost their smell by now! The whole downstairs smells lovely. I’m glad they do a refill as I love this smell! I’m looking forward to trying out the other scents. Give them a go! You wont be disappointed!

  203. Tracey Milligan

    This is the nicest smelling diffuser I have ever purchased. I placed in in our bathroom and the whole upstairs smells wonderful.
    I had not heard of you before and met you at the ideal home this year where my friend brought your product and I loved the aroma so much I went on your website and ordered. Received fabulous fast delivery. I will definitely recommend and buy again

  204. Pamela Maisey

    I only purchased this scent because of all the positive reviews. So pleased I did. It’s fabulous. I love it

  205. nikijones16

    I had never heard of this company or brand before but saw an offer and ordered the gift box to try ( my mum normally buys me a neom one every year for my birthday so I have quite high expectations- quality rather than quantity)this was one of the diffusers I ordered ,I chose and put this is my daughters bedroom as it said it would help focus and concentration ( she’s doing her gcse at the moment)- IT’S Gorgeous!!!! you can smell it at the bottom of the stairs all the way to her bedroom, it has such a lovely fresh clearing aroma(didn’t know what she would make of it in her bedroom being a teenager but she loves it too!) will definitely be buying it again along with other items I would like to try the candles as well to see how they compare.

  206. Ian Barker

    Hi all
    We bought our first diffuser at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2018, since then we have put in two more orders the Lemongrass and Rosemary just fills the house with a fantastic smell we highly recommend them . We also received some great free soap of the same scent, beautiful. As for the service we received it cannot be bettered, thank you to everyone.

  207. soosey_q

    I’m sure this is going to be one of my all-time favourite scents – it’s so fresh and lemony! Fantastic customer service too.

  208. Antoinette Marie France

    I just love this scent, it’s such a spirit lifting aroma, I bough along with this reed dispenser the candle and the room spray, it makes my living room smell so fresh, clean, every one that come to my home comment on the wonderful scent. I shall deffintly be buying it again and again, it’s just brilliant

  209. Clare

    I had always commented on the gorgeous smell of this diffuser when visiting my Mum and after visiting the Valentte website was encouraged to purchase with the many offers available. Love the smell in my hall way which always picks me up after a long day. All products are beautifully packaged and I have been spreading the Valentte name amongst family members and friends.

  210. tj_hotchocolate

    Just received my order and was super excited to open and use the diffuser and candle straightaway. What a surprise to see a new frosted glass bottle. The smell is amazing (just as I remember from my previous purchases). Can’t get enough of this smell, so refreshing. My only suggestion would be for the candle to have a lid so it can be closed when not in use so the smell doesn’t evaporate but other than that, love it!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  211. Melinda Sandford

    Love it. Everytime I enter the house met by a gorgeous smell. Fresh and refreshing. Lasts really well

  212. Melinda Sandford

    Love it. Everytime I enter the house met by a gorgeous smell. Fresh and refreshing. Lasts really well . Discovered this company at craft fayre . Very quick reply. Love it

  213. Jayne Matthews

    These reed diffusers are not the cheapest but they are a wonderful investment. Beautifully packaged , they could make a wonderful gift but if like me you keep them for yourself you won’t be disappointed. They quickly fill the room with a wonderful scent reminiscent of a spa – very fresh and relaxing .

  214. Patricia

    The scent of this lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is so gorgeous and refreshing. I keep one in my bedroom and smells lovely every time I walk pass the door. Other scents I adore are pure lavender and patchouli and eucalyptus. These are my 3 favourites! Will buy the reed diffuser refill for them soon. I will definitely recommend Valentte to my friends and family.

  215. Amanda

    What a fantastic scent, so fresh I have been using this fragrance for nearly a year and everyone who comes into the house makes comment!

  216. Philippa Cox

    Absolutely love this combination, it smells like my favourite room in my favourite spa. Absolutely love this

  217. Gemma

    Absolutely gorgeous strong, fresh diffuser that fills our living room with long lasting scent-the best diffuser I have ever brought!

  218. Pam Allott

    The lemongrass and rosemary has the most wonderful scent – it’s really the best that I have ever used. It’s well balanced and strong without being overpowering at all. A suggestion – I’m quite clumsy and always worry that I’ll knock a reed diffuser over and I’m not too keen on using sprays – have you ever considered doing a solid air freshener, or joining forces with an existing “plug-in” brand like ambi-pur? Just an idea! 🙂

  219. John hammon

    As you walk through my front door the scent fills my hall and is the best way to greet guests

  220. Julie F

    This is the best diffuser I have ever bought, very fragrant, everyone comments on it. Will try the others.

  221. Pat

    What can I say absolutely amazing will never buy any other candles or diffuser’s these are a must.
    I purchased products at Living North in Gosforth have since purchased more online.

  222. Sue Fiorani

    The lemongrass and rosemary, makes my house smell amazing, especially when the house has been left all day with the hall door closed, it welcomes me home with a beautiful aroma !! Definitely would recommend !!

  223. keithsmart

    I just love it… I’ve just bought my fifth Lemongrass and Rosemary Diffuser for my classroom, to help my GCSE students focus for their exams… they love it too!

  224. Caroline

    Discovered Valentte Reed Diffusers at Ripley Castle Christmas Fair last year. I bought 3 different fragrances, all lovely but the Lemongrass & Rosemary was my favourite. So fresh and uplifting, everyone comments on how lovely my home smells. I’ve tried many different reed diffuser brands and I’m now sticking to Valentte. Excellent value if you buy them in a gift box.

  225. mlking

    So nice to have finally found a reed diffuser that fills my bedroom with a lovely aroma. Time is yet to tell how long lasting it will be but I’m hopeful it will last a good few months. I will definitely buy more!

  226. Jackie M

    Bought a gift box at the RHS Malvern Show with 2 diffusers and a hand cream. Loved the diffusers so much I ordered another set online. They smell gorgeous and so much nicer than others I have bought on the high street. I think these will be a regular order from now on!


    Just love this fragrance….moved into our new home and this scent improved the smell of our tired old house rapidly !!!!….thank you

  228. Marion N

    I first came across Valentte at the Royal Highland Show – just outside Edinburgh – in 2018. I have been buying their products ever since. I bought 2 of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers to give as gifts but they smell so good I have kept them for myself. Definitely a 5 star product.

  229. Patricia M

    I first came across valentte at a friends house I love the lemongrass rosemary diffuser and your bath oil 5star rating

  230. Liz

    The Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser is fantastic my room smells amazing ,everyone that comes into my home says what is that lovely smell Liz

  231. niki jones

    I Love this fragrance, I have it in two of the rooms in the diffusers and I candle I light at night and the mist just to give a fresh every now and then , everyone comments on how fresh the aroma is I buy the gift boxes as they are such good value and keep saying they are going to be presents but I’ve kept them all up to now

  232. Amie Hart

    Absolutely gorgeous product, everlasting fragrance. Worth every penny!

  233. Jane

    The gift box was delightful and uplifting. It would make a fabulous gift, but I had treated myself to see what it was like. I was not disappointed at all. Everything arrived safely and promptly. The lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser has a lovely aroma which fills our rooms and has not faded away like other diffusers.

  234. jaj

    I was so eager to try the products in my gift box. I chose 2x diffusers and a candle in Rosemary and Lemongrass. I wasn’t disappointed. No chemical smell just good pure essential oils. It’s so uplifting as soon as you walk into our home. Will definitely be ordering again.
    Julie J.

  235. J Ingledew

    I recently received a gift box for my birthday. It was a lovely gift and when a friends birthday came around I thought of sending here one too. She loved hers too.

  236. Lynne Curtis-King

    I was a bit sceptical about buying this product as I have found other Reed diffusers just did not last or the smell was either overpowering or non existent after the first couple of days. However, I am so pleased I did buy this as the smell is just gorgeous, fresh and uplifting.

  237. Christine

    When I walked into my daughters house I was met by a most wonderful fragrance, she had purchased items from Valentte and hence my introduction to the brand. I had always used another well known company. The scent was a lemongrass and rosemary diffuser, hence on my first order I purchased the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser as I liked it so much. It has the most fresh, wonderful, uplifting perfume and being natural oils I have no allergic reaction, unlike other marketed diffusers. I would highly recommend and have ordered other items in this fragrance.

  238. Catherine Carrelet

    Highly recommend , smells amazing and lasts for ever, definitely ordering more !

  239. Stephanie Cummings

    I have a few of the reed diffusers. Rosemary and Lemongrass/Lavender/White neroli and lemon. All absolutely fabulous. So good I can’t stop ordering them. Highly recommended.

  240. Susan Smith

    Excellent product. I love it. Really helps to keep the air clean and fresh

  241. juliemurray_1

    After seeing these wonderfully smelling products at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow I ordered online. I bought the gift box for a present but the lemongrass & rosemary diffuser is fantastic ! Along with the same hand cream ! Everyone comments on it from work and a few of my colleagues ordered too !! Fantastic range and all natural too !

  242. am_l

    This just fills my room up with it’s beautiful scent and hasn’t diminished in strength at all. Beautifully refreshing. Valentte obviously do not scrimp with their fragrances.

  243. Marian Donnellan

    This has to be the best diffuser that I have ever bought! The fragrance still fills the room a month after purchase. I find the scent very uplifting and am aiming to have one in every room 😊

  244. Sue Sharp

    Bought a gift set of lemongrass and rosemary diffusers at the Harrogate flower show as I found the smell both refreshing and uplifting. We are about to put our house on the market and the estate agents all loved the natural fragrance. Let’s hope also has a positive effect on potential buyers! Definitely buying more.

  245. edmontonkitty

    It is the best scent ever! I ordered the whole range and my bathroom smells divine.

  246. Donna Ockwell

    Saw the Valente stall at Sudeley craft fair earlier this year and decided to order a few things hsving used the free sample they gave out. Box set is good value, prompt delivery and good communication. Lovely smell – fills the bedroom well.

  247. Bethany

    Wow. I’m so impressed with this reed diffuser. Having bought all sorts of diffusers from different companies, this is without a doubt the best quality one yet. Fills the room with the beautifully fresh Lemongrass & Rosemary scent. Purchased as part of a gift set online for my mother, so I wasn’t sure how it would smell but I usually enjoy lemongrass scents – definitely wasn’t disappointed!

  248. Anne CAIRNS

    I am delighted with my lemongrass and rosemary diffuser. The scent is beautiful, a clear and uplifting fragrance that gently diffuses and continues to share it’s presence for months! This is my second purchase of the diffuser and I would highly recommend this item.

  249. Pat Smallwood

    Very impressed with this product,its a lovely uplifting & refreshing fragrance,visitors always comment on the scent,hence this is my second purchase of this collection & have recomended it to both my daughters.

  250. A Alexander

    The fragrance from this diffuser is gorgeous used in my bathroom. Speedy delivery, well packed and nicely presented. Thank you Valentte.

  251. Joanne scott

    Absolutely gorgeous. I was given the gift set as a birthday present, loved it so much had to re-order. The fragrance can be smelt throughout the house , fantastic product both in quality and price ….. I will continue to buy from valentte and would definitely recommend

  252. Rema Parmar

    This reed diffuser is absolutely amazing. The fragrance is so refreshing but with a relaxing after note. The room smells beautiful all day long and the sense of wellbeing it brings is second to none. If you haven’t tried it yet…..do it!

  253. paulab

    introduced to Valentte by a friend who had the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser in her bathroom,gorgeous smell,had to get one,not dissapointed ,will be buying as gifts for friends and family in future.

  254. Ailsa M

    Amazing perfume from this diffuser has filled my bedroom. It’s so fresh and uplifting. Have already recommended to family and friends. Just about to buy some more for birthday gifts.

  255. Helen Brooke

    Smells amazing. Can smell it every where I go in my house. Just wish the other 2 I bought in the gift set smelt as strong and lovely.

  256. pauline cuss

    Have this diffuser in my downstairs cloakroom smells divine

  257. Catherine Thornhill

    Absolutely love the fragrance, which is refreshing and uplifting. The oil lasts for a really long time and makes it brilliant value for money. I bought three this time, I love it so much!

  258. Lynn Beaumont

    This is my favourite diffuser! I have never been one to repeat buy online but this just smellls amazing and keeps the house smelling fresh with a lemon twist!!! I also love Luke’s Blogs! I would highly recommend this product and this company!

  259. Janet Tregunno

    Absolutely beautiful fragrance that lasts

  260. Mirren

    An absolutely stunning scent! Fills the air within seconds of being set out! Highly recommended.

  261. Karen

    Absolutely amazing scent. I buy this for myself and as gifts. Loved by everyone

  262. rebecca Bridges

    Stunning scent and everyone comments when they enter our house.
    Fresh !

  263. Claire McKie

    Amazing product! I wasn’t sure if a reed diffuser would scent such a large room but it does beautifully and I’m going to buy more!

  264. Shelley Chandler

    Purchased a gift box from the Royal highland show 2019 and chose two of these diffusers and a matching candle. Oh my, what a beautiful scent, and so natural and real smelling.no artificial or chemically smells like others.I never usually would leave a review or repeat buy after a spur of the moment buy at a show, but these products are so amazing that I am getting some more. The quality is fantastic and the scent really does fill rooms! Please never change these diffusers or candles!

  265. Shelley Chandler

    Purchased a gift box from the Royal highland show 2019 and chose two of these diffusers and a matching candle. Oh my, what a beautiful scent, and so natural and real smelling.no artificial or chemically smells like others.I never usually would leave a review or repeat buy after a spur of the moment buy at a show, but these products are so amazing that I am getting some more. The quality is fantastic and the scent really does fill rooms! Please never change these diffusers or candles!

  266. Hilary East

    Amazing smell and long lasting. Value for money.

  267. J K EVERETT

    I discovered your company at a Norfolk summer show and chanced across the best diffuser on the market: Natural fragrance – no synthetics; well balanced, lasting fragrance; great price (particularly when on special offer). I used to buy from the Neom range but not any longer! Excited to place a follow up order a year later.

  268. sarahbowring

    I received this as a free gift when I ordered a hand cream, it is amazing, the fragrance is to die for I will definitely be buying some of these as christmas gifts

  269. Julie Nicholson

    My favourite
    Last for ages
    Everyone comments as the walk through the door – what a lovely fragrance !
    No one now smells dogs as they walk in 🙂

  270. Kristine Wilson

    Since purchasing this product at Burghley last year I am totally smitten and purchased two more yesterday. Delicious fragrance which is incredibly long lasting – well over 6 months – and I love it even more because it is ethically produced from natural materials – no animal testing, no chemicals. What is not to love? Excellent quality and presentation at a very reasonable price.

  271. Annie

    Got this free when placing my first order. I love the smell – its fresh fragrance is placed in my office and everyone comments on it. Will be placing further orders.

  272. Sue Sharp

    Is my 2nd purchase. Just love the fresh smell gently wafting through the house. Can’t imagine not having it. Everyone comments

  273. Chris Blakeman

    I simply adore the fresh fragrance of this diffuser – you smell it as soon as you enter the room. I have purchased more of the gift boxes for presents, as they are such good value. Would definitely recommend. I discovered Valentte online and sent for some samples and will buy these in the future.

  274. Margaret wilson

    Love it, love it, love it.💖

  275. Margaret Wilson

    I bought these products at the Glasgow Country Living Fair, The lady assured me I would be a convert from Yankee Candles. I AM !! Thank you

  276. Margaret Wilson

    These diffusers are certainly worth every penny, and they last. Smell beautiful into the bargain.

  277. Hannah Parish

    Time and time again, we reorder Valentte Reed Diffusers.
    The smell lasts and doesn’t change with time. So many lovely comments from friends and family regarding the lovely smell and we have two dogs!

  278. Michelle Sandall

    Love this, I bought one at Crufts and is still going months later, will definitely continue to buy and will buy as Christmas presents

  279. Lucy

    Smells gorgeous, long lasting and excellent value for money! Originally got a gift box but have since purchased another diffuser to add to the collection. Great discounts too!

  280. Jan Wilson

    My lemongrass and rosemary diffuser fills the room with a lovely refreshing perfume. So many friends have commented positively as soon as they enter the room and ask about it. It’s a great advert for your lovely products

  281. linda.bits

    I have used reed diffusers for a while, but they have always dissapointed. This is the exception. I keep it in my bathroom. The scent is a delight, refreshing, but not heavy or over powering. I have only used 3 of the reeds, as it is such a small space, but that is ample, and the smell wafts though the house. Love it.

  282. Avril Ralston

    This scent is just wonderful. It greets me every time I walk into the room…Love it! My love of Valentte started when I got a free sample at Gardening Scotland. My whole family tried the Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream and we all raved about the scent. I then went to The Royal Highland Show and bought two Mix and Match Gift Boxes which were on sale at £25 each, packed with reed diffusers, Room Mist and Hand Cream. I was not disappointed, the smell was still wonderful! Looking forward to trying the other scents. Many thanks.

  283. traceysteedman2

    I have bought a number of these and would highly recommend. Fabulous smell that lasts a long time. No negative comments at all.

  284. Pam Allott

    I’d give it 6 out of 5 stars if I could! An absolutely wonderful fragrance that lasts for ages. It’s a wonderfully welcoming smell when you come into the house and every single one of my visitors have commented on how lovely it is. I can honestly say that I’ve never liked a home fragrance as much as I like this.

  285. Sarah Sarah Rollason

    5 star diffuser. Everyone compliments the smell and it’s still going strong after 4 months and well over half the bottle left. Now ordering for friend’s and putting them onto this website x

  286. Valerie Rose

    This is the first time I have ordered from Valentine but I am very impressed with the quality and service. The goods were beautifully packaged and arrived in good time. The scent is gorgeous and I will definitely order again.

  287. anne palmer

    having found valentte recently at the Norfolk show,i am very impressed with the range and service provided, beautifully packaged products the reed diffuser lemongrass and rosemary is lovely and lots of people have commented on the gorgeous fragrance. will be ordering again!

  288. janeturner150

    Lovely strong lemon scent greets me every time I go into my porch, I have another in the bathroom. So pleased I discovered these diffusers at the Norfolk show

  289. Sue Chappell

    Lovely fragrance long lasting and a great addition to the room

  290. Tracey Amphlett

    I purchased this from a stand at a garden show some years ago and have never chosen anything else since. This is the only diffuser scent that I have used which lasts and always commented upon by visitors when they come into the house. I have one in every room and wouldn’t use anything else. Beautiful product!

  291. julie.chenery

    Came across your products at the Royal Norfolk Show this year and love the smell of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser, its so fresh when you enter the room, will definitely keep buying.

  292. Ann Ellis

    You know you have a great product when your sons friend comes into your house to use the bathroom and comes and and says to you that’s the nicest smelling bathroom I’ve ever been in. Thanks for a great product

  293. Kathleen walker

    I just love the lemongrass and rosemary diffusers my friends always comment on the lovely fresh smell it gives my home also the hand cream is so soothing after doing the chores and smells just as lovely. The diffusers last a lot longer than other brands so my house stays fresher longer .

  294. Fran Mckay

    My second order from Valentte as I am impressed with the products. The Lemon Grass diffuser, hand cream and candle are my favourite. The Jasmine and Rosewood diffuser is also nice but has a more subtle fragrance. Will definitely be purchasing more products in the future.

  295. Claire Cardie

    My sister kindly bought me a gift set for my birthday at Gardening Scotland where we met Luke. I love the clean scent of Lemongrass and Rosemary so much that I bought a gift as a present.

  296. Justine

    Absolutely gorgeous scent I first came across at The Handmade Fair in London a few years ago and would use nothing else now and have several around the house.

  297. francesca.bradford16

    I love this diffuser, it fills the room with the scent and makes it smell divine. It’s not over powering at all, it’s a noticeable but subtle fragrance that you don’t get fed up with. I want one for every room 😍

  298. Lorna W

    Wonderfully enduring fragrance . Perfect alongside the Lemongrass and Rosemary hand wash. hand and body lotion and candle for a totally indulgent bathroom experience for a very reasonable price.

    By following Luke’s blog and special offers its even more attractively priced. !

  299. Liz Brayford

    Best diffuser I have ever purchased. It ihas got an amazing smell which lasts for ages you do not have to be in the same room to get the scent . Brilliant

  300. Kestrel

    I first discovered Valentte at Burghley. Their reed diffusers are absolutely brilliant. They last for ages and the reach of the scent is amazing, especially the Lemongrass and Rosemary which you smell throughout the whole house. Thank you for bringing such quality products to us.

  301. Joy M Stanton

    first discovered at Ripley Castle. Very unusual scent that cuts through other fragrances (Labrador and wolfhound) but still is natural. A perfect gift for all your friends and a scent that is completely individual.

  302. joanna.mcdaid

    Love the smell of this diffuser in my bathroom, it’s a clean lemony scent that reminds me of a Spa I went to abroad. As someone else said on this thread it really does have a good scent reach so no matter how big your bathroom is this will keep it fragranced for ages.

  303. Lauren

    Love this scent, came across at The Handmade Fair in London a couple of years ago and still good value for money. Lasts ages and smells great in bigger and smaller rooms. Now have one for almost every room!

  304. Tracy

    Bought this for my sister for her birthday as she had seen it at a friends, smelt lovely and very good service, thinking of getting one myself, Luke was very helpful when I called.

  305. margaretwilson55

    Wonderful smell, bought as an anniversary gift for my sister & brother in law. They will be 1st time users but I’m positive they will love it.

  306. Sue Fiorani

    Best diffuser I’ve ever had in my house, I have comments from friends when they walk in,wouldn’t buy any other now !!

  307. Ian Buckley

    I have used these diffusers for the last two years. Simply the best

  308. Jan Wikson

    This is yay absolute favourite product. Many who enter our home immediately comment on the amazing refreshing perfume and ask about it. It’s strong and so very refreshing fragrance. It lasts a good few months and does not lose any of its strength. Great value – especially when it’s on offer!

  309. Susan Smith

    Wonderful product. Always excellent

  310. Susan Smith

    Wonderful product, smells gorgeous

  311. d dye

    I feel this is one of the best products you produce, excellent long lasting scent, this cant be beaten five stars all the way

  312. Annabel

    This diffuser smells absolutely wonderful, so refreshing and mood up lifting. My house smells amazing, I have diffusers and candles around my home, oh and room sprays.
    I totally recommend these products and they are beautifully packaged.

  313. Victoria stewart

    Love this product and scent. Smell makes it’s way round the whole house and everyone comments on it! So happy I found these products! The best

  314. Judymountain

    Wonderful fresh scent . Placed in the bedroom but can smell it all over the upstairs .

  315. Lorraine Fullalove

    I bought the diffuser too!

  316. Rebekka Fiorani

    Oh my gosh – this is amazing !!
    I did not expect the smell to be so nice, so strong or last for such a long time !
    I’m now a repeat customer- lovely products.

  317. Gill Evans

    Just makes my bathroom smell heavenly! Wonderful.

  318. Angela

    Love this fragrance…over the years I have bought lots of diffusers, some expensive and some cheaper…..and some have been really good. But this is definitely the best, lovely smell and long lasting. This is my all time purchase from now on. Simply the best!!!

  319. Debra Burgoine

    Beautiful aroma. Put this in my ( large) kitchen and it gives off the most beautiful fragrance that fills the space. Definitely buying more. The first reed dispenser I have bought that actually works 💕

  320. Samantha Brightwell

    Wow…the lovely scent that comes from the diffuser is amazing…even my husband has noticed! The products have exceeded my expectations after an impulse buy at the Tatton Flower Show and I will definitely be a repeat customer!

  321. Mel Caress

    Delighted with my Lemongrass and rosemary defuser. Smells amazing and the scent spreads all around the house. Really happy I bought this product, will definitely buy it again.

  322. Stephanie Pitt

    Wonderful fresh citrus fragrance that fills the room. I have bought from Valentte either from stalls air the website. They last well so would definitely recommend.

  323. Pam Black

    Been using Valenttes Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers for more than two years now and nothing else matches the quality and smell of these great products! My last order came and one of the products was unfortunately damaged . However, as always with this company, the issue was immediately rectified with a phonecall and the replacement was with me within 24hours. What an excellent service from a great company!

  324. Sarah

    Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser is my favourite. The other scents are wonderful but I always come back to it. It works in any room and it lasts for months. Great value for money

  325. Ian

    We purchased a gift box at the Game Fair. So far we haven’t used any candles but the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is great, filling the downstairs of our house with a lovely fragrance.

  326. Ann Smalley

    I first bought a gift box at this years Cruft show. Beautiful fragrance & genuinely lasts for months.
    I get so many compliments on how lovely my home smells from guests

  327. Janet Lewis

    I purchased a Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser and candle gift set at the Great Yorkshire Show and it is the most beautiful smell also the smell is so clear and fills the whole room. My friends have been asking what it was so I have passed your web details on. I use a lot of diffusers and candles but this is by far and away the best quality I have come across. Can thoroughly recommend them.

  328. Lorna Taylor

    This is by far the best diffuser I have ever bought. The scent is lovely, very fresh, very long lasting. I have now bought one for my daughter who is delighted.

  329. pickle100

    The smell is amazing, can’t get enough of it. Just perfect am stocking up so we never run out.

  330. Heather Perrin

    A lovely fresh clean smell for my bathroom

  331. Louise Fraser

    Absolutely amazing reed diffuser. It is, by far the strongest smelling diffuser I’ve ever bought. Such a lovely fresh smell too. I’ve bought a few now from Valentte, all are lovely but this one is definitely my favourite.

  332. juliesavage05

    Love this diffuser, I have a small bathroom and this diffuser in lemongrass and rosemary is lovely, fills the bathroom and landing with the smell. This is my 2nd purchase. Delivered quickly

  333. Ali Gayward

    I have tried many different diffusers over the years but these are, without doubt, the best. The scents are natural but room enhancing. The thing though that really sets the Valentte diffusers
    apart from all others is how long they last – far outperforming anything else on the market, making them fantastic value for money. Everyone who comes to my house comments on the fabulous scent and all are now avid Valentte customers.

  334. Helen

    Amazing products from valentte ….The lemongrass and rosemary diffusers smell divine evyone who visits my bathroom asks me where i get it from, ive started buying diffusers for birthday presents and of course myself! .
    They last for ages and the fragrance lasts untill the bottle is empty.

  335. Selina

    I first came across this lovely company and their beautiful products at Grand Designs Live and I’m so glad that I did! The rosemary and lemongrass diffuser was the first product that I purchased and it is still my favourite. The scent is fresh, uplifting and invigorating and I have received so many compliments on it from visitors. I can’t imagine my home without it!

  336. Sam kent

    I have visited the valentte trade stand a few times and have loved the lemongrass and thyme reed diffuser. You really smell the lemon and as soon as you put the reeds in the bottle the room smells lovely.

  337. Alison

    Visited Countryfile live yesterday and discovered Valentte’s stall! We love diffuser’s and absolutely loved the variety of scents that we tried. We opted for lemongrass and rosemary which we have placed in our hallway bringing a wonderful experience when we come in everyday!

  338. Kay Chilcott

    I cannot say enough about Valentte products. I met Luke at the Countryfile Live show on the weekend and tried my very best at singing the praises of their products to an onlooker. Luke was so kind and very appreciative of my words. I do hope the lady in question went back and bought something. The lemongrass and rosemary products are fantastic. The diffuser and hand soap live in my bathroom and my guests constantly comment on how divine it all smells. The candles burn beautifully and the aromas are fab. Anyone reading this – do yourself a favour and buy something – you’ll be back for more I promise you.

  339. Ed

    This is an AMAZING smell – everyone comments on it – really uplifting when you walk in the room.

  340. Janet McComiskey

    I first bought this at SSEC in Glasgow and absolutely love it. I have since bought two more one for myself and one as a gift. Will be back for more.

  341. Rachel

    A staple smell in my home now after smelling them in a friend’s home. I love how strong and long lasting the smell is and it smells so fresh.

  342. Adrian Hanbury

    I came across Valentte when visiting Hampton Court Flower show. I love all the products and have now completed my Christmas Shopping with the gift boxes , These are nicely presented and smell wonderful . I also look forward to reading the inspirational blog .Thank you.
    I will continue to buy these products and recommend them to my friends and family .

  343. Ann Woodhams

    I am so pleased with this diffuser. The smell is lovely and everyone comments on how much they like it.
    I shall be buying this product again and again and again…….

  344. Tara Richards

    This is the best diffuser oil I’ve ever used – lasts for months and smells amazing!!

  345. Faith Williams

    First time purchasing this and it makes me feel like I have these plants freshly cut in my room

  346. Judith Murray

    The only diffuser that I have purchased that actually leaves a lasting scent absolutely gorgeous repeat purchase after discovering at the Royal Highland Show love it !

  347. Ali Gayward

    Without doubt the best diffuser I have ever found. The scent stays as good as new for many, many weeks, and everyone comments who comes to the house. I will never use any other make diffuser now.

  348. Mave Lennox

    I bought some at the Harrogate Flower Show and liked the aroma so much that I bought more at the March Show. I have since gone on line to buy more. Quick service, well wrapped and the whole lounge smells gorgeous. The service at the show was also good as despite crowds milling around you still took time to help and advise to a lady on a mobility scooter. In April I got a pack and the third part was hand cream it is excellent and smells so good.

  349. Sharon Marsden

    The best room diffusers there are the smell is amazing and they last so long I wouldn’t buy any other and I have tried even jo malone this beats it all the way x

  350. angie.stanger

    The best room fragrances I’ve had. So fresh & uplifting. Got to have it in all my rooms. Thank you Valentte ❤

  351. Lynne

    Excellent product. Smell lasts a long time. Highly recommended.

  352. Florence Cheng

    Smells great. The smell spreads nicely in my big bedroom.

  353. Barbara Walker

    I first discovered Valentte at Tatton Flower Show-was given a sample of lemongrass and rosemary hand cream which was the best hand cream I’ve tried- I went on to purchase the full size hand cream,room spray,candle and diffuser in lemongrass and rosemary fragrance- the diffuser is the nicest and most long lasting I’ve had- I’ll definitely be buying more in the future

  354. Ruth Morgan

    I bought this at Gardening Scotland in June 2019 and weeks on the aroma is still very strong and lasting. It is without a doubt a good quality product that outstrips the various other makes I have previously tried. Will be buying again and would highly recommend.

  355. Lorraine Field

    The lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser has a tea lly lovely fragrance which you can smell as soon as you walk in the room!

  356. Jane Neve

    I discovered Valenette at Car Fest North. The aroma from the diffuser is really lovely, you can smell it as soon as you walk into the house. Even my husband has commented on the smell.
    Bought other products too that i can’t wait to try based on this

  357. Dawn Skinner

    How lovely to return from holiday to a hall filled with the fresh smell of lemongrass x

  358. Viv Francis

    Just the right combination of lemongrass and rosemary, the fragrance is lovely, i shall be buying more.

  359. Kathleen Timoney

    Just love the aroma this product gives to my room when I walk in. Will definitely be ordering more. Beautiful package and prompt delivery.

  360. Mrs. Elizabeth Goss

    Lovely, strong, pleasant natural scent. Have bought this again & again.

  361. Samantha Cullum

    Fabulous scent. Cant recommend their products enough

  362. sarah hawthorne

    I love lemongrass, and this is amazing the smell last ages and always smells great

  363. Mrs Avril Baird

    Purchased the Lemongrass and Rosemary Diffuser in June at the Royal Highland Show. Absolutely fabulous product. Quality throughout; from the interaction and detailed explanation of the products , the beautiful blends and variety of products on offer, the reasonable price and lovely packaging. All top class. The beautiful aroma fills my room but…….!!! I have other rooms with inferior quality products in them so I’m off to Valentine to order replacements! Oh and do try the hand cream ( I received a free sample of the lemongrass and rosemary) it is really rather nice!

  364. Tina Marley

    Beautiful, fresh, zingy! This reed diffuser is just awesome – it fills the room with the most beautiful fragrance without overpowering. Bought a gift box at the Game Fair in July 2019 and it came in the most beautiful packaging. I will certainly be buying more online. These are great for yourself and would make wonderful gifts for friends and loved ones.

  365. Sue Fiorani

    Just love walking back in the house to the lovely aroma, the packaging, and delivery is second to none , will be ordering again !!

  366. Mrs Lorna blackmur

    I bought my first Valentte products at Bramham Horse Trials. Our house has never smelled so lovely. I just needed another Diffuser for our downstairs bathroom and the service was excellent. Very easy to order and very swift response.

  367. Ann Mcgurn

    I am really impressed with my diffuser, it give a good strong perfume which fills my living room, ìt is the first one that I’ve had that has been so good! Thank you

  368. Ann Mcgurn

    After buying the hand cream and body lotion, I loved the fresh perfume, so decided to buy the reed diffuser. I am delighted with it, it’s the first diffuser I have bought that actually works! I have quite a large living room but I can smell the diffuser really well.

  369. Sue Keen

    absolutely the best ever diffuser I’ve had, i purchased it at a show some time ago and have not been disappointed
    The smell lasts for ages, friends that have visited love the smell one is even hooked!!!
    fab ,will definately be buying products for christmas

  370. Yasmin Nixon

    Fresh, clean and zingy smell that fills the room. Really great room scent.

  371. Andrea Coy

    Absolutely amazing, fills my whole rooms with an uplifting and rejuvenating aroma. My only problem now is……I received a sample of Neroli and can’t decide which to purchase next.
    Sooo much nicer than my Jo Malone and attracts so many compliments.

  372. Anne Brooks

    I keep re-ordering this Diffuser as the scent is so fresh and beautiful, I love the smell when you walk into the room! I ‘ve also given as gifts and friends have gone on to order as they also loved the fragrance! I’m working my way through other Valentte products, and haven’t been disappointed, fabulous products & great customer service!

  373. Nicola Evans

    I bought the Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser at Edenbridge and Oxted Show. This was the first time I’d come across VALENTTE products. It was very difficult to make my choice because all the scents are beautiful, but I chose this one because of it’s fresh clean scent. It’s not overpowering, but can be smelt all downstairs. The packing is beautiful and the staff are lovely and helpful. I will certainly be buying more, not just for myself but also as gifts. Thank you

  374. vdobson71

    I have bought many red diffusers over the years, but this is outstanding. I have it in the bathroom, and it can be smelt downstairs at front door.
    A beautiful smell.

  375. Angela Martin

    The smell from this is amazing. The whole lounge smells of this beautiful fragrance at all times. It lasts for a long time too. I will definitely be ordering more for the other rooms.

  376. Wendy Thompson

    I received my Lemmon

    I am so pleased with my first order of Lemmongrass and Rosemary diffuser and room fragrance. The fragrance wafts all over the house! I shall be buying this product again.

    Wendy Thompson

  377. Dee Oates

    This product is worth every penny. Quality purchase at a reasonable cost. Excellent fragrance. Extremely pleased with it.

  378. Janet

    This is very good, I love it. I wil certainly be buying more items in the future.
    I came across Valentte on a very, very wet day at Southport flower show. Although I didn’t buy anything there I was impressed and after trying my free sample of hand cream I decided to makes purchase. Recommended.

  379. roberta5444

    Bought the gift box at the Chatsworth Country Fair. Smells amazing will be defiantly buying more.

  380. Ann Beckett

    Bought this after reading the reviews. It smell lovely.

  381. Rosalie Taylor

    Having bought some products from the Hampton Court flower show earlier in the year I was absolutely hooked. I have used a number of diffusers over the years however the lemongrass and rosemary has a powerful beautiful aroma and has lasted me for months. I will definitely be buying more in the future .

  382. Sally lane

    I ‘m always looking for a really effective diffuser that enables the whole room to smell of a beautiful fragrance. I have finally found the diffuser for me. Valentte’s lemongrass and rosemary has the ability to hide the not so attractive smell of dogs , particularly on wet rainy days. Gone has the pungent aroma of ‘ wet smelly dogs’ This is the only diffuser that has managed do achieve the impossible. Thank you.

  383. Sue willcocks

    I bought a gift box from the Southport flower show, oh my word the smell is amazing and the hand cream is divine. I will definitely be ordering again

  384. barbarajean

    first order and elighted. great packaging,wonderful scent. not used yet as purched 3 diffusers and only one in use at present but will be reordering

  385. Julie

    Visited your stand at Hampton Court. Fragrance lovely. Will be trying other products ie sprays and hand creams on next order

  386. Anne Alexander

    This is a reorder for the most delightful and long-lasting room fragrance. Thank you Vallentte.

  387. Becky

    Love the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary spray and diffuser. The diffusers leave our flat smelling lovely and the spray is great in the bathroom for an extra boost, when required. I have tried oil burners and diffusers from other companies and they can give me a headache. Vallente smells natural. Thank you.

  388. ELizabeth White

    Fantastic diffuser, long lasting scent and the best I have found. Highly recommend .

  389. Joan Harrison

    Bought a gift box of 3 Lemongrass and Rosemary reed Diffuser at recent Southport flower show ,they smell amazing throughout the house .I am going to try some candles next in different fragrance’s cant wait to try them

  390. Julie Jones

    I’ve bought this Reed diffuser in the Lemongrass and Rosemary before & loved it. As soon as you walk in the hallway you can smell it. It’s so uplifting & refreshing . I like that it hasn’t got any toxins in it & that you use essential oils . I would definitely recommend buying the gift set.

  391. Sarah

    I love the smell of this reed diffuser the scent is amazing &
    I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried one.
    I keep mine out of the sunlight as I find they last longer. My previous one lasted over a year. How good that !!! As with all your products I like the fact that they are organic. I will definitely be buying more from Valentte

  392. Anna

    I first heard of the Valentte when someone shared a freebie of free samples with me. I immediately knew that I wanted to get the organic reed diffusers and the reviews of the lemongrass & rosemary were all shouting glorious things about it. I am too in awe with this product. As a person who uses diffusers on a regular basis and tried most out there I asked myself what have I been buying all these years? This fresh luxury diffuser fills my hallway with the most gorgeous fragrance; it’s strong yet not overpowering and I get lots of compliments. I am a fan and can’t wait to try the skincare products too.

  393. niki jones

    I discovered Valentte by accident on a promotion website, I ordered a gift box to try along with some samples ,I love the diffusers i always buy the gift box of three (sometimes as presents ) but also so for myself as it works out really good value , I don’t buy big company branded anymore (eg glade,airwick etc as they are not that much cheaper and give out artificial smells and dont last as long )I buy these now , daughter has allergies and these dont irritate her they have a great aroma and last a long time, everyone comments at the fragrance when they come in the house, Lemongrass and rosemary are my favourite and usedin the whole house apart from my sons bedroom -he loves the patchouli and eucalyptus one for his room.

  394. Diane Jane

    The box was beautifully packed, the scents are gorgeous. Everyone remarks about my lemongrass diffusers which gives off such a lovely smell. Great delivery. Starting to order for Christmas presents. Diane jane

  395. Isobel Clevely

    I first discovered your products at the Ideal Home Show, Glasgow. Absolutely love them, especially the Lemongrass & Rosemary. Best diffusers and candles I have had.

  396. sward123

    I love the lemon and rosemary diffuser, the smell is so refreshing and long lasting.

  397. Carol Brown

    Beautiful fragrance it reminds me of our holiday in the Far East with the smell of lemon grass . Easy to order on line and a prompt well packaged delivery . We will be ordering again in time for Xmas presents and for ourselves.

  398. Sue Fiorani

    Love it love it, just love walking back in the house and being greeted with this lovely aroma !!

  399. Andrea Phillips

    The lemongrass diffuser came highly recommended by a friend, the packaging was lovely and added to the experience.
    The smell is amazing and I will definitely be trying other fragrances for myself and purchasing as gifts for family and friends 😁

  400. Gillian teanby

    Amazing ! Just love the scent and it fills the room beautifully !! One of the best diffusers I have ever bought ! Will be buying more ! Perfect for christmas presents!! X

  401. Mrs Carol Hardy

    Just arrived back home from holiday, how nice to walk into the bedroom and have the wonderful fragrance from my diffuser also bought the candle and soy cream. They are a must use product too nice to save but make sure I have spares.

  402. Caroline Crocker

    This is my favourite scent. It fills the room and I get so many friends commenting on how lovely it is. The scent is fresh, zesty and uplifting. Love it!


    Having purchased the home box with a few diffusers in I have to say that this scent is my personal favourite. Makes my home (and office as we have them at our clinic) smell like a high class spa! Long lasting, beautiful scent which has received many compliments!

  404. Anne Gribbon

    It’s is a amazing smell.
    When I open the front door to my apartment the smell hits you straight away it’s so unusual and the fragrance lasts for ever.

  405. Anne Gribbon

    The diffuser has an amazing unique smell.
    When I open my font door the smell is beautiful and the fragrance adt for a longer time

  406. Elaine hornsby

    Absolute 1st Class product!! I am hooked, seriously. First bought a gift set by my Sister In law for my birthday. A superb present, lasted fragrance for over 3 months! We smell it constant, my partner is also a fab of it. Beautiful fragrance, not tried the others as 100% satisfied and will continue to order! Well done!

  407. Fiona Rowan

    This is a beautiful fresh fragrance that lasts and I would highly recommend this product as a gift or just to treat your self for a beautiful room fragrance

  408. Karen Garrity

    Absolutely love this product , it’s the second time that I’ve bought it and it won’t be the last.
    My bathroom smells lovely , I would recommend this to everyone.
    I first discovered Valentte at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire and have bought 3 of the boxed gifts, made wonderful presents. Thank you !

  409. Suzanne Appleton

    The fragrance of this diffuser is absolutely Devine . Every time I walk into the room you can really smell it. Other diffusers just don’t compare

  410. cheryl.aston

    The best selling diffusers I have found, I absolutely love the two scents which perfectly compliment themselves. I am so glad I found this company at country file

  411. susan_hickson

    I am amazed at the strength of this fragrance, and I am so pleased with your products

  412. Carol

    I now have 2 of these in my home and can honestly say that they are the best I’ve ever bought. Lovely fresh smell that doesn’t fade.

  413. Rachel G

    Gorgeous fresh fragrance with excellent staying power. Definitely the best diffuser I have bought before and very good price. Other much more expensive options have not lasted anything like as long. great buy!

  414. Craig

    Originally found valentte on a freebie website and was interested in some samples to try but this didn’t happen, that’s when I read the blog explaining that the scale of shipping so many samples through these type of sites could put them out of business. I was impressed with their honesty and the regular blog so made an order and have not been disappointed so far have only tried the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and it is great, being in a small flat I have had to use fewer reeds as it’s so good. Looking forward to trying other products now and think the gift boxes will be great for Christmas presents.

  415. Emily J Evans

    I discovered Valentte a couple of years ago at a gift fair in Harrogate, absolutely adore these products – particularly the reed diffusers. They are truly the best quality diffusers I have ever used, and I have tried many! The scent lasts for months and months, such good value for money.
    I have bought a few, mainly as presents, but tend to struggle to give them away and selfishly keep them for myself!!!

  416. Julie Donovan

    I first discovered Valentte at the Hampton Court Flower Show and was so impressed with fragrance that I purchased a Diffuser. Unlike other diffusers that I have used this fragranced the entire room. It actually lasted for four months. People commented on how beautiful the scent was. I have now purchased 3 gift boxes with intention of giving some as gifts however as I now have them in several rooms I may have to purchase more. Delivery was prompt and well packaged and the gift boxes are beautifully presented. I will definitely be using these products for some time

  417. suedeans

    I bought a gift box at the Handmade Festival and can only repeat what other reviewers have said: this diffuser smells divine and lasts! Other products, including very expensive ones, did not perform as well as this. My living room is open-plan so the perfume rises upstairs and cheers my heart as I go up. At the Festival, my daughter and I were impressed by the friendliness and help from the seller (and the free gift of hand cream which also smells wonderful). All in all, I’m very pleased with this company and will be buying Xmas gift sets for virtually all my family! Thank you Valentte.

  418. k_huby

    Absolutely delighted with the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser bundle I bought at The Yorkshire Show
    A treat for myself and boy I wasn’t disappointed
    The fragrance is absolutely fabulous so fresh and uplifting and lasting so well certainly up there with the top names
    Beautifully packaged and the staff so knowledgeable in helping me make my selection
    Well done Valentte

  419. Sue Appleton

    The fragrance is absolutely lovely . It fills the whole room with the fresh scent of lemongrass . Everyone has commented .

  420. Sham

    The best diffuser I have ever used. The smell is absolutely perfect in my bathroom and oozes with freshness. It has lasted me 2 months and still only half used. So worth the money and would definitely recommend all the products. My favourite is lemongrass and rosemary.

  421. Louise Fowkes

    I remember the first time I smelt this gorgeous fragrance, I walked into my friends house and it smelt like my favourite spa. I ordered straight away and wow my whole house smells Devine, really fresh and like my very own spa
    You won’t regret buying this and the fragrance is long lasting

  422. Joy Spedding

    I have placed my defuser in my downstairs cloak room and it gives off the most amazing aroma. I am so pleased with all the Valentte products I have bought and would recommend them to anyone..

  423. mhle-hughes

    I was introduced to Valentte by mr dearest oldest friend when I visited her house and commented on how beautiful it smelt. I couldn’t wait to get home an order my own Reed diffusers. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long as I received my order from Valentte very quickly. As soon as it arrived I couldn’t wait to open it. It had been beautifully packaged in a Special Valentte box with sumptuous amounts of back tissue paper and a black ribbon. Very classy. I ordered 3 gift boxes containing 3 reed diffusers in each, two for friend’s birthdays and a treat for myself. I opened the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser and immediately smelt the beautiful aroma. I have placed it on the staircase in my hallway, and the smell literally transmits all around the house. As soon as I come in through the front door I am greeted with the lovely scent of fresh lemons. Wonderful 💛🍋💛
    I am looking forward to opening the other diffusers but will wait until this one is finished first. I don’t know exactly how long it will last, but I’m hoping for at least 3 months after reading other people’s reviews.

  424. april saunders

    Bought three of these at the Chatsworth Show wow what a smell lots of comments from friends and family whoentre the front room. have mine in front of the fire place. Worth every peeny

  425. john beesley

    i normaly buy airwick aeresols but decided to try lemongrass & rosemry diffuser.
    i must say i am very pleased i did it give truly lovely fresh aroma all round my open plan living room.
    will definiatly buy again

  426. Mrs Denise Mant.

    Adore this smell !! So fresh and the smell is vibrant for weeks. One of the best makes of diffuser smells and so long lasting. I have used many “makes” and much more expensive in price and I come back to Valentte every time. I must consider other smells !! Thank you Valentte .

  427. Steve Beattie

    Beautiful sent , classy bottle what’s not to like about this.

  428. reittoc2000

    Purchased this item as one of the choices in mixed gift box. It’s amazing, and would highly recommend! At the same time I ordered a second gift box for my sisters birthday present as I know she loves this range! Love the Valentte back story – deserve every success – keep up the good work!

  429. Nikki

    Absolutely amazing product!!! This beautiful fragrance lasts forever weeks and weeks!! I always buy the gift box as it’s great value

  430. janey_dixon

    Lovely products, beautifully wrapped.

  431. Tracey Cuthbert

    A very zingy and uplifting fragrance fills the room beautifully. Lovely box and wrapping, a great gift.

  432. Jo Hayward

    Bought at the Malvern Show yesterday (convinced by 2 other ladies raving about the product at the Stand and they were NOT on the payroll!) and already in love with this fantastic product. Opened my living room door to the delightful smell which immediately uplifted me. Early days but already a follower! Thank you Valentte 😊

  433. margarettawild


  434. Caroline Mant

    This is my third fragrance from Valentte, and I think, by a margin – my favourite. They are all lovely tho!
    We’ve been going away from the house quite a bit recently- it’s an old house and gets musty and I used to dread walking in the door. These reed diffusers are better than any I’ve had – the house is always lovely and fragrant to come home to!

  435. Kim Howard

    Best reed diffuser I’ve ever had both for fragrance and value for money! Fills the room and last for ages !

  436. Laura Berry

    This has the most amazing fragrance which lasts a long time. I have one in an open plan kitchen diner and lounge and has been commented on by my friends and has been in use for 4 months now!

  437. Ann Smylie

    Have your lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser on my landing in SW France..windows open most of the time and the most wonderful scent drifts through the house…
    Many thanks

  438. Shirley Ransom

    Lemongrass and Rosemary my very favourite.
    I buy the diffusers and candles. The smell fills our house with love and joy.
    Everyone who comes in, remarks how beautiful the house smells.
    All the other scents are lovely but this one is my absolute favourite. Thank you 😊

  439. Carol

    Bought 3 of these! Absolutely love them. Quick delivery too!
    I will definitely be ordering some more. Thank you.

  440. Alison B

    Love this product! Easily the best diffuser I’ve ever purchased. It has a beautiful fragrance which fills the room but isn’t overpowering. First purchased at Hampton Court flower show, it lasted for a full three months, now a convert and repeat customer.

  441. Gillian Yvonne McKenzie

    My gift to a friend was well received and she was happy it came from somewhere locally. Need to buy another for me now…

  442. rebecca.andison

    Love this diffuser! It has a good strong natural scent but isn’t overpowering. I bought my first at a show in July and have only just had to buy a refill.

  443. Carrie Lambert-smith

    Smelt this at a friend’s house and fell in love. I am not usually a scent in the house person but this is amazing and I will definitely buy again.

  444. Elaine Holland

    I’d bought this diffuser on the strength of one use of the hand cream. The smell is so fresh & zesty and I will definitely be recommending it.

  445. Carole Johnson

    I have been using the lemon grass diffuser in my kitken and bathrooms for around 2 years and never tire of the fresh clean scent. My husband has asrhma and these are the only diffusers which dont effect him. Thank you Valentte for producing these organic products


    Amazing long lasting scent! We originally had these diffusers at the clinic where I work and patients always comment on how gorgeous they smell so now I have them in my home too!

  447. Penny Croft

    What a find! I bought three of the rosemary and lemongrass reed diffusers at a recent craft show. The smell is amazing and long lasting, leading to lots of positive comments from visitors. I will definitely be buying more for myself and friends, they will make fabulous Christmas presents.

  448. Diane

    We have bought several of these now.Even my husband likes the fragrance. As most people say this is a favourite to the point I don’t buy any sprays or plug in air fresheners now.
    Might seem expensive but they truly work and last so I would highly recommend and I don’t give 5 stars very often.
    Discovered Valentte when someone bought me a gift box.

  449. Karen Roberts

    Made a purchase at Southport flower show and loved this product really good value for money

  450. Nick

    Really fills the room with a beautiful freshness, amazing quality and also very attractive to look at

  451. Angie Boulton

    Absolutely gorgeous smell.

  452. Margaret Wilson

    Since finding Valentte products last year, I am a total convert. I always used to buy Yankee candle air fresheners, and candles, BUT no more!! Everyone that has come into my house, has commented on how lovely the room smells. The diffusers last longer, and retain their fragrance. Well worth it. I found these products at the glasgow country living fair.

  453. L.Higgs

    Love it, love it, love it. Doesn’t affect my allergies or daughters asthma, beautifill smell and just keeps on going , will definitely shopping here again 5 stars*****

  454. danielle

    I can see why this is the best seller, I’m smells amazing! And has a really long lasting scent but not over powering

  455. Bunny Varma

    Lemongrass and Rosemary are my favourite aromas it a clean smell the smells are true not artificial I particularly love the room spray and diffuser.
    I also think the cardamom and nutmeg candle it burns well and lasts a long time.
    I love these products so much I even buy them as presents

  456. Rosemary Robert

    Not tried the Valentte reed diffusers before, they are amazing, a superb scent, I am now hooked. Discovered your wonderful hand
    Cream at the Ripley Castle summer fair.

  457. Ann Smylie

    Live in SW France… windows still open but diffuser sends lovely drifts of scent through the house… wonderful…. thanks.

  458. Katie Norman

    I bought my latest one at the RHS Autumn Show at Malvern.
    Put in a warm room, it scents the whole flat.

  459. Paula Hussain

    First purchased at the Spirit of Christmas Fair and now ordered online. Love the fragrance, lasts months and scents my whole lounge which is quite big. Great online service, will be ordering again.

  460. kazedwards2000

    I’ve had several brands of diffuser but none compare to the long lasting fragrance of Valentte.
    Friends visiting my home comment on the smell and some have bought the product.
    I bought one from the Chatsworth House Country show with a hand cream and have bought 3 more products since.
    I’m definitely a returning customer now Due to the quality and value for money.
    I also love the personal touch from Luke with the packaging. A lovely experience all round.

  461. Coral O’Regan

    I have tried different diffusers and I just love this one, it has a lovely Lemon zest, even my husband has asked that I buy another one for upstairs…. (a first) . I have put them down on my Christmas List as they are a little luxury that I can’t do with out.

  462. Sue

    Oh my goodness I love this diffuser. Having been totally captivated by White neroli and lemon up until now I was unsure whether to try the Lemongrass and Rosemary but I am so glad I did. The two scents actually enhance each other and walking from room to room is a total pleasure. I came across Valentte almost a year ago at a London show and have used them ever since. Fabulous company.

  463. Julia Flitcroft

    Absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance in all the products I have tried, so uplifting. My husband who normally complains about any
    room fragrances loves this aroma. The online service is excellent and I have found Luke’s Blogs wonderful and thought provoking.
    Purchased my first diffuser from Tatton Flower Show last year.

  464. Sally Beasley

    I have bought so many of these reed and candle products from other places and the smell never lasts. These smell divine day in, day out. I am just about to purchase them as Christmas presents for all the friends that enter my house and comment on the smell beautiful smell.

  465. hayward.a3

    Picked up at the Malvern Show and have since bought several more as the smell is divine. I love opening the lounge door in the morning and the subtle smell of lemongrass is a joy for the nostrils and warmth for the heart. Love this 💕

  466. Isobel Clevely

    I was introduced to your products at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow and absolutely love them. Especially the Rosemary & Lemongrass diffusers. I have to behave myself and not order every time I get an email.

  467. Stephanie

    Originally bought one of your boxes at the Ideal Home Exhibition. The Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser is really lovely and lasts for ages. Will definitely buy from you again

  468. Charliemoto

    I was given this as a present last year and fell in love with the smell, delightful! Now I have purchased gifts for xmas!

  469. Kate Christie

    I have bought these at the House and Garden Christmas Fair and loved so much I have bought a load to give as presents. Such a great gift and delicious smell

  470. Bradley

    Such an amazing aroma, distinct but not over powering, absolutely love this product. Will see whether it lasts the time they claim.

  471. Helen Jobber

    I have a large kitchen with high ceilings so don’t normally bother with diffusers there as they have little effect. However the lemongrass and rosemary one works so well and I notice the scent every time I go into the room

  472. Aideen

    I use diffusers all the time but this is by far the best one I’ve had! I have one in a large kitchen family area and it leaves a lovely Smell throughout the sizeable area also it does not disintegrate quickly dispite turning my reeds. Highly recommend.

  473. Kim Cooper

    I discovered Valentte at “The Spirit of Christmas” last year and have been a customer ever since. The products are all lovely but the lemon grass and rosemary diffuser is a favourite. The aroma immediately transports me back to a holiday I had in Thailand a few years ago and, as claimed, the scent does last for months. Bravo, Valentte, a wonderful product!

  474. Claire

    I discovered Valentte a couple of years ago at the Ideal Home Show and have been buying the products ever since. This is my all time favourite, smells absolutely divine. The diffuser is in my lobby and everyone that comes through the front door comments on how lovely it smells. It’s such. great product and lasts for ages.

  475. Marion Wadley

    I bought this reed diffuser after smelling it at a friends house, she could not recommend it highly enough. I love the fragrance and how easy it was to find on line. It arrived beautifully packaged.

  476. Deborah

    Gorgeous product as always and so reasonably priced!!

  477. Alison

    I bought one over a year ago at a Garden Festival and am delighted to see that I can buy them online!

  478. Katy

    First discovered these products at Southport Flower show where I received a free sample. I finally saved up to order a few items. I absolutely love this lemongrass & rosemary scent. Every time I go home, I walk in the room & it makes me smile! I also got the hand wash and hand cream & they are all wonderful!

  479. Tracey Edwards

    Love the fresh smell of the lemongrass and rosemary. The scent definitely fills the room, not overpowering though. Just lovely. I have the candle too, wonderful in the evening!

  480. Jeanne Hall

    Absolutely gorgeous you can smell it all around the lounge have already bought 2 gift boxes for Christmas presents.

  481. Sarah Hughes

    Amazing scent which fills the room. Had many compliments from visitors to my home.

  482. Pam Chamberlain

    the diffuser is lovely. thefragrance is beautiful and not too overpowering.

  483. Pia Bahri

    i was given a sample of a cream at a trade show with no label as to what smell it was and just had to find out as it was so amazing. Thus began my relationship with Valentte from their products to the uplifting blogs that address what we all go through in our shared human condition. Not enough to have it on my skin, I bought the diffusers so my whole house is perfumed with their fabulous smells and I can share the love with friends and family who have loved the gifts so far.

  484. Elva Brabham

    This was the first time I have had Valentte diffusers. I am amazed at the difference in the way the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser – which I have in my hallway – makes my whole apartment beautifully perfumed. Just in the first week I have had so many compliments on the lovely smell from visitors when they enter the hallway.

  485. Janice

    I have moved house and there is a smell that won’t go, until I can decorate and have new carpets. The Lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser now has my house smelling lovely. I have one upstairs and downstairs and the scent fills the house. I also bought a room mist too, for an extra hit. I purchased some samples and the LGR, was my favoured even though the others were lovely too. I know now that I will never be without these and have even purchased the gift sets for Christmas presents.

  486. Lucianne Allen

    Stunning scent . Great to have a natural product that leaves a noticeable but not overwhelming fragrance . Lots of compliments from others !

  487. Rona Colston

    This is a excellent company website very user friendly keeps you up to date with where your order is packaging excellent and best of all the products are good this is my second lemon grass diffuser I love the smell I would not buy from any where else mow .

  488. Janet Tooley

    We just love this diffuser. The Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance last for more than 4 months at a time. It’s just wonderful to enjoy that lovely fragrance throughout our house.

  489. Nicki Parker

    I came across the products from Valentte at a country fair many years ago and absolutely love them all. The Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser smells divine and I have one in every room at home. I always get comments about the gorgeous aroma. Their beauty products are equally gorgeous. It is so reassuring to know there are no nasties in any of them. I would highly recommend Valentte and all their products and they also make fantastic presents.

  490. Jean Lonsdale

    I came across Valentte at the Harrogate Flower Show, when they were giving out small pots of their hand cream, and a token for samples. I loved the unusual aroma of their products and in fact was spoilt for choice.

    On return home I sent for the samples being in full agreement about paying for postage.

    I loved the Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed diffuser. On entering my house, I’m greeted with this lovely fresh, but not overpowering aroma . I’m scared of plug-ins, although they are very effective, but this easily works as a substitute for one of those.

    Some of the cheaper Reed diffusers seem to actually evaporate, but I suspect that this will last me for a considerable time…then I have a lavender one waiting as that is another favourite.

  491. Emma Roberts

    I discovered Valentte and Badminton Horse Trials and treated myself to a giftbox. I have this diffuser in my hallway and I love coming home to be greeted by this fresh scent – and having a large, rather hairy lurcher it really helps keep my house fresh.

  492. Kim

    Have been using valentte diffusers for 3 years now and love the continued fragrance that’s it brings to the room. Gift boxes are beautifully done and service quick.

  493. Edna

    Wow fab product and fills my hallway with beautiful fragrance- very impressed

  494. Liz

    This is the best lemongrass diffuser that I’ve found, and I keep coming back for more!

  495. Aideen

    This is the best reed diffuser I’ve used. The scent is so fresh and although i place mine in quite a spacious kitchen family room area It manages to give off such a lovely scent.. also when I turn the reeds round the contents don’t disappear quickly like other diffusers can .. highly recommend .

  496. Sue Creswell

    Read about Valentte in my local Cheshire Living magazine. I like to use local companies so decided to give them a try. So glad I did.
    I love the fresh fragrance and the elegant presentation of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser.

  497. Lucy

    Best diffuser I’ve ever had! Even prefer it to NEOM! The smell is amazing and really strong! I can smell it as soon as I walk in my door! Will definitely buy again! Thank you

  498. Nita

    A purchase for myself ( at last) & love the aroma which is way above others

  499. Kerris Bunting

    Such a wonderful smell. Most ones I have bought you stop smelling after a couple of weeks, these ones last for so long

  500. Julia Clarke

    This is such a great product which I have placed in our downstairs cloakroom. The fragrance is so fresh and is so much better than cheaper products which soon loose their scent. Will buy again!

  501. Jayne

    This is simply the best diffuser I have purchased. I have this fragrance in my kitchen. The smell is amazing every time you walk into the room very fresh & uplifting. Unlike other manufacturers these diffusers last. A fabulous product highly recommended.

  502. Dotty

    Not the best diffuser !! Very faint smell !! Disappointed after reading all the great reviews!!

  503. Sharon Platt

    I am well impressed with this product. The smell is beautiful. I bought the lemongrass candle at the Harrogate show and thought I would try the defuser and it doesn’t dissapiont.

  504. Karen Andrews

    I purchased the lemon and rosemary reed diffuser last week and am delighted to say it has filled my lounge with its delightful scent since. It has surpassed all previously bought diffusers.

  505. victoriahajba

    My favourite smelling product.

  506. Ann Gibbons

    The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is absolutely gorgeous.

  507. Stephanie H

    I first discovered Valentte at the Royal Highland Show and was immediately impressed by the scent and throw of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser. After being disappointed by another company’s diffuser that I could only smell if I was right next to it, I was very happy that one Valentte diffuser fills my entire flat with a lovely, energising citrus smell. I also ordered the White Neroli and Lemon diffuser, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet as the Lemongrass is my favourite!

  508. Theresa Moran

    The Lemon grass and rosemary reed diffuser surpassed all expectations. It’s a pleasure to walk back into the house, the fragrance is beautiful without being over powering. Wonderful products worth every penny, I shall definitely be purchasing again. Fab packaging by the way, will make great presents.

  509. Carole Johnson

    This is one of my favourite scents. The freshness of the lemongrass is pedfect for my bathrooms and kitchen. Thank yiu for producing such quality products

  510. Rachel Jones

    Rosemary and lemongrass reed diffuser has the most enchanting fragrance and fills the whole house. Wonderful product.

  511. Paula Barrows

    My absolute favourite, just love the fresh clean scent everytime I walk into the room. Have both the diffuser and candle , equally gorgeous.

  512. Wendy Wilson

    Just love the scent of this lemongrass nd rosemary diffuser.
    First experienced the smell in a recent airbnb stay, it was in the bedroom. Couldn’t resist looking on the label to see the product description and subsequently ordered several gift boxes for Christmas gifts and of course, for myself.

  513. Michelle O’Gorman

    I have used many diffusers but this is simply the best. Natural fragrance not at all overpowering.

  514. Sharon Welsh

    Just love this smell so much! Fast delivery, beautifully packaged. Highly recommend

  515. Sophie S

    Beautiful product – positioned in our downstairs bathroom but the smell moves around the hall putting a smile on my face every time i walk past.

  516. Anne BrooksAnne

    I find this one of the best scents! I love it so much I have it in most rooms in the house. It has the most amazing & fresh smell & people comment on how lovely it is!

  517. Joanne harris

    With the night drawing in and the wood burner roaring this wonderful smell of rosemary and lemongrass filling my living room is pure bliss. I have brought several for Christmas gifts. But I would highly recommend any products they are all luxurious and amazing value

  518. Rachel Vandermark

    Everyone who. Comes into my house comments on the lemongrass diffuser. It is strong and elegant. I will never be without it x

  519. Kirstie McDowall

    These leave your rooms smelling fab. I have bought a few as pressies as they are always popular with my friends

  520. Liz Scruton

    Love, Love, Love this fragrance every person that comes to my house says how lovely it is Liz 👍

  521. Kate Brearley

    I bought this after visiting my friends who had your diffuser in their lounge in this fragrance. I was sitting close by to it and was totally hooked so placed my order whilst still st their house!

  522. Jane russell

    This is the only Reed diffuser I have ever brought that actually makes the room smell , it has a lovely delicate fragrance &lasts for ages, highly recommend this product.

  523. Anne

    A lovely fresh smell, not overpowering. Excellent value if you buy the
    boxed sets.

  524. tj_hotchocolate

    This Lemongrass and Rosemary is my all time favourite; love it so much that I even have one at my work desk. Its so uplifting and smells really fresh when you walk into the room. Cant see myself being without it for too long.
    Would definitely recommend it to others.

  525. Anne Halliday

    Would definitely recommend this diffuser. The lemon grass & rosemary is a lovely fresh sent & these last longer than other diffusers.

  526. james phillips

    Brilliant these diffusers arewonderful the smell is just out of this world i have bought these for every room in my house and they have not let me down i have finely found something that is amazing.

  527. Harriet

    Smells amazing! Fills my room with this lovely scent my fave of all! So many compliments 🙂

  528. Gill Robinson

    Stunning. The only diffuser that actually works. First bought at Harrogate Flower show & still happy with its perfume & performance. So much so I have ordered several for Christmas gifts, (plus other treatettes obviously!)
    Gill R

  529. J.Davis

    Best ever…wonderful aroma awaits every time I enter my home. Fresh and invigorating.
    Lives up to all expectations given at Hampton Court Fair.


    I love the smell of this reed diffuser which I first spotted at Ripley castle Xmas fayre. It has a fresh lemon smell which gives the whole of my downstairs a lift as I walk through. It lasts for a good 3months if not more depending on how many times you turn the sticks. I bought the refill at the same time so I have continuity when it needs topping up.

  531. J Morley

    I first discovered Valentte after visiting the game fair at Holkham Hall. This is one of my favourite scents (although to be fair all the others are lovely too). It reminds me slightly of sherbet lemons but with refreshing rosemary added too, I have had lots of positive comments from visitors asking what the smell was! They make excellent gifts too (especially if you buy the excellent value mix and match box).

  532. Taryn Hilburn

    This fragrance is one of my favourites even the postman commented when I opened the door. It lasts for a long time and is incredibly fresh and relaxing.

  533. charlotte fleming

    i adore these diffusers and have 4-5 of them (lemongrass and rosemary and white neroli and lemon) around the house at any time. They last better than any others i have tried and the smell is just sublime. I have given them to most of my friends too. Nice to have the refills which are made from less chunky glass.

  534. Marlene Brunet

    This was recommended as the most popular perfume and it having had it on the go for days I am not fed up with it. It is refreshing and clean and the perfume fills the house,,especially when you walk in the house. Can recommend!

  535. Jan Wood

    I have tried the hand cream and I have tried the candle in the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance and love them both. Now I also love the diffuser! It permeates the whole house with a fresh, soothing fragrance. I think I might be becoming addicted!

  536. Angelawilliams

    Great smell & longer lasting than any other diffuser 😊

  537. Liz Britton

    Have purchased this diffuser many times. Long lasting, zingy, lemony smell.

  538. sheree blaik

    Love this, fills the room and smells so fresh

  539. Avril

    What a wonderful scent. I can’t imagine walking into my lounge and not smelling it!! Will have to keep buying it!

  540. Ingmarie Hoade

    This is wonderful and have used it now for about 3 years , just right not too strong and have a more pleasant aroma then many more famous brands . Loving it

  541. Helen Wyn Williams

    Lovely fragrance, perfect for the hallway so you get a waft of it as you come through the door! nice way to welcome guests.

  542. Louise Smith.

    I first found this product at an exhibition at Hampton Court. So many people commented on the fragrance I have just bought 2 more for xmas presents and one to keep for myself. It lasts ages and simply smells lovely. Good product. Deserves to do well.

  543. Kerry Pitcher

    I first came across Valentte at the Hampton Court Flower show a few years ago and loved the products I bought – and everybody who used our main bathroom also loved the lemon grass and rosemary diffuser and hand wash. I have been able to pass on the love to family and friends now by buying them gift packs and all have been genuinely delighted. Never a case of ‘great- you bought me smelly stuff!’ They have now bought their own replacements – although some still add it to a Christmas or birthday wish list! A definite win/win!

  544. Niki Wareing

    A beautiful fragrance that travels across the room. Great product that lasts.

  545. Lorraine Mackinnon

    First smelt this product around a friends house that night i ordered two as it was early hours 3am and fri am id paid for next day delivery i got a phone call around 9am to say it would be monday not saturday as it was next working day ie mon the service was amazing did i still want to pay for next day delivery eg what a service my partner who usually doesnt like my candles reed diffusers .popular leading brand i may add loves the smell of these told me to get some more the smell travels far

  546. Coleen

    I ordered the Rosemary and Lemongrass and my house smells divine!! Will be ordering lots more for every room!! Everyone who smells it asks me what it is so I point them in the right direction!!!

  547. Sue Chappell

    Absolutely love these reed diffusers they smell delicious and last for ages

  548. Christine Blakeman

    I have bought the Lemongrass many times, as I simply love the aroma it gives a room. I have also given the diffuser as a present to my daughters and they also love it. The boxes are such good value and I will be purchasing more in the future.

  549. Sharon Woodham

    Smells amazing and lasts months. Would highly recommend, made my first purchase at Great Yorkshire Show earlier this year and now I won’t buy any other brands.

  550. Aasiya Hafesji

    I bought one of these for myself a while ago as part of a gift set, having read a raving review about how great this was. I was not disappointed to say the least. This time around I bought a gift set for my sister, as she adored the scent when she came around to mine! I will be buying some more gift sets in the very near future!

  551. Beryl Hammond

    I love this product I brought it when we went to Burghley horse trials and it still going strong it has a beautiful fresh citrus smell not over powering just in the back ground when I walk into the conservatory . I love it and have brought it for friends for Christmas it comes beautifully presented in a gift box with ribbon.

  552. Jane

    I just love your products. They smell gorgeous and they last so well.

  553. Maggie Baptiste

    The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser was part of a gift set I bought for my mum. I smell it as soon as I walk into her hall – gorgeous!

  554. Melissa Gregory

    An amazing product with a truly sensational smell …I’m hooked … I purchased a gift set at a recent craft fair in London.

  555. Jane O’Dowd

    Fantastic smell that makes everyone comment in my home

  556. El

    Beautiful smell! People would comment how nice the room smelt! Only ever buy from here since my first product

  557. Stephanie Baker

    I bought this at the Spirit of Christmas show Olympia, never tried it before but I would now never buy anything else , scents are amazing .

  558. Brady Cradduck

    Wow the best Reed diffuser I have ever brought.
    It gives off such a beautiful smell and it fills the whole room.
    Everyone that visits my home always say what a lovely smell. Where did you buy it from?
    A must buy

  559. lizzyjhudson

    I bought the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser at the weekend and installed it in my bathroom immediately. It is amazing. The scent is quite strong so very good for a bathroom but beautiful as well. Lots of positive comments from all those who have visited! Thank you

  560. Helen Raymond

    This is the best Reed Diffuser I have ever bought. I first came across the Valentte brand at the Ideal Home Show and I have been hooked on their beautiful products ever since. Lemongrass and rosemary is my absolute favourite. I have reordered it numerous times, it just can’t be beaten on its gorgeous, long lasting fresh fragrance.

  561. JM

    I love the lemongrass and rosemary infuser, I find it has a subtle perfume, not too overpowering and everybody that comes in says how nice is smells. Result!

  562. Nadine Croft

    Absolutely love the scent of this diffuser, not chemically at all (I get headaches very easily with fragrances) and a lovely fresh smell. I’ve also ordered some gift boxes which I can’t wait yo give at Christmas.

  563. Denise Mant

    A wonderful fresh fragrance. Lasts for weeks and still maintaines the smell unlike other makes.
    I have bought numerous ones.Highly recommended

  564. Davina Harry

    Bought a set of three diffusers as a gift for my Mum. We have purchased before at shows and love that only natural essential oils are used and the fragrances are wonderful. Also good that refills for diffusers are available. Extremely good value when purchasing the gift sets.

  565. Carla Quinn

    I first bought this last year and loved the scent it provided in the room. I have since bought them as Christmas gifts for friends and family (and another for myself). I am sure they will be well received.

  566. Jennifer Dickenson

    Beautiful citrus fresh aroma long lasting and enlightens your senses. First fell in love with it at the Ideal Home Exhibition and purchased it ever since. Many compliments from family and friends on the gorgeous smell in my home.

  567. Carol

    Love this scent. Bought at RHS flower show and now ordered more for friends as they always remark how nice my hallway smells. Ordered a refill to keep it going. Will definitely be ordering more for my home. The gift sets are a great idea for presents.

  568. Deborah

    Love the fragrance it lasts ages and always get compliments from friends and family when they visit

  569. Mara

    Diffuser is the key word, the wonderful smell is all around and lasts for ages. Thank you Valentte for exceptional products.

  570. val.clulow

    Everyone comments on the really lovely fragrance in and around the house. I have been using this product and this company for many years and the quality is still as good as the very first time I purchased this and other items. I normally stock up with gift boxes which are exceptionally good value at the Christmas Fair in Islington but will be ordering for myself and for gifts for others online now. Absolutely beautiful scent from the diffusers and lasts for months and months, just keep turning the reeds for the best results.

  571. Sue Gott

    Love love love the smell. It’s my absolute favourite. These diffusers go on forever. Don’t buy them from anywhere else now!

  572. Vicki Petersen

    Love this smell and lasts for ages, will definitely be buying again!

  573. Willie Methven

    We bought these at the highland show and they are excellent so much so we have just purchased some more. Highly commended


    Had this in my dining room for several months it doesn’t evaporate as quickly as some diffusers do and the scent is still lovely/

  575. Tracy Chapman

    Amazing scent. Long lasting and I have had lots of compliments. I also have room spray and candle. Have made another order. Highly recommended

  576. Yvonne

    Just such a lovely smell, lasts such a long time, my third purchase.

  577. Yasmin Nixon

    I love this diffuser scent so much my friends and family are getting some for Christmas. Clean and fresh smelling no matter what size your room. It leaves it smelling wonderful and lasts for ages. Highly recommended .

  578. Roslyn McCann

    Absolutely love this diffuser. 1st bought one at the Great Yorkshire Show and true to their word it lasted 3-4 months with the most amazing fresh smell in my hallway. I’ve just bought a set for a friend as well as a couple more diffusers for myself.
    I no longer buy others to try them. This is worth every penny and really reasonable when you but as part of a gift set.

  579. Bridget Comiskey

    I walked past the Valentte stall at Carfest and was immediately taken by their intense but natural scents. I was given a few samples and a voucher and have since bought most of my Christmas presents online from Valentte! This Lemongrass and Rosemary is a fabulous combination.
    Luke’s Valentte blog is worth subscribing too – I love knowing I’m supporting an ethical British company.

  580. Kate

    Fills your home with a beautiful, fresh and long lasting fragrance. Everybody comments on it when they visit, many of them going on to order themselves. I wouldn’t use any other products now, have been using Valennte for a few years, and love them all.

  581. kathleen Ellis

    Just love this candle ! I bought it first at the Yorkshire show and since have purchased everything in this range! Being a true Yorkshirewoman I often buy the £25 box with a good choice of contents… mix and match!

  582. Nicky

    Last year I bought the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffusers from the Valentte at Olympia spirt of Christmas fair I love the smell and have to say they lasted a very long time compared to other brands. This year I bought a couple of £25 gift set as presents and added a gift set of diffusers for myself as there were such a good online offers. And the delivery service was quick the presentation box’s make the gift look great.

  583. Jan

    After samples from the Spirit of Christmas show I ordered this candle online. Not only does it smell great but it’s great value for money..

  584. Nicky McCree

    This diffuser is just fabulous! The smell is great, so refreshing and natural. I have never had so many comments about how lovely my room smells. (I had a party at the weekend and loads of folk asked where I’d got it from. ) I will never buy any other diffuser now and I can’t wait to try other fragrances and the candles.

  585. Anne Gribbon

    It is a wonderful smell, as soon as I open my front door I can smell the gorgeous aroma.
    This is my fourth purchase and I will continue buying the products.

  586. Amanda Bamford

    I was first introduced to valentte products at HOYS 2018, where I bought the body scrub. Which is the best scrub I have ever used, the scent is divine as well how your skin feels during and after use! So flawless and well moisturised.
    Since then I have purchased several Reed diffusers and candles for my home and gifts for others. The lasting scent of all of the valentte products are utterly delightful.
    Oh and once you have tried the hand creams you’ll never want to use any other brand.
    I highly recommend Valentte products. Perfect Christmas presents at a very reasonable price. If you can resist not keeping them that is!!!

  587. Mandy Neeves

    I have been buying these as gifts for Christmas after receiving a box for my birthday. Such a vibrant and fresh smell, fills the house! Thankyou valentte

  588. Margaret M

    Absolutely beautiful just love the smell in the room . Lovely presented

  589. Hannah

    I love these diffusers, smell so clean and fresh! Wouldn’t use anything else! When friends enter the house they comment on the lovely smell! So that helps with deciding their Christmas presents.

  590. Kashif Ali

    My wife loves fragrances and she keep spending a lot on home fragrances. I decided to introduce her with Valentte’s famous Lemon Grass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser. Bought a gift box with three different smells. She loved lemon Grass the best. Worth spending money on Valentte smells rather buying comparatively cheap brands from supermarket again and again. They last much longer. Thank you Valentte

  591. Rob

    I have only just discovered Valentte diffusers (at the Spirit of Christmas Fair) and Lemongrass and Rosemary is the first one I have tried. It has a strong fresh lemon smell and, even with just a few reeds, seems stronger (ie more noticeable in the room) than other diffusers. Friends have commented on the pleasant fragrance. So so far so good. Although not cheap, I think it seems good value compared to similar quality products which cost a lot more.

  592. Margaret Townley

    Have been using the lemongrass and rosemary diffusers for a few years now, and would recommend them to everyone.
    I buy new ones every year, and have one in most rooms of the house
    Great value for money, long lasting, fantastic smell, what more can be said.

  593. Judith Wraight

    I have been a fan of these products for a few years now. Amazing smells and not too overpowering.

  594. Moira Kuprewicz

    Great product. I’ve had loads of comments from friends. The scent is long lasting ,fragrances the whole downstairs will definately buy again

  595. Janine Milner

    Lovely product, best diffuser I have ever brought. Long lasting and the scent travels throughout the whole of the downstairs. Will definitely be buying again!

  596. Edna

    Still smelling great and has been in use for two months – shall buying refills

  597. Glenda Lowe

    I absolutely love this diffuser. Bought one last year & it’s lasting ages & smell is gorgeous. My son & partner commented when they came to visit so I’ve purchased a gift set online. Also bought myself a gift set too!

  598. Rachel

    This is absolutely my favourite product which I discovered at the Spirit of Christmas fair after sampling the Lemon and Rosemary hand cream. The scent is divine and long lasting and so many friends and family have commented on the lovely, fresh smell permeating then house. I have since bought other products and can’t wait to try them too. Highly recommend.

  599. Paulette Pasfield

    This is the best reed diffuser ever, long lasting with an exquisite aroma which just fills the room

  600. Lynne Cain

    I have been using the lemograss diffuser for 6 months now and this product is totally amazing. Has made life easy for Christmas as everyone is getting them. Done my first order and they come in such lovely boxes. Waiting for pay day then do my next order and that is all my christmas presents sorted………….

  601. Stephanie Pitt

    I have bought Valenttes products for a number of years. The lemongrass and rosemary reed diffusers have a lovely citrusy fragrance that is long lasting. Good value for money when you buy in the gift boxes.

  602. Nilusha

    Lemongrass and Rosemary scent is long lasting and fills even large rooms with this lovely smell. This diffuser lasts for a number of months and so it is excellent value for money. Tried other reed diffusers but they do not work anywhere near as well as these do. Bought a gift box of 3 to keep stocked up and we were sent free samples of the other scents which i’m now looking to buy. This company is highly recommended and it would be great to see the products in the high street shops.

  603. niki jones

    i love the reeds they are amazing, my daughter has asthma and the cheap commercial artificial ones make her sneeze and cough -the valentte ones are great they re natural and dont effect her , they have such a great smell as well, everyone always comments when they come into my home I always buy the gift sets as they are great value and then give some to friends

  604. Lesley Page

    I’m completely obsessed with the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance. The reed diffusers are great value for money as are the candles and room mist. The house smells devine and they last such a long time. Keep up the great work Valentte.

  605. Sally Saunders

    I bought a fragrance gift box and was really pleased with the packaging and prompt delivery service. The lemongrass reed diffuser smells so fresh and even my husband has commented on how nice the house smells!

  606. Mrs Isobel Catlin

    I have been buying from Valentine for the past 3 years. I can honestly say, out of all the reed diffusers I have used, this has to be the best for value and scent. It lasts the longest and the scent is Devine. You will not be disappointed. I found this company first at Studley Castle, and they also go to Cheltenham race course . I go to both these venues and never walk past without buying something.

  607. Elaine White

    Having sent for the samples to try the different fragrances I wasn’t disappointed with the choice I made, Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser. The smell is a lovely fresh scent which fills my whole apartment with a wonderful uplifting aroma. Several people have commented on the welcoming smell and I have referred them all to the Valentte website.

  608. Alison Barker

    Beautiful fragrance use these all the time. Long lasting and not overpowering.

  609. Kate Britten

    After buying the lemongrass and rosemary candles and loving them I thought I’d try the diffuser and it has the same beautiful fragrance.

  610. KATIE Mawdsley

    Just simple perfect and smells
    Wonderful and lasts for months

  611. Sarah Lafbery

    Wow what a fresh vibrant aroma my living room has,
    Will be sad when it runs out,

  612. E

    Such an amazing and refreshing smell! People always come into the room and compliment the smell!

  613. Dorothy Finlayson

    Brilliant product the lemongrass and rosemary has an amazing fragrance, lasts for ages. I bought two gift boxes for Christmas presents beautifully presented. Well done Luke & Co

  614. shannan

    Better than jo malone. I always use jo malone defusers but I got referred this one, so strong long the small – lasts a long time.

  615. Lisa

    Lovely fresh smell, but not too overpowering, you can always take out a couple of reeds if the scent is too strong, I often suffer with headaches with strong smells, but not with these. Lovely that they are natural so you get the added benefits of the essential oils as well as your house smelling gorgeous. Will definitely buy again.

  616. Jackie John

    Great product. Just love the fragrance. First introduced to products at Hampton Court.

  617. Arthur

    Absolutely love the reed diffuser and the lemon grass perfume . This is the best diffuser I have ever bought

  618. Sue Black

    This Diffuser has the most beautiful fresh lemon scent which lasts for weeks. It is well worth spending the extra money on a quality product. This is my fourth one and I will buy again when this one runs out.

  619. Kathryn Platt

    Lovely fresh scent. I am using this in a very large room and have only needed one! I love it and have had lots of comments.

  620. Steven beck

    Purchased 3 at a show and was so pleased with the excellent quality of them I ordered 13 more for our home . Recommend these to anyone who wants a fantastic smelling home at a great price

  621. Jill Cameron

    I have bought loads of diffusers previously and the majority of the time I’m disappointed in the lack of scent. It just doesn’t fill my room. This valentte diffuser is the polor opposite. Its beautiful scent fills a medium sized room no problem at all. Every visitor has commented on the gorgeous scent. I love it!!! Just wish I’d bought more at the SECC show!

  622. Jo Brown

    Lovely fresh smell that fills a good sized room. So impressed after buying one at Cheltenham races immediately put an order in for 2 more plus the room scent.

  623. Gemma

    I absolutely love the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle – I’ve ordered after seeing this company at a show. The smell is so fresh and vibrant, and lovely and strong which is good! Love it!

  624. Coral O’Regan

    I love this, it is fresh and lasts for a few months and I’ve had this in my kitchen and even my husband has comment on how nice this is.

  625. Caroline Bamford

    Smells wonderful and lasts for ages.

  626. geraldine brown

    first time using this brand and was recommended the lemongrass ad rosemary. great choice! its currently sitting in my hall and can be smelled instantly when i walk through the door at night. great service. will use again Geraldine

  627. Penny

    Really gorgeous fresh scent . Love the fact that you use all natural ingredients and not tested on animals. Will definitely buy again and can’t wait to try some of the other fragrances.
    First discovered in entrance hall at super Harrogate b & b.

  628. Judy Mountain

    Fabulous value and such a long lasting beautiful scent

  629. Heather

    I’ve purchased this many times now & I love it!
    I position it in my hall and everyone who comes through my door comments & asks what the gorgeous smell is..
    Great value too…

  630. Paulette

    I came across Valentte at a the Ideal Home Exhibition and felt great for having found gorgeous home fragrance and skincare made with 100% pure plant oils, safe to breath and smelling divine! The scent of my room from my reed diffuser sends be to a beautiful place out of this world! Thank you Valentte.

  631. Kate Britten

    After becoming a regular purchaser of the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle I thought I’d try the diffuser and I’m not disappointed the fragrance is beautiful

  632. Sheila

    I have come addicted to your delightful products.Bought a few as presents but find it difficult to part with because I want them all for myself.How Bad is that of me.

  633. Carole Burton

    Have placed in the bathroom. Scents the room nicely and looks good on the windowsill. Very pleasant. Will buy again.

  634. Carole Burton

    Have placed in the bathroom. Scents the room nicely and looks good on the windowsill. Very pleasant.

  635. Tia

    Very strong, and quite delightful. I had to remove some of the reeds as it can be overpowering. The smell spreads over two floors, this will be my go to brand now.

  636. Paul

    This is gorgeous! I have been using a more well known and expensive brand for many years but now there is no going back. This leaves a lovely fragrance which is strong without being overpowering. I can’t wait to try some of the others now.

  637. Debbie Benfield

    Having received a free sample of hand cream from Valentte at the Spirit of Christmas Fair, thought I would place an order. Very easy to deal with, well packed and fast delivery.

    Love, Love, Love this diffuser. The lovely lemongrass smell fills the room. Have purchased the lemongrass gift sets as Christmas presents. Will definitely be ordering again.

  638. Sue Conway

    Beautiful diffuser. Originally smelt it at a friends house and was hooked. Will definitely order more. Sue

  639. Penny

    This is my 2nd order for the Lemongrass & Rosemary Diffuser one being for my neighbour and the other one for us. The scent is heavenly and wafts around all the corridors downstairs. It has such a clean and refreshing smell that I feel I must always have one in the house.

  640. Penny

    ❝This is my 2nd order for the Lemongrass & Rosemary Diffuser one being for my neighbour and the other one for us. The scent is heavenly and wafts around all the corridors downstairs. It has such a clean and refreshing smell that I feel I must always have one in the house.

  641. Anne Prosser

    I first bought these products at the Royal Welsh show… They definitely are as good as a very well known famous brand… Try you will not be disappointed.

  642. Helen Tutton

    Put one of these in my toilet and without exception every single person who went in there said “what a lovely scent where did you get that I must have it” this resulting in purchasing 3 gift boxes.

  643. Sue Stamp

    I like to have reed diffusers around the house but to get ones which don’t smell synthetic and last a reasonable length of time means spending quite a lot of money. The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is just lovely – it smells delicious and from reading other reviews ifeel sure it will be long lasting. I will definitely be trying the other fragrances too

  644. Donna Phillips

    Found this company on a recent visit to Cheltenham racecourse for the November meeting
    Bought a gift box
    As soon as I got home I ordered another gift box!
    I have never used a reeds dispenser before
    This has a fanatic odour and is still smelling divine 3 weeks later
    Will be ordering more!

  645. Emily hanniffy

    Love the scent of this so much. Came across their stand in the Cotswold show during the summer, I gifted this reed diffuser and candle to my mum and she loved it so much, that all she wanted for Christmas was this!

  646. janice khoo

    I buy all my diffusers from Valentte now as the fragrances are genuine, as opposed to sickly artificial scents

  647. Dorothy Grieve

    Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance, so lively and fresh. The reed diffusers are great so long lasting and if you buy them in a Home Fragrance gift box they are such good value for money

  648. Dennese

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Best fragrance ever! Lasts for ages and does not lose its potency. Excellent product which i have bought again as i never want to not have this smell in my home!

  649. Dennese

    This is part of a Christmas gift. beautifully boxed – excellent value. A superb product. I will be a lifetime customer!

  650. Hazel Grimes

    The smell is divine. On a holiday in the Maldives there was a lovely lemon smell everywhere & we were looking to replicate the memories of that holiday . This fragrance hits the spot perfectly.

  651. Kerry Doherty

    Whenever I see these for sale I buy a few. They provide a beautiful fragrance to the room. I have tried similar much more expensive diffusers but find they are not strong enough. This diffuser is not overpowering but you can smell it’s beautiful fragrance every time you enter the room.

  652. Elaine Kerry

    I love this fragrance ,not overpowering. I bought this at the Ripley Castle Christmas market.
    Have since bought more as a gift. Love it.

  653. Diane Mcdonald

    Love my new rosemary and lemongrass reed diffuser, refreshing smell every time I walk in the house.
    Discovered Valentte at the London exhibition when I was given a free sample hand cream, loved the smell so purchased the same scent in the reed diffuser.
    Thank you.

  654. Maggie Corbett

    This is the best reed diffuser ever, it has the most fantastic scent & it lasts a very long time. The last one I put in the downstairs cloak room lasted for 9 months.
    Well done keep up the good work.

  655. Samantha Evason

    I love this diffuser, it smells amazing and lasts for months! Would highly recommend

  656. Kerry J

    Love this scent!

  657. Karen Jeffery

    Amazing diffuser! Smell is wonderful I bought one last year and it lasted ages , hence me ordering another one! I have tried many leading diffusers but these really are the best and last ages! So I also ordered the candle and body scrub as presents too as so impressed with the range ! Actually ordered two of the kits recently for Xmas for friends ! Love them !

  658. Paula Goodrick

    I gave this a friend who had moved into a new house. She was really pleased with the presentation and said it smelled wonderful

  659. j ward

    bought this originally at the Royal Highland in a pack of three different reed diffusers and loved this one so much that when I was needing to replace them I went for the Lemongrass and Rosemary – plus the refill bottle 🙂

  660. Louise Moores

    This is a fabulous diffuser which always gets great compliments . I keep it in the kitchen to neutralise cooking smells , which it does admirably . Lasts for ages . Great value

  661. gb

    These diffusers are the best! They last for ages and the Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite. I get loads of compliments about the scent in my house and since I know friends like them too, they make great presents.

  662. DENISE


  663. eleanor williams

    Fabulous smell and arrived beautifully boxed – too posh for just me but would suit a Christmas present. I have forwarded the company website to some friends.

  664. Lindsry

    Lovelly smell only just opened so can’t say how long it will last but up to now smells lovelly

  665. Laura

    Wow! What an amazing fragrance I have this fragrance in my kitchen/diner, I start the day with this fresh stimulating fragrance which instantly makes me feel awake and refreshed. I normally use a more expensive brand but this is even better. The fragrance lasts, many visitors ask what the lovely smell is when visiting. I would highly reccomend valentte products as the products to a very high standard and the service and packaging is great too. Thanks

  666. Debra Burgoine

    Wonderful long lasting aroma. Bought from a show and now bought four more, three for presents and one for me !

  667. Kim McTier

    Fabulous fragrance – admired my friends diffuser so bought one for myself. Have now bought 3 more for friends. Gift boxes are great value for money.

  668. Tricia

    I wish I could! They are for Christmas presents! I’ve been plotting how I might keep them for myself, the same goes for the other one I bought at same time.
    Merry Christmas!

  669. Nicola James

    I have bought this at the game fair for the last 2 years. I have now purchased this and candles, body cream and body scrub for Christmas presents this year.
    Hope you manage to sort your pitch for the game fair next year.

  670. Joanne Glasby

    Absolutely love the lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser. I have bought so many diffusers in the past and always been disappointed – certainly not disappointed with the Valentte diffuser its beautiful and lasts so well.

  671. Janice

    I was bought this gorgeous lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser as part of a gift set for my birthday. I loved the fragrance so much that I checked out the website and ordered a gift set containing the diffuser, room spray and soy candle, all in the same fresh smelling lemongrass and rosemary for a friend’s Christmas present. Sure she will love it just as much as me!

  672. Deborah Scott

    Love surrounding myself with your lemongrass and rosemary candles and diffusers 💛💚

  673. Geraldine Munro-Brown

    I was first wowed by the Valentte fragrance at a girlfriend’s house recently. I’d given up on diffusers as they either didn’t last or I went off the fragrance. When she told me the price, we immediately ordered 2 of the Lemongrass & Rosemary diffusers for me! They arrived beautifully wrapped in time for Christmas & one of them I am gifting to a friend. She will love it. I’m now going to try some of the other fragrances, which I am confident will be as good.

  674. Audrey

    I love the smell of the lemongrass diffuser and it lasts for ages, it really keeps the bathroom smelling lovely. I will definitely buy this product again. Love it.

  675. Emma Petts

    This is amazing! After receiving one as a gift, I bought another for upstairs and one as a present. The fragrance is strong but not overpowering and makes the whole of downstairs smell great.

  676. Kym

    This diffuser is brilliant, always a lovely aroma in my lounge and lasts so well.

  677. Anne Alexander

    I have used this lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser before and just love the aroma and the length of time that it lasts. It is now a delightful staple for this household.

  678. Vicki Heenan

    Found Valentee at Tatton garden show. We love this fragrance, everyone who has come to our house has said how nice it was. It’s seems to last for ages and the smell doesn’t taper off! Will be a customer for life🤩

  679. Michelle Corbett ogorman

    I love this diffuser. The scent is natural not at all overpowering. I have recommended this company to several friends who have also been delighted with the quality and service.

  680. helen page

    Always love this scent! Lots of compliments from visitors .

  681. Victoria Green

    This diffuser smells fantastic,
    It’s a really fresh smell, it’s strong but not overpowering.
    I’ve bought some really expensive diffuser’s before but this one beats anything I’ve bought.
    Amazing product at a really good price.

  682. Patricia

    I bought this as a Christmas present for someone because of the beautiful aroma the hand cream has! However, having smelled the diffuser, I was plotting on different ways to keep it for myself. No such luck! Meanwhile the lucky recipient is now extolling its virtues all over the place and I am sincerely envious.

  683. Liz

    One of the best diffusers I have purchased. The smell last for months, even in a larger room. I have had many comments on the aroma, and only buy Valentine diffusers now! Amazing product for a good price.

  684. Gilly

    Bought as a present but I am assured that it has a fabulous, long lasting fragrance. The gift recipient can’t wait to try the other diffuser varieties.

  685. Anne Mercer

    First purchased at Country Living Fair in Glasgow – hooked ever since! I get so many compliments about how fabulous our home smells. Have purchased numerous gift sets for presesnts and every recipient has been absolutely delighted with their present.
    Refuse to buy any other reed diffuser now as you realise how the scent truly last in Valennte ones in compasison to other makes.
    Customer service and delivery are second to none as well 😊

  686. janice khoo

    I was a bit unsure about ordering this scent as I am not keen on lemongrass in food. However, I was so pleased with the scent. It reminds me of sherbet lemons! So happy with it and will definitely be ordering this scent in
    The future

  687. Ruth Windeler

    Wow is all I can say! My dear daughter purchased me a gift box for Christmas and this was in it! What a wonderfully thoughtful present, especially as I am recovering from a recent hip replacement. The smell is so divine and really makes me smile inside.

    What a lovely introduction to your company. I will certainly be purchasing in the future, really beautiful products.
    Ruth xx (A very happy mum)

  688. Claire

    Amazing! My friends bought me a gift set containing the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser, hand cream and soy candle. I could smell them before I’d even unwrapped the parcel! Great quality products and a beautiful present to have received. The smell is absolutely gorgeous. I’ll definitely be buying products from this company.

  689. Mike

    Discovered in Liverpool Christmas markets I tried this along with the candle. I kept this by the front door and wow. Each and everytime I come home or anyone comes around they get hit by the scent and instant compliments with how good the house smells.

  690. Sarah

    I love this diffuser. I first purchased at a show several years ago and am now a repeat customer both online and at shows. I always have a spare in stock for a present.

  691. sue Morrison

    This diffuser is absolutely wonderful – the smell is divine & it lasts a long time

    I managed to but some in the half price sale – so am extremely happy with this purchase – have 3 in store now !

    Thank you

  692. Ben

    In my Wife’s good books for the Christmas gift. The house smells like a Spa. Very nice !

  693. Margaret Sneddon

    Friend recommended Valentte, so glad she did! I love your reed diffusers and hand washes. Need to try your other products. Organic, natural fragrances fill the air with fabulous scents. Hope it lasts as long as claimed. This combination of lemongrass and rosemary is so uplifting to the mind and soul and is amazing for anywhere in the home.

  694. Vicky Green

    This diffuser smells fantastic,
    It’s a really fresh smell, it’s strong but not overpowering.
    I’ve bought some really expensive diffuser’s before but this one beats anything I’ve bought.
    Amazing product at a really good price.

  695. Liz alley

    I bought 2 Reed diffusers and a candle in a gift box from a Christmas fair. The packaging was lovely, but the scents are out of this world. The whole house smells amazing and I’ve already bought some more to make sure I dont run out.



  697. Yvonne

    Lovely fresh, natural smell bought as a present. They absolutely loved it !!

  698. Val Marsden

    Just love this diffuser. They are all lovely, super quality, and as one of them was for a Christmas gift, they are amazingly beautifully presented and therefore make the perfect gift! Very pleased to have discovered this make of products.

  699. Shelley Tiplady

    Lovely diffuser. Lovely scent, which lingers.
    Really pleased with purchase

  700. Alice Oakes

    Definitely my favourite scent of your range

  701. Elaine Holland

    Simply the best. I decided to collect together various products from Valentte because I knew how nice they were, after a friend let me use her hand cream , I was smitten. The fragrance is so refreshing. So for Christmas I decided to put together a gift box for each of my grown up children , who were thrilled and delighted as I had included a reed diffuser in each gift box. Their feedback has been nothing but positive as I knew it would.

  702. Ruby

    My all time favourite!! 7th diffuser and counting. That lemony smell. Love love

  703. Ruby

    My best Valentte fragrance!!

  704. Karen Coates

    Absolutely delighted with this product- smells gorgeous. I have now purchased 5 in total.

  705. Nikki

    Just love this reed defuser!!! Smells absolutely gorgeous and lasts weeks!!!

  706. Carole

    Absolutely love this scent!

  707. Sandra Coldbreath

    Received a gift box for Christmas the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser, candle and hand cream. Everyone has commented how lovely and fresh it smells! Looking forward to purchasing more xx

  708. Kerry

    This item is so luxurious it leaves my home smelling so fresh it’s the best diffuser I have ever brought

  709. Elizabeth Hagart

    The diffuser was a Christmas gift for my niece who had dropped a hint on her Christmas list for a “quality” diffuser! She tells me she loves it. It’s in the hall and the aroma when she comes home is wonderful. I have now given her your website details and she has ordered a candle in your sale.

    I saw your products at the Ripley Home , Gift and Fashion Fair

  710. Patricia Strachan

    Great smell and extremely long lasting.A friend has them in her house and loved the smell of the reed diffuser.

  711. Ann Mcgurn

    I love the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser, it lasts for ages and makes the room smell wonderful. My daughter always comments when she comes in, I’ve bought her a box with a candle and hand cream for her birthday!

  712. Janice Khoo

    A fabulous smelling diffuser from Valentte, my favourite so far, filling the room with the gorgeous scent of sherbert lemons

  713. Dawn Rose

    Love this scent makes the room smell so nice and last a long time

  714. Jenny Cox

    We saw this on a stall at the Olympia horse show & they gave us samples of the hand cream. I love this diffuser, it does as they said it would, it permeates throughout the whole downstairs of the house, & the smell is just gorgeous! Thoroughly recommended *****

  715. Jennifer

    I literally have loads of room diffusers from so many different brands. Some of them were really expensive, in cut glass jars. However, this Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser is absolutely sublime. I live in a cottage and with this placed on the windowsill of the living room it literally wafts out into the hall, dining room and kitchen and even up the stairs. All this from one little gorgeous glass jar! Can’t recommend Valentte enough and can’t wait to get more of these beautifully fragranced goodies.

  716. Diane Young

    Amazing product smells fantastic and lasts forever definitely a repeat purchase
    I also purchased gift box and can highly recommend also the service was exceptional

  717. Carolyn Reynolds

    LOVE this fragrance and delighted with the longevity of both the reed diffuser and candle. Used them over Christmas after buying them at a Country Living Fair and the Reed diffuser is still going strong plus I have since ordered 2 more gift boxes ( for myself!) All our visitors are commenting on the lovely fresh fragrance….my new favourite!

  718. Jessie Barrow

    I received this diffuser and the room spray as a gift and I can honestly say it’s the best diffuser I have ever had! I have tried a lot!
    The scent lasts for ages and so many people commented how nice my bathroom smelt! This is the only scent I have tried but I can’t wait to try the others x

  719. Kay

    This is the best diffuser I have ever had lasts for weeks. Everyone who comes in always asks me what I’m using.
    I will not be looking to use anything else. I got a gift set as a prezzie for Christmas.

  720. susan scavizzi

    first bought this at flower show in Ingliston have bought several since and as gifts at Christmas love this perfumr have in hall and bathroom especially good value when on offer usually buy several would recommend this and other perfumes in the range .

  721. Suzanne Keogh

    Love the smell but found the smell was too weak. I previously had the candle which gave out a much stronger scent.

  722. Suzanne Keogh

    Love the smell but found it weak – I expected it to fill the room with scent which alas it did not. Shame as previously had the candle which was great and filled the house with the scent.

  723. Debra Brown

    Was given the room diffuser as a gift when visiting friends in England. Love the scent! Ordered more to be sent to me in the States. Wish it were sold here.

  724. teresa Kirsch

    My Husband brought me the diffuser for Christmas, its so lovely, the smell really fills the room and 3 weeks in…smells just as strong. I placed an another order two weeks ago for 3 diffusers and two candles and i’m about to place another order for two diffusers and two candles for birthday gifts 🙂

  725. Linda Garner

    Diffuser smells wonderful- many visitors have commented at how fresh the room smells. Lasting well & continuing to fragrance room. Definitely be back for more.

  726. Janet Ramsden

    This is the best diffuser I have ever tried . The fragrance is absolutely beautiful and the area it covers is amazing . I have placed it in the conservatory at the back of the house and it’s fragrance is evident on entering the front door .
    Every visitor to my home has commented on how lovely it smells .

  727. Natalie Perrott

    Fantastic product (all of them are to be honest). My mum was given a sample of hand cream at a country show, which she gave to me; that was how I discovered valentte.
    The Reed diffuser has a great fragrance, is long lasting and beautifully packaged. They make great gifts. Buy with confidence, you’ll not regret it.

  728. Julie Kane

    Love this the smell is so relaxing. I bought my first set at a craft show and was delighted with the product. Compared to many others the liquid and scent last much longer.

  729. sue

    out of all the top diffusers I have bought this is by far the best ,the fragrance is beautiful and goes on and on ,as you walk into your room it’s there just great

  730. J Bifulco

    I love all these products and the reed diffuser lasts for ages and I can small it all through downstairs

  731. Karen

    Love the smell and it lasts for ages. One of the best I have ever purchased.

  732. Jason Gourdie

    Lemongrass diffuser leaves a pleasant smell all day in the hall, not overpowering

  733. Val Clulow

    I absolutely love the Lemongrass & Rosemary Reed Diffuser as they give off a fragrant and long lasting freshness in each room. Almost everyone who comes to the house for the first time comments on how pleasant and uplifting this particular fragrance is. The service from this company is also faultless, very helpful and knowledgeable staff.

  734. Vanessa Hilyard

    I love this diffuser, we have a large house cat there’s nothing worse than walking into the house when he’s used his litter tray, this lovely diffuser keeps the place smelling fresh.

  735. Laura Gallie

    This diffuser is gorgeous. I will not be buying my usual brand of Lemon Verbena going forward, I’m totally converted to Valentte products, I have had many comments from friends about how fresh my house smells.
    I have also used the room spray, Handel’s & handcream which are lovely products too. Great to see a small independent company making fabulous products!!

  736. Venetia Pegrum

    I went to my daughters for Christmas and when I went into her bathroom it smelt devine.I took the name and ordered a diffuser for myself ,I was lucky to get it half price in January sales
    I am delighted the smell just lingers ……will be ordering again soon 😊

  737. Dawn

    Love the fragrance, very refreshing and lasts a long time, visitors always comment on the lovely fragrance. Highly recommend.

  738. Leanne Cooper

    Absolutely adore this sent, so fresh and vibrant without being over powering. Reed diffuser lasts for ages and I can smell it all round the house. Highly recommend.

  739. Ian Routledge

    I originally bought these diffusers from the Valentte trade stand at the Burghley Horse Trials last September. I have been very pleased with the refreshing scent and the fact that they lasted until after Christmas. When I saw them on offer in the January sale I didn’t hesitate in ordering replacements.
    Highly recommended

  740. Jayne Ines

    I love the fragrance of lemongrass & rosemary when I walk into my house it’s the best reed diffuser I’ve ever owned, I had this given to me as a Christmas present along with matching hand cream (also lovely to use) ,the reed diffuser smells so beautiful I just had to buy the same scent in the candle ,which came with a free diffuser, in future I will only buy from Valentte as they are quality products.

  741. Claire

    A wonderfully fresh citrus scent. Perfect for the kitchen. I would highly recommend.


    Really fragrant, beautiful fresh smell and fast delivery

  743. Emily Rowlatt

    By far the best I’ve smelt! I’m completely obsessed with this smell now. It truly is beautiful

  744. Michelle Livingstone

    This is the only diffuser I have bought that still smells as fresh as the first day I opened it. I have had several comments on the fresh citrus scent as you enter my home. This product is such good value and an excellent gift idea. I discovered Valentte when I was given a gift set as a present.

  745. Issy Brunsdon

    Totally authentic smell not sickly or fake. Will buy this again and again.

  746. Eileen

    Always pack well, and come within a week. I love the lemongrass and rosemary diffusers thought l would try a room mist love it smells so fresh.

  747. Susan Smith

    Wonderful, clean scent. Excellent product

  748. Susan Smith

    Excellent, lovely scent

  749. Sharon

    Love this scent! I first bought this at a local Christmas show and loved it so much that I ordered more online. It brings a lovely fresh smell to my home.

  750. Julie Breeze

    Absolutely love the Lemongrass and Rosemary, so fresh. Everyone asks me what reed diffusers I use in my toilet.
    First bought it at Cheltenham Christmas Fayre

  751. Nicola

    I have struggled to find a nice scent and this is absolutely beautiful! I’ve not long received it but can smell the scent getting stronger. So pleased. Candles are amazing too

  752. June Mitchell

    I bought this at the Ripley Castle Christmas Fair not really thinking it would be any better than many previous ones I had used in the past. I have been so happy I have now purchased more for other rooms in the house. I put it in my downstairs cloakroom and it also smells lovely in my hallway. I put it in on 3 December and still going strong with two thirds left. Everyone has asked over Christmas where I bought it. I will definitely buy more

  753. Sandra Ball

    This is by far the nicest smelling one I’ve bought, so many people have commented. I usually buy it from their stand at shows but this time purchased online.

  754. Daphne Weeks

    The Lemon and Rosemary Diffuser the smell is out of this world I had to gift my purchase to a friend she was well delighted she says the house has a whole new fresh smell thanks to Valentte
    I initially discovered your product when I was give a free sample at Christmas show in Ascot last December I have not looked back

  755. Elizabeth Hall

    I first discovered Valentte diffusers when visiting the Country Living tent at the Malvern RHS Spring Show and now I can’t imagine my home without them! I absolutely adore the fresh and invigorating Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance and so many visitors have commented on how lovely it is.

  756. Anjali Parmar

    Absolutely Love love love the scent, makes the room smell lovely. I have bought a number of diffusers, one in each room.

  757. Margaret Engel

    Love this divine fragrance.
    Purchased a mixed box for £25 originally from Burghley Horse Trials.
    Was sceptical about how long would last but has been great.
    Have since bought more.

  758. Sharon

    Best diffuser I have ever had. Bought last September at the Malvern show. The whole rooms smells lemonly fresh and lasts so long. Fabulous

  759. Nathan P

    I adore this scent. Have purchased a few candles and decided to try this diffuser. I’m not disappointed.. smells amazing

  760. debbie miller

    This reed defuser smells amazing and fills the whole room with it’s fragrance unlike some I have tried.

  761. June Ansett

    This Reed diffuser has a wonderful smell which lasts a long time. This was a repeat order from some time ago as the diffusers last so well.
    I also find the hand cream is rich and moisturises well.

    I first discovered Valentte at the Ideal home show in Glasgow a few years ago and was very impressed with your products. June

  762. Beryl Gwinnett

    Really lovely fresh lemon fragrance, not at all artificial . Long lasting too.

  763. Beryl

    My favourite natural lemon diffuser… want one in every room!

  764. Caroline MOOTY

    Lovely scent – get lots of compliments and last for ages. Better smell than lots of more expensive diffusers and excellent value


    Simply Gorgeous .
    This Deep Lemon(grass) and Rosemary aroma is now synonymous with
    my home.!
    Their tip about controlling the intensity of aroma by reducing the number of reeds
    works well , making similar ( subtle if required ) intensities in large lounge or small bathroom.
    Don’t know of anyone not really liking it !

  766. Sandra Coldbreath

    Absolutely love the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser! Such a fresh smell lots of lovely comments from friends when they come round 😊

  767. Mrs M Isaac

    lovely products. I bought several different scents for my daughters in law at Christmas and they were delighted . All the fragrances are delicious.
    The bottles come beautifully packaged in a nice looking box . The service is speedy and efficient.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to use the company and their products again.

  768. james phillips

    I would buy buy and buy this product again thee aroma off this product is heavenly I cannot believe how long it lasts

  769. Helen Griffiths

    My favourite diffuser scent ever and it lasts for weeks. Very good value when buying in a gift scent. Perfect presents as well!!!

  770. Denise Robson

    The smell from this diffuser is amazing so fresh and the scent last for ages highly recommended

  771. Gill Parvin

    Lovely diffuser lasts for ages. I liked it so much ordered another 3 for the other bathrooms.

  772. Philip Moynihan

    Bought lemongrass&rosemary diffuser last year,fabulous smell. I have a bathroom without a window,so wow.

  773. Marion Seibold

    Last week I received the ordered parcel and I am amazed from your products. I first learnt about the products at the Malvern Show. The lemongrass smell is absolutely fabulous, very natural. I shall continue ordering more of these lovely products.

  774. Eileen Norman

    I received the diffuser as a present initially. I absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary aroma. I therefore ordered more for presents too but may keep one for myself as I so love it

  775. Alison Mee

    I bought two of these and absolutely love them. The scent carries through the whole house. Loved them so much I just ordered another one.

  776. Lynsey Milne

    Bought this because I loved the hand cream. Same gorgeous smell that really fragrances the room. Excellent buy

  777. Louisa Lets

    I have only just discovered your products..
    And I’m so glad I have . The smell, the quality, the service is second to none. I’m hooked!! This lemongrass diffuser has such a great smell.. it’s so noticeable when you walk into the room. All my friends have commented on the gorgeous smell. Thank you so much .. Louisa

  778. Paula Heathcote

    Fantastic purchase recommended to friends and work colleagues

  779. Paulaheathcote

    The best diffuser ever always bought another well known brand before this from now on will be my first choice

  780. Lesley Stanworth

    This is the best reed difuser i have used. I first found them at Olympia show. What a find

  781. Celia Bickerton

    This diffuser is amazing! It has a beautiful scent which is not overpowering. Some cheaper diffusers have a synthetic smell but this one is very natural. I particularly like to keep one in the bathroom- gorgeous!
    I bought my first Valentte products at the Southport Flower Show and have bought them ever since, when I want to treat myself!

  782. Jacquie Millhouse

    I received one of these diffuser as a present initially. I love the fragrance so much that I have ordered a couple since, and intend to order more as presents.

  783. Fiona Mclaren

    I love this fragrance and I bought a gift set at a show and gave a diffuser to my mother in law.She also loved it so I’m buying another for mother’s Day.She says her hall has never smelt so good.I first saw these products online and sent for some samples and have been following the website and blog ever since.

  784. Tracey Fernandes

    This fragrance is the most beautiful scent I have ever experienced – so uplifting yet so calming. The diffuser is amazing too, it allows the scent to fill a room without being overpowering. I am so pleased I have discovered Valentte.

  785. Ruth Moore

    This is lemon grass and rosemary is a lovely fresh smell and a change from my usual white neroli and lemon. My diffuser is going strong in the hall but I have finished my candle already. The candle burnt right down to the base of the glass so there is no wastage.

  786. Anne

    My nephew bought me the lemon grass and rosemary for a Christmas present. I loved the smell that much I ordered another one. The only thing I dont understand is the refill is £6 more expensive than the same 100 ml diffuser x

  787. Vicky Green

    I cannot stress enough how fabulous this smells,
    It’s really fresh without being over powering,
    I now have one in my hallway, living room, dining room, upstairs on the landing.
    When I come through the front door my whole house smells amazing.
    Fantastic customer service too

  788. Frances

    Really fresh scent – fills the bathroom. Well packed and arrived promptly.

  789. Kay Chilcott

    I cannot say enough about this product. The smell is delicious, long lasting and keeps my bathroom really fresh smelling. It is packaged so beautifully too. I love it.

  790. Claire Zeitlin

    Lovely scent.Fills the whole room and is long lasting. I am on my 3rd lemongrass and rosemary.
    My 20 something son commented on it when he came home and asked me if I could get him one.
    Praise indeed.

  791. Trish

    I bought this as a house warming gift, so don’t know how it actually smells, although the recipient assures me that it’s gorgeous and fills the room with a wonderful aroma. Now I’m quite envious and wish I’d kept it!

  792. Janet Richardson

    The diffusers are great. I bought 3 of the Lemon and Rosemary and it is fantastic – Our flat is large and we have one at the front door another upstairs in the hall and you can smell them all the way through the house. Lovely.

  793. Nandini Balakumar

    I have it in my cloak room and the aroma is lovely and fresh. Wish it would be the same in a larger room but hopefully with time the aroma will diffuse more. Lovely and enjoying it! First time i have bought this .

  794. Anne

    This diffuser has a wonderful scent. Initially it arrived without the reeds but that was quickly remedied and I also received some free scent sample sprays with that so it was worth the wait.

  795. Sharon

    This is a gorgeous fragrance. I was given a sample at the Southport flower show and bought the diffuser to try. We have it in the hallway and it is lovely to come home to. I’ve had lots of questions about it and comments about how lovely it is. I’d have it in every room but that might be a bit much! Don’t hesitate to try it…

  796. Emily J Evans

    These diffusers are the best I’ve ever bought or been given! I first purchased one at a show in Harrogate a couple of years ago, now I buy them online, mainly for me but they also make superb and special gifts. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite scent but I do love all the others too. You have created an amazing company, keep on doing what you do please!

  797. ShAkira Young

    The most amazing product I’ve ever used!
    Will always use Valentte now

  798. Heather

    Since buying this product over 2 years ago now I’ve not bought any other diffusers..the smell & quality is amazing!
    I’m now buying for family & friends too…!

  799. julie sharp

    This is not the first time I have bought these reed diffusers. They are extremely good quality the fragrance lasts and is as fresh at the end as it was at the beginning their excellent quality reflects in how long these last ….. which is a long time
    I have many comments from visitors to my home on how lovely the fragrance is.

  800. Julie Hill

    Just like the hand cream this diffuser smells absolutely divine. Would make a fabulous gift

  801. Sheila stewart

    Love the scent of this diffuser. I have it in my hall and everyone comments on the lovely smell when they come in.

  802. Lisa Ruddy

    Simply the best reed diffuser I’ve purchased. The smell is gorgeous and really long lasting. I have it on my hall table and you can smell it as soon as you enter the house. Love the packaging too – very simple and stylish. Am going to have to they the other scents out now!

  803. Mary Cassidy

    The best diffuser I have ever bought, everyone comments on the smell when coming to my house. I am also ordering for my family. I have used other diffusers in the past but none compare to this one.

  804. Tina Snow

    Valentte Reed Diffuser’s are the best ones I have ever bought. . I have the lemon grass and Rosemary in my hallway and bathrooms . The smell is absolutely gorgeous. Will definitely buy again .

  805. Deborah

    This is amazing I love the candles in this scent so thought I would try out the Diffuser. The smell is strong at all times it travels all over the home.

  806. Judith

    Picked up a sample of lemon grass and rosemary hand cream at Ripley Christmas fair and absolutely loved it so ordered a diffuser and other items in the same fragrance. Great quality products and value for money.

  807. Tina Wingar

    Oh my word. What an absolutely gorgeous smell. The whole room has a lovely citrus aroma which is so fresh and clean. It is long lasting as well, not like others that are on the market where the smell fades after a few days. Cannot recommend highly enough.

  808. Rosina Brittle

    After being given a sample of the hand cream at the Ideal Home Christmas show I went on to purchase the hand cream. Following on with a special offer I went on to purchase one of their gift boxes which included the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser. I think this is the best diffuser I have ever purchased it is powerful even in a large room and smells wonderful.

  809. Benjamin Davis

    This is the ideal scent for a kitchen, the rosemary is good for cutting through smells

  810. Andrew

    Absolutely love the smell of this diffuser

  811. Claire

    Such a lovely scent. Very crisp and citrusy, perfect in my kitchen. The scent is strong and works well in a large room. Many of my visitors have loved it so much they have ordered their own.

  812. Janice Robertson

    The lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser smells amazing! The smell is light but strong and you can smell the citrus in the air. It’s not overpowering , however, just pleasant.

  813. Eileen

    This is my favourite scent. I have bought two diffusers, but want more! Love it.

  814. Georgina Hopley

    Best reed diffusers I’ve ever purchased . The smell of the lemongrass and rosemary is beautiful . Everyone comments when they come to my house about the lovely fragrance . I keep reordering for myself and now my friends and family .

  815. Jo Barton

    Beautiful & uplifting scent! I have it in my hallway to welcome guests. Lasts so well too. Will definately be buying another!

  816. Judy Martin

    Oh my gosh I had forgotten how amazing the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser smells. It’s a while since I last bought one but have been using the same scent candle. Now I have them both in my bathroom and you can smell them before climbing the stairs. I’ve bought the hand wash and shea butter (same fragrance) but haven’t used them yet.

  817. Tracey Gosling

    This is my second diffuser and just love them, fragrance lasts and lasts in a reasonably large room

  818. Haley S

    On receiving my Valentte gift set through a recommendation by a friend, I was pleasantly surprised on the quality and fragrance of the products i ordered. I personally recommend the lemon grass and rosemary diffuser & candle…….gorgeous!!

  819. Liz Carnell

    We first bought these products at the Tatton Park Show and have since ordered online. Mainly because I have never found candles or diffusers that smell as good or last as long.. Great for your home and gifts… Fabulous.

  820. Jane Guvenir

    Valentte Reed diffusing are fabulous, I especially live the rosemary and lemon grass and always have one in my longe. Many a visitor has commented on the lovely smell and I have bought several as gifts.

  821. Mandy Forder

    I love the scent of this diffusor . It lasts a long time and is really fresh
    Super product .

  822. nikijones16

    i love this fragrance its so fresh and citrusy i have these all downstairs, everyone comments on it when they come in , i brought some for Christmas presents as people kept commenting

  823. sarah coward

    I love this lemongrass & rosemary diffuser, it smells so clean & fresh. I always receive compliments when friends visit my home. I would highly recommend.

  824. Cathryn Johnston

    I love this scent- it fills up my house with such a fresh and lemony smell, people often comment when they come … now to find the patouli and eucalyptus one, I love that one too

  825. Sue Owen

    Have just returned from holiday and as we opened the front door we were greeted by the most wonderful fragrance. These diffusers are sensational and made us happy to be home.

  826. Catherine Banner

    Amazing smell – just love it and have received loads of compliments

  827. Lisa Bakker

    My son bought me this diffuser with the hand cream and candle and I love them. The scent is beautiful and I love going into the bedroom and en-suite as they smell amazing. The scent is lasting a long time too. So good that I have ordered more diffusers.

  828. granna

    10 star rating. Amazing product with fresh non chemically induced fragrance. Have used many diffusers over the yearsummer. Even the most expensive fall short of this one. Well done
    I will be back.

  829. granna

    10 star rating. Amazing product with fresh non chemically induced fragrance. Have used many diffusers over the years. Even the most expensive fall short of this one. Well done
    I will be back.

  830. Stephanie Young

    Absolutely brilliant smelt great and lasted for a long time I will be placing regular orders

  831. Stephanie Young

    Absolutely brilliant smelt great and lasted for a long time I will be placing regular orders
    Brought at Country Living Fare initially but due to ease and promptness of service will use on line service in future

  832. Samantha Empson

    A really refreshing smell. I have one in the kitchen and the other same aroma in the living room so I get an all round aroma downstairs. Will definitely purchase again!

  833. James Walton

    Beautiful smelling, really effective for removingn pet smells and freshening the place


    Absolutely love these products but the lemongrass and rosemary is my favourite scent! These diffusers are long lasting and beautifully scented! Everyone comments in the smell. Love them! Definitely recommend x

  835. Rachel

    Was delighted to have this product recommended to me by a friend. Such fresh and citrusy smell.

  836. Lisa Harrison

    Love this i first made my order from a show and I am now a regular customer. It’s amazing

  837. Tammy Bayton

    I absolutely love this fragrance! It keeps its potency straight from the first to the very last day and it lasts at least 2-3 months for us, (kept in a bathroom). Hands down my favourite product from valentee.com! It smells just like sherbet lemons! I would 100% recommended it.

  838. Rachel G

    Gorgeous long lasting scent and really genuinely does keep going for several months- much better than more expensive options I have bought in the past Thank you Vallente

  839. Daphne Weeks

    I am so impressed with my Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser I gave one to a friend as a birthday gift she is well pleased with it and so am I wherever one walk around the house the beautiful aroma travels with you.
    I have had other Diffuser’s but this one takes the TOP SLOT well done VALENTTE

  840. Andrea Duddridge

    Wonderful aroma! So many people comment on the fragrance as they come into our house even my fussy daughter!

  841. Janette wing

    I received this beautiful smelling lemongrass and rosemary diffuser for Christmas , it’s only just ran out so I couldn’t wait to buy another one! Even if you put in a room for half an hour it smells amazing ! I love it and will be buying another one very soon ! I highly recommend !

  842. Cathleen Porter

    I was introduced to this product by a friend and I absolutely love the lemon and rosemary scent. I like strong smells and this is really strong and makes the bathroom smell gorgeous. They are well worth the money as the fragrance lasts for quite some time. Even the husband likes it which is a first. Will definitely be buying more.

  843. Phil

    Just perfect as usual . Arrived on time well wrapped and the best bit…….. smelt amazing

  844. Fran Mckay

    Happy with purchase once again, have placed a couple of orders since I received a box set as a gift. Love the Lemon Grass diffuser, my favourite so far. A lot of diffusers never seem to give off much fragrance but these diffusers do.

  845. Caroline Collins

    These defusers are amazing and seem to last a long time. This is my forth purchase and decided to also try the candle and hand cream in the gift box. Not disappointed. The smell is amazing although I have to say my favourite is the white neroli and lemon! Such a different smell and very fresh. I love these products !

  846. Jim

    Bought one at Olympia. The salesman claimed it would provide a consistent and long lasting scent. Bought with a candle. Was sceptical but very pleasantly surprised. A great strong scent and very long lasting, even in a large room. The candles have a great burn time and really nice scent. Fantastic products. Have bought more.

  847. Kirti Lad

    Thank you for the free samples and I have a favourite which is this lemongrass and rosemary. I love the feeling it gives me, like I am walking into a Spa (my bedroom). Love it

  848. Jan Tymoshyshyn

    purchased this after being given a free sample of hand cream at the nec caravan show, and i couldnt be more pleased, the fragrance of lemon makes such a fresh smell without being overpowering.
    i shall be purchasing a refil when needed and will certainly be recommending to friends.

  849. Fi MacRae

    Fabulous fragrance, long lasting and great value for money. Live Valentte products.

  850. Jane Smith

    This is the 2nd of these I have bought and love it. The smell of lemons is amazing and people comment when they come in the house. Gorgeous. Simple glass container, fits in to any decor. Will definitely be buying again and again.

  851. Jane Guvenir

    I first found Valentte in Covent Garden in the market. From there I regularly ordered products and then found Luke again at Malvern spring flower show a couple of years ago. Since then my favourites are the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffusers and candles. I love the smell which permeates the whole room and gets lots of compliments from visitors. They last for ages and are good value for money.

  852. Susan

    I love this product. The scent is just gorgeous and gives a lovely light fresh small to the room

  853. jaynenicholas07

    Ordered this. Lovely fragrance not too overpowering. We are definitely going to purchase more. Thank you so much

  854. Nicola

    Had this bought as a gift at Christmas, beautiful smell and had lots of comments, it’s in our hallway and I smell it every time I come home, lovely, I opened it on Boxing Day and it’s just run out today, so lasted just over 2 months, I will be ordering again. The only reason it has 4 stars not 5 is that the site states it will last at least 4 months, but it hasn’t. Still a great smelling reed diffuser.


    This smells wonderful and lasts for ages. Fills the whole room with its scent. Really lovely!

  856. Pat Leadbeater

    Having discovered Valentte at the Malvern Flower Show, I have bought their candles and diffusers for several years and now wouldn’t buy these products from any other producer. The lemongrass and rosemary fragrance is lovely, fresh, natural, very long lasting and great value for money. I also love the fact they are organic, made in the UK and provide employment in my local area. Ticks all the boxes for me.

  857. Cathryn Johnston

    I love this smell and it is refreshing in my lounge

  858. Karen Packe

    I absolutely love this product!! (Rosemary and lemongrass) I ordered the 3 main products gift set. With 2 diffusers. My house smells lush. Whenever my friends come round they end up leaving and placing an order with you

  859. Fay

    Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser – this is a very successful with a scent that fills the room. It is a fresh, pretty fragrance. I have purchased a few of them.

  860. Janette W

    This was a Christmas present,and I loved it so much I have bought 3 more since,it’s the best diffuser I have ever bought !it smells amazing!no more shopping around!
    Thank you Valentte !

  861. Susan

    Excellent as ever. Always smells wonderful and so fresh

  862. Jill Leonard

    Wow, this is one of the best diffusers I have purchased and everyone comments on how lovely the smell is!

  863. MB

    A Fantastic product, incredible long lasting fragrance that is very fresh

  864. Karen Farrington

    Smells amazing and strong unlike other diffusers.
    Friends always comment and have become new customers

  865. Eileen

    I first came across Valentte when my friend bought me a candle last Christmas. I was so impressed with the smell that I bought my daughter and a friend a gift box for their birthdays.
    At my daughters house I loved the smell of the reed diffuser every time I went round. Now I have treated myself to a gift box and use a diffuser upstairs and downstairs . I absolutely love the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance , it’s so fresh and uplifting. Great quality products

  866. Judith

    One of my favourites, smells good but not sweet. Will be buying again!!

  867. Susan Mcbain

    Absolutely love this lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser . It smells so fresh and travels right through the house , such a warm welcome when I come through the front door . Great value for money too as it lasts for ages .

  868. Zara Barber

    Beautiful fresh lemon smell. Fills the room with fragrance

  869. Michelle Corbett

    These are beautiful quality and give a natural fragrance. Fabulous value.

  870. Gaynor Dobie

    Love this fragrance it’s one of my favourites, lasts forever. First bought my first one at grand design at Birmingham. Ordered lots more and also just been to crufts, and stocked up again. Love your products.

  871. J Hickson

    Great smell to walk into

  872. Rebecca

    Lovely smell, not 2 I would normally choose, but together really refreshing, very good quality product, good strong scent, but not overpowering or synthetic. Have one in reserve already. Have recommended to friends and given as gifts.

  873. Helen Binding

    Absolutely beautiful fragrance filling my upstairs rooms. Really relaxing and soothing.
    I was introduced to Vallente at The Olympia Horse Show in December last year where I was handed a free hand cream sample which became so precious I ordered another one!

  874. Veronica Nesbitt

    Absolute favourite, love this fragrance, very long lasting . The fragrance seems to last for ever, wouldn’t buy anything else !

  875. Jenny

    I love these products! The reed diffusers last for months, and this scent is filling almost my whole flat. It’s fresh and natural smelling, so not cloying or overpowering. The gift box is really excellent value, and highly recommended. 💓

  876. bernadette breeze

    after purchasing this fragrance which is divine My 2 daughter are converted to Valentte. The candles are beaitiful as well burns really well and the house smells beautiful exellent value . Would never go back to any other product again . thank you Valentte keep up the goid work .

  877. Elenor S

    Absolutely loved my products the fusser smells amazing still going after 3 weeks love all the products

  878. Rachel Vandermark

    Absolutely amazing fragrance, long lasting and I have had many compliments. My personal

  879. Kay Smith

    This is quite simply a divine fragrance and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve ordered gift boxes for friends and family (and myself!) over the last few months (since seeing Valentte’s stand at the Harrogate Country Living show) and always ensure there is at least one of these in the box.

  880. Paola Totaro

    I have been trying to find a lemongrass based scent for the house since one I adored and had bought in Australia finally gave up the ghost and being a liquid, I couldn’t order from afar. I was given this one as a birthday present and it ihas not disappointed – in fact, I love it as much if not more. The base note of lemongrass is distinct and present, it is fresh but not overpwering and wafts through the house with elegance – and the hint of rosemary is like a little hidden secret gift. If you like lemongrass, and I adore it, this is the scent for you.

  881. Beverley Ejimofo

    I bought three diffusers at the Handmade festival. Such a lovely man… The scent of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser, dear Lord absolutely wonderful! I selfishly put it in my bedroom because the aroma makes my room smell divine. I could go on an on they have lasted for ages and I will be buying additionally for my daughter who loved the smell. I like to buy items which are handmade and these are amongst the best I have ever bought. I like the ethos of the company, constant offers and a caring company. Thanks also for the blog in these challenging times well worth reading. I wish you every success with your business. I was given a sample of the hand cream and it lasts forever. I want to make an order today for the body cream which is on offer. I can happily endorse the company.

  882. Jeanne Lawrence

    Just love the smell.

  883. Nadine Lannin

    This is amazing everyone comments when they come in my home, will definitely purchase again and thoroughly recommend.

  884. Mrs Christine Patterson

    I have been ordering for a number of years now and have never been disappointed with any of the products. Last week I decided to order a gift box for myself and one to send to my daughter as we are separated due to the corona virus. This cheered her up and she is loving all the lemongrass and rosemary products which has made her bedroom smell amazing. Thanks to Andy for amazing customer service as always.

  885. Sarah Gairdner

    I’ve been buying these for several years now and love them

  886. Victoria

    I love it, the smell when you walk into my house is lovely. I will definitely be buying another one.

  887. Jackie Hall

    Beautiful smelling diffuser and absolutely fantastic customer service. They called me as I made an error in my purchase and the gentlemen was absolutely lovely and helpful. Definitely will be ordering from them again for beautiful diffusers like this one! Thank you

  888. Barbara

    I have it in bathroom but the delicious scent spreads throughout th house

  889. Barbara

    I have it in bathroom and everyone who visits says how lovely it is

  890. Linda Kent-Taylor

    A lovely gift for my daughters birthday we both love your product we came across them at the Ideal home exhibition
    The smell fills the house with a lovely perfume

  891. Patricia Bannister

    Bought this as part of a gift box to cheer myself up during the current global corona virus pandemic. It worked. I unwrapped the well packed box (some complain of too much packaging but I will happily re-use it – I am selling some stuff on eBay so always need packing stuff!) and was extremely pleased with the presentation. The first item I am trying is the lemongrass & Rosemary diffuser – i have had it a week now and the scent is fabulous – really uplifting and it spreads quite widely. Happy customer! Thanks.
    PS first encountered Valentte at the Great Yorkshire Show where I received a sample hand cream, which I love.

  892. Sarah Hopkins

    I first heard of Valentte when my parents got me the lemon grass and rosemary hand lotion from a trade fair. Such a strong lovely smell. So now I am almost out, I have ordered the whole range, Hand wash and Hand lotion and reed diffuser. Just got the diffuser up and running and already the room is smelling of this lovely scent. The 3 samples were great too as I’ll now order the other scents in the range. Very pleased with my order.

  893. Sarah Strutton

    Absolutely love this Reed diffuser , it has a lovely fragrance which lasts & lasts

    Ordered this & a refill of this, & package arrived very promptly & beautifully wrapped

    Thank you 😊

  894. Susan Brown

    I love your products and this one is my favourite. I was looking forward to buying again from you at Ripley Castle but obviously this year it’s cancelled due to the virus. So, this is the first time I have ordered on line but the diffuser, and hand cream were delivered quickly. I’ve used a lot of hand cream as all the additional hand washing required it really helps. The only thing I miss is not being able to chat to you in person on your lovely stand. Keep well and safe !

  895. Emma Akhurst

    Really lovely smell and lasts for a long time – love that you can refill the diffuser as well to keep it going for longer.

  896. Mary Hawkins

    Love this ,
    So fragrant, permeates all through the house.

  897. suz

    I first discovered Valentte at Spirit of Christmas and gave a couple of gift boxes for presents, keeping a diffuser for myself. This Lemongrass & Rosemary diffuser smells delicious, really fresh without being acidic and has a beautifully natural scent which isn’t too overpowering. It’s rare to find a diffuser that lasts a long time and doesn’t leave an alcohol trail. I’ll definitely be buying more for friends (& myself!) as they are great value and good to support small businesses who produce quality goods.

  898. Bernadette Hay

    My sister in law is nursing in a care home and because my brother has asthma and a heart condition she selflessly decided to stay in their caravan every night outside their home so as not to bring the virus home. I have bought Valentte for a few years and the smell is amazing, lifts my spirits whenever I smell it. The candles, hand wash, body lotions all absolutely gorgeous. So we sent Maria a box of treats for life in the caravan after the very long hours she is working to show we care about her and appreciate what she is going through. She loves the products

  899. Debbie Hedges

    Absolutely love the fragrance it’s so fresh and uplifting, and long lasting, even my husband commented on It ! I first discovered Valentte at A home show such luxurious products at affordable prices, I will definitely be purchasing more of the same products.

  900. Mandy Mellor

    The fragrance is amazing!!! You can smell it as soon as you enter the room!!! Love this smell. I am a returning customer and highly recommend this company for their products. Fantastic value especially the £25 mix and match gift boxes !!!

  901. Anna Barrett

    This product is amazing. I have it in my bathroom and the smell fills the whole house. This is the best diffuser I’ve ever bought for keeping its smell right until the end of the bottle. I would recommend this product to anyone, it is worth every penny.

    My visit to Ripley Castle Christmas Fair near Harrogate last year was when I first tried the lemongrass diffuser and I absolutely loved it.

    If you are new to Valentte products you can buy with confidence, these are fabulous.

    Many thanks
    Anna Barrett

  902. Darren Saunders

    Received this diffuser as a free product with the £25 gift box. Long last smell which you can smell throughout the house. Would gladly pay the price for it and will definitely purchase another once it has finished.

  903. June Roby

    I have been using the Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed diffusers for over 12 months now and absolutely love the smell. It lasts for ages and never fails to lift my spirits. I have one in the guest bathroom and everyone always comments on the lovely fresh smell. Several friends have purchased their own after visiting our house. I love it and will continue to purchase it.

  904. Heather

    Absolutely beautiful. A light fresh scent that unlike many other brands doesn’t induce a migraine.

  905. Karen dynes

    Absolutely love this diffuser. The smell is just so lovely and lasts for so long. Always buy this one!

  906. wendy.andy

    Delighted with my purchase! A lovely, strong smell which scents the room.

  907. Ann Gilmore

    First purchased the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser at Hampton Court. Loved the scent and ordered more. The Patchouli and Eucalyptus has wonderful fragrance too. The hand cream is so rich and nourishing. Have recently ordered different scented diffusers to try and some to give as gifts. Will use Valentte products again as such good quality.

  908. Dave Harcombe

    We have been buying this diffuser since we met Luke in Covent Garden some years ago. Superb product that lasts for months. A very subtle fragrance that doesn’t overpower yet compliments the ambience.

  909. Melinda

    I’ absolutely love the smell of this lemon grass and rosemary reed diffuser, it makes my living room smell so fresh and relaxing .

  910. Sally Lane

    I first came across Valentte products at Ripley Fair a few years ago. Since then I have purchased the lemon grass and rosemary diffuser and candle on many occasions. So many of my friends comment on how lovely my house smells when they come to visit. Which is a miracle as I live with two lovely but smelly pooches. I tried the diffuser out in the first place to see if it could compete against my dogs and the diffuser won.

    I really like the fact that Valentte’s products are produced from natural sources so my pets and I are not breathing in harmful chemicals.

    I cannot recommend this company highly enough. The products, packaging, presentation, ethics and delivery service are excellent. Plus great value for money.

    A great company . Thank you.

  911. Nicky Williams

    I bought some Valentte products at Gardening Scotland and was wowed by the scent of their lemongrass and rosemary products. The diffuser is a strong, clean and uplifting scent that we use in a dark bathroom which really changes your mood as you enter and get a waft of that invigorating scent!

  912. Pauline Gammon

    I discovered Valentte at the Christmas Ideal Home Exhibition. I can see, or should say smell, why the lemongrass and rosemary is their best seller! It is perfect in my kitchen with the fresh lemony scent.
    Thank you so much, I love it x

  913. Alison

    These smell absolutely amazing. Bought one for my friend as well and she loved it

  914. Godfrey Ellis

    The best reed diffuser on the market without a doubt. I have been using this product for years now and I find that it last longer than other diffusers and makes the room always feeling fresh.I also use the candles with the same fragrance the lemongrass and rosemary and it gives the same effect. I first discovered Valentte at the Kingston Christmas Market and have been buying it as christmas gifts for my family ever since.

  915. Godfrey Ellis

    I first found out about Valentte products from their stand at the Kingston Christmas fair . That was a few years ago and I have seen them at further fairs since. my Favourites are the lemon grass and rosemary diffusers and the same scent candles. I also have purchased the product online which is also a very efficient service.

  916. Elaine Rigg

    I love this aroma, i use it in my hallway, it is a lovely welcome when coming in the front door, also as you come down the stairs every morning. I first treated myself to a gift box at Tatton Park flower show last year, have since purchased more as gifts for family.

  917. Dave Harcombe

    Have been buying valentte products since we met Luke in Covent Garden a few years ago. This is an excellent product. Uplifting fragrance which lasts and lasts.

  918. teresa.h

    Gorgeous scent which really travels through my house. Great value and I have tried a lot of brands but this is truly the best I have ever bought. As you can gather I would highly recommend you try. Best value is to buy as part of a box. I discovered Valentte at Covent Garden and then rediscovered them at Badminton Horse Trials a few years ago.

  919. Karen Coates

    Delighted as ever with this product, I now have one in every room. I first discovered Valentte products at the Olympia Horse Show and have been buying their products ever since.

  920. bmwbrowne

    Beautiful fragrance and long lasting

  921. Sue Patel

    This smell has now become my favourite. You can smell it as you walk into the house and room. It’s not overpowering though. Very reasonably priced too

  922. Stephanie Scouller

    I absolutely love this reed diffuser, the smell is wonderful and the longevity of the smell is amazing!! I am constantly complimented on the smell of my home when I have visitors!!

  923. Margaret Felstead

    Just love the lemon grass and rosemary reed diffuser, lasts a long time.
    I have had other ones but this is my favourite. I discovered Valentte a few years ago now at
    Ascot show. …

  924. Juliet Hill

    This is a fabulous diffuser. The smell is divine and long lasting. Would definitely recommend.

  925. Georgina Roseweir

    This diffuser is just amazing. So many visitors who come to my home have said how lovely it is. Absolutely love it. Bit pricey but a lovely treat.

  926. Lorraine

    Absolutely love this diffuser ,it fills my room with its gorgeous aroma day after day without being overpowering . The packaging is beautiful too, ideal for a special gift . Would definitely recommend .

  927. Debbie Vanner

    This my favourite reed diffuser!! They all smell amazing but lemon and rosemary is the best so up lifting. I opened my first one in January and it is still going !! everyone comments on the amazing fragrance. I cannot recommend this enough.

  928. tamsin.brewis

    This smell really brightens my day – I really like the fact it is a strong smell so it fills the room and everything appears fresh and clean – thankyou

  929. tamsin.brewis

    Totally love the Lemongrass adn Rosemary diffuser – it fills the room and brings a smile to my face Thank you

  930. Michele

    Love this fragrance, it smells so fresh with the citrus warmth and the sharpness of rosemary!

  931. Linda Gant

    I bought this reed diffuser with two others – great quality and really good value. They also make really good presents. The smells are incredible but the best thing about all these Reed diffusers is they last a lot longer than others I have bought in the past.

  932. Veronica Glaister

    This fills the room with gorgeous fragrance, better than many more expensive diffusers I’ve had

  933. Stephanie Pitt

    I have been buying the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser as part of the gift box for a number of years. It’s a lovely fresh fragrance and lasts for 12 or so weeks. So many people comment on how nice it is. Definitely recommend.

  934. Deborah Sansom

    Absolutely fabulous . I have one in each of our bathrooms . I buy my supplies every year from the Ideal Home exhibition. Amazing scents

  935. Sally Lane

    I brought my first lemongrass and basil diffuser at Ripley Show a few years ago . I needed a lovely smell that would delicately take over the pong from my two dogs. This product works excellently. A beautiful aroma wafts through the downstairs of my home.
    I also really like the fact that all the products are natural and responsibly sourced. Fair price too.
    Thank you Valentte.

  936. Helen Hawken

    Gorgeous! Smell the diffuser as soon as you come in…….not heady or overpowering just fabulous. I’m a big fan!

  937. Tracey Davies

    Along with the candle the aroma from this diffuser is so fresh and pleasing. My 17 year old son even remarked on how lovely the smell was!

  938. Hannah Parish

    I come back time and time again because I love the fresh scent of the Lemongraas and Rosemary Reed Diffuser. By the front door is lovely welcoming scent, especially when you have to dogs. In bathrooms a clear fresh scent.

  939. Debbie

    Love, love the fresh fragrance it make the whole room smell delightful, lovely lemony freshness, even my husband commented on it !!!

  940. Debbie

    Love, love the fresh fragrance it make the whole room smell delightful, lovely lemony freshness.

  941. Georgia Pattison

    Really strong smell, it’s so refreshing to come home to. The smell lasts the entire length of the liquid as well, some diffusers lose their scent but this one hasn’t! If you love lemongrass scents, you’ll love this one!

  942. Caroline Walters

    First class service but more importantly first class smell and one that lasts !! Will not buy from anyone else now !!!
    Love all there products xx

  943. Lucy Taplin

    I love this product! was given one as part of a xmas gift box and it has lasted till now … only used 3 reeds as needed in a small space but 3 is just right for my office … everyone who visits says how lovely it smells…scent is subtle with 3 reeds but just right for a small space … I have purchased another in a gift box as they are on sale at the moment-but would have still bought at full price as excellent quality. have also tried the hand wash which is also gorgeous.. would definitely reccomend any of the products especially the gift boxes which are currently on sale-have ordered 2 for my daughters who are self isolating

  944. Janet M

    This is my second purchase of the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser to replace the previous one. I just love the smell. The diffuser lasts for many months with the scent remaining as powerful as when it was first opened. I will be buying again

  945. Patricia Hold

    I first bought this lovely Diffuser on a whim at the H