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Stimulating Verbena and Peppermint


Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No synthetic fragrances ensure you can spritz your pillow or upholstery and fill your room with a light, stimulating and refreshing aroma.



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Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
February 25, 2021

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I got a sample first and as soon as I smelt it I knew it would be the perfect scent for my bathroom. I love it so much I will be getting the room diffuser version to permanently sent my bathroom.
Miriam Williams - avatar Miriam Williams
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
February 19, 2021

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Fantastic fresh scent
Ellen - avatar Ellen
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
February 10, 2021

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I love these room mists, I keep them in every toilet, I have been buying these products since coming across the display at the ideal home exhibition, their fragrance are wonderful tried nearly every product all amazing would recommend to any body and frequently do.
Jane - avatar Jane
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
February 10, 2021

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

Bough this as a new home gift to go with the matching reed diffuser and candle, the person who was given it was really pleased, so thank you for another lovely gift.
Sarah - avatar Sarah
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
January 13, 2021

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I Purchased as a gift for my Mother...along with other VALENTTE products...smell is absolutely wonderful and lingers after your first spray...i have tried lots of room sprays but nothing compares to this...
Julie - avatar Julie
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
December 13, 2020

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I recieved this as a gift and I may not have purchased it otherwise as my favourite fragrance is the lemongrass and rosemary, however I am so glad I did get the opportunity to try this as it is now my joint favourite - such a lovely fresh uplifting smell!! Absolutely love these products and the smell lasts for ages- the best home fragrance products I've ever used!
Marie Patterson - avatar Marie Patterson
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
December 3, 2020

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I love the smell of this room mist it lasts a long time so refreshing when you enter the room you sprayed it in .
So glad I discovered Valentte.
Elizabeth McDonald - avatar Elizabeth McDonald
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist
December 3, 2020

Our verbena and peppermint room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential... View

I love the zing and freshness of this room spray especially in the morning its great to spritz the bedrooms and leave them feeling as fresh as when the windows are open
Gill Wicks - avatar Gill Wicks

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of five pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your sensitivity and creativity.

Light, Stimulating and Refreshing


With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.

Verbena & Peppermint

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


82 reviews for Stimulating Verbena and Peppermint

  1. Vicky Green

    I’ve had this as a sample.
    It’s a really lovely fresh smell, this will definitely be my next purchase.

  2. Lynda MacCabe

    I love it that Valentte offer free fragrance samples with purchases. I would never have considered buying Verbena and Peppermint otherwise. It is so refreshing and will be the choice for my next candle and reed diffuser.

  3. Andrea Duddridge

    A fresh yet minty smell- would take a lot to tempt me from my favourite (lemongrass) but I will try it.👍

  4. Saffron

    Great bedroom, bathroom & hallway fragrance. Would be great as a perfume for going out in the evening.

  5. Susan McNally

    I love the fresh smell of verbena and peppermint – after receiving a sample I’m definitely ordering the candle and room diffuser as the perfect gift for a friend who is very particular about the quality of her candle scents!

  6. Fiona Magee

    I ordered this as a sample as I was unsure if I would like it. It’s beautiful! Definitely one of my next purchases.

  7. Lorna George

    Absolutely loved this fragrance which I chose as one of my samples. Will definitely be ordering this next!

  8. yennipoos

    Room mist sample ordered, unfortunately, bottle broke. Email to Valentte customer service. Within minutes reply received. Replacement sample in the post. Top notch customer service. The verbena and peppermint fragrance smelled amazing in the envelope and I can’t wait to properly sample as room spray.

  9. Angela

    What a beautiful fresh smelling scent . I would give this 10 stars if I could. The smell lasts for hours and not overpowering in the slightest. Lovely and subtle. Many thanks guys will definitely be buying more in the future 👍👍

  10. Debra phillips

    It’s a refreshing fragrance I use it in my living room and can’t wait to get more room fragrances

  11. Debbie Heathcote

    Lovely fragrance when sprayed around the room, along with the lemon scent very relaxed and welcoming.

  12. Ana Berariu

    One of my favourites definitely!!
    I use it for my pillow when I go to sleep, not a strong smell but it last all the way during the night.
    My husband usually doesn’t like any room mist but he actually likes this one.

  13. Roxanne Locke

    I love this! It smells exactly as you’d expect and you actually get quite a lot with the free samples! I was quite shocked. Really nice scent and beautiful packaging too 😊

  14. Susan Findlsy

    Absolutely beautiful scent, I will be ordering again.

  15. Amanda Miller

    Bottle arrive completely empty!!!

  16. Carla huggins

    This scent it beautiful the verbena is the first smell that I cam smell as I walk into my room followed by a hint of peppermint it last most of the day it freshens my room perfectly mixed with the fresh morning air thank you

  17. Andrea Frizzle

    My favourite so far, love the mint smell, very refreshing.

  18. Dawn Emmett

    Wonderful smell will buy more

  19. fiona

    Absolutely love this scent,it smells very fresh and invigorating. This scent last for hours and makes room smell amazing.

  20. Midnight Memories

    Smelled really nice and really liked it

  21. Beverley Wooder

    Lovely clean, fresh scent. Very summery. Will get other products in this range.

  22. Phillipa Thwaites

    Long lasting fresh scent. A little goes a long way

  23. Sarah

    Beautiful smell, really woke the room up and could smell it for hours. Will definitely buy again.

  24. Sheila Stocker

    The lavender was lovely but not a sickly smell as some cane be

  25. Sheila stocker

    Loved the freshness of this one. But it’s not overpowering

  26. Kerrie Oglesby

    Used in my bedroom and it smelt lovely and fresh, will try the candle and the spray.

  27. Natasha Chambers

    Definitely a favourite, fresh and zesty. I didn’t expect it to smell the way it does but l love it a would definitely recommend.

  28. Debra Jane Matthews

    Very sweet and fresh

  29. Tracey Baxter

    I chose this as one of my free samples,I would buy this as a reed diffuser as I think the scent would be perfect sitting anywhere in your house,The smell was so fresh and clean smelling
    Will be buying lots of these products in the future

  30. Rachel Swanston

    Lovely scent, I got it as a sample to test but will definitely be buying other products in this smell – delicious!

  31. Michele

    Very refreshing and good for summer!

  32. Sooze

    Received this as a free sample, purely to just add one to the bag, I could not imagine what it would “smell”
    Like. Well! – blew me away, absolutely fabulous. What a brilliant summer fragrance. I would wear it, (can you wear
    The room fragrance? ). I will definitely be buying this. So uplifting!

  33. Lesley Stamp

    Not as good as the other scents but just my preference . I am not keen on peppermint but love verbena . A fresh scent

  34. Jane Frith

    fantastically fresh smell- definitely go for the room diffuser!

  35. Heather Rodgers

    I chose this as a free sample and included it in my gift box for a friend who had just given birth xxx she said it was a soothing smell and fresh not sickly like some scents. Will definitely be ordering more as Christmas gifts, thankyou for the amazing quick delivery and suberb quality packaging x

  36. Wendy A Packer

    It’s great to get a sample to try before you buy one of your products. Love this smell, can’t wait to buy more products to try .

  37. Ruth Bassett

    Free sample with a gift box. Lovely fragrance.

  38. Michele

    A great summer fragrance for the home and super quality!

  39. Michele

    Great scent with fresh overtones. Just right to give your home that fresh and clean feeling!

  40. Jacqueline Harrison

    Came across Valentte on Facebook by chance. So glad i did. This is my favourite. Amazing smell, last for hours. Love the glass bottle so chic and elegant.

  41. Dennese Bloomer

    Excellent idea to give people the opportunity to smell before you purchase a new scent. I find this scent really good for a morning and will be buying products very soon!

  42. Joanne

    What can I say apart from wow… The scents are amazing.. The delivery is so fast.

  43. Suzanne Belmont

    verbena&peppermint is a beautiful smell very invigorating perfect for a bathroom or office! We have ordered a number of different scents since discovering Valentte and live them all, our fav at the moment is patchouli& eucalyptus reeds and room spray

  44. Mary

    Use this in my bathroom. Beautiful scent. Friends comment how lovely my bathroom smells.

  45. Lynda R

    I ordered this as 1 of my free samples, it will be my next purchase. Fresh and clean smelling.

  46. Sarah

    Love this fragrance, only bought as a trial, will definitely purchase full size next time !

  47. Sheila Lea

    Beautiful scent. Would highly recommend and will definitely buy again.

  48. nancy bradshaw

    Love this scent, it smells really fresh yet also very calming. Highly recommend this scent for candles also

  49. Mrs R Bassett

    I love the freshness of the peppermint in this scent.

  50. Robert Murray

    Just amazing aroma, makes the room smell Devine. Also leaves you feeling very relaxed.

  51. Christina Howell

    All the goods were lovely. Disappointed in packaging.

  52. Louise Picton

    Such a good idea! A really good way to try a fragrance before you buy a product – or 2!

  53. Lorraine

    I requested a sample of the Verbena & Peppermint & 2 others when I ordered a giftset as a gift & it was the best of the 3, so I ordered a candle, reed diffuser & room spray for myself

  54. Fiona Chandler

    Had a sample of this scent. Nice and lemony with hint of pepermint, I’d buy producys with this scent.

  55. Jill Robinson

    Lovely fresh scent. Definitely stimulating. Sprayed it on my sofas to freshen them up.

  56. vilmamackeviciute

    Very nice smell, easier to breath in a room, very happy with the sample will definitely order again.

  57. Susan Smith

    Beautiful Verbena and peppermint scent
    Would definitely try the candle too

  58. Linda Stevens

    Having tried, and loved, every other fragrance in the Valentte I couldn’t leave out Verbena and Peppermint Room Mist. It’s just as wonderful. Powerful and stimulating. A great spray to awaken the senses and start the day! My artificial flowers love it too!

  59. irene hope


  60. Lynne McLeod

    Lovely, very refreshing

  61. Lorraine Rae

    Great way to try different fragrances, loved the smell of them all. I found them not to be as long lasting as I’d hoped nevertheless l would still order again.

  62. Nicki Bell

    A lovely fresh stimulating fragrance. Tried it as a room fragrance and will definitely order as a candle.

  63. Carole Skelton

    Very fresh fragrance which lasts ages. Delighted I discovered Valentte.

  64. Mrs Barbara Lane

    Beautiful scent. So refreshing and easy to use. I ordered my pack of candle, room spray and sticks as I had seen the post on Facebook. The box they arrived in was very classy and understated which I love. I will be ordering again but will try a different combination next time. I actually quite fancy trying the Lavender.

  65. Barbara Lane

    I loved all the samples received. It is so hard to choose one above the others. None of them are overpowering which can sometimes be the case. They have a clean freshness which is what I always look for in scents and perfumes. I do like the Verbena as my first choice. The packaging is lovely and classic. The parcel was delivered in good time too.

  66. Maureen thorp

    Verbena and peppermint….very fresh, wonderful smell. Will be buying more.

  67. Paula Cohen

    I am pleased I got to sample this scent as I use a verbena shower gel so was excited to try thy this as a room mist. It is vibrant and fresh with a wonderful citrus scent but also added fresh peppermint . Lovely

  68. Jan Worthy

    Love this refreshing fragrance. Another for my office when I’m feeling the afternoon slump. I will definitely be adding this to my next order.

  69. Maria

    Received Verbena and peppermint spray as a free sample. Havent used as yet, but smells great

  70. Charmian Johnson

    I wasn’t sure what this spray would smell like but it’s one of my favourites and fragrances a room with only a small squirt and I’ll definitely be buying more of this range.

  71. Jan Gregory

    New one to me. Not sure I’m happy with the perfume, therefore will not be ordering

  72. Gill Kime

    Lovely to try this sample and will definitely add this fragrance to my next purchase z

  73. Vanessa Goodwin

    Chose this as one of my free samples and love it. Very uplifting scent that really lingers. May have to order full size one now!

  74. Abi Ashford


  75. Maureen Cooper

    Really love this one, so refreshing – would definitely recommend.

  76. Emma Rockett

    I think it’s a great idea to include samples of scents as allows you to be sure you really like the smell, have bought several candles from the samples, the mint and verbena is so fresh

  77. Tania Jones

    Absolutely adore the smell of this room mist. It lasts for ages & smells so fresh its like you’ve opened the windows with a full flower bed & herb garden beneath. Can’t wait to try more!

  78. Jan parker

    Fab fragrance, slept wonderfully.

  79. Lisa Seretny

    Love the room sprays, they really do refresh the room and the smell lasts for ages.

  80. Phil Bennett

    Fantastic scent
    Live the peppermint part

  81. Luise

    A lovely fresh but sweet fragrance. Uplifting!
    Free samples are lovely and a great way to test out fragrances ready for that next purchase. Again thoughtful and quality packaging and presentation from Valentte

  82. J Fife

    Beautiful fragrance will certainly purchase the products in this range.

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