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Energising Mandarin & Grapefruit


Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No synthetic fragrances ensure you can spritz your pillow or upholstery and fill your room with a light, stimulating and refreshing aroma.

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Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
November 24, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I love lime & grapefruit from Valentte. Really uplifting and fresh fragrance
Caroline Eccleston - avatar Caroline Eccleston
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
November 24, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Bought this as a gift for a friend . The glass bottle looks stunning and the aroma is long lasting. My friend loves it. I ordered the gift bag to go with it .A touch of class.
Jacqueline Harrison - avatar Jacqueline Harrison
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
October 30, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Well packaged, arrived on time. The room mist has a lovely fresh smell that is long lasting. I would purchase again.
Sheila Mary Grant - avatar Sheila Mary Grant
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
October 24, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Just wonderful. Will purchase again.
Nicola Ferguson - avatar Nicola Ferguson
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
October 2, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

A beautiful fresh summer smell, would highly recommend, once sprayed the smell lingers for ages!
Suzan Huseyin - avatar Suzan Huseyin
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
September 26, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Beautiful fresh fragrance lingers way afterwards too
Julie Oneil - avatar Julie Oneil
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
September 2, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

This room spray has a wonderful lasting fruity fragrance . We all really like the Valentte products . The testers are a great way to sample all the fragrances . Would definitely recommend,
Monica Wright - avatar Monica Wright
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
Mandarin & Grapefruit Room Mist
August 20, 2020

Our mandarin & grapefruit room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Bought the Mandarin and Grapefruit room mist as part of a Gift Box offer for my sister. A couple of test sprays revealed that the scent is exactly as stated on the label.....unmistakably the fruity, fresh aroma of mandarin and grapefruit (no hint of nasty chemical smell). Sister said she'd happily use it "everywhere".
Clair Chivers - avatar Clair Chivers

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of four pure essential oils which are good for calming the nervous system.

Cheerful, Energizing and Uplifting


Mandarin has a warm, citrus, faintly floral aroma. It is a cheery, uplifting, soothing oil and is particularly good for calming the nervous system.


Grapefruit has a fresh, citrusy aroma that is energizing and uplifting. Rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene, it is good for skin.

Keep Your Face To The Sunshine and You Cannot See The Shadows

Our Mandarin amd Grapefruit scent is specifically blended to help you feel more cheerful and boost your energy levels.

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82 reviews for Energising Mandarin & Grapefruit

  1. Janet Richardson

    I discovered Valentte at the Country Living Fair in Glasgow, they were handing out samples of hand cream at their stand. I purchased a couple of candles as Christmas gifts and sent for some samples for myself when I got back home. The Mandarin and Grapefruit is beautiful and gives a lovely clean fresh aroma to your room. I’m going to order myself some diffusers and candles in my next order.

  2. Helen James

    Lovely fresh room scent

  3. Josephine Scott

    A little disappointed this is the 3rd time I have not received my requested free samples in my orders….but still love Valentte x

  4. Marjery

    Ordered this for my daughter who loves it and I shall be buying her a gift box in this scent for Christmas.

  5. Amanda SCRIVENER

    Lovely fresh smell

  6. Amanda SCRIVENER

    Fantastic aroma which makes the room smell gorgeous lasts ages as well

  7. Codruta

    Refreshing and welcoming scent that can be used all around the house. I use it when having friends over and they are impressed every time.

  8. Natasha Baker

    Delicious scent

  9. bmwbrowne

    Love this fragrance…. so fresh

  10. Kim Willing

    Such a lovely idea to have three free samples to try with an order, especially when you aren’t sure of a combination scent. There is one combo I am not keen on but husband loves. We are all different and these samples help us easily decide. Thank you. Such lovely products.

  11. Bridie

    Lovely uplifting beautiful fragrance

  12. Stephanie Moffett

    Mandarin and grapefruit is amazing when you have cleaned your kitchen and u spray in room. Smell fresh for hours. This is my go to when I need a fresh smell in my house

  13. Nicky

    Lovely refreshing fragrance that’s last a while
    I know what I will be buying! 💕

  14. Miss Zoe tonks

    Beautiful and uplifting.

  15. Julie O’Brien

    My absolute favourite scent! It’s stunning!

  16. fiona

    love this cant wait to buy more

  17. Patricia Quinn

    You didnt send me this one which was my first choice so I will hold on that one until I get to try it.

  18. Rebecca Louise Duncan

    Beautiful scent this is, used it to for my bathroom to give it that nice fruity smell and finish & got so many compliments of what it was 🙂 can’t wait to buy again

  19. First Name * Angela Kerr

    Smells like a summers day ..i love it

  20. Kerrie Oglesby

    Lovely long lasting scent. Will be ordering in the future.

  21. Giedre


  22. Giedre Dailidyte


  23. Deirdre Cuthill

    Such a beautiful smell, it is so fresh and has a lovely light scent which lingers for ages and makes my house smell just gorgeous.

  24. Maureen

    Great in the kitchen after cooking it lingers all over the room. All great smells so hard to choose

  25. Nicola Eckersall

    This was my favourite … smell lasted for ages after I had sprayed ❤️

  26. Kayleigh Davies

    Love the smell of this one so much

  27. Jayne Rowland

    A lovely fresh and uplifting smell…

  28. Lynda Brennan

    Fresh fruit smell that was gorgeous and welcoming in the kitchen. So much choice but this is a definite recommend.

  29. Lauren

    Looking forward to buying a diffuser in this scent. It’s beautiful.

  30. Debra jane Matthews

    Havnt not liked any so far thanku

  31. Moira ronan

    Absolutely fantastic what a lovely fresh clean smell .

  32. Lisa

    Lovely scent. Lasts a long time to.

  33. Carol Carson

    Great website, fabulous customer services, fast despatch, items very well packaged. What more could you want ?

    These luxury products are sold at affordable prices. The scents and the longevity of all Valentte’s products will ensure you are fully satisfied and become a loyal, repeat customer.

  34. Clare Nobes

    I love this fragrance of Room mist it’s like Sunshine light & refreshing my only problem is it’s running out so fast because every time I walk past it I have to spray it
    I’m definitely going to get the diffuser next and probably the candle and handcream…. 😊😊

  35. Lesley Ann Armstrong

    Beautiful fresh and summery smell, that isn’t at all overpowering. My home smells gorgeous 😍

  36. Andrea campbell

    Didnt recieve this. X

  37. Joanne Evans

    This is a lovely fresh fragrance

  38. Christopher Burrows

    Loved my samples. Can’t wait to buy this in the candle.. Smells amazing!

  39. Linda Gillies

    What a lovely smell, really fresh. Would definitely get again

  40. Linda Gillies

    What a lovely smell. I liked this sample

  41. jason gourdie

    Got a great sample and used in the car as I transport garden waste to the tip every few weeks, very pleasant smell and will consider buying this product next

  42. Melanie Humphrey

    Love this! It smells divine!!

  43. Mandy Parry

    I ordered two separate selections of the scent samples and this was one of my preferred scents, although the lemongrass is my absolute favourite. I’ve since ordered some candles and I am more than happy with the quality of the products. Strong on scent and slow on burn. Valentte will be a candle ‘go to’ for me in future.

  44. Miranda Pang

    It’s a great scent so I’m glad I had purchased this one.
    Will be looking forward to using my diffuser shortly.

  45. Christine Coleman

    Bought for my daughter,she can’t stop talking about it , smells lovely and fresh when you walk into her house .

  46. Kirsty Campbell

    This smells absolutely beautiful. Zingy at first, then it mellows into a really soft, scrumptious scent that lingers.

  47. Amy Adams

    Such a lovely fragrance! Will definitely buy again!

  48. Amanda West

    Really fresh smell & can still smell when sprayed on furniture

  49. J Thomas

    Refreshing, citrus smell, lovely in the warm weather.

  50. Susan

    Clean, fresh scent, made the whole room smell like a Mediterranean citrus orchard 😊

  51. Dennese Bloomer

    New scent for me but will definitely be purchasing more of it! Lovely fresh scent. Highly recommend

  52. carol.ambrose2

    Beautiful fragrance. I love citrus products. Valentte discovery via face book link. Great company.

  53. Tracey Parkinson

    Bought this along with a number of refills fir existing scents. This is lovely fresh smelling and refreshing. Great for the lounge or dining room

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  55. Jeanette Percival

    I bought this for my mum. Her flat smells great when I walked in yesterday. I can definitely smell a fresh aroma of mandarin & grapefruit. It will be on my shopping list again, on my next order

  56. LInda Trueman

    Lovely smell it’s a good idea to have samples to try I would definitely buy this one.

  57. Paula Barrows

    Fantastic service as always , so glad I had the option of the free samples with my gift box, now I can’t wait to try this amazing fragrance next!

  58. Mrs R Bassett

    Lovely fresh citrus scent.

  59. Alison Perrett

    This beautiful fragrance stayed active for hours and filled my room with a beautiful aroma

  60. Elaine Rogers

    Great fragrance & very relaxing. So impressed by how long it lasts

  61. Elaine Rogers

    Another great fragrance. The minute I walk into my house it greets me with this wonderful perfume

  62. Coral O’Regan

    Have received this as a sample, I love the citrus smell, I’m sure it will be an addition to my next order.

  63. Charlotte Horner

    I got this as a sample with my first order and love it. I will certainly be buying other items in this scent. It’s gorgeous.

  64. Lynne steenson

    Amazing scent highly recommend

  65. Joanne Rayment

    Instantly refreshing scent. Gorgeous!

  66. Monika

    Lovely and delicate scent, great to spray on the cushions or perhaps blanket when snuggling on a sofa..

  67. kathryn.farmer

    Love this one , it has a lovely smell very clean and makes the room smell lovely

  68. Lynn

    Simply divine. It reminds me of our time in Asia.

  69. Julie

    Wow! This is definitely one of my new favourites. So fresh and uplifting. A beautiful and really happy scent .

  70. Sharon Smith

    A lovely fresh fragrance ideal for any room in the home but I really like this in the bathroom. The fragrance last for ages and as soon as you open the bathroom door you can smell it.

  71. Gwen Neller

    Thank you for the fragrance samples , love this one in particular . A great way to help me choose my next purchases , such a lovely idea .

  72. Mary shankland

    Lovely aroma

  73. Lynn Rowatt

    Offer of samples with order is excellent. This smells amazing and I know I will buy candle or diffuser or maybe both.

  74. Teresa Walsh

    This smell is wonderful. Its refreshing, zesty, zingy and lingers in a good way. I want this as a perfume. My favourite smell in many a long time. If you like fresh and citrusy- you need to give it a try. Please make it into a wearable scent.

  75. Ann Fitzgerald

    Lovely way to try out these beautiful fragrances. I spray this in my office to lift my mood x

  76. Jean Lawton

    Adore the smell of this – will definitely order a diffuser the next time I order!

  77. Amanda

    Very fresh and beautiful scent

  78. I

    My free samples were great. Cannot decided which one to buy as they all smell wonderful

  79. Carol Goldsworthy

    Lovely to be able to test the various combinations……..thank you….x

  80. Kate Bruce

    Another beautiful fragrance for the home

  81. Carol king

    This is a great spray I have ordered numerous one I just love them they are long lasting my pillows smell lush x I use this company on a regular basis and never been disappointed 5 star x

  82. Yvonne Casey

    I received this gift after purchasing 3 gift boxes. I absolutely love it and it’s so much nicer than my usual go to which is orange and bergamot from Molton Brown

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