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Scent Samples


This product is to be used to pay for a scent sample request that has already been made.




9 reviews for Scent Samples

  1. bv4dp

    Love this product. It smells amazing

  2. Jackie

    The hand cream I received is thick and creamy and smells clean and fresh. Would highly recommend it.

  3. Janemacc

    Discovered this company at RHS Tatton.
    Three scent samples in miniature individual spray bottles.
    Lime and grapefruit – very zesty and refreshing.
    Patchouli and Eucalyptus – oh my, this took me back a few years, fab smell.
    Pure Lavender – zzzzz, hmm, oh yes this will definitely be ordered as a room mist for the bedroom, wonderful!

  4. Caroline Roberts

    I saw this company at country file live and friend bought a candle which when I visited her the smell was amazing, I then had a sample of the hand cream and it’s so good. I will be ordering my own things!!

  5. Lorna Walsh

    I saw the Valentte stand at Chatsworth Country Fair and tried their products. Luke gave me a Lemongrass hand cream and it’s BEAUTIFUL. I ordered three samples – Lemongrass, Geranium and Neroli. They are all so lovely and evocative. I will definitely be ordering products from Valentte for Christmas. Thank you. Lorna

  6. Christine

    What a great idea to offer scent samples to allow people to decide which fragrance will give them that lovely warm glow when they enter a room, rather than taking pot luck and hoping for the best. I agree with many others that the Lemongrass & Rosemary is a beautiful scent and that is certainly my favourite so far.

    I first heard about Valentte when I read about free scent samples which I sent off for and was later notified that it was causing financial problems and they could no longer offer them free. I was happy to pay £2 to be able to sample three scents so that I could make a decision whether or not to make a purchase.

    I receive Luke’s email every day and enjoy reading his blog.

  7. Emily

    The samples that you receive are of an amazing quality and quantity. I am more than happy with the £2 it cost to be able to receive these and i believe it is totally reasonable to pay this amount. The products are so lovely and the diffusers last FOREVER!!

  8. Siobhan

    Well worth paying £2 for the samples they are mini room mists in the chosen scents which gives you a great chance to choose your favourite before put casing the bigger products.

  9. acstracey

    I was amazed by the size of the sample, well worth the money. I would quite happily have paid more for them as they will last for ages. Such a good way to be able to test out the fragrances before making a larger purchase.

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