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White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser


Drive away sadness, create a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood. Our White Neroli & Lemon reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients and will scent your home for a minimum of 4 months with a happy and uplifting aroma.



Total Reviews: 972
White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser
White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser
August 21, 2020

Drive away sadness, create a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting... View

I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. It smells gorgeous and delivery was extremely quick! Great product, great price and great service... what else can I say! Thank you.
Cordelia Castle - avatar Cordelia Castle
White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser
White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser
August 20, 2020

Drive away sadness, create a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting... View

I am totally hooked on white neroli and lemon reed diffusers! The scent is so clean, refreshing and just lifts your spirits. You cannot help but acknowledge the smell because it catches you when you least expect it and you experience it all over again. I have the diffuser in the bedroom and you feel the difference walking into the room . My husband never notices anything normally but he wakens in the morning and usually says how much he loves the smell from the diffuser. It lasts for ages. I have enjoyed sharing the product with my family and friends because it is just a precious experience and I want them to feel good too. My daughter was trying to track down some Lavender essential oils online for me and she passed Valentte details on after reading customer reviews. I’m glad she cared enough to explore on my behalf because Ive found something I really enjoy living with. Well done guys.
Patricia Logan - avatar Patricia Logan
White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser
White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser
August 20, 2020

Drive away sadness, create a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting... View

Hands down the best room diffuser I have ever come across. Discovered it in a friends house and had to track it down! Hard to imagine using a different brand after finding this!
Jacqui - avatar Jacqui
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Happy and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of eight pure essential oils that will drive away sadness, invoking a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood.

White Neroli

With it’s slightly sweet and citrusy top note scent neroli is very calming and makes you feel happy and at peace with your environment.


Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and eliminating negative emotions. Increasing concentration and alertness.

Size: 100ml

Looking After Your Diffuser

Flip The Reeds
Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.

Use The Right Number of Reeds
All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.

Direct Sunlight
Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.

None of our products are tested on animals


Scented with pure organic essential oils they fill your room with a gentle scent crafted to improve your mood and well being. Lasting for a minimum of 4 months.

Total Reviews: 972
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Your email will not be published.

Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Happy and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of eight pure essential oils that will drive away sadness, invoking a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood.


White Neroli

With it’s slightly sweet and citrusy top note scent neroli is very calming and makes you feel happy and at peace with your environment.


Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and eliminating negative emotions. Increasing concentration and alertness.


Product Details

Size: 100ml

Looking After Your Diffuser:

Flip The Reeds
Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.

Use The Right Number of Reeds
All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.

Direct Sunlight
Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.


Scented with pure organic essential oils they fill your room with a gentle organic scent crafted to improve your mood and well being. Lasting for a minimum of 4 months.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


972 reviews for White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser

  1. Shelagh Smith

    The fragrance is a perfect blend of exotic, fresh and peaceful. I love it, and so does my lounge!

  2. Donna Stevens

    What a lovely refreshing blend the citrus is very relaxing and fills our home with a lovely delicate aroma.

  3. Jackie

    Very fresh citrus scent and fantastic value for the price. I often buy Next diffusers, but these last double the amount of time, because they are highly concentrated.

  4. Rachel Green

    Such a lovely fresh scent and lasts really well. Would definitely buy again

  5. Jayne clarke

    I bought this diffuser just before Christmas and it’s still going strong – I have a large living room and it really gives out the perfect amount of fresh smelling aroma

  6. Clair Bloy

    Now I can have this gorgeous smell even longer!. These are fabulous and last much longer than other reed diffusers I have had.

  7. Robbie

    Love this scent, it fills the whole house and is very uplifting and happy scent, makes me feel happy – thanks Valentte

  8. Claire Driver

    it leaves a beautiful, long lasting aroma to my living room. It lasts a lot longer and smells much nicer than other diffusers I have tried.

  9. Gillian Charlton

    Having used many different brands of room diffusers this is by far the best. The whole room smells gorgeous and they last so long. I have recommended to virtually all my visitors

  10. Astrid

    I bought this diffuser almost a year ago and it’s still going strong! The fragrance is to die for! Unlike any other diffuser I’ve ever bought this one hasn’t evaporated within weeks, which was what the salesman assured me. I almost want them to run out now so I can get some more of a different smell!

  11. Sarah

    Met Luke at Cotswold Show and Sudeley (bought White Neroli & lemon sets both times). Products are absolutely gorgeous and Luke couldn’t be more helpful

  12. Irene

    I’m really pleased with this product. It creates a lovely aroma in my downstairs cloakroom.

  13. Nicola Reynolds

    I bought this set at car Fest and it is the most beautiful fragrance, just like being in a spa and very long lasting. I have mine next to my bed, its one of those fragrances that you really enjoy every time you catch the scent. When eventually the oil reduces its fragrance as a diffuser (it doesn’t evaporate as it isn’t alcohol based like so may) I used any left in an oil burner with great results.


    These are such beautiful products at a very reasonable price.
    The fragrance lasts and is not overpowering.
    Really lovely products that you will not be disappointed with.

  15. Diane Thomas

    Absolutely stunning fragrance – powerful enough for it to make an impact, but not too overpowering for it to be cloying. You can really tell the difference between this fragrance and other, ‘synthetic’ fragrances. The Valentte diffuser smell like the real McCoy. Please do give the products of this ’boutique’ family firm a try – you’re getting far more bang for your buck than the more commercial outfits, backed by a genuine passion for quality and real integrity in everything that they do.

  16. Claire Green

    Gorgeous scent, fresh and uplifting but not at all overpowering. I love it.

  17. Sam H

    Really lovely fragrance. Spa like as are all the fragrances from Valentte. The fragrance is natural so you don’t get the headaches and chemical overload as you would with synthetic reed diffusers. The Neroli and lemon complement each other so well. I’ve had the lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser in the past too and so I know they will last ages.

  18. victoria millington-green

    Excellent product, the smell is incredible, relaxing and uplifting at the same time. I have never known a reed diffuser last so long.

  19. Marie Butler

    This diffuser is a really great product and lasts! The fragrance is lovely and not too strong but you can still smell it months after it has been opened. I have bought a number of diffusers and have been pleased with them all.

  20. Sarah

    All my reed diffusers from Valentte smell lovely & this one is no different. They last so long I often find myself having to buy new reeds for them.

  21. Claire Driver

    This has an incredible smell, which lasts for ages. I bought this one for a friend as they make lovely presents. She was impressed to say the least, so win win all round.

  22. Karen F

    Lovely natural fragrance, great value compared with other organic essential oil diffusers

  23. Samantha Kelly

    Love the fresh clean fragrance.
    Definitely going to order more.

  24. Alicia

    I LOVE this diffuser. One diffuser in the top bathroom makes the whole house smell fresh, lovely and homely. Will definitely be buying again!

  25. Sally Clough

    I was thrilled to have bought for myself yesterday another of your Neroli and Lemon gift sets. I have bought them for everyone else, but this time my purchase was just for me. I have used many makes of infuser, but this is the best, lasts the longest, and the scent does not decrease. Great value for money and a lovely treat. See you next year; I’ll be buying another!

  26. M Davies

    Beautiful subtle but complex fragrance. Fills the room with perfume as you enter. Long lasting and great value.

  27. jo roberts

    I bought a beautiful gift set at Burghley 2 reed infusers and a free room mist. Both diffusers smell divine and I look forward to many months of scent. I will definitely be a return purchaser.

  28. Anita

    I bought this reed diffuser at the Handmaid Fair in 2017, and it’s only recently lost its potency! This is a fabulous combination of scents – uplifting and calming – I use it in my workroom as an aide to creativity. Valentte really have cornered the market in affordable yet opulent scents, and I’ll be back for more!

  29. Arrowsmith

    Long lasting fragrance that dosn’t lose it’s potency.
    Beautiful fragrance

  30. Evanna Morris

    I came across Valentte at the Kingston Christmas market. Such a beautiful choice of scents, hard to choose – but in the end I chose White Neroli & Lemon, for reed diffuser, hand cream and body scrub. Makes you feel happy and peaceful – just how you want to feel at home. Thank you Valentte. The nicest scents I have found yet in reed diffusers.

  31. Jayne kent-webster

    Lovely smelling products. I love the Lemon and Neroli perfume in the diffuser. It lasts for ages and the packaging is very elegant.

  32. Jorge Mattey

    Incredible long-lived scent that really projects and gets complimets! Will be buying more and recommending as have never found such an effective reed diffuser before! A wonderful discovery this Christmas just gone and perfect for all year round gifts! 🙂

  33. Claire Driver

    I love the smell of these and they last so long too. The best I’ve tried.

  34. Boo Bragg

    Absolutely stunning fragrances! Last so long and fill the house. Many compliments from guests over the festive period. Love and and recommending to family and friends!
    A must buy and great gift idea! 🙂
    Thank you Valentte!

  35. Chris

    Great and very long lasting scent which drifts through the whole house.

  36. Kate Armitage

    Have been buying these products since i came across them at Spirit of Christmas a few years ago and love them all! This is a very fresh uplifting perfume, and like all the other products lingers. Fabulous I’ve since bought candle to match.

  37. Jayjaycee

    I absolutely love this fragrance, it is so uplifting and fresh. These reed diffusers are not sickly like so many on the market, it’s obvious that they are made with pure natural ingredients.

  38. Ashleigh Smart

    Just love this fragrance. It’s very uplifting and fresh and makes the room smell lovely. It reminds me of spring days and bouquets.

  39. sandydn33

    Love the fragrance of the neroli and lemon, uplifting and fresh. I first came to buy Valentte products from a stall in Chichester a few years ago and now I’m addicted to them.

  40. Margaret Eaton

    I came upon Valentte products at Chatsworth Christmas Fayre and have since bought the White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser for both gifts and for myself. The perfume is wonderful and lasts without fading. Many visitors to my home have asked about the products. I have had candles in other Valentte fragrances but the white neroli remains my favourite. I recommend the products highly.

  41. Valerie

    I originally bought the diffuser at a flower show. The frangrance of the white neroli and lemon reed is wonderful. I have one diffuser in the cloakroom, bathroom and kitchen. All my visitors ask what is the beautiful perfume and I have given some diffusers to special persons as thank you presents. I like the fact that these are natural products unlike most air fresheners. I am so happy with this fragrance I have not tried the other ones available but I am sure they would be equally lovely.

  42. Kirstin McLellan

    Absolutely my favourite scent to use, quality product and the results show that. I have Valentte diffusers in every room of our home, but I always have to have White Neroli and Lemon downstairs, as there is nothing better after a long day at work than smelling the divine aroma when I get in. Highly recommended and have bought gift packs for family members as they love the way the products make our home smell so lush. I can’t remember where I can across Valentte on line now, however I am so glad I did.

  43. Jackie Gentry

    Absolutely love this fragrance. This is the second time i have purchased it and its brilliant, it lasts a long time

  44. charlotte fleming

    This smells simply divine. I have one in every room of the house and have been using them for over a year since I found Valentte at Burleigh horse trials. It never fails to delight me. I have also bought them for all my friends as the @25 box deal is brilliant. They last much longer than other diffusers I have tried. I flip them over every day or two.

  45. Sian Evans

    Beautifully packaged and truly divine scent that lingers in the room for a long time after extinguishing the candle. Much better than TWC and Jo Malone candles.

  46. Jennifer Smith

    Hello,. My White Neroli and Lemon Reed Defuser has a delicious scent and people comment on it when they visit my toilet, even my daughter who dislikes perfume smells.
    It was so good that I bought a White Neroli Gift Box for her Birthday. Thank you and well done !

  47. Cathie Lowe

    The neroli and lemon is my favourite as it has a very fresh, crisp but soft aroma. I brought a set for my daughter as she moved into her house. The diffuser and room spray lasted well over a 18 months and the fragrance now reminds me of her

  48. Kathryn Brousson

    This is probably my favourite fragrance of all time, it fills my hallway with the most wonderful welcome home fragrance each time I come in.
    I first found valentte at an rhs fair and have been using their products ever since.

  49. Sandra Bond

    I love the smell of this diffuser, it is just so fresh and last for ages. The quality is amazing.

  50. rachelvandermark

    Neroli is one of my favourite fragrances. It reminds me of when I was a younger. The memories are captured well in the neroli and lemon reed diffuser. An amazing fragrance that everyone comments on when they come into my house.

  51. Emma C

    This fragrance is fresh and a lovely lemon scent but not over powering, I get a lot of comments when people walk in the house.

  52. Kate Armitage

    As with all valentte products this is absolutely fabulous, the smell is divine, probably my favourite perfume, but then I go in another room and smell another valentte product and change my mind!! Have used products for about 4years now after meeting Luke at a show and all my friends now get them for gifts and love them to. Thank you Luke for caring so much about your products and your customers, a rarity nowadays.

  53. Ali Smedley

    This is a great product from truly great company. Delivery times were accurate and quick. This product is long lasting and a beautiful citrus like fragrance.

  54. janeblake203

    Absolutely love this fragrance! It’s lemony fresh with a beautiful twist! I have this diffuser in the bathroom and the smell fills the room which is just how I like it!

  55. janeblake203

    Absolutely love this fragrance – it’s lemony fresh with a beautiful twist! I have placed this diffuser in the bathroom and the smell fills the room which is just how I like it!

  56. Carolyn

    Love the smell of this, it’s so fresh and invigorating. Have it by the front door and can smell it when I come in xx

  57. Gaenor

    Love the Neroli and lemongrass diffuse, very fresh, vibrant and sophisticated smell

  58. Alexandra Delonnette

    This was the first time I purchased from Valentte and I am well impressed. The lemon and neroli reed diffuser is amazing the scent fills the house. I purchase 2 of these as I have a large sitting room but even with just one open the scent is amazing. Everyone that comes to visit says it smells amazing what is it?. I love the packaging as I purchased 3 other reed diffuser for a friend’s birthday and I am sure she will love them, and I do not even have to wrap them as they came boxed and tied with a lovely ribbon. I will be purchasing more from Valentte. Thank you so much

  59. Kathy Toseland

    This is a wonderful and powerful fragrance. It is on my upstairs windowsill and perfumes the whole of the landing and hallway. Lots of good comments when people come into the house.

  60. amanda-tomlinson

    I first bought one of the reed diffusers at The Royal Welsh Show last year & have just replaced it …. together with some room spray & hand cream. These products are divine, beautifully made & beautifully packaged. Highly recommended.

  61. Emma Davies

    Lovely long lasting fragrance. I have this in the kitchen and the scent fills the room. Love it!

  62. Alison

    I won’t buy any other diffusers now as they do not compare to Valentte. The smell is natural, strong enough to scent the room but not over power and lasts until empty. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  63. sonnenbad

    A lovely smell for our living room. Tried Valentte first time and am very happy woth my order. Thank you.

  64. Sarah Clayton

    Scent is fantastic and different from any other brand, people often comment how nice my house smells

  65. carol.stokes

    I bought a box set of this scent – diffuser, room mist and hand wash.
    What a fabulous scent – first discovered at the Ideal Home Show a few years ago.
    This is now a staple in my home and I couldn’t recommend more..
    Buy it – you won’t be disappointed!

  66. Mandy Taylor

    This was my first purchase and I love it, the smell is so fresh and natural and it lasts so well, my friend introduced me to Valentte and I already have a substantial wish list to work through.

  67. Robbie

    I’ve been using Valentte products now for a couple of years and they are by far the nicest smelling and longest lasting I have used – even better than other diffusers that cost 2-3 times more. I don’t bother with the others now. Plus the customer service is excellent and delivery quick.

  68. Gina Wilson

    I discovered Valentte at the Ideal Home Show and I so glad I did! Their diffusers are amazing….the White Neroli and Lemon is my absolute favourite, my bedroom smells wonderful.

  69. jill.dillon

    Wow!! Discovered this lovely brand at Sudely Castle spring show. People on stand couldn’t have been more helpful, allowing time to browse , sniff and test. Spoilt for choice re products but settled on 3 candles and a diffuser. My house no longer smells of wet dogs , it has become a heavenly scented oasis! BEST CANDLES I have tried in ages, love the “cruelty free” ethos. Will be back for more!

  70. Angie Sinton

    Beautiful strong and lasting fragrance

  71. S A

    Great fragrance, lasts a long time.

  72. Amanda

    God I love these products!
    I have this in my hallway, my house smells amazing. Last ages too.
    Everyone has been complimented me on how nice my house smells . One very happy customer. Definitely be buying more.

  73. Sue Owen

    I bought the White Neroli and Lemon diffuser for a gift but every time I went to wrap it up the smell was so delicious I couldn’t bring myself to give it away! I have now put it in my sitting room and absolutely love it. I will buy more, whether it will be for me or someone else we will have to wait and see!

  74. Pamela

    Have had this scent before as a cream. Absolutely beautiful. Will certainly continue to purchase this scent in various products. Thank you

  75. Mary O’Hara

    I bought my latest products at Surely Castle Spring Show.
    I love your products. The stand allows you to try and test to make a choice. I bought something new this time. They are such good quality.

  76. james lownsborough

    A beautiful fragrance that fills the room for weeks and such good value

  77. Benjamin Davis

    This is by far one of the nicest scents I’ve ever bought And it lasts ages

  78. Ann Knowles

    Lovely fresh aroma. It’s the first diffuser that hasn’t aggravated my asthma, so I’m delighted with it and it’s lasting well. Looking forward to trying other products from Valentte.

  79. Emma Davies

    Lovely fresh fragrance which fills the room. The scent remains strong until the bottle is completely empty, very happy and will definitely order again!

  80. katy

    Gorgeous scent, I purchased this as I was gifted the hand cream which is wonderful and my home smells beautiful now as well as my hands!

  81. fionabird455

    I purchased this at Bramham after encountering the most wonderful smell coming from Luke’s stall. The combination is perfect; not too heady and not too weak. Great quality, fantastic customer service I shall definitely be buying again.

  82. Soo

    Just read the description for this, fill your senses room diffuser.
    It does what it says . fills you with joy, and uplifts the mood. Love the new design of bottle too.
    The hand wash of the same fragrance is de… vine. What can I say.
    I just love all the products.

  83. Susan Russell

    I first came across Valentte at the Country Living Fair in Glasgow where I bought the candles as presents for my friends. They loved them so I decided to treat myself to the white neroli and lemon diffuser for our bedroom. I absolutely love the fragrance which greets me every time I enter the room. It is my all time favourite!

  84. Ellie Harris

    This is a beautiful, pure, spa quality diffuser. The smell is gorgeous, strong but not overpowering and the diffuser lasts for a long time before running out. Valentte products are consistently fabulous and I’d highly recommend them!


    Beautiful uplifting scent very high quality and long lasting.Highly recommended!

  86. Jo Miveld

    Wonderful smell, long lasting will be reordering as fantastic special gifts, thank you

  87. S pelzman

    Just love the aroma it fills the room. Very fresh

  88. Janet Tregunno

    Absolutely beautiful fragrance that lasts

  89. Jen Grant

    Absolutely stunning product, we have big rooms with high ceilings and this really works.

  90. Pamela Botham

    Have got to say this is my favourite fragrance and I have them in every room in my house. Can highly recommend

  91. Carys B

    I have one of these in each of my bathrooms and the scent is amazing. A really fresh ‘feel good’ perfume.

  92. Anne Towill

    I’ve always been disappointed by Reed diffusers as I hate ‘fake’ smells however this one is different. Beautiful scent and beautifully presented. Will be buying others for different rooms.

  93. Joyce Scully

    Just the most natural smelling diffuser we have ever had in the house. Nothing synthetic or artificial about it. Remarkably luscious scent and it lasts longer than most. Everybody comments on how delightful the fragrance of the lemon actually is. Marvellous.

  94. Emma Davies

    Beautiful, long lasting fragrance which fills the room. Love it!

  95. Stephanie Cummings

    These products are amazing. Have ordered various types and have never been disappointed. Highly recommended.

  96. Jane

    I simply adore the beautiful fresh fragrance that lasts for weeks . I used to buy Neom but have swapped to this complete range of candles, diffusers and hand soap !
    They make great gifts too

  97. Helen Illingworth

    This is by FAR the best reed diffuser I have ever bought! I have just ordered another as mine has just run out, 2 and a half years after I opened it!!! AMAZING

  98. Judith Hogan

    This is my favourite fragrance, the scent is warm and welcoming in the hall. I first bought it at Ripley Castle Fair but have since topped up my supplies on line with the mixed gift box. Excellent deal, great product.

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  100. Sheona Macleod

    Fab product, fills my sitting room with its lovely fragrance. We all like it.

  101. margaret connelly

    Love your diffusers the smells are relaxing and refreshing and last for months, I will continue to buy from you as you are the best on the market !!,I’ve tried the rest but yours are the best.I
    I’m not sure how I came across Valentte it may have been through a competition I dont know ? but i’m pleased I did.

  102. Linda Turner

    Very fresh and natural scent. Visitors actually comment on it!

  103. Tina Ketcher

    OMG found the Valentine stall at The Hampton Court Flower Show a couple of weeks ago.
    My sister and I purchased two White Neroli & Lemon defusers and a candle. I can honestly say they have the most beautiful smell and the whole house smells absolutely fabulous. When I get in from work the minute I open the door the aroma hits you. Have been using Neom candles for many years but Valentte have won me over. My sister purchased the room mist (white neroli & lemon) again an absolute winner. These will be beautiful gifts for my candle/defuser loving friends & family

  104. Lisa Funnell

    My favourite scent..quite strong in aroma and fresh

  105. Julia Judd

    I first discovered these reed diffusers at Badminton Horse Trials in 2015 and have been buying them ever since. I have them at home and in my let holiday cottage. Guests love the sweet wafts the moment they walk in the door and I have 3 different scents to suit the rooms. Guests regularly comment that it is the extra touches such as these that make it such a lovely place to stay.

  106. Margaret Pitts

    Treated myself to this one when I bought other products for gifts. Not disappointed. The fresh, clean smell is lovely.

  107. Jan S

    I think this is my favourite diffuser fragrance for our home. It has a gentle and natural non chemical smell. They last for many months and I now only buy diffusers from Valentte for ourselves and as presents too.
    I met you a few years ago at the Autumn Knitters and Stitchers show at ‘Ali Paly’, London

  108. Marie King

    Great smell and has really lasted well . I love these products

  109. Maureen

    I am a complete convert to the aroma of White Neroli and Lemon – it is beautiful! I discovered Valentte at the Tatton flower show only a few weeks ago, and have since ordered two gift boxes with a selection of the reed diffusers – they are supposed to be for gifts but I have ‘pinched’ 2 of the reed diffusers for myself! I love the idea that there are refills available. No problem deciding what to give for birthdays and Christmas now!

  110. Candice Rice

    I have to admit to looking up the essential oil Neroli. I now love the citrus scent in my reed diffuser. Even before I opened the delivered box, the scent hit me and immediately put me in a much better mood. It is perfect for the sitting room. The lavender reed diffuser is in my bedroom where the lavender scent helps me relax. Thank you Valentte, I am very happy with my purchase.

  111. Rachel

    Love all the diffusers – they were recommended to me by a friend and I have bought every scent. This one reminds me of ESPA products – the scent is like a spa. Lovely and strong as well.
    I also always get excellent customer service from the guys – they are really personal with their approach.

  112. Lynn Hill

    I bought my first Valentte reed diffuser at the Countryfile Show at Blenheim last weekend and I love it. I also bought the boxed gift set for a friend so hopefully she will love it too! It actually gives an amazing scent throughout a large room which most other makes don’t. I will definitely be stocking up when I go to Burleigh horse show in September. A great find

  113. yvettehastie

    I first discovered Valentine at the Gardening Scotland show and bought some reed diffusers and a candle. They smell amazing! I have since ordered more products online and will definitely be buying more.

  114. laviniagee

    Nice gentle aroma and am sure it will soon become a great favourite.

  115. Clare smith

    Purchased this diffuser as part of a gift box in carfest absolutely amazing fragrance fills the whole room with the most gorgeous scent. Need one for every room will definitely be purchasing more 😀

  116. Ruth

    This diffuser is absolutely beautiful. The scent is lovely and not too strong but still scents my whole living room. I normally buy the gift boxes as I find them great value for money and have now bought numerous ones for friends and family. In fact my sister took one of these diffusers to her home in Australia she was that impressed!

  117. sallyannperry1

    Best defuser I have purchased room is filled with a fantastic fragrance, have bought more for all the house. Love it and so do my family.

  118. Sandra Jones

    I came across Valentte at Carfest North. The White Neroli and Lemon reed is a beautiful scent that fills the whole room. This is my first Valentte product, but certainly won’t be my last! Fantastic customer service.

  119. Mrs. Elizabeth Goss

    This was a new scent for me but I am very pleased with it. Fresh, pleasant- will buy again

  120. Susan

    This is an absolutely beautiful fragrance. I first experienced the aroma when visiting a friend, she gave me the name of Valentte after purchasing hers from Southport Flower Show. I immediately ordered on line, received within days (got a freebie too) and my house just smells lovely. Have two dogs and it disguises their “smell”. Will definitely order again.

  121. emma.duffy

    Love it! I’ve bought several of these diffusers now and everyone comments on the scent when they walk through the door. Unlike other diffusers I’ve had, the beautiful scent lasts until the liquid runs out. Will definitely be ordering more

  122. Natalie Ellis

    Bought this fragrance initially at the RHS Tatton Park and loved It so much I bought it again Ali v with the room spray and hand wash! I’m hooked!

  123. Geraldine Skott

    My first experience of Valentte was at the Edenbridge and Oxted Agricultural Show. I was given a free sample of hand cream and sampled the various fragrances I purchased a gift box there and then. When I got home I set up the diffuser and from then on I have been hooked. My favourite is White Neroli and Lemon. The whole room smells lovely without being overpowering. Since that first box I have ordered another two. Love the skincare products too. I can see more orders for Christmas in the next few weeks.

  124. Helen Corner

    I cannot recommend these enough. The whole house smells like a spa, best diffusers I have ever purchased

  125. Margaret Tattersall

    Without any doubt this White Neroli & Lemon Reed Diffuser beats any other i have ever tried and i will not need to try any other any time soon. My whole house smells wonderful which totally lifts my spirit, especially when people call to visit and immediately want to know why my house smells so wonderful. Please do not change or delete this product.

  126. Sarah West

    This reed diffuser is wonderful. I have one in my airb&b room and the guests say it smells like a spa. It also lasts months. I highly recommend it

  127. Jane Smith

    Found this company at the Great Yorkshire Show. Excellent customer service, very friendly and knowledgeable.
    This diffuser smells amazing and lasts well. I’ve bought a few already! My new favourite so can’t wait to try the other fragrances.

  128. Ros Quinn

    Bought this at a country fare a few years ago and it lasted for over a year! Amazing smell and perfect anywhere in the house. Thank goodness I found your website to order more…..

  129. Lorraine B

    Bought 2 diffusers recently at Burghley. Very pleased with the quality and the aroma.

  130. LG

    I had bought the Neroli candle at the Highland Show this year and loved the scent and quality of the product. I was on the market for a reed diffuser and I’m so glad I purchased this. It’s excellent value for money, with a strong long lasting scent, I’m absolutely delighted!

  131. Lorraine Brown

    Love love love this scent. It cheers me up and smells so delicious, fresh, clean and seems to be lasting for ages.

  132. Andrew Wilson

    My favourite from the range tends to be Lemongrass and rosemary however I’ve also now tried this product neroli and lemon with reed diffuser, the candle and soap. The quality of these products is great and they smell is beautiful and long lasting. Highly recommend.

  133. Dee

    I find this diffuser makes a lovely scent in the hall to welcome me home. Lasts a long time too.

  134. lindseyjwoodrow

    I currently have this reed diffuser in my downstairs bathroom. The smell is beautiful, very pleased with the quality of the product. Delivery service excellent. I will be ordering more products for Christmas presents.

  135. Clare

    The most stunning fragrance! Have purchased eight of these now plus more for friends. Makes the most fabulous gift! Expensive looking item at a fraction of the cost! Just wonderful!

  136. Christine Patterson

    I have been purchasing the lemongrass Candles an diffuser for a few years now but this time tried the white neroli and lemon. Love it just as much so guess in future I will have to buy both

  137. Ambreen Habib

    IV bought this few times, absolutely lovely…..my favourite is neroli. The fragrance lasts a long time, I given to my friends as it’s a lovely gift too

  138. Liz Williams

    Bought one at Ideal home show. Liked it very much and ordered 2 more. Lovely smell and long lasting

  139. Lesley Cochrane

    The scent is strong but not overpowering. It is uplifting and pleasant. It is reasonably priced compared to some reed diffusers and great to have refill bottles and reeds.

  140. Alan Christopher Creaser

    Its quite a Nice,High Quality product…. 🙂

  141. Nita

    I have purchased this as a gift – but love the perfume so it will be difficult to part with.

  142. Johanne Elliott

    I am working my way through the range of products, this is my latest beautiful acquisition. Such a lovely scent, it would make a beautiful gift for anyone, especially me!

  143. Sandie

    My absolute favourite of all , calming, relaxing yet not too heavy.

  144. Betty McRae

    Having purchased the white neroli and lemon several times I adore the clean, fresh smell so much I decided to purchase the reed diffuser of the same scent. It is fantastic – not overpowering but just so comforting – it has the feel good factor. I first discovered Valentte at GardeningScotland in Edinburgh. I have been so impressed with the products and the lovely packaging (so nice if it isa gift) that I have not purchased home fragrance anywhere else. I have also purchased the room spray and the hand cream and have not been disappointed.

  145. Anne

    This is my second purchase of the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser . The smell is amazingly fresh and not heady or overpowering in the slightest. The fragrance fills my hallway and every time I enter the front door it reminds me of my local beauty spa.

  146. Wayne Mee

    I have only just started using this one as the other one I have patchouli and eucalyptus is still going strong after 12 weeks so I have moved that one to the bathroom but I also do like this one it smell fresh and uplifting.

  147. Jean Knill

    This was lovely put it on my landing and could smell it in the other rooms will be trying the other fragrances

  148. Aideen grimshaw

    I’ve just bought my third diffuser in this range and the scent is simply Divine .. it’s gives off a strong smell without being overpowering ..
    the candle is equally beautiful


    Absolutely love this fragrance as a diffuser. Its definitely noticeable without being overpowering and creates a spa-like ambience in my bathroom. I’ll definitely be getting another one and possibly hand wash and lotion for guest bath.
    Highly recommend!

  150. Jilly

    First bought this reed diffuser at the country living show last year and it lasted a good 6 months in our bedroom . The most relaxing and delish fragrance to wake up to every day. It is my favourite and I feel as though I’m entering an expensive spa every time I go into our bedroom.
    Highly recommend it.

  151. Judd Julia

    I love this clean, fresh soft floral scent. They last well and my home smells delightful.

  152. Judd Julia

    Another beautiful scent from Valentte. These reed diffusers are exceptional.

  153. Sheona M

    My purchase of the white neroli and lemon gift set has gone down well in my home, everyone loves it. The reed diffuser is particularly good and leaves my sitting room filled with its lovely scent. I like to use the room mist throughout the house and can highly recommend it.

  154. Mandy

    Have been using Valence products for 2 or 3 years now and can’t find any that beat them. The neroli and lemon is lovely making the room smell wonderful.

  155. Alastair Smedley

    I get this product for my psychotherapy room and it makes such a difference. The fragrance has a positive effect on my room helping to relax and help clients settle in to a safe environment. Everyone comments on the fragrance.

  156. LG

    One of my favourites fragrances from Valentte. Strong yet delicate, one of the most effective reed diffusers I have tried. Definitely on par with others 5 times the price.

  157. Ros Quinn

    This is the 3rd one bought from you.
    Most wonderful fragrance and my first one lasted 9 yes 9 MONTHS! Bought another at Spirit of Christmas Fair – not very Christmassy but your stand great.

  158. Jill Palmer

    My favourite fragrance. Lasts about 6 months and makes my bedroom smell like a spa.
    I was first introduced to these at last years Country Living Christmas fair.


    I have bought this diffuser before and love it because it smells so good and zingy.
    It brings a touch of spring into the dark winter days!

  160. Ruth Atkinson

    These reed diffusers are just lovely. I use this one in my bedroom. They are very long lasting . I am actually going to place an order for some more!I also gave one to my sister to take back with her to Australia and she loves it as well and has asked for another one for Xmas!

  161. Sarah chamberlain

    Adore this. Absolutely does it’s job. Smells beautiful; not synthetic, gorgeous. Love 💕

  162. KC

    I was introduced to Valentte when I attended the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show earlier this year. In amongst the Peonies and numerous other stands was Valentte.

    The fragrance mixes were heavenly but being the cautious individual I am I purchased only 1 candle.
    Since then I purchased three diffusers and they are amazing. We use the Rosemary and Lemongrass in the downstairs cloakroom, it’s fresh and clean just what you need, without being over powering.
    On our mezzanine I use the Neroli and Lemon and it just gives a delicate fragrance through the upstairs.
    I would thoroughly recommend these delightful products, even though I live in a house of boys they all secretly enjoy them too!

  163. Shona

    Gorgeous fragrance. The white neroli and lemon bring a subtle smell through the room. Bought my first at Blenheim horse trials and then ordered three more on return!,

  164. Anne Flockhart

    Discovered this company at the Royal Highland show this summer. Was so impressed I sent some candles to a friend, a connoisseur of candles, which is raving about them. With that in mind I have treated myself to a diffuser and I’m currently enveloped in the most gorgeous scent. Cant wait to try more products.

  165. Tuhina Lloyd

    I received this lovely product as part of a home fragrance gift set for my birthday. The diffuser fills my living room with an elegant and calming aroma and when combined with the candle the effect is quite intoxicating!! I can highly recommend this product and have received lots of compliments from friends who have said that the room smells like a spa. The gift boxes make excellent Christmas and birthday presents and are
    extremely good value.

  166. Sarah Parker

    I found Valentte at a Country Living fair one christmas and absolutely love their products. The white neroli and lemon scent is a favorite of mine and the diffusers last for ages! This was bought as part of a gift box with a hand wash and body lotion for a friend who needs cheering up this christmas, and this scent is particularly uplifting and calming. Valentte products make lovely gifts at any time of year, they are always beautifully packaged and their service brilliant.

  167. Alison Barker

    Clean and fresh fragrance perfect for any room. Long lasting fragrance to the end, one of my favourites.

  168. Mrs Ruth Moore

    I adore this fresh scent. I now have 2 diffusers with this scent, one in the kitchen and one in the lounge. Igave one to my daughter as a present for her birthday and she love it too.

  169. Geraldine Warden

    I came across Valentte at the Country Living Christmas fayre and they were only the 2nd or 3rd stand in but I immediately bought myself a gift set as the products were gorgeous. I’m going to buy some as Christmas gifts

  170. geraldine brown

    first time using this brand and purchased a couple of scent. this one was my favourite. would definitely buy again. great service and delivery Geraldine

  171. Claire

    I absolutely love this product. Such a nice looking bottle and the smell is divine, not overpowering but you notice the scent as soon as you walk in the room.

  172. Anna Grainger

    This smells so fresh and gorgeous. It is really long lasting too

  173. Penny

    I simply love the scent of this reed diffuser, this has got to be my favourite one that I have tried so far. I am never disappointed every time I try a new fragrance that I can’t wait to try them all.

  174. Sam Telford

    Beautiful scent ! Found this brand at Chatsworth country fair and so pleased I did !
    I’m normally not a fan of reed diffusers as I find the scent often quickly turns very weak once opened. This was not the case with this however and the smell was lovely throughout. Lasted approx 3 months, not quite the 4 advertised but worth it for the quality for sure !

  175. Lucy

    I have recently discovered Valette at Living North Xmas fair and now I can’t wait to try all of their products. This diffuser has a beautiful scent, I have to keep entering my bedroom just to get a fix of scent! Love their products. Totally converted.

  176. Dennese

    This is simply a beautiful fragrance. I have used the lemongrass range all year but this is just as gorgeous. The smell is subtle but so good! I discovered Valentte at Southport flower show and have since purchased several items on-line & recommended friends (which i do not usually do!). Fantastic product / superb service. thank you.

  177. Rhona Moss

    Gorgeous scent. Placed in newly decorated bedroom and smells divine.

  178. Louise Moores

    Wow , what a lovely scent . Reminiscent of Mediterranean holidays . Fills the room with a beautiful fragrance .

  179. Paula Glover

    What can I say except the aroma is luxurious and all my visitors comment on the lovely smell….hence buying more!

  180. karenpownall

    I discovered these wonderful products at Spirit of Christmas. All the scents are lovely but this is my particular favourite. I will be back for more.

  181. Janet

    Absolutely love this diffuser. The scent is so fresh without being overpowering .
    Bought as part of a gift box but liked so much decided to keep for myself.

  182. Andrea Hardy

    These are THE most wonderful diffusers… long lasting and the most beautiful scent … just fabulous

  183. Jackie Baulf

    I love this diffuser, it has a beautiful scent. I’ve bought this range for friends and myself, everyone loves it !!!

  184. Caroline

    Every person coming into my home comments on the beautiful smell of these diffusers – white neroli and lemon my favourite and they last longer than any others you can buy . Brilliant product.

  185. Andrea Beech

    Delightful smell without being over whelming. Discovered the product when visiting a friend whose home smelt divine with the same diffuser. Great customer service.

  186. Lorraine

    Wonderful aroma that never fails to be commented on by visitors to my home.

  187. Tricia

    I love the aroma of this diffuser, – it’s quite subtle, not overpowering, yet makes its presence felt. Everyone who has come into the house has commented on it, so I am very happy to have such a lovely aroma pervading the house. It gives me a lot of pleasure and puts a smile on my face every time I become aware of it.

  188. Margaret Pitts

    Purchased this before as part of a gift box. A very good product far superior to any other brands. Bought it again for myself. Not disappointed.

  189. joanne howlett

    Love this fragrance and by far one if the best diffusers I’ve used.

  190. Melanie Reed

    I would like to recommend the white neroli and lemon diffuser it smells gorgeous. I have a large sitting room and every morning when I enter the room it smells of a florist shop fresh and beautiful.
    I have bought this product again and will continue to do so as it has no nasties in it so win win
    Thank you

  191. Melanie Reed

    I would like to recommend the white neroli and lemon diffuser it smells gorgeous. I have a large sitting room and every morning when I enter the room it smells of a florist shop fresh and beautiful.
    I have bought this product again and will continue to do so as it has no nasties in it so win win
    Thank you

  192. Sue Abbott

    I have been buying Valentte candles for many years now as they smell so beautiful so thought I would try the white neroli and lemon diffuser. I’m so pleased that I did because the smell is wonderful and fills a large room with the lovely fragrance.

  193. Margaret Sneddon

    Gave to a friend as a gift and she is delighted with it. The fragrance is beautiful and not overpowering. I will order again for myself! Good recommendations should be shared then more people can enjoy your wonderful products. Presented in gift box for three diffusers I received, it looked fabulous.

  194. Mrs Ruth Moore

    This is my favourite diffuser. It lasts for ages and scents the whole room. I also love the hand wash too. I have one in the hall to greet anyone coming in to the house and one in the kitchen to banish any cooking smells.

  195. Connie Bruckard

    My sisters sent me Valentte candles for my birthday and I was completely hooked. Now I have diffusers all through my home and have now bought Valentte for my daughter. It s difficult to name a favourite but this diffuser is beautiful. About to place another order.

  196. Eleanor Grant

    Smells like heaven! From the first time I smelled this at a show I have been completely hooked. As I come into my home it welcomes me

  197. Melanie R

    I would like to recommend the white neroli and lemon diffuser it smells gorgeous. I have a large sitting room and every morning when I enter the room it smells of a florist shop fresh and beautiful.
    I have bought this product again and will continue to do so as it has no nasties in it so win win
    Thank you

  198. Anne Galloway

    Love all the fragrances. Great value for money

  199. Alex

    So happy with my purchase. My house smells absolutely beautiful!

  200. Julie

    Lovely fresh smell in my lounge

  201. Michelle Smith

    Absolutely love this fragrance, smells beautiful and lasts such a longer time. Have bought spares and the room spray in the same scent. Will definitely recommend to friends. Packaged really well too. First came across it at the Ideal home exhibition!

  202. Sheila Farrow

    This is my 2nd diffuser in this scent and it won’t be my last!It really does add a subtle aroma to my garden room for the full 4 months. I was not a fan of diffusers until I purchased this brand absolutely fantastic.

  203. Lesley

    Love this scent – it is my favourite and nothing I can’t find can beat it.
    The diffuser is long lasting and the fragrance level is good – definitely noticeable but not overwhelming.
    Love that it is natural products and you can tell – with cheaper brands there is a chemical smell but not with these.
    Worth the money – I only buy these now.

  204. Lisa Wicks

    Gorgeous smell one of my favourites

  205. Jo

    Absolutely love the smell of this, lasts for ages. I have purchased several items and they are always delivered promptly and very well packaged.

  206. Sheila Macklin

    Love the fresh fragrance of this diffuser, lasting for ages so really good value

  207. Penny

    I bought this product as a gift at Christmas along with candles and hand cream. Had to keep some for myself as absolutely gorgeous scent. Love this as well as Lemon & Rosemary. This is the first room diffuser I have ever found which does not irritate the chest. I will continue to buy and recommend to friends. Sensibly priced and well packaged. Very efficient and prompt delivery.
    Have also bought the foot cream but not tried yet !
    Top marks all round Valentte !

  208. Rachael Warburton

    Fantastic way to enjoy favourite scent without burning the candle which I love too.
    First discovered Valentte at Chelsea flower show a few years ago.

  209. Rachel Dorrell

    First found them at Blenheim Horse Trials and loved the candles. This time at Olympia I bought some diffusers and absolutely love them too. Went only and purchased more too and now all around my house. Everyone comments on the gorgeous smell which isn’t overpowering. I’m converted for life now!

  210. Katie Allen

    I first bought a gift box last year at grand designs in Birmingham and loved the diffusers and candles. This is my favourite scent but all of them are gorgeous to be honest. The diffusers last for such a long time and the fragrance stays fresh the whole time unlike others that although the scent is in the bottle it just seems to fade . The candles are equally amazing and burn level so you really do get value for money from them. The candles even when not lit give off a scent in the room. I’ve just bought another 6 products and will continue to buy as they are by far a superior product to others I have tried including a very well known brand who’s candles are £65.00 upwards. Thank you 😊

  211. Shan

    Love the smell and have stocked up
    All my friends are jealous of how refreshing my home now smells will be buying more very soon

  212. Emma Finnamore

    This was meant for a gift but it was so nice I kept it for myself!

  213. Ann Henty

    Absolutely love the scent of this. Smells gorgeous and not too strong. Would definitely recommend. Light, floral and uplifting. Valente products all seem to be fantastic. Haven’t found one I don’t like yet!

  214. joanne howlett

    Great product, fragrance lasts for ages. Best product I’ve found!

  215. Sarah

    I was thrilled to discover the neroli diffuser is just as fabulous as the lemongrass one! My house smells amazing, like a luxury spa! So pleased we visited the Hampton Court Garden Show last summer!

  216. Marilyn

    Smells absolutely amazing and you can even smell it when you go upstairs very happy with it. Someone bought me a gift set for my birthday and I treated myself to more!!

  217. Dan

    Amazing fragrance spa like highly recommend

  218. Kay Greene

    Wonderful refreshing aroma!

  219. Sarah West

    These diffusers last for months on end. This is my favourite scent and has become a signature scent for my home!

  220. Samantha Empson

    This is a more subtle aroma so have used this in my en-suite in a smaller area. Smells beautiful but not as strong as the Lemongrass and Rosemary.

  221. Andrew Scott

    Gorgeous smell, very strong…smells like a spa at home. Packaged beautifully for a present for my wife with ribbon and tissue paper

  222. Kelly Ireland

    Stunning the most beautiful spa like smell. Reminds me of our holidays in Mexico where the lobby always smelt divine. 100% recommend without hesitation.

  223. Geraldine

    Absolutely love this fragrance, very spa like. Will purchase again

  224. Anne G

    I’ve been using your beautiful products for years and I absolutely love them. They smell gorgeous, it’s so reassuring that they’re pure and organic and they last for ages so they’re incredibly good value for money.With regard to my last order your beautiful White Neroli and Lemon diffusers, room sprays and hand cream have kept me bright and uplifted during an exceptionally challenging time

  225. Amie

    Smells amazing and just the right strength.
    Package was really nice too, will definitely buy more!

  226. Rachel Green

    This has to be my favourite of all your scents [ and they are all fabulous] – long lasting and a strong enough scent to really be noticed. Will definitely be ordering more!

  227. Sarah

    Finally took the plunge and ordered one of these online and wasn’t disappointed. Beautiful natural and fresh fragrance that fills the room.

  228. A

    A beautiful intoxicating fragrance, there’s nothing like it!!
    Great customer service too

  229. Jennifer Ansett

    I love these products! The reed diffusers last for months, and I have this in my bedroom right now. This scent is filling my bedroom and bathroom. It’s fresh and natural smelling, so not cloying or overpowering. The gift box is really excellent value, and highly recommended. 💓

  230. Louise Robinson

    White neroli and lemon Reed diffuser is incredible. The scent is amazing and fragrances the whole room. It lasts for a long time too. I would highly recommend this product.

  231. Diane Davies

    The Neroli diffuser is lovely – I have it in my hall and the fragrance fills the house.

  232. Paula Baker

    I discovered this company at the ideal home exhibition. Love their products and the scents are divine, but my favourite is the gorgeous white neroli and lemon. I have the diffuser in the hall and it scents the whole house!

  233. Shirley Hartley

    I’ve purchased several of the neroli and lemon reed diffusers – the scent throw is fantastic. The fragrance – not at all synthetic and packaging – beautiful
    thank you

  234. w.bogie

    Excellent product with quality and style. The fragrance is lovely and not too overpowering . It’s the 2nd time we have purchased and will do in the future . We first purchased at the Highland Show.

  235. Sian Chafer

    This is a fabulous scent. So many diffusers don’t deliver and don’t last. This does both. It is so uplifting which is very important right now. I first discovered these products at Southport flower show and was so relived I could replenish my stock with online purchasing. Thank you

  236. Yvonne Hagan

    I purchased the white neroli and reed diffuser to treat myself whilst home working and what a treat it was. Having never used the Valente site before ( I think it must have come up in my adverts ) I wasn’t sure what to expect, however the ordering process was smooth, the package delivered promptly and the packaging that the diffuser came in was premium looking – in a lovely white box with black bow making it gift worthy. Also gorgeous was the diffuser jar and the neroli and reed scent fills the room delightfully once the diffuser sticks are placed in the jar! I am so happy with my purchase that I plan to buy another for a friend as a housewarming gift!

  237. Jeanne

    This is my 3rd diffuser since I discovered valentte the smell is gorgeous and lasts for ages much better than any other I have tried

  238. rachel atkinson

    I absolutely love the smell of this diffuser and am so impressed with how long it lasts. I spent a lot more on a Bahoma diffuser which cost twice as much and lasted half the time! Have just placed another order for four different scents!!

  239. Marian

    Stuck at home in lockdown. Beautiful scent to cheer and chill me.

  240. Arthea

    Beautiful, long lasting refreshing frangrance beautifully presented in the simple quality bottle

  241. bmwbrowne

    Gorgeous smell and doesn’t diminish with time…. great value

  242. Lesley Quinn

    This diffuser smells absolutely divine, I’ve got it in the dining room and it gives the whole downstairs a subtle but gorgeous smell. I’m so pleased with it and the other products from Valentte, even the packaging is lovely. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  243. Jayne

    Love this scent. It’s so fresh and really fills the room. Diffuser lasts for ages. Love these products haven’t had one scent that I’ve disliked yet.

  244. Sarah harrap

    Love this scent I’ve been having this now for nearly three years it lasts so long too
    First came across Valentee @ Lingfield show and then at BURGHLEY horse trials where I purchased

  245. Liz Jordan

    Love this smell. Really fills the room. Very satisfied Customer

  246. wendy atkins

    high quality product great wrapping to protect it on the way in post.lovely fresh smell highly recommended

  247. Sophie Gray

    First time user of the reed diffuser I am more a candle girl but I’m really impressed put this in my bathroom and everytime I walk it just smells clean aromatic and wonderful
    I love Valentte’s scents because they are so unadultered and uncomplicated there just honest rather than chemical fakery and foolery so glad I discovered this brand by chance at cheltenham races x

  248. Pat Wilkinson

    Lovely smell in the bathroom, really pleased with it

  249. Bridget Levingston

    Its lush, truly gorgeous parfume, lasts a long time, great value. Just stunning.

  250. Karen Yadav

    Gorgeous, uplifting scent of fine quality. The reed diffuser oils last for months, not days or a couple of weeks like some. Attractive product & packaging. Have tried several scents of which they are all devine, balanced and uplifting. Beautiful product range – and I’ve met the staff at their stalls at various Country Shows. Online excellent service too

  251. Angela bell

    First purchased this @ gardening Scotland last year & have placed three repeat orders since. The white neroli & lemon diffuser has such a beautiful fresh scent & can be used in any room in the house.The products & service are absolutely first class.

  252. jill.dillon

    Have been buying from this lovely company for over two years, having first seen the products at the Cheltenham show. I love the philosophy of the company and enjoy their blogs too. I have bought body scrub, candles, room scents and reed diffusers , they are all beautifully scented, long lasting eco friendly and sophisticatedly packaged. They are my favourite reed diffusers ! The candles are excellent value , rating for scent quality with that of Jo Malone’s but at a quarter of the price. I always buy white neroli and lemon, but I do feel I need to try others.

  253. Evelyn Gallimore

    This product is simply devine, I’d recommend it to anyone 👍❤️

  254. Jo Evans-astley

    Absolutely beautiful fragrance that lasts and lasts, have these all over my home along with the same scent candles, wouldn’t buy any other diffusers after discovering Valentte, also excellent customer service

  255. L. Hayes

    Excellent product. Extremely efficient service. I first purchased this years ago at a festival & loved the smell. Thank you

  256. Sue Abbott

    Absolutely love the white neroli and lemon diffuser. The smell lasts for ages and fills the room. Have tried several scents and products from Valentte and love them all.

  257. Katharine

    A new fragrance to me for a change at this time. Beautifully packaged & speedy delivery made it very easy.
    After ordering online before & seeing Valentte at various shows I’ve always been so pleased with each product.

  258. Anne Kirkaldy

    I’ve had many brands of diffuser over the years but this one is way up there in my ratings. It’s a beautiful long lasting fragrance and came beautifully packaged as part of a gift box. You can tell it’s going to last a lot longer than most others currently on the market.


    I just love the fresh and uplifting smell of this diffuser. I have placed it in the hallway and it gives a lovely welcoming fragrance.
    I first discovered the company at an exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham and have enjoyed receiving the Valentte gift boxes ever since.

  260. Sarah Dainty

    This is the most delicious smell and permeates our entrance lobby beautifully!

  261. J. Jackson

    I first purchased from Valentte at Cheltenham some years ago. Ever since I have topped up at Sudely Castle fair in the spring and Cheltenham in the autumn. My absolute favourite is the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser, it is long lasting and beautifully perfumed, and is in permanent use. I have since purchased gift boxes for presents during this closedown period, but look forward to attending the next event as soon as possible.

  262. Lisa Moran

    Fabulous reed diffusers, lovely fragrance that fills my lounge.
    I’ve also had a lemongrass and rosemary candle , which is beautiful in a kitchen.
    What’s really impressive with company is their refund policy, they mean what they say.
    If you don’t like or have a problem with your product, they will exchange with out any hassle.
    Try them,I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  263. Sarah Nicholas

    An absolutely fabulous purchase. My room now smells like a spa, so relaxing and luxurious.

  264. Emma Roberts

    This is definitely my favourite fragrance, though the lemongrass and rosemary runs a very close second so I use one upstairs and the other downstairs! last a very long time and everyone comments on them

  265. Emma Steele

    Absolutely love this diffuser…I have one in the living room which invites a plethora of comments from friends when they visit. Now in lockdown I love walking through the scent throughout the day and will definitely be buying more to keep spirits up.

  266. Ruth Deans

    This is the most beautiful fresh and yet comforting blend I have experienced. Received as a gift in a diffuser last year and now I am hooked. Top quality diffuser that lasts a good while and is far reaching fragrance.

  267. Caz Plowright

    This is actually the best and strongest smelling diffuser I have ever had (and I’ve bought all the expensive big names). The smell lasts and I can smell it every time I walk into my living room. It is strong without being overpowering and even my boyfriend was like “what is that smell? It’s smells so clean in here!” Which is not like him…

  268. Nikki Turner

    I absolutely love this diffuser. It smells gorgeous and you can smell the aroma throughout the house. Usually when I buy a reed diffuser I have to turn the reeds daily to make sure I can smell it but with this one I haven’t touched it since opening it. I will definitely be buying another when this one runs out. Excellent product well done.

  269. Lucinda

    These are the best reed diffusers. The smell is absolutely lovely, they last for 6 months and I wouldn’t be without them in my house. I am so pleased that I found them.

  270. Megan

    Gorgeous Reed diffuser, the scent is really beautiful and permeates through the room. So glad I found this brand, won’t shop anywhere else for my home fragrances now.

  271. Patricia

    This arrived today. Lovely fresh scent. Will order one for my daughter!

  272. Patricia

    I have just posted a review, my first one and it came back with the comment that have already said that!
    I hadn’t !
    Love this product!

  273. Carolyn Lennard

    I have bought the gift boxes for friends and they have all loved the products. Smell and quality amazing . The packaging is very classy . I would highly recommend

  274. Sally

    I have now bought several of the Diffusers, I just love walking into my rooms and inhaling this lovely sent, so fresh.

  275. Dionne Boyes

    Recently came across the Valentte products and I’m so glad I did. Ordered the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser along with other items (body scrub – lemongrass and rosemary and hand cream – patchouli and eucalyptus). Everything is absolutely lovely. Also beautifully packaged with quick delivery. I will be ordering again and trying other products.

  276. Lisa

    Absolutely amazing! The scent is just right and fills the room! Got this in a package deal too so very happy! Will be buying more as gifts!

  277. Meriç Batili

    I absolutely love this fragrance, it is so fresh! The smell lingers and as I have it in the hallway, I can smell the fragrance in most rooms. Such good value for money.

  278. Sam Hadlow

    I ordered 3 of the free sample scents as I saw them advertised on facebook. I hate the chemical, synthetic scents that are found in most home fragrance products so wanted to try something which was naturally fragranced without being too expensive. I loved them so much that I placed an order within about an hour of receiving them! The white neroli and lemon is my favourite as I love fresh, citrusy scents but I really do like all of them.
    I treated myself to a reed diffuser as part of a gift box which is good value for money. I received my order today and I am so impressed at the wonderful scents, the lovely packaging and quality of the products. I also received another 3 free samples which I also love!
    I will definitely be buying more products from this company.

  279. Elva Brabham

    I use this in my bedroom and bathroom and love the smell. So fresh and the smell lasts a long time. One of my favourites.

  280. Jill

    I have previously brought this product and am amazed at how long it lasts. Other brands the fragrance diminishes quite quickly, but this lasts and lasts. Will definitely buy again.

  281. Patricia

    I ordered a gift box for my daughter and this white neroli and lemon reed diffuser for myself.
    I hadn’t smelt this product before and absolutely love it. The house smells so fresh and the scent is not overpowering like some Other brands. I have just ordered more products in this scent for myself.

  282. Lavinia Hough

    My first order from Valentte and what beautiful products. The white Neroli and lemon diffuser is a lovely scent and fills the whole room. Will definitely buy again.

  283. A Lum

    Bought as gift for a friend who loves the fresh citrusy smell. She said she smiles every time she walks into her living room!

  284. Robin

    Valentte’s diffusers are excellent quality and really do make a room smell nice. I particularly like the White Neroli and Lemon scent. They are good value when bought in a gift box and I would definitely recommend them.

  285. Emma Richardson

    I was given this as a birthday present. The whole of the downstairs of my house smells amazing. Fresh and calming at the same time. I absolutely adore it.
    I will definitely be buying more products now I have discovered Valentte!

  286. Robert Franklin

    This is a lovely smelling scent fills the room and lasts along time

  287. gaytitchner

    Bought this for the 2nd time I absolutely love it, the perfume fills my room and makes it a joy to walk into. The 1st one I purchased was possibly as long as 2 or 3 years ago, these are super quality and last a long time.

  288. Miranda Fagandini

    I bought a gift set in this fragrance for my sister but Covid 19 meant I had to order another one to be sent directly to her, and I got to keep this one! Lovely light summery smell – the candle, even unlit, perfumes the room, and the reed diffuser is fantastic in the bathroom! This is a lovely scent for summer, though I’m also a big fan of the Lemongrass and Rosemary- lucky we have 2 bathrooms. The gift boxes are fantastic value, so if you haven’t tried any of these products yet, I’d urge you to have a go – you really won’t be disappointed.

  289. Sue

    Beautiful fragrance long lasting and not overpowering. I discovered Valentte at Hampton court craft fair

  290. John Waterfall

    Have used this product several times before and we love the fresh fragrant smell. Order arrived on time and in excellent condition.

  291. Kelly Colville

    Absolutely lovely, you can smell the fragrance as soon as you walk into the room. It lasts for ages too .

  292. jo Lahyani

    I first purchased this at the Hampton Court Flower show and so glad I did. Gorgeous fragrance which is not overpowering but totally subtle and long lasting. Makes everywhere smell gorgeous. Have bought again and will continue to do so. Great find!

  293. Jill Shuard

    I absolutely love this diffuser. The white neroli and lemon smells amazing In my shower room. This must be about the 5th Valentte diffuser I have purchased. I always have a stock of them.

  294. Deborah Keating

    At last I have found diffusers and candles that really do have such gorgeous scents and really do last .
    I was recommended them by a friend and bought White Neroli & lemon diffuser which I have in the hall . Everyone has remarked how amazing it smells . Also I have lemongrass & Rosemary in the bathrooms just so fresh .Bought the candle as well lasts for hours.
    Fantastic customer service from Andy .
    I have now order a set for a birthday present for my friend .
    Look forward to trying more of the range . Also I had a sample of hand cream lemongrass and rosemary . My nails seems to be so much stronger , you only need a small amount . Amazing !

  295. Ross

    I’ve bought this product a few times now. It beats most others on the market for a natural scent that keeps giving. I have one in the bathroom and one in the living room which give a gentle scent when you walk into the room. Having used other brands that are often adulterated with chemicals and can cause a headache It was good to find a natural product that’s uplifting and creates a beautiful aroma in the home.

  296. Barbara

    I have bought a number of reed diffusers from Valentte and would not buy from anywhere else ever again. This particular fragrance is great to have in my office as it really does make for a pleasant working ambiance. I have other fragrances around the house – it’s lovely to move from one to another.

  297. Kate

    Beautiful aroma . This product just arrived yesterday and I can assure you it’s amazing . My house is filled with a gorgeous , gorgeous scent .
    My only criticism is that it is over packaged albeit fab for a gift but for general personnel use I would prefer less cost and gift packaging as an optional extra .

  298. Kate

    Beautiful aroma . This product just arrived yesterday and I can assure you it’s amazing . My house is filled with a gorgeous scent .
    My only criticism is that it is over packaged albeit fab for a gift but for general personnel use I would prefer less cost and gift packaging as an optional extra .

  299. Kate

    My house is filled with a beautiful aroma . This product just arrived yesterday and I can assure you it’s amazing .
    My only criticism is that it is over packaged albeit fab for a gift but for general personnel use I would prefer less cost and gift packaging as an optional extra .


    I bought these reed diffusers for the bedrooms and seriously you can smell the perfume going up the stairs – the mixture is great and I would recommend

  301. youngcatherine64

    Wow I was given this as a birthday present…I have always used diffusers in the past but nothing beats the smell of these they are amazing I have placed on in the bedroom and no kidding I can smell it downstairs. I am impressed and will be buying some more gift sets for both myself and family and friends especially as they are reduced which make them more affordable

  302. Janet Guy

    I bought the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser for a friends birthday It smelt beautiful and she was delighted with it and loved the smell. Will definately but more products from Valentte they are amazing ❤️

  303. Suzanne Piercy

    Beautiful product. I love the fresh smell and the smell never fades!

  304. wendy atkins

    amazing high quality product.strong long lasting smell. admired by friends and family,just love the smell.going to buy a matching candle its so lovely

  305. Ali Haynes

    My ‘go to’ product – makes the house smell divine and especially makes me happy and calm during lockdown. It lasts for ages and over the years everyone comments that it’s our ‘signature scent’. It’s fab in a house full of boys and dogs! Add in the matching hand cream and super lovely candle to make a memorable ‘gift box’ to loved ones (and keep one for yourself)!

  306. Janet Thompson

    Always a favourite of mine.

  307. Gail Edwards

    I first discovered Valentte at the Tatton Show in 2017 and have been buying their products ever since for myself and my family. I particularly like the White Neroli and Lemon but the other aromas are great too and all very good value. So glad this year I can buy online!

  308. Liz Hutchinson

    Wonderful fragrance that I use in my guest room. Everybody that stays with us loves it!

  309. Liz Hutchinson

    Wonderful fragrance that I use in my guest room. Everybody that stays with us loves it!
    I first discovered these product at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas and have not looked back.

  310. nikijones16

    i just love the diffusers i always buy a gift box of three – sometimes i give as pressies, sometimes i treat myself they smell so nice around the house, you can smell them as you go in each room, they are so fresh and uplifting, my daughter has asthma so shop bought ones irritate her, she loves these she even has one in her bedroom and it doesnt set off her allergies or asthma in fact she like to try all the fragrances

  311. Pauline Grace

    I have bought many of these over several years for my own and friends use. I love the fragrance and have diffusers around the whole house. It would be lovely to be able to obtain bottles of the diffuser contents to refill them instead of always having to buy new products. Thank you for nicely wrapped goods for gifts.

  312. Aine mc dermott

    Beautiful luxurious scent which fills the room. I love love all valenette products and the gift boxes are excellent value. Giving free samples to friends and family to spread the love 💕

  313. Anna Delaney

    This scent is divine! I love it. I have the diffuser in my home office and it fills the room perfectly. Reminds me of a fab holiday in Sicily.

  314. Mrs Margaret Ellis

    A divine scent.
    Lovely fresh scent throughout the room.
    Purchased as part of gift box which by the way would be an amazing present.

  315. Jan Becher

    First purchased at a Chatsworth event last year, the white neroli and lemon fragrance is gorgeous and long lasting; I like to use this diffuser in a bedroom.

  316. Lisa Mcfarlane

    Decided to use this scent in my bedroom & I can smell it when I wake up in the morning, it’s a wonderful scent. So uplifting & lovely to wake up to! Definitely puts you in a great mood to start the day off well!

  317. Barbara

    I have bought several products from Valentte for both myself and friends. The White Neroli and Lemon is my favourite fragrance. All products are of good quality and the service is excellent.

  318. Alaina O

    I love this diffuser, it was part of a gift set for Xmas 2019, given to me by my daughter. The gift box packaging was a lovely surprise, elegantly wrapped. The White Neroli & Lemon fragrance sits in my living room, my husband especially likes the scent & we are are still using it.

  319. Jan Speirs

    Really love the neroli and lemon fragrance. I have it in the hall and find the fragrance very uplifting when coming home!

  320. Melanie Banks

    This fragrance is so clean and fresh. I have it in my kitchen and it fills the air with this glorious fragrance all day long. The fragrance has a depth to it , so you can smell it all the time , but its never overpowering. I discovered this company at the Country Living fair and have never looked back.

  321. Jamie Toal

    Absolutely love my new products. Opening the box itself was a treat, the scents are amazing.
    This has to be my favourite so far…..just beautiful !!

  322. Ali A

    Love love love this! Have had lemongrass and rosemary before which is amazing too, this scent is more soothing, perfect for bedroom or bathroom

  323. Wendy Mellor

    I have now received 5 reed diffusers and over the moon Great fragrance and its lovely when people enter your home and comment on the beautiful smells! 3 of them are for gifts for other people.
    Thanks for letting us share your products

  324. Nicky Bromwich

    This beautiful yet fresh fragrance takes me to The Venetian Riviera ; a great quality diffuser that transforms any room. Fantastic quality and will order again.

  325. Julie Coupland

    Fantastic scent. Great aftersales service. Will definitely be ordering again

  326. Miss Penelope Morse

    I first brought this product at Devon show. These are my second purchase as I love the uplifting smell so much. It is a beautiful product that does not set my asthma off.

  327. Wilma

    Order this as part of a gift set with candle and room spray for my daughter in law. She absolutely loves it. Beautiful scent and the aroma round the house was amazing. Will be buying again.

  328. Joanne Evans

    Lovely fragrance for bedroom or bathroom.

  329. Lynn

    First bought this at the flower show last year and just loved it so much. When I saw the offer I treated myself once again, and have gone and ordered 6 boxes to put away for Christmas gifts. I know my friends and family will be delighted.

  330. Rae

    Lovely long lasting fragrance, such good value.
    First discovered Valentine products at Sudeley Spring Fair a few years ago and have recommended them to friends who also love the fragrances.

  331. Sue Dymott

    Lovely reed diffuser lasts so well and beautiful fragrance. I

  332. Sue Dymott

    Lovely reed diffuser lasts so well and beautiful fragrance.

  333. Karen Woolsey

    I love this, it smells divine, I would definitely buy this again.

  334. Stephanie Garrett

    Lovely smell, I have also had the Rosemary and Lemon grass diffuser. They last for ages. Discovered this company at the Ideal Home Show last year.

  335. Carolyn Lennard

    Smell is amazing and fills the room . Would highly recommend

  336. Vivienne Bean

    Was given this as a present. Had never come across your products before but you have won a new customer, i am SO impressed. Lovely fragrance and far more penetrating than many other more expensive products , some of which have been a complete waste of money. Can’t wait to try out other fragrances.

  337. Susan Pelzman

    I have not used this one atm but have given it 5 stars as I’m confident it will be as good as the others

  338. Lynn Hand

    I recently purchased the white neroli & lemon reed diffuser and the white neroli candle. I could smell them as soon as they arrived that was before opening them. They smell amazing I haven’t used them yet as we are decorating and I am waiting till we have finished then they will be the final touch. But as I couldn’t wait I have to keep opening the box to have a good sniff of them. They are absolutely gorgeous so much so that I have bought the same for my D I Ls birthday next week. The packaging is so pretty it felt like my birthday when I received it.

  339. Mary

    An absolutely beautiful scent. Last so long and really makes the whole room smell amazing. Also fantastic how natural all the ingredients are. These are the best diffusers I have ever had and now don’t by anything else.

  340. Grace Wright

    I would definitely buy again. Beautiful scent.

  341. Michelle Hector

    I purchased this reed diffuser as I love this scent & needed a new one. I always get positive comments from guests, as it is fresh and tangy, brilliant for a small cloakroom.
    Originally encountered Valentte at the Christmas Grand Sale, The Lindsey Hall, Chelsea. Fab event, that I hope will go ahead this year, but if not There is always online! Great service & love the packaging! Well done!

  342. Carol Pilbrow

    I ordered this diffuser for my bathroom and it gives a lovely smell as soon as you walk in. I shall be using Valentte products all over my home now. So glad I found this company on Facebook and took a chance on them

  343. Eileen Harding

    I was given a box of three reed diffusers for my birthday and I love the beautiful scent of the lemongrass and rosemary. I am looking forward to using the other two which are lavender and geranium and yang yang. I am really impressed with these products, so much so that I intend to order some for Christmas presents

  344. Natalie Carroll

    Love the smell, great service, really top quality product

  345. Deborah

    Amazing smell and fills the room. Definitely batley the best reed diffuser I have ever had.

  346. Tracy Bell

    I bought my first one at Crufts in March and it has lasted all through lockdown, keeping my house smelling beautiful….best diffuser I have bought to date

  347. Marianne

    Lovely smell really impressed with service and speed of delivery will definitely use again

  348. Barbara Hinsley

    White neroli and lemon reed defuser is soft and delicate smelling. It gently frangances the room without overpowering. Quick delivery and great prices.

  349. Julie Tarr

    Gorgeous smell not too overwhelming absolutely love these

  350. Valerie Devlin

    Fantastic service! After receiving my free sample I order 4 different gift boxes which were on sale. They arrived well packed and presented in a lovely gift box with ribbon .I’m delighted with the White Neroli it is lovely and subtle and not too overpowering .I will definitely be returning for more

  351. Bernadette Waterson

    I absolutely love this and highly recommend these products which are of superb quality and the service is excellant.

  352. Elizabeth Smith

    I love this scent! First came across the Valentte at Tatton Park Flower Show last year & bought a gift box… couldn’t believe how well the fragrance lasted & how many people commented on it, so bought another gift box at Christmas to split between myself and as gifts. Packaging is excellent as well.

  353. Sandra Tatterton

    Lovely fragrance definitely be ordering more

  354. Barbara Connolly

    A really lovely smell which is not overpowering. I purchased this as part of a set and every item inside is lovely. I first heard of these from a friend who had them in her house and always smelt lovely. Will definitely buy again.

  355. Pearl Floyd

    Another lovely product from Valentte.

  356. Clare West

    Beautifully packaged so perfect for a gift.
    Lemon & Neroli is a gorgeous fresh fragrance and leaves a lovely but not overpowering scent in the room.
    Really happy with this 😃

  357. Alison Guy

    Beautiful fragrance and really impressed wirh this product. Had compliments from others walking into the room of how lovely it smells !

  358. Kate Kirkley

    The Scent from this room diffuser is absolutely gorgeous, the aroma lasts for a long time. A definite must and a great buy. I also have the candle in the same scent. Looks lovely too. Thank you

  359. Hannah Abbott

    Smells so fresh and full of essential oils. Lovely smell which fills the room

  360. Debbie Brown

    Decided to give this one a go as I hadn’t tried this scent before . Really lovely smell for a change and, like all other Valentte diffusers, the aroma fills the room.

  361. Fiona Hunter

    I originally bought this as a present along with the candle & room mist. The scent from the box was just so fresh & clean that I kept it for myself. I use the set in my living room as B it’s a larger area & it works really well.

  362. M devlin

    Beautiful , but subtle scent. Lingers in the air and lasts for a long time. Very happy with my purchase.

  363. Maggie Clowrey

    Gorgeous fragrance….what can I say, I am so totally obsessed with white neroli and lemon that I have already placed a second order.

  364. Jan Borthwick

    This is a lovely, fresh scent which lasts and has no artificial undertones like many other reed diffusers. I also have the hand wash, hand cream and room spray and am delighted every time I open the bathroom door to the obvious, but not overpowering scent. My husband even commented on how lovely it was – praise indeed!!

  365. Rachel Hand

    A more subtle scent than the lemongrass and rosemary but just as lovely! I first bought a diffuser at a Christmas Fayre a couple of years ago and the scent lasted for over 6 months by turning the reeds. Delighted to have discovered the name of the company again so could order online.

  366. Siobhan Panayiotou

    Stunning scent, I’ve had it in my office during lockdown and it really helps me feel more centered and peaceful. Last well too, thank you

  367. Ceals

    These diffusers are the best I have found. They are worth the cost as they last much longer than cheaper versions. The scenes are amazing. I especially like this lemon one. Very fresh smelling. Would go well in ant room including kitchens and bathrooms. Subtle floral fragrance in the background of zingy lemon. I have tried various fragrances from valentine and have loved all of them. These products are always commented on by visitors. Quality product you will enjoy. I am a repeat purchaser. Love them. I first discovered them at the spring sale at sudeley castle. I was thrilled to find them again advertising on Facebook and ordered 6 more of various scents. If you love your home smelling gorgeous you will love these. Great as gifts too.

  368. Linda Trobe

    This reed defuser is the best I have purchased. The fragrance is lovely and long lasting. My daughter noticed the lovely smell as soon as she walked in. The bottle is elegant and will look good in any room. I have bought reed defuser many times from some leading names but Valentte is by far my favourite and I am so glad I saw the advert for it on Facebook.

  369. julie stafford

    Fresh fragrance that lifts your mood whilst filling my home with its aroma

  370. Pat Williams

    The whole of the house is filled with the amazing aroma and seems to deter insects etc.

  371. Vicki Durning

    This is the BEST reed diffuser I have ever purchased! The scent is glorious and is staying just as vibrant as the first day opened. I can not reccomend too highly. Everything about this company is of the highest quality. Vicki.

  372. Mrs J Cooney

    A really lovely perfume that greets me each time I walk into the room.

  373. Anna Martin

    This was my first order and I bought the white neroli and lemon diffuser and a jasmine and sandlewood candle. Whilst I haven’t yet lit the candle, it smells beautiful. As for the diffuser, I’m in love with the fragrance and it already fills my lounge. It definitely boosts my mood 😔😁

  374. michelle allen

    Hi, first purchase of several items and loved them all. This particular diffuser smells insane – Neroli is my absolute favourite scent and combined with lemon it is such a nice and subtle smell for my bedroom. I usually buy White Company but I first saw Valentte when it popped up on my fb feed and I was originally intrigued to just order the samples but then I read the reviews and decided to go ahead with a large order. My only comments for improvement would be the packaging as it does not look luxury enough. I peeled off the labels as they were not on straight and this would have bothered me every time `I looked at them. The reeds are also quite thin for the diffuser – Small thing but would improve the overall look for the brand – I would buy again

  375. Maggie Smith

    This is my husband’s favourite scent – reminds him of a no-longer-available aftershave! So I’ve now ordered this in the hand cream too.

  376. Liz D

    These arrived beautifully packaged and it was a real treat to open. I ordered three different diffuser scents and I can honestly say they are all wonderful. I’ve got the White Neroli & Lemon on my desk at the moment and it is lovely and wafts around the room – not too overpowering, but enough to breathe in and enjoy.

  377. linda.kendall

    This is the most amazing scent. It’s called uplifting & certainly is, have this close by whilst I am now working from home.

  378. Geraldine Morier

    Beautiful scent which is not overpowering

  379. Karen Naish

    This is just gorgeous, lightly fragrances the room without being over powering, will certainly be purchasing this again

  380. Celia Chandler

    Beautifully packaged, and smells amazing. Bought it for a gift but loved it so much that I kept it. It is in my downstairs clock room with the matching hand wash and I love it

  381. Frances Saunders

    The fragrance of the combination is incredible. Discovered the fragrance at a reiki weekend and couldn’t wait to order my own. Great price too.

  382. Michele Hall

    Such a beautiful natural scent … transported somewhere warm and sunny the minute I walk in and get a waft if thus delightful fragrance.

  383. K Downing

    I usually purchase the Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser but have been surprised how fragrant the White Neroli and Lemon reed diffuser is.

  384. Nick

    Fantastic Quality. Excellent Service & the scent is amazing

  385. Christine Thomson

    Gorgeous scent in a good sized bottle.

  386. Gioia

    Discovered Valentte in Edinburgh and absolutely love the White Neroli and Lemon Reed scent….it makes a relaxing spa feel around my home and studio – beautiful 🥰

  387. Lisa

    I can’t get enough of this reed diffuser. It wouldn’t be a scent I’d normally go for but I am converted! Lasts ages and fills the room with a beautiful aroma!

  388. Jane Frith

    Brilliant powerful scent, I can smell the fragrance when I enter the house.

  389. Kazzy

    This diffuser is amazing after the first day of turning the reeds to get them covered this smell is refreshing and fresh love it. I can smell it as soon as I come in from work and coming down the stairs in the morning to this smell I love it totally recommend this and will buy more

  390. Linda Kendall

    I love this fragrance, definitely uplifting. A great product, whilst working from home have this close by, it gives me a boost in the afternoon.

  391. Karen Taylor

    Smells gorgeous but the reeds are very cheap looking and thin for a premium product. Need to look at offering reeds like the Jo Malone ones. Also the bottle is only 80% full which is a bit disappointing

  392. Jayne Clark

    This smells divine, really pleased with my purchase.
    Quality and presentation are excellent

  393. Fiona Williams

    This reed diffuser is beautiful! Just what I’d hoped it would be . Having ordered a similar scent from another well known company for many years I was sceptical that this would come close . I’ve not been disappointed. I have large rooms and need a strong scent but don’t want an artificial smell . This was perfect. Will definitely continue to purchase from you Valentte .

  394. Ruth McKeever

    This is definitely one of the best reed diffusers I have bought. It smells lovely and lasts for ages.


    I have had numerous comments already from visitors regarding the wonderful scent of this diffuser. I have been asked where I purchased it. I first discovered Valentte on facebook and thought I would try their products and have not been disappointed.

  396. Claire louise Norman

    Absolutely stunning scent, diffuser looks really classy, will definitely buy again xx

  397. Alison Allison

    Lovely gift set which was greatly received and commented on as beautiful

  398. Teresa

    A colleague from work mentioned your company and I’m over the moon that she did. Your fragrances are unique – unlike any other room fragrance.
    I bought the white neroli and lemon gift box which included the reed diffuser, candle and room freshener. They are truly delicious.
    I did order samples before I ordered and this one, for me came out tops – but they are all fabulous. Thank you

  399. Deborah Holmes

    First gift box ordered as a Birthday gift, which came with a sample of hand cream in lemongrass and rosemary, Delicious! impressed with gift box, diffuser, spray & candle So ordered another in lemongrass & rosemary for me!

  400. Val Young

    Having seen Valentte advertised on Facebook I ordered some samples and loved the fragrances. I purchased a set of White Neroli and Lemon reed diffuser, room spray and hand wash. The fragrance is gorgeous and sooo long lasting. My bathroom smells like a posh hotel! Thank you Valentte, I will be back for more.

  401. Lee Payne

    The smell is amazing. Arrived nicely packaged. Great that we were able to check what fragrances we liked the most with the free samples. Amazing customer service. This is the first time that we’ve tried VALENTTE products, but it won’t be the last.

  402. Catherine Mackenzie

    Saw an advert online for Valentte and am so glad I placed an order. Received the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser it smells amazing and fills the room with a lovely scent.
    Already placed a second order.

  403. Nicola Gibbs

    Great product as usual,great smell and great value for money.
    This beats many diffusers that are much more exspensive.

  404. lesley-1603

    Absolutely gorgeous will be definitely buying again and again thank your

    Lesley denton

  405. judd19

    Lasts for ages and doesn’t degrade. Love this scent…keeping coming back for it over and over again. Well done Luke!

  406. Jo Harris

    I’ve been buying these products for over a year now after smelling one of the candles at at a friend’s house. I’ve not tried this fragrance in the diffuser but was blown away at how how gorgeous it smells

  407. Caroline Scott

    Totally in love with this scent. It’s in the living room, but I can smell it throughout the house. It’s really fresh and my house smells amazing. We have a dog and a cat but you wouldn’t know. Will definitely be a regular customer now.

  408. Caroline Scott

    This has to be the most beautiful candle I’ve ever purchased. The candle had been lit upstairs in the living room and I had been downstairs. Long after the candle had been put out, I could smell the scent walking up the stairs- it’s gorgeous- just love this scent. Will buy again.

  409. Ruth

    Lovely scent – subtle and clean and fresh – love it – saw ad on Facebook and ordering easy and delivery quick – would order again

  410. Karen Poulton

    Smells beautiful would recommend

  411. Gill Rothera

    I was impressed by all the positive reviews on Facebook, but unfortunately have been underwhelmed by this fragrance. Can hardly smell it in my kitchen, which is admittedly, a large room. Wouldn’t buy again, so sorry, I wanted to love the products but not for me.

  412. Tracy O’Connor

    If you’ve ever been treated to a spa day …this diffuser takes you back there… although it does have to be said that this diffuser – as lovely as it is – is best suited to a small room to enjoy the fragrance….but don’t let that put you off because it really is lovely and I will definitely be purchasing this again

  413. Sarah Culf

    This scent is uplifting and addictive. I have 2 diffusers and a candle and I cannot wait to light the candle in the evening. The gift boxes are such good value. i will certainly be recommending them to friends.

  414. Linda Lewis

    Valentte diffuser was recommended to me by my sister. We are both cat lovers and I was always worried that there may be an odour in my home, which I may not have noticed.

    The first time I purchased the reed diffuser was at the Country Living Show. The prices are comparable to High Street brands, but the fragrance is not overshadowed by chemicals which affect my breathing. I chose the Lemon & White Negroli and it’s lovely. I would thoroughly recommend it.

    I love the provision of being able to make a choice of three different items for £25, which is very reasonable. Last time I chose two reed diffusers and a room mist spray.

    I would definintely recommend, not just the product, but also Valentte’s customer service team.


  415. Donna Mulhern

    This is an absolutely beautiful fragrance. My new favourite.

  416. Janine Slinger

    So this is the third product in my gift box . Facebook adverts can be annoying but I’m glad I paid attention to Valentte ! Just as beautiful as the others but with great reviews I’ve decided to wait to use it, maybe save it for gifting although I may not be able to bear to part with it! One of the samples was of this and yes it is uplifting, and again a clean and pleasant aroma. Maybe a good one for the dark days of winter, we shall soon see! I love the fact there is no fillers or chemicals, just pure ingredients, top quality for sure.

  417. Margaret Grieve

    The white neroli and lemon diffuser and the candle are just amazing. This is my first purchase from Valentte and it won’t be my last. The smell in the house is just lovely l normally buy a well known expensive brand but not anymore as these are great . Cannot wait to try out other fragrances in the near future . Oh and also sent a free sample of hand cream with my order which is also lovely.

  418. Jacqui

    Hands down the best room diffuser I have ever come across. Discovered it in a friends house and had to track it down! Hard to imagine using a different brand after finding this!

  419. Patricia Logan

    I am totally hooked on white neroli and lemon reed diffusers! The scent is so clean, refreshing and just lifts your spirits. You cannot help but acknowledge the smell because it catches you when you least expect it and you experience it all over again. I have the diffuser in the bedroom and you feel the difference walking into the room . My husband never notices anything normally but he wakens in the morning and usually says how much he loves the smell from the diffuser. It lasts for ages. I have enjoyed sharing the product with my family and friends because it is just a precious experience and I want them to feel good too. My daughter was trying to track down some Lavender essential oils online for me and she passed Valentte details on after reading customer reviews. I’m glad she cared enough to explore on my behalf because Ive found something I really enjoy living with. Well done guys.

  420. Cordelia Castle

    I bought this on the recommendation of a friend. It smells gorgeous and delivery was extremely quick! Great product, great price and great service… what else can I say! Thank you.

  421. Angela Ford

    Nothing extra to say than gorgeous.
    I would like a shed full.

  422. Suzanne

    Absolutely love this fragrance – my bedroom smells amazing and the smell hits you straight away x I bought this as part of the gift box – fantastic value for money with beautiful packaging

  423. Mandy wilson

    What a beautiful smell, my home smells amazing and the small last so long. Even my post lady and ironing lady when I opened The door to them both said what a beautiful smell. Told them both to check out valentte candles Facebook page.

  424. Jan Martin

    Gorgeous fragrance. Makes the bathroom smell smell like a luxury spa. Love it!

  425. Diane

    white neroli and lemon diffuser – lovely smell and not over powering Can’t wait to try others

  426. Harry O’Hara

    I adore this scent,love waking up to it every day,not overpowering, beautifully balanced,thank you Valentte team

  427. Lisa

    Another favourite of mine, long lasting & really works, fills the whole room , had many compliments!


    Fabulous Graham even which lasts a long time. Excellent customer service received, thank you.

  429. Irene Turnbull

    Lovely scent and although I put it in the bathroom I can smell it all over the house. Would definitely buy this again.

  430. Gary

    We have just added this to our Favourites! Really calming and fills the whole room. Arrived with several others,[ can’t resist!]. Would definitely buy again.

  431. Mrs Christine Patterson

    This is one of my favourite scents from Valentte. It’s a truly beautiful fragrance and is extremely long lasting. Have purchased the candle as well so my home always smells amazing.

  432. Louise James

    Well it was lemongrass and rosemary during lockdown and by golly with 9 of us in the house the 2 reed diffusers came out tops
    Now with autumn on its way it’s white neroli and lemons turn . Just opened box and I can already smell Autumns going to come early in my house !!!!

  433. Katherine

    Tried several samples and this was my favourite beautiful fragrance without being overpowering the neroli is so nice and the lemon gives a subtle added layer

  434. Lynn Gradon

    Beautiful fragrance, fills the room with a calming perfume …

  435. Lora

    My friend sent me a gift box and now I am hooked, this is such a beautiful fragrance!

  436. Rachael MARY

    I absolutely love coming home from work to this fresh and uplifting scent through my home.

  437. Manilla

    I have purchased countless bottles of White Neroli & Lemon diffusers. I think this is very probably my signature fragrance and I never tire of it, although I haven’t found a Vallente fragrance that I don’t love – and especially appreciate the free samples, which give me the chance to try them all.

    It lasts far longer than other reed diffusers I have tried (and some of those have been quite pricey by comparison) and the perfume doesn’t age or go stale. The other products in this fragrance range are just as scrummy (eg the rich hand cream and hand wash), and I’ve recently started to enjoy the body scrub too, which works a treat and has left my skin feeling refreshed.

    My only ask is that you start producing perfumes, pretty please! 🙂

  438. Marie Moss

    This smells absolutely lovely ,after reading the reviews I wanted to try it and I have not been disappointed.

  439. Tracy Kwenda

    Smells divine, can smell it all around the house.will be trying other scents in future

  440. Tracy Kwenda

    Gorgeous smell, love it, will be ordering more when it runs out.

  441. Caroline

    This is the best quality diffuser you can buy, beautiful smell and long lasting. Guests constantly ask where to get them and I give them Valentte details and one of your lovely free scent samples. Thank you

  442. Patricia Sutcliffe

    Gave this as a housewarming present,
    My friend adores the smell, a well recieved and loved pressie, Thank you Valentte.

  443. Angela Spencer

    Absolutely adore this crisp fresh aroma. I’ve purchased many of these products over the years usually at fairs as gifts . The quality and longevity of the items are amazing. Treated myself this time .

  444. Deborah Marzell

    I first discovered Valenette at a county show a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love with this scent in particular. I have since then purchased numerous items and they never disappoint smelling fantastic from first to last.

  445. Sarah’s Rayner

    The whole room is enveloped in this beautiful fresh scent, an absolute winner.

  446. Naomi

    I have purchased several of these diffusers in many different scents for myself and as gifts. They last a long time and have a high scent quality. They look lovely in my home and I have never been disappointed with any of them

  447. Ronnie Connolly

    Absolutely amazingly beautiful fragrance, I’ve ordered before and will definitely be ordering again!

  448. Claire

    I ordered this reed diffuser as part of a gift box. White neroli and lemon is delightful and I will be opening my other ones shortly.

  449. Janie Smithson

    Love all your products the diffusers last for ages

  450. Fran Johnson Frew

    Lovely fragrance and a good price. I suspect these will last too so what’s not to like? 🙂

  451. Val Cumpstey

    This makes my home smell SO good…..will be buying this as a gift set for friends for Christmas!

  452. Carole Powell

    Well what can I say other than wow. So love the smell, I’ve placed this in my downstairs loo and already had great compliments from family and friends. What are you waiting for, please order.

  453. Barbro Everard

    At last! I bought a gift box recently containing three reed diffusers. The different smells are all wonderful, but my absolute favourite is the White Neroli & Lemon one. It is delicious. I keep it in our living room.
    The Verbena & Peppermint Diffuser is also great. It is very lively and uplifting, perfect for a bathroom. The last one is the Lemongrass & Rosemary one, which I must say is also a favourite. You really can’t go wrong with buying from Valentine, I shall certainly buy more.


    Amazing our whole house smells lovely, I have tried lots of diffusers but these beat them all and at a good price ,will also be purchasing more of these and buying them as gifts for friends and family

  455. Amanda

    Anyone looking for a beautiful scented diffuser that fills your house with the most gorgeous aroma, then this is for you. I have tried lots and lots and by far this is the best product.

  456. Diane Cooper

    As always with Valentte goods, this smells divine. I even put a sample spray in my car, a friend of mine opened the door of my car and commented straight away how wonderful the smell was. I wouldn’t buy any other candle, spray or diffuser any where else now.

  457. adelemck

    Totally in love with the diffusers hard to choose a favourite – the Lemon and Neroli is stunning such a fresh fragrance just gorgeous!

  458. Beverley Bruce

    Got this reed diffuser for free with purchase of a refill which was an offer I couldn’t resist even though still more than I would normally like to spend. Have to say it was well worth it though as I have had it in my bathroom only 3 days now & not only does it smell lovely in there but also on the landing & coming up the stairs. Best diffuser I have ever had, actually does what it is supposed to do. White Neroli & Lemon is gorgeous.

  459. Phillipa Fox

    Absolutely gorgeous smelling diffuser, lovely natural essential oil scent. I used to always buy Neom diffusers until my friend bought me one of these for my birthday, I get so many lovely comments about the smell of this that I always keep topped up. Definitely worth a buy!

  460. Julie Cunnew

    Amazing fragrance that you can actually smell in the room rather than having to stick your nose near the diffuser. Lovely 😊

  461. Shona Simpson

    Amazing smell. First bought at Blenheim, won’t buy anything else now. Great value, not overpowering and a natural smell when you walk in room, not at all artificial.

  462. Karen Davis

    I have this in my front room at the moment and I love it the smell is fantastic and will be buying more it is my fav at the moment may try another smell for the bedrooms but I am very Happy Thankyou

  463. M Rochford

    I am really pleased with my diffuser the whole rooms smells so fresh

  464. susan matthews

    Bought another two this week. One in the hallway scents the house beautifully, many of my friends have commented about the aroma. Lasts really well and is great value. Beautifully packaged and presented too.

    Discovered originally at the camping and caravan exhibition Birmingham nec.

  465. pamela fox

    Wow! What an amazing fragrance, it transports you to a luxury spa! It’s such a lovely clean fresh scent and the packaging is beautiful too, these will definitely make fabulous Birthday/Christmas presents , I must remember to pop a couple on my list too..
    Thank you for the great service guys

  466. Julie Pinnell

    I was bought this as part of a gift set by a friend and what a lovely treat that was. So beautifully packaged, and the scent is amazing. I’ve had a few diffusers before that smell lovely in the bottle but when you put them in a room, there’s hardly any scent. However, this one really scents the whole room and is a gorgeous combination of scents. I was so impressed I’ve bought two gifts sets myself for friends and am sure I will continue to do so – such a thoughtful and personal present. So nice that they are made in the UK too. We really need to support our local businesses at this time more than ever. Thank you

  467. Mary

    Very refreshing aroma very pleasant and fresh clean and uplifting.

  468. Elizabeth Lindsell

    This beautiful and natural scent is amazing. I ordered the diffuser after trying the free scent samples from Valentte.
    From now on I will stick with this product. I also purchased a Lavander room mist and I am delighted with both.

  469. Pam Hickman

    Having ordered a couple of boxes, I cant say how much I love them.
    The reed diffuser is gorgeous, ive had it 2 weeks and it still smells so lovely. Equally gorgeous is the candle.
    Ive just ordered some more for presents.
    Dont think twice, just order

  470. Val Cumpstey

    such a lovely product….and makes the whole home smell gorgeous. Highly recommended!!

  471. Elizabeth Dewar

    This has to be the best diffuser ever…… lovely, albeit subtle, smell fills the room

  472. Janine Slinger

    So lovely I’d to buy another! A visitor commented not once but three times about the clean, mouthwatering perfume. I know what she will get for Christmas!

  473. Jeanette

    Gorgeous scent and fills the house

  474. Anita Stewart

    5 Stars. The White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser is absolutely amazing the fragrance lasts a long time and everyone comments about the smell and ask where I got it from

  475. Sara Morrell

    White Neroli and Lemon is my go to Valentte fragrance; for myself and when buying gifts for others Love it. Candle, spray or reed diffuser – they’re all lovely.

  476. Claire McCreath

    I can’t tell you the amount of people who ask what the beautiful smell is, when they arrive in our home. This scent is incredible. So indulgent and relaxing. Literally fills every room in the house! Feels like a spa. Lasts forever too.

  477. Suzanne Hafezi

    After receiving free samples via an Instagram ad (which i could smell before I’d even opened the box), i fell in love with the white neroli and lemon. I ordered a gift box thinking it would be a great Christmas present but no chance, I’m using it all now. Really lovely fragrances, great service and beautifully gift boxed. Thank you Valentte.

  478. niki jones

    i love these diffusers, i buy these as my daughter has asthma and these are natural and don’t irritate her as commercial ones used too , they have a lovely fragrance, i buy this scent for my bedroom the smell is amazing , i always buy in a gift set but always end up keeping two and giving the 3rd one away, i originally bought these after seeing a sample on hotukdeals and have bought these ever since,

  479. Jacqueline Hollyhomes

    My absolute favourite is white neroli and lemon, the diffuser , hand and body lotion, hand soap, everyone comments on the fragrance. It’s just divine. I first discovered Valentte products while at The Hampton Court Flower show.

  480. Carol Shiner

    Excellent products, I love most of the fragrances but my favorite is white Neroli and Lemon
    Started buying my Christmas presents.
    Every one seems to love the fragrance when they walk in my house.

  481. Julie

    Received this on Monday. What a lovely scent! I love it! Will definitely be ordering another 🙂

  482. Julie Holden

    Absolutely love this. It’s in my bedroom and smell divine. Very relaxing

  483. Dionne

    I absolutely love this. Everyone compliments it. It’s going to be a mainstay in my home, that’s for sure. I just love coming home to this scent!

  484. Rachel Graham

    Definitely my favourite! Smells beautiful, everyone always asks where its from.

  485. vilma barraclough

    love the fragrance …. love the packaging – kept the product for myself – but it would make a perfect gift

  486. susan matthews

    Beautiful and long lasting smell. My second purchase and planning more.

  487. Gail Edwards

    My absolute favourite order regularly and cannot be without it

  488. ccle74

    I discovered Valentte at a country show a few years ago when I bought two White Neroli and Lemon reed diffusers. I was impressed by the subtlety and all roundness of the fragrance, strong but not overpowering, warm and very welcoming. It lasted a long time too – a definite bonus. I have now purchased a gift box complete with three new diffusers of this lovely fragrance – happy days!

  489. Helen Goodinson

    This is my favourite the smell is amazing not too overpowering…definitely buy again

  490. Rebecca Hession

    The smell is absolutely fabulous and fills the room.

  491. Rachel

    Excellent diffuser although mine seems to be going down a lot faster than 4 months. With good deals, I will continue to order more & have bought boxes as gifts for friends. The White Neroli & Lemon smell is fantastic!

  492. Cheryl

    Yet another great product from Valentte. The fragrance is beautiful and long lasting, unlike other brands.

  493. Clare Johnson

    Definitely an uplifting scent to fill the room. Really works well in the kitchen covering up food smells!

  494. Sheila Wedton

    Beautiful scent. Best essential oil diffuser I have purchased. So many comments already. Every time I walk into the room…I smile….gorgeous aroma.

  495. Jackie McDowell

    Speedy delivery
    Gorgeous scent
    Will definitely buy again

  496. julie

    Makes my bedroom smell gorgeous 🙂

  497. Jacqueline Bennett

    Received the Neroli and Lemon Diffuser as Christmas gift few years ago and decided to treat myself – it’s just a wonderful scent and lasts for a long time would thoroughly recommend. Easy to order and arrived within a few days Thankyou

  498. Dee Brown

    This has lasted me for months, I put it in a room where I practice yoga, I keep the door closed, when I open it, the fragrance is just wonderful…it really makes me smile…I have now found a diffuser that I love, I have been searching for years and years…I will never use another product…I am so happy

  499. Tracy

    This is one of the best diffusers I have ever had. The smell is wonderful and I can smell this every time I go into the room. Beautiful

  500. Chris Huxley

    Amazing just a beautiful odour around the house, lasts for ages ,I found these on Facebook and will never buy other products again

  501. Mary Tilley

    Beautiful fragrance… Fab packaging… Will definitely be purchasing again 😉

  502. Jules emmott

    I love the diffuser. It smells like I’m walking into a spa. The house smells amazing.

  503. Jacqueline Hollyhomes

    I first discovered Valentte products at Hampton Court Flower show. Their products smell Amazing and so long lasting . Beautiful

  504. Vanessa Fogden

    Absolutely Love your fragrance and bought many when at Ascot and Ideal Home. I love all the products and presented in a beautiful gift box/packaging. My sister loves the products too! Hope your business continues to thrive as you deserve it. Thank you!

  505. Kate Caswell

    My favourite Valentte scent, love it. I have a few of the products now, this is a great reed diffuser, you can really smell the scent as you enter the room.

  506. Bobbie

    My first experience of Valentte was at Harrogate Flower Show. This White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser in the Mix and Match Gift Box makes the bathroom smell lovely. Thank you for the recommendation when I phoned my order to you. I hope to use Valentte for Christmas gifts this year.

  507. Kathryn

    This is my most favourite scent in the Valentte range and I have bought it many, many times both for myself and for gifts for friends. The diffuser lasts for ages – much longer than other well known brands and the room smells so fresh whether it is the bathroom, bedroom, living space or kitchen – I love it!!

  508. jo.balmer

    This diffuser smells amazing, literally smells like you have walked into a luxury spa, I love it & will definitely be ordering some more

  509. Philip Lawley

    This was my favourite from my last order of Valentine reed diffusers. Discovered Valentin on a visit to Liverpool in 2019 and this was part of a gift to my Mother and she loved it. Currently using in one of our bathrooms and this one will most definitely be on my next order. Phil

  510. Anita Stewart

    This is the first time I’ve tried the reed diffuser TheWhite Neroli and Lemon is lovely I will buy more for Christmas presents

  511. Yvonne

    Absolutely gorgeous, fills the rooms with freshness, a little expensive but I will buy again and try different fragrances.

  512. Elaine Barnes

    This was my first reed diffuser purchase.
    Certainly wont be my last.
    Would make a great gift for a friend if you can bear to part with it.
    Better order two.

  513. sammy_dry13

    So strong I love it. I feel like I’m walking into a spa when I enter my room. I’ve already purchased a second.

  514. Linda RILEY

    Love this scent. These are the best de fusiours I think I’ve ever had, they last for ages and if you turn the sticks regularly the scent never fades.
    I’ve bought more expensive ones, that don’t last as long.
    I would recommend them to anyone

  515. Carolyn Lennard

    Amazing products. Beautiful packaging. Would highly recommend

  516. Carolyn Lennard

    The smell is divine. I have purchased several of the gift boxes for friends and they have all loved them. Would highly recommend

  517. Mary Pellant

    Out of the three different ones I purchased this is my favourite. They are all lovely in different ways. The smell does not fade. Have been really happy with all of them. A fantastic purchase at a very reasonable price.

  518. elizabeth hook

    absolutely amazing smell is from beginning to end , some of the others i have tried in the past smell does not last, in these the smell is from when you first open to last drop , would definately use again and highly recommend me hooked . found product advert on facebook

  519. Sandra Jane Matthews

    They smell lovely and so long lasting. Very good value for money. I’ve used many different ones in the past and this is definitely the best ever.

  520. Joanne Rayment

    I love this scent so much. I was introduced to it by my sister and I find it calming and relaxing. Such good value compared to other brands

  521. Lindsey Thompson

    My bedroom smells like a spa…. it’s divine ! Every time I open the door it wraps around me, like sinking into a warm bath. An instant, calming, relaxed balm to soothe the soul.

  522. Sarah Coxon

    Absolutely beautiful diffuser the smell is amazing and very calming. Will definitely purchase again.

  523. Patricia Russell

    Beautiful gift box and the smell is amazing 😀 Arrived very promptly and packaging beautifully wrapped. Will defo order again

  524. Patricia Russell

    This fragrance is delightful truly divine. I have given it yo my daughter as a gift and she is super chuffed with the contents and the way it is beautifully classy wrapped 😁 first class company.x

  525. Mike Riley

    Absolutely love this fragrance. Everybody that visits mentions the lovely odour

  526. Amanda Wilson

    I love all the Valentte reed diffusers. So much so, I’ve bought 9 recently – as they are great as presents (with everyone at home so much more now) and they are much better quality and value than so many other reed diffusers. I first bought Valentte products a few years ago at a gift fair at Blenheim Palace.

  527. Debi Laughton

    I absolutely love all the fragrances of Reed diffusers. I have one in most rooms and they are so long lasting , even when nearly gone the reefs carry on giving out their fragrance. Can’t beat them and I’ve tried so many others.

  528. Alison Robinson

    Very pleased with this product smells beautiful

  529. Lynn

    The white neroli & lemon reed diffuser is lovely and it really lifts the mood during these times.

  530. Barbara Jarvis

    Absolutely love this smell it smells so clean and fresh.
    My first purchase of these products and I am very pleased.

  531. Amanda Cordery

    I have now bought quite a few of these and being a candle n reed diffuser addict I have to say these are THE BEST products on the market n over the years Ive tried them all The smell is amazing n lasts for ages with both candle and reed diffuser
    Im ordering these gift boxes whilst on offer as they make fab Christmas gifts
    I also love the fact it feels very personal I made a mistake on one of my orders n Luke dealt with it swiftly and my money was refunded without hesitation! 5 star all round

  532. Amanda McMullon

    Lovely mild fragrance

  533. Angie Lavelle

    This is my favourite fragrance … I absolutely love it … lasts forever … hits you when you enter the room. Bliss .

  534. Frances collie

    The fragrance is gorgeous and one of my favourites. I have seen the range in the country living pavilion at some shows and am so pleased to be able to buy it again.

  535. Trish Thornton

    This fragrance is absolutely gorgeous, never seems to fade, will definitely treat myself again

  536. Nicola Ferguson

    Such a lovely fragrance. Really refreshing and really lingers. Subtle and not overpowering.

  537. Amanda Mayne

    The fragrance seems to last for ages and friends love the fragrance

  538. jennifer14

    Having seen the reviews on FaceBook about Valentte I decided to try their products and I was not disappointed! The fragrance of the White Neoroli and Lemon is just lovely, in no way over powering, and can be smelt clearly in all areas of a larger room. I’m looking forward to enjoying its fragrance for many weeks to come!

  539. Alison

    Love this. Just ordered my 3rd gift box. Fab smell from all products so far ..

  540. Linda Stevens

    I bought the gift set of White Neroli and Lemon which comprises the candle, the reed diffuser and the room mist, all of which have pride of place in my living room. I loved the fragrance so much I bought another reed diffuser for my office. It has an uplifting yet calming aroma which is perfect for my working days. Unlike other products which seem to fade rapidly the Valentte fragrances linger on and on. Great value for money. I can’t recommend this company more highly.

  541. Debbie ackroyd

    Gorgeous fragrance in my bedroom. Really worth every single penny

  542. Sheila Carter

    This is in my hallway and smells lovely. I have had it for a week and it still seems strong so I hope it will be long lasting

  543. Annie Thompson

    This is one of my favourites however I think I say that about all of them. The smell is so fresh and lasts so much longer than any other diffusers I have had. I have always rated Yankee Candles but since trying Valentte on a promotion I will be sticking with these from now on.

  544. Kath Kearney

    This is one of my favourite diffusers for use in the hallway (I also like lemongrass and rosemary) and despite it being a large room I always notice it when I walk in the door or walk through from other rooms. Visitors often comment on it too, and it lasts for ages. Once it’s finished I put the reeds in my linen drawers and they go on for even longer 🙂

  545. Angela

    This is a natural, amazing, long lasting scent. I always get lovely comments from visitors, thoroughly recommended.

  546. Lorraine Martin

    Lovely product, great smell.

  547. Emma W

    I’ve used so many diffusers over the years but this is hands down the best scent and quality I’ve found with natural ingredients. The scent is still going strong 3 months on. The packaging is beautiful, I would highly recommend for gifts.

  548. Deb Drinkwater

    I purchased a gift box containing White Neroli and Lemon products which included this reed diffuser. The packaging and the bottle itself are just gorgeous and the scent is beautiful – not overpowering but equally strong enough to have your home smelling freshly fragrant for weeks. I have only just come across your products and I am already totally hooked – I love them . These would make wonderful gifts for Christmas or Birthdays.

  549. Jo

    Chose White Neroli and Lemon reed diffuser as part of a gift box. Lovely fragrance – very pleased and will order again

  550. Margaret Wood

    I absolutely love this fragrance- I bought my fist one a month ago based on Facebook advertising and it’s still going strong. Lovely fragrance which you can smell as soon as you enter the room. Since bought a second set fir the bedroom. I’m sure if you buy yourself a gift box you won’t regret it ! I will definitely buy again 😍

  551. Vivienne Lill

    Have just purchased the candle, diffuser and room spray, gift set smells devine, I can smell every time I enter the room.

  552. Jacqui bowers

    Lovely fresh scent

  553. Ange

    I bought 3 samples on the back of a Facebook advertisement and fell in love
    with the smell of the White Neroli and Lemon. The reed diffuser came as part of a gift box and the scent just fills the room. Just beautiful.

  554. Julie Murden

    Discovered Valentte at Southport Flower show over 12 months ago and haven’t bought any other brands since. Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary scent but decided to try this fragrance after receiving a free sample and have not been disappointed. Lovely smell and makes my bathroom feel very Spa like. Will definitely purchase again.

  555. Mrs w

    Lovely fresh smell,this is my new favourite,will definitely be buying again

  556. Karen Coates

    Trying a new fragrance- absolutely love it, also the change to packaging and labelling. So pleased with this product.

  557. JULIE

    The White Neroli & Lemon Reed Diffuser is gorgeous i have them in every room visitors always comment on the smell and where I bought them, It is my favourite one. I first saw Valentte on face book and I have bought quite a few boxes for gifts.

  558. Janet Royston

    My friend bought me the lemon and neroli Reed diffuser as a gift and I love it. This has got to be by far the best Reed diffuser I have bought and I have bought lots!! . The spa-like smell is insane! It’s delicious and fragrant and it lingers in the room. I rate Valentte products so much I have bought several gift boxes for my friends for Christmas.
    Fantastic value for money and amazing products! The gift boxes are beautifully wrapped too.

  559. Janet

    My friend bought me the lemon and neroli Reed diffuser as a gift and I love it. This has got to be by far the best Reed diffuser I have bought and I have bought lots!! . The spa-like smell is insane! It’s delicious and fragrant and it lingers in the room. I rate Valentte products so much I have bought several gift boxes for my friends for Christmas.
    Fantastic value for money and amazing products! The gift boxes are beautifully wrapped too.

  560. Marie Fraser

    Absolutely gorgeous bought diffuser and candle in this and Jasmin set. Beautifully gift boxed too

  561. Sue Nursey

    Disappointed with home fragrance products that barely smell even when first opened, I decided to try several Valentte products after reading online reviews. I was unsure which fragrance to choose, so after paying 99p for various samples, I settled on four different fragrances, one being a White Neroli & Lemon reed diffuser. Payment was safe with Paypal, communications excellent and the product arrived very well packaged. Of the 4 fragrances I purchased, all of which I really like, this is my favourite. The perfume smells beautiful and is strong enough to fill the room when I walk into it. I have since made a second order as I was so pleased with my first set of products. I had intended this second order be for Christmas presents, but I have decided to keep them for myself. I have never purchased from adverts I’ve seen on Facebook before, but my experience with Valentte was 100% positive and I am thoroughly delighted with everything I ordered, both in terms of their quality and their “deliciously” intense fragrances.

  562. Susan McNally

    This is the first scent I bought a year ago at Hampton Court Palace Garden Show. I have tried 3 other Valentte scents since then but this is my absolute favourite and now it the one I’m sticking to. As much as I like the others I have tried nothing brings me the same sense of satisfaction and calm and wellbeing from this beautiful orange blossom neroli and lemon – I love it! I often wait for an offer (the value for money is unbeatable anyway!) and then fill my box with diffusers plus a candle or diffuser for free and although sometimes I have the good intention of sharing the freebie and gifting it – I so far always end up keeping it. I have a differ with neroli and lemon in almost every room of my house!!

  563. Annmarie

    First order after seeing reviews on facebook. Ordered some samples and my husband loved this scent so much he pinched the sample for his car! I ordered the gift box with the candle and diffuser in the same scent. Also got the room mist in lemongrass and rosemary. The scents are all amazing! Unfortunately despite fabulous packaging the glass was broken on the candle. Customer service was outstanding …. within an hour I had a response saying a new candle would be sent out. Received the replacement within 2 days. Cannot fault anything about the products or the company. Will definitely buy again

  564. Nina Robinson

    This is just beautiful, strong and lasting without being over powering. I also bought the matching candle and they are so luxurious. I would highly recommend.

  565. Pamela Baker

    Having tried many different brands of room diffusers this is by far the best. White Neroli and Lemon is my favourite scent. I’ve got the candle too. It surely uplifts my mood every time I smell it. Will definitely buy again.

  566. Amanda Phillips

    Brought the White Neroli and Lemon Gift Set – The smell is absolutely gorgeous so clean and fresh. Will definitely be buying more products.

  567. Cecil Taylor

    Beautiful fragrance, very strong and the most long lasting I have had.

  568. Cecil Taylor

    Beautiful fragrance. very strong Smell and the most long lasting I have had.

  569. Sally

    Fantastic Service. Lovely products and great price.

  570. Wendy

    I’d read other’s reviews saying how gorgeous this is so I was keen to try it for myself. I wasn’t disappointed! It took a day or so to begin scenting the room but now I smell it all the time, and not just when I walk past it. The best reed diffuser I’ve ever had, the fragrance lasts and lasts.

  571. Liga

    Well done Justina and Luke for creating your business with environment friendly products . 🙂 I am so happy I discovered your company . And thank you for an option to receive samples for reed diffuser . That way I found that White Neroli and Lemon diffuser is what I want to order.
    It has a beautiful and long lasting smell. I am happy for my purchase and looking to order soon again .

  572. Helen

    Amazing long lasting deep fragrance, fills a large area of the home. Beautiful clean scent.

  573. Audrey Clenaghan

    This is amazing scents the whole room love it I am always looking for natural scents that keep there intensity found on Facebook this is my second order won’t be my last

  574. Sharron Holness

    The smell of this is so uplifting and really puts a smile on your face. The scent really lasts without being over powering. The delivery of my goods including this was really quick. Would definitely recommend this product and others in this range. The fragrance is incredible

  575. savannah-middo123

    I use this product in my defuser, absolutely amazing. Will buy again

  576. Lynn Taylor

    My favourite fragrance has been the lemongrass and rosemary but the white neroli and lemon is fast becoming a close runner up. These fragrances last so much longer than other products I’ve used.

  577. Grant Dunning

    Beautifully fills the room with gorgeous aromas…not overpowering and really long lasting..will definitely be purchasing more.

  578. Claire McCreath

    Can’t get enough of this! Just brilliant scent around the home. Quality and long lasting

  579. Elaine Overend

    After thinking about purchasing these a number of times I finally ordered the White Neroli & Lemon, i absolutely love how they burn to an oil and fill the room with this beautiful scent. I know what family and friend’s will be getting for Christmas now, Thank you Valente

  580. Elaine Overend

    After thinking about purchasing these a number of times I finally ordered the White Neroli & Lemon boxed set with the diffuser, candle and room spray, oh and a Free candle! I absolutely love how they burn to an oil and fill the room with this beautiful scent. I know what family and friend’s will be getting for Christmas now, Thank you Valente

  581. Gail

    What a fantastic product! What a fantastic long lasting smell! Love it.
    Have brought lots for Christmas presents.

  582. Amanda Cook

    My new favourite company – quite new to Instagram which is where I noticed this – mentioned to my friends and they are already customers. I did buy these for presents but had to keep them! They are divine – beautiful classy design and branding and gorgeous natural smells – very very good value and beautiful packaging – cannot recommend enough

  583. Tracey HabgoOd

    Totally addicted to this beautiful fragrance!

  584. Ann Baker

    I absolutely love this diffuser. The fragrance is amazing – I also have the hand soap in the same fragrance, lovely product that does not seem to dry my skin at all. Fabulous!

  585. Margaret

    I love love love thus fragrance! I bought my first over a month ago now and it’s still going strong . I have another upstairs in a bedroom and you can honestly smell the fragrance right through the house . Not that we’re having many visitors right now but my neighbour asked what the lovely smell was last time she popped in. If you’re pondering go ahead – I doubt you will regret it. Gorgeous products, beautifully packaged, perfect for a gift or as a treat to yourself.

  586. Miriam Buchan

    Another fabulous aroma. Lovely product.

  587. Wendy Payne

    Never heard of this company before however I am so glad I have! Ordered the White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser as it had good reviews and yes, it lives up to its name. Love it and will be ordering more goods. Excellent customer service and delivery. Thank you.

  588. lindsey pyatt

    WOW Came within days of ordering and its amazing the gift box arrived with this the room spray and the candle, the whole house smells amazing would recommended as good if not better than that is 3 times more expensive i am converted and will be buying from you in the future.

  589. Jackie McDowell

    Love this scent

  590. tamara jane allen

    Smells gorgeous. Not overpowering but more than subtle so it really does give you a boost.

  591. Angela Crum

    Absolutely gorgeous smell and lovely presentation box, bought for myself but would make beautiful present

  592. Janice Marson

    Absolutely love this fragrance . Got to be my favourite.

  593. Tracey Swallow

    I chose this one as it had been recommended to me and I am so pleased with it. As usual it came in a beautiful parcel well wrapped and it smells amazing on the outside, but on the inside, WOW ! These reed diffusers last for such a long time and they make the room smell beautiful when you walk in. Can’t wait for my next purchase.

  594. Jackie Baulf

    Absolutely love this fragrance and whatever room the diffuser is in it always smells lovely when you walk in.

  595. Elizabeth Gladden

    I ordered 2 gift boxes and they arrived beautifully gift boxed and within 2 days. I could smell the fragrance before I opened the box. Everything is wonderful. I especially love the white Neroli and lemon diffuser. I will be ordering more this week.

  596. Amanda Scholefield

    Bought 2 gift sets as Christmas presents – arrived quickly , gift wrapped and smell lovely

  597. anne burdge

    I received my order today and it didn’t disappoint . From ordering to delivery first class. The scent is fabulous and my room smells devine. My only slightly negative I could not work how to get the box opened as it was so well put together!!
    Would highly recommend these products and gift sets

  598. Susan Gippert

    Fantastic service from start to finish..Delivery very quick and updated an hr before delivery with the time it would arrive. What more can u ask for.
    Beautiful presented,1st time I’ve bought from you and certainly not disappointed..White Neroli and lemon beautiful, nice and fresh ..
    Certainly a YES from me..
    Saw it advertised on Facebook and kept looking and looking until l eventually ordered.
    You wont be disappointed at all

  599. Elspeth Wallace

    Love the reed diffusers. Just put the Neroli & Lemon one in my bathroom and love it.

  600. marie wright

    This fragrance has made my bathroom smell delicious! you can even smell it in the landing, defo recommend gorgeous !!

  601. Catherine Kaye

    Received today, beautiful fragrance and unlike many high street brands fills the whole house without been overpowering. Smells very natural, far superior to previous purchases. Would definitely recommend.

  602. Caroline WILSON

    The scent of the white neroli and lemon diffuser is absolutely fantastic. It wafts welcoming towards you as you enter the room. The fragrance is long lasting and has become my absolutely favourite. Highly recommended.

  603. Elaine

    This was actually bought as a gift for a friend which I found very hard to give her as I wanted to keep the set!! After smelling a sample of the white neroli and lemon I knew I’d made the perfect choice.

  604. Claire Land

    Very speedy service, white neroli and lemon grass diffuser smells beautiful and last a long time, also purchased the candle and room spray, leaves my room smelling lovely.
    Would recommend these products and will be trying other fragrances.

  605. Deborah Newman

    Finally a diffuser that smells lovely and it actually continues to make the full house smell, great product beautifully packaged. well worth every penny.

  606. Nicola dawes

    Bought this for my bathroom not ordered before so read reviews and took a chance on the scent and I wasn’t disappointed it’s beautiful without being overpowering and not only fragrances the bathroom but makes the upstairs smell lovely too

  607. Christine Walker

    This is definitely the best reed diffuser I have ever bought. It really does have that uplifting spa smell. I have one in the living room, one in the bathroom and have decanted into an old bottle for the hall. Gift boxes are great value too

  608. Charlotte

    I was introduced to Valentte at a Christmas Fair and bought this scent diffuser as a gift for my sister. She absolutely loved it! As soon as I had a sniff I was in love too. Such a delicious scent that really lifts a room. Lasts a good length of time too so definitely value for money. I have just bought again!

  609. irene hope

    well packed and lovely gift box all ready to give away for xmas

  610. Alison

    love this fragrance, white neroli and lemon ,one diffuser is enough to leave a lovely fragrance in any room .Excellent value for money

  611. Carol Scott

    Excellent really pleased with presentation and the scent .

  612. Elaine

    Have ordered three gift boxes for Christmas. As soon as you open the boxes the scent is beautiful & lasts for ages. My personal favourite is Neroli & Lemon.
    Will definitely buy again & have recommended Valentte to friends.

  613. May Gibbons

    I bought a Neroli diffuser 2 years ago and it is still a lovely fragrance in my kitchen. I liked it so much that I have just bought the same for my bedroom!

  614. Paula Wilson

    I love these diffusers so much, I have this lemon and neroli one in my bedroom. Tried all the scents, house smells like a spa. Affordable classy treats to myself …highly recommended!

  615. Vivienne Jeffcoate

    White Neroli + Lemon is my new favourite, the fragrance is so pleasant when I enter the room but not overpowering. I have been using this for about 4 weeks and the liquid has hardly reduced. Fabulous product.

  616. Jane Jackson

    Absolutely thrilled with all the products in this range. The smell is just like a gorgeous relaxing spa.

  617. Deb

    Beautiful smell – very relaxing and makes for a good night’s sleep !

  618. Gayl Harrington

    The diffuser works well but I’m not sure about the smell I think I prefer one of the samples they sent me . Lasts a long while but not very strong

  619. Ulla Mercer

    Discovered Valentte many years ago at horse trials near me. I love these diffusers and don’t buy anything else any more. I decided to treat myself to a couple for Christmas. The white Neroli and Lemon is a new scent to me and it’s a freshly piquant, unusual aroma and one diffuser is enough to fill my living room for weeks. I also like the room mists – a little goes a long way!

  620. Kate Kirkley

    This diffuser is definitely worth buying for you home, the smell lasts and there are lots of different fragrances to try. Would recommend. Thank you.

  621. Lee O’Grady

    Lovely fresh fragrance , got the hand cream too . Bought two sets for gifts. The packaging is excellent and fast delivery .

  622. Sally Buck

    Absolutely beautiful. My favourite and truly calming and relaxing. Service outstanding

  623. Steve Itzinger

    great fragrance , quality product that lasts ages

  624. Diane Cottingham

    I bought 3 of these diffusers – one for me and two for my daughters. The fragrance is lovely and strong, but not overpowering and permeates the whole house. I bought whilst on the deal so very good value for money and would definitely recommend. I will be buying more in the future!

  625. Eileen Parry 5 stars

    All I say is that all the items that I bought are absolutely divine they are natural and your firm are lovely to deal with will shop with you again and again Thank you very much Eileen Parry 5star rating

  626. Sandra Robertson

    Saw Valentte on Facebook with lots of positive reviews so thought I would try it – so glad I did! Lovely packaging; ordered candle & diffusers – have had Jo Malone before and would say it was of a similar standard at a fraction of the price. The samples are a great idea – already planning my next order. Can’t wait to try some of the body products

  627. Catherine Strina

    I discovered these wonderful products through Facebook and have just received my first box which is fantastic value for what I received. Absolutely beautiful products and beautifully packaged. They all smell divine, definitely not overpowering. I will definitely order again and look forward to trying the body products as well. Thank you!

  628. Sue Miller

    A friend introduced me to Valentte products and I recently ordered my first gift box which I thought was amazing value for money, I love the white Neroli and lemon reed diffuser, gives off a lovely smell with only two of the reed sticks, also love the smell of the Patchouli and Eucalyptus which I also received as a reed diffuser and hand cream. Great idea getting free samples as you can then explore the other fragrances available. Would make great gifts too, if you can bear to part with them…….

  629. cleghornstreet

    extremely delighted with my purchases and so happy that I found Valentte on line. I previously came across Valentte at a Home show and was able to test a few of the fragrances which I absolutely love. I find these diffusers are long lasting and the fragrance is amazing. I look forward to ordering more from this range in the future

  630. Marilyn

    This smells so lovely. Bought as part of a gift box which was great value at £25.00. Arrived in perfect condition and beautifully boxed.
    First discovered Valentte at the Burghley Christmas Fayre in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

  631. Amanda Phillips

    I ordered two gift boxes as presents for Christmas. The smell is so fresh and strong but not overbearing. I have this in my bedroom and even my Husband has commented on the gorgeous smell.

  632. Carole Matthews

    Absolutely fabulous great products and beautifully packaged. Excellent customer service.

  633. Ann

    I found your products by accident. This was a gift and they were so pleased I believe you will have gained a new customer

  634. Linda Kendall

    Beautiful fragrance & very uplifting. I have placed infront of my work station at home, keeps me focused.

  635. Christine Bell

    I read about Valentte on Facebook. The reviews were brilliant but I was a bit reluctant to try the products. I am so glad I did!! I bought a gift set for a friend for Christmas and treated myself to a white neroli and lemon diffuser. I love the scent and unlike a previous diffuser the lovely fresh smell greets me every time I go upstairs. I will definitely be recommending the brand to my friends. The customer service has been excellent. The gift set came beautifully packaged and the free samples are perfect for choosing my next fragrance. I will definitely be trying more products in 2021!!!

  636. Lyn Howell

    White neroli and lemon hand cream , body wash and reed diffuser, lovely gift for my daughter for Christmas.

  637. Barbara wood

    I picked up a sample White Neroli and lime hand cream at Wynyard Hall Xmas fair in 2019 and loved both the scent and the texture. Since then I have ordered several gift boxes, including diffusers, room spray, hand wash and body lotion, for myself and others. They arrive swiftly and beautifully packaged.

  638. Margaret wood

    I love this fragrance. It’s so lovely and long lasting. I have a diffuser upstairs and downstairs and it honestly scents the whole house. Think this will remain a firm favourite of mine 😍

  639. Alison Fletcher

    love this fragrance , the room smells lovely all day ( it’s been 3 weeks now since i first put it out). In the evening I light the same fragrance candle to add to the smell and atmosphere

  640. Jacqui

    Look this fragrance smell is amazing all over the house

  641. Sharon rodgers

    Only just discovered these loved the lemon grass and rosemary bought 3 gift sets ❤️ But the neroli and lemon is so gorgeous I just can’t get enough of this stuff it’s in every room . Bought lots for gifts so hopefully they will love them as much as I do .

  642. Hollie

    Such a beautiful fragrance! Like happiness and energy all rolled into one

  643. Diane Sharp

    The White Neroli & lemon diffuser smells amazing . It doesn’t lose its smell like other diffusers. I received Valentte products as a present a couple months ago & have bought several gift boxes for Christmas presents.

  644. Suzanne Humphreys

    Absolutely perfect in every way, been back so many times, and will continue to do so.
    From the packaging to the products , 100% perfect
    Would recommend to all

  645. Bridie Pollard

    I love Valentte products, they smell divine and last for ages. I have given them as gifts for friends and they love them too. We live in a barn conversion and have very high ceilings,ut the scent of the reed diffuser fills our sitting room for months, not in an over powering way, but subtle and their candles are lovely too. Try them and you won’t be disappointed

  646. Caroline Scott

    We have a Weimaraner and a ginger Tom cat. I’m always terrified the house smells of cat and dog. The candles and diffusers I’ve bought before, smell lovely to begin with, but quickly fade and I can’t smell them after a short while. ………. not this time- I’m so delighted with the Reed diffusers and candles, they are amazing. I’m so impressed. I’ve ordered more, my favourite smell is the white neroli and lemon. I can smell it all through the house. It’s the simple things….

  647. Jane hague

    This is my second order just love these products. This is a lovely Reed diffuser.

  648. Sally MacDonald

    I loved this before I even unpacked the gift box. Such beautiful presentation that I placed an immediate order for another gift set for a friend. Delicious perfume and so exquisite.Wish I hadn’t been so organised with my Christmas gifts. Ill be back xxx (saw a friend had liked your brand on Facebook )
    Sally MacDonald

  649. June Davies

    I havent use this brand before but I am so pleased I bought this item.
    I use the reed disfuser in my office at work and the purfume is so fresh and clean smelling.
    i will certainly be buying this product again.

  650. Suzanne humphreys

    100% every time

  651. Tracey Swallow

    I tried this for the first time as this is my sister’s favourite. I am hooked ! I now have my own and it smells divine.

  652. Angela Hotchkiss

    Very pleased with the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser. My whole house smells gorgeous! Speedy delivery and nicely packaged.

  653. Amanda Watson

    I have never tried a reed diffuser. Mine arrived today. The smell is unbelievable. Absolutely gorgeous. Room is filled with a lushious smell

  654. Rachel

    Excellent product again, bought several times now & the quality is consistent.

  655. Paul

    Having been disappointed in the past with buying room scents I decided to give Valentte a try.
    Wow wow I purchased a gift box which was on a offer price, it arrived in beautifully packaged.
    The smells from these products is amazing fill ur rooms with beautiful scents which last forever.
    These products are excellent quality and I highly recommend.
    I will be buying again.

  656. Jane Capes

    Was given as a gift. Really good quality , smells really fresh but not overpowering. Lasts a very long time. Will be buying this for myself in the future.

  657. Julia Bainbridge

    The diffuser with neroli and lemon is such a lovely scent will definitely be ordering again

  658. Jacqueline Byrne

    I’ve bought the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser several times in the past at Country Living fairs and the fair at Harrogate Show Ground.
    I have one in the bathroom at the moment and when I walk into the room, there is a really delicate and fresh perfume in the air. And such good value.

  659. Susi Jenkins

    Beautiful fragrance, long lasting, guests comment and friends want it for themselves

  660. Heather Dyce

    A beautiful fragrance which as soon as I enter the room I can smell …unlike others I have had in the past which can be smelled for such a short time . I will definitely be back for more .

  661. Sylvia Rea

    This os one of the best diffuser I’ve ever used. The fragrance fills the house everyone comments how lovely it is.
    I’ve bought several for Christmas presents.

  662. Rosalind Doyle

    This is my favourite! It smells gorgeous. I have it in my bedroom and I can smell it from the bottom of the staircase.

  663. Jacqueline Duffy

    Absolutely beautiful. Bought as a gift but decided to keep it for myself 😁

  664. Deborah Tiffen-Luff

    Beautiful scent. Long lasting but not overpowering absolutely love it. I first discovered these lovely fragrances at Burghley Horse Trials haven’t yet found anything to better them

  665. Dorothy Gauden

    Love the smell of this diffuser….so fresh…
    Problem is there is such a fabulous collection ..it is so hard deciding

  666. Carol

    I usually buy Lemongrass and Rosemary Diffusers and I thought I would try White Neroll and Lemon this time and I love it too. Will definitely be buying this again, along with Lemongrass and Rosemary Diffusers.

  667. Kelleigh Peters

    This is stunning! I love the fragrance and could smell it all through the house. I have now bought a few as gifts as it is better than some of the top brands! And the service you get from the team is brilliant.

  668. Valerie Martin

    I first discovered Valentte at Hampton Court Flower show several years ago. White Neroli Reed diffuser is my favourite fragrance which lasts at least 4 months. I love the fact that it contains all natural ingredients and is always consistent every time I buy it. I cannot imagine using any other home fragrance products. Thank you for making such lovely fragrances.

  669. Gillian oades

    Excellent service and a great product
    Miss those lovely “letters” when you travelled the country to fairs they made my day as I live alone
    Saw you at Ascot last year and all the team were friendly and helpful

  670. Anne Wright

    Haven’t actually used them but the smell from the boxes is amazing. Bought a few as pressies but keeping the free gifts for myself!!

  671. angela

    Loving the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser so much that have bought several of the gift boxes for Christmas presents.

  672. Helen Bell

    The white neroli & lemon smelling candle is so fresh. Excellent price too. I will be buying again.

  673. Helen Bell

    The white neroli & lemon reed diffuser smells beautiful all around my house. It is the best that I’ve ever bought.

  674. Helen Bell

    The white neroli & lemon room spray is so fruity & fresh. What a gorgeous fragrance.

  675. Alison McVeigh

    I received the white neroli and lemon Reed diffuser in my home gift box. I love the fresh smell and will be ordering again.

  676. Jo Marks

    Great product- lovely fragrance
    Highly recommend
    Good packaging for gifts – both a gift box and gift bag

  677. Marie Therese Carole freeman

    I’m in love with this diffuser such a lovely strong fresh smell,I have always bought jo malone diffusers but I’m here to stay such great value for money ❤️

  678. Elaine Offler

    This diffuser smells amazing – I think it’s my favourite so far (but I haven’t tried them all)and lasts for ages making the diffuser range really good value for money

  679. Sharon Bastin

    Absolutely loved this fragrance the whole house smells beautiful, would definitely recommend friends

  680. Kay

    Loved these. Got mix and match diffusers . They make the room smell lovely. My favourite was the lemongrass. Such refreshing smell adds life to the room. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to friends and family. Thumbs up from me x

  681. Cathryn McCrink

    A wonderful Christmas gift from a friend. I’ve already ordered some more of the other fragrances.

  682. Patricia Logan

    The minute I smelled white neroli and lemon Reed diffusers I was hooked on Valentte scents. White Neroli is particularly beautiful in the bedroom to waken up to and start the day well. It fills a good sized room with a lingering perfume which lasts a long time and the price of the gift boxes are the best reason to buy this quality product. It’s hard to beat Valentte and they track your order right to your door.

  683. Helen Gallon

    I love this fresh fragrance. I have Valentte diffusers in three rooms now. Never disappointed. The free samples are generous and so useful! Have also got a candle in this fragrance. Great products and luxe packaging, even better if you are gifting.

  684. Lynne Lutkin

    I ordered the White Niroli and Lemon diffuser as part of the Gift Box on offer before Christmas after a recommendation online. It was very easy to use the website and the beautifully packaged item arrived very quickly and I was very impressed. This is a beautiful fragrance and the diffuser is performing well. The candle also is of good quality and burns evenly. Haven’t had occasion to use the room mist yet. It was good to find some samples enclosed and shall definitely order again.

  685. Linda Bunn

    Although I do prefer other fragrances this diffuser is of the usual high standard that Valentte always delivers, so glad I found their products.

  686. Susan Catterall

    Have this in my bathroom and love it. As soon as I start walking upstairs I can smell it. The perfume is so natural. Will def be purchasing more.

  687. Yvonne Casey

    I received this as part of an offer when purchasing a mix & match box. I love it, so fresh and the fragrance lasts ages. I used to buy products from Molton Brown but this is my new go to online shop. I was told by a friend that the company goes to home show events. Absolutely beautiful gifts

  688. Sally laffan

    I have loved the valentte products since discovering them at a country sea coupe of years ago and since then they have been a regular purchase for presents or just a little treat for myself! I love the lemon and neroli scent, is so fresh and lingers for ages gently perfuming the air. It’s lovely to find such a lovely range of products and to be able to support a small independant business at the same time.

  689. Sheila grant

    love this as it has a very uplifting aroma ! I have it on a shelf above a small radiator in my hallway and the heat just lifts it faster and so spreads it all through my home ! Will buy again !and have also bought boxes for Xmas gifts and all were delighted with the aromas!


    I came across the Valentte brand at a gift fair. I was given a free sample of the hand cream which was wonderful so decided to buy a diffuser. I was so pleased with it, the Neroli and lemon fragrance literally filled my lounge, it felt like I was walking into a florist each time I opened the door in the morning. Such an uplifting fresh fragrance. The diffusers last a long time and the packaging is beautiful. Such good value for money with no artificial additives. I will continue to purchase and recommend these wonderful products, thank you!

  691. Tracy Walker

    Lovely! Fragrance is strong and fills the room. Love it!

  692. Marion Pringle

    Such a refreshing fragrance long lasting and complimentary to the room spray and candle. Lovely product.

  693. Christine Patterson

    Love this diffuser have ordered several times along with the calendar in the matching fragrance. Have this by the side of my bed, very relaxing. All the Valentte products are amazing, you will not be disappointed.

  694. Nicola ussher

    This scent is heaven sent! Received it as part of a gift box and I could smell its gorgeous aroma before even opening the beautifully packaged box.

  695. Pam W

    Brought this as part of a mixed gift set, the smell is amazing and constant in my lounge. Ordered several gift sets as presents for Christmas and everybody has loved them, great products. Ready to order another for myself!

  696. Amy harding

    Absolutely amazing! My mum has been purchasing these for a while and treated me to one for Christmas. I love it! Definitely buying more!

  697. Ellie Sayer

    The neroli and lemon fragrance is beautiful and makes the room smell like a spa; calming and very aromatic. I would highly recommend it and will buy it again myself. It also lasts for ages which is brilliant.

  698. Clare Flood

    Absolutely love it..such a gorgeous fragrance…makes my house smell beautiful. I have ordered another one in the half price sale. The packaging was do beautiful too..would make a great gift.

  699. lisa maybank

    georgeous fragrance.

  700. Justine Bowers

    A beautiful scent, I have it in my home office, because who doesn’t need their mood boosting when at work!

  701. Caroline Collins

    This is the most fantastic Reed diffuser. I have literally ordered loads over the last couple of years. The smell is so different and lasts for ages. I have them in all of my rooms. Beautifully gift boxes make them an amazing present too!

  702. rmcguire056

    Absolutely fantastic product. So calming and refreshing. Really pleased with this Christmas gift.

  703. LJ

    Neroli is one of my favourite fragrances, I have the diffuser in the bathroom, perfect for a home spa experience. The scent carries downstairs into the hallway, absolutely lovely. The products arrived beautifully packaged in a gift box, perfect for presents

  704. Ro

    These diffusers give out a fantastic smell and I just love this uplifting Neroli & Lemon fragrance. I still have a diffuser from over a year ago and it has lasted this long and not lost its smell. In my experience, most other types of diffusers run out after a few weeks!


    Having used the Lemongrass and Rosemary and Lavender diffusers for some time now, I thought I would try this fragrance for a change. Now I am conflicted, I don’t know which one is my favourite. I gave this diffuser to my niece for Christmas and she loved it.

  706. Fran Erskine

    This smells AMAZING – everyone in my family “bubble” comment on it. Love it😍

  707. Jackie Whitcher

    I was so pleased with my purchase of room fragrance. I’m now deciding on what shower and body location to try.

  708. Allison Walker

    Wow, I absolutely love this diffuser, the fragrance is so fresh and it just a lasts & lasts. I bought it as part of a gift set & ended up ordering another set so I could keep some for myself. Really impressed with the service too, order was confirmed straight away & delivery was quick. Thank you Valentte, I will be back for more.

  709. Wendy Mitchell

    Bought this after trying the room must in my first set. Truly gorgeous scent fills the house. This is the fourth time I have ordered from Valentte so just shows how addicted to the lovely products. Have bought a gift box for my daughter and she loves it. Highly recommended products.

  710. Wendy Mitchell

    Bought this after trying the room mist in my first set. Truly gorgeous scent fills the house. This is the fourth time I have ordered from Valentte so just shows how addicted I am to the lovely products. Have bought a gift box for my daughter and she loves it. Highly recommended products.

  711. Sharon Jarvis

    This is the best diffuser I’ve ever had.
    Within one hour it was scenting the room and it continues to do so in a large space.
    It’s a really fresh uplifting smell and I’ve already placed an order for a refills and further sets.
    I really like the company ethos as well.

  712. Thomas Lunt

    Ordered last minute and arrived super quick in time for Xmas. Mum is so happy with it and it smells lovely. Great customer service, kept the complimentary body wash for myself. Love it.

  713. Ana Lockett

    Absolutely adore this fragrance. It fills the room with loveliness

  714. Jane Springate

    Lovely, subtle fragrance that infuses the room without overpowering. Definitely on my new favourites list!

  715. Tara Kitchener

    Love the refreshing smell of this when I walk into house. Had to buy the hand wash and room mist to match.

  716. Lana Brigstock

    I bought this to enhance the candle of the same fragrance it’s a really lovely smell have bought in the past and will definitely buy again.

  717. Sue Gevaux

    I have bought several gift sets as presents all beautifully presented. I have the lemon grass and rosemary candle in the hall and the diffuser in the lounge which are strong smelling but not overpowering. The Lemon and Neroli diffuser scents our bedroom. So pleased I have discovered this company.

  718. Louise Green

    Stunning! So pleased!
    This arrived so quickly. Couldn’t wait to open the diffuser. It’s been in situ for 30mins and I can already smell it all through the downstairs ! It smells gorgeous, clean and really fresh. So pleased I got one for the bathroom too.

  719. Angelil

    I absolutely adore everything. I’ve used the patchouli & eucalyptus collection for a while and am now in love with the neroli and lemon. Please please please make a collection of wax melts too💗💗

  720. Marie Tootell

    White Neroli and lemon is my very favourite seconded by Patchouli and Eucalyptus. Both bring back memories of the 60’s. I love the handwashing and hand cream, much needed at the moment. I love the fact that everything is natural. I have bought 6 gift boxes for friends and family of varying fragrances and everyone is very impressed with the scent, and quality of the products. Packaging is beautiful and delivery very good. First found Valentte at the Southport Flower Show

  721. Margaret

    I simply love these products and I have tried many including premium brands. This fragrance is lovely and the product will easily scent an entire room and genuinely lasts for weeks.

  722. Karen Twohig

    Absolutely amazing smell
    Subtle yet strong

  723. Margaret Brown

    As I opened the White Neroli and lemon diffuser I was instantly reminded of summer days. It is such a fresh smell but not too strong. I was going to keep it for summer but as I love the scent so much I have put it in my hall and catch a waft of it every time I walk past. Beautiful!
    Margaret Brown

  724. Lyndsey Marshall

    I adore this Reed diffuser it’s my fave can smell when walk into the room just lovely

  725. Kate

    Beautiful fresh lemon smell for the bathroom. No air freshener required!

  726. Lin

    I ordered this because my sister said it smells lovely and she was right . It’s in my hall and when I come home from work and open my front door the smell is so nice. I will be buying more

  727. janetfarrell

    I have just received 2 gift boxes that I ordered as a treat for myself with some money I was given for Xmas. They were beautifully packaged and the diffusers are all lovely, especially the White Neroli and Lemon. I put this one in my lounge and can smell it as soon as I walk in. Will definitely be ordering again and buying some as gifts.

  728. Mrs Susan Wright

    Love this fragrance, Reed diffusers that actually work! I have tried so many and been disappointed but these actually work.

  729. Mandie

    Absolute favourite smell , I have them all over the house . As soon as I open the door I can smell the diffuser and candle in the hallway . Simple style and gorgeous products only trouble is I’m addicted now 🤷‍♀️

  730. Yvonne Milligan

    White Neroli and Lemon is my absolute favourite diffuser and hand wash I’ve never smelt anything so beautiful i have in my home and can smell as soon as i walk in the aroma lingers, if you choose this you won’t be disappointed it’s beautiful 💕

  731. J. Holmes

    This is a delicious fragrance, really fresh and uplifting. It’s long lasting so should last for ages. Great purchase.
    Saw this company on Facebook and thought I would give it a try. No regrets. Products beautifully packaged as well. Took a longer time than I had thought to arrive but in view of the current situation this wasn’t an issue.

  732. Hazel Horne

    Absolutely love this smell. So refreshing and light. It’s in my bathroom and I love opening the door and smelling this beautiful fragrance. Would definitely recommend.

  733. Angela Walton

    What lovely fresh fragrance giving my room a comforting welcome when I come home especially. Will be buying again.

  734. Angela Clarke

    Absolutely love this diffuser and candle, bought it as a present to myself after smelling others I had bought as presents for friends. My
    Lounge and hall smells fabulous and really makes me feel so much better when I smell it!!

  735. Angela Clarke

    I’m a complete fan of Valentine products having purchased most of the scents by now. Never been disappointed , smell is strong and long lasting and an absolute tonic for the senses!

  736. Amanda Palk

    Move over Jo Malone. The smell of this diffuser is addictive and completely sublime. My new favourite fragrance.

  737. Nicola Grieve

    I have to say, having used all high end candles and diffusers on the market ,Valentte has to be my favourite.
    Got a beautiful gift box for Christmas and have already placed more orders.
    Product,packaging and service fantastic.

  738. Veronica

    Was given this as a present and thought the smell was gorgeous. Will be buying these products again.

  739. carolyn cape

    I read about Valentte products before Christmas and ordered the White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser for a treat. Came beautifully packed and the aroma is out of this world .
    So much so I have ordered another and a candle abs further samples .

  740. Helen Bell

    The white neroli & lemon reed diffuser smells divine all around my house. Such a beautiful smell.

  741. Amanda Hayes

    Love, Love, Love this diffuser! I bought two for upstairs and now the top floor of my house smells incredible.

  742. Sue Holton

    This is my second order for these beautiful products – very impressed with the quality and lasting fragrance which lingers far longer than most other products I have tried. Have this one in my ‘home office’ and it’s lovely to stop between meetings and take a deep breath of uplifting fragrance. Makes even the most tedious meetings worthwhile and keeps my head clear.

  743. Jane Morton

    Absolutely wonderful product . Smells amazing and is beautifully packaged . Just about to place another order ! Highly recommend x

  744. Dinah Rees

    Again another good purchase leaves the room with a fresh aroma

  745. Claire

    Lovely scent. Long lasting and still strong in a large sitting room.
    Brilliant company.
    Justine’s blogs are great but where are you Luke ?
    Love hearing how you are all doing
    Keep going
    We love your products .

  746. Brian Russell

    This appears to be very good, but most reed diffusers I find start well but loose their fragrance very soon.
    I have high hopes of this, presently it is in the bathroom and smells lovely and keeps the room fresh so fingers crossed. I have reordered the very day I received my first delivery. Beautifully packaged and sent by DPD, probably the most reliable and trustworthy, so thanks for not skimping in that area.

  747. Elizabeth Armstrong

    I love Valentte products and this one in particular. The reed diffusers last for ages.
    Really good service from this company. So pleased products can be purchased online.
    Would highly recommend.

  748. Sue Huntbach

    Lovely fragrance just disappointed that this didn’t come in a box as I wanted it for a gift but doesn’t look quite the same

  749. Denise Goode

    I love Reed diffusers,candles etc ! So I decided to try this company from reviews I had read . Wonderful items smell beautiful packaging to a high standard so yes I will reorder again

  750. angielav

    Absolutely adore this diffuser … love this fragrance but love many of the others. They last forever and don’t smell sickly like so many others. Have converted a few friends!

  751. Brenda⁰ Downes

    Really good product. Would re-order.

  752. Jacqueline Fairlie

    I received a gift box for Xmas and loved it so much that I ordered more, followed by another order for handwashes. The fragrances are delicious and last forever. I like my home to smell nice and these products fit the bill. Definitely recommend them to all my family and friends.

  753. Debbie Gibson

    I received the white neroli & lemon diffuser as a gift for my birthday. i loved it that much i treated myself to another one.
    I have it my lounge and i find its got a calming smell.Thank you.

  754. Tina Scott

    An amazing smell.
    Smells lovely and fresh.
    Highly recommend

  755. Vanessa Horton

    Reed diffuser, smells amazing, oil lasts a long time. Have brought a refill already

  756. Edith Lovie

    My favourite scent and so long lasting. 🥰 love it

  757. louise dishman

    Love this scent, my favourite one I think! Lasts ages. Highly recommend.

  758. Ann Tait

    So pleased with this purchase. Love the perfume and the service from Valentte was second to none.

  759. estella.tuff

    I ordered the White Neroli and Lemon diffuser, candle and body wash as a gift and my niece loved it. The smell is gorgeous and the sumptuous smell fills the room. I will be ordering one for myself.

  760. Valerie white

    The perfumes of the candles and reed diffuser are beautiful, I can smell the candles even when unlit , but they are not overwhelming. Lovely Val

  761. Catherine Tiffany

    I first encountered Valentte at a craft fair just before Christmas and bought a few products. I liked them so much that I ordered more online. My absolute favourite fragrance is white neroli and lemon which is quite robust but also delicately floral. I really appreciate the fact that the reed diffuser does not contain any artificial ingredients, and I always enjoy smelling its uplifting scent whenever I walk past it on the landing.

  762. jessbeadman

    This product smells incredible. It’s like walking into a spa! It’s definitely the best diffuser I’ve used. It was a gift, I’ll be getting more!

  763. Lynda Bain

    Received this a few days ago and I absolutely love it. I’m normally a bit disappointed with diffusers, but this one scents the whole of my living room. Will definitely order again.

  764. Brenda

    I was a little bit disappointed with this 1,so have re_ ordered 2 of my favourite which is lemon grass and rosemary, just love it.

  765. Sue

    Love this fragrance as it was for my hallway out of the 3 diffusers I ordered this is the one that I can smell as I come in the front door and as I walk down the stairs the others are lovely but more subtle I think. This is my 2nd order I ordered from seeing reviews on FB the packaging and service are second to none. Thank you

  766. Sue Westmore

    Love this diffuser – I was lucky enough to have been given one a while back & as part of my resolve to make my home still feel like my sanctuary even though I’m working there too, I purchased some replacements to put in strategic parts of my house. A very gentle hint now lingers in my bedroom & downstairs which fulfils exactly what I wanted.

  767. Helen Calvey

    The fragrance is beautiful. Love it!


    What can. I say this beats all Reed diffusers I have bought… And I Have bought. A Few!!. Just a gorgeous smell and lasts for ages still Have my first purchase half full. Bought months ago. Will be buying again.. For my daughters birthday.

  769. Genda McInnes

    All the product fragrances are amazing but this is my favourite it is just very special and memorable. Great service from the company from the point of order to delivery.

  770. Gail

    This is the best Reed Diffuser I have ever bought. The smell is lovely and fresh, just want to order more.

  771. Jenny Ansett

    I love love love this! I have two in my house, and I can smell it all of the way through. It lasts for a lot longer than other products of a similar price, too. Found this company at the Ideal Home Show a few years ago, and am a convert. I’ve given them as gifts too, and have converted others as well! Highly recommended. 🙂

  772. Helen Rimmer

    Really love this Reed diffuser, which I received in in a gift box, beautifully packed, along with the candle & room spray in the same fragrance.
    The perfume is so fresh & clean, so much better than other makes.
    Thank you too for the samples – I shall definitely be buying from you again & using the different fragrances. They will make wonderful presents too!

  773. Amanda

    Was on sale so thought I’d give it a try. Beautifully packaged and the scent is gorgeous. Definitely recommend. My house smells wonderful and will be buying as gifts and for myself again. ❤️

  774. Clare wall-bradfield

    Wonderful product. I absolutely love nice candles and diffusers, but any that I have bought always seem to last a short time and then you can’t smell them any more. These are amazing. I lit the candle and my husband walked into the room 2 minutes later and asked me what the wonderful smell was. The first day I used the diffuser I walked downstairs and the house was filled with the wonderful scent of neroli. Worth ever penny. I will only buy these now, and I can’t wait to treat myself to some creams as well

  775. Anne Wright

    I have bought several of these Reed diffuser sets for gifts for Xmas and I am so pleased with them I have bought some more to put away for gifts during the year.
    Beautifully gift packaged and lovely fragrances I have bought the lavender and also the lemon fragrance
    Will def buy again

  776. sarahcoventry

    Lovely smell, not overpowering but definitely does the job! The whole family have commented on how nice it is. I will be buying more.

  777. Julie pierce

    Absolutely amazing 👌has to be one of the best defusers I have ever used ,the smell is unreal ,I have it in my living room and u can smell it all round the house .will be most definitely ordering more .

  778. joanmarieho

    Purchased this in a gift box with the candle smells amazing will definitely be ordering more.

  779. Teresa Gardner

    I’m really pleased with my purchase, a gift box for me and one for a present. The white neroli diffuser is a beautiful scent. I will definitely order again. Impressed too with the prompt and helpful emails thank you

  780. Sam marriott

    Lovely product amazing fragrance, just feel like I’ve been spoilt by the strength of the candle. Could be slightly stronger smell for me personally.


    Absolutely gorgeous smell, and it lasts, had lots of friends commenting on how nice the house smells, would certainly buy it again and also for presents.

  782. Sophia King

    Received this as part of a gift set and I absolutely loved it! Looking to buy another very soon!

  783. Sandra Hart

    I have placed the diffuser in our lounge and this scent is very refreshing and uplifting. Definitely would recommend.

  784. Helene Sutliff

    This was my first time ordering from Valentte and I was so impressed with the beautiful packaging. It’s good to know that in future I can order items for gifts to send directly to a recipient as they basically arrive gift wrapped!
    I’ve only tried this fragrance so far, plus a couple of the room spray free testers. The fragrance is lovely – strong and so far seems to be lasting very well. The sale prices are so tempting that I’ve just put a second order in -thought I’d try the hand sanitisers too this time.

  785. Marjery

    Beautifully scented . It gives me an uplift every time I walk past it and smell the amazing fragrance. Have bought several for friends in the last few months and decided to treat myself. I am so pleased Idid and will definitely purchase again.

  786. Kate

    All of Valentte products are excellent and the Reed defuser is the best defuser I have had.
    Long lasting fragrance and looks good too. I now wouldn’t buy a defuser from anyone else.
    Love it.

  787. Cordelia Castle

    Love this!

  788. Mrs Joan McKechan

    Bought this for a present and my friend just text me to say she loved it and the smell was divine. I still haven’t got round to buying for myself yet so I can’t comment hopefully I will get an order in soon for myself.

  789. nicky.radford

    This scent is so relaxing , I have it in my bedroom x

  790. Sally Greenwood

    Delicious and – to me – quite unusual scent. I love it!

  791. Tracey Copeland

    Ordered this and many other items for gifts, this I kept and it makes the room smell lovely. Arrived very well packaged all ready to gift, I will be ordering again thank you

  792. Daniella

    I love this diffuser! I can smell it when I enter the room and it has a nice fresh scent

  793. Linda Lambert

    This is the most amazing scent ever! So unusual. I’ve got both candles and defuser. I have one in the hall and you can smell it as soon as you come inside. It can even be smelt upstairs! I’ve a few to get through.. but I’ll be back!

  794. Carol Wright

    Wonderful fragrance will definitely be trying out all the fragrances

  795. Dorothy Ives

    I bought several Valentte diffusers and candles as gifts for Christmas and January Birthdays. Everyone has told me how much they like them so now I am buying them for my own home. I love both the white neroli and lemon and lemongrass and rosemary so far and am looking forward to trying other scents in future. A diffuser in my hallway scents the whole house.

  796. Mrs Joy Clark

    I can’t stop buying these diffusers. They are simply the best and the natural fragrance lasts for ages. I love the neroli and lemon because it is such a happy uplifting scent. I have it in my ensuite bathroom and the perfume permeates into the bedroom.

  797. Joanna McFarlane

    Lovely uplifting, fresh and Spring like fragrance. Clean burning and a really good fragrance saturation. Smart packaging and really good value for money. Just placed another order today, so I can give as gifts in the supplementary gift bags. Great idea!

  798. Ruth Softness

    This is the best diffuser i’ve ever purchased the smell is beautiful and I can smell it all day wherever I am in my home and the company are very helpful

  799. Linda Reid

    Can hardly smell this even in a small bathroom

  800. Anne saville

    Really pleased with this. The smell is beautiful and not too overpowering. Looking forward to my candle now.

  801. S. Combe

    Absolutely beautiful smell that’s not overpowering. Highly recommended this company

  802. Lisa Gregory

    Lovely fresh smell placed in a med\leather size room and fills the room with fragrance I would definitely buy this again.

  803. Margaret Mills

    My daughter bought me a gift set for my birthday and I was over the moon with it. It had 3 different Reed diffusers in it and each perfume was lovely but my favourite was the White Neroli and Lemon so thought I would treat myself to a couple more

  804. Helen Dickinson

    I bought this as a gift for myself …I have been on and off ‘shielding’ throughout this current epidemic and needed a ‘pick me up’. I am so pleased with my white Neroli and Lemon Reed diffuser! The scent is not overpowering…it permeates the room with its light aroma and it has really lifted my spirits . I actually smile when I enter my bedroom. I will be purchasing more for family and friends and of course I will be treating myself again! So pleased with this product and the company! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to others who enjoy good quality home scents.

  805. carol

    gorgeous scent, just what we need to treat ourselves with at this difficult time.

  806. Cheryl morgan

    I love this such a lovely fragrance 😊

  807. Tracey Wilkes

    This product is amazing.Lovely scent that fills my lounge,not too over powering,can’t wait to try the other fragrances,discovered Valentte on Facebook and after reading all the lovely reviews,I decided to order especially with the half price offer on,wasn’t disappointed,Will definitely be ordering again!

  808. Jill

    I love the smell from this diffuser, it’s not overpowering but fills the room with a lovely fragrance.

  809. Jill

    Lovely scent and a luxurious feel to this hand cream.

  810. Nicola Stuttard

    I received the Neroli and Lemon Candle as a gift for Christmas which was absolutely divine so I purchased the Reed diffuser after Christmas. Well I actually bought 3 of each, plus 3 gift sets and have since made another order to stock up. The scent is amazing. So strong and long lasting. It is by far the best candle and diffuser I have had and I have tried so many well known brands. I wouldn’t buy anything else now.

  811. Lesley Denton

    Love this fragrance and it lasts and now have my son loving these now xx

  812. Diane Wilson

    I have bought this for others but now decided to treat myself – the nicest diffuser I have ever had and together with the complimentary hand cream it was an even better gift to myself- thoroughly recommended

  813. Sue

    This reed diffuser is my absolute favourite. The scent is not overpowering but provides long lasting fragrance that is uplifting.

  814. Melanie Leadbeater

    Love my white Neroli and lemon Reed diffuser the scent is amazing and lasts all day every time I go I to my bedroom it’s smells lovely

  815. Gail McKay

    I’d buy this over and over. I’ve got it in bathroom, every time I go for my morning shower it’s like going to my local Spa. I love it !

  816. naomi st barbe

    these diffusers are amazing this scents is so fresh and strong

  817. Alison

    Just love all the diffusers . White neroli and lemon is my fav at the minute. Smells for ages and visitors always comment on the lovely smell.

  818. Luise

    For me this does exactly what it says, and definitely uplifts when you walk into the room. Bought for my home office to help add some joy to the winter days. Fragrance is strong but not overpowering. I bought a hand cream and cracked heel treatment (separately reviewed) and have to commend the beautiful careful packaging of the items.

  819. Sue Towne

    I have recently purchased three gift sets for the first time. I and the people I gave them to as gifts are delighted with them. They came beautifully packed and we all love the different fragrances. My favourite is White Neroli and Lemon. I have since purchased more hand creams and a diffuser. I contacted customer services with a query and I have to say their customer service is amazing. I will definitely be ordering from them again.

  820. Pootle

    This scent is just beautiful. Neither fragrance dominates you get notes of both lasting throughout the day. My diffuser arrived beautifully packaged. I also treated myself to the hand and body lotion and body scrub in the same scent. So luxurious.

  821. Caroline

    Fills the room with a lovely fresh fragrance that is not overpowering.

  822. Kristina Prodger

    Discovered on Facebook and purchased some of the gift sets as Christmas presents. I wanted to but some for myself – Lovely smell will definitely purchase again!

  823. Jackie

    I discovered this on Facebook and as it was during the January sale I thought I would try. It smells wonderful and throughout my room. I will definitely buy again.

  824. Julie

    The Reed diffuser and candle is absolutely amazing ! Fantastically packaged, would be beautiful for a gift – but it was so nice I have kept for myself and will be ordering more ! Stunning fresh fragrance and better that The White Company products I have bought before. I cannot wait to try the other fragrances !

  825. Faye

    I love the smell of White Neroli & Lemon. Fills the room with a fabulous fragrance but without being over powering.
    Came across Valentte on Facebook and thought I’d treat myself as it was in the sale.

  826. Elaine King

    Absolutely beautiful diffuser strong enough to smell but subtle enough not to over power. Absolutely 5 star packaging makes a wonderful gift or treat. I will definitely be ordering more.

  827. Sonya Lappin

    Lovely fresh smell. I bought reed diffuser as like constant smell. First time purchase and I will buy again. Seen on fb and liked the price.

  828. Rebecca Ind

    White Neroli and Lemon smells amazing. I love it so much I have already ordered another couple for the house.

  829. Juliette Kennedy

    I am working from home and this beautiful scent energises me all day. Just lovely
    I have bought loads of these gorgeous products

  830. Mary Bryce

    This is a really well balanced scent that subtlety fill our open plan living room with its delicious, sophisticated scent!

  831. Gaby

    Beautifully packaged and the scent is amazing. Doesn’t smell like it is full of synthetic products like some Reed diffusers do. The scent lasts for ages and fills a whole room wonderfully

  832. Lynn Thomas

    Would highly recommend this diffuser the lovely smell last all day when you walk through the door it’s so fresh it’s a must try

  833. Glenis

    Love the smell.

  834. Lisa Valenza

    Beautifully packaged smells amazing!

  835. Heather Carrigan

    I rate the Reed diffuser high because I know it will be wonderful when in use. At present I am using the Lemongrass and Rosemary and love the continuous fresh scent throughout the day.
    My purchase of White Neroli and and lemon Reed diffuser will be put to use in another area of the house soon.
    Kind regards,

  836. Samantha Iron

    Absolutely love this. Smells amazing, fills the whole room. Service was second to none. Thank you X

  837. Vikki

    Love this diffuser keeps my room lovely and fresh. Pancaked so well it was like receiving a gift myself.

  838. Beverley

    This diffuser is fantastic and has a really lovely scent. I regularly purchase the gift box as it’s great value for money and a wonderful gift for friends. I discovered Valentte at the Hampton Court Flower Show a few years back and they are my go to choice for home fragrance.

  839. Donna smyth

    This diffuser is beautiful in my bathroom. It has a lovely fresh smell and I have received lots of compliments from family and friends. I highly recommend this diffuser. Well done Valentte

  840. Alex

    I really love this diffuser. It smells so fresh and we can smell it as soon as we step through the door. Can’t wait to try more of these diffusers!

  841. Alison Moynihan

    Fantastic fragrance that’s long lasting, would buy again for sure.

  842. Dawn

    The first time i bought neroli &lemon it was beautiful and lasted ages.
    Unfortunately, this time i can only smell it if its under my nose. The bamboo sticks are thinner and not as meny as first purchase. Disappointed

  843. Catherine Baker

    Fabulous service! Great communication. I’ve bought loads of Reed Diffusers over the years and these are by far the best ones. Great smell and really long lasting. Great price – especially the sales! Really refreshing scent. Beautiful

  844. John hume

    The smell off lemon fragrance fills the house. They last for about 12 weeks. Amazing value for money especially at 50%off xx

  845. Claire Ellis

    It’s like being at a Spa! Was given one as a gift and was so lovely I bought myself another.

  846. Sally Goff

    First discovered Valentte on a little stand at Bramham Horse Trials and I’m so glad I did, re-purchased the White Neroli and Lemon Reed Diffuser today as mine had run out and it just smells AMAZING! I have it downstairs in my living room and I can smell it in every room of the house. I have also had their candles before and they too are fabulous, such lovely fresh scents. I received some samples in my recent order (thank you) and going to go for Lime & Grapefruit next.

  847. Helen Morris

    Treated myself to a home fragrance gift pack. Really couldn’t decide what fragrance, as everyone had rave reviews, but settled for the lemon & white neroli in the end, as I love anything citrussy. Wow, this diffuser is amazing, my house smells gorgeous. Definitely recommend

  848. Louise

    Love this! Have this in my study whilst working at home – helps lift my mood!!!!

  849. Kathryn priestley

    I was recently introduced to this company from a friend she had got me some for Christmas. And my goodness I can’t stop buying them now , they smell amazing. I have had lots of different candies and diffuser in the past but nothing smells as lovely and fresh as theses do . They are also fantastic value for money .

  850. Sara

    Long lasting beautiful fragrance!
    I received these products as a gift and loved them so much that I bought more for my friends for gifts.
    Great value for money. Highly recommend!

  851. Sara

    Beautiful long lasting fragrance!
    I received these products in this fragrance as a gift and I absolutely love them!!! I bought more for for friends who love them too.
    Gorgeous!! Highly recommend.

  852. Valerie Hill

    Loving this fragrance, fills my room without being overpowering, great to try a new product at sale price but will be happy to buy again when sale ends ❤️

  853. Cheryl morgan

    Loving this new fragrance I have it in my hall such a lovely smell when you open the front door .😊

  854. Lynsey Thompson

    I have this in my working from home office- the spare room. It’s a lovely smell and so nice when you just need a bit of cheering up. A friend suggested I looked at your website and I was really pleased that she did

  855. Natalie McFadden

    I love this range ❤

  856. Valerie Oddie

    A generous sized bottle with a Devine scent. Thank you Valentine.

  857. Nicola

    I was given this as a birthday gift- absolutely loved it – so have since bought it and several other products. Will definitely recommend to friends

  858. Louise

    Gorgeous scent – have it in my study whilst working from home, helps to lift my mood!

  859. Rosemary Curran

    Read all the reviews on this diffuser so ordered one to try. Absolutely gorgeous . Definitely going to order more.

  860. Annie

    Found Valentte on Facebook. Have this reed diffuser in my bathroom. It has a good aroma, not overpowering. Has a natural refreshing smell . Packaging is basic, the money spent on this reed diffuser is definitely for the quality of the product. I will definitely buy again

  861. Karen Davis

    These diffusers are gorgeous. They fill the room with fragrance. I cannot get enough of them!

  862. Maris Lyons

    Fresh and cheerful fragrance, not overpowering but strong enough to hang in the air for refreshing bursts of fragrance.

  863. Ann Tait

    Love this diffuser. These are the best diffusers I’ve ever bought. Lasting perfume. Excellent service from Valentte.

  864. Wendy Poole

    Love love love this range!! I buy the candles and reed diffusers, I top up all my reed diffusers in the house with these and everyone comments on the smell! Have been buying for years and not found any that smell as nice and long lasting as these!

  865. Matt Lovelock

    I must admit. Call it a confession of sorts.

    I’m obsessed with the companies products. I’m currently working my way through the different flavours and to date, this is my absolute favourite. Certainly gives me a mood boost and makes those lockdown days all that little bit more sweeter.

    Can you please do bigger candles so I can light them for even longer 🙂 a must buy!

  866. Gayna Bretherton

    The white neroli and lemon diffuser I received recently as part of a three main item gift box was my third purchase from Vallentte. The scent is absolutely gorgeous, fresh and uplifting, perfect fragrance for our home , I love it as much as the other scents I have used since discovering this fantastic company on Facebook. I will be placing another order for more candles and diffusers for my family and friends , I simply want other people I care about to enjoy and benefit from something gorgeous and luxurious, especially during these challenging times, Valenette is exactly what we need right now.

  867. Tracey Randall

    Home Fragrance Gift Box
    Fantastic products I received a gift set for Christmas. It’s Beautiful packaging so much so I have purchased another set for a present. Have recommended in a group. Wil definitely be repurchasing again. X

  868. Jenny

    I saw the details on Instagram and thought I’d treat myself. I am so impressed with how beautiful my Reed Diffuser smells. Every time I walk into the room it makes me smile, I have never ever thought “oh I can’t smell it”, it’s just beautiful. I think it’s probably the best reed diffuser I’ve ever bought! I am just about to get one for my mum as a present and I will definitely be purchasing again, thank you.

  869. Clare Harding-Jones

    Lovely fresh smell

  870. Samantha Iron

    Just WOW. When I opened the box the smell was already powerful. Such amazing smell and fills the room. I love it and have already bought more of this and other products. The best.

  871. Angela St Hill

    I love this diffuser – not too sweet which I prefer . The scent fills the room . Simple stylish bottles that don’t look out of place anywhere. All beautifully packaged , perfect for gifting . I wish I’d discovered Valentte before Christmas 😂

  872. Steve Moreton

    Fantastic, purchased the diffuser gift box – the fragrance / scent fills the room . Beautiful stylish bottles that don’t look out of place anywhere and at a great price

  873. Heather

    I was recommended this candle and company via my friend and oh my gosh I’m so glad she did…. I think I’ve ordered 3/4 times in the last 3 weeks!… the smells of both the candles and diffusers are amazing. My favourite being the white neroli!… I shall be ordering more!!

  874. Heather

    Absolutely amazing fragrance. I will be stocking up especially whilst in the sale. Many thanks.

  875. Debra Lee

    Beautiful fresh smell every time I enter the room. I’ve now bought as presents they smell so good .

  876. Alison

    Lovely fragrance which really lasts! #homespa

  877. Maureen Smallcalder

    Never having heard of this company before, I read with a little scepticism some of the effusive reviews. On the basis of some of them, I have placed my reed diffuser in the hall and am bound to agree with the comments which stated: The perfume is stunning-not overpowering-and subtly permeates the hall and up the stairs… even the sitting room if I leave the door open. I have already bought a second lots of candles, diffusers and room fresheners.
    Valentte certainly delivers what it says on the tin.
    Thank you Luke and Co

  878. Gail

    Just beautiful. Can’t get enough of this wonderful company’s products.

  879. Bella

    I LOVE valentte scents, have only previously bought reed diffusers but will try room mist and candles next. They always get the balance spot on. Love this reed diffuser!

  880. Fiona Ritchie

    Beautiful delicate fragrance that perfumes my whole bathroom. Really pleased with my Reed diffuser and excellent customer service from Valentte.

  881. K Timoney

    I always buy from Valentte now. They are the best product and value for money. The fragrance lasts a very long time. I have tried a few different diffusers and room mists and love them all

  882. Evelina

    Lovely smell

  883. Janice Lamb

    Excellent amazing fragrance fills the room with a subtle but beautiful fragrance would recommend xxx

  884. Janice Lamb

    This fragrance is so pure no harsh chemicals just a beautiful fragrance throughout the house xxx

  885. Pat Hill

    This is the first time I’ve ordered this one. And it’s beautiful. It makes the lounge smell lovely. Will be ordering again. I get excited when I get my delivery

  886. Mrs G

    Love the unique fresh smell. I originally bought it for a gift, but I liked it so much, I kept it and ordered another!

  887. Jo Braisby

    Beautiful fragrance every time I enter the room. I have in the past been a avid Jo Malone fan, but since finding Valentte products, no more. Highly recommend their products.

  888. Hayley Cowle

    This Reed diffiser is amazingly! You can really smell it and it lasts a long time as well. Utterly gorgeous!! I’ll be getting more!!! Couldn’t recommend this scent any more if I tried!

  889. Patricia Russell

    This is my favourite fragrance and I have diffusers and candles all over my house and it smells amazing 👏

  890. Ann Burr

    My son bought me a gift set of this home fragrance for Christmas and I absolutely love it. The fragrance is beautiful and makes my bathroom smell gorgeous. I will enjoy trying more products and will be ordering as gifts for my friends too. I know they will love them as much as I do.

  891. Joy Gale

    Lovely fragrance and lasts for ages. Visitors comment that our house always smells great – thanks Valentte.

  892. Kelly Thomas

    Such o lovely product came beautifully packaged and smells gorgeous. Will definitely purchase again.

  893. Karen Dwane

    My daughter brought me a candle and difusser for Christmas. I can honestly say it has lasted so far over 7 weeks, everything I enter the room the smell is lovely, subtle but you are aware of it, love it and brought 2 more whilst on offer 🙂

  894. Samantha Wilson

    This is one of many fragrances I have purchased from Vallente and I would highly recommend. The aroma fills my whole room.

  895. Rita McIvor

    Love the smell of this diffuser. Have it in my bathroom and smells great when I go in. Packaged lovely.

  896. Wendy Taylor

    This is delicious smells lovely. Not overpowering like some diffusers. This fragrance is long lasting and true to its description. My second purchase from Valentine.

  897. Angela Naylor

    Absolutely beautiful fills the room with an exceptional fragrance will be purchasing some more

  898. Anita Millar

    Love the smell of this diffuser, one that you can use anywhere around the home. It lasts for a few weeks, which is great!

  899. wendy Bostwick

    1st time buyer and really love this diffuser strong but lovely smell

  900. Susan

    Great purchase fills the room with fragrance Which smells amazing I think this is my favourite so far we’ll worth the money

  901. Ruth Tierney

    Absolutely love this white neroli and lemon Reed diffuser. I can smell it as soon as I walk in my dining room and lounge. Highly recommend.

  902. Cynthia Hall

    Love this fragrance, I have it in my hall and it’s so lovely when you come on from
    Outside to this welcoming smell

  903. Cassie

    Had the White Neroli and Lemon highly recommended by another customer and decided to give it a try. Very glad I did. Lovely perfume and makes the whole house smell fresh. I usually order Geranium & ylang ylang but in future will alternate the two – either candle or diffuser.

  904. Lisa Presland

    Love this fragrance. Smells beautiful 🤩

  905. Susan Mcmullin

    A beautiful delicate fragrance that permeates throughout the home bringing images of beautiful sunny days to mind instantly.


    I first smelt the white neroli and lemon hand wash in my parent’s bathroom….the smell was so lovely I bought a couple of reed diffusers for my home. They are probably best housed in a smallish room to get the intensity of fragrance that you want & need – I guess I’ll just have to loiter near the shelf where my diffuser is located….or buy more! P.S the hand wash is EXCELLENT!

  907. Caroline Christmas

    Lovely, Lovely Lovely! This is a fabulous clean scent that lightens the mood and freshens any room. It maintains is smell well and lasts a good length of time. Highly recommend it.

  908. Gill Peel

    Love all the fragrances I have purchased so far, White Neroli & Lemon still my number one, this time purchased diffuser as well and did not need to burn candle for as long which has lasted longer than usual

  909. Mandy Williams

    Again, my umpteenth order since November absolutely beautiful fragrance the whole room smells divine my house is now awash with Valentte products I wouldn’t have it any other way – Mandy Williams – Marford

  910. Esther Farquhar

    Yet another fabulous fragrance, delighted with this product.

  911. Tracy

    These products are really great the fragrance really lasts, I have purchased candles, refills, room sprays and diffusers all really good quality. They make fantastic presents. My daughter was so pleased with her present that she has been online and bought more.

  912. Moira Hurry

    I received my first Valentte gift box at Christmas and am so impressed with the products. This Reed diffuser has a refreshing, long lasting aroma.

  913. Nicki

    This diffuser has the most amazing smell, so very uplifting. Have it on my desk and a great mood enhancer, surrounds and not over powering, beautiful

  914. Mrs Revans

    Love this White Neroli and Lemon Reed diffuser, it smells clean and fresh.

  915. ann penney

    These diffusers have a lovely long lasting smell. Strong but not too overpowering

  916. the4greenes

    Lovely smell fills our lounge and lasts so much longer than other diffusers bought. Even my husband likes the smell!

  917. Jacqueline Taylor

    I love the beautiful scents of these diffusers. They last a really long time and give our room a lovely subtle perfume. Bought one for my daughter too and she loves it.

  918. Tina

    The scent of the diffusers are wonderful my favourite is the white neroli and lemon And lemongrass and rosemary a good long lasting smell

  919. Alison Fletcher

    this is the 3rd time I have ordered the white Neroli diffuser.Just love this fragrance , lasts for weeks and smells throughout the house .All the products from this company have been brilliant, customer service is very good too

  920. Tracey Seal

    My last order included the White Neroli and Lemon Diffuser and the hand wash. I can honestly say that the diffuser smells heavenly. Normally in the past most diffusers smell fades quite quickly but this one lasts and the smell is incredible. Everyone comments on how lovely it smells. The hand wash is also divine and has a lovely fragrance.

  921. Karen Bernard

    Love Valentte products. Not had the White Neroli and Lemon before so thought I would give it a try. I popped it in my downstairs toilet and it smells divine.😍😍

  922. Lynn J

    Absolutely love the uplifting scent of Neroli. The combination of diffuser and candle is exactly the right mood enhancing treat I need just now. Products arrived beautifully packaged, ideal for gifting

  923. Deborah Rogers

    This was my second purchase from Valentte. The packaging is beautiful. I have tried a few of the different options and they have all been so good. The hand wash is lovely and lasts a long time.
    During lockdown it has been so nice to enjoy the diffusers and candles at home and make us feel more uplifted as we are at home more than usual.

  924. Clare

    Lovely uplifting scent which fills the whole room, couldn’t recommend more & will be buying again.

  925. Linda

    Saw many great reviews about the products, candles and diffusers so thought I would try some. White Neroli and Lemon seemed to be a very popular too. So pleased with It. Quite different, lasts much longer where many seem to fade quickly. Pleased I got the refill. Very happy with my choice.

  926. Sarah Whittaker

    I bought this for myself looking for a reed diffuser that would fill the room with a lovely smell, and it does exactly that, I love it and so does the whole family. I loved it so much that I have bought 2 mix and match boxes, with this fragrance, for friends as gifts. I know they will love them too.

  927. Fiona

    I bought this reed diffuser for myself as I had previously bought some for presents. I absolutely love this fragrance. It lingers in my room and it so refreshing. I Definitely recommend it! I discovered Valentte while looking through my Facebook page and decided to try them, I was so impressed with the gift sets that i purchased 3 as presents for my friends as Christmas presents.

  928. bonzatassie10

    Received one of these as a Christmas present from a friend. I love the perfume. Strong enough to fill the room with delightful fragrance but not over powering in any way. Will now be buying more to treat other people, so they can share this delightful product.

  929. Katrina Cooke

    Love ❤️ this lemon and neroli diffuser. Smell is amazing and in downstairs lobby area. What’s not to love ❤️ Five stars ⭐️

  930. Julie Tarney

    Gorgeous smell, arrived nicely packaged. Recommend to others

  931. Wendy

    Have become a huge fan of the diffusers from Valentte as they are excellent value for money and the smell of this particular one is just amazing. Really good products

  932. Cynthia Hall

    Love my Valentte Reed diffuser, such a wonderful fragrance, thank you

  933. Susan Askew

    Beautifully scented – whole house smells lovely

  934. Steve Hill

    My mum bought me some Valette products for Christmas and I thought they were gorgeous – was amazed when I looked them up and saw what good value they are. Their reed diffusers and candles are better quality than some really high-end brands at a fraction of the cost. Love their ethos – and this scent is my favourite.

  935. Lucy Hodgson

    Love the scent thought it was a little weak at first but over a few days the scent has become more noticeable and makes the hall smell lovely and no longer wet dog and welly aroma

  936. susan.phillipson

    Love love love the quality of Valentte products . The Reed diffusers are superb. Long lasting too. My all time favourite fragrance is white neroli & lemon. I prefer a “background” home fragrance & this ticks all the boxes for me.

  937. Gemma

    The White Neroli and Lemon diffuser was my first purchase after it was recommended by a friend and I was not disappointed. The smell is incredible, boasts the room whilst not being over powering. Would thoroughly recommend to others!

  938. Mia

    Was bought this for my birthday and it’s lovely. Probably now my favourite scent….so I bought quite a few for gifts and around the home. This one doesn’t seem as strong as the one I was gifted, but it is still lovely and I’d recommend this lovely company and products.

  939. Patricia Sutcliffe

    I have this in my bathroom, the scent is beautiful, but not overpowering. Fresh and joyous. Would recommend


    Absolutely love the White Neroli and Lemon, have the diffuser in the hallway and the candle in my bedroom, subtle but gorgeous scent. Get a waft in the hallway whenever I pass. Long lasting too, always a bonus.

  941. Sue

    Love this companies products., came across their stand at Harrogate show and have never looked back. I use the home fragrances all the time , especially the Reed defusers the smell around my home is so refreshing especially in bathroom and toilets . My favourites being lemongrass / neroli.

  942. philippa Noble

    was so excited awaiting my new diffuser as a new customer to valentte and am absolutely delighted with my product. We bought a puppy 3 years ago and am always aware that we may have that doggy smell in our home. This diffuser smells so fresh and with being able to try the different scents with the samples sent I will be collecting them all in the near future

  943. Carole Savage

    Heavenly scent. Thank you for a little affordable treat that is constantly in the air to give me a feel good sensation of harmony & peace.

  944. Jean

    Beautiful fragrance
    The gift box was beautifully packed
    So looking forward to giving this to my friend for her birthday

  945. anna dow

    I’ve popped this lovely diffuser into my Work from Home office along with a matching candle. Beautiful uplifting scent – truly lovely to share a room with !

  946. Anita Ratcliffe

    I love this fragrance so much it’s my treat to myself. It creates a relaxing ambience. I first discovered Valentte at a car fest festival some years ago. Couldn’t resist to buy.

  947. Tina Reading

    This is the first time I have bought this fragrance and I am not disappointed!! The smell is lovely and fills the room with a wonderful aroma. I’m so pleased I have discovered Valentte!!

  948. Andrea McAvoy

    First time I have purchased from Valentte, white Neroli and lemon diffuser smells perfect. Looking forward to using hand and body wash too. Will be purchasing more for gifts.

  949. Janice

    I love your Reed diffusers and I am very impressed with how long they last. I’ve had so many other makes of diffusers that smell nice for the first few weeks but then nothing but the Valentte diffuser aroma lasts for months. Currently my bathroom has a lovely aroma.

  950. Ashleigh

    The most amazing Reed diffuser I have ever had!! As soon as I walk in my front door I smell it instantly and feels like I am walking into a spa. Have already sent it to a couple of friends to boost their mood during these hard times!

  951. Georgina Gibbons

    White neroli and lemon diffuser is my new favourite. The fragrance is long lasting and lovely in my house – you are aware of it as you walk into a room. I also have the same fragrance candles which are lovely and also burn evenly right the way down and as they are natural there is no black smoke. I have been using these products for a while now and I can thoroughly recommend them.

  952. juliejeffery

    This Reed diffuser was a birthday gift . And I love it so much I have just purchased one for another room in the house. It’s such a lovely fragrance not overpowering just the scent of a summer evening.

  953. Sharon Clark

    Gorgeous scent and smells really fresh

  954. Rosie Houston

    Really lovely scent and fills the room beautifully!

  955. Joanna Terry

    The scent is Devine , it is in my hall and is so nice to come home too. I brought one for my sister in law too as she commented on how great it smells. I had the old style bottle before which I think I prefer that shape than the new tall version. All beautifully packaged in fully recyclable packaging which was great to see.

  956. Nicola Mckenzie

    I absolutely love this Reed diffuser, the smell is amazing and unlike other diffusers I have bought in the past the smell is strong and fills the whole room. I have the candle aswell as it is amazing too, a gorgeous aroma… I am just about to make another order.

  957. Helen North

    Just bought 2 white neroli and lemon gift boxes one for me and one for my sister that are gorgeous , I’ll be ordering again for my daughter’s 💚

  958. Nik Campbell

    Calming clean and subtle fragrance I will be buying this for my friends… It’s gorgeous

  959. Ann Scales

    This is absolutely gorgeous, absorbs well, makes hands feel like silk and smells delicious!

  960. Angela pinnock

    Was so excited to receive my defuser ams was not disappointed, the smell is amazing , fills my whole room with such a refreshing fragrance.

  961. Angela pinnock

    My second purchase , absolutely in love with this product, one of my many favs .

  962. Patricia Marshall

    This is my third reed diffuser in white neroli and lemon.
    It smells amazing, not too overpowering and lovely to walk into the living room first thing in the morning.

  963. Christine Titmas

    I bought the neroli and lemon diffuser along with a mandarin and grapefruit one. As previously stated the packaging and service was very good. Unfortunately the smell is not what I was expecting. I have put the mandarin and grapefruit one in my bathroom and turn the reeds twice a day and still can’t smell it, such a shame as when you pick it up and smell it it is a love.y scent. The bottle is well over a quarter used and it has only been in my bathroom for a week.. The neroli and lemon is a a bit stronger I have this in my hall and when I am close to it I can smell it. It reminds me of 4711 cologne. I read all these rave rewinds and can’t believe that I have the same product. I think I will stick to mu usual cheaper Reed diffusers.

  964. Lisa

    I was given a gift box with 2 diffusers, I loved them so much I have purchased about 6 more since! I have them all over the house and gifted one to my sister who says her room smells like a spa- white neroli and lemon is my favourite but the mandarin and grapefruit is also really lovely.

  965. Lily McBride

    I have it in my bathroom its gorgeous a strong scent its like your in a spa or having a treatments done . A relaxing scent. L.McB

  966. Gillian Ward

    I have bought so many of these since christmas, they smell define and the smell lasts forever. These are now my presents to my family and friends, be it birthday, weddings, New baby or Christmas. For anyone that not tried these then they must.

  967. Viv Williams

    The white neroli and lemon diffuser is by far the nicest smell we’ve had from any diffuser. It’s so fragrant and makes the whole house feel clean and fresh. Highly recommended. I took a chance on this product as it popped up on my Instagram feed. For once, I’m glad I did.

  968. Kim

    Beautiful soft but energising scent, really does filter through the space.

  969. Gillian Crispin-Moyes

    I have this diffuser in my hallway and everyone comments on it’s beautiful fragrance. It also lasts unlike some diffuser I have used

  970. Gillian Crispin-Moyes

    I have this diffuser in my hallway and everyone comments on it’s beautiful fragrance.

  971. Val Watling

    This is the most beautiful combination of perfumes.
    I use it myself and would buy the fragrance sets for gifts.
    My ex- husband has bought me these secretly.
    I love them.
    Packaging excellent.

  972. karen

    i love this its so refreshing especially in the mornings when i wake up and walk into the sitting room its like a breath of fresh air i have used other houshold freshners but this one wins hands down

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