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Mix and Match Gift Box with 3 Main Products

£65.00 £30.00

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our whole range. This gift box contains three standard sized products. (you don’t need to choose a hand cream or room mist as your third item ). The three items can all be the same scent or different. You decide!



Total Reviews: 1842
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Love this whole range . This will be my third recent order. The house smells amazing!
The lemongrass and Rosemary candle, kills cooking smells. The best candle for my kitchen. Burns well with no black smoke. An even burn, so no wax left around the jar. Thank you!

I discovered Valentte, a few years ago at the 'Ideal Home Exhibition'. I brought the odd candle or reed diffuser afterwards, but since being in lockdown and at home more. I am investing in more home scents!
Deborah Tye - avatar Deborah Tye
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

What an absolutely amazing company! Second box just arrived and every bit as beautiful as the first! Awesome customer service too!
Thoroughly recommend!
Thank you so much.

Karen Pelter - avatar Karen Pelter
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Wow!! I have recently purchased the patchouli and eucalyptus gift set. The scent around my house is amazing. The products are very luxurious at a great price. So worth purchasing. Thank you, will definately be getting more products
Becci Coe-Duggan - avatar Becci Coe-Duggan
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Mood Boosting

Mix and match the fragrances to create your perfect combination. Each scent is made with pure essential oils blended to improve your mood and wellbeing.

More Info:

All products in our gift boxes are standard sized items. None of our products are tested on animals

All items are made with 100% natural essential oils.

Total Reviews: 1842
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Love this whole range . This will be my third recent order. The house smells amazing!
The lemongrass and Rosemary candle, kills cooking smells. The best candle for my kitchen. Burns well with no black smoke. An even burn, so no wax left around the jar. Thank you!

I discovered Valentte, a few years ago at the 'Ideal Home Exhibition'. I brought the odd candle or reed diffuser afterwards, but since being in lockdown and at home more. I am investing in more home scents!
Deborah Tye - avatar Deborah Tye
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

What an absolutely amazing company! Second box just arrived and every bit as beautiful as the first! Awesome customer service too!
Thoroughly recommend!
Thank you so much.

Karen Pelter - avatar Karen Pelter
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Wow!! I have recently purchased the patchouli and eucalyptus gift set. The scent around my house is amazing. The products are very luxurious at a great price. So worth purchasing. Thank you, will definately be getting more products
Becci Coe-Duggan - avatar Becci Coe-Duggan
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Ordered myself the treat of a gift box. I chose a balancing and calming candle which burn well and smell amazing. The hand cream I added is just what my sore hands needed! About to put in another order as lets face it we all need a bit of a treat at the moment!
Liz Rowen - avatar Liz Rowen
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 26, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Just love these products I've bought 5 boxes now for myself and presents
Alison Thomas-fisher - avatar Alison Thomas-fisher
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 25, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Fantastic service. Amazing products.
sarah64k - avatar sarah64k
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 25, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

I have just received a lemongrass and Rosemary gift set which contains a candle, diffuser and room spray.
It is the loveliest thing I have ever smelt. Could even smell it through the packaging.
Fabulous products, gorgeous gift.
Tracey Smith - avatar Tracey Smith
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 25, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

I love the fragrances in these products and the fact that you can mix and match different products in the gift box. These arrive beautifully packaged and are perfect for gifts - if i can bring myself to give them away!
Beverley Pugh - avatar Beverley Pugh
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 25, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Brilliant set and looks high end !! Bought for my daughter for her 30th Birthday and she was over the moon especially when she saw how long the scent lasts !!! Definitely buy again 😊
Samantha Rathbone - avatar Samantha Rathbone
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
February 25, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Lemongrass and rosemary is amazing so uplifting could have one in every room
Jacquie - avatar Jacquie
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Mood Boosting

Mix and match the fragrances to create your perfect combination. Each scent is made with pure essential oils blended to improve your mood and wellbeing.


Product Details

Gift box contains three full sized items.

More Info:

All products in our gift boxes are standard sized items. None of our products are tested on animals

All items are made with 100% natural essential oils.

1841 reviews for Mix and Match Gift Box with 3 Main Products

  1. Vivien Yates

    These products are fantastic. I have bought about eight boxes. With candles and diffusers. Body scrub and hand cream in. The perfume is long lasting from both the candles and diffusers. The help I got from Andy over the phone was excellent. Most of my buys have been at Yorkshire Shows. I will stay loyal to your products as they are the best I have tried and I have tried a lot of candles.

  2. fran.chilcott

    I bought this gift set for my mums birthday. She has ordered from here plenty of times so needless to say she loved it.
    Everything came very nicely packaged and delivered in only 2 days of ordering. Very impressed. Will definitely be ordering again for myself.
    All products smelt amazing. Especially the Reed diffuser which can be smelt as soon as you walk into the room. Gorgeous.

  3. osborl

    Valentte has quickly established itself as the go-to scented candle and diffuser brand of our household. Beautifully smelling with no nasties, what’s not to love?

  4. jojohamilton

    Absolutely love my Valentte gift box, the smell is just amazing and makes the whole house smell unreal! Have bought from them before and definitely will be again!

  5. Fran Chilcott

    These are such lovely products. Always well presented and delivered very quickly. I ordered a box for my mums birthday and was so impressed I ordered one for myself.

  6. Helen murray

    I love this company the lemongrass and rosemary diffusers being my favourite product.
    I went to a show that valentte were at and purchased some products I am officially now hooked.
    I use them in my salon and in my home and have got all my friends and family purchasing now.

  7. Yvonne Rolfe

    The quality is amazing- the smells even better and value is better still! Have diffusers and candles everywhere and house smells gorgeous- will not buy from anywhere else – and as they are organic- not harmful to our dogs either!

  8. Jane Ansons

    I first came across your wonderful Valentte products at Crufts this year…. bought a mix and match gift box. I was so impressed with the lovely products that I ordered another two!! Fabulous value for money and lovely helpful staff would highly recommend. Love love love the patchouli and eucalyptus fragrance….a spa in a jar wonderful. Candles burn really well and last a long time leaving a beautiful lingering fragrance. Looking forward to ordering more… cannot recommend these products highly enough.

  9. Ian Brown

    When the parcel arrived we found that it was really well packed in attractive box with a ribbon and a bow on it. As soon as the box was opened it smelt amazing and we have been able to smell it ever since. The candles were really well presented and the room mist lingers really well.

  10. hitchingsjudith

    We always buy the mix and match sets at the ideal home exhibition. All the products are excellent quality and good value for money, the diffusers alone last us a year. So we use our annual trip to stock up. Fragrance is just as strong on day one as it is a year later. Just perfect X

  11. Mrs m mallabone

    I absolutely love Valentte products!! The candles are gorgeous and the aroma fills the house and everyone comments when they come in. I have also tried the body scrubs and the hand & body lotion and they are brilliant, they make your skin so soft and smelling amazing! The lotions aren’t greasy and absorb into the skin rather quickly leaving it smelling great and feeling soft… lovely products x
    Would not buy anything else, Thanks Valentte

  12. Jacky Holt

    I first bought Valentte at Great Eccleston show, they didn’t have the lavender diffuser as they had been so busy but a week later it arrived. I now buy these gift boxes for presents as I want to let everyone know about Valentte, the products are 1st class from the room spray ( I use the lavender in my bedroom to relax me) the candles and the long lasting diffusers, the lavender and lemongrass & rosemary are my favourites . If you haven’t bought from this company yet what are you waiting for ? I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

  13. Alexis

    I bought a box for myself and one for my mum for a Mother’s Day gift. Couldn’t be happier with the quality of the products or the presentation of the boxes. I chose lemongrass and rosemary for myself and Jasmine and Rosewood for my mum; neither disappoints.

  14. Sarah Clayton

    I bought the £30.00 gift box and it was excellent value for money. The White Neroli and Lemon scent is my favourite, the diffuser makes my house smell lovely and lasts for ages and the scrub makes me smell lovely too.

  15. Debra Blyth

    Excellent value . I bought one for my Daughter and future son in law as a new home gift, and one for myself. I have had a box set before and loved it, I bought that at Tatton flower show , and recent order was bought on line. I bought Lemongrass and Rosemary which I’d previously had and diffuser has lasted for such a long time, and I chose Jasmine and Rosewood for my Daughter, that smells beautiful too,
    Both box sets come beautifully packaged,and would recommend. Will definitely be buying again.

  16. amandamadden

    Bought as a gift and I also bought one for myself , the box was beautifully packaged and smelt Devine ,

  17. roxsannab

    I purchased one of these at the ideal home show, they were amazing so I purchased more of them online . The lemongrass and rosemary are my favourite candles . They last for a very very long time . I will be buying many more again once the ones I have are finished .

  18. Mary Hobkirk

    What more can be said that hasn’t already been said about all these amazing products.
    The presentation is lovely and the smells are all just gorgeous and very long lasting.
    Highly recommended by all my friends when given as gifts.
    Who have all since purchased more.


    I’ve loved these home fragrances since first being bought a gift box at Harrogate Flower Show for my birthday. I now have diffusers and candles all over the house and bought gift boxes as presents. Better than air fresheners and they last so long.

  20. Jackie n

    Great value for money and beautiful products!

  21. grannymitchell

    Beautiful products and presentation gonna love using them lemongrass and rosemary lovely scent will definetly purchase more

  22. Alexandra Delonnette

    This box is amazing I chose 3 Reed diffusers as I like my house to smell nice. It is such good value for money. I am using these boxes as presents for friend and family as they are always ask “What’s that lovely smell”. I love the eucalyptus and patchouli the smell is amazing and not overpowering. These are the best essential oil diffusers I have ever purchased. I will be buying lots more from Valentte

  23. L Mouat

    First bought Valentine reed diffusers at the Ideal Home Exhibition. So impressed with the product that I made a further order on line. Excellent customer service. I will definitely order again from Valentine.

  24. Anne CAIRNS

    I was delighted with my recent purchases outstanding products equally matched by the value for money they offer. I am totally hooked on the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance it makes me smile every time I enter the room and or use the products. Highly recommend.

  25. Anne CAIRNS

    Absolutely thrilled with my recent purchase. Top quality products representing excellent value for money. I am totally hooked on the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance fresh and bright. The scent makes me smile everytime I either use the products or go in the room with the diffuser. Highly recommended x

  26. Ashleigh Megson

    The Candles are fantastic. The strongest scent of any candle I’ve bought. Only need to burn it for a short time to give off a beautiful smell. Lovely packaging. Super fast shipping. And great communication. I’m so pleased with these for myself and as a gift.

  27. Liz Brooks

    The products are superb. I’m now on my fourth gift box. Very good value for money. The candles burn beautifully and have a high concentration of essential oils the hand creams are luxurious. The reed diffusers are again very fragrant & fill the house with gorgeous scents. I won’t go anywhere else for these products. Let’s hope the good value price for the gift boxes doesn’t change.

  28. suzannejsmith

    These diffusers beat any other diffusers I’ve tried including the upmarket ones. Brilliant value for money, beautifully packaged and just amazing products.

  29. Hannah

    Great value for money and beautiful scents. It was meant to be a gift but I ended up keeping it all for myself! Will definitely but more.

  30. Robbie

    This is unbelievable value, I got 3 quality, long lasting diffusers for the price I usually pay for one. The scents are divine – I’m seriously impressed.

  31. Tara King

    Thank you! I ordered a candle and Reed defuser and could not be more thrilled. From the marketing, email correspondence, next day delivery and oh my the actual presentation of the items and heavenly smells!!! One very happy lady and now a loyal customer!

  32. D LOWE

    An absolutely fabulous present. I gave this for a friend. She loved it. The scents are amazing and last so long. I’ll be looking to buy more as gifts. Loved the products so much I ordered some for myself.😀

  33. Zarina Dubrey

    I went to the Ideal Home Exh – and then went back for some more candles – all my friends went crazy for your candles – and since then have purchased loads more – I am so glad I found your company – the best candle company I have ever used – all my friends will be ordering thru your company they loved the smell – the Lemongrass and Rosemary
    and the
    – And the service I received from your company was so professional – Was very impressed.

  34. Julie Milne

    So beautifully packaged with the striking black ribbon and tissue paper… is a delight to open.The natural scent is so strong you can smell the fabulous aromas of the goodies within immediately.A return customer x3.

  35. Jayne mccrudden

    I received my mix and match box a few weeks ago. I loved it the foot cream for cracked skin is amazing will definitely be getting more and the diffusers smell amazing and long lasting well worth the money

  36. Sharleen

    Wow just wow! I purchased the lemongrass and Rosemary gift set at the ideal home show in London. The hand cream is just amazing the smell is to die for and it leaves my skin feeling nourished and vitalised without being greasy. A little goes a long way also.

  37. Deborah t

    I purchased this gift set for myself the products are fantastic they all smell amazing the reed diffusers are the best.

  38. Linda Thorne

    This gift box is my 4th. They make wonderful gifts and are amazing value for money. I have never had so many compliments on the smell of my guest bathroom and I always use premium products. This company is now my go to for presents and my own use.

  39. David Lewis

    I bought the reed diffusers and was certainly not disappointed, they smell amazing the best ones i’ve ever purchased. Well worth the money. Will definitely be reordering in the future.

  40. Boo Bragg

    Thank you again for helping me choose a successful gift for a special friend, the candle, defuser,and body cream, recipient very happy.

  41. Cath Hetherington

    I had never heard of Valentte but saw it at Living North I loved the fragrances and decided to order a gift box It arrived beautifully wrapped 2days later and the smell even before I opened the packaging was gorgeous I’m very impressed and will definitely purchase more products

  42. andrew.wilson1

    I visited the Malvern show and made a purchase then from the fab team. I was delighted with the gift box. New to their products I bought the best seller Lemongrass and Rosemary. Since then I have ordered another gift box exactly the same as a gift and an additional box with different scents for myself as well. Delighted and will be a regular customer.

  43. Mrs Carla Gardiner

    Treated myself to a gift box of the Lemongrass & Rosemary after seeing you at The Malvern Show and haven’t been disappointed. The smell is amazing. Usually buy from The White Company but won’t be buying from them again after using Valentte. Have already started working out who would appreciate one of your lovely sets as a present. Will definitely be ordering more.

  44. Nicola

    We saw these at Highclere Game fair and purchased some reed diffusers in lemon neroli. The smell is fresh but not over powering. Will definitely buy again.

  45. Ineke Simms

    I discovered the company at a fair in Hampton Court: great range and variety of aroma’s and products! I have since bought these at another market for my friends as a gift and they are similarly impressed! Great packaging too, very stylish. Cannot recommend them enough 😊

  46. Jenny27

    I discovered Valentte at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow. The smells were lovely. When I came home, I ordered the Mix and Match Gift Box. It arrived promptly. Great customer service. Will be ordering again.

  47. traceysteedman2

    Bought a gift box at Scottish Garden Show and have been really impressed. The lemongrass and rosemary scent is amazing and my rooms smell great. Have used other brands and this is now my favourite. Highly recommended

  48. Pat

    This is my 3rd gift box since attending the Living North show, once again very happy with my purchase. Excellent quality at a very good price beautiful aroma excellent service and fast delivery. Would definitely recommend.

  49. Lesley Harris

    Bought as a gift. Two candles and reed diffuser. The smells were amazing. Highly recommend.

  50. Ann

    Good value for money, lovely presentation, the aroma of the diffuser is very long lasting. The lemongrass is my favourite.
    Heard of Valentine via email.

  51. Zan

    I choose a mixed gift box for my sisters 40th birthday present. She lives abroad, works hard and doesn’t have time for special treats. I had responded to an advert for free tasters. The box arrived quickly and in excellent condition. She absolutely loves it. She is thoroughly enjoying the candles at bathtime. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing other products for other birthdays.

  52. Pat Smallwood

    Great value for money, gift wrapped very nicely. Its lovely to be able to mix and match the different scents.

  53. Lucy Croucher

    I came across Valente at the Ripley Castle Summer Fair; they were such a friendly duo and were drawing in customers with a free hand cream sample. When I checked out their fragrances I was really impressed and purchased a set of 3 reed diffusers. These gift boxes are amazing value for money and the fragrances are to die for.

  54. Lucy

    The reed diffuser smell fills my whole kitchen diner it’s stunning really fresh but not heavy will definitely purchase again.

  55. Karen davies

    When I received my parcel I couldn’t wait to open it. I will definitely buy again. What fantastic quality and scent. 😊

  56. Laura Ogilvie-Jones

    I bought the White Neroli and Lemon candles (2) and diffuser gift set at the Royal Highland Show and it is amazing – I love the scent – my whole house smells like a spa 🙂 These products are excellent & smell a lot more expensive than what they are (think Jo Malone but better!) Thank you so much.

  57. Kath Gillson

    Loved your candles since buying at Southport flower show.Latest purchase is birthday present for goddaughter.I have purchased several since.Aroma lingers for ages.

  58. Elizabeth Lamb

    We visited Hampton Court Flower Show yesterday and the Valentte stand drew me in. The free pot of hand cream was lovely and later I returned to buy the Mix and Match Gift Box. I chose two diffusers and a hand/body lotion, all in White Neroli and Lemon. One diffuser is now in pride of place in our en-suite. The staff member who served me was very pleasant and helpful.

  59. Emma Bryan

    I treated myself to this gift box set whilst at Hampton Court Flower Festival. The range was so good I had trouble choosing! I have been disappointed many times in the past with some reed diffusers and candles that have hardly any scent throw however not anymore!!! So glad I found this company. Will definitely be purchasing from again for myself and as gifts.

  60. Lisa McDonald

    I ordered the Mix and Match Gift Box.
    Came beautifully wrapped in a lovely box.
    I bought the white neroli & lemon body scrub, diffuser and hand and body lotion. These products are so lovely. Will definitely be purchasing these again.
    Great value for money.

  61. Claire Lambie

    Purchased one of these boxes when i was at a show several years ago so was delighted when i found them at the Royal Highland Show this year! Products are great quality and long lasting, it always takes me ages to decide on the scent when gifting so the mix and match box is a great idea (although my personal favourite is Lemongrass & Rosemary.) Many thanks x

  62. Nimmi Channa

    Bought at Hampton Flower Show – Love their products! Beautiful scents – took me ages to decide! Neroli and Lemon is amazing. Bought two with one for a gift. Am sure I will be long term customer now!

  63. Jacqueline

    This is the start of my Christmas shopping! I have purchased the gift sets before (for me !) after first seeing the products at the RHS Malvern show and they are excellent value. The diffusers are the best I have ever bought and far superior to more expensive ones I have tried. My personal favourite is the white neroli and lemon but they are all lovely.
    I will be buying again and again now I have found the best!

  64. Angela

    Have looked at these products at shows and this year succumbed. Don’t regret it for a minute. Fantastic natural scent that doesn’t give me a headache

  65. Lindsey frost

    My trusted and well loved candles of many years from another brand have been cutting corners with the quality but not the cost. At £23.99 they was becoming no more than a lit candle with no throw of fragrance anymore. This made me look about on the market & to my utter delight – I came across Valentte. Wow – I read yet don’t leave reviews. (not nice but I do/did) But had to support of Valentte with a review. The throw of fragrance fills the house. Very strong even after been in use for 3 weeks plus. The Lemon Grass Diffuser just keep giving, it wafts through the house and is a very pleasant, noticeable fragrance yet not synthetic and overpowering. I immediately ordered 2 more of these excellent value gift boxes. A quick smell of each fills me with confidence that they will be very well received. The packaging is a bonus. Very expensive looking and makes the whole experience feel as special as the brand and fragrances themselves. Can’t wait to order more but fear these are so long lasting – I may have to wait a while.

  66. Christine Salmon

    These products are high quality presented so well so ideal for presents. Efficient website and fragrances to die for Would highly recommend My sister had the product and I just loved the intense smellls

  67. Lisa

    On my second order of gift boxes. Bought as treats for myself, but they would make lovely gifts for loved ones. So far I’ve purchased mainly reed diffusers and on my first order I did a mix of candles and room fragrances. Some scents are stronger than others, but have loved all my choices so far

  68. Liz

    I bought the Mix and Match Box at the Tatton Show yesterday with 3 Reed Diffusers. So far I’ve only used the Lime and Grapefruit but every time I walk into our living room I smell the fabulous scent. Absolutely lovely and very reasonable! Looking forward to trying the White Neroli and Lemon!!

  69. Annie

    Fabulous company, beautiful products. Reed diffusers fill a room with heavenly aromas.

  70. Lisa Funnell

    Purchased for myself ..ordered all reed diffusers this time, but in past have ordered reed diffusers, candle and room fragrance. A great priced gift, even better value when on special offer

  71. Mrs Christine Salmon

    Bought the gift set for my daughter’s new home The fragrance is rich and the diffuser and candle used together creates a beautiful entrance to a room. My favourite is patchouli and eucalyptus. The bonus diffuser is an extra bonus. Your company was discovered at a Christmas exhibition at Olympia.

  72. Val Fazakerley

    Purchased lemongrass and rosemary candles and diffusers from Valentte many times now. The smell is divine, the quality extremely good and excellent value for money. I have now added the scrub to my shopping list and am delighted with my new find.

  73. Michaela Layton

    Wow I’ve had candles over the years including well known brands
    I discovered these on sale at the Yorkshire show and could smell them some stalls away which is what attracted me ,the smell! is intense and true to its name it burns evenly and on lighting my first one has I bought three I needed to purchase some more they are truly worth every PENNEY and come neatly packaged and look amazing thankyou valentte my home smells truly amazing

  74. Debbie

    Good quality products fragrance last and smells wonderful always satisfied with all products was good to meet you again at Yorkshire show again luke

  75. elizabethpeel66

    Fabulous fragrances and beautifully packaged, will order again.

  76. Steve Ariss

    Met you at The Game Fair yesterday and bought a box with 2 reed diffusers and a candle in Rosemary & Lemongrass. Such a lovely scent and very good value too the diffusers seem to last for ages. We have bought from you previously and always been delighted with not only the products but the super friendly and efficient service we have had be it at a show of online.

  77. Pauine

    Absolutely delighted with my purchase. Chose the Patchouli and Eucalyptus candles and diffuser which are amazing and fill the room with their beautiful fragrance.

  78. C Millen

    This is just the best buy ever if you want
    a very glamorous gift with a huge variety of fragrances but also I buy this way for personal use I love the lemongrass and rosemary I have the diffusers ,room spray and the candle . I usually buy several sets to take advantage of free postage , keep me going and there is always a set in my gift cupboard.
    I found Valentte some years ago at Ascot Fashion Fayre and went twice a year to stock up. I was delighted when the on line service started. I am and will remain a fan and loyal cistomer.
    Fab u lous ☆☆☆☆☆

  79. Debbie

    Love the fragrances they always smell lovely and last well too

  80. Gemma

    I brought a set at Hampton court flower show. I got a couple of candles and shower scrub. Loved so much husband brought the same for my birthday but included a hand cream. Good value and lovely fragrance.

  81. Julie Doublett

    After suffering for many years with allergies to synthetic essential oils and candles, I have now found the Valentte diffuser and candles that I can use around my house with no ill effects. Brilliant product and amazing aromas. Thumbs up for using pure oils as opposed to synthetic!!

  82. Densie

    I bought a gift box at this years game fair. I love the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser which has filled the downstairs of my house with a lovely fragrance. I have not yet lit any of the candles in the box but they smell lovely

  83. Gillian Hasan

    Fabulous products – really high quality – smell is amazing – particularly like the body lotion – goes on well – not oily – smell lingers long after application – very good for dry skin. Candle burns well – no black smoke from the wick – strong scent – just really lovely products – as good as high end equivalents.

  84. Helen Hanbury

    Loved these gift boxes . Excellent value for money .Great presentation .

  85. Janet Bucknell

    Lovely set- bought to put away for Christmas gift!

  86. Faith Williams

    I found this company at a Christmas fair and am so glad i did. I’ve been looking for a soy candle with a clean burn and not only found this but all the other lovely items they offer. These boxes are a bargain I no longer wait for the end of the year to treat myself, friends and family xxx

  87. mary.karasu

    I have tried many home fragrance products but these are truly the best- beautiful fragrances that fill the room. Natural and clean. Excellent value for money and I will be ordering more.

  88. Sarah Clayton


  89. Jenny27

    I just love the diffusers. The smell lasts and lasts. So glad I discovered Valentte at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow. Ordered my gift box on the Thursday and it arrived on the Friday. Fantastic customer service. Will be buying again.


    I first discovered Valentte when I was Christmas shopping in Kingston. I bought two mix and match giftboxes and was delighted with the candles particularly. I used the products really quickly as I loved them so much. Just didn’t get round to ordering on line. Then, as luck would have it I purchased more at the Hampton Court Flower Show in July. My absolute favourite is the Lime & Grapefruit scent. Now in the process of ordering more – love it1

  91. Paula Doddemeade

    superb gift box, excellent value and quite simply the best home fragrance out there.

  92. Jane

    Superb gift box with lovely choice of products. The smells are just amazing.

  93. Diane jane

    my daughter-in-law had the lemongrass hand wash I remarked how lovely it was, and for my birthday she ordered a gift box containing lemongrass items beautifully wrapped for me. I have now started ordering gift boxes for family and friends for Christmas as they make ideal quality present.

  94. Richard

    The products are simply fantastic. First purchased them at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh 2019 and converted to this company.
    go out and get the box set as it’s best value

  95. Lesley Page

    Bought this for myself having already bought different products at RHS Wisley. I cannot get enough of the stuff! There are lovely fragrances but personally I favour the lemongrass & rosemary. The candles are great to mask my husbands cooking skills and the room scent is great when the dogs are around. Luke and the team – don’t stop production pleeeease!

  96. Kathleen Timoney

    I love this gift box. Its ideal for someone who is hard to buy for but you know they like diffusers. Having the choice of different scents in one box is a great idea.

  97. steven.holgate

    Such a beautiful gift box of 3 items of your own choice! I love the reed diffusers which make my home smell heavenly. My favourites are white neroli and lemon and lemongrass and rosemary – both fresh and long lasting

  98. anne

    Fabulous diffusers.

  99. miranda28smith

    So happy with these products, they smell divine

  100. Ruth

    I love scented candles but after my husband developed an allergy to the usual shop bought ones I was searching for an alternative! Valentte candles are perfect natural ingredients and scents mean I can have candles again! My husband has had no problems with these candles and my house smells amazing! Thank you (makes you think what chemicals are in some candles!)

  101. helen page

    An amazing collection of the modt amazing scents csnt fault the products and service!

  102. gillian.ggordon

    Excellent !!!! Love the hand & body lotion . The lemongrass fragrance is so nice. Will defo be ordering more. Customer service is also excellent . Glad a found you at the flower show !!

  103. louisehall640

    I ordered three diffusers and reeds and got one free from the mix and match products, they arrived beautifully packaged. I have them around my room and keep the doors shut and when I enter the rooms the smell is beautiful , I have had so many comments I now want to order more for presents .

  104. Jillia

    After discovering these candles recently, I am converted, good bye Cowshed.. my house is now full of Valentte..

  105. Emma arucci

    This was my first purchase after going round to my friends for dinner. She had a the lemongrass and rosemary defuser which smelt so lovely. It made me want one.

  106. Ola Harrison

    I Was treated to a surprise lemongrass and rosemary mix and match gift box by husband at the Chatsworth Country. I absolutely love the smell of all of the products., such an uplifting scent and all natural, will definitely be purchasing more gift boxes as presents.

  107. niki jones

    i love these boxes- i brought one for my friends birthday as she commented on the smell when she walked into my house, so i got the box with three lemongrass and rosemary diffusers in so she can space them round her house- the box is so nicely wrapped and presented as well

  108. niki jones

    I AM a bargain hunter !! theres no other way to say it- I discovered Valentte on a website giving out free samples , I requested free samples along with my gift box-I always buy the gift boxes as they work out such good value,everyone loves the smell as they walk in my house- I must admit I’m a bit hooked on the lemongrass and rosemary at the moment and that is throughout the house -apart from sons bedroom which is patchouli,they really are great value, not only beautifully packaged but well packaged,lovely customer service, I’ve now got other family members hooked too!

  109. jawals

    Beautiful fragrance and a fantastic gift idea.

  110. A Wade

    Love Valentte’s products! Repeat Burghley/SOC cutomer, if you want a candle that actually smells when you burn it and diffusers that last without going a funny colour …these are your guys!

  111. Mmcmayfield

    Bought a Lemongrass & Rosemary Gift Box at Bramham Horse Trials this year. The fragrance is really fresh & circulates well around the entire home. Totally delighted and will definitely purchase more in the future!

  112. Dawn

    These are the only candles I now purchase. The gift box makes it feel like a real treat.

  113. Teresa Tanner

    Super products. Always top value and quick delivery.

  114. Beverley Gillson

    Brought a gift box at the Ideal Home Show in March – the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser is in my hallway – amazing scent – I have never found a better smelling diffuser. Candle is absolutely lovely. Have recommended to all of my friends that are as obsessed with candles and diffusers as I am.

  115. Melanie Yankovic-McKay

    Bought two gift boxes at a show; one for a friend as a gift and one for my home.
    My friends loved the smell and the diffuser lasted 2-3 months.
    My products were very good also. Will buy again st the next show

  116. Sue Carter

    Valentte gift boxes have been my go to presents for my friends and family for over two years. I love them and so does everyone who receives them. No better gift 🎁

  117. Sue Carter

    Valentte gift boxes are the just the best presents for friends and family. Everyone loves the fragrances. It’s a no brainer as you cannot fail to impress.

  118. Vicky weston

    I love all of your products I have bought lots of Xmas presentsXX

  119. Alison

    I love this product I have bought it at various shows and also online over the last few years . I have the lemongrass and rosemary reed ( I have tried the others but go back to lemongrass and rosemary ) I have my diffuser in my down stairs toilet and all my friends comment how lovely it smells . Each one last for about 3 months . I have also got the candle in the same scent which burns well and lasts ages . I have bought them for friends in the gift boxes makes a lovey present .

  120. Joanne harris

    I love this box of treats for myself. The body scrub is amazing, your skin feels so soft. The heel cream fabulous too, I’m already noticing my feet are much softer. And my candle I love I’ve burnt most it as I have to light it every day. So worth spoiling yourself with . The products are gorgeous as is the packaging. Thinking Christmas gifts.

  121. Robert ellis

    Very pleased smell devine would buy again

  122. Jackie Jones

    These gift boxes are amazing value! I regularly use ‘Geranium & Ylang Ylang’ room diffusers in the whole house – the smell is just gorgeous, visitors often remark on the beautiful smell in the porch (and I don’t think they mean the wellies), it is such a pure clean smell and fabulous that it is all natural – well done Valentte!!

  123. Anne mitchell

    Brilliant products, my favourite on the market and have now signed up for online purchasing to make sure I can get products when I want them. The hand creams are all fantastic and leave skin really smooth. Favourite fragrances are mandarin and the lemongrass with rosemary. Come beautifully boxed if you go for 3 items, but if giving as gifts you can always remove and just leave in the tissue paper.
    Highly recommend all of them

  124. Danielle

    These create your own gift boxes are amazing value and it so nice to be able to pick exactly what products you want.

  125. Caroline

    These boxes are great value and beautifully presented. I love unwrapping the parcel and getting the amazing aroma. I discovered Valentte at the Ideal Home Show earlier this year and it is a firm favourite now.

  126. Sarah Norfield

    Saw your stand at the Malvern Autumn Show and was really impressed with products and gentlemen running the stall. Decided I loved the lemongrass & rosemary fragrance the most (smells divine).
    I ended up with a gift box with 3 of the above mentioned diffusers and will be introducing them to friends and family,great idea for gifts.
    Will definitely buy from you again.

  127. Dawn

    A Beautiful gift & a quality product, I discovered Valentte at Harrogate flower show a few years ago & have used their candles & room diffusers ever since. I love they are made from natural products & the fragrance lasts & lasts. First time I’ve ordered online, fantastic service, lovely packaging, will definitely be ordering more with Xmas just round the corner!

  128. Yvonne Huntington

    Bought a gift box containing a diffuser and two candles. My house smells fantastic now. Very pleased with my purchase.

  129. Sarah

    Lemon and rosemary is divine, im going to try next the peppermint and verbena one as i love lemon these are long lasting and great value

  130. christine n

    what a lovely box and the contents.
    3 reed diffusers all perfect scents to try and i love them all. so pleased i tried them. i will be a returning customer

  131. Vicky Taylor

    I love your products, especially the reed diffusers, some Christmas presents sorted already. Hope to meet you at the spirit of Christmas fair

  132. Kathryn Empson

    I buy a gift box each year for my father. He loves the Christmas smell. I always treat myself as well! Love all the products and they last for ages. Much better quality and value than the high end diffusers/candles!!!

  133. Sam Thomson

    Absolutely love this box – amazing value and makes the perfect gift! That’s Christmas sorted 🙂

  134. Steve

    Brilliant product quality, great discount came quickly and faultlessly making a terrific present

  135. sheena

    was wondering what to get for my daughter-in law for her birthday when i thought of valentte. i had got some free samples a month ago and lets say they smelled beautiful so i thought i,d give them a try. she absolutely loved them so i,m going to treat myself shortly,her house smelled amazing

  136. Sam Kirk

    Love that I can choose my own scents and combination of items. Very good value for money. I’m converted to Valentte and so is the wider family.

  137. Louise criddle

    I love a nice smelling house and with a dog I am always conscious of the smell! I first bought from these guys from badminton and ever since then I have been hooked! The lemongrass diffusers are just the best, the smell never fades and people always comment on the fresh smell when they are round. So much so people have also started buying the diffisers

  138. Maria

    Love the diffusers, bought the mix and match set, uplifting for the lounge and relaxing for bedtime.

  139. samantha winder

    Great value for money, beautifully wrapped, perfect for those candle lovers as are my family.

  140. Jackie Plumridge

    First brought a diffuser from Hampton Court flower show, so impressed with the long lasting scent that I’ve purchased another 6. Such good value.

  141. Val Rose

    Great value and a fabulous gift. The gift boxes are beautifully packaged and Its great to be able to chose the individual items. It means that I can tailor the gift boxes to suit the recipient. I have tried quite a few of the scents and like them all but Lemongrass and rosemary is my favourite.

  142. Angela

    Great idea , beautifully wrapped , my friend was very pleased with her birthday present 💝 Thankyou

  143. Katie

    Great value and beautiful scents I like so many in the range of diffusers difficult to choose but the lemongrass Rosemary is a firm favourite

  144. Lesley Paterson

    I bought the Mix and Match gift box as a present. It arrived quickly, I was kept up to date with delivery. Beautiful presentation with delicious fragrances. Wish I’d bought it for myself.

  145. CLAIRE

    I bought one of these diffusers at Chatsworth Country Fair, and it’s the best diffuser I have ever bpught….and I’ve tried lots! These just give the most beautiful aromas whatever scent.
    I originally bought the lemongrass and rosemary, I have just reordered that aswell as lavender and white neroli and lemon. They all smell beautiful.
    I will not waste my time and money buying diffusers from anywhere else now and I’m sure I’ll be ordering for Xmas presents too!
    What a great find!

  146. Andrea Stephens

    Discovered these little gems atAscot Craft Fair and have been doing Postal orders and revisiting the stall. I have bought them for presents and they have been loved and appreciated by my sister and friends who’ve received them as gifts . The latest purchase is for a friend. Lovely products. Love the candles and diffusers and now been introduced to the scrub which is sheer luxury.
    I liked the white neroli and lemon , but now my favourite is lemongrass and rosemary . The diffusers last ages and the candle scent the whole room .
    Would highly recommend .

  147. Shona Simpson

    White neroli and lemon absolutely gorgeous. Bought it at Blenheim horse trials, bought 3 more via gift set 2 weeks later. Great value, not overpowering smell. Will be buying more. 😁

  148. Megan

    Beautiful product! Using the reed diffuser in my dressing room, but the smell drifts onto the landing! Such a lovely fresh scent, will definitely buy again

  149. Jane Scott

    I discovered Valentte at Tatton Flower Show. I loved the reed diffuser scents and found it hard to choose, but my clear favourite is the Lemongrass and Rosemary. My friends and family all comment on the beautiful scents when they visit!! I’ve ordered refills online and the mix and match gift box. It’s such an easy process even when I phoned with a query it was dealt with immediately by very friendly efficient staff!! I will be putting in my Christmas order soon!!

  150. Gillian

    These products were recommended to me last year and since then I have been using them regularly. The boxes are super value and beautifully packaged. The fragrances are long lasting. I must thank the staff for their helpfulness and excellent service with my last order.

  151. Patricia Morfitt

    Highly delighted with my Valentte lemongrass and rosemary products, I was bought a box by my daughter and was so impressed I have brought another for a friend.
    The smell of the diffuser and room spray is lovely, so fresh and the candle is very relaxing.

  152. Linda McKenzie

    Gift box with 3 reed diffusers.
    As always delivered on time and just love the scent of rosemary & lemongrass and also neroli. Keeping these for myself though. Last a long time.
    Will be buying more!

  153. Marion Smith

    I like to have a lavender scent for my bedroom and this is my first purchase of lavender from Valentine – as expected I love it!! It smells so luxurious compare to others. I now purchase Valentte products as gifts (a very happy friend heading to the Falklands with a Lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser). When ordering I cannot wait for that lovely white box to arrive ( which it does very quickly)!!! .

  154. Natalie Ellis

    Perfect Christmas presents, sharing the love of these amazing products that I was lucky enough to discover this summer at RHS Tatton Park.

  155. Debbie Morris

    Such great value! These candles have such a rich fragrance you can smell them even when they are not lit, I love the faint waft as I walk past. They don’t have the sooty burn that some other scented candles seem to give off and last a long time. I’m working my way through each available mix but my current favourite is the clean fresh smell of Lemongrass and Rosemary, which is great for removing cooking smells!

  156. Sharon G

    I bought a home scent gift box of Lemongrass & Rosemary, we love them so much that we are returning today to buy some more! The diffusers & candle smell divine.

  157. Anne C

    I love these gift boxes and have purchased some as presents for friends and family the smell is amazing easy to order and fast delivery

  158. Cathryn J

    I bought a candle and two diffusers at the Craft show at Hampton court in Sept, they smell so nice and comments have been made about them when people come into my house. Thanks so much and great value too

  159. Andy Goss

    Hi, I would just like to say I visited your stand at the Spirit of Christmas yesterday and was thrilled to see you again. I bought my first Gift Set (Lemongrass) candle and two diffusers at the Oxted And Edenbridge show back in August and had to purchase again. This time I bought the body scrub and more candles and diffusers! I can’t wait to try the scrub. Your customer service is exceptional, great product knowledge and above all friendly staff. I now have all your details and will definitely be buying on line. Thank you for making my home smell beautiful

  160. Mrs m mallabone

    Absolutely love these gift boxes, I have brought several now for family and friends and everyone loves them! Valentte are Brilliant And cannot fault there products!

  161. Kerry goel

    Have bought from valentte before! And keep going back for more !! I think the candles are absolutely fantastic it makes the whole house smell amazing! Also there body scrubs are divine ❤️❤️

  162. Terry O’Neill

    I visited a friend and commented on the fragrance from her hall candle which was delightful. As a result, I purchased several items as presents. The box set is smart and you have a good choice of scented candles and room mists. I enjoy yoga and aromatherapy …. these products were just perfect. The gift sets can be personalised and they arrive quickly with the message(if requested) …. my recipients have adored them.

  163. Rachel Atkinson

    I was given a small hand cream sample at a horse show I went too. I didn’t buy on the day but used the cream and loved it so I have ordered online. So pleased with this box its everything I was told it would be at the show. Long lasting excellent quality and smells beautiful.

  164. Ann Gibbons

    Omg this scent is to die for , I have a home base beauty clinic and my clients keep saying about the fantastic smell , I would never buy my candles from anywhere else , makes Yankee candles feel like poison in your house , these candles are pure and safe , I have never bought a Yankee since x

  165. Sharon Carr

    Fantastic value for quality products

  166. Claire

    Amazing products, I love the lemongrass and rosemary and have so many comments about the amazing scent throughout the house.
    So many of my friends now have this product.
    First discovered this product 2 years ago at the festive gift fair in Birmingham, once you have these you would not have anything else.

  167. Natalie Perrott

    Fantastic value for money. I ordered 2 boxes, one to be shipped to Europe. The products smell absolutely beautiful and I don’t want to give my 2nd box away.

  168. sue.steven

    I purchased this box as a Christmas gift, but decided to keep it for myself as it was so lovely! I particularly like the handcream, which is very easily absorbed.

  169. Kerry goel

    I bought a mixed box which had a candle, diffuser and hand wash in , not only do they smell divine they are packaged beautifully too !! Will be back for more !!

  170. Louise Criddle

    Everytime people come round to our house they comment on how nice it smells- the lemongrass diffusers…! All my friends are now shopping from Valentte- we are hooked

  171. Laura Callaghan

    Love being able to mix and match my favourite scents. These make great gifts

  172. Lisa

    Amazing products ….. love the smell and great knowing it’s all natural

  173. Sarah Parker

    I discovered Valentte at a christmas Country Living fair and absolutely love their products. Everything from the gorgeous scents to the beautiful packaging and prompt delivery is top quality. The gift boxes make lovely presents, I’ve bought them for my daughter, best friend and sisters as I know they will love them. Also they are such good value, which really helps at christmas, especially with the added bonus of a free hand wash and body lotion as a treat for myself!

  174. Christine Edwards

    I’ve been buying Valentte for several years now and just love the fragrances of the candles, reed diffusers and room mists. I’ve bought the gift sets as presents for friends and family and they too are all now hooked. Wouldn’t be without Valentte in my home. Thank you so much 💕💕💕

  175. Carol mcloughlin

    As always wonderful value. These really make the perfect gift (though I buy for myself as well) for anyone, excellent quality and beautifully packaged. Christmas sorted!

  176. Rita Billinghurst

    I bought a box of diffusers at a show and loved them so ordered more. They make our flat smell lovely and everyone comments. The orders arrive very quickly and make great gifts

  177. Catherine Sutton

    Such good value – and fantastic for me who loves the Lemongrass and Rosemary candle. A bright uplifting scent which helps energise the mind for a busy day of Christmas Shopping!

  178. Janette

    I ordered the gift set of 3 lavender products, it arrived beautifully wrapped in tissue in a box finished with a lovely ribbon, the products were of superb quality, I would be very happy to order again,& happy to receive as a gift too! thank you. 👍

  179. Mrs Vicky Melling

    I discovered Valentine at the Hampton Court Flower showman been hooked ever since. I absolutely love these products, the smells are amazing and have been telling all my friends to get on line and order some.

  180. Sharon Eaude

    Originally bought a box at the Christmas markets in liverpool, then used and realised how gorgeous the products were so bought another box on line, they all smell divine, loving the white neroli and lemon, so fresh!

  181. Linda Carter

    Love the box set, I’ll definitely be buying again , next time for a lovely present. Thank you

  182. Cat

    Great value for money – I’ve haven’t found candles that smell better at three times the price.

  183. Miranda Fagandini

    I came across these products at the Hampton Court handicrafts sale and fell for the delicious Lemongrass and Rosemary scent. It’s bright and fresh without being cloying and I love it so much I bought a gift box for myself with some more room diffusers and a room spray. It arrived quickly and all packaged beautifully. I will definitely order again when these are finished.

  184. Sue

    Excellent value box of diffusers, all room scents are wonderful and very lasting without being over powering. A wonderful find. Thank you

  185. Sherry Green

    Beautifully packaged and beautiful fragrances. The reed diffusers last for ages and keep the scent. Great for presents

  186. Mrs M J Jones

    I am absolutely delighted with my recent order of white neroli and lemon diffuser and cardamom and nutmeg and pure lavender diffusers. I first bought them whilst at the Sandringham Christmas Craft Fayre last year, and they are still in use. They are the best product around!

  187. Paul Rowell

    I bought two mix and match boxes. Cardamom and nutmeg and a lemongrass and rosemary and they are both absolutely gorgeous! I bought the same last Christmas and the cardamom diffuser has only recently finished. Excellent value and this year it was posted to me free of charge as it wasn’t in stock at the Country Living Christmas show in Glasgow. Thank you so much!

  188. Annette

    Beautiful natural product with great smells. Bought aa mix of geranium/ylang ylang and the lime products – absolutely beautiful. Great service too.

  189. Tarhe

    I love love love the fresh but subtle Valentte lavender scent and was delighted with my gift box of hand wash and body creams. The products last a while and are great quality. I highly recommend them!

  190. Maureen

    Absolutely love these all the products. I have ordered a number of these gift boxes with 2 reed diffusers and a diferent product – the lemongrass and the white neroli being my personal favourites.

  191. Poupak Saleh

    Truly Amazing Products at such great value for money. I got this Mix and Match box last year from a friend and re-ordered this year for myself.
    Love the Hand Cream, Infuser and Room Spray.

  192. dave

    This is the third order for this wonderful product, I love the lemongrass and rosemary I have a reed diffuser in my living room Hall and bedroom, it does exactly what it says, lasts for ages and the smell, enhances our own environment gorgeous every time we enter the rooms,I just admire this fragrance, but I look forward to trying a new one

  193. Nichola Cox

    I have brought this gift set for a friend, it’s perfect and I can’t recommend it enough

  194. David Johnson

    Bought as a gift for my wife sort of a stocking filler on recondition from a friend and have to admit the quality is top notch and the fragrance is amazing and very good value when bought as a set, will definitely purchase again.

  195. Lucy

    This is an amazing box. I bought three diffusers and I am so happy with them. I opened the patchouli and eucalyptus and our living room smells fantastic. Also opened the white neroli and have it scenting our bedroom. I have been asked about the beautiful scent and have another convert! Gorgeous.

  196. Val Clulow

    These gift boxes with diffusers and candles are amazing value. I use the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance usually because it is so fresh and uplifting. Everyone comments as they come into the house and I have found this product to be an ideal gift which is always well received. I happily recommend not only this product but the company in general as the staff are not only helpful but very knowledgable and will give advice when asked.

  197. Gilly Sprott

    First saw these products at The Country Living Craft Fair in Glasgow. The products are a high quality, with great scents that last. The prices were great and the sellers were enthusiastic and knowledgeable . I placed an order that had to be shipped, I called to check on the due date and was assured my box would arrive within the next few days, which it did. Well packaged and gift wrapped. I will buy this again.

  198. Julia Loud

    I first came across Valentte at Southport show in the summer. This Christmas I am giving everyone a gift of candles because the scent is amazing and I want all my family to enjoy these products too!!

  199. K helme

    I discovered Valentte at the Southport Flower show. Had so many friends comment on the lovely smell of the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser. Thank you.

  200. Eleni Katsiani

    I am very impressed with the neroli smell, frankly addicted. The scent of orange blossom brings the most wonderful imagery to mind. I have been trying everything in the market called neroli and these products are so true to the real scent, it’s amazing!!

  201. sue moore

    Love these Valentte candles and diffusers. It’s great to be able to choose different fragrances for the mix and match boxes and they all smell wonderful. Also the organic ingredients make them safe to burn. Wonderful!

  202. Jane Povey

    One of my girlfriends has been buying your products for a long time. Every time I walk through her front door I smell this wonderful aroma and asked her what it was. Hence I was hooked and then she explained the 3 in 1 box. Now my house smells like hers. I have tried other expensive diffusers and most I cannot smell after a very short time. This product ticks all my boxes.

  203. Lin

    Discovered Valentte through a friend. Purchased the mix and match gift box for a friend for Christmas and was very pleased with it. I am sure my friend will love it as much as I do going to purchase one for myself as a treat. Excellent value for money.

  204. Lesley Dodgson

    I received a small sample of Lemongrass hand cream at the Country File show this year. The hand cream was the best I had ever used; so luxuriously creamy but what i really loved was that the scent lasted for hours. i purchased a mix and match gift box so that i could split up the products for little stocking filler gifts for my friends. I know they will love their Christmas gifts and I will now have to order more for myself:-)

  205. Jason gourdie

    Lemongrass smells fabulous and the service offered by Valentte is the best, unfortunately 1 candle got damaged during transit and I got a replacement a couple of days later, will continue using Valentte

  206. Alison

    I visited a friend and she had a diffuser in lemongrass the smell was delicious so I ordered 3 – by ordering them in a gift box they represent great value for money and now my house smells wonderful – I’m hooked I have tried many diffusers that haven’t lasted or the smell is too potent – these are just perfect – Alison

  207. M

    These were a gift and they were delighted with all three candles. They couldn’t wait to try them.

  208. William Littlejohn

    These were bought for my wife at the recent Christmas Fair in Glasgow she absolutely loved them hence the repeat (and future) orders.
    All are her favourites especially the one with eucalyptus.

  209. helen page

    Always exciting to receive my delivery of diffusers, such good value for money! Amazing long lasting smells!

  210. Jackie Locke

    Product came beautifully packaged and smell is amazing. I know from trying it the hand-wash and handcream are of high quality and extreemly good.

  211. daviderailton

    I bought the Lemongrass & Rosemary candles for my fiancé for Christmas from your stall in the Liverpool Christmas Market. We both absolutely love them, they smell amazing and the scent fills the whole house! We will definitely be buying these again!

  212. Louise Hall

    Fantastic products, I cannot refined this enough, the best diffusers that I have ever bought
    I’m a customer for life now

  213. Kate Armitage

    I’m a lifelong fan/ customer, I wouldn’t use anything else, the fragrances are gorgeous. This year gave some products as presents and everybody loves them too, hopefully more life long customers for you!!

  214. Jill Sparham

    I was given a lemongrass and rosemary gift box for Christmas and oh my word, THE most divine fragrance from the candle and diffuser filled our lounge. The candle burned all evening and only went down a minute amount! A truly exquisite product and one which I will certainly be purchasing myself.

  215. Terri Maltman

    I have to say, when I was reading the reviews about your product before I ordered, I was very sceptical about the truth of them. I now have to eat my doubts, as the smell emanating from the Jasmine & Rosemary candle and diffuser is absolutely divine. I would have no doubt at all in recommending your products to anyone without any fear of retribution. ABSOLUTELY amazing fragrances in my home.

  216. Terri Maltman

    I must say while I read the reviews I was sceptical, but now after receiving my gift box of Jasmine & Rosemary, candles and diffusers, I cannot believe the fragrances emanating throughout my home. ABSOLUTELY Amazing. HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. The others I gave as gifts have also commented on their smell.

  217. Susan Thompson

    A perfect gift, tailored to the individual. High quality products beautifully presented.

  218. Sha

    I bought three gift boxes as gifts for Christmas and all three recipients loved the products. Each box had a candle a diffuser and a hand cream, each a different scent.
    I will definitely buy again and also for myself.
    The boxes were nicely wrapped and came just in time even though I was late in ordering.
    Lovely service

  219. Sylvie Hunt

    Wonderful clean natural fragrances, the hand cream wonderfully moisturised my skin, they felt lovely and soft to touch, along with absorption being quick and non greasey. Good quality products.

  220. jan

    Treated myself to a box at Liverpool Christmas market. I’ve got to say the candles burn evenly and are long lasting. all the fragrances are amazing. I need to try some of the others now, but particular favourite is lemongrass and rosemary

  221. Lesley Simon

    This is my second mix and match gift box order, lemongrass fragrance is amazing. Will definitely reorder.

  222. Lesley Simon

    This is my second mix and match gift order. First discovered these products at The Royal Highland Show.

  223. Jane

    I was very fortunate to have received a Valentte Gift Set for Christmas.
    The products are high quality and the body lotion gives my skin a nourished smooth feel. The fragrance is simply wonderful.
    Its a five star rating from me.

  224. Gill Coker

    I love the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser. The sent fills the whole room and definitely seems to last. The candles are also lovely.
    I discovered Valentte at a Christmas market when we were staying in Liverpool

  225. A. Pelosi

    Thank you for your speedy service. I purchased the gift box at the recent horse show at Olympia on Sunday 22nd Dec and received the products on Christmas eve as promised by Luke, beautifully packaged. I opted for the hand and body lotion and two diffusers in the lemongrass and rosemary and extremely happy with my choice. The diffusers were admired by all visitors to the house at Christmas and the scent is having such a positive effect in my office after colleagues shared the hand cream, they are all placing orders too. The aroma is so lovely and just what is needed to give people a lift at the start of a new year. Will be purchasing again as I always prefer natural products and these are pure bliss.

  226. Tasha Bocock

    Great value and such a good idea to do your own mix and match 😊 perfect gift idea in a lovely box

  227. Lorraine

    I purchased all Reed diffusers – buying the pack makes it excellent value as the diffusers are such high quality. Lemon and Rosemary is beautiful – I have many compliments about it. I also purchased the body scrub. Often body scrubs aren’t coarse enough but this is spot on and so moisturising – thank you!

  228. Pam Black

    Another successful purchase! Been using these products for a few years now and nothing else on the market I have found so far, comes close. The scent and product quality is second to none!! Love it!

  229. C Proctor

    I’ve been buying the lemongrass & rosemary reed diffuser for over a year now.
    I still absolutely love it, everyone that comes into my house comments about the beautiful smell and ends up purchasing it as well . Very happy and would highly recommend


    I enjoy the reed diffusers so much The scents are so pure , I have them dotted around my home different scents for bathroom to kitchen bedroom to living room there is a gorgeous scent to suit each room or mood .
    I gave my sister a box at Christmas and because she its afraid of naked flame I included a Diffuser she absolutly loved it .
    I highly recommend these heavenly products

  231. Louise Pile

    All the products I have ordered are amazing the scent has transformed my home , the scents are Vibrant and fills the room 2 weeks on and the smells are strong as the first day I put the products out , will definitely be ordering more .

  232. Sophie Warren

    I bought this gift box at the country living fair – one candle and two reed diffusers – lovely smells although I cannot always smell the reed diffusers.

  233. Maria Potts

    Sometimes diffusers are not very effective when they are in a large room. My mum got a Valennte diffuser for a Christmas gift and every time I opened her door the room had a wonderful aroma…..I had to treat myself to the gift box. The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser has a lovely fresh scent, I’m completely converted and bought whilst the January half price offer was on – a bargain to boot!

  234. Hilary Danelian

    I discovered Valentte at the Ascot Fashion Sale and am now a big fan. The Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser is my favourite product so I purchased a gift box containing three of them. Now both our bathrooms smell divine and I have a spare! I also received free samples of your other scents so I may branch out and try a different one next time or solve all my present dilemmas in 2020 by buying Valentte products for everyone.

  235. Janet Marr

    This was my first purchase. I needed to buy my daughter in law a birthday present, I wanted something special and different. When my item arrived it was beautifully boxed, the smell was divine, I was over the moon with it. I will definately be buying again.

  236. Dan

    Fabulous products smells amazing great value for money already reordered!

  237. She Owen

    I have used Valentte for over one year when I came across them at a Christmas Show. Their products are fantastic and we have amazing scents running through the house. I have recommended them to a number of friends who now also buy from them. Couldn’t believe it when I saw this gift box containing three main products for £30 such amazing value.

  238. Jo

    Love the spa feeling these candles create . I have now got my friend ordering these delicious products

  239. Helen Page

    As always the candles and diffusers arrive quickly and are beautifully packaged. On top of that they last longer than many others and the scents are amazing, no chemically smells just a natural fragrance that gets commented on by visitors. I was recommended by a friend and now always get candles and diffusers from Vallente

  240. Ali Lee

    I received a gift box of 3 reed diffusers for Christmas and have only needed to open one so far. The lemongrass and rosemary is amazing – the hallway/landing still smells as good as it did when I first opened it 5 weeks ago (and very little has evaporated). Definitely the best smelling and lasting reed diffusers I have used. I will be purchasing some gift boxes for my friends & family now too.

  241. lizzitrish

    Once again a perfectly packaged trio and samples, of outstanding quality items. The scents are superb, long lasting and always commented on by visitors. These products are far better on every level than equally priced high street names, and with such wonderful service, will now not buy from anyone else. Thank you Valentte!

  242. Shirley bourne

    I purchased six diffusers last weekend to go in my salon – they are gorgeous !!! All of my clients are commenting how lovely the place smells !

  243. Julia Fritz

    I absolutely love this company. The quality of the products are fantastic. I am a huge fan of their candles and have bought many for friends and family. Lemongrass & Rosemary my favourite! Followed by Jasmine & Rosewood then Lime & Grapefruit! The room stays scented long after the candle has been blown out! Try one and then buy a mix of 3; great value for money…. enjoy!

  244. Jacqueline Jones

    Such good value – the Geranium and Ylang Ylang scent is simply amazing!

  245. Susan Wootton

    Beautiful products. My house smells gorgeous! Everyone comments when they come in! I was given 2 gift boxes for Christmas and I have ordered another one since. Beautiful packaging and quick and efficient delivery. I love the lemon grass and rosemary. Diffusers the best I’ve ever had. Body scrub fabulous. Soap beautiful. The candles burn so well. What a wonderful company! Thank you.

  246. Tracey Kempson

    An amazing gift, in addition the the products having the most amazing strong and long lasting scent, the gift box is very elegant and classy!

  247. R. Offin

    Gift box arrived very quickly and is quite beautifully packaged. This is a purchase for myself as I adore the wonderful fragrance of the lemongrass diffusers which last for many weeks. I cannot recommend this company enough as their attention to detail is fantastic.
    Looking forward to my next purchase.

  248. Jeff Allen

    We got a Valentte gift box two years ago as a Christmas present. I was sold on the Lemongrass & Rosemary diffuser which lasted ages. We also like Jasmine & Rosewood which has a more earthy smell. The soaps, hand creams as well as the diffusers all smell wonderful and are of high quality.

    Highly recommended company.

  249. Jacqueline Jones

    A great price – such good value, the Geranium and Ylang Ylang is just such a beautiful smell! I can’t find any other reed diffuser on the market that works as well or for as long! Amazing work Valennte!

  250. Janet Clark

    Where to start!… the ease of ordering, the description of products and contents, the choice you have to pick and choose your items -tailor-made- the communications on the state of play with postings/deliver, the packaging/presentation and quick delivery. That was the boring bit but exceptionally important to me as a housebound veteran who cannot get out to shop.
    Now the good bit… the products, exceptional, true to life fragrances, which last, the unfussy presentation, yet totally acceptable in any space with regards fragrances and candles. The skincare…….well it does what it says no need to expand.
    I love these products and I am a happy customer – thank you x

  251. Rita crabtree

    What a great product and a great company
    The lemongrass diffuser smells fantastic and lasts for ages I have had a few items from this company and i will be using them again

  252. Rebecca

    Bought this for Mother’s day, Mum loved it, packaged beautifully, smells gorgeous before you even open it. Brilliant value for money, will be buying many more in future.

  253. helen page

    I review these amazing smelling products regularly, i cant fault the products and generally the service but i have never received one of the promised free candles for my reviews !

  254. Fiona Magee

    Love love love these products. I discovered these at the Tatton Park Flower Show and this stall is now always my first port of call in the Country Living tent. They smell absolutely gorgeous and I always get compliments when someone comes to my house because it smells so beautiful.
    I would put these items in the same bracket as those more than three times the price. If you haven’t tried them before, give them a go. You will not be disappointed.

  255. Ailsa Mullin

    Really fast delivery! As always beautifully packaged and the amazing scent of my reed diffusers has filled my house. I’m loving the mandarin and grapefruit, it’s so fresh and uplifting, and have just put my favourite lemongrass and rosemary into my bathroom.

  256. Julie

    After discovering Valentte at the Harrogate Christmas Fair in 2019 I have become a fan. The candle scents are long lasting and gorgeous. Visitors to my home always comment. The mix and match boxes are my go to treat.

  257. Sarah Anders

    Bought for my mum for mother’s day (and one for me 😉) Came really quickly and beautifully packaged. I have tried the hand cream and shea butter from mine, they are really nice and a little goes a long way so will definitely last. Would definitely order again especially as a present

  258. LG

    Excellent value for three top quality candles. Have ordered many times and will reorder for sure! Definitely recommend

  259. Lesley Jones

    I bought a box of three reed diffusers at Grand Designs in October. I wanted to use them in the hallway so I walk into the house to a lovely fragrance rather than a doggy smell. My first diffuser (white neroli & lemon) is still going, it’s about a third full now. They smell fantastic. I don’t have a great sense of smell but I get this as soon as I walk into my hallway. By far the best diffuser I have ever used. I won’t buy from anywhere else now. Thank you.

  260. Kirsty Wilson

    Discovered Valentte at The Royal Highland Show a few years ago and these candles and reed diffusers have turned out to be a firm favourite of mine. I have ordered online a number of times both for myself and as gifts. They come beautifully packaged and the free samples are an added bonus. Lemongrass & Rosemary is my favourite, the smell is divine and very long lasting.

  261. Yorkshire show

    I can say I love love the patchouli and eucalyptus mix and match box fantastic price . Shea butter hand and body lotion are fabulous as well as my house smelling gorgeous,, a lovely pick me up ,, thank you

  262. Sorrel

    I found your products at Cheltenham festival and as soon as I got home I ordered more. Amazing scents and extremely good value for money. Beautiful packaging. Promptly sent. Organised and helpful. I’ll most definitely be ordering again. Thank you x

  263. Karen Wilson

    Having been gifted a mixed box for my birthday, last year, I have now bought my own mixed box to restock these beautiful products. I purchased two lemongrass and rosemary hand washes and also treated myself to the hand cream, the amazing shea butter formula is so luscious and rich.
    The mixed box arrives beautifully packaged and is such fabulous value for such high end products.

  264. Gina Deacon

    I discovered Valentte at The London Fashion Weekend Show in Feb, a friend had bought some previously and the incredible fragrances drew me over. The candles are just the best and last so long, anyone that visits comments on how lovely they are. I have since re ordered online a number of times both for myself and as gifts and they are fantastic value. Patchouli and Eucalyptus is my favourite. Once you try one, you will never buy another candle elsewhere!

  265. Lorna Wheeler

    Fabulous products , perfect for now. Diffuser and candle makes home environment much more fragrant and pleasant .Hand wash encourages hand washing with lovely perfume, and is so gentle on skin. No hassle shopping too. Great!

  266. Tracy Cadman

    Absolutely fabulous products
    I would recommend all the quality goods
    Gave my mum and sister in law reed diffusers and candles for their birthdays and everyone comments on the lovely smell – best home perfume products I have ever bought
    Delivery is speedy and the packaging protects the goods. The presentation box is also so classy
    Lovely products
    Highly recommend
    Excellent value for money

  267. Leanne ward

    I came across Valentte last September whilst at Burghley Horse Trials and purchased this gift set – I LOVE THEM they are so fresh and last!
    Everyone who comes to my house comments on how wonderful they smell. I wouldn’t have anything else.

  268. Tracey Collins

    Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser floods the house with fragrance. Highly recommend.

  269. Rachel Marshall

    A fabulous gift for anyone who appreciates fresh scented products for their home. They last a long time and are hood value for money.

  270. Rachel Marshall

    I came across these products at a festival last year. I bought a lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser for my Mum who loved it so much asked for more products for her birthday. Perfect gift.

  271. Renita Green

    Bought my first boxed set last year and, having used everything up, decided to purchase another. The scents of the candles, room sprays and diffuser are just amazing- love them all but my favourite has to be the lemongrass and rosemary😊

  272. Dinah

    Nice treat in these uncertain times, products lovely and smell divine. Getting samples of other fragrances an added bonus.

  273. Shirley Humes

    FABULOUS value..
    Love these as a treat to myself

  274. Holly

    I discovered Valentte at a country show last year and have loved their products ever since, brilliant offers online and very quick delivery

  275. Nicole Lafbery-Jones

    After getting the lemon and rosemary reed diffuser for Christmas. We won’t be buying any other Reed diffusers. We bought the gift box of three Reed diffusers and we were not disappointed. The scents are amazing, you can smell them through out the house without being over powering. I haven’t found a scent that we don’t like.

  276. Helen

    Fabulous products as always
    Love the diffusers can smell as soon as I come in the house and they each last for ages unlike other diffusers
    Fab value with the gift box
    I am addicted

  277. Sarah Walker

    First bought this at a Christmas market and have ordered 3 more since, the scent is absolutely beautiful, lovely packaging and great products

  278. Diane jane

    I love the long lasting diffusers and so does my sons who received the beautifully packed gift box set for Xmas.
    Absolutely beautiful smells and great delivery service. Diane

  279. Liza Dearden

    I bought this gift box as a gift for my friend, we love Valentte products we have bought the candle & Reed sets every year for the past few years at Southport flower show. My friend was thrilled with her gift box I would definitely order a gift box again highly recommended for a gift, delivery was quick with no problems everything was packaged well. Many thanks & we look forward to hopefully seeing Valentte at Southport this year.

  280. Jill

    Fabulous products . I was given a gift box for my birthday and I love it . I have since ordered for myself . Beautifully packaged. So wonderful as a gift . I’ve used candles and diffusers for many years and it is the first time my husband has ever commented on one . I am currently using the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser and candle.

  281. Noreen Tierney

    In the middle of lockdown this was a perfect birthday gift, delivered to my lil sis in Ireland. Thank you guys – it made her very happy!

  282. Julie James

    Hi Luke I first bought Valentte when I went to Countryfile @ Blenheim Palace. For Easter I bought a gift box for my daughter and granddaughter. So far I’ve had a few fragrances and they are all absolutely beautiful, very crisp and clean I love the citrus smells. I would definitely recommend and you wouldn’t be disappointed. Thanks Luke. We were hoping to go to Countryfile @ Windsor Castle this year!! If it goes ahead we will definitely come and see you again. Take care & keep safe. Julie James xx

  283. Stephanie

    Fabulous gift box of goodies that was delivered very promptly and well packaged. I really like being able to mix and match the lovely products that go into the box. I am working my way through the full sized items – the lemon and rosemary handwash smells amazing.
    I would definitely recommend and will be ordering again.

  284. Jane Mallet

    Really love the wonderful fragrance of the Patchouli & Eucalyptus Diffuser in my Kitchen and I have the Jasmine & Rosewood Diffuser in my Bathroom. Lovely scents. I’ve just finished using the Lemongrass & Rosemary Handcream which is very moisturising for my hands. Will be stocking up again soon.

  285. Gemma

    I have purchased two gift boxes from Valentte now and I adore them! The reed diffuser lasts ages and I can smell it from different rooms. The candles are luxury defined and the body scrub is amazing. I have incredibly sensitive skin but the essential oils are just phenomenal. Love love love. Honestly could not recommend enough. I will undoubtedly be a long time customer!!

  286. Debbie Hill

    I was recommended Valentte by a work colleague and treated myself and my daughter’s for Christmas. We all love the product. I have since tried different scents and have found a favourite. My daughters love them even asked for them as birthday presents. It all comes packed neatly in a gift box so all you have to do is put it in a gift bag. Simples…. If you want a gift for someone treat them to one of these gift boxes the only down side is deciding which scent to choose. Even my husband commented on how great they smell!!!!

  287. Nia Williams

    Love their products. Look out for them in all the shows. Always keep extra’s as someone calls and likes the aroma and ends up taking one home. Online service is excellent.

  288. Kath Downing

    I recently bought two mix and match main product gift boxes for presents . The lemongrass and rosemary diffusers are just amazing, the best I have ever purchased. Brilliant customer service, Andy is so helpful.

  289. Sophie Whitlam

    Always loved all the different products from Valentte, lemongrass and Rosemary is our favourite fragrance. This gift box is perfect to allow you to buy different products for such a great price! Will definitely be buying again soon, thank you

  290. Sharon Cohen

    I purchased a box a few years ago at a Knitting show and it was present that I had great feedback. So when my daughter’s hands were very bad due to using hand sanitizer at work I thought we would give your products a try. She loved your hand cream and is using the Shea butter as well. The pure lavender is heavenly and she uses this at night before she goes to sleep.
    Thank you for your beautiful products

  291. Lisa Herd

    I discovered Valentte when I visited Bramham
    Horse Trails.
    I bought a candle and have since purchased two
    gift boxes which are beautifully packaged and great value.

  292. Morag Scott

    I bought a gift box Reed diffuser,candle & room spray at the Grand Design show London 3 years ago they are by far the best I have used bought again the following year also sets for my daughters as well.
    Now I buy online for myself & gifts for family &friends l would highly recommend you will not be disappointed and delivered in approximately 3 days

  293. Carol Hardy

    Just love my reed defuser lemon and rosemary in nearly every room in my house, I now have quiet a few also the hand wash, would like a larger bottle may look to see if you do refills. Not used my candles yet but smell lovely. Think I’m getting obsessed!

  294. Andrea Hardy

    I will never buy another brand of diffuser again … I am so happy I stopped at the Valentte stand at Burghley Horse Trials, my house has never smelt as good since. The Neroli has been my favourite but I’m trying out other scents, I have the lavender in the bedroom and it is so relaxing !!! I just love them !!!!!

  295. Linda Lea

    Had a lovely gift box delivered in the lockdown of my birthday today from my sister, it includes lavender mist, white neroli diffuser and jasmine candle. They smell and look amazing thank you.

  296. Darren Lilley

    We first came across Valentte at the Home Show, and we are glad we did, no more black smoke candles just even burning And great scents . We always go for the Lemon Grass as it reminds us of Thailand.
    Great company , Great products

  297. Fiona Rees

    I love these diffusers. The scent lingers nicely and smells delicious.

  298. Jacqueline Cockerill

    I absolutely love the candles here, my favourite scent is geranium and ylang ylang. The candles burn so well and the scent is lovely and strong. I always have candles in my house and I think these ones are much better than ones over double the price. Great value for money and I would highly recommended.

  299. lisapriestnell

    A wonderful and not overwhelming smell

  300. lisapriestnell

    A super gift box which I will enjoy for weeks to come

  301. Hayley Hesketh

    Love these boxes and they make great presents too. I love choosing which candles my friends would love and the presentation of the is excellent.

  302. Alison

    Love these products I have been buying them for some years .I buy them for myself and as gifts on line and at shows .The candles burn well and the read diffusers are dotted around my house and everyone comments how lovely my house smells . I am also using the hand cream that I have bought previously I work in The NHS in ICU and my hands are struggling at the moment with all the washing ,valentine hand cream is one of the best I have used and is really helping . Thanks

  303. Helen Parker

    I first found Vallente several years ago in Convent Garden. Then again at Southport Flower Festival. I’ve ordered online too and the products are superb. I often get comments about the wonderful smells in my house. My favourite is lemongrass and have the whole collection. I also love lavender and am about to order 2 more ranges. Delivery is quick and efficient with updates sent. I had a premium candle from a well known name as the quality was far inferior to that of Vallente. The candle doesn’t burn black round the glass and last ages as does the scent. I will be supporting Vallente and continue to order and try new products. Keep up the great work Vallente!

  304. Louise Kime

    💕💕💕The lemongrass and Rosemary are fabulous!!! Everyone who smells them will love them…
    They make the best presents and the gift boxes are great value.💕💕💕

  305. Louise Kime

    My favourite gift box in the world!! This makes a fantastic gift or for your own home
    My personal favourite is Lemongrass and Rosemary.Stunning in every product

  306. bmwbrowne

    This is not the first time I have ordered from Valentte… always excellent service and wonderful products, good value.

  307. Sue

    I absolutely love Valentte’s Lemongrass and Rosemary. I purchased 3 box sets at Christmas and another 2 for birthdays. They really are the best I have ever had.

  308. Yvonne king

    Recently purchased one of these boxes best thing I did it arrived within days presentation was amazing and the items I chose were fantastic smell Devine and still do nearly 2 weeks later an they smell just as good would highly recommend the lemongrass it’s so fresh will definitely be ordering again

  309. jacqui1766

    I just love these boxes and usually choose a selection of products in lemongrass and rosemary.its such a fresh fragrance.people walk into my kitchen and comment on the lovely fragrance (honestly!)and the handwash leaves your hands smelling so fresh. The candles are beautifully scented too! I love it all!!!

  310. Ola Harrison

    My husband bought me a gift box last year from the Chatsworth Country Fair, it contained the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser, candle and body scrub and I loved all of the items, the scent was just gorgeous. I have since bought a number of gifts boxes as Christmas and birthday presents and they have all been well received. My most recent purchase was 3 gift boxes, 2 as gifts and one for me 😊. The recipients were both delighted and the delivery was swift, the boxes contained the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser diffuser, candle and one with hand cream and the other with the pure shea butter. I wanted to try out the Shea butter as well and can report it is very moisturising for my overly dry hands. I am also impressed with the customer service as one of the candles arrived damaged in transit and Andy arranged a replacement which was sent out immediately. Next time I will try out some of the other reed diffuser scents.

  311. helen page

    As usual my box arrived very quickly even with the ongoing problems! I love all the smells and have a vallente diffuser in every room in the house! Cant praise service and fragrance highly enough!

  312. viv zorkoczy

    I first came across this company at Carfest a few years ago and have been addicted ever since. The quality of the products is fantastic and I love the packaging when giving sets as gifts. The candles are my favourite item and in particular the lemongrass and rosemary and the lime and grapefruit combinations are gorgeous.

  313. Helen Hawken

    Simply beautiful…….from packaging to glass candle design, classy! Love, love, love

  314. Karen Mackay

    Beautiful gift box . Arrived quick .

  315. Julie Kane

    Bought this for a birthday gift, It arrived in perfect time. Very much appreciated during this difficult time. No need to wrap as it comes in a beautifully presented box. My son loved it and the beautiful scent.

  316. Claire Bailey

    Amazing value gift box with three beautiful gifts. The fragrances are long lasting and gorgeous. I’ve bought these products before and will buy again.

  317. Cathy Wilson

    I first bought a Valenette product at Blenheim in September 2019. The reed diffuser is amazing. I have the patchouli and eucalyptus and candle. This is still giving the most amazing scent after all this time. Absolutely love this gift box..excellent value for such a high end luxury product.
    Have used Jo Malone and Diptique before these products are just as good at a far more realistic price!
    Thank you for brightening my house during lockdown

  318. Paulette Pasfield

    Exception products with superb fragrances. Cannot imagine my home not being filled with divine smells coming from the reed diffusers and the added bonus of candles in the evenings. Must have products always!
    The hand washes and creams are wonderful products which care for your skin and, of course, smell divine.

  319. claire tordoff

    Absolutely fabulous! These make amazing gifts and are really great value. The smells are beautiful and for once you can actually smell a reed diffuser which is a rarity!

  320. Deborah Tuck

    We bought a mixed gift box at an N E C show some months ago & was so impressed with how wonderful the candles smell, they have lasted for ages. I have just bought another box & again was so happy with it that I’ve just ordered 3 more boxes for my family ❤️ I love everything about this company’s philosophy & their products.

  321. Fiona Magee

    Love love this mix and match box! Fantastic products that smell beautiful – I’ve paid more for high end scented candles and diffusers in the past and not been as happy with them as I am with these. Highly recommended, I wouldn’t buy any others now!

  322. Julie Sutcliffe

    I love the diffusers, they bring lovely smells to any room you put them in. I currently have one in the bathroom and one in my living room.
    I can see the shea butter already doing wonders for my heels too.

  323. Tracy Higginbottom

    Fantastic products .The candles burn great and leave a wonderful lasting aroma ! Once you buy these …you won’t go back to any other brands ..

  324. Jan wilkinson

    My daughter gave me a gift box as part of my Christmas present and I as so impressed by the gorgeous aroma of the
    White neroli and lemon that I purchased a gift box for my daughter in laws birthday . I am sure she will love the amazing scents I have selected for her

  325. LB

    I love the freshness of these diffusers and really uplift my mood and enhance my home. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is beautiful and cheers me up every time I walk in to my bedroom. Excellent customer service and fast delivery as always, thank you!

  326. Rebecca Herbert

    I always mean to try a different fragrance but I just love the White Neroli and Lemon products! I’ve got the room diffusers & candles throughout my downstairs living rooms and have the hand wash and hand creams in all my bathrooms. Just perfect.

  327. Victoria

    Really great value for money, superb products, lovely range of fragrances to have in the home.

  328. Moira Ronan

    I would like to tell you that my friend sent me one of your gift sets for my 60 Birthday I received it today wow 🤩 it is amazing I absolutely love the smell so fresh so pleased .

  329. Brenna Batchelder

    Another gift box ordered. Why not when you can gift someone the most marvellous scents in what ever mix of items you want. The scent is superb as is the quality and it will come ready packed in the gift box ready to give. What is not to love?

  330. Rosemary Marquand

    Absolutely fabulous fragrance the Lemongrass and Rosemary, we bought at a show in Cheltenham and I have since ordered and received another gift set the same, I’m so impressed that the smell from the box and contents although not in use permeates the cupboard and room. I received some new fragrance samples which I will be trying, hopefully with the view to buying more. Very many thanks.

  331. Jane massarella

    First discovered product at Burghley Horse Trials and loved it. Was keen to try other fragrances and have just received my gift box of three and love them all. With help on the phone and the samples sent , I am now preparing another box.

  332. Jayne Wainwright

    I cannot get over how much I love the smell of the lemon and rosemary products. Although i have enjoyed all the products so far this is by far my favourite. My daughter has her favourite too. She likes the lime and grapefruit which i gave to her because she is a keyworker and was finding things very stressful at work. To be able to enjoy not only the products myself but to be able to put a smile on someone else’s face because they are an incredible price is wonderful.

  333. janet Dykes

    I first found these wonderful products at Burghley Horse trials last year. The diffusers last much longer than the ones I used to buy. Lovely fragrances. The gift boxes are very attractive, well packed and a very quick delivery. Thankyou.


  334. Victoria

    I was given a Valentte gift box for Christmas in the Lemongrass & Rosemary scent, and loved it so much I had to buy more to fill the house completely. The reed diffusers last so Iong and are such great value for money and the scent is incredible. I added Lavender to my choice selection for the bedroom to try and bring a added relaxation. The scent is not overpowering like most Lavender diffusers and scents which is an added bonus. I will be placing many more orders in the near future.

  335. Yvonne Rolfe

    Have tried other makes but none match up to these – for smell and how long they last – excellent value and customer service

  336. Eileen

    This is a fabulous Company. I bought a gift set at a London show, where I was very impressed with the items that the representative allowed me to try. I was not disappointed and the products I bought are divine. Wonderfully moisturising and fabulous aromas around my house. I have bought this gift box to stock up as Christmas presents,

  337. Mary O’Halloran

    Wonderful box arrived and cheered me so, the scents are delightful, I love lavender, especially. The candle gives off a wonderful aroma that fills the room

  338. Michelle Beckett

    The smell coming from the unopened box was delightful; couldn’t wait to open it. Fabulous smells now wafting around my living room. Will definitely be ordering again. Beautiful as gifts. Thank you

  339. Andrea

    I first discovered Valentte at Crufts 2020 and I am an absolute convert. I am keen to use good quality products without all the chemicals whilst not compromising on quality. I purchased a gift box with the lemongrass and rosemary hand wash , body lotion and body scrub. The quality of all 3 products is amazing. I love the natural fresh, clean fragrance of the lemongrass and rosemary; its kind to my skin and the lovely packaging looks good too.

  340. Margaret Isaacs

    My daughter Tracey Fox bought a gift box for me for Mother’s Day. I had never heard of your products before and I certainly won’t be forgetting you. Tracey did me a great favour!

    I absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary. The hand cream and body lotion are amazing and the defuser sends a lovely aroma through the house and really lasts. I have already treated myself to another gift box and will certainly be making further purchases from you. Well done all at Valentte !

  341. Cath Loseby

    I ordered two Rosemary and Lemongrass diffusers and the body lotion and received a free candle. Absolutely adore the scent, the diffusers last FOREVER, and the body lotion is so beautiful and the scent lasts all day.

    Bought originally at the Great Yorkshire Show and have ordered twice online ever since.

    Delivered within two days, beautifully packaged. I can’t recomend highly enough.

  342. claire tordoff

    I was sent a Valentte gift box as a present. I absolutely loved it! Beautifully wrapped and smell fantastic. The candles are amazing and last for ages. I love candles and these are definitely my favourites.

  343. racheaton

    The best value box for home scents. I buy these for every house warming, birthdays and even gift myself every few months! The smell of the reed diffusers is fresh and lasts forever. Love the lemongrass scent as this is the most potent and works well in kitchen. I have the geranium scent in the bathroom as this is quite a relaxing scent for when you are in the bath! The customer service has always been fantastic and my delivery was in 2 days. My absolute favourite brand.

  344. Steve Itzinger

    Found you at camping show at nec . treated the missus to a gift box set .best money I have spent in a long time . the free samples are an excellent idea as we would never have tried some & have found verbena & peppermint is awesome. have purchased twice online & will definitely purchase again 10/10

  345. Anita Barton

    Bought this amazing gift for a friend, having enjoyed Valentte products myself. As usual beautifully packaged and wonderful smell as soon as you open the box. The products are top quality, last ages and all the scents are lovely. Would recommend them to anyone looking for that special gift or special treat for yourself

  346. Michelle

    Fabulous products. They are really nicely packaged and would make great gifts. The smell wafting around my living room is divine. Will definitely be ordering more.

  347. Pete L

    Just lovely! The gift box is amazing value, as always. The scents are beautiful and never seem to fade no matter how long they’re out for. We will definitely be making repeat purchases!

  348. maxwebb

    Fabulous products. I have used the hand and body cream for many years now. The cracked heel product has made such a difference to my heels it’s astounding

  349. Jill Ellis

    My friend bought me a mix and match box for my 60th Birthday and it was one of my favourite presents The hand cream is lovely and smells gorgeous . I loved the whole box so much that I have now ordered a mix and match box for my daughter-in-law for her birthday

  350. Melanie

    I love these mix and match boxes. My latest purchase was unashamedly just for me. (Whatever gets you through lockdown.) I’ve given them as gifts in the past and they’ve been loved by the recipients too.

  351. Judy Mountain

    As always these products never disappoint. Excellent quality, smell, packaging and value . A must for any home

  352. Lesley Zornoza

    I absolutely love the smell of the lemon and rosemary products. I tried the reed diffuser this time and that is just as good. I will definitely be ordering again.


  353. Teresa Miller

    I got three diffusers and a hand cream. I think the diffusers smell nice but all three stickers are bubbled. I’m yet to know the longevity of the fragrance. The gift box isn’t very pretty, fine for me I just wouldn’t use it for a gift. The hand cream lid doesn’t un screw easily, disappointing for the money. Overall I’m glad I got the gift box discount as I’m ok with what I’ve spent. But I wouldn’t be gifting them due to their poor finish and basic box. Would I buy again? Not sure….

  354. Carolyn Torr

    Ordered two of these for two friends birthdays. They were both absolutely delighted with them. Fabulous present idea for a lockdown gift surprise.

  355. Nicola Broadhead

    The amazing fragrance hit me before I even opened the box! The candles are stylish and the whole room is filled with the fragrance. I would totally recommend.

  356. Nicola Parker

    I absolutely LOVE the room diffusers by Valentte. I have them in every room in the house and they smell divine. I recently purchased two gift boxes and filled them with my favourite products as the boxes are such good value. The body lotion is amazing, it isn’t sticky and soaks into the skin leaving it smooth and well nourished. Try them, you won’t be disappointed.

  357. Anne Fitzsimmons

    I discovered Valentte at the Royal Highland Show around four years ago and been buying from them every since. Love the products and great value!

  358. Ingrida Sabiene

    I love the smell is really light and not overpowering. I’ll order again.

  359. Pauline Fitzsimmons

    I felt compelled to write and let you know that I’m absolutely delighted with my luxurious Gift Box. I’ve chosen Lemongrass and Rosemary this time and the house smells totally amazing. Great value for money and added bonus is it makes my Jack Russell chill out!

  360. Catherine Haslam

    I have enjoyed products from Valentte for some time now. I often purchase at Hampton Court and other similar events. Lovely scents. Very good value. Orders always beautifully packaged. 🤗👏👍

  361. Nicole

    Purchased this gift box as a birthday present and it’s beautiful! wrapped lovely and smells amazing at such a good price.

  362. Shonah McKechnie

    I came across Valentte at a Country Fair and was really delighted with their range of fragrances. It was a hard decision but I went with Rosemary and Lemongrass which is a real delight. I love the hand cream – it absorbs easily and is just what is needed in these days of much hand washing. I ordered the gift box option which arrived beautifully presented. Am thrilled to replenish my hand cream and try the body scrub.

  363. Margaret Decaux

    I ordered 3 candles and love them all , I have since ordered a set of the lemongrass and rosemary to give as a present . Sometimes candles irritate my eyes but not these , brilliant! Nicely packaged and quick delivery

  364. Margaret Decaux

    Great products, beautifully packaged great to give as presents. Some cheap candles irritate my eyes but not these .

  365. Zoe

    Ordered £30 gift box for myself 😜a little treat to cope with lockdown!
    Geranium & ylang ylang, I burn the two candles of an evening and my lounge smells absolutely amazing, would absolutely recommend

  366. Dawn Heighway

    Another purchase from Vallente. I can’t stop buying these wonderful products and telling friends and family all about them.
    Wonderful scents, quality and style in the packaging.
    Customer service excellent too. When I had a query about a product I received a reply immediately.
    Don’t change anything you do.

  367. Marilyn Kaliczak

    I love all of the products
    They are my go to for presents for family and friends who equally love them
    Amazing body lotions and the best diffusers on the market

    Thank you

  368. Lisa Murphy

    Just received my eucalyptus and patchouli gift box, now my house smells BEAUTIFUL. AMAZING XX

  369. Dawn

    First purchased your lovely products at the Ascot Show.
    My daughter is a huge fan and I have bought the hand cream for my daughter in law who is working for the NHS on the front line. Her hands have been so dry but she puts it on at bed time and it has really helped. Love the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser.

  370. Mrs Christine Patterson

    Love love the diffusers and candles. They are so long lasting and the candles burn down beautifully. My other favourite is the hand cream which is so nourishing and smells divine. Always a treat having these products at home.

  371. Tara Sharp

    Lime and grapefruit soy candle.
    Omg it’s absolutely beautiful, the fresh fruity vibrant fragrance filled my front room almost immediately with such an amazing aroma, can’t wait to try the others, a great purchase over the moon xx

  372. Tara Sharp

    Wow, the grapefruit and lime soy candle is so fresh, fruity and vibrant, it literally filled my front room with the most beautiful fragrance, can’t wait to try them all. Very very impressed.
    Tara sharp

  373. Elwen Prebble

    Had previously discovered Valentte at The Game Fair & loved their candles ( very long lasting ) and especially the Lemongrass &Rosemary handcream , so decided to treat myself ( told family it was a shared treat 😉) during lockdown with more handcream – I’m a Nurse so a bit of a necessary item these days but I tried the White Neroli this time and with Mix & Match offers I bought 3 reed diffusers , they are all lovely my mood influences which is my favourite .
    Everything arrived promptly & safely I even had some free scent samples
    Thank You
    Stay safe

  374. j Wing

    I have started buying my diffusers from Valentte,since Christmas as I received a beautiful gift box as a present.The Lemongrass and rosemary smells so fresh and lasts for ages ! They are excellent value for money ,and I would never buy from anywhere else.They really do smell beautiful !! I 100% recommend!!

  375. Moreen Mcguire

    Absolutely beautiful packaging, and the scents are long lasting and delicious! I also ordered hand wash which is gorgeous, smells wonderful and feels nourishing.

  376. Emma Aherne

    Purchased for myself these have to be the best candles and diffusers around, long lasting beautiful smell in every room x

  377. Eleri Lennard

    I got one of the gift boxes from my mum. The candles smell amazing and when they’re lit everyone in the house comments on how nice it smells. The candles also last a long time and don’t burn as quick as others I’ve had. I will definitely buy these again.

  378. Margaret Johnson

    I bought candles and overwhelmed by the beautiful smell which lingers in the room overnight
    The handwash leaves your hands feeling soft and hydrated as if you have moisturizer too.
    Beautiful products

  379. zoe

    Brilliant gift or just for yourself.
    I love these fragrances and they last such a long time

  380. Patricia D

    I first discovered Valentte at the Country Living Show when I tested the wonderful Lemongrass and Rosemary handcream and I’ve been hooked ever since. The gift boxes are amazing value and beautifully wrapped and the fragrance is just wonderful. Apart from the handcream, I absolutely love the cracked heel treatment and the handwash is so lovely. I also just love the soy wax candles and scent diffusers. My particular favourites are Lemongrass and Rosemary which is so fresh and perfect for summer and Cardamom and Nutmeg which is warm and woody which is wonderful in winter.

  381. Wilma Muir

    My sister gave me a valentte gift box for Christmas 2019. Loved it so much have just purchased one for my daughter in laws birthday. White neroli and lemon candle, diffuser and room spray. Love this sent and she does too. Also bought lemongrass and rosemary diffusers. This is my favourite so far.Will definitely be purchasing again.

  382. sexkitten2768

    Fantastic main product gift box- beautifully wrapped and all products of such high quality and smell divine, excellent customer service. I highly recommend!
    April 2020

  383. sexkitten2768

    Fantastic product
    Will always purchase
    I think it beats all other brands

  384. Kirsty

    Absolutely stunning box a perfect gift or treat for yourself! Beautifully presented and definitely will be purchasing again

  385. Holly

    I was brought this as a gift for Christmas and really like it. Smells great and diffuser is still going strong 6 months later!

  386. Gail Young

    I bought 6 reed diffusers – service has been first class, and recieved in record time beautifully and well packaged. I can not choose a favourite out of all the Reed Diffusers I purchased as they all smelt Devine. The free sample of hand cream has me coming back to order some. Absolutely first class products, I highly recommend you give this brand a go.

  387. Andrea Forsyth

    My first time trying Valentte products. Ordered 2 of these boxes and they were delivered within a few days. The Lemongrass and Rosemary scent is gorgeous. I put the diffuser and candle in my bathroom last night and not only does the bathroom smell amazing, so does the hallway. Can’t wait to try some others.

  388. Hayley Broome

    I’ve been buying the Valentte candles and diffusers for many years now and have yet to find a product that compares with the strength of the scent and quality. Really lovely products that I would 100% recommend!

  389. Tracy Bryan

    Love my gift box and the fact I can choose what fragrance of products I like to try .
    I’m looking forward to trying some of these over the weekend when I can have a good pamper .

  390. piperlyn

    Absolutely love this company, the products are out of this world, I’m using different scents throughout the house to help create different moods, absolutely invaluable while we are unable to leave the house. I can’t wait to receive my next order as I’m going to try lots of the skincare range, please, please Valentte can you expand the range to include perfume and bath products, I’ve finally found my perfect non synthetic holy grail scents! X

  391. Helen Greig

    I sent one of these gift boxes to my daughter at Easter since we couldn’t get to see her. It has recently been her birthday and when I asked her what she would like, she said another Valentte box. I sent her six candles in total and she said they were beautifully packaged and fabulous fragrances. I am just about to order another for my sisters birthday. Everyone I have sent these gifts to is hooked on the beautiful products. Thank you Valentte. Helen, Huddersfield

  392. Claire Morris

    I absolutely adore this scent and have the diffusers in several rooms. The fragrance lasts a good 3 months and nothing else beats it!

  393. Anita Gilson

    Discovered Valentte at The Great Yorkshire Show last year and absolutely love the products. The reed diffusers have such a wonderful fragrance, always get positive comments when someone comes in my house. Disappointed not to be visiting the stand again this year but can buy these wonderful products online which is fantastic.

  394. Jill

    Yet again great products . The quality is first class and it is so easy to recommend. Very good value for money.

  395. Glennys Hoare Nairne

    Lovely products at excellent price. I will continue to buy for myself & for gits

  396. Sarah Gallagher

    Amazing smell and value for money

  397. Victoria Wildman

    Lovely items
    Good strong lasting smell
    Beautiful packaging

  398. rqualter

    The lemongrass & rosemary diffuser is making my bathroom smell divine. I have the room mist & candle to use in there too. Now going to buy the same gift set for my Mother for her birthday.

  399. Jackie Thompson

    I have purchased products from Valentte from a number of fairs and love them. The scents tend to last longer and be stronger than many more expensive ones. My favourite scent is the rosemary and lemongrass which is lovely and refreshing.

  400. Victoria Wildman

    Wonderful items
    Nicely packaged
    Great for a gift 🎁
    Smells divine

  401. Susan Conway

    Very pleased with this gift box. It is a birthday present for my daughter and she will be thrilled.

  402. Alison James

    I only buy my diffusers from Valentte now because the fragrances are gorgeous and they really last. Excellent service too.

  403. Heather Morgan

    So pleased with my gift box of 2 candles and reed diffuser. I first had a candle from Badminton Horse trials last year. They all smell so wonderful and as they are made from soya you can use what is left as a moisturiser on your hands so they smell gorgeous.

  404. Samantha

    My brother bought me a diffuser a few years ago. I am now hooked. Nothing compares.

  405. Shirley

    I love these boxes.. excellent value & the choice is unbelievable

  406. Dawn Benham

    Gift boxes are superb value and the products are of a very high quality. I’m just about to order my second as I want to try all of the fragrances!

  407. Lynn Powell

    Just recieved my first order of 2 gift boxes … so 6 candles in total….. gorgeous candles. I usually buy Neom candles as hadnt found anything that comes close….. until I bought from you at a show last year….you now rank up there at the top alongside Neom….. Beautiful scented candles that fill the whole room ….. and thanks so much for the freebies . Will definitely buy from you again and again…..

  408. sarah-annefuller

    Ordered Wednesday received today. Fantastic service but the fragrances.. wow. Have opened the mandarin and grapefruit .its so welcoming in my home. I hope the fragrance lasts well but so far so good. I went out for a walk and came back to the most beautiful smelling hallway. I will be back for more.

  409. Christine Pybus

    I received this as a gift from my sister. Everything was fabulous!
    It was so good I ordered myself 3 reed diffusers which are just lovely. I have recommended it to all my friends.

  410. Jane

    I love these products, I have been a fan for a long time. I normally try to find them at craft fairs and that sort of thing. Have had many of the reed diffusers which make the room smell amazing. I also love the hand wash which is moisturising and smells great even when hands dry again, but super amazing with the hand cream as well. This time I bought this mix and match set and got a room spray as well and it is lovely. The sets are really great value (especially at the moment) and they come so beautifully packaged. This was the first time i had gone for home delivery and it came very promptly. Thank you.

  411. Margaret butterworth

    Just received my sample box to say I loved it is a understatement fab smell lovely packaging very quick delivery I will be ordering again next week

  412. Shirley mitchell

    Amazing! Its difficult to choose a favorite, they all smell gorgeous. Im just about to order some more…including the lemongrass and rosemary handcream of which there was a sample in my last parcel. Not only does it make your hands smell great, but it is so easily absorbed.
    Quick delivery too, not to mention value for money.
    Keep up the good work.

  413. Julie

    Pleased with gift box. Very good value Lovely product

  414. Ann Handslip

    I received my mix and match box today and I am absolutely delighted with the fragrances, nice, clean and fresh scents not to strong, but not to gentle either, I’ve only had the reeds open a few hours and my living room smells divine. Delivery was quick and I was kept informed on when to expect my parcel. Will be purchasing more in the not to distant future and as gifts for family and friends.

  415. Carol Mingova

    I sent off for the free samples. The smell is just amazing and no chemicals which suits me.
    A good idea offering a tester as I will definately be ordering some products when I get back to work.

  416. Mihaela Bartus

    Absolutely love the products, all natural and nice smelling. Definitely order more. Recommend!

  417. Jen

    A friend recommended valentte after buying from a fair. Have since purchased several as gifts and they were so well received I was asked to order more. The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser smells amazing.

  418. Lynsey Smith

    Just the most beautiful products, fresh, clean, natural fragrances, simply divine.

  419. Dinah

    I have bought a few of these for gifts during “lockdown” . The gifts were all really well received and I was told the smells were wonderful, they did as I wanted …..uplifting in difficult times.

  420. Louise Kime

    Brilliant value for money! Fantastic for your home or presents. You can mix and match… they last ages

  421. Anne Brooks

    Been a customer for some time now. Just received another mix & match box with red diffusers. I absolutely love the lemon & rosemary scent it smells so beautiful & fresh and loved by all who smell it. Lasts longer than normal defussers.

  422. Claire

    Arrived swiftly, lovely products for a great price , smells delicious

  423. Claire Goulty

    Arrived swiftly, lovely products for a great price , smells delicious

  424. Sarah Rayner

    I received 3 samples (lemongrass and rosemary, patchouli and eucalyptus and jasmine and rosewood) and they really are the most natural fragrances I’ve ever purchased and strong! I sprayed them on my bedding and could still smell them the following night, my husband even commented how nice they and he never comments on anything!!
    I am now going to order a gift set with 3 diffusers confident that they will smell amazing!

  425. Alexandra Rock

    I have really enjoyed receiving this gorgeous gift box. The Lemongrass and Rosemary hand cream is so lovely. I had received a sample at a show and keep it in my bag until it ran out…. which was quite fast. The Mandarin & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser is such a gorgeous light smell. So far the Heel treatment is working well!

  426. Michael K

    Lovely scents, great to walk into a pleasant smelling room! Also great for gifts! I’m getting some more as Christmas presents!

  427. maritz_c

    Outstanding value and lovingly presented with the ribbon and the black paper. Classy. They are the go-to gift for me!

  428. Lisa Dunn

    Opening the parcel was a delight. The smell from the products was absolutely beautiful. Makes a wonderful gift.

  429. Alison

    I have been buying these products for quite a few years ,my favourite is the Rosemary and Lemon grass, I get the gift boxes with diffusers and a candle in .I give the boxes as gifts but also keep some for myself . The fragrance is lovely, noticable and not overwhelming. Thanks for the free Hand cream samples for the staff on ICU . I use the hand cream all the time and has definitely helped my hands at this difficult time . The staff on ICU also loved it . Thanks

  430. Ann

    The lemongrass and rosemary diffusers are my favourite , the scent is so refreshing and lasts a long time

  431. Ola Harrison

    I treated myself to a gift box containing 3 different diffusers. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is an old favourite repurchase, this lovely fresh uplifting scent is placed in our hallway and I wouldn’t be without it. I am very impressed with the Verbena and Peppermint diffuser which has a lovely strong fresh scent which I placed in the bathroom and would definitely repurchase. The Lime and Grapefruit diffuser is a fresh light citrusy scent which again I am very pleased to have tried out this time round. I was also sent 3 testers which all smell so wonderful and are a temptation for me to buy even more!

  432. Ola Harrison

    I treated myself to a gift box containing 3 different diffusers. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is an old favourite repurchase, this lovely fresh uplifting scent is placed in our hallway and I wouldn’t be without it. I am very impressed with the Verbena and Peppermint diffuser which has a lovely strong fresh scent which I placed in the bathroom and would definitely repurchase. The Lime and Grapefruit diffuser is a fresh light citrusy scent which again I am very pleased I purchased. Was also sent 3 tester scents and am now tempted to buy some more!

  433. Isaac lopez

    Bought it as a gift for my mother and she was thrilled! She also mentioned that the house smelt lovely and filled the whole room with the scent. I thought the price was really good in the sale too.

  434. Frances harding

    I love thse products. Bought the box with diffuser, candle and room spray. The aroma from the diffuser, lemongrass and rosemary is amazing without being overpowering. Would definitely recommend and will be buying again

  435. Lu

    Fantastic value and quality products. The candle scent fills the whole house, the scent is divine. I have just tried the hand wash and love it so will be purchasing another along with the hand lotion. Highly recommend these products.

  436. Clare Willson

    I absolutely love the quality and fragrance of all of your products, the house fills with the scent and gets noticed whenever someone comes to visit. Thank you

  437. Jane

    Brilliant service and products. My house now smells amazing as if I’m at an expensive spa.

  438. Anne Brooks

    Just ordered another mix & match box! I absolutely love all the Valentte products I’ve tried. The reed diffusers are amazing especially Lemongrass & Rosemary it’s got such a fresh scent & also Geranium & Ylang Ylang! Just beautiful! I’m now branching out and have different scents in every room! Love these products they last!!

  439. Rosemary

    I have just ordered my 3rd gift box, the first one I bought from the RHS show at Tatton. The diffusers last for a long time, I particularly like the white neroli and lemon. The candles burn evenly and the perfume is lovely. The boxes are beautifully presented and are excellent value.

  440. Dawn Homer

    The parcel arrived and smelt amazing. When I opened the mix and match box I was so pleased and impressed with the beautiful packaging. The diffuser is beautiful, a subtle uplifting scent whenever I enter the room. The candle smells gorgeous and the fragrance lasts even when it goes out. I feel it is so important at the moment to be kind to yourself, and this set is a perfect way to do it.

  441. Denise

    So happy with the gift box, all three smell divine. Would definitely recommend this , very happy 😊

  442. Jo

    All products smell amazing! Great quality and always packaged beautifully.

  443. Rhona Shuttleworth

    I absolutely love the Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand & Body Lotion. The scent is fabulous and lingers for a while.
    I also received the Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser but cannot get much of a smell from it. The one I had historically I could smell from a distance. Now I have to get up close and move the sticks to get the scent. I got two so hopefully the other one will work.

  444. Andrea Quigg

    Hi I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my Gift Box. It was such great value I’m ordering another one !! I got 2 reed diffusers and a room mist all for £25.. The room mist is lavender which I use on my pillow to help me drift of to sleep..The diffuser I’ve put in the bathroom is lime and grapefruit it’s so refreshing, the other one is in living room and it’s my favourite it’s uplifting lemongrass and rosemary !! It really is so good and I would give the gift box 5 stars for quality and price !! Love these products 😊 I saw these products advertised and ordered some to try and I keep going back for more …. Would have to be 5 stars all the way !!!!!!

  445. Alison Kennedy

    I received a gift box with room spray, reed diffuser and a candle. They were amazing.
    I buy a lot of scented candles and these products were great. Would recommend to others.

  446. Nicola Parker

    I ordered a gift box from Valentte as a present for a friend. They are always so well presented and are such great value for money. I chose the White Neroli salt scrub which smells divine and leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. I cannot recommend it enough. The candles and reed diffusers are also gorgeous and can make that pamper experience extra special. Try their products as you will not be disappointed.

  447. Karen Innes

    Purchased the gift box choosing 3 diffusers. Delivered quickly and well packaged. I choose Patchouli and eucalyptus for me and Lemongrass and Rosemary as gifts. My house smells wonderful. Looking forward to my next purchases. Thank you.

  448. Mandy Neeves

    Cannot get enough of these fabulous diffusers, the fragrance when you enter the room is second to none, always giving them as well received gifts! Looking forward to seeing the new etched glass containers!

  449. iletterboom

    Absolutely love love the scents! Only received my box a few days ago and have been constantly burning my candles. They have an amazing throw and burn nice and evenly. I really hope you guys make bigger candles in the future as I will be definitely shop again. I love supporting small family businesses!!!

  450. Karen Smith

    Received my gift box two days after I ordered, after seeing on FB, great service. Ordered the lemongrass & Rosemary Candle, Reeds and Room Mist. Arrived in a beautiful box and the fragrance is amazing! Never had much luck with Reeds but these are beautiful. Will definitely be buying more! Quality product & service. Well done Valentte 😊😊

  451. Christine Hare


  452. Karen

    Bought the mix and match box in lemongrass and rosemary for my sisters birthday. I’m sure she’ll love it as much as I do, having bought many candles and diffusers from the Ripley Fair myself. The smell is divine and lasts for a very long time

  453. dale.spencer77

    Prompt service and the fragrances smell amazing!
    Great idea for a gift – well presented box inside and out.

  454. Claire

    My gift box arrived very quickly. The packaging was gorgeous a great first impression.
    The scent is Devine, one reed defuser can be smelt throughout the whole downstairs of my home.
    I received a hand wash for free which also smells incredible.
    I’m very impressed and would highly recommend this company. This definitely won’t be my last purchase!

  455. Julie Anthony

    As I love Valentte products so much, I bought a mix and match box for my daughters birthday. Lemongrass is my favourite so I introduced Kayla to the products. Candle’s and diffuser. She Loved them, another future customer.

  456. Elaine Johnson

    I first came across Valentte at the Country Living Christmas Fair and purchased one of the Gift Boxes for my husband to give me for Christmas. The gift boxes still remain great value and is one gift I am still keeping for myself. I opted for 2 reed diffusers and room spray this time. Usually opt for the Rosemary & Lemongrass but ventured to others this time. The Lime & Grapefruit is gorgeous. They came beautifully packaged and delivery was very quick.
    Cannot recommend highly enough.

  457. Liz Lawson

    I received my first box as a present from my daughter. This box is my present to me! The perfume is stunning as well as long lasting. I love this range ❤️

  458. alexandrascott

    Have previously ordered 3 of these boxes as gifts but was so impressed with them that I am keeping two of them for myself. The candles smell amazing. Delivery was really quick. I wish I had known about this company before. I am going away to order another couple of boxes. Would really recommend this company.

  459. Susan Johnston

    This is a great buy. I bought a candle and diffuser in white neroli and lemon scent and a grapefruit diffuser. Both scents are lovely but I absolutely love white neroli and lemon. I have the candle and diffuser in my kitchen dining/family room. I love that I can smell it when I walk into the room, very natural.
    I would definitely recommend this gift box as it is brilliant value for money. Great you can mix and match.

  460. Lindsey Townsend

    I love the Valentte range having discovered them at a stall at a festival several years ago…… of my ‘must-dos’ each year since was to stock up a year’s worth of products to last until the next festival! The scents are gorgeous, long-lasting and smell natural (unlike many brands which smell artificial). Truly recommend.

  461. Pam Black

    Have loved the lemongrass and rosemary for years and only ever bought it however decided to give the white neroli and lemon a try! Absolutely love it!!! Another fabulous scent by Valentte!

  462. Mandy Neeves

    Just received my box of delights, so look forward to them being delivered. Treated myself to the lemongrass and rosemary diffusers this time, I am going to place them in different rooms around the cottage we are soon to be moving into. Looking forward to seeing the new etched glass containers!

  463. judithhewitt900

    I have been using these products for a couple of years now after receiving them as a gift. I am never disappointed, exceptional quality with beautiful natural smelling scents – nothing synthetic here! I bought an additional box for my mum and she is over the moon with the scent too. Already looking forward to making my next order.

  464. Juliet

    Valentte products never disappoint. They are all very good quality and smell divine with a scent that lasts and lasts. My current favourite is the White Neroli and Lemon diffuser. It keeps me invigorated while working from home.

  465. Amanda

    What can I say amazing!!!! Delivery spot on. Absolutely love the reed diffusers, house smelling gorgeous, one very happy customer. Found your company on face book read reviews all very positive so yeah I ordered 2 mix match boxes. Would highly recommend. Thank you x

  466. Maureen Welbourn

    Fabulous production arrived super quick scents are amazing.

  467. Marylin Macdonald

    I recently purchased the gift set of 3 diffusers. I loved all of the fragrances especially the Lemongrass and Rosemary. The Lavender is very subtle and relaxing. The Mandarin and Grapefruit is more vibrant but all of them are fabulous. It was really nice to get the samples of the fragrances.
    I’m absolutely delighted with the purchase but will need to try the other fragrances to see if they are as good as the ones I already have.

  468. Cath Hetherington

    I first purchased this product at a craft fare and loved it . The gift box is perfect as a gift I recommend anyone to try it

  469. Elizabeth Cavin

    This is a great gift for anyone .The lemongrass & rosemary diffuser is just gorgeous & the candle gives of a lovely smell just like the room spray .I would recommend these to anyone you won’t be disappointed.

  470. Trudi croft

    I originally came across Valentte at the Great Yorkshire Show. The hand cream is amazing the diffusers and candles smell gorgeous I have also used the heel balm which worked a treat. I buy a box every few months as a treat to myself

  471. Gillian Farrell

    The box came and was beautifully presented. All of the contents smelt lovely. My family have commented how lovely everything smells. Will order again.

  472. Jan Hollingworth

    Just received my gift box containing three diffusers. Heard about your company through Facebook. My order arrived really quickly and was well packaged. Have only tried the lemongrass and rosemary so far and it is a lovely fragrance. I think the scent samples are a great idea so that you can decide which fragrances to order to avoid being disappointed. Will definitely be ordering again.

  473. Lorraine

    I love this product ordered it for the first time and was so pleased with the scents I got. Absolutely love the smell. I will diffidently be ordering more. I want to try the candle next.

  474. Mary Sobey

    Loved this mix and match combination of these beautiful products such a nice way to try everything out I’m going to be ordering again and keeping the gifts for Christmas presents, girly perfumes and a must in any household

  475. Mary

    Loved this mix and match combination of these beautiful products such a nice way to try everything out I’m going to be ordering again and keeping the gifts for Christmas presents, girly perfumes and a must in any household

  476. Angela Davis

    Quick delivery. Beautiful packaging, this is for my daughter’s birthday tomorrow so cannot yet comment on the products contained, however, the 3 free samples I received with my order are beautiful.

  477. Jem

    Honestly! I couldn’t afford these for a while, but I saved up! So glad I did they are the best candles ive ever had. I bought a gift box (diffuser and two candles) for my dad for Father’s Day and enjoyed a free bath scrub which is Devine!!!
    I then ordered myself a box with two diffuser a candle and I got a free candle!! To have in my new home.. I’m obsessive about scents and always am compliments on my home smelling delicious!

  478. Joanne Priestley

    This isn’t my first purchase of Valentte candles – the fragrances are beautiful and last long after I’ve blown them out.

    Amazing value for money, packaged well and always arrive looking fabulous.

  479. Amanda Duffy

    These gift boxes are great to give as presents and well presented, amazing quality fragrances , great company.
    I came across the company on social media and so please I did.
    I’ve ordered loads and very happy with my purchases.

  480. Michele Searl

    I received my gift box this morning and was amazed by the lovely smell
    of White Neroli and Lemon.

    My mum has terminal cancer and only a few weeks to live but has a birthday in a couple of days…what to get, so a lovely relaxing diffuser and hand wash to match. Thank you for such lovely products, about to order some more.

  481. Linda Hayes

    I received my order this morning and the smell of the Lemongrass and Rosemary is Devine. I ordered two boxes, one as a gift, but will order more as presents as I have loads of family and friends that will also love them!

  482. Karen Nelson

    I have bought many diffusers over the years.. however the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is absolutely gorgeous…once you have turned the reeds a few times you can smell it all over the house…
    The hand cream is also lovely…
    Haven’t used the candle yet but I’m sure it will be as good as the other products. The packaging is lovely too ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  483. Alison Kennedy

    My friend loves this present. She will be ordering More from you

  484. Margaret Stewart

    I ordered three different diffusers. Great deal with fantastic fragrances all of which I like very much. Delivery quick too. Will be telling all my friends about how good Valentine are Including value for money. Thank you.

  485. Caroline

    I simply love Valentte products. I haven’t found a scent I don’t like and the gift boxes are terrific value. This purchase was for me, as I had some birthday money to spend, so my lounge is now filled with the wonderful aroma of lemongrass and rosemary.

  486. Lindsey Townsend

    Beautiful fragrance, which is long lasting. Beautifully packaged. Brilliant service and value for money

  487. Teresa Tanner

    Love these candles and diffusers, in particular the white neroli and lemon scent. However, one candle broken in box when received and was promised a replacement but never came?? Shame as otherwise super service.

  488. Sue Chester

    I first discovered these truly lovely products at a craft show in London. They are top quality and in my opinion very good value for money. The Lemongrass and Rosemary is my absolute favourite. It is always the talk of the school office when I use the hand cream. My six year old grandson walked into my bedroom on his last visit and said “Nana what is that beautiful beautiful smell?” The body scrub has transformed my dry wrinkled elbows and the body lotion is now the only lotion in my daily skin care routine. Thank you Justina, Luke and all ther Valentte family.

  489. Liz Lee

    The gift box was fantastic value, and the scents amazing, but I had to substitute the reeds with spare ones from other diffusers as the ones provided didn’t seem to soak up the scent. This is a minor point though and didn’t detract from the product. The hand cream was absolutely beautiful and the free scent samples were a lovely bonus. I will definitely be ordering again.

  490. Valentina

    I discovered Valentte recently and bought the mix and match box. I am impressed by the diffusers- I would say one of the best on the market. So far I have tried Lemongrass&rosemary and Jasmine&rosewood- both brilliant. Jasmine in my bedroom lifts my mood. I am very eager to try other scents too- I am sure they are fantastic and will stay with Valentte for a long time as I have thrown money in the past on useless diffusers. The hand cream is very nice too- it was a sample included in the box. Great products.

  491. Maureen mc grath

    I purchased these wow what amazing scents . Just browsing at the minitue for the next few i want . Best aromatherapy candles and cream iv had . Fab

  492. Evelyn Anne Gray

    Loved my gift box, srrived promptly, great value for money

  493. Carole

    Excellent value gift box for quality products. Fragrances are lovely and long lasting.
    Very importantly no animal testing.
    Hand cream smells and feels divine , superbly moisturising for skin and nails.

  494. Jemma Wingate

    Gorgeous delicious and fantastic!
    Best products I’ve bought.
    Smell Devine!!

  495. Tracey

    I absolutely love these gift boxes. They are superb value for money and make excellent gifts as a set or individually if you wanted to split them up. The fragrances are long lasting and the packaging very classy and luxurious. Customer service is brilliant and speedy delivery too.

  496. Linda McKenzie

    3 diffuser gift box. Been a customer for a few years now and usually buy at Glasgow show. Have missed visiting you this year!
    As well as buying them for myself I buy as gifts. Make wonderful presents. You wont buy better on the High street. Wonderful long lasting fragrance. Fast delivery time.
    Looking forward to the next show.

  497. jac101

    Super fast deliver and beautifully presented. These boxes are incredible value for money whatever your combination. The fragrances are powerful but not over powering. I’m a home fragrance nut and I adore my new purchases. Ethically sourced aswell which is a big deal breaker for me. The samples are superb and labelled well so you know what to order next tine around!! I bought a diffuser, body butter and a candle in my box and it’s an all round top quality product!

  498. Yvonne

    having used the products myself I ordered the gift box
    for a birthday present that was very well received, think
    you may have another customer

  499. Yvonne

    My daughter loved the gift box for her birthday, she
    couldn’t believe the quality of the products

  500. Helen Hunter

    Having enjoyed the Valentte products I purchased at Car Fest last summer, I recently ordered more on line. Delighted with the prompt delivery, beautiful packaging, complimentary samples … and my home is now filled with the wonderfully uplifting scent of lemongrass and rosemary. I will be buying more … thank you!

  501. Tracy Rudling

    Such great value and service. My candle was smashed, and my new replacement turned up with no fuss a day later.
    Superb customer services guys couldn’t recommend enough and the candles are so fresh

  502. Mirain Allen

    This was the second time I’ve ordered as I absolutely love the smell of the geranium and ylang ylang , they all come beautifully packaged

  503. Mirain Allen

    This was the second time I’ve ordered as I absolutely love the smell of the geranium and ylang ylang candles , they all come beautifully packaged

  504. Mirain Allen

    This was the second time I’ve ordered as I absolutely love the smell of the geranium and ylang ylang candles , they all come beautifully packaged Thank you

  505. Caroline Davies

    I discovered the wonderful aromas of Valentte a couple of years ago at the Ideal Home Show and these gift boxes are amazing value. I sometimes treat myself and friends & family have enjoyed their birthday gifts too. The new branding is very stylish – love it all.

  506. Susan Woodward

    I bought the gift box and also received the free samples. I have to say I love all of the fragrances and have just ordered room sprays to compliment the reed diffusers chosen for my gift box.

  507. Elspeth Cameron

    Fab products at an amazing price

  508. sassy_alli

    Gorgeous box of goodies. Just love Valentte.

  509. Tracy Lindley-Morris

    What an absolute bargain these gift boxes are!
    My sister Had been recommended these candles for a while as I’m big scented candle fan. She then had one burning when I went to see her. I could not get over the fresh scent and how it was so well scented without being overbearing. Put an order in that very day. Beautiful products, beautifully packaged. I’m 100% going to be a regular purchaser! Highly recommend. You’ll not be sorry.

  510. Rosemary Murphy

    The most fantastic products ever beautifully presented great company and super fast delivery absolutely love them

  511. Shirley MacKillop

    Thank you for lovely products. Definitely will buy again.

  512. Samantha Brown

    I ordered the Lemongrass and Rosemary Hand Wash, Hand and Body Lotion and Reed Diffuser. My bathroom smells gorgeous and everyone who uses the products asks where to get them from. My hands stay scented for hours after use.

  513. Karen Coates

    I absolutely love these products. I am a regular purchaser now and have them in every room. I love the change in the labels- very classy!

  514. kim

    Beautiful gift set, lovely packaging will buy again.

  515. Linda Hayes

    I bought this as a birthday present for my niece and she was thrilled with it. As with all their products the quality was fantastic. I will be ordering more for Christmas presents. I have just got to decide on the fragrance.

  516. sue.waters1

    I purchased my first gift box at a fair 2 or 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since on the wonderfully scented products. The gift boxes make fabulous presents for friends and family, so quite a few have been ordered since that fair. My favourite fragrance is the Patchouli & Eucalyptus and many visitors to my house have commented on the lovely smell!
    Great packaging and superb service.

  517. sue.waters1

    I purchased my first gift box at a fair 2 or 3 years ago and have been hooked ever since on the wonderfully scented products. The gift boxes make fabulous presents for friends and family, so quite a few have been ordered since that fair. My favourite fragrance is the Patchouli & Eucalyptus and many visitors to my house have commented on the lovely smell! Sue
    Great packaging and superb service.

  518. Susan Elizabeth Livick-Smith

    I was given a gift box for my birthday and have become a huge fan of all Valentte products ever since! Fabulous long lasting products with scent that fills the home. Luxurious hand and body lotions. Excellent value and beautifully packed. Would highly recommend!!

  519. Alex Jones

    My mum bought me the gift box as a ‘thank you for having me to stay’ it was such a treat! Included was a bumper of goodies; x2 reed diffusers (lime grapefruit and lemon grass rosemary), mandarin and grapefruit hand cream and the lime and grapefruit candle. They lasted ages and brought such gorgeous fragrance to me and my home. Thank you.

  520. Sue Langley

    I’ve just received my lemongrass and rosemary mix and match gift box. They smell amazing. I am going to share them with my hard working daughter who is a teacher. Thanks x
    We saw you at the Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate

  521. Kathleen

    Lovely products. Beautiful smells. There was some damage which Andy sorted without delay. Excellent products and perfect customer service. Will order again.

  522. Susan Mitchell

    I discovered this product on Facebook and thought it would be just another run of the mill product but thought I would give it a go. How wrong was I, it’s gorgeous. Bought the mix and match three products. Liked it so much that I immediately ordered some more . I have probably tried every diffuser known to man and nothing holds a candle to Valentine. The aromas in my bathroom and en-suite are beautiful. You can smell your package as soon as it arrives, beautifully packaged also. The tester hand cream is rich and creamy and smells divine. I will be back for more…..

  523. Sophie

    When this arrived it was packaged beautifully to its usual high quality. Loved the fragrances as they were very clean, crisp and long lasting. The only downside was that there appeared to be some residual oil on the outside of the diffusers however, overall it was an excellent deal and a great present to give someone.

  524. Kevin Ward

    Absolutely fantastic great scents and very reasonably priced no problems with orders

  525. Jean

    I have used many different home scent products before but discovered Valentte products at a local craft fair. Their diffusers have intense fragrance without being overpowering or smelling ‘fake’. Jasmine and Rosewood is my favourite! They also last much longer than others I have had. I have bought the Gift box options, not just as gifts, but also for me, so I can have several diffusers around the house. These are fantastic value for money. What’s not to love?

  526. Vicki Durning

    I purchased a gift box containing 3 candles and couldn’t have been happier with the product. They are beautifully and highly scented, came in a gorgeous presentation box and the service from the company was speedy and efficient. Would highly recommend to everyone and will definitely be buying again. So glad I’ve discovered this company.

  527. Roslyn McCann

    What can I say, but yet another gift purchased for a friend. Absolutely love these gift boxes, they are such good value and the products are amazing. Everyone I have bought these for are now all customers themselves as they also love the products and especially the Lemongrass & Rosemary ❤️

  528. katringraul

    Discover Valentte at the Caravan and Motorhome show in Birmingham and am so pleased that my diffusers are still smelling months later! Totally chuffed and have placed another order. I want more!

  529. Maureen Willis

    I found Valentte on Google, whilst I was searching for a well known high end luxury toiletry brand. I’m so please I tried Valentte. Beautifully presented and the Mandarin & Grapefuit fragerence is lovely, so was the Lime and Grapefruit, it was difficult to choose so I ordered them both, next time it will be White Neroli and Lemon. The hand cream is devine. I’ll definatley be back for some more!

  530. Deborah

    I treated myself to a gift pack, 2 diffusers and room spray. They arrived beautifully wrapped and the smell of rosemary is totally gorgeous . Makes my entire lounge smell dreamy.

  531. Caroline Barnes

    What can I say apart from how in love with my gift box I truly am…the fragrances I chose are absolutely perfect, divine, luxurious and room filling. I’ve had a compliment already and only had the diffuser in my living room for a day. Without hesitation, I will definitely be purchasing from Valentte again. I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a little gem and I’m so happy I did.

  532. Linda McKenzie

    Never fail to please….. Lemongrass and Rosemary and also the White Neroli and Lemon diffusers are my favourite scents.
    In my opinion no