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Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle

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Our lemongrass and rosemary candles are made with soy wax and scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No parafin wax or synthetic fragrances ensure that our candles burn beautifully with no wasted wax left on the glass and fill your room with a stimulating and uplifting aroma.



Total Reviews: 1145
Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle
Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle
April 23, 2019

Our lemongrass and rosemary candles are made with soy wax and scented... View

All I can say is wow....... these candles are the best gift to give to someone or buy yourself a pressie, fabulous smell from room to room, slow burning so long lasting x
Claire - avatar Claire
Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle
Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle
April 19, 2019

Our lemongrass and rosemary candles are made with soy wax and scented... View

As usual beautiful smell all around the house best quality tried other brands no comparison
David Coulson - avatar David Coulson
Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle
Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle
April 19, 2019

Our lemongrass and rosemary candles are made with soy wax and scented... View

I’m slightly obsessed with scented candles. (I know I’m not alone). These are the best I’ve found. Burn clean and straight and all the way to the end. Keep their fragrance and perfume the house even when they aren’t burning. I have several on the go around the house now depending where I am and people always say how delicious the house smells which makes me happy.
Georgie - avatar Georgie
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Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.


With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.

Size: 150g

Burning Time 40 Hours. Suitable for a typical sized sitting room.

None of our products are tested on animals


Clean burning, highly scented with no wasted wax. 100% Natural. Our candles are made from the finest soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. We never use synthetic or artificial fragrances.

Total Reviews: 1145
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Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Stimulating and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.



With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.


Product Details

Size: 150g

Burning Time 40 Hours. Suitable for a typical sized sitting room.

None of our products are tested on animals


Clean burning, highly scented with no wasted wax. 100% Natural. Our candles are made from the finest soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. We never use synthetic or artificial fragrances.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Candle Size

3 Wick, Standard

1145 reviews for Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle

  1. Aileen Houghton

    I’ve used a LOT of candles before! However, this is probably the best candle I’ve ever had for filling a room with scent even when its not burning!!! I’ve had my candle for a few months now and its still smelling like a really good room freshener while unlit! So impressed!

  2. Nikki Lawton

    I buy and burn lots of candles. This is without doubt the best candle I’ve ever bought. In fact I searched the internet for it, having bought one previously at a trade show. Amazing long lasting scent, beautiful packing, and fast delivery

  3. Janice

    Fabulous candle, such a natural smell,fills the house of a fresh smell.

  4. Karen Brown

    Fabulous lovely strong smell which lingers. Great value for money and good even burning by the wick. Have bought more already!

  5. Gwen

    Lovely fresh aroma – special for burning in early Summer. Love it

  6. Judith

    I love lighting this one – its scent is fresh and pretty, and you can smell it even after it has been blown out. It’s a real joy to have these candles – my treat to me.

  7. Kate Turner

    The perfume from my lime and grapefruit candle is so refreshing it makes the room “tingle” when I light it. I love the gentle natural aroma as it fills the room, which then lingers for ages after the candle is no longer alight. And for when I want a quick fragrance boost I also have the room mist in the same perfume. Delightful.

  8. Princessdazzle

    Having burned and bought so many different brands of candles ranging from very expensive top end ones to less expensive. I think these are the best by far the smell from these candles fill the room all day with the uplifting scent and also smells amazing even when not lit. Will recommend to all to buy these amazing candles.

  9. Lesley McLaughlin

    What an amazing candle. The amazing scent fills the room within a few short minutes and long after it’s been extinguished. Would highly recommend these candles

  10. Lesley McLaughlin

    What an amazing candle. The scent fills the room within a few short minutes and long after it’s been extinguished. Would highly recommend these candles

  11. Sheila A Humphries

    This is one of the best candles I’ve ever had. Great value for money, a lovely scent and it lasted for ages

  12. Clare

    I love the fragrance of lemongrass and rosemary. My home is filled with the gorgeous aroma. The body scrub works wonders along with the body lotion and hand cream. Thanks Valentte!!!

  13. Annette

    Have had several of these candles and never been able to find any with such long lasting fragrance and burn ability

  14. Jill Clements

    A lovely candle that makes the whole room smell, very good after cooking to freshen the house.

  15. Olivia Sebastianelli

    I am a huge fan of scented candles. Me and my mum both bought this candle from Hampton court flower show last year and loved it so much we ended up buying 2 more each and one for my mother in law and her mum ! My absolute favourite scent x

  16. Rachel Gregory

    I bought one of these in a set on a special promotion, along with a reed diffuser and hand cream. A beautiful true scent. The candle burns evenly and lasts for ages. Excellent quality and value

  17. Jackie Tranter

    Lovely candle with a beautiful perfume. It burns evenly and lasts for a very long time. The reed diffuser has the same lovely perfume and again lasts a long time. I am very impressed with your beautiful products.

  18. karincousland

    Just love the candles , Reed diffuser , room spray & soap , this scent is the BEST fragrance ever ! Everyone comments on how lovely my rooms smell & even when the candle isn’t burning .
    If you haven’t tried these before you need to as you certainly won’t be disappointed .
    So glad I found you at the Glasgow Christmas Fair last year , thanks a million ?

  19. linda.falkner

    The lemongrass and basil candle is amazing – such an uplifting and refreshing scent! Everyone comments on it when they come in the house. I bought these at the ideal home show a few years ago and have loved them ever since. The reed diffusers last so much longer than any others I have bought.

  20. Jean Irving

    Gorgeous scent lasts for ages.

  21. Jo Strong

    Just love these candles. The quality is fantastic and the smells lovely. This is the first time I have booth the lemongrass and rosemary smell and I will buy again.

  22. Charlotte Bennett

    I am a real candle addict so I’ve tried many over the years. I discovered Valentte at a show and I am so glad I found them! The smell from the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle is gorgeous. It really made my room smell lovely and is also quite relaxing. I will definitely be buying more!

  23. Penny Moodie

    I discovered Valentine at a show and bought two gift boxes. I loved the candle so much that I went back to the show the following day to buy three more boxes! The candles last so long and the smell and quality are fantastic. If I had to choose, the lemongrass and rosemary is my absolute favourite.

  24. Lyn Buckby

    Lemongrass & rosemary is my favourite Valentte candle. It burns evenly and smells gorgeous, so fresh and uplifting and it’s a natural smell, not artificial. Loved it so much I bought some for friends. The complementary reed diffuser is wonderful too.

  25. Sue

    Bought a lemongrass candle and it is the best smelling candle for filling a room full of beautiful scent I have ever known

  26. Felicity

    I must have purchased about 4 lemongrass and rosemary candles over the last couple of years in addition to the room spray and reed diffuser – they never disappoint! A beautiful clean, fresh scent that fills the whole house. I cannot recommend this candle and scent highly enough!

  27. Claire Ashton

    I can’t recommend this scent and candle enough. They burn beautifully and the scent fills my whole house with fresh lemon grass that lasts for days. I wouldn’t buy any other product now.

  28. Rachel Quartley

    These candles are amazing, the combination of lemongrass and rosemary work so well. The scent lasts for such a long time and fills the whole house. Would not choose any other candle. Refreshing, strong but not over powering.

  29. Sally Worthington

    Last week my Mum came to visit and immediately asked me what the amazing smell was – my Lemongrass & Rosemary candles weren’t even lit and they still give off the most gorgeous aroma. She got straight onto the website and ordered herself a gift box of candles and room mist. I am never buying any other candles again!!

  30. Alison Clare

    I bought my sister one of these lovely candles as a gift. It came beaustifully giftwrapped and looked really classy! She said it was one of the best scented candles she had ever had. Thank you Valentte:)

  31. Pauline Friar

    Purchased this candle today as part of a gift box just for me. I have not lit the candle yet but the scent is fantastic and I will certainly be buying more. Thank you

  32. Wendy

    Heaven in a candle!
    Like walking into a spa instant relaxation

  33. Victoria K L Palmer

    Beautiful candle. It’s my 4th time buying this scent. I love it! Candles are superb and the Customer service and experience is too. Thank you.

  34. Barbara Wedgbury

    This is one of the best candles I have ever purchased love it need lots more

  35. Barbara Wedgbury

    This candle was given to me for a present I love it i will always purchase this candle the fragrance is fabulous

  36. Emma Wright

    This candle smells divine and really fills the whole room with a refreshing scent even when not lit. I love it.

  37. J Williams

    Lucky enough to purchase this candle and room stay at the Modern Home show in Glasgow, love candles but had never heard of the Vaentte brand, loved the smell and the ethos behind the brand.
    I couldn’t resist and I’m so glad I bought the candle and room spray, it is amazing both in quality and fragrance it’s like stepping into a 5 star spa, I love the even burn of the candle , I know I will return to the web site for further purchase , and have recommended the brand to my friends .
    Thank you to Valentte for the excellent service and quality products.

  38. Julia

    Purchased a gift box; candle, body scrub and hand cream at the Country Living fair London. Fantastic value for money, beautiful scents and expensive looking packaging! Bought 2 more mix & match gift boxes for friends on-line and now they’re hooked!! Finally found a company offering amazing products, affordable prices and fast delivery. Can’t ask for anything else!
    Thank you Valentte!

  39. Tom

    Proper decent. The dog loves it!

  40. Sally

    I was concerned that the candle would burn down evenly as I have had so many large candles that just burn in the middle but this is fantastic and burns well and has a beautiful fragrance and smells even when it is unlit. I am really impressed with the quality of these candles and definitely would buy again

  41. Karin

    This has got to be the BEST scented candle I’ve ever had , the fragrance is beautiful, fills the room & lasts for ages . Great price too , stunning packaging & fast delivery .


    I don’t think I will ever find a better scented candle and room spray anywhere again. I have bought many different ones in the past and nothing compares to the quality and amazing fragrance of these products . It is the only one I will buy again. Everything about it is fantastic and so happy to have found it. Just love it. Thank you.

  43. capsfanolly

    Beautifully presented gift box purchased at the highland show, this candle is my favourite, lovely fresh lingering scent and I’ve yet to burn it! Purchased more to put away as gifts for Christmas ?

  44. emma.lower

    Just love the fragrance. Bought first at the Country Living Show and don’t think I will buy any other candles in future.. just lovely .

  45. Lynsay Salzman

    I wish I could review all your products because I love the whole range if Lemon & Rosemary I will buy these products again & again

  46. Graham

    This candles are brilliant we buy the lemon grass. Once it has burnt the wick away we keep the wax to place on top of our log burner in the winter top buy. Mr G Deacon.

  47. Pam Black

    I first got the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser, candle and room spray as a gift more than 18 months ago – was immediately hooked!!. The diffuser is still going strong! Love it, love it!! Found Luke and his wonderful products by chance at the Royal Highland Show and had to make a few purchases!! Great to smell all the other fragrances but sorry, can’t move on from the lemongrass and rosemary!! Thank you so much Valentte! Will soon be ordering more! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year?!?!

  48. S Dykes

    One of my favourite candle scents. Really refreshing and great scent throw.

  49. Helen

    I had a one wick candle which I loved and so when I saw the three wick candle I snapped it up, I haven’t lit it yet but my lounge (which is quite large) smells amazing – I can’t recommend this enough. I love all their products – you will not be disappointed

  50. Susan Harris

    The best candle scent I have ever purchased. Love the mix and match gift boxes which are very reasonably priced. Great gifts!

  51. Amber Pitman

    Wanted to leave a review to let you know that these are the most amazing candles and diffusers. I am a long time customer, but recently discovered the 3 wick candle. I have put this in my large open floor plan home, and it makes the entire room smell just perfect. The diffusers are perfect for my bathrooms, always keeping them smelling amazing!

    Thank you again for such a great product!


  52. Kathy Cornwall

    I bought a gift box at Tatton Park Flower Show last year. I chose lemongrass and rosemary diffuser, candle and room mist. It is the BEST EVER smelling room fragrance and lasts far longer than the most expensive brands. As a believer in green…the candles are soy and are so perfect when burning giving off superb wafts of fragrance. The room diffuser has all high quality natural essential oils which scent the room beautifully and they last unlike others.
    I returned to Tatton this year with the specific task not only of looking at superb flowers and gardens but also to buy more of these brilliant products…in the country living tent… Follow your nose !!
    Thanks, I’ll be buying more.

  53. C bollard

    Love these scents, only wish we could have larger candles .

  54. Sarah

    Simply sublime. Top quality and worth every penny. This smell is so invigorating and fresh and completely fills the room in a way that even my favourite Yankee candle can’t! Highly recommend and I will be repurchasing.

  55. Sheila Wright

    A simply stunning fragrance that makes our lounge smell absolutely divine. I don’t burn the wick but instead use a melting base to melt the wax . I purchased a supply at the Game Fair held at Hatfield House last year and was so impressed, I purchased another supply this year at Ragley Hall. Luke could not have been any or helpful.

  56. darbi.nixon

    Just came home from country file show and treated myself to candle, room mist and diffuser with lemongrass and rosemary scent
    My kitchen smells amazing i will be buying more products from Valenette

  57. E Chatwin

    This has to be my all time favourite candle I have ever bought. The smell is amazing and lasts even after the candle is put out. It’s burns well and evenly without any smoke. Would highly recommend.

  58. Hafiz Muhammad Usamn


  59. Louise Mitchell

    One word – A M A Z I N G!!

    Fresh, uplifting and totally gorgeous scent.

  60. Ann Kelly

    I bought this candle yesterday and it is absolutely gorgeous, such a strong truly lovely smell. AsI bought it in a gift set it was fantastic value for money, I got 2 candles and a room mist beautifully boxed for just £25, what an excellent gift, am just annoyed now that I didn’t buy more!
    Will just have to order more online.

  61. Emma Paskett

    I’m a bit late with this review as I actually bought the candle at The Game Fair back in the summer. Purchased the rosemary and lemongrass candle as part of a gift set. I also went for a room spray and reed diffuser, to say the smell is sublime would be an understatement. It was supposed to be a gift but ended up being a gift to me!! The candles last for ages, I’m smelling mine now as i type this. Will definitely be buying more. Thank you

  62. Natalie Wood

    Amazing scent, very powerful even when the candle isn’t lit. Would buy again.

  63. Saskia Harrison

    Absolutely love this scent! It’s really strong and fresh smelling. Whenever I walk past it and it’s not lit I can still get a strong whiff of it. I love it!

  64. Paula Barrows

    Bought this candle as part of a set from Grand design live, love the smell. Will be buying again!

  65. Nicola

    I bought this as part of the gift set. Really beautiful smell. The diffuser lasts for months so well worth it. I have bought this a few times for myself and for gifts

  66. Mary Rampton

    I bought this at the Country Living Fair and it’s the most beautiful scented candle I’ve had- and I’ve had many! It fills the room and everyone comments on it. Will definitely buy more.

  67. andrewcardus

    Bought a rosemary and lemongrass gift set at Ripkey Xmas Fair and we love it , The candle leaves the room fresh with an absolutely lovely aroma. First class candles

  68. Satisfied customer

    I absolutely love this candle! I first came across Valente about 3 or 4 years ago at either the Yorkshire show or one of the big horse trials and I have been coming back for more ever since! The candles smell incredible (lemongrass and rosemary especially), last really well and come beautifully boxed. I usually go through 2x candles and a room spray every year, but also now give these products as gifts. 5* for quality and scent! Whoever I’ve spoken to on stalls at events have always been friendly and helpful too!

  69. Jacqueline Williams

    Love candles for the home and over the years have bought and used many different candles,
    I was delighted to discover at the Home show in Glasgow Valenette candles, couldn’t wait to try them and the deal offered was excellent, I have since revisited the web site and purchased the 3 wick one in the rosemary fragrance.
    I have been delighted with the candles and have given friends the web site details for Christmas.
    Thanks to the team at Valentte and keep producing even more wonderful fragrances.

  70. Susan Stewart

    Lovely long lasting scent with no wastage

  71. Jayne McWilliam

    This is one of the most lovely fragranced I’ve had. The scent lasts a long time and is really beautiful.

  72. Carmel

    A lovely refreshing, uplifting smell. My daughter loves this candle so I know I can always rely on it to bring a smile to her face thank you

  73. Bronwen Aprahamian

    Excellent. smells lovely lasts a long time and burns right to the end.

  74. Lee Anderson

    5star review. The scent of the Lemongrass and Rosemary Candle is simply divine….I have the diffuser too and love, love, love it ?

  75. Susan Cusack

    Just love this candle – the same fabulous scent as the diffuser. Long lasting and perfect anywhere. We’ve used this in kitchen, drawing room & hall.

  76. louise.metcalfe3

    Just love this smell, it is amazing. The candles burn evenly and really well and the aroma does permeate a room

  77. BeeVee

    Absolutely amazing smell and candle burns all around and not just in the middle like some candles. Would definitely recommend.

  78. Denise

    I brought 2 gift boxes for my family for Christmas.
    They have both agreed that they really enjoyed these candles and the frangrence was fantastic.
    I a
    M buying more for my self. I went to the Christmas show ar Ascot

  79. Sarah Grove

    I can’t get enough of this scent….absolutely love it!! I have a candle in my downstairs bathroom and I ALWAYS get comments from guests about how lovely it smells! I also have one on my kitchen windowsill that I can smell all the time, even without lighting it. They last ages too ??

  80. Denise

    I received a Lemongrass and Rosemary candle as a gift and love it’s beautiful scent which fills the room so quickly. So I ordered 2 more as gifts and know my friends will enjoy them. A quality candle.

  81. Helen Burdett

    Second time I’ve bought this candle and it’s still my all time favourite scent! Beautiful!

  82. Paola

    Delicate and elegant scent. I will never get tired of it.

  83. Fiona Rowan

    Beautiful scent long lasting and can be used anywhere

  84. Helen Morley

    Hands down THE BEST candle I have ever bought! The smell is amazing!!

  85. Paula Berto

    Our family loves this scent (lemongrass) and I love that the scent lasts from top to bottom of the burning! Very important-very good quality !

    Discovered This wonderful brand at the Kingston Christmas Fayre.

  86. Marie

    Love the scent, can smell it in the whole house when lit! Candle arrived beautifully packaged and very quick delivery! Can’t wait to order the other scents available!

  87. Alison

    Best I’ve bought and I’ve bought a lot. So frarant and lasts do long

  88. Lesley

    Always illicts compliments when we have guests. My daughter and I dicovered Valenette at the Country Living Fair Christmas 2016. Have used them ever since and always pleased to see them at any other fairs we go to.

  89. Yvonne

    Tried this after being really impressed with the patchouli and eucalyptus range which I found at a Christmas market years ago, this one is a worthy addition to my purchases, smells divine and lasts really well. Lovely!

  90. Sarah Richards

    A fantastic aroma – a favourite I return to again and again. Excellent quality and beautifully packaged each time.
    Discovered at Covent Garden

  91. Kim Cooper

    I purchased a gift box of lemon grass and rosemary products at the Spirit of Christmas Fair. It wasn’t long before I ordered another box. They are as good or better than other makes with a much higher price tag, not mentioning any names! As soon as I put the candle in the cupboard, I could smell it every time I opened the cupboard door. When I burnt it, the fragrance in the whole room transported me back to Thailand! Wonderful! Thank you, Valentte, I will be reordering!

  92. David Coulson

    Excellent candle really good fragrance can smell it all round the house, has a good even burn rate so you use all the candle bought others where this does not happen really pleased will order again

  93. msurrey

    Fantastic ! Slow burning and very fragrant. Even when not aLight the bungalow smells li lovely. Would definitely buy again

  94. msurrey

    Bought several candles and this is outstanding. Beautiful aroma

  95. Mrs Patricia Prigmore

    I have purchased almost all the candle range and each one has an enchanting perfume. They are good value for money too as they burn evenly and look lovely.

  96. gordonmac25

    Fantastic candle, burns well and leaves a beautiful aroma around the house – highly recommended.

  97. Karen

    I love candles and now only buy Valentte everyone who visits comments on the smell. The lemongrass is my favourite the candles burn extremely well and the fragrance is rich and long lasting. Cannot rexommend highly enough!

  98. angelitt

    Had this brought for a present,1st Valentte candle I’ve had & definitely not my last.Burn evenly,lovely fragrance & lasts longer than other candles I’ve had before.would recommend.

  99. Lisa Gorman

    I purchased a Lemongrass and Rosemary gift box as a Christmas present for my Mother-in-law, even with it in the box it smelt so lovely, I had to treat myself, and I have recently ordered as a birthday gift for a friend, delivery was quick too.

  100. Julie

    Love the lemongrass and rosemary smell, it is now my favourite candle.

  101. Julie

    Fell in love with the quality of the hand cream at the Harrogate Christmas Fayre, the whole family love the beautiful scent too. Candle was a treat from myself to myself, and once again the scent it gives off is divine ❤️

  102. rachelvandermark

    This was the fragrance that started my journey with Valentte. I bought a gift set at a flower show and have never looked back. The lemongrass and rosemary is such a powerful fragrance. This is my second purchase and I am now trying them all

  103. Diane fielding

    Love everything in the lemongrass and rosemary range. This is the first candle I’ve bought and the fragrance is really fresh and relaxing at the same time. The candle burns very slowly which is great. Looking forward to enjoying hours of this beautiful aroma.

  104. Julia PADGETT

    Lemongrass and Rosemary is a beautiful scent. It’s calming and poignant, and brings a wonderful vibe to the home. The service from Valentte is always excellent. Items arrived beautifully packaged and making stunning gifts. I first purchased at a county show and now wouldn’t buy from any other supplier.

  105. Karen Dynes

    I love these products they are great. the smell of the lemongrass and rosemary is soo nice and all their products are super great.

  106. Lynda Kennedy

    I bought this as a gift for my sister. But, having tried the diffuser (UTTERLY GORGEOUS) I sort of ended up keeping it – and it’s just as glorious. I don’t even feel guilty – which I’ll put down to its calming properties.

  107. Angela Bartle

    I was given the box set for Christmas with the lemon grass and rosemary beautifully wrapped. How amazing the candle, diffuser and room spray are. The fragrance fills your room and lingers on. As soon as my candle was used I quickly found out where I good but more. Great service and quick delivery I shall recommend to all my friends.

  108. Catherine

    Since travelling in Asia and visiting their lovely spas, the smell of lemongrass transports me right back there into heaven! When I burn this candle, which I do whenever I want a pick me up or to welcome visitors into my home, my house is instantly converted to a luxury and relaxing spa. Virtually everyone comments, and wants one! Heavenly!

  109. wendy_hunter

    I’m so in love with all your products ! I Have tried so many different Candels and diffusers in the past But there fragrance never lasts , but your Candles And diffusers have really long lasting fragrances I have so many comments from visitors , I have been buying sets for presents I’m realky happy with the price and quick delivery Will continue To shop with you in the future

  110. sharonmarsden

    Recently bought this complete set for the first time from the crufts stand, normally don’t write reviews but had to just say I absolutely love it it’s the best candle and diffuser set I have had the smell lasts for hours even after it’s not alight will definitely be buying more.
    Thank you to the lovely ladies on the stand at cruft.

  111. Taslim

    Smelt amazing and could smell it for hours after I had blown it out.

  112. Paula Cunnington

    I love candles and have spent a lot on them over the past few years. The quality of this one is exceptional. The smell is gorgeous and what’s even better still is that it doesn’t even have to be lit to fill the room with the scent. Will definitely be back for more.

  113. Nicky deakes

    I absolutely love this candle. Have tried and tested quite a few over the years and nothing compares to the burn time and aroma. As long as they are produced i will continue to buy them. I really cant recommend them enough.

  114. toetallyyours

    This candle is absolutely amazing, lasts for aug a long time and even when I lit fragrances a room.y house does not feel a home without one of these in my Lou he. I am so delighted and buy new each time it runs out.
    Keep up the good work, am looking forward to the possibility of a Rose scent some day.

  115. Sarah Hounslow

    This is my favourite scent. Fills the whole house with a beautiful, fresh smell. Very uplifting. Reminds me of warm Mediterranean summers. I buy the gift boxes. Great value and make good presents too. Discovered Valentte at Ardingly craft fair. Also been to visit Covent Garden stall. Friends and family also hooked on the products.

  116. Debbie Miller

    I have at last found a candle that does everything I want – smells heavenly, lasts for ages and continues to look ‘as good as new’ as it burns down. Thank you!

  117. Michelle Bannon

    I received the candle as part of a boxed set for a mother’s Day gift. The candle has a very refreshing scent. The scented candle permeates throughout my living room leaving the room refreshed and uplifting. It burns clear and a pleasure to have. I have treated myself to another candle for my birthday. Thank you.

  118. d2oty

    One of the best candles on the market, the smell is amazing

  119. Sally

    One of the best candles I’ve ever had. Smells amazing and fragrances the room while burning and long afterwards. Slow burning and burns down evenly.

  120. fiona.lockwood

    bought this after reading the great reviews on it. i wasn’t disappointed it has a lovely clean lemon smell that is classy and natural. i have three dogs in my house and its a constant battle to eradicate the ‘dog’ smell without filling the air with awful chemical smells this did the job perfectly. it doesnt smell much when you take it out of the box but when lit it fills the air wonderfully.

  121. Margaret

    Fantastic fragrance. One of the best candles around. A lovely fresh smell and even when not lit it permeates the bungalow. Would certainly recommend

  122. samantha reilly

    Bought this for the first time at a food show. Had lots of great comments from friends when I had it lit so had to buy another. Lovely long lasting smell

  123. Mo

    I love this fragrance. It smelt strong as it burnt. It lasted fairly well and I want to fill my house with these!

  124. Deborah campbell

    Absolutely love this fragrance, have bought so many of these candles.
    I take them to our villa in menorca, they smell divine!

  125. Kathy morris

    This was a joy to unpack. It smelt fresh and absolutely right, I am very tempted to keep it for myself as opposed to the gift it was intended to be.

  126. Cathy Sutton

    Love this scent! Beautifully fresh – perfect for the Springtime! I’m a repeat customer and have found Valentte offers a prompt, reliable service and delivers well packaged, great candle products. The White Neroli and Lemon is another favourite. Candles burn well and scent has a good throw.

  127. Amanda White

    Having first purchased a gift pack for my sister at Chatsworth House Christmas Market I was so impress with the sent and longevity I could not resist when a voucher poped into my in box. I bought the lemongrass and Rosemary candle and cannot be happier with the fragrance that fills the house not only when lit but lingering afterwards. Thank you

  128. Wendy Pettley

    Smells amazing so fresh and uplifting, this candle is the closest to the real thing!

  129. gct54lucy

    I have been buying the lemongrass and rosemary candles since I encountered your products at a Gift fair. This particular fragrance is perfect for a hallway as it is such a welcome to the home and has a strong enough scent to carry into the open area. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  130. Jen Howl

    This candle is simply wonderful and I would highly recommend it. Great as a gift and makes the house smell amazing when it’s lit.

  131. Bambia Verdant

    Love it! Such a lovely fragrance which lingers on and on. Tried many brands in the past and in my opinion Valentte candles beat the lot not only for the smell and quality but also pet friendly 🐶

  132. juliemiller

    I have bought the Neroli and lemon candle before and loved it but this fragrance was new to me.
    I wasn’t disappointed! It’s such a lovely fragrance, perfect for the office as rosemary increases concentration. Although not a large size the fragrance fills the house like a much larger candle.
    This will be another regular purchase from now on !

  133. Kelly

    I recently purchased this candle for my mother and myself, the smell and quality is beautiful. We are really impressed and will be purchasing more in the near future. Fragrance is long lasting yet not to over powering.

  134. Morgphil

    We first came across Valentte candles at The Ideal Home Show in London. Luke was very thorough in describing the product and we bought this candle. We couldn’t wait to get another at this years show. Now I won’t need to wait so long as I can order on line. The candle has an amazing scent and actually gives off the smell whilst burning and on extinguishing, unlike many other candles we’ve bought that smell until lit. Great value for money !!

  135. Georgie

    I’m slightly obsessed with scented candles. (I know I’m not alone). These are the best I’ve found. Burn clean and straight and all the way to the end. Keep their fragrance and perfume the house even when they aren’t burning. I have several on the go around the house now depending where I am and people always say how delicious the house smells which makes me happy.

  136. David Coulson

    As usual beautiful smell all around the house best quality tried other brands no comparison

  137. Claire

    All I can say is wow……. these candles are the best gift to give to someone or buy yourself a pressie, fabulous smell from room to room, slow burning so long lasting x

  138. Lynette

    This candle has a beautiful fresh yet sophisticated scent. Reminds me of the lovely scents of a spa. The candle is slow burning and the fragrance lingers. It’s lovely. I first discovered Vallente at the Sudley Castle homes and garden fair.

  139. juliesavage05

    Excellent candle, love the smell and burns evenly. Will definitely buy more

  140. Gail Buchanan

    I love these candles since coming across them at the Christmas show in Glasgow. Smell delicious even when not lit!

  141. Elaine

    Love this candle.i bought it originally at the Ideal Home show. Scents the whole room and you can still smell the scent the following morning. I burn mine for a couple of hours at a time as it is so effective. I’ve ordered 2 more for gifts .

  142. pberto

    This is our favourite scent from our favourite candle maker! Wonderful in every way!

  143. aimee.b

    After a friend bought me the hand wash from this range I wanted the whole house to smell of it. It didn’t disappoint. I am now going to work my way through the whole collection! It’s a must!

  144. Mrs Julie Ford

    The scent of this candle is amazing. I can smell it as soon as I walk into the house, and I haven’t even lit it yet. I will definitely be ordering more for gifts and myself. Very elegant looking candle.

  145. Lorraine Jones

    I discovered Valentte via a site with information about free stuff. I applied for a free scent sample, but even before that arrived, I decided to take a chance and order a gift box, as I liked what I read on the website ( I’m trying to buy fewer paraffin-based candles), and they were on special offer. Lemongrass and Rosemary is a lovely scented candle, and not overpowering. Even when it’s not lit I sometimes get a gentle waft of scent as I enter the room. One of the scent samples included with my purchase was cardamom and nutmeg, which is gorgeous; I’d love a candle of this scent!

  146. Pat

    I first discovered Valentte at Living North Gosforth what a find 😁 amazing products at reasonable prices, the Lemongrass & Rosemary is exquisite you can smell it all over the house.
    I now purchase online very easy and fast delivery.
    Would definitely recommend

  147. Helen

    Purchased a new gift set from Highclere Castle with the lime and grapefruit diffuser and hand cream. Smells absolutely delicious.
    Also included the patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser – firm favourite of ours.
    Gift sets are great value.

  148. Sarah smith

    Bought a lovely gift set from Highclere Castle today, 2 diffusers and candle, £30! Lovely scents lemongrass and rosemary, lush!

  149. mariandonnellan

    I first came across Valentte at the Ideal Home exhibition and was blown away by their scented candles. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite ever candle. Even when the candle is not being used the scent is still there – amazing 😊.

  150. Elaine

    The smell is fabulous it fills the room. Even when it has been extinguished you can smell the scent for hours after. I am so pleased my husband bought me the gift box for my birthday and I look forward to purchasing different scents in the future.

  151. helen

    I recently visited a friend at her home and, on entering her house, it smelt divine from the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser. She had also sprayed the room mist around other rooms which lingered for hours. Until that visit I had never heard of Valentte. I immediately placed my first order for the gift set purchasing the range of Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser, candle and the room mist. The diffuser is in my lounge and smells lovely when entering the room. The candle Is in my hallway and, when lit, it fills the whole house with an amazing aroma which lasts for hours. I highly recommend these products and although the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance will be hard to beat, I look forward to trying different aromas in the Valentte range

  152. A Andrews

    Simply the best candle ever. Lovely refreshing cleansing fragrance that remains fresh each time you light it. I have bought the hand wash and the hand cream. I will be giving one to my sister too. I discovered Valentte at the RHS Malvern Show !

  153. sarah dewbury

    Absolutely love this scented candle! I came across Valentte at the Highclere Game fair, I’m hooked! The sales assistant was charming and very helpful and in no way pushy! He helped me choose the right fragrance and gave me a free hand sample to take home and try. The scent of both products is so clean and fresh and i definitely recommend both products. Hand cream is not greasy and absorbs really well and i also bought another candle as a gift and he wrapped it in a special presentation box which looked amazing.
    :Love VALENTTE products !

  154. Julie Milne

    This scent is so very uplifting.The candle burns purley with no smoke or smuts and lasts for hours and hours.
    Everyone comments on the perfume.

  155. Leigh Gillespie

    Valentte was the first stall we happened to stumble across at the Gardening Scotland show last weekend. And I have to say instantly fell in love with the Lenongrass & rosemary candle. I purchased a gift box with 2 candles and an oil diffuser which is spreading a gorgeous scent throughout my house. I would highly recommend and very nice as a gift also.

  156. jaj

    I ordered the Lemongrass and Rosemary cande as part of a gift box. It complements my diffuser in the same essential oils. The house smells so fresh & uplifting. I will definitely recommend these products especially as there’s no harmful nasties in them.
    Julie J.

  157. Alison Brodie

    Gorgeous smell, would definitely buy again.

  158. Sue

    gorgeous smelling candle, complements the equally gorgeous diffuser and room spray ⭐️

  159. Jude Logan

    The lemongrass and rosemary scent this candle gives off is lovely. It’s not overpowering but leaves the room with a lovely fresh smell.
    I would definitely recommend it and will be buying another one.

  160. Sue Austin

    Absolutely gorgeous product, smells lovely and lasts a long time. Definitely re-ordering.
    Brought at the Devon County Show
    initially and then ordered another, quick delivery. Delighted.
    Many thanks

  161. Catriona

    Discovered Valentte at Country Living Xmas Fair in Glasgow two years ago – bought these candles and have been addicted ever since. They have a wonderful smell that fills even a large room and better still, they don’t leave black sooty marks on the ceiling. Great value if you buy in threes in a gift box.

  162. Kath Gillson

    Fantastic aroma,absolutely love these,fresh and heavenly.Friends love them

  163. Karen

    The most amazing scent, I love it – very fresh and summery. Found it at the Country Living Christmas Fair Glasgow.

  164. Lesley Simon

    Great products, recently purchased a box set from The Royal Highland Show, would definitely reccomend.

  165. psingh29

    I absolutely love the scent of this candle, it smells so fresh ,

  166. Jan Wikson

    Lemon and rosemary is my favourite Valentte perfume. The candle burns so cleanly and fills the room with a refreshing ambience. They have made great gifts too!

  167. Marcie

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  168. Maggie

    I bought this scent and now can’t resist it, really helps me unwind and sleep better. Thank you

  169. jogodwyn

    I discovered Valentte at the Gardening Scotland show, fell in love with this gorgeous scent, the candle burns cleanly & lasts ages because you don’t need to have it burning for long to fill the room with fragrance. Pretty packaging too!

  170. lesleyjsimon

    Great products , purchased second gift set , fragrance is lovely and lingers.

  171. Jane Smith

    My second purchase of this candle and it sits in my bedroom waiting to be used and the smell is divine. Great smell great quality.

  172. Claire Cardie

    I just love this scent. The candle just fills the room with a wonderful lemony aroma, and that’s before I’ve even lit it.

  173. Abigail walton

    Do I was sceptical about the candles mOnly due to the price and the size however I was not disappointed.
    The smell is beautiful so fresh and clean and the candle is worth every penny.
    I look forward to every valentte delivery now

  174. Michelle

    Exquisite long lasting fragrance , clean fresh until the very end

  175. Rachel Clarke

    I discovered Volente at Burghley three years ago and have never been disappointed with their products. The candles burn very cleanly and are long lasting. This scent is very fresh and gives an instant lift to a room. The gift sets make excellent presents so it will soon be time to stock up for Christmas. The lovely packaging is a bonus! I have mainly bought at shows in the last but I found the mail order service superb.

  176. Bev Walters

    Absolutely love the aroma from this candle. Everybody that visits comments how lovely the fragrance is. Great value and last ages.

  177. Willie Keating

    The smell from the candle is amazing. You can smell it as soon as you walk in the room and it isn’t even lit. Will certainly purchase again. Excellent.

  178. Sara

    Had this in a set for Christmas , lovely smell have bought for friends birthdays

  179. Gemma

    I brought a gift set at Hampton court flower show. I liked so much that my husband brought another set for birthday. The candles are lovely and last for ages. Very fresh natural smell.

  180. Valerie Rose

    I love this candle, the scent is divine. I have the diffuser in the same fragrance in my bedroom and it smells beautiful. The scent is fresh and long lasting without being overpowering. I can highly recommend these products and will be buying more both for myself and as gifts.

  181. Hayley Tansey

    I just love my Lemongrass and Rosemary soy candle! It smells beautiful and is very long lasting. I am looking forward to trying another fragrance of this lovely candle.

  182. Faith Williams

    I find this scent very invigorating, it is my favourite smell of all the range, love the company and the offers

  183. Karen Daniels

    I first was introduced to the candles whilst visiting a friend who was burning the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle. I loved it so much i asked her for the details of the company, Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary so much, the scent is stunning all the way through burning the candle. All my family and friends comment on how lovely my home small. I have bought many candles for myself and my friends and we all love the fabulous smells.

  184. Karen Cornick

    Really pleased I treated myself to this beautifully fragrant candle. I love the scent

  185. jillyfoster22

    After meeting the Valentte team at Blenheim Palace I’ve purchased further candles and hand/body creams. The scents far exceed my old famous cow brand, Valentte products are clean pure, kind to the skin and environment and the scent is strong and everlasting. I’ve already started buying these products for friends for Christmas! As they love the scent in my cottage …

  186. a.bulcock

    Bought this candle in a gift set today at the Southport Flower Show 2019 Service was fantastic and the candle has a stunning aroma. I have only burnt for a short time and my lounge smells divine. Am already deciding who I can give sets to for Xmas Will definitely buy more online. Enjoy the rest of the show guys Fantastic products !

  187. Eloise

    Bought as a present for my mother in law but loved it so much I bought one for myself too! Absolutely smells divine!

  188. Mina Parmar

    I absolutely love all these candles !
    They smell amazing and toxin free
    Have bought so many of their products including the reed defuser and room mists . Have also bought the gift boxes for family and friends
    Keep them coming !
    Can’t get enough of them !

  189. emmafromyork

    These candles are absolutely fantastic and the scent is lovely. This particular one I find doesn’t necessarily need to be lit to make the room smell nice. I first discovered Valentte at a Christmas fair and have made sure to replenish my candles each year. I’ve just gone on to buy my first order online and I’m very happy with the service and how the products arrived (lots of protection)!

  190. Angela Martin

    This candle is amazing. Even when not lit you can still smell it. It burns evenly too and lasts for ages. Looking forward to trying more from this company. I discovered Valentte at the modern home show in Glasgow.

  191. Arlya Adams

    This is amazing, it’s my favourite candle, the smell lingers faintly in my room without even being lit. I always keep one around just to make the house smell nice, it’s a lovely sent, long lasting but not overbearing, the perfect amount, complete natural and as previously said without a doubt my favourite candle.

    How Did I hear about this? I found you a while ago at the Devon Country Show, great find!

  192. Jules

    This was part of a gift box that I ordered for myself, the order arrived very quickly and was
    beautifully packaged. The candle smells lovely both when alight and unlit. Treat yourself now!
    I first used Valenette when I was browsing for inspiration for a gift for my sister-in-law (she loved her gift box as well).

  193. Gillian Teanby

    Only bought the lemongrass and rosemary at show yesterday but tried it as soon as I got home , lovely fragrance will definitely be buying again ! Also bought diffuser so looking forward to using that ! A friend had bought diffuser at a show and I smelt it the minute I walked into her house ! Great!

  194. Morag

    I first came across Valentte at the Ideal Home show 2 years ago. I ordered a gift box and was very impressed with the scent from this candle. It smells great and the lemon lingers long after blowing it out. I highly recommend this scent. I have bought other candles as gifts and made sure my cupboard is stocked.

  195. Madhuben Patel

    Love the smell, it lingers . Lots of positive comments from visitors to home

  196. Helen Wright

    I absolutely love these candles. I was gifted a box set for Christmas last year and I am now obsessed with Valentte candles. I buy box sets for all my friends as birthday or hostess gifts and they love them too. My favourite is the lemongrass and rosemary though they all smell delicious. I always bought Jo Malone before discovering Valentte and now I only buy Valentte. They are great value and the choice of fragrances is awesome!

  197. Dawn Skinner

    Love this lemon grass and rosemary candles & diffuser, I’m filling my home with this smell I can’t get enough, bought the last one as a gift just want to share such a clean and uplifting smell, thank you Valentte x

  198. Diane Cooper

    You don’t need to light this candle to enjoy the scent, everyone that comes into my home says so. Fabulous aroma wherever you are within my home.

  199. Frances Russell

    As always order was processed quickly and receipt received by e mail arrived exactly on time and again e mail to confirm delivery. Product is totally amazing, really classy looking packaging, would make beautiful gift and aroma is a pure delight and you would think it cost far more then it actually did. Thank you so much was above and beyond expectations .

  200. Andrea Phillips

    Lemongrass and rosemary candle came highly recommended by a friend. I was sceptical but glad I purchased, it’s lovely when lit or not and burns evenly.
    I will definitely be purchasing other fragrances and buying as gifts 😁

  201. Kate Britten

    Fabulous fragrance, I love the fact the candle burns evenly, would definitely recommend

  202. Deborah Mulhall

    This is such a beautiful fragrance and I love it when my friends enter saying how wonderful the rooms smell. This is a candle I will continue to buy over and over again.

  203. Anita Thirlaway

    Bliss in a glass! Devine smell which permeates the entire house. Bought lots of these, always delivered swiftly and packaged beautifully. Well done Valentte.

  204. Justine

    Discovered this company at the burghley horse trails best find . Love this candle the smell is amazing but not over powering … will be stocking up on them.

  205. Graham

    My wife loves these candles in this fragrance. We use them in the conservatory & lounge which then enters the whole house. Brilliant product.

  206. Christine Patterson

    I first discovered Valentte a few years ago when visiting Spirit of Christmas Fair. I treated myself to a gift box including one of these beautiful candles. Love the fragrance which lasts and lasts and I’ve ordered several since. You can even smell this without lighting the candle. Amazing!

  207. Janet Lewis

    Recently stocked up on the joy that is Lemongrass and Rosemary candles and reed diffusers. As usual the quality is fabulous the scent sublime and the price quality is second to none. I have started giving these as gifts now to extend the joy of Valentte to others. Spreading the love.

  208. Jean Stewart


  209. hayward.a3

    Fantastic product, heavenly smell, burns incredibly well & visitors always comment on the subtle fragrance. Definitely a recommendation from me.

  210. maggiecichon

    Beautiful scent, smells really natural and lasts for ages.

  211. sarah Dewbury

    This is the most amazing fragrance so fresh and uplifting ! I will definitely be buying more of these, would recommend !!
    I had a sample of the hand cream in the lemongrass and Rosemary and again loved it! while visiting the Highclere Gamefair and now hooked! looking forward to trying other products and fragrances!

  212. Susan Vascetta

    After being given a sample of lemon and rosemary hand cream at The Handmade Festival, I loved the fragrance so much I ordered this reed diffuser, which smells amazing.

  213. Pamela Woodcock

    These are by far the best candles that I have ever had. My home smells amazing from the moment the candle is lit and these candles burn beautifully – high quality wax and oils. Lemongrass & Rosemary is my favourite and makes me feel like I am relaxing in a spa! Thanks Valentte – love your products 😁

  214. Christine Mansell

    We have tried many candles and none have ever burnt as well as Valentte. We were lucky enough to be given some free tickets to a craft fair and i bought a gift box with the candles in. The fragrance is subtle and the quality is excellent. Having used the ones I had bought at the craft fair I have just stocked up on this size and the three wick one. My only choice of home candles now!

  215. lindseyjwoodrow

    The smell is amazing. Fills the whole room. Candle burns well. I have had wonderful comments from my clients as I burn this candle in my beauty treatment room at home.

  216. Kim Morris

    Love these candles!! Fragrance is really fresh but not overwhelming. They always burn down evenly and last for ages. I’ve been using the Lemongrass & Rosemary ones for a few years now. First discovered Valentte and met Luke at the New Forest a Show about 4 years ago. I would also recommend the diffuser and room spray in the same fragrance.

  217. Jane Bradshaw

    Beautiful candles that smells fantastic.

  218. Lisa barrett

    I’ve tried many different candles and fragrances but the Valentte ones are by far the best. This scent is my favourite so far, it reaches most rooms but isn’t overpowering. Smells of pure essential oils. Love it

  219. Judy Martin

    This Lemongrass and Rosemary soy wax candle has to be the best, value for money, candle on the market. Amazing long lasting fragrance which gets compliments from all my visitors

  220. Laura Callaghan

    Beautiful candle, great value for money and burns evenly

  221. Vicki petersen

    Smells great and the candles last for ages

  222. Susan Curran

    Beautiful and uplifting fragrance, good to know that there is no toxins or chemicals in the candle .
    I always try to buy organic candles for my home, and this one is amazing value.
    Well done Vallente!

  223. Linda

    Absolutely love the scent and it lasts so long as it burns down so evenly.

  224. Sharon Welsh

    Burns evenly and lasts for ages…..really took the smell of curry away from the kitchen!

  225. Barbara Wells

    Burn these candles throughout the house,creates a lovely long lasting fragrance. Visitors often comment on the lovely smell.
    A quality product.

  226. Lavinia

    I burn this candle most evenings and the scent of lemons is really refreshing. I also like the fact that I can still smell it when I come down in the morning. However, the scent never gets overpowering or cloy. Definitely buying these again.

  227. Kirstie McDowall

    I love these candles they smell amazing my favourite is Lemongrass it smells amazing

  228. Anne Halliday

    Love this candle burns evenly & lasts for ages. The smell fills the room without being over powerind.

  229. dianechandler158

    My favourite scent and almost impossible to find a good one with a strong scent. This one is brilliant. Bought at RHS fair. Off to Spirit of Christmas Fair next week so may buy more!

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  231. Taryn Hilburn

    Honestly the best candle out there. It doesn’t burn too quickly and fills the room with a wonderful scent.

  232. Shirley Ransom

    I have been buying candles from these lovely people for so many years.
    My favourite is Lemon grass and rosemary. Gets rid of any unwanted smells!
    The smell is so amazing my house smells so fresh and calming.
    Alongside my lovely diffusers.
    All the scents are long lasting and such excellent value for money.
    This is my all time favourite.
    Thank goodness I found you. Shirley 🥰

  233. Jan Wood

    I picked up a sample of lemongrass and rosemary hand cream at the Great Yorkshire Show earlier this year. I was impressed with both the quality and the fragrance and subsequently ordered the candle. It has such a wonderful, fresh and calming fragrance. I can only recommend it wholeheartedly!

  234. Susan Gough

    Deliciously uplifting scent! This candle burns well and fills a room with its zingyness quite quickly. Good in a kitchen too when you need something to combat cooking smells. A great product.

  235. Sue Mason

    I first discovered the Valentte name at the Ascot Christmas Fair about 3 years ago. The rosemary and lemongrass aroma has always been my favourite. The aroma is long lasting and the soya wax burns slowly and evenly. Have just ordered two more candles for Christmas and long may the Company continue.

  236. Louise Smith

    Well this candle gives its rivals something to worry about. Affordable and beautiful. Well doen Valentte!

  237. Lynda Keith

    Lovely scent and lasts for weeks! Have bought more for Christmas presents!

  238. Sloane

    I love these candles, you don’t even have to light them to enjoy the fragrance. The best candles I have come across

  239. Susan Brown

    Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite fragance, love the diffuser, candle , hand wash, tge scent lasts until it is finished. Always have stock ready to usr, also oving the cardamom new candle . Looking forward to a big shop this month in Glasgow at the Xmas Fair. Thanks again and keep up the hard work as it pays off to your loving customers.
    Looking forward to hearing from my sister in Tasmania, Australia when she receives her 3 candles.

  240. Jenny Hadwick

    Candle has an amazing smell and fills the room with the lovely sent when burning and when not in use… people who come into my home always comment what’s that lovely smell, so I’ve put them onto your website… burns even and lasts well… love this candle…first seen at burghley horse trials… I’ve been buying ever since… also bought gift sets as presents, lovely packaging and even personalised…

  241. Margaret C

    Lemongrass & Rosemary has a zing that immediately sharpens the senses and helps to focus the mind. lt is so reassuring to know the purity of your products, when there’s so much rubbish available.

  242. Gill P

    Absolutely love your products! I purchased 3 candles at the Bramham Horse Trials and am overwhelmed by the aroma and longevity of the candles. Much better value than my previous favourite (Molton Brown). I chose the Lemongrass & Rosemary but found it difficult to choose.
    The fragrance is fresh and zesty.
    The hand cream is equally amazing, it really absorbs well but leaves hands feeling smooth and silky. I work outdoors so having a lovely hand cream is a real treat, oh, and the effect lasts!

  243. Sharon Woodham

    Would highly recommend, smells amazing and lasts really well. Made my first purchase at the Great Yorkshire Show earlier this year and I am now hooked won’t buy any other candles.

  244. Teresa Tanner

    Love these candles and now use them instead of plug in air fresheners as the frangrances are lovely.

  245. peterdavis1

    Amazing fragrance, only lit the candle once but what a delight filled the whole room and I could still smell traces the fragrance in the morning.

  246. Stephanie Baker

    I bought this candle at the Spirit of Christmas show at Olympia , never tried them before but I will never use anything else now , amazing scents , thanks

  247. Maria T

    Was gifted the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle by my daughters boyfriend, it smells so amazing i have ordered some samples to try before I buy my next candle, can’t wait 😁

  248. atmonia

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  249. Denise Phillips

    Lemon grass & Rosemary fragrance fills the room & leaves you feeling quite calm. The scent lingers & leaves the room with a fresh smell. I purchased this in a gift box at the Grand Designs Show at the NEC. I will certainly will be ordering more gift boxes as presents for christmas.

  250. Margaret Engel

    Lovely scent. Haven’t even lit yet. The smell fills the room. Refreshing and relaxing.
    When I do light the aroma will be even stronger!
    I discovered Valentte at Burghley Horse Trails.

  251. Jennifer Dickenson

    Lovely fresh invigorating smell long lasting brings a glow to any environment

  252. Terry Ann O’Neill

    This candle was clean burning and the scent was just beautiful. My living room smells gorgeous. Great for the winter evenings.
    In terms of the company, it was easy to order and the delivery was swift

  253. Wendy Durham

    Lovely smell and fast delivery, my whole house smells beautiful and I love that it is all natural

  254. Fi MacRae

    Absolutely gorgeous fragrance which fills whole house. Long lasting – better than top brands and a lot less expensive. Highly recommend.


    Love this candle , it smells divine you can really appreciate the essential oils.

  256. Kate

    I have bought these candles regularly and find them incredible value. The scents are lovely.

  257. Elaine

    I first came across this company at our local Christmas Market…I bought two candles and loved them. They’re now the only candles I buy, such great quality and wonderful long lasting smells.

  258. Paulette Pasfield

    A really beautiful smelling candle. Long lasting with an aroma which just fills the room.

  259. Karen Hoather

    Smells lovely I was impressed as I have only bought Yankee candles in the past. I have also bought a gift box but have not opened as it is a gift for christmas



  261. Jackie John

    Amazing fragrance. Can’t get enough of it.

  262. Elaine

    I wanted a candle that is made of natural products and after a google came across Valente. A really beautiful smelling candle. Long lasting with an aroma which just fills the room.

  263. Judy Mountain

    Gorgeous candle, lit or un lit made the house smell fresh and homely

  264. Lorna

    Took a gamble as not used this company before and have to say the candles are divine. I bought two lemongrass and the neroli one.
    Simple yet classic to look at and beautiful packaging, shame to get out of the box.
    Would buy again and much prefer the candles to the reed diffusers..

  265. Carole Burton

    Candle fills the room with a most gorgeous sent. Burns slowly and evenly. Will buy for friends.

  266. Anne Prosser

    Lovely strong fresh smell, I have four dogs in the house, and I just love the smell of this candle.

  267. Helen Tutton

    Love this scent even in a large room as you walk past you get the waft of lemon.

  268. Denise appleby

    The most wonderful scent.. Long lasting. Had been looking for a quality candle for a long time so pleased I found you at the country living fair.. Have since ordered a few more sets as Christmas presents.. Thanks Valentte x

  269. Lesley Grant Haworth

    Met you at a Country Living fair 2 years ago and have been buying these lovely candles ever since. I give them as presents and always get compliments on how good my house smells. Also buy the Lavender ones for my bedroom, I go to bed just by the light of it to bring down light levels and they help me sleep.

  270. Lisa

    I was introduced to Valentte at a fair & absolutely love the fragrance! I have brought these candles for a while now, they are the only candles I’ve found that really hold their scent …love them

  271. Susan Smith

    Bought these as small Christmas gifts and as ever they are lovely. I love the smell and hope my nieces will too

  272. Gemma

    I bought this lemongrass and rosemary candle online after seeing Valentte at a show and loving the smell earlier in the year. The smell of this is amazing, it is so strong and fresh smelling. One of the best candle scents I’ve ever come across. I could smell it as soon as I started opening the package! I will be back to buy more for sure.

  273. Donna Phillips

    Absolutely love the smell of this candle
    Burns evenly
    Great value for money in the gift box

  274. Frances de Bosdari

    Incredibly good value. Everyone comments on the lovely smell and they burn for hours.

  275. Ruth

    The lemongrass and rosemary candle is long lasting and a wonderful smell, we ordered more since meeting you at the Oxted Edenbridge show this year.
    They also make lovely presents and nice to see all natural products.

  276. Suzanne Browning

    This is without a doubt the best candle I have ever purchased. Just sat in my living room, I did not even need to light it as the scent is so beautiful. When I did light it, the whole room is enveloped in the most delicious lemon scent, it makes your mouth water. I shall never buy other candles again, I am Valentte for ever 🙂

  277. Michelle Smith

    I bought a couple of Lemongrass and rosemary candles at the Game fair and had a very welcoming and friendly approach , and left with a couple of hand cream samples too which were lovely. The scent is devine, i have had many compliments from visitors! I am a bit of a connoisseur with aromatherapy oils and use candles for Reiki , this is the best scent i can recommend . Many are too subtle to detect. Valentte candles create a relaxing environment with their beautiful scent. Will be purchasing again!

  278. Elizabeth ferrie

    I discovered these amazing candles on a visit to Birmingham house building show. The rosemary and lemongrass is my favourite aroma but love the others as well. Anyone who visits me always asks what candles l have as they love the lemongrass and rosemary too. It fills my house with this wonderful smell. I will try some of the other aromas soon. They also burn all the soy wax with no wastage. Perfect candles.

  279. Clare

    Fresh and lively! A beautiful scent we discovered at the Burghley Horse Trials and have bought again and again.

  280. Kayleigh

    I absolutely love this product. It has such a strong aroma almost like sherbet that lasts the duration of the candle. Brought the gift box for a family member and proved so popular ordered again.

  281. Karen Parkinson

    My home smell amazing with this candle. Absolutely love it

  282. Danielle Moore

    This smells divine! Love it and all natural too
    So good I purchased more for presents. A wonderful gift!

  283. Wendy Etherington

    Gorgeous candle which arrived beautifully packaged. Excellent website and service.

  284. Jessica

    Purchased this candle as part of a candle and diffuser set and its excellent – people visiting always comment on how fresh smelling it is and it really lasts.

  285. Jackie Locke

    Item was for a present so can not comment on burn quality but smell is amazing

  286. Shanie

    Love the smell of this candle even when not lit its gorgeous.
    Seen them in the Christmas market and went back several times to buy as Christmas presents.

  287. Mike

    Never heard of this company until Liverpool Christmas markets. I was dubious about buying as there are a lot of wannabe makers out there. Everything in was told I thought too good to be true. But as I do with a lot of scented things I give it a go, I was very pleasantly surprised with just how good these really were. The strength of the scent and it just kept coming and coming. Will be looking for more from now on.

  288. June Brockbank

    I came across these wonderful products at The Spirit of Christmas Fair 2019. I bought some candles and reed diffusers at the fair, then bought loads more gift boxes online as Xmas presents and have just bought more as birthday presents!
    All the smells are fabulous but my favourite has to be lemongrass and rosemary.
    Fantastic products at competitive prices.

  289. Jennifer Holland

    Love love this scent
    Refreshing and different!

    First bought from you at a gift fair

  290. Tracey Hayes

    Amazing smell. Wrapped up lovely and wrapped up lovely.

  291. Barbara Clarke

    Beautiful candles. Delicious scent and burns beautifully..Lovely packaging too

  292. Alison bigot

    I haven’t actually burnt this candle but it smells amazing and you can smell the scent when you walk into the room. I will definitely buy another

  293. Anton Walsh

    A friend told me about Valentine and she wasn’t wrong about how good they are. Absolutely love this candle, burns well and smells amazing!! Will definitely be buying more!!

  294. Julie MH

    Just love this candles scent .. definitely recommend

  295. Nathan Pickard

    My order arrived and was packaged beautifully. It made a fantastic gift… To myself. This candle was amazing it really filled the room with the most lovely scent. I’m definitely ordering more and probably other items in the scent

  296. Christine Mansell

    Since we have been introduced to Valentte candles we do not buy any others. They burn well and smell wonderful. I am hooked!

  297. Marie

    Received a gift box as a Christmas present which included lemongrass and rosemary candle, reed diffuser and hand cream. The smell is absolutely amazing and fills the house. Everybody comments on the gorgeous smell when the come in. My daughter bought the gift from a Christmas market in Liverpool. Will definitely be buying more.

  298. Georgie

    Lemongrass & rosemary are the only scented candles I buy. So delicious and the best presents. Everyone falls in love with them and rightly so. The essential oil content is super high and it shows, plus soy wax and cotton wicks makes this a healthy candle to burn in your home. I am a serious fan.

  299. Jenny hadwick

    Beautiful smelling candle, the candle burns evenly and everybody that walks in comments on the fresh smelling sent that fills the whole room.. I have not tried the other candle sents, it’s hard to change when u are happy with something that smells so good… Jenny cornwall

  300. Deborah Mulhall

    This fragrance has always been one of my favourites and as soon as it gets near to the end I have the next one on order. On this occasion it was great to order it when it was half price. The house always smells so good and friends always make comments when arriving. Thank you Valentte.

  301. Sam Le Rouse

    A really great product with a love fragrance, long lasting and doesn’t lose strength when burning.

  302. Jennifer

    Love this candle, smells so fresh, fills the room with the sent and last for ages, had a sample from burghley horse trials, now I’m hooked…jenny

  303. Sally Trinder

    Discovered December 2018 at Eden Craft Christmas fair, the perfume is refreshing and uplifting, lasts well and if you add a bit of melted candle to hands works well as additional strength moisture treatment as not wax doesn’t burn and whilst I wouldn’t use all of candle for this as want to relight it does give a real boost to dry hands

  304. Natalie Perrott

    I’m not a big fan of candles as such. Fragrance never really comes through when you burn them. This is NOT the case with these candles. They burn nicely and the fragrance that is emitted is beautiful. They have completely changed my opinion of candles! The rosemary and lemongrass is fab for the kitchen, especially if you to a lot of cooking. I’m going to order so much more from this company. I’ve already convinced a friend to buy, and she is hooked too.

  305. Shezina

    I hate to give a bad review but I was so looking forward to using the Lemongrass and Rosemary glass candle my son bought me. When I opened it up the perfume was amazing so strong and full. I love the smell of natural lemon scent in the home. only thing was burning it became difficult. It started out okay but we quickly found the wick could not keep pace with the melting candle. It overtook and swamped the wick until it went out. I tried to remove some of the wax but that sort of defeated the object of having a burning candle and as I removed more wax the same problem happened again and it just swamped the wick once again. We use a lot of candles and love the low light in our home, so we have tried a lot of different ones out over the years. our only idea is that It appears that the wick with this candle may be too fine and thin for the size of the glass. that maybe the problem. I would like some advice and also if this is a fault of this particular candle could you please supply us with another that burns more evenly? Thank you
    Regarding where we first saw you, it was at the organic food show in London two years ago.

  306. Denise

    I find this scent very uplifted. It’s clean, fresh scent makes me feel energised. A friend bought me one as a gift last year and I’ve treated myself to another.

  307. Katya Gleeson

    I have purchased several of the lemongrass candle after discovering Velentte products at Olympia. This is one of the best candles I have ever purchased, with fragrance that fills the entire room and lasts for ages. I am really pleased and will continue to buy from Valentte.

  308. Margaret

    I had one for Christmas and it is the best candle I have had. The fragrance fills all of my little house. Had to buy another one and will keep ordering them

  309. Aileen Macleod

    My Daughter gave me a box of candles for Christmas, the fragrance drifted through my little bungalow and lasted for hrs. They are by far the best candles I have ever had so went on and ordered 4, I love them. Being a rather senior citizen, I made a mistake with my order and had to phone the office, Paul could not have been more helpful, I will certainly continue to use this product with great joy.

  310. dabondie

    This candle smells absolutely beautiful! Purchased a gift box containing this candle at the ideal home show. Have since ended up buying some for myself. I lovely uplifting fragrance.

  311. Val Cousins

    Best candles I’ve ever had .

  312. Jayne

    Bought one of these candles from the Country Living Show in Harrogate. Love the fragrance and quality of this candle. Had to order again as I was so impressed.

  313. Claire

    This smell just leaves everywhere smelling like a spa! Absolutely beautiful, I have it all over my house!!

  314. leanne ford

    Lovely fresh spa type smell

  315. leanne ford

    Lovely fresh zingy fragrance

  316. Shirley

    How many times have I purchased this beautiful candle.😄
    It’s the best fragrance, the house is filled for hours with the beautiful smell.
    Everyone comments.
    So pleased I found these at Gatcombe Horse trials , many years ago.
    Service and packaging is absolutely amazing. Thank you Shirley

  317. Sam Bartlett

    Bought one of these at Olympia, lovely fresh scent fills the room but does not overpower, I use it in the kitchen

  318. Pauline Ross

    My daughter was brought Valentte products as a gift and i smelt the lovely strong aroma at her home. We have a bathroom without a window and use an extractor fan,Valentte lemongrass candle has been the only product that keeps a beautiful aroma in the room even though the extractor fan is used

  319. Sophie Bice

    This candle makes my home smell wonderful. It seems to be lasting really well and the room holds the fragrance long after I have blown the candle out. I will definitely be back for more.

  320. Rebecca Gittins

    I am an avid candle buyer, they are constantly burning in my home. After purchasing numerous high end brands I have never been as pleased as I am with my Valentte lemongrass & rosemary candle. I absolutely LOVE it and will be a regular customer. My friends & family will also be receiving these as gifts too! Thank you for making me so happy & my house smelling so gorgeous and toxic free!

  321. Nadine Lannin

    This really is the best candle I’ve ever bought, the smell lingers all around after it’s been blown out. Would thoroughly recommend this product.

  322. Janice Khoo

    What a beautiful scent, reminiscent of Lemon sherbets. Valentte is the only place I go for my candles and diffusers now

  323. Kathryn Walker

    The best candles I have ever bought. Strong scent and burns cleanly.

  324. Nicola Stewart

    This is the first time I have bought one of the candles. My preferred scent is the Lemongrass and Rosemary. The candle is fabulous and I will definitely be getting another. My lounge smelt delicious and visitors commented on the lovely smell, which considering the 2 large hairy Chows who live with us, was the greatest compliment of all.

  325. Celine Kelly-Smith

    Absolutely love this candle, received it as part of a gift box for Christmas, so impressed with the scent and how many hours it burns for, I have reordered another one, plus a gift set as a birthday gift . Definitely recommend.

  326. Teresa

    I would have given a 5 because the candle and oils are lovely, its just a shame that my candle came broken and 3 emails later I still haven’t had a reply, even is its to say they won’t reply it!

  327. Andrea

    Gorgeous aroma! Have had many compliments. Gave one to my daughter and when she was selling her house she lit it and the people who viewed it said it was the nicest smelling house ever and put in an offer!!

  328. dabondie

    Smells beautiful , very uplifting . I’ve purchased this candle several times now!

  329. davidcliverose

    Have been using these products for over a year now and love the candles and the aroma they give off.
    Would not be without them !!!

  330. Jacquie Millhouse

    Love these candles. They burn so cleanly, and smell amazing. The scent is so fresh and they last for ages.

  331. Val Cousins.

    Beautiful candles,lovely perfume.

  332. Val Cousins.

    Beautiful candles,lovely perfume, you can smell it all over the house, it burns down to the very end,no wax left on the glass.

  333. Donna

    Absolutely love this fragrance …everyone comments on it!

  334. Ashley Griffiths

    i had e-mails from you i thought i give you a try as they were half price .The lemongrass&rosemary had a lovely scent & it lingers after the candle has been put out.

  335. Rona Colston

    Very easy to use website great updates on delivery and very well packed very pleased with this product

  336. Janet Richardson

    I purchased 2 Lemon and Rosemary candles, I gave 1 as a small gift and my friend was delighted with it. She asked me for details on how to order for herself. I love them, either lighted or not the aroma is lovely. Highly recommend them.

  337. Jane

    I first met Luke at Burghley Horse Trials and was bowled over with the amazing fragrances. I have recently purchased a lemongrass and rosemary candle for my daughter and she is delighted and says it burns beautifully and fills the room with an uplifting lasting aroma.

  338. Lori Cassidy

    Absolutely love these candles. Gorgeous scent fills the room and leaves a lovely lingering fragrance long after the candle has been put out.p

  339. julie sharp

    This candle has the most beautiful smell, it so reminds me of being in a spa enviroment. Very fresh crisp smell but also relaxing at the sAme time. I am going to order more !

  340. Virginia Player

    A fabulous candle which burns evenly and leaves a lovely aroma. I will definitely be buying more!

  341. Janet Martindale

    Love the lemon grass and rosemary candles they fill the room with a fresh scent without being overpowering
    Have recommended them to all my friends

  342. Christine Blakeman

    I absolutely love this fragrance and it fills the room with a fresh and long lasting scent. I have tried many candles over the years but these are definitely my favourite and will be ordering more

  343. Lynda MacCabe

    Lemongrass and Rosemary is one of my favourite Valentte fragrances. Even without lighting the candle I can smell it as I walk into my living room. So uplifting. The candles last for ages and I also love them because I know that I am not filling my home with toxic fumes.

  344. Maggie

    This is such a beautiful scent, zingy and fresh without being overwhelming. To be honest all the candles I have tried from Valentine have been fantastic. The candle also lasts a very long time.

  345. Susan

    Great service, fabulous toxic free products that smell gorgeous and are wrapped beautifully. Make a perfect gift or just treating yourself.

  346. Julia Umney

    I love these candles even when they are not lit they smell great

  347. suedeans

    These candles are brilliant: long-lasting, easy to trim and they smell divine. This fragrance is also brilliant as I have it in the diffuser – so it’s a win-win situation!

  348. Tania Shurlock

    Lovely and such a strong scent. Most powerful of all I have tried.

  349. Joanne

    Love, love, love this candle . Smells amazing!

  350. Laura Hancock

    The lemongrass and rosemary soy candle is simply divine! It’s refreshing and uplifting scent makes you feel great. So many people ask what the lovely scent is. It’s a top quality natural product. I would highly recommend this candle/ fragrance .

  351. Fliss

    Fresh smell that isńt overpowering. Love it!
    My friend recommended Valentte to me & I haven’t looked back!

  352. Lucy connolly

    First bought from valentine at Southport flower show about 6 years ago loved there products so much I just buy on line. The candles are great the defusers last for seems like ever the room sprays and the hand creams are fab

  353. Catherine Banner

    Throughly recommend this . Unlike lots
    of candles it really does leave a fab smell . Will keep buying

  354. Lisa

    I really love this candle , the sent lasts such a long time when burning , it’s so fresh , I have so many compliments that my home smells so nice , I recommend all the lovely natural products by valentte but this one is my personal favourite .

  355. Frances Russell

    Order these regularly as cannot bear to be without this beautiful fragrance filling my home. Burns evenly with no waste at all and lasts ages.

  356. Frances Russell

    Just all round beautiful

  357. sue moore

    I love this a beautiful smelling candle that burns safely and evenly and lasts a long time too.

  358. Davina

    I Discovered Valentte when at the Christmas Show at Olympia and was given a sample of hand cream to try. By the time I got home I had decided to treat myself to some more of the hand cream so went on to the website and found au whole new site to explore. This resulted in me
    Ordering my first Gift box followed by 2 more in very quick succession .amongst my purchases were 3 candles all of which I have now used. The smell is stunning and lingers well after the candle is blown out. It’s a little disappointing that they don’t burn right down before the candle if finished. I wonder if it’s possible to microwave the reside from all 3 candles, find a wick from a craft shop and create a new candle. T he candles lasted me longer than your suggested 40 hours which makes them even better value. I love them and will definately be back before long for more.

  359. Phil

    Last for 36 hours as we forgot to turn it off. But can tell you the WHOLE house was scented for a few days. We’ve tried so many and it is hard to find a nice candle but always end up back here.
    Well done and thank you .

  360. Kirti Lad

    The scent is uplifting and gives me a sense of feeling homely…. it’s therapeutic and calming. I love it and definitely will be making future purchases. Thank you

  361. Diane

    My house is filled with the gorgeous aroma of Valentte lemongrass and rosemary products. The candles, room fragrance and diffusers all give off this beautiful rich but fresh scent. Lots of my friends are now valentte customers because they love your products too.!

  362. Fi MacRae

    Fabulous fragrance. Long lasting candle. Great value. Highly recommend.

  363. samantha Metcalfe

    I had never heard of this company until October 2019 when I came across the sat and at the Grand Designs show in Birmingham I tried a sample of the lemongrass and rosemary hand lotion the smell was Devine so I decided to purchase a gift box which I chose my contents of 2 candles and the hand lotion! The fragrance of candle I chose was also lemongrass and rosemary! These candles are the best I have ever had for actual fragrance that’s strong enough for my friend to comment when she walked through my front door and the candle was burning upstairs (which is where my living room) is you really can smell it all over the house and extremely long lasting I can even smell it in the room when it’s not even lit! Won’t buy any other companies products again.
    Thank you Valentte.

  364. Carole Plant

    The smell is amazing, one of my favorites

  365. Kirsten

    Tried a couple of new fragrances when ordering my candles and this one did certainly not disappoint. It is really uplifting and definitely lifts the spirits . Usual Valentte quality candle .

  366. Penny Hayman

    I first discovered Valentte at the Country Living Christmas show, having previously never heard of them. The intensity of the fragrance is excellent and permeates throughout the house. I have been delighted with my purchase.

  367. Joanna Collis

    This is the most amazing candle I have ever smelled. The complements I receive on how wonderful my house smells and the feeling of a spa wellbeing day is like nothing else. Thankyou Valentte

  368. Bernie

    My sister bought me this candle and diffuser just recently and I was so pleased to receive this as a gift, it was packaged in a lovely gift box. Such a lovely fragrance from the candle and diffuser and I will be treating myself to another candle and diffuser very, very soon. Thank you Valentte and especially to my sister.

  369. Rebecca

    I was given this for Christmas and I have to say, I think it’s the best candle I have ever used, ( believe me I buy a lot of candles!!!) The quality of the scent is divine, one candle makes the whole house smell fresh, without being overbearing. The best thing about this candle for me , is how it burns, no waste! You don’t get the hollow, and then end up throwing half the candle away. Will definitely be buying more.

  370. Veronica Nesbitt

    Candles are my thing, I love nice smelling ones and this one is perfect, well matched with the diffuser, our house smells like a Lemon grove, wonderful. Our first introduction to Valentte was at The Harrogate Flower show, would love to see them attending more events as once you have had the products nothing else will be as good.

  371. Fiona Magee

    Gorgeous scent that lasts. This is one of my ‘go to’ diffusers which I first discovered at the Tatton Park Flower Show a few years ago. No nasties either. I wouldn’t consider buying another make.

  372. Julie

    The scent of this candle is just gorgeous. Everyone comments when they visit my home. Highly recommended.
    I discovered Valentte at the Harrogate Christmas Fair in 2019 with a sample hand cream in the same scent.

  373. LG

    Top quality candle, last for ages, burns evenly and smells wonderful. I came across Valentte at a the Highland Show a few years back and have never looked back. My go-to place for home fragrance. Highly recommended.

  374. Russell Kerr

    Just received my Vallente candle in a beautiful box well presented the candle scent is amazing filling the room with a amazing natural scent within minutes of lighting I would highly recommend much better than Yankee


    This product is so lovely ….. beautiful smell now in our kitchen! I also purchased the hand cream , as I was given a free sample at The Burghley Horse Trials last year ….. also beautiful!

  376. Ann Andrews

    Probably the best candle ever. Wonderful refreshing yet relaxing fragrance that lasts and doesn’t get stale. Really good value as the candle lasts longer than most. Introduced my sister to this product and she loves it too.

  377. Vicki Brown

    I am so delighted with my candles ! I only use soy candles now as they don’t give off the toxins that traditional candles do but sometimes you lose the fragrance …but not with these . The fragrance is beautiful and lingers in the room for many hours after we put the candle out. It is also slow burning so great value for money. I was at a friend’s house and commented on the beautiful fragrance in her house and she recommended them. I will never buy any candles other than these !

  378. Jackie Hall

    Beautiful smelling candle and absolutely fantastic customer service. They called me as I made an error in my purchase and the gentlemen was absolutely lovely and helpful. Definitely will be ordering from them again for beautiful candles like this one! Thank you

  379. Julie Anthony

    This is my favourite fragrance. We live in a fairly large house but one candle is enough to fill the air with its beautiful aroma.
    Our introduction to Valentte was at the xmas show at Olympia 2019

  380. Muriel Saberton

    The candles are of excellent quality and smell divine love all the products

  381. Susie

    Absolutely gorgeous candle. Smells so fresh and natural. Brings joy to the evening to light the candle and pour a glass of wine during these difficult times.

  382. Tamsin

    Sent as a present to my Mum who is self isolating….. the parcel instructed her not to open until she had a ‘down day’. However the smell was so delicious she couldn’t resist. Perfect. I achieved the aim of cheering her up with something indulgent and special.

  383. Lou

    Lovely strong smell but not too overpowering, candle lasts for ages as you don’t need it lit for long !

  384. Alison Long

    Introduced to Valentte candle at crufts and have been delighted with both the candle and diffuser. I was a hardened Yankee person but these products far out smell these. Really great product would like burning oil in same fragrance please

  385. Jackie Herd

    Gorgeous fragrance, fresh but not over powering, lasts for ages! Quick and helpful service.

  386. Lisa Ingram

    Excellent customer service. Lovely smelling candle, ideal gift

  387. Lora Bunting

    Amazing company, such quick delivery even during this pandemic. These are the best candles I have ever used, my favourite is the Lemongrass & Rosemary.
    The candle burn really flat, so they last for ages. It’s obvious they use quality wax.

  388. Karen

    I came across Valentte at Country Living Christmas fair. I purchased a gift box choosing Lemongrass and Rosemary candle and reed diffuser. The smell is so delicious and fresh. I have since made my second purchase online and was delighted to receive the goods well packed smelling wonderful.

    Thank you.

    Best wishes

    Karen Harris

  389. Keeley

    I love this scent, I have the hand cream from previous orders and buy the candle, I have ordered samples of other smells now to try and expand the variety in the home but I always get a Lemon and Rosemary smelly. I discovered Valentte at the Sandringham fair in 2018.

  390. Natalea lynch

    My favourite candle I love this scent

  391. Debbie Morgan

    Love the scent of this candle fills the room with freshness Also love the idea of it all being natural ingredients I have purchased this product before and have bought the gift sets for friends and family would definitely recommend.

  392. Sue Patel

    Loving the smell of this candle which I light in the evenings and the smell lingers and subtle presence in the morning. If you like citrus fragrances then this is highly recommended for you, will not be disappointed at all .

  393. Jeanette V

    This is my favourite candle, the smell is amazing and zingy. Brings a fresh pow to your living room.
    Lasts for ages too.

  394. Jennifer hadwick

    I always buy this candle it’s an addiction now and can’t be without one… the smell fills the room and lots of guest comment on the nice fragrance, the candle burns evenly and even when not lit you can smell it…I wish I could buy the big candle with the 3 wicks.. not sure how??? I’ve always got one in reserve…

  395. Mala Breeze

    These candles are great. Valenttes promises of long burning times and sustained fragrance are fulfilled. I think, with their regular special offers, these products are much better value than similar candles on the market. I am a returning customer.

  396. lyndasandbach

    I first came across Valentte at a Country Living Christmas Fair in London. I have just treated myself to a gift box containing the Lemongrass and Rosemary Candles and Room Mist which is my favourite product. The scent is amazing. It is long lasting and lingers even after the candle has been extinguished. I recommend this product against much more expensive alternatives and will certainly being purchasing again and again.

  397. Helen Hawken

    Is there such a thing as a candle snob?? Well I’m one anyway! The candles are just beautiful! I’m addicted!

  398. claire

    These are lovely! Burn for hours and the smell is fantastic. Im a total candle obsessive and I love these.

  399. Tracey Davies

    Love the smell of this candle. Was introduced to the product at RHS Tatton Flower Show. So many people remark on the smell when my candle is burning.

  400. Ruth McGuinness

    Having used the Rosemary and Lemongrass reed diffuser for a year or so I decided to try the candle in the same fragrance…….I wasn’t disappointed at all!! Such a lovely aroma filled the whole house.

  401. Amanda Moore

    Love love love this scent . Refreshing and uplifting. It really makes me feel happy !!😁
    All products are excellent quality and the scent lasts and lasts.

    Luxurious quality products at sensible prices.
    The hand cream and body lotion are also very nutritious for my very dry skin .
    Go on treat yourself or someone you love 💓!
    Amanda x

  402. Fiona Magee

    This is one of my favourites, long lasting and smells gorgeous. Worth every penny!

  403. bex_gittins

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these candles! I recently made a large order to buy gifts for my friends and family. Fantastic packaging and brilliant customer service. I cannot recommend this company highly enough!!!

  404. Deborah Rose

    Amazing Smell
    I was introduced to this product by my friend who knows I love the smell of lemongrass. I ordered a few items and I am so happy with my purchases, the candle doesn’t lose its smell as it burns it just gets better. Thoroughly recommend.

  405. Renate Bolenz

    Beautifully scented candle which burns nicely and does not leave marks on the glass. Love the fact that it is 100% natural and glasses can be reused after the candle is finished, nearly have a set complete. Love the scent which lasts and lingers and is also my favourite body lotion scent.

  406. Marian Kelly

    As soon as I undid the beautiful packaging that my candle came in, I could smell the perfume before I even had it lit!
    I love the perfume of the lemongrass & rosemary, once the candle is lit, the perfume drifts into all of the rooms and smells gorgeous. Nothing comes close to the perfume of Valenette products, and from now on I won’t be using any other product unless it comes from Valenette, London.

  407. shirley

    I have purchased a few valentte products but this is the first candle I have purchased and I am delighted with it. The essential oils from this candle whilst burning are amazing.
    I would definitely purchase another candle. Another excellent product from Valentte!

  408. Susie Lochhead

    These candles are a joy! It’s a treat to light one in the evening and pour a glass of wine whilst cooking!
    They smell so natural and fresh, no nasty chemicals that give you a headache like many candles and they make a lovely gift. Postage and communication is always great from Valentte.

  409. Debra

    Love the smell which is really strong even when the candle hasn’t been lit.

    I first discovered Valentte at Spirit of Christmas.

  410. Gillian Thompson

    The ordering process was very straight forward, the delivery amazingly speedy, arriving the next morning & the candle certainly did not disappoint . It was very nicely packaged. It is beautifully scented.
    I first came across Valentte when I was sent a candle as a gift.

  411. jennie brunsdon

    Received this candle as part of a gift box. The smell is absolutely amazing and fills the house. I’ve just ordered some samples of your other scents and will certainly be buying more.

  412. Julie Oneil

    My goodness this candle fragrance is stunning I discovered this range at living north and decided to order more on line I wasn’t disappointed its my new go to brand x

  413. susan whittaker

    I can honestly say this is the most amazing smelling candle I have ever had , my whole house just smelt delicious. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone

  414. Jackie Dale

    I have been buying these products for a couple of years now, from craft and gift fairs. Due to lockdown I treated myself to an excellent gift box offer and wasn’t disappointed. The box arrived promptly no contact delivery and well packaged. I love the scent and the hand cream particularly good as I’m a nurse and hand washing so much recently. Thank you for helping me unwind at such a difficult time!

  415. nikki.valks

    I first brought this candle at the Ideal Home Exhibition a few years ago and i keep coming back to it. It burns really well and the whole house smells lovely. I would easily compare it to other high end brands but at a fraction of the cost. I have brought the gift set for friends and they also love it. Would highly recommend. Also really lovely in the body scrub!

  416. Lorna George

    This is the most delicious fragrance ever – this candle gently fragrances my whole home and al family love it. Brilliant value, lasts way longer than some much more expensive brands on the market and smells better! What’s not to love.

  417. Lorna George

    This is the most delicious fragrance ever – this candle gently fragrances my whole home and all the family love it. Brilliant value, lasts way longer than some much more expensive brands on the market and smells better! What’s not to love.

  418. Noelle

    I only discovered Valentte candles in February this year and I’m totally addicted to the brand. My favourite scent is Lemongrass and Rosemary. It leaves the room full of a sweet lemony fragrance and burns for a lot longer than the more expensive brands. Brilliant value and beautifully packaged. Excellent delivery service too!

  419. Lynn pestell

    The scent of this candle is heavenly I have caged animals and it has made my rooms smell fresh again
    Will be buying from here again .

  420. Emily Rowlatt

    I love this candle!! Smells amazing and the smell lingers for a long while. Will be ordering one for every room in the house

  421. Sara fargher

    The smell is divine, I already have the hand cream in the same fragrance (lemongrass and rosemary) and I love it. I Will be ordering more it has kept me going throughout lock down!!

  422. Lindsey farmer

    Stunning scent. Have bought a few of these for myself and gifts for friends. All absolutely love them. The candles burn evenly and last a long time as more expensive brands do but at a fraction of the price.

  423. Joyce Macdonald

    I bought this particular fragrance last year and was hoping to buy it again at Gardening Scotland but because it was cancelled I thought I would just treat myself. The smell is delicious and these candles are the first I’ve had that burn down evenly.

  424. annasullivan73

    I have tried a lot of different candles but this one is my absolute favourite. The smell is divine! Makes you think you are in a SPA. Ever since I discovered this candle 2 years ago at Car fest I make sure that I always have one. I can highly recommend this candle. Would not be without one now.
    Anna – Basingstoke

  425. Emma Doyle

    This candle has an amazing scent, it is extremely strong and lasts for ages – unlike cheaper candles on the market. This scent is definitely my favourite from the ranges I have tested from Valentte as I got some of the free sample sprays to see if there were any more that I liked.

    It is a fresh smell but has a warmth to it from the rosemary too, it is wonderful in all of the products – I am currently also using the amazing scrub and hand cream of the same lemongrass and rosemary scent.

  426. Claire Casey

    Lemongrass and rosemary soy wax candle smells lovely , well worth money

  427. Sam

    I love this scent and find it refreshing and uplifting. People comment on the scent when they come into my home and always ask where the candle is from. The candle burns well and last for ages.

  428. Jane Robinson

    An amazing product that smells divine. Beautifully presented. Once you’ve tried this range you won’t want to shop anywhere else. These products really have got staying power. Shop Valentte! xx

  429. Helen Jarvis

    This is my favourite fragrance and is a brilliant product. It makes me feel relaxed every time which is just what we need in these strange times! I have purchased the gift box as birthday presents for friends and they love them!

  430. Keeley Blanks

    This is my favourite scent and I have the candles and reed diffuser around the house! I prefer the lavender closer to the bedroom and bathroom as it is more relaxing for showers and bedtime. Lemon and Rosemary is my go-to!

  431. Bercelia Neukom

    This is my favourite scent. I first got it at the Ideal Home show with a diffuser and ive been hooked ever since. Its relaxing and i can smell it throughout the house. Long lasting and i would highly recommend it.

  432. Julie ONeil

    This is my absolute favourite candle the fragrance throw is brilliant and my whole house smells like a spa

  433. Karron Dempsey

    My all time favourite fragrance – when you open the packaging the smell is incredible ~ makes the whole house smell amazing – such a lovely treat 💜💜

  434. Marilyn Kaliczak

    This candle is beautiful when lit
    It’s fresh and uplifting
    I got hooked on it when visiting friends
    It is just lovely
    Even when cold it still gives off an amazing scent
    Superior forget the rest

  435. Jane Steele

    I first discovered Valentte at the Spirit of Christmas fair and since then have not been able to use any other brand. The scent is amazing, I have the candle, diffuser, room mist as well as the skin products and it is incredible. If you are tempted to try this brand, please do!

  436. Lesley GH

    I buy these products all the time, candles of Lavender to help me sleep, Lemongrass and Rosemary to make the house smell lovely and your hand cream to stop my hands feeling like sandpaper with all the washing at the moment. Also love the new very chic packaging of clear labels and dark grey ribbon.

  437. D Rose

    I have been using the lemongrass and rosemary candles for well over two years now.
    That in itself must be a thumbs up for the product.
    I love the smell the candle gives off not only when it is alight but also when not.
    I would recommend this product to anyone.

  438. Jane Robinson

    All products by Valentte are amazing. They smell divine, look great in the home and are packaged beautifully. I highly recommend you try, as once you have, you won’t want to shop anywhere else. The aroma from the lemongrass and rosemary products is incredible and my particular favourite.

  439. Alison

    Just opening the parcel when it arrives from Valentte is a sensory joy. Lots of beautiful aromas waft out of the boxes. We adore all the products we’ve had from Valentte but the rosemary and lemongrass scent is my favourite, it’s such a fresh and uplifting scent.

  440. Carolyn Lennard

    Amazing candles . The smell fills the room and they burn perfectly. Would definitely recommend

  441. karen boorsma

    A friend of mine was searching for a recreation smell of her beloved fragrance form a hotel it `Thailand, i think i may have just found it for her! thank you xx

  442. Tracy Santos

    Simply the best! I can’t wait to sit down with my cup of tea, light your Lemongrass and Rosemary candle and watch a movie. Everyone in my family loves this scent and I will be ordering more! I ordered the 3 different candles in your gift bundle mix and match. Can’t wait to light the others.

  443. karencarpmael

    I bought this candle with a diffuser in the same scent as a gift but as I was sorting out my cupboards, the lemongrass & rosemary aroma hit me. It was so uplifting, refreshing and energising – even through the packaging – that it has come straight out and is now burning in front of me and the diffuser is now in my bathroom! I have a few favourites when it comes to candles but this has shot to the top for sure. I love it and would highly recommend it, reasonable price too.

  444. Carla

    I love candles and have tried many brands but this is definitely one of the best. So often candles smell nice ‘in the shop’ but then don’t give off a strong scent when you get them home. This didn’t disappoint at all. A gorgeous smell that filled the room and lasted for ages. Would highly recommend.

  445. Victoria

    These candles and diffusers really are fabulous. I’ve bought many brands over the years and you can tell that these are made from brilliant quality ingredients and generous quantities of fragrance oil. The candle burns cleanly and completely – I never have remnants of unused wax in the glass. Valentte is my only brand nowadays: lovely fragrances, quality ingredients, no waste or mess, wonderful service, great recyclable packaging and lots of perfect options for gifts.

  446. Alex

    I love this candle.. it lasts ages and smells so strongly. Would highly recommend giving this scent a try!

  447. Lavinia Hough

    Bought as part of a gift box which is great value. The lemongrass candle is very fragrant and fills the room with a beautiful uplifting scent. Thank you

  448. josie

    Absolutely gorgeous candle which smells beautiful even when not lit. I have it on my bedside cabinet and can smell it every morning when I awake which is lovely. A high quality candle that does not smoke and is replacing more expensive brands in my house.

  449. Margaret Decaux

    A lovely fresh perfume and didn’t irritate my eyes as a lot of candles do . Will certainly buy to give as presents , beautifully packaged .

  450. Debbie

    Lovely scent and even makes my room smell lovely. Discovered this brand when I was given a free sample of hand cream at Cheltenham. I’ll never buy other candles now, they make wonderful gifts.
    Clean burning and lasts along time, great for canine homes!
    I buy all my candles from Valentte.

  451. Julie Oneil

    An absolutely stunning fragrance with a clean burn and great fragrance throw

  452. Lynne Weatherly

    This is the most beautiful aroma. I purchased one for myself and one for my lodger as a birthday gift.

    The house smells delightful.

  453. Karol Harrison

    I can honestly say that this is the best ever scented candle I have ever had, really.
    We have five different rooms from front to back of the house. The candle was put in the front room and after five minutes… you could smell the beautiful scents of Lemongrass and Rosemary through three of the rooms! I was amazed. I will definitely be buying more and trying the other scents too. Thank you Valentte
    I came across Valentte at one of the Country Living Fairs. I bought a box of so many items for £25 and was hooked!

  454. Gena Khajavi

    This is by far my favorite candle company. I was searching for a clean candle company with a scent to feel the room. I love this candle perfect aromatherapy for quarantined days in the house.

  455. Lauren jade Mattey

    Utterly blown away with the amazing offers, perfect packaging & speedy delivery! All exceptional ❤️

    The product it’s self is 10/10 …. smells wonderful!
    I’ve recommended everyone these fabulous delights.
    Thank you for creating this company & making many people happy x

  456. Ann

    This has got to be my favourite smell , have been using this company for years fantastic products , I will always be ordering as I find I am.addicted to The smell , makes a fabulous gift for your friends x

  457. Laura

    I adore these candles- it’s simply not worth buying any other! Amazing smell and they really work, they make incredible gifts

  458. Janet Guy

    The lemongrass and rosemary candle smelt divine . Arrived when it was supposed to. I have given it to a friend as a birthday present. I am sure she will love it 😍.

  459. Catherine pratt

    I ordered this for a friends birthday. She absolutely loved it. I sent it as I also love this product

  460. Ola Harrison

    The Lemongrass and Rosemary candle is a firm favourite, the scent is fresh and uplifting and it burns very well and lasts a long time. Definitely on my repurchase list!

  461. Kirsty-Jane

    This is such a fresh and uplifting fragrance and I cannot get enough of it! It lasts and I love that the wax is soy, much better for the environment. I adore candles and am completely converted to Valentte products.

  462. Angela Woolley

    The scent of this candle is fabulous and I haven’t even lit it yet! The packaging is very classy and premium. Would have no hesitation in recommending Valentte

  463. Emma

    I have brought this candle a few times now and each time the quality of the candle and the scent is excellent! I highly recommend the lemon grass & rosemary Because it smells amazing before it’s even lit and then once lit your home will smell beautiful. Everyone comments how lovely it smells and “what is it?“

  464. Elaine Snelling

    This smells absolutely gorgeous can’t wait to light it.

  465. Clarrie Pettit

    I bought this for our kitchen – great refreshing smell, and strong enough to go over kitchen smells!

  466. Julie Oneil

    No other candle comes close great fragrance throw it fills the room

  467. So Shan Lam

    Very nice smell!!! I really love it!! I have placed order again! Highly recommend!

  468. Tracey Baxter

    This is the nicest smelling candle that I have used,I got it for a Christmas present and ordered it again for myself,The smell lasts for ages and it just makes the house smell lovely and fresh

  469. Renee wood

    I have bought this candle several times for myself and my daughters and friends,scent is fabulous,

  470. Ruth Bassett

    The scent from this candle makes the entire upstairs of my house smell divine.

  471. Gertrude Manson

    Bought this as part of a gift set for my daughter. She really loves the fragrance, but more especially the fact that your beautiful products are natural and don’t contain any toxins. My grandson has asthma and the candle, room mist and reed diffusers don’t bother him at all. Win win all round.

  472. Irene Leeves

    This has the most beautiful uplifting perfume and it lasts throughout the entire time the candle burns. I was so impressed with it.

  473. Michele Jackson

    The fragrance is refreshing, also purchased a reed diffuser of same scent. My home has never smelled so nice!
    Excellent service too.
    I was given a free hand cream sample at the Ideal Home Exhibition in London of the same fragrance & that was how I came to discover Valentte.

  474. Juliet HILL

    My husband is not a fan of scented candles but he really likes this one (as do I) I also have the reed diffusers and hand cream in this scent as so fresh and the products are so, do good. Would highly recommend

  475. Joanne Shorter

    This smells so fresh and even when it’s not alight you can still smell the fragrance. Will buy again!

  476. Joanna Paterson

    This is my favourite candle – I have bought it three times now and it brightens up my bedroom and makes me so happy – the best discovery from a Christmas market that keeps me smiling all year – thank you!

  477. Kate Bruce

    Eautiful aroma…, love, love.

  478. Barbara Wells

    I am a big fan of Valentte products and especially theLemongrass and Rosemary candle. It smells divine. Like the new packaging too

  479. Ruth Bassett

    Makes the upstairs of my house smell lovely each evening when I light it.

  480. Deborah Moulton

    I found Valentine products a few years ago at a festival I attended. Just recently realised I could order online
    Love all the items I have purchased recently so much I have introduced friends to Valentine products to. The perfumes of the reed defuses and candles last such along time and the fragrance is still present right up until the end.

  481. Deborah Moulton

    The fragrance of this candle is just fabulous the perfume lasts for such along time. I’m highly delighted with all my recent purchases from Valentte.
    Came across Valentte products at a festival a few years ago. Now I have recently discovered them again on the internet. Win win ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  482. Lisa

    I love this scent! This candle lasts for ages and the scent can easily fill a room.
    I discovered Valentte at a craft fare, so pleased I’ve finally found a candle that actually keeps its scent


    I was at a friend’s house and her living room was filled with this incredible fresh scent of exotic Lemongrass permeated with comforting Rosemary.
    I couldn’t believe that it was a candle’s burning fragrance. Up until then I’ve only ever felt other brands of candles just produced an acrid smell and never really expressed the fragrance described by the label.
    I now light my Valentte Lemongrass & Rosemary candle whenever I want to experience it’s beautiful fragrance.
    This candle will be on my gift list to only my special friends from now on!
    Thank you Valentte for this experience.

  484. Rachel Winter

    I have had many many fragranced candles from so many different places and after receiving my 3 free samples of fragrance I then decided to order 2 of the candles just to see if they were as good as Valentte say they are.
    They are amazing! This fragrance is beautiful and makes my entire house smell gorgeous. My home smells like a very expensive posh spa, it’s so fragrant, I am very impressed with them and I will definitely be buying other products and fragrances from Valentte. I found put about Valentte after seeing an ad on Facebook.

  485. Christine Patterson

    This is my favourite candle from Valentte. The scent lasts amazingly well and scents the whole house. I just purchased a gift box for a friend who is very ill at the moment and I’m sure this fragrance will relax her and cheer her up. Great value for money too. Well done Valentte!

  486. Katerina

    Beautiful candle! I bought a few last year at Olympia Horse Show and these have exceeded my expectations. First of all the smell is lovely, and is very strong, I find that this is the strongest scented candle I own. I`ve received compliments from guests, who kept asking me where I bought the candle. I`ve since then given these out as gifts, and my friends and mum have been very pleased. Looking forward to trying more scents!

  487. Muriel

    Natural Smoke free Light and gorgeous Clean smelling scent. First discovered Valentte at Blenheim horse trials and have used them ever since for gifts which have always been appreciated.

  488. Rebecca Thomas

    I Went to my friends house and as soon as I walked in the smell was amazing!!! I went home and ordered my candle straight away!
    The order came quickly and was beautifully packaged. The scent from this candle and the others I ordered was amazing! this candle is by my desk at home, I cant get enough of the smell!
    I have since sent gift boxes to my friends. They make lovely practical gifts.

  489. Edward Drew

    I’m a sucker for a good scented candle, but this? This blew my expectations away! The lemongrass scent is so pure and divine and the flame burns really strongly. The wick is a thicker one than I’ve seen in other products, and this makes it much easier to trim off about 1cm before relighting (as this prevents a lot of smoke being released). The candle only arrived today and I’m already ordering some more!

  490. Joan irwin

    This candle has an amazing smell which lingers in the room much longer than other candle perfumes! I discovered this range at the Country living christmas fair last year.. Great to have good offers on line!

  491. Carolyn Lennard

    Once you have tried these candles you won’t buy any other. The smell and quality is first class. Have purchased several times and never been disappointed

  492. Chrissie

    Valentte you have been a life saver for birthday presents during lockdown. The lemongrass and rosemary candle is devine and a favourite with friends.
    I have ordered three gift boxes, the gift boxes were beautifully presented with a grey ribbon across the box, very chic and expensive looking.
    My first encounter with valentte was at The Ascot Christmas fair.

  493. Mrs Kathleen Clegg

    Fantastic smell, love it, as with all Valentte products they last a long time, also great service.

  494. Simon

    My wife loved it 🙂

  495. Trevayne Cox

    I’m delighted as always with my latest Valentte purchase. The lemongrass and rosemary candle has a gorgeous fresh fragrance which at present is sat unlit at the side of my computer. I am looking forward to trying it lit outdoors on a Summer evening when the wind finally stops blowing as I think it will be perfect there too.
    I just love the whole ethos of Valentte and have bought several different fragrances of candles, diffusers,room sprays and body products over the years. A great company that provides a great service with a fantastic range of irresistable products.

  496. Jackie Stapleton

    Bought this for my friends mother, she loved the smell and couldn’t believe how long it lasted, I’ve bought another for her birthday in August, very pleased with your company

  497. Emma Davidson

    Wow this smells delicious and burns beautifully. Will certainly be ordering again. Beautiful packaging too. A real treat.

  498. Paula Hornby

    Smells absolutely gorgeous, you don’t even have to light it. I’m totally hooked on the Lemongrass and Rosemary now. The aroma is lovely, I’m so pleased I came across Valentte.

  499. Lorraine

    Truly Amazing.

    A wonderful smell that really does fill the whole house.

  500. Suzanne tarbet

    Received this candle today .i am at present relaxing reading a magazine and enjoying the beautiful smell of this amazing candle ,will be definitely ordering more of this one .just loving this ❤️

  501. Michelle Cooper

    I simply adore the smell of this scented candle. I would not mind being sent another. Please. Michelle. 🙂

  502. Myles

    OMG, the best scented candle I’ve had in a long time. Absolutely something to have in your home and to give as gifts, very classy scents and totally gorgeous… I just want to eat them!!

  503. Margaret

    Just one word to describe this candle-gorgeous

  504. Amanda

    Time and time again I come back to this candle !the scent is absolutely gorgeous even when the candle is not alight the smell scents the room .I have bought many as gifts but also cant resist treating myself regularly!!!

  505. Amanda

    Time and time again I come back to this candle !the scent is absolutely gorgeous even when the candle is not alight the smell scents the room .I have bought many as gifts but also cant resist treating myself regularly!!!

  506. Amanda

    Time and time again I come back to this candle !the scent is absolutely gorgeous even when the candle is not alight the smell scents the room .I have bought many as gifts but also cant resist treating myself regularly!!!

  507. Christine Spence

    My favourite ever scented candle. I have had several together with the room mists and diffusers. Everyone comments on the wonderful scent when they enter my home.

  508. Hilary Harrow

    You don’t need to light this candle the scent is gorgeous love it thank you x

  509. Martine McMillan

    Bought the gift box for my sisters birthday, I ordered different fragrances and each one is beautiful, the lemon grass and rosemary candle is beautiful you can smell it even when it’s not lit and you walk past it, definately would order again.

  510. Martine McMillan

    Bought the gift box for my sisters birthday, I ordered different fragrances and each one is beautiful, the lemon grass and rosemary candle is beautiful you can smell it even when it’s not lit and you walk past it, definately would order again., I discovered Valentte just by chance on Facebook l, i ordered the sample room sprays, they came and were lovely so ordered the gift box.

  511. deborahbarnjum

    Beautiful fragrance & burns very well x

  512. Alison Durcan

    Well, what can I say. The fragrance from this amazing candle is absolutely fabulous, even when not lit. My whole room smells absolutely gorgeous. Will definitely be buying more products from Valenette.

  513. Julie Oneil

    Outstanding by far one of the best candles I’ve used

  514. Marie heath

    Lemongrass is my favourite at the moment, you can smell the fragrance all over the house.

  515. Karen

    Beautiful fresh smell and the smell stayed in the room even when candle went out

  516. Gill

    Absolutely by far the best candle I have ever purchased. The aroma is still in the room the day after! Loved it and will purchase again!

  517. Linda Fyfe

    Since lockdown I have tried various candles and have found this Lemongrass and Rosemary to be way ahead of the rest. It has a strong, fresh perfume which I love.

  518. Barbara preece

    The smell from this candle is fantastic, the service from the company is 1st class and the package is so beautiful. I will be purchasing a lot more

  519. Linda Fyfe

    Since lockdown I have tried various candles and have found this Lemongrass and Rosemary to be way ahead of the rest. It has a strong, fresh perfume which I love.
    I have ordered a second gift box as it is great value.

  520. Stephanie Kane

    It’s just perfect, whenever you walk in the room the scent is gorgeous whether it is lit or not, I just adore it. I will Certainly keep on buying from you Usually at show’s but now on line, you make my everyday invigorating, thank you.

  521. Teresa Mc Glade

    Beautiful candle so fresh and the smell lingers .So hard to get a candle that is not overpowering thanks

  522. Morag

    As soon as I sniffed this fragrance I knew that it would be a long term favourite. I just love the aroma, it is light and not overpowering. What a joy to smell this when entering a room.

  523. Emma

    These are the best candles for the kitchen and bathroom. I bought some last year from a home show. When it ran out I tried to get replacements from different stores but nothing loved up to it. I then found I could order them online so put in a nice big order to see me through for a while! It smells incredible. I cook a lot of fish which smells the whole house out and this candle gets rid of the smell so quickly.

  524. Heather Shields

    I have just recently ordered a gift box containing the lemongrass and rosemary candle, diffuser and room mist and I am absolutely delighted with them!! The house smells amazing! Beautiful products, perfectly packaged. They will make lovely gifts and I can’t wait to place my next order. I also love the fact that you can order samples to smell different fragrances. A great find, thank you!!

  525. suzanne Jones

    This candle is the bomb !!! Absolutely gorgeous fragrance, by far my favourite candle ever.
    Fills the house with its beautiful fresh fragrance whether it’s lit or not.

  526. Susan Coyne

    Beautiful fragrance, it has a good throw, not too overpowering, complements the matching diffuser
    Excellent value for money and well packaged.

  527. cathy while

    this smells amazing! i’ve ordered a few products now from this company and their scents are all wonderful, fresh and long lasting … arrived in lovely packaging too… let’s just say christmas for my family and friends is covered! 😊

  528. Jane Sinclair

    Amazing smell! We had visitors and they commented on how beautiful the house smelt. Can’t wait to try another scent.

  529. Marilyn Webster

    Fabulous long lasting candles I bought this for my daughter as its her favourite smell which is not overpowering… She gave me a gift box and ever since I’ve used Valentte.. Would definitely recommend them.

  530. Sherree Watkins-Mc

    This fragrance is amazing…. I plan on reordering a box full of just these candles as I’ve found this candle makes my house smell gorgeous. There’s only one snag, the product labelling, the transparent labels (which weren’t all stuck on straight) don’t look high end which is a real shame as therefore they don’t look great as gifts! Sorry! Wonderful product and I’ll certainly buy again…. For myself.

  531. Suzi

    Absolutely love these candles. The scents are amazing and long lasting. I first tried them at home show and haven’t looked back. Only brand I would use now. Rosemary & lemongrass is my favourite

  532. Mandy Parry

    Opted for three of these in one of the beautiful gift boxes. Stunning scent and a slow burner. Highly recommend, especially if, like me, you’re partial to lemony scented candles.

  533. Helen Glover

    Absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary range. So uplifting and smells beautiful when entering the room. Has been commenting on from visitors. Also the jasmine and rosewood range I use in the bedroom Is so luxurious the Reed defuser lasts very well. The candle delivers constant scent and the hand cream is a excellent moisturiser For my dry hands and leaves a glimmer of shine. All luxurious and Devine scents. I’m now a very pleased returning customer. Thank you.

  534. Tracey Wallace

    Just love the smell of this beautiful candle and it lingers throughout the whole house without being too overpowering. Smells so fresh and uplifting.

  535. Linda Fyfe

    The Lemongrass and Rosemary Candle is by far my favourite x During this pandemic I have ordered various candles and diffusers from different companies x In my view this candle has the strongest and nicest fragrance x I am on my second gift box and will continue to order as long as the offer lasts x
    I will also order for Xmas presents x


    I received this as part of a gift set along with a reed diffuser. I am so pleased with it i love that it smells as it should ! Clean and fresh and so uplifting. Lovely Gift.


    The lemon grass and Rosemary diffuser and candle were bought as part of my 65th birthday present. This is a beautiful fresh fragrance i am in love thankyou so much i will be re-ordering.

  538. Mark Dickey

    Makes my flat smell devine

  539. Michelle Worthington

    The candle is excellent quality and the fragrance is exceptional. The scent fiĺls the whole house and lasts for ages. This is my new favourite candle range and I can’t wait to get my next one. Cannot recommend these enough, you won’t regret making this your new go to range.

  540. Lovaine Niblock

    The trouble with ordering such beautiful gifts I end up getting stuff for myself lol. This candle is absolutely gorgeous I got the reed diffuser in the same smell and o my word they are both amazing! Definitely my new favourite Company.

  541. Anne Marie Walker

    I’m absolutely over the moon with all my purchases. The lemongrass and rosemary scent fills the whole room. It definitely is uplifting. Would urge everyone to give this a try.

  542. Rose Smyth

    Love it…. strong, beautiful smell… fills the whole house with its scent

  543. Nick

    Really nice packaging & delivery. This candle is a cut above anything else & the fragrance subtle & uplifting.

  544. Gail Rogerson

    Love these candles.They are the best I have bought,they leave your room smelling beautiful for hours.

  545. Amy Adams

    The lemongrass and rosemary soy candle smells incredible! The scent fills the room even after you have blown the candle out! Will definitely buy again!

  546. Elaine Hunter

    Wonderful smell that fills the room for ages after being put out, such an uplifting aroma. I will definitely buy more of these.

  547. Gill

    I cannot get enough of this candle. The smell
    Lingers for days. I just wish it was bigger! Ever considered making a 3 wick one?

  548. Rachel Bartle

    This is the best reed diffuser….. by far !
    Last around 3 months …. my house smells lovely
    So many of friends have commented too !
    Just about to place another order !

  549. Pat Rosewell

    This is by far the best candle I’ve had. The aroma fills the room. I will definitely be buying more.

  550. Victoria

    What an amazing fragrance this candle has. I can smell it as soon as I open the front door.
    So lemony!! It’s just gorgeous!

  551. ruth.oded

    Best smell ever! so good to have in every room.

  552. ruth.oded

    the best!

  553. ruth.oded

    so refreshing!

  554. Rosemary Jordan

    This is my favourite fragrance, and believe me it’s hard to choose, ad they are all lovely.
    Smell lingers on and on. It’s a winner for me.

  555. Nicky

    Lovely refreshing smell and I haven’t even lit it yet!

  556. Christine Gledhill

    Bought as a gift and the smell from the box alone is adorable so when the gift is opened it will be superb. Will definitely be buying for myself.

  557. Georgina Gibbons

    I bought this candle, body scrub and diffuser and they are amazing. I could smell the fabulous fragrance before I opened the box. Also the packaging is fantastic. I can thoroughly recommend these products.

  558. Arlene Wells

    This Lemongrass candle has such a refreshing strong smell, my room smells amazing! Definately recommend!

  559. suo1950

    Pleasant, delicate perfume. Burns evenly across surface. It would be helpful if there was a lid for the candle that could be used to extinguish the flame when its use for that occasion is completed.
    I ordered a number of items after seeing Valentte’s Facebook post. This is the first item I have used so far.

  560. Sarah Dodds

    Absolutely lovely scent, visitors commented on it over the weekend. Stronger than the diffusers in my opinion. Will definitely buy again.

  561. Wendy A Packer

    I love your candles , scent is gorgeous and uplifting. I discovered our products at good food show and so happy to have refund out again x

  562. Jackie Harrison

    I first bought these candles at Bramham horse trials a couple of years ago. They are lovely. The scent is strong and long lasting

  563. Ruth Bassett

    Bought as a birthday present & my friend is really enjoying the scent apparently.

  564. Myles Colby

    My second order of these delicious candles, they smell so good you just want to eat them!

  565. Joanne Wailes

    I love these candles and I’ve purchased other items to try , the smell is amazing and lasts long time really pleased will definitely be buying more

  566. Lorraine Green

    Lovely fragrance to burn, great bargain whilst on special offer. Will buy again.

  567. Wilma Campbell

    This candle has an amazing clean,fresh scent without being overpowering. I will be ordering more.

  568. Cc

    How do you do it only candle iv had that keeps it scent from start to finish and lasts a lot of hours .

  569. Sue

    First time I have used Valentte and am not disappointed, the candles are lovely the scents of them just wonderful. Will buy again without doubt!

  570. Sarah Gillson

    I love the uplifting smell of the lemongrass. I can smell it every time I walk into the room even if the candle is not lit. My friends commented on the smell as soon as they walked in. I would definitely buy again for myself or as a gift 🎁

  571. Christine Dolan

    This is by far the nicest aromatic candle I have ever purchased. Will definitely be back for Christmas presents.

  572. Elaine Rogers

    Another wonderful fragrance lasts for such a long time even after blowing the candle out.

  573. Sandra

    Discovered this product on social media and decided to try it! It was a great experience and a lovely aroma making me feel relaxed and focused

  574. Alison

    I absolutely adore this candle – the aroma is divine even when the candle is not burning . It is very good value – lots of burning time and ethically sourced. Would highly recommend it.

  575. Lynda Mclellan

    The scent of this candle is divine would definitely recommend it

  576. Joanne

    I have discovered the pleasure of valentte.
    Your products are no. 1
    This scent is so refreshing and plesent.

  577. Kate

    The most beautiful fragrance- I love it!

  578. Sherrillee

    Love love love it the Fragrance last all the way through

  579. Kay Reid

    I ordered a few items and will review all I have tried so far. I will copy and paste most of the words for each to explain our start point! My partner and I are extremely sensitive to scents (aha, we are scentsitive!) so I was nervous about ordering online. To be honest I only did so because of the offer, thinking there was less to lose if we reacted. Third, the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle. This is lighter than the Verbena and Peppermint, and doesnt spread through the room as much. It is lovely though, very delicate, perhaps good for small rooms. Like the other one it does not bother our noses. 🙂 The candle is smaller than others I have bought, 150gm to their 170gm, but actually the size looks better in situ.

  580. juliehedley

    Such a fresh and natural fragrance, boxed up beautifully so perfect gift although this ones for me. So pleased to have discovered this company and always happy to support the small U.K. businesses.

  581. Laura Stewart

    Received my first lemongrass and rosemary soy wax candle and the smell is delightful! I could smell the candle through the box when it was delivered by the courier so I knew it would be perfect before I opened the package. Good packaging and nice clear/black label which I prefer to the purple which is shown on some images on the website. So pleased I have found this company.

  582. tracey

    There should be a extra star for all of these products as they are all amazing and the scent lasts so long it’s like a fine wine. I saw an advert on Instagram for the first purchase and decided to try and now have had two orders.

  583. Sherrillee

    Love love love this candle I am a new customer but will be buying again fragrance last all the way through room smells fantastic

  584. Jeanette Percival

    I buy expensive candles, but I am converted. I would definitely recommend this one. The fresh fragrance smells divine & lasts for hours. Seen on Facebook – so glad I did

  585. Carol Heayberd

    Gave the latest candle to my sister in law. Hope she loves it as much as I do! I burn them all the time and enjoy all ! Thankyou!!

  586. Lise

    Even without lighting it, the fragrance wafts by every time i walk past it. I recommend this wholeheartedly. I bought the products during lockdown to treat myself and have already given several mix and match boxes as gifts. Everyone loves them!

  587. Donna

    I Received one of these’as a gift and now use these candles all the time, my Home smells lovely

  588. Rachel

    I love the reed diffuser and received the candle as a gift. Without even lighting the candle, the aroma that comes from it is lovely and can smell it when I walk in to the room. When lit it is gorgeous and fills the house with it’s scent. I discovered Valentte at a Christmas Fayre in Stamford. It was only when I realised that my reed diffuser was still giving out scent many, many months later that I decided it was actually very good value for money compared with cheaper ones.

  589. Jacqueline Marshall

    Absolutely beautiful smell especially when the candle is burning. I really love this scent and would recommend to friends.

  590. Mary Bertram

    Love this lemongrass candle. You can smell it in the room even before you light it! Definitely my favourite.

  591. Lynn Gradon

    Absolutely love this candle beautiful smell so fragrant

  592. Sherrillee Albin

    New customer love love love this my whole room smells gorgeous and it looks so classy will be ordering again

  593. Cathie Roberts

    I first came across Valentte at a flower show where they were asking people to try their hand scrub which was absolutely gorgeous ! Your hands feel beautifully soft after using this and a layer of their hand cream doesn’t go amiss either ! I’ve since discovered their home fragrance gift boxes and I’ve ordered many of these as birthday presents. The candle has a lovely rich fragrance which doesn’t diminish and is one of the nicest fragrant candles that I’ve bought and would highly recommend… I also have the reed diffuser in the same fragrance and just love these products !! I shall be back for more….!

  594. Liz O’Connor

    Wow what a beautiful set of products. I ordered the gift box in Patchouli and Eucalyptus and all the products are absolutely divine. This is my very first order from Valentte but it absolutely will not be the last.

  595. Jill Thomson

    Beautifully scented candle that makes my lounge smell divine. Everyone comments on the gorgeous aroma. Have ordered some gift boxes ready for Xmas presents

  596. Christine Gledhill

    OMG just ordered and received my 3rd gift box for a gift. The Lemongrass and Rosemary Candle ordered for myself is absolute heaven. The scent is amazing and fills my bathroom even without it being lit. This has to be the best candle I have ever bought.

  597. Pam Dutton

    This is my favourite fragrance, I can smell its aroma throughout the day when the candle is not lit.

  598. jella

    Best candle ever – scent is amazing and fragrances the whole house.

  599. Beth

    Wow this is so lovely , have also purchased Reed diffusers and loving this scent .
    Now ordering soaps and lotions as these products have been so great . Def some Xmas presents here

  600. Margaret Huckfield

    Wonderful scent! Lasts a long time. Great size as can be used anywhere inside the home. Ideal for buying for ourselves as well as giving as part of a gift. Have recommended Valentte to other friends too.

  601. SaraH

    Very pleased with the scent and will look to buy more in this range. Very Spa like.

  602. Laura Stewart

    Delightful scent, fresh and vibrant – will definitely buy again!

  603. Shirley Parkins

    Love this candle. It smells beautiful even when it’s not lit and burns perfectly.

  604. Patricia Sutcliffe

    OMG.. what a simply stunning fragrance. Arrived this morning and soo excited to burn this. Beautiful scent ❤❤❤

  605. Linda Burns

    Love this candle. The scent is amazing and radiates all over the room and beyond. The candle burns without leaving a “well in the middle”, as some cheaper candles do
    I would highly recommend all Valentte’s candles

  606. Lise

    Fantastic fragrance– my favourite from the entire range. Blow out your candle and the scent lingers and lingers.

  607. Maggie King

    I’m now on my 2nd mix& match gift box .I absolutely love the choice , especially the hand creams.
    This gift box is for my friends birthday and I chose a White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser,
    Lime& Grapefruit Body Scrub and Patchouli & Eucalyptus Hand Cream .
    They smell absolutely gorgeous and she was delighted with everything , she especially loves the body scrub and says it leaves her skin so soft and smelling gorgeous .
    The box is also very pretty with the ribbon .
    I stumbled across Valentte quite by chance on Face book and I’m so glad I did and will continue to use them .
    A bonus too are the free samples of fragrances which you can chose with your order .
    Delivery is very quick .

  608. A Purdie

    The first time I bought the candles in glasses they burned beautifully. This time though the fragrance is amazing and the quality of your products are excellent the candle seemed to leave much of the wax on the side of the glass. This was without moving the candle!
    Otherwise fabulous.

  609. Cathy

    The lemongrass and rosemary is lovely. Had the candle and the reeds and both smell wonderful.

  610. Cathy

    Lovely product.

  611. Sian Brett

    Oh wow another amazing candle from Valentte! I can Even smell it’s amazing perfume when it’s not even lit… When it’s lit I literally open all the doors of the downstairs as it wafts through my house.

  612. Sara

    A good friend of mine turned up with one of your lovely candles and I absolutely love the fresh fragerance it gives . Unlike many candles it is not sweet and sickly but simply is ‘ uplifting’ as the name implies !

  613. Theresa McDermott

    Absolutely fantastic fragrance and
    really beautiful scent throughout the house! I am so glad that I found this site.

  614. Mrs R Bassett

    My favourite scent by Valentte.

  615. Julie Cunnew

    This is an overall winner for me. I’ve spent years buying Neom & Dyptique candles, I’ve had many, and my friend brought Valentte candles to my attention. I chose a few fragrances and this is my absolute favourite. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. My sister came to visit and before she left she ordered one and when hers was delivered she loved the fragrance so much she ordered another that same day. I too have re ordered this Product ❤️

  616. Anne Cauwood

    Absolutely beautiful smelling candle. Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance

  617. Georgina Gibbons

    Great products candles outstanding and keep their fragrance to the end. I wouldn’t buy any other candles now .

  618. Patricia Sutcliffe

    this is one of the nicest candles I have ever received. The scentt is beautiful and makes my day better, just for the lovely uplifting aroma ❤

  619. MP

    Absolutely love this scented candle.

  620. Catherine Austin

    What can I say I bought three candles because I had tried the scents in the free samples I got and loved them so much. My order came today the house smells amazing and I’m looking for excuses to go wash my hands with my free hand wash I received. Thank you very much I love everything so far and will be buying again soon

  621. Kim Turnbull

    Absolutely amazing smell will be buying more of these and other products with this smell

  622. Christine

    The scent is stunning and really don’t want to light it. Will absolutely be buying again.

  623. Julie Cunnew

    One word….AMAZING ❤️

    I was told about your products by a friend who also loves your products

  624. Linda Donnelly

    Burns so evenly, rosemary and lemongrass my favourite scent.

  625. Tilly

    This is my favourite fragranced candle in the range. Beautiful smell which always takes me back to a visit to a spa resort.

  626. Joanne Peel

    Hi Luke
    Absolutely love love your candles the fragrance stays all through they burn well and even when they aren’t lit you can smell them , we have an open plan living area with stairs in the middle the scent from your candle when lit fills the whole room
    The lemongrass & rosemary is the best love the fresh smell
    Your gift boxes are superb idea

    My hubby and I where in Liverpool last November visited a Christmas Market and there we came across a Valentte stall great idea as you get to smell the different fragrances at the time

  627. Elizabeth Heys

    Fresh smell which scents the whole room, so glad I saw Valentte on my Facebook page and decided to try it.

  628. Gail Fitzgerald

    This candle smells divine, has a long lasting scent both when lit and not. I love it.

  629. S.wilson

    The smell is a lovely clean lemony smell that lasts the whole time the candle is burning

  630. S.wilson

    Candle has a long lasting lemon smell

  631. S.wilson

    Would buy this candle every time love the smell

  632. Suzie DG

    This continues to be my favourite scented candle, such a happy smell. We have the reed diffuser in our kitchen which is just as lovely but I look forward to the weekend when I have the candle burning for several hours in the kitchen and it is just perfect.
    So glad I actually looked at the FB advert, loving all Valentte products and they have great customer service too!

  633. Andrea Keenan

    This is the first time I have bought this fragrance, I got sample of it and liked it. I love the fragrance it fills the room, it is my new favourite

  634. Charlene

    Such a lovely candle, looks elegant and smells amazing!!

  635. Louise Picton

    Absolutely gorgeous smell. Even when not lit!

  636. Lesley Devlin

    The best candle I have ever had, the lemongrass smell is so refreshing and last for the whole candle

  637. Michelle Karczewski

    Lovely fresh smell like the diffuser . Only got 4 stars as it is small for the price .

  638. Emma Lacy

    Got bought a gift box containing this candle for my birthday and the smell is literally divine. I can constantly smell and feel like I need to buy everything else in this range!! It has to be my favourite!!

  639. Diana Hamilton

    I just love the scent of this lemongrass and rosemary candle – even without it being lit I keep getting little waftes of the fragrance!

  640. Caroline Crocker

    I love the scent of this candle, lighting this is now my special treat when working at home.

  641. Ian Simon

    Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary Soy Wax Candle aroma and no waste as it burns evenly all the way down. We purchased it in a gift box with the Reed Diffusers at the Country Living Harrogate Christmas Fair and were blown away with the products

  642. Vivien Markham

    Such a beautiful fragrance. I try others but always go back to this as a staple. It fills the whole room and lasts for ages.


    I was originally given this candle as a gift. The scent is amazing and really long lasting without being overpowering. Would definitely recommend.

  644. Elaine

    This is a fabulous fragrance. Yes, of course can never go wrong with Lavender but without a doubt this is up there at the the top with all the other expensive candles on the market. This has a sensational aroma.
    Have always bought these candles from Olympia ideal home exhibition in previous years.

  645. Gaynor

    Absolutely love my candle have been purchasing products from here for a while. The scent Is truly amazing…

  646. Glenys Lomas

    Just love my lemongrass and rosemary candle. The room smells gorgeous even when the candle isn’t lit! Will definitely be ordering more in this range.

  647. Sandra Basterfield

    Absolutely fantastic.

  648. Tracy Hine

    Fabulous fragrance. I love the Valentte candles as they burn really well and the fragrance lasts.

  649. Karen Norton

    I first bumped in to Valentte at a craft fair a few years ago and instantly fell in love with this scent. The candle burns well and more importantly, the fragrance doesn’t change when it’s burning. Fresh and zingy – perfect.

  650. Georgina Gibbons

    I love these candles the fragrance is fantastic. They are long lasting and look lovely. I wouldn’t buy any other candles now.

  651. Brenda R

    Fabulous candle bringing the zesty smell of lemongrass to the whole house. I was so pleased with this fragrance and the burn on the candle.

  652. Julie

    All I can say about this candle and it’s scent is EVERYONE comments on it when they enter the house (not just the room). The scent is gorgeous and long lasting.

  653. Donna Clark

    Beautiful quality candle at a very affordable price! Love the fragrance ❤️

  654. Emma Jones

    Lemon grass and rosemary candle was so relaxing and smells amazing. I will be ordering more of these

  655. Ella Anderson

    This smells delicious!! So beautifully fruity and genuinely uplifting. Will put a spring in your step!

  656. Jean

    Simply fabulous. Why didn’t I find you earlier.

  657. S G TREBICH

    Great Strong smells but not really well balanced unfortunately.
    No lingering smell either unlike other candles makers, which is a bit of shame
    The lemongrass completely overpower the Rosemary.
    But it is such an amazing deal having the box, I might buy more every so often AND great for gifting as well

  658. alisatownend

    Absolutely divine …the smell is just gorgeous . Beautiful packaging bought it as a gift for my friend but kept it for myself …says it all really.!!
    Thank you great service, very professional

  659. Turhana mcdonnell

    The scent travels from this candle and its beautiful! Im getting one for each of our rooms now as its so refreshing!!

  660. Anne-Marie Nicholl

    These candles are so lovely. The scent is amazing and you can smell it all through the house. The room sprays are also lovely, shame they are such small bottles! I’ve used mine up in 2 weeks!

  661. Joanna G

    I love the smell of Valentte candles. They are very strong but not overpowering. Fabulous.

  662. Lesley Stamp

    Lovely lemon scent just tempered by the rosemary. Great candles for gifts with Christmas coming up

  663. Kelly Williams

    Delicious, vibrant, indulgent scent delivered the day after I ordered. I will be ordering more for myself and for gifts. I heard about Valentte about a year ago and have no idea why it has taken me so long to place an order. I will be filling my home with these natural scents now that I know how great they are!

  664. P. MAYBURY

    Wonderful relaxing aroma!! LOVE this candle.

  665. Kirste Gregory

    Absolutely gorgeous, was tempted by so many great reviews and it really is a beautiful scent that fills your room and your senses.

  666. Jacquie Sherry

    Excellent candle the smell along with the diffuser is wonderful I am converted

  667. Anne Prosser

    lovely smell, i have four dogs in the house, and you can only smell the scent, will be buying again.

  668. Val

    Beautiful scent from the candle which you smell as soon as you walk into the room.
    I’ll definitely be buying more from Valentte …

  669. Liz Swift

    Love this candle, the scent is so clean and burns cleanly. The holder is so simple and unfunny it looks great in any room.

  670. Mrs Lesley Stamp

    bought this as a gift for a friend who is mad about candles. i know she is going to love it!

  671. Mrs Lesley Stamp

    love this scent whats not too like

  672. Nicole Newton

    Recently started to burn this candle – gorgeous scent – fresh and invigorating citrus which catches your attention, with calming undertones from the rosemary – a wonderful combination. So far candle burns evenly and cleanly – am impressed. Glad to have discovered Valentte at a trade show a couple of years ago .

  673. Elaine Barnes

    I buy lots of candles but the long lasting fragrance of this candle is exceptional.
    Would make a great gift highly recommended.

  674. Nicola Hunter

    This candle smells amazing. I think I’m almost addicted to having it lit. Fills my kitchen and lounge with such a lovely vibrant odour.

  675. Angela Drayson

    This candle smells beautiful & I haven’t even lit it yet. It sits in my downstairs clock room & the smell hits you as soon as you enter the room. I love this candle.

  676. Andrea Guest

    Once again a stunning gift for a friend, you never fail to provide excellent products.

  677. Carolyn Lennard

    Love love these candles. The smell is amazing. Once you have tried you will be hooked

  678. Aileen Macleod

    I started using these candles last year after receiving one from my daughter. I have bought all your products now and they are amazing. Lemongrass and Rosemary are still my favourite fragrances . I never buy any author candle.

  679. Carol

    I wish the rating included “Divine” as this is how my room smells after using the candle.
    The fragrance travels around our home and we just love it.
    No lingering smoky atmosphere and even when the candle is not lit, the room still holds the fragrance.

    Am certainly considering further purchases for Christmas gifts.

  680. David Rose

    I have been purchasing these candles for a long time now and continue to love the aroma they produce not only when lit but also when not.
    I intend to continue purchasing them in the future on a regular basis

  681. Emma Sutcliffe

    Beautiful Scent. Would recommend to everyone. Delivery also very quick. Great product and service.

  682. Kim Dix

    I had the pleasure of receiving my beautifully packaged Lemongrass & Rosemary gift set this week. The fragrance is absolutely gorgeous & long lasting. Within my set was a candle & a reed diffuser together with a room spray, all wrapped in tissue paper & in a classy looking gift box tied with lovely ribbon. I will certainly be purchasing some of these sets for Christmas presents & cant wait to sample some of the other products & fragrances available. Thrilled to bits with my set & my house has never smelt so divine, would thoroughly recommend.

  683. Karen Lewis

    Lovely candles and diffusers which smell divine!! The lemongrass and Rosemary candle will become a regular in my house it is gorgeous. The service is excellent from start to finish from this company. One candle was unfortunately broken on arrival and after phone call was very promptly replaced …thank you!

  684. Julie farrugia

    What a beautiful product. I bought this based on the reviews and as soon as I got it I immediately purchased another. Can’t wait for the next delightful aroma to fill my home

  685. Tracey Davidson

    Beautiful fragrance, long lasting scent.

  686. Julie Cunnew

    My absolute fav ❤️

  687. Julie Cunnew

    5 stars ⭐️

  688. joward1959

    I bought the lemongrass & rosemary candle as part of the gift box. I have to say I am delighted with the quality and fragrance. I will certainly recommend Valentte to my friends & family. Thank you. Jo.

  689. Julia

    Very efficient service. Beautiful packaging and really high quality products. Loved the testers included.
    Will definately order again.

  690. June Ferritto

    Come back to your company every time, presentation is wonderful, also the choice of fragrances,plus delivery notices always so helpful.

  691. June Ferritto

    Come back to your company every time, presentation is wonderful, also the choice of fragrances,plus delivery notices always so helpful.Inhave said this before but can’t say more ,

  692. Alison McAleer

    I bought 2 giftboxes as presents, but after smelling the candle I have kept one giftbox for myself. So glad I did. The giftboxes make a gorgeous and affordable gift. Beautifully presented in a box with a ribbon (looks like Jo Malone quality) and the products smells divine. Really impressed. About to order another 2 giftboxes !!

  693. Joanne Buffoni

    We purchased the gift box set for lemongrass & Rosemary and the smell is divine! It all came very well packaged and would make the perfect gift. The smell is very refreshing and great value for money.

  694. Amanda Poole

    I saw the gift boxes advertised on Facebook for in a sale. I was sceptical as at that price I didn’t think they would be very good. I love jo Malone candles at 3 times the price but thought these would make nice Xmas presents so I ordered 2 the lemongrass and rosemary and the lemon and neroli.
    What an absolute joy when they arrived. On time lovely packaging and I was just going to put them away but I could smell them in the box so I had to have a peek.
    Beautifully wrapped so ideal as presents but oh my the fragrance is amazing on both scents. Not keeping them as Xmas presents! Keeping them for myself! Will never buy a Jo Malone again. I live in a big house and you can smell these products everywhere. There were also 3 pulse point room mists which I haven’t tried yet but I can imagine they are lovely too. It’s great to find a small business doing so well and I am now a top fan!

  695. suzystimpson

    Love this candle. The smell is amazing. I purchased 2 of the gift sets. Thought they was great value for money and presentation was excellent. Will definitely be buying from this company again

  696. Gillian Faires

    Love this candle. The smell is fabulous and I have had a lot of comments about it. Would recommend.

  697. Helen Keen

    I am extremely happy with this product. It smells great and lasts a long time. I would definitely buy this again and highly recommend it.

  698. Michelle Carolan

    Received my 2 gift boxes over the moon the packaging is so nice fab gift for my Aunt for Christmas my samples were amazing help will be choosing more in the future

  699. Craig Squelch

    I have to say that this is my favourite candle fragrance, it is amazing and my house smells Devine

  700. Jane Turk

    As ever, the candle I ordered was fabulous! I only ever use your candles at home as they smell amazing- even when they are unlit in the cupboard!! I discovered Valentte at a trade show and my family always buy them for me for Christmas!

  701. Emma

    Love this, smells amazing….. really fresh and uplifting and nicely packaged too, very pleased with my order

  702. simmons2607

    Great packaging and the smell is amazing, will definitely be re ordering and trying others

  703. Doreen Stewart

    I ordered 2 of the boxes with lemongrass and rosemary diffuser, candle and room soray, one for myself and one for my daughter in law as part of her christmas , she loves this type of thing and I am sure she will enjoy this as much as I have. Love these products they make my house smell amazing and certainly lifts my mood. Will definitely be ordering more. Highly recommend

  704. Cheryl

    Lit my Lemongrass and Rosemary soy candle tonight absolutely love everything about it. The scent is amazing and nice and strong. The candle burns evenly with a good flame. The aroma the candle gives off is the best I’ve ever had and believe me I have burnt a lot of candles in my time. Love love love thank you Valentte.

  705. Steph Barnard

    Bought this for the kitchen – seeing how the main smells are cooking ingredients as well. Smells divine and gives off a lovely whiff even when not lit. Lovely smell for the room without being overpowering or too floral.

  706. Lesley Nelson

    My favourite scent. Uplifting and clean. It burns evenly for a long time. Cannot recommend this enough.

  707. Suzane Stephen

    Saw this product on Facebook and liked the sound of the fragrances so ordered . Items arrived very quickly and were sensibly packaged .
    The fragrance. (lemongrass and rosemary ) is absolutely delightful and my whole ground floor smells fresh and inviting . Would definitely recommend and would order again .

  708. Lisa Dwyer

    I bought this after my sister in law recommended the brand. I think she was introduced to it at The Spirit of Christmas last year. The smell is amazing. I use it in my home office and it fragrances the whole space. It helps me feel motivated and productive as well as adding a touch of luxury and self care. Love it!

  709. Tracey Baxter

    The smell from this candle is amazing,I received one for my Christmas and have been buying it ever since
    Long lasting and beautiful smell lingers for hours
    Best smelling candle I have ever had

  710. Laura Brady

    Got my first delivery of this in my gift box and wow I am so happy with the fragrance and the burning time. I will be recommending this site to all of my friends and ordering more very soon!

  711. Peter

    I have a beautiful fragrance home and feel so relaxed With this candle

  712. Helen Holt

    I can understand why this fragrance is so popular. It is definitely a lovely strong scent. I opted for a candle rather than reeds, after reading the reviews and it is just right. I can still smell the candle unlit in the room and it only needs a short burning time which then lingers for a long time afterwards. Great value

  713. Karen Scarborough

    The smell is amazing and it last for ages. I would definitely recommend this product.

  714. CherylAshford

    Beautiful fragrance, long lasting candle . Actual. Scent uplifting fresh and crisp. Will definitely repeat buy.

  715. CherylAshford

    Beautiful fragrance, long lasting scent. Will definitely repeat buy. Great offer when bought at present.

  716. Alison kennedy

    This candle fills the room with such a lovely smell. They last so long too.

  717. Sharon Duffy

    Just received my candle today, the smell is absolutely amazing. It was meant to be a gift for someone but not sure l can part with it. I’ve had two orders from this company since discovering them on face book, but they certainly won’t be my last.

  718. D Meredith

    What a delightful gift to receive… As an aromatherapist it was lovely to smell this beautiful fragrance.

    I will be buying more beautuful products very soon. Excited to try the patchouli one…

  719. Zara Barber

    Beautiful fragrance. Fills the room with lemon tones !

  720. Jackie Pearson

    An absolutely gorgeous smell from my lemongrass and rosemary candle. The smell fills the whole room – not just when walking past the candle. Excellent value for money and I am ordering several more for gifts for my friends.

  721. Pauline Fleming

    What a find , my gift box arrived yesterday and smells amazing . Going to be ordering more of these sets as Xmas gifts I’m sure everyone will be pleased with their present !

  722. mandymoo3444

    I received my gift box this week & as soon as I opened it the smell burst out of the box. The lemon fragrance is so powerful & refreshing. I am ready to try some more and the free fragrant samples were brilliant in helping me decide whats scent is next.

  723. Jane Lawson

    I bought this candle for my daughter and as she lives with me, I am getting the full benefit of the wonderful aroma that it exudes throughout my home. We both love it for the quality of product, the great value for money but above all the heavenly scent. I would recommend this product to everyone as a lovely gift or a absolute treat for yourself.

  724. Karen

    AMAZING as always.
    I have never been dissapointed with anything i have ordered from Valentte.
    The fragrance remains as strong from the beginning to the end of the candle whichever fragrance i have ordered.

  725. tsellors

    Beautiful scent. Lovely packaging. Ideal gifts.

  726. Bernadette Collier

    Beautiful packaging in the gift box. Gorgeous uplifting aroma which filled our room. Really happy with our purchase and will definitely order some more. Great value for money for a high quality product. Thank you

  727. Jane Kenny

    This candle arrived beautifully packaged. I love the smell of Lemongrass & Rosemary. My home smells delightful. Will certainly order more.

  728. Nicoletta Onoufriou

    Signature sent, discovered at the Ideal Home show, many years ago. I usually stock up there. Unfortunately not this year. So I ran out, and had to do a quick online order. The design of the package has changed, look so pretty and smells lovely. The sent of lemongrass is my favourite and I love Rosemary.

  729. Raina Flower


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  730. Sharon Atkinson

    Absolutely love this scent. It was bought for me as a gift from a friend in July and I have used it in my summerhouse throughout the summer. I’ve now bought it as part of a gift set for another friend for Christmas as she commented on how much she liked it.

  731. bekyellis

    Amazing and strong smell, received as a gift and will definitely be buying more.

  732. suzannedaralyn

    I have just received the lemongrass & Rosemary candle as a present. Wow! I could smell the beautiful uplifting scent through the packaging. Absolutely delighted with this product and can’t wait to use.


  733. Wendy

    The candle and diffuser smell lovely. They were well packaged and I will be buying more. Highly recommend

  734. Claire Bush

    I have a large kitchen/diner and the fragrance fills the room. Gorgeous!

  735. natalie valente

    I bought 2 gift boxes. The scent is amazing and I have had many comments on the lovely aroma. They came beautifully packaged and will make lovely gifts. Promt arrival too. All in all very pleased and will use again.

  736. Angela Kean

    Having bought the lavender previously, I thought i would try the lemongrass ….wow so beautiful and relaxing . The candles are the strongest fragrance out there but not overpowering as they are pure oil not synthetic . Beautiful products at an amazing price and beautifully packaged .

  737. Lesley Abraham

    I bought this as a set as it had such good reviews. I was fed up buying candles that smelt nice but on lighting you got no scent so with trepidation I lit the candle left the room and went back 20 mins later and couldn’t really smell much so I closed the door left it an hour or so then returned and WOW what a scent the whole room smelt lovely in fact my husband complained it was to strong 🤣 on strength of this I’ve recommended this product and in fact ordered another box set for my friend off her children for Christmas 🎄 💞💞💞

  738. Jamie

    My favourite candle ever! Amazing customer service too

  739. Paula mitchell

    Candles are amazing I have the lemongrass and rosemary and the smell is divine you can smell it all throughout the day without being lit I have in my living room and hall the best candles I have ever bought

  740. Lucy Betts

    I bought this delicious candle for my mother and she is a big fan of the lovely smell! I have also bought this candle as a gift for other family members and friends as it has been so popular. I found out about Valentte from a colleague at work who was giving out some small samples and I really enjoyed the natural smells and quality products and I have become a regular! The packaging and service make it a great present.

  741. Georgie GH

    I love Valentte candles and it’s nice to have a change but I always come back to the lemongrass and Rosemary. My absolute favourite, spicy and fresh and warming all at once. Great for every season.

  742. Marian Hunter

    I love the fragrance it’s very uplifting and helps me conventrate on my work

  743. Susan Furness

    Arrived promptly, beautifully presented and a gorgeous scent, would make a lovely gift.

  744. Sharon

    I love this caNdle so much fragrance it fills the house with an amazing relaxing but uplifting sent. Will definitely be putting on my Christmas list

  745. Valencia Campbell

    I have never heard of your company before until it appeared on my Facebook page! As l LOVE CANDLES, l clicked onto the link and am so glad l did!! After reading all the great reviews, l decided to treat myself to a gift box!! I went for everyone’s favourite Lemongrass and Rosemary. WOW!!! No other word for it!! It’s fragrance filled my home from top to bottom!! I most definitely recommend this product and am ready to place another order!!! WELL DONE VALENTTE!!!

  746. Lina le Roux

    I bought this candle as part of a gift set. It looks stylish and smells divinely of lemongrass.

  747. Vivien Markham

    This scent is so beautiful and the best thing is that you can actually smell it! And especially paired with the same scent diffuser you notice the gorgeous fragrance as soon as you walk in. These candles also burn evenly as the blurb says which is such a welcome change from most other jarred candles.

  748. Andrea Dobson

    Just lovely. So glad I found this company. Excellent quality and fragrances.
    So Authentic

  749. Jo

    This is a lovely strong smelling candle. Deliver was speedy and well packaged.

  750. Clare Myles

    I have just been given this candle as a gift , had never heard of the company before. They smell is amazing and really strong . It’s not your typical cheep candles it’s more a spa experience luxury candle . Will be purchasing more in future

  751. Charles Richens

    Candle has refreshing fragrance.

  752. Lindsay Calver

    This candle really is the best one that we’ve ever purchased. The fragrance is incredible, and it just keeps on and on with the smell. Other candles we’ve bought in the past start off well, and then their fragrance disappears in no time. This one just doesn’t do that. Amazing, and the combination of lemongrass and rosemary just works so well. I know what a few people will be getting for Xmas

  753. Maureen

    Bought for Christmas gift amazing ❤️

  754. Beverley Bruce

    Smells gorgeous, even when not lit !!!
    Have it in my kitchen, near the sink, makes washing up much more pleasant.

  755. Sarah Bird

    Smells beautiful, as, as another review states…. even when not lit. The fragrance is beautiful. I was drawn in by the money back guarantee, I thought if I was disappointed in anyway I could return the products. Often the scent isn’t strong enough, so has no impact in the room. Absolutely no problem with this range, it does exactly what it says it will do. My only negative and the reason I didn’t give the candler a perfect score is my candle didn’t burn evenly so created a tunnel effect as it burnt down, I am a huge fan of home fragrances, this is amazing

  756. Oonagh Garnham

    This is a really great candle. Firstly it looks lovely. When lit the smell is very effective and quick. I was a bit worried that it might be a false smell but not at all. I tend to burn it for an hour or so and then blow it out, I find that the smell lingers for ages afterwards. When I enter the room where it has been used, there is always a gentle smell even the next day. I am loving this range and will certainly return to purchase more.

  757. John Roberts