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Mood Boosting White Neroli and Lemon


Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No synthetic fragrances ensure you can spritz your pillow or upholstery and fill your room with a happy and uplifting aroma.

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White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 25, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Gives a pleasant burst of fragrance that lingers for quite a while.
Caroline - avatar Caroline
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 23, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

This has a slight musky fragrance which I think is the Neroli, I find it a warming fragrance and is nice used around the main in living area of the house as it has a welcoming fragrance.
Karin Render - avatar Karin Render
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 22, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Love this fragrance! Have to confess I spray it around me too!
Karen Cameron - avatar Karen Cameron
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 21, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

I have purchased several items from Valentte - the fragrance from all products is amazing - the aroma from the candles and room mists is beautiful and lingers for hours. I am glad I found Valentte for their products which arrive promptly and very well presented. I am a big fan and will certainly be purchasing these lovely items in the future.
Ken Butts - avatar Ken Butts
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 21, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Love this fragrance and can’t wait to try out more x
Carol wright - avatar Carol wright
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 20, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

Absolutely gorgeous smell. I find this so uplifting. I have the whole range of products in this fragrance and the room mist did not disappoint. I am a huge fan of Valentte, the products are amazing and all the fragrances are just lovely. I have been a customer for many years and will continue to buy and recommend.
Helen Johnson - avatar Helen Johnson
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 19, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

The scent lingers for ages. It’s a beautiful and warm fragrance that I will definitely be buying again. And again...
LHope - avatar LHope
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
White Neroli and Lemon Room Mist
January 17, 2021

Our white neroli and lemon room mist is made with pure aromatherapy... View

This is the refreshing fragrance for a room, delicate and fresh, love it 😍
David Dickson - avatar David Dickson

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of eight pure essential oils that will drive away sadness, invoking a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood.

Happy and Uplifting

White Neroli

With it’s slightly sweet and citrusy top note scent neroli is very calming and makes you feel happy and at peace with your environment.


Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and eliminating negative emotions. Increasing concentration and alertness.

Your Future Depends On

What You Do Today

We have blended our

white neroli & lemon home fragrance

to help you think clearly and take action

Additional information

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Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm


145 reviews for Mood Boosting White Neroli and Lemon

  1. Kathryn Platt

    Not tried this one before so ordered a sample. Heavenly scent, will definitely add to my next order!

  2. Rachel Dodds

    Loverly smell

  3. Abbey Churcher

    Favourite scent, just made everything smell fresh and got so many compliments on how my place smelt!

  4. Linda Kincaid-Falkner

    Always loved the Lemongrass and Rosemary but this is slowing becoming a new favourite.

  5. Eden

    Stunning fragrance and strong smell. Smells very expensive. Love this so much!

  6. Tara Raymond

    So pleased With this purchase. Lovely scent that lasts along time. Highly recommend Valenette room mists. Can wait to try your candles next

  7. Diane Gould

    Wow , what a lovely smell , I use it when I finish work as a Nurse it gives me a real lift and helps ground me after a hectic day/night

  8. Debbie Gibson

    Thank you kindly for the free samples. Not had the neroli scent before, but love it like I do the the other 2 freebie samples. Valette is my favourite of all time. I introduced my cousin to you at a Christmas Market in Liverpool. Another happy customer. Thank you💌kerp up the lovely work. Stay safe🌈

  9. bmwbrowne

    Will definitely order a diffuser in this

  10. Lisa Coumbe

    Loved this scent….it was a new one to me! Now deciding which item to order. Thank you for the samples. They are a perfect size.

  11. Steve Itzinger

    our favourite , A lovely fragrance lasts well and is not overpowering

  12. Sarah Kitteridge

    A beautiful scent, I sprayed in before I went to bed and I could still smell it on my bedding in the morning. I describe it as a foreign holiday.

  13. Ruksana

    Absolutely! love this white Neroli & lemon sample spray. Very unique not like your usual room sprays.
    Would definitely recommend!

  14. Ann-Marie Basnett-Roberts

    My bedroom was a haven of tranquility sprayed it before having a shower relaxed in their in my happy place with a book

  15. Maggie Cronin

    Amazing smelling scent found this one very relaxing

  16. Maggie Cronin

    Loved the aroma of this scent clean crisp fresh scent made the room feel and small very fresh and inviting

  17. Maggie Cronin

    Long lasting amazing fresh invigorating scent

  18. Debbie Heathcote

    A very lovely mist spray freshing smell will buy again.

  19. Gillian Ashton

    This smells beautiful. It’s fresh and deep at the same time. Long lasting and unique. I’ll definitely purchase for myself and as a gift

  20. Stephen hill

    A beautiful true neroli scent , my whole house smelt like summer. Very real and none perfume/synthetic smell .

  21. Aine mc dermott

    Ordered ax a sample as I love fragrance .I collect high end perfumes and love reed diffusers and nice home scents. This was truely a beautiful scent . Very up lifting

  22. Margaret

    Not tried yet but looking forward to it!

  23. oana

    Really nice and fresh

  24. Ruta Chomentauskaite

    Great for living room during lockdown. Calming and relaxing. Highly recommend!

  25. Felicity Baldwin

    Long lasting and very fragrant. Good quality as always

  26. Bercelia Neukom

    I love this scent. I use it in mu utility room and the smell is just divine. I recommend this product and others in this range. Good value for money, leaving your home smelling fresh . Thanks again Valentte for your wonderful products. See you at the Home Show again.

  27. Debbie Smith

    Fantastic smell, only need a tiny bit, really long lasting, can’t wait to try the others

  28. Theresa Singh

    I love this scent! It is playful and inviting and I want to smell it over and over again. A lovely natural blend which invokes happiness.

  29. Sam Darwen

    Absolutely love this scent makes the house smell amazing. I have purchased many candles and have to say these candles are the best they burn evenly. I was bought the gift set for Christmas but will now continue to order these

  30. Sam Darwen

    Such a lovely scent and lasts highly recommend

  31. Shabir Rashid

    I work in a fast paced environment and have recently been using this fragrance whilst at home. I find it gives me a nice calming feeling whilst the fresh smell which is not over powering is a real mood lifter.

  32. Jane Hemphill

    My favourite, the fragrance makes me feel so happy & uplifted especially during this horrid time in our lives, a great escape!

  33. Angela Jamison

    Such a happy scent, i find it very relaxing, spa like.

    So glad i came across Valentte via a google search for natural, vegan scents

  34. Amanda

    What can I say just another wonderful smelling room mist

  35. Miss Zoe tonks

    Beautiful scent, very calming.

  36. Julie O’Brien

    Beautiful fresh scent, not too strong either. Love it!

  37. Julie O’Brien

    Beautiful fresh scent, not too strong either.

  38. Jannine ward

    Beautiful fragrance really fresh and clean could use this all over the home

  39. Andor Birman

    Really fresh fragrance and long lasting! I just recommend this. Absolutely amazing!

  40. Beverley Wooder

    Absolutely beautiful, long lasting fragrance. Will definitely get other products in this fragrance.

  41. Amanda Duffy

    Oh my, just love this uplifting smell.
    Going to order some other products, highly recommend.

  42. Phillipa Thwaites

    Lovely scent that’s lasts. Not overpowering will deffinately try a different scent. Excellent service.

  43. Joanne O’Hagan

    Gorgeous really loved it. Fresh and sultry.

  44. Deb keeley

    Lovely smell beautiful and fresh

  45. Fiona Woodhouse

    Smells amazing! Looking forward to purchasing more from the range

  46. Lisa Brough

    Smells lovely very refreshing and lasts quite long too 👌

  47. Stacey Heywood

    This scent is amazing once you spray it you are transported to a peaceful happy state I absolutely love it xxx

  48. Debbie Handley

    The white neroli and lemon smells beautiful, very subtle and gentle. Lovely. Thank you for the samples, they arrived really quickly and it’s great being able to try before you buy.

  49. Julie Ann Dark

    Fantastic fragrance love these products

  50. Margaret

    This is my favourite of the three samples I have tried. An unusual combination of scents but it is lovely. Will definitely be purchasing this.

  51. Kayleigh Davies⁶

    Made my room smell lovely

  52. Kayleigh Davies

    Lovely smell

  53. Ruth Lee

    Beautiful smell, these make lovely gifts for any one x

  54. Tracy Barber

    Had a sample of this as neroli is one of my favourite scents. Wasn’t disappointed and with the zing of lemon just perfect!

  55. Lynda Brennan

    This is a definite for the bathroom and bedroom either morning or night would definitely order again.

  56. Sheila Bishop

    I found this to be a very light fragrance ,not overpowering but definitely uplifting

  57. Tammy

    As with anything citrusy, the fragrance is immediately mood boosting.

  58. Lorraine Arnold

    Wasn’t sure about this small as love patchouli and citrus but wow how wrong can you be, just love this and need to get a diffuser so it lingers all the time. Love it

  59. Jeanne

    I love this room spray buy it all the time a couple of sprays and the house smells delightful

  60. Linda Roberts

    Bought skincare box as a gift, packaged beautifully. Had a sample of same, lovely fresh scent.

  61. Julie

    Lovely fresh clean scent. I haven’t ordered anything with this scent up to now but will definitely do so next time round.

  62. Carol Carson

    Great website, fabulous customer services, fast despatch, items very well packaged. What more could you want ?

    These luxury products are sold at affordable prices. The scents and the longevity of all Valentte’s products will ensure you are fully satisfied and become a loyal, repeat customer.

  63. Laura shepherd

    This product is fab and leaves the rooms smelling very fresh 👌 keep up the good work 😀 👍 👌

  64. Julie hardacre

    Beautiful scent. Lingers on in the room unlike others I’ve tried. Will definitely order others

  65. Faustina Starrett

    Wonderful scents infusing positivity and energy. Great for re energising environment and provides a lovely welcome for the senses for guests and family moving between confined bubbles in our post Covid world …

  66. Helen Aldcroft

    I received this as a free sample and have been using it as a room scent/fabric refresher in my bedroom. Perfect. I will be ordering the full size product

  67. Rachel Winter

    Wow, smells amazing! My house smells like an expensive spa. The fragrance can still be smelt a couple of hours later. Will buy more.

  68. Margaret Huckfield

    Tried the sample and so enjoyed scent that I have ordered the Reed diffuser which is now on it’s way. I shall give it to my mum who likes a stronger perfume than me for her room and I know she’ll love it! I discovered Valentte online and when I read the reviews I knew I had to give it a try. So liked products I have already placed my 2nd order with them in 2 weeks!

  69. Mandy

    Amazing fresh scent. Beautiful packaged and very happy with the scent. Able to smell the scent all over the house . Great product .

  70. Joanna Woodward

    This is a lovely relaxing fragrance

  71. Ruth Bassett

    Free sample with a gift box. Lovely fragrance.

  72. Alison Moussavi-nasr

    I love this adorable scent so delicate and the smell of Neroli reminds me of summer evenings! The aroma lasts for along time and only a little is needed.
    I love to spray this room mist in my bedroom!!

  73. Alison Moussavi-nasr

    I loved this delicate combination of Neroli and lemon it reminds me of warm summer evenings on holiday. I love to spray this room mist in my bedroom ,only a little spray is needed and the
    scent lingers for a long time!!

  74. Margaret

    My favourite.The scent is beautiful .

  75. Nicola Pond

    Beautiful aroma that lasts

  76. Mary

    Gorgeous scent. Love it.

  77. Mrs R Bassett

    Lovely fresh scent.

  78. Mrs m l taylor

    Divine a lovely scent so uplifting

  79. Catherine Haslam

    This is a lovely fresh aroma. I am a fan of citrus, especially in the summer months. Yet another great product from Valentte.

  80. Wendy Smith

    Just treated myself to some gorgeous bits from valentte. I chose the white neroli and lemon and its simply gorgeous! The diffuser greets me when I enter the house and smells divine, and not at all overpowering. Try it, treat yourself, you won’t regret it😊


    The best diffuser I ever bought especially the white neroli and lemon.I love them so I bought more and the free samples as well.

  82. Tracey Goodhall

    I am in love with your Mood Booster scent! I used it as soon as it arrived! It works wonders for me!
    Gorgeous quality product.
    Thank You for my recent samples xx

  83. Julie Oneil

    These samples are a generous size ideal to freshen your linen with

  84. Cheryl

    Fantastic idea giving a free sample of the the different fragrances I’ve fell in love with this one and will order a candle next time

  85. Anne Alderton

    Bought this fragrance in a gift box , excellent value the candle is gorgeous and burns well and fills quite a large room with its scent. Totally recommend!

  86. Vanessa Fogden

    My first visit was at Ideal Home and Ascot. I have purchased many of your products including Diffusers, Candles, Room Spray and Hand cream. I cannot praise enough reasonably priced and fragrances are just wonderful. Please rest assured friends/family know about you. Thank you!

  87. Susan Daniels

    Bought as part of a gift set, smell is beautiful and relaxing, one of my favourites, definitely reccomend

  88. Sharon B

    This scent is amazing and and smells like and is comparable to a much more expensive product that I’ve bought in the past. Will buy the neroli and lemon from now on – the scent of gorgeous

  89. Peter

    Sadly this was missed so I did not receive

  90. Sharon Smith

    This fragrance is perhaps my favourite, although it is difficult to choose as they are all so nice. It is lovely to have as a top up to the diffuser adding a boost to give an all day aroma to my home.

  91. carol.ambrose2

    A little spray is all you need of the white neroli and lemon sample to make you buy a larger product. A great way to find your favourite fragrance.

  92. Catherine Brooke

    My favourite scent. It lasts for ages in a room.

  93. Andrea Cameron

    What a fabulous aroma! Long lasting and just wonderful. Excellent value for money. I will be buying again.

  94. Gillian Jones

    Lovely fresh smell that fills the room

  95. elaine anderson

    I discovered Valentte on Facebook and being a lover of Reed diffusers thought I would try a few of the different scents. White Neroli and Lemon is my favourite and I will definitely be ordering again.

  96. Eunice Munton

    This fragrance is amazing I absolutely love it.

  97. Veronit Clarkson

    Absolutely gorgeous! Will include this in my next selection……for me! My first gift box bought for a friend beautifully presented and promptly received. Just know she’ll be delighted. Great service, friendly, yet professional staff who promptly corrected an error made, by me,
    in my initial order. Thank you Valenette I’ll be back soon!

  98. Helene Lander

    Beautiful thick ,rich cream that sinks into skin leaving it soft and supple absolutely love the perfume and it lasts on the skin

  99. Helene Lander

    Sample idea is really good, this is a really refreshing perfume and l will be ordering a collection of products from this range

  100. Karen Eeles

    Another gorgeous fragrance that lasts all day.

  101. Jo Harris

    I love this spray for the bathroom it’s so fresh and spa like

  102. Alison

    Love this! Gorgeous I’ll definitely be ordering more, even kills wet Jack Russell odour…no mean feat!

  103. Cathy

    Lovely fresh scent

  104. Janet Richardson

    Love it, Love it, Love it
    It lasts for ages – I use it in my oil burner and the smell is amazing.

  105. Jacqui

    Got this as a sample and it smells gorgeous. So fresh and uplifting. Because of this I have ordered other products. I can’t wait for the next to arrive. Valentte products are such good value for money.

  106. Sue Thompson

    This is the most beautiful fragrance – uplifting, calming, fresh yet warm. Very versatile in terms of the rooms you can use it in. I used in the bathroom to start with but then loved it so much that I used it in the living room and it wasn’t out of place.

  107. Carol

    Ordered 2 white neroli and Lemon gift boxes . It was beautifully wrapped and I absolutely love the smell and can’t wait to light the candle. The staff were really helpful too with a query I had. I received my free samples which are really lovely …. . Just need to decide which one I’m ordering g next !

  108. Carol Hill

    Lovely fragrance can’t wait to start using my products.
    I’m sure the recipients of the gifts will be over the moon too xx

  109. Karen Cook

    great to try samples, this will be on my next order, fresh and invigorating

  110. Ann

    Beautiful will certainly add this to my next order

  111. Zoe Cooper

    After recently ordering a gif box, I was able to order some samples, free of charge which is a great idea . The white Nerola and lemon is fabulous will definitely be ordering this scent in the gift box. It will make a lovely Christmas present.

  112. MUreen Taggart

    Usually have lemongrass and rosemary but thought I would try white neroli and lemon. It is really lovely so it will be difficult to choose in the future. I just love your products and the excellent service.

  113. Lynn Read

    The web site was easy to use and the order arrived quickly. I ordered this for my granddaughter, it smelt gorgeous even through the packaging. I’ve posted it to her, I’m sure she’ll love it! The 4 star rating is because I haven’t actually used the product myself so can’t comment on it.

  114. Lesley Quinney

    I received a free sample of White Neroli & Lemon and love it. Great getting free samples to try more of your fragrances.

  115. Elizabeth Magennis

    I only give this 3 stars as I am torn between loving this scent or hating it . Out of all the scents I’ve tried this one is the strongest and most lasting scent . Great if you love it . The smell reminds me of holidays to Crete and Cyprus and that part I love but I think it’s just a wee bit too overpowering

  116. Anne hinton

    The white Neroli and lemon is my favourite fragrance, the smell lasts along time. I will definitely order again.

  117. Elva Brabham

    I bought this as a present but it smells so lovely I will be sending for another one for myself!

  118. Rosie Murray

    I received this as part of a gift box, it smells devine. I have only recently discovered Valentte and the products are fabulous, wonderfully packaged and reasonably priced. Delighted with my purchase.

  119. Jean Mole

    Love this room mist and the candle. Bought for a gift but the had to buy another one for me. Candle lasts for ages and fills the room with perfume

  120. Shelly

    Amazing!! The scent is last for ages. Will be buying more

  121. Isabelle Terry

    Incredibly soothing, a beautiful scent. I receive compliments EVERY time someone walks into my room – and am delighted to wax (!!) lyrical about your products, the amazing packaging & overall service.
    Thank you Valentte

  122. Janice Loughlin

    Smells beautiful and packaging exquisite

  123. Yvonne Stephenson

    I went to the Harrogate country living show last Christmas and tried a few hand cream samples and although I didn’t buy anything at the time I remembered how lovely they made my hands feel and the fabulous fragrance so I didn’t hesitate to buy a fabulous gift box as a gift this year. The tester room sprays that came are delightful. Superb fragrance.

  124. Hayley Lynn

    Lovely free gift!!!

  125. Nicky Jackson

    I think this fragrance is fast becoming my favourite!! It is so fresh and inviting I love it!!

  126. Missie

    Smells amazing and all items are received beautifully packaged. Thank you.

  127. Nicola smith

    Love the smell and brilliant free sample

  128. Kayleigh

    I purchased this as part of a gift set for a family member and was not disappointed with the scent. Fresh, clean and long lasting. I will be repurchasing for myself!

  129. Maria

    Received as a free sample. Lovely aroma

  130. Maria

    Received White Neroli and lemon room mist which smells lovely as a free sample. Haven’t used as yet

  131. Hayley Grant

    I received a white neroli and lemon home fragrance box for Christmas present and loved it so much I have purchased a fragrance box of the grapefruit scents now to try.

  132. jintybest

    Perfect for enhancing your mood. Lovely fragrance. Great product as always from Valentte

  133. frances mathers

    I LOVE this smell, it’s delicate and refreshing. It’s a natural smell, not synthetic. I love all Valentte products but this is my favourite

  134. frances mathers

    A friend recommended Valentte to me when I was looking for a present for my mother. I’ve now bought this for myself. I LOVE this smell, it’s delicate and refreshing. It’s a natural smell, not synthetic.

  135. Antoine Malfray

    Loved this scent so much will purchase as gifts in the future.

  136. Jan Gregory

    I have used this product before, lovely perfume, will continue to use.

  137. Jan Gregory

    I have used this product before, lovely perfume, will always use this one, very popular with friends and family

  138. Sue mould

    Clean and fresh smelling spray

  139. June Holland

    Amazing smell very pleased with, will be ordering more

  140. Sheena Combe

    Discovered this company via Instagram. Bought 2 fragrances. Neroli & Lemon has a lovely smell. The rosewood & jasmine is another I’ve got and again it makes the house smell beautiful. From the ordering to delivery Valentte is a very professional company. Anyone who likes room fragrances should get them here.

  141. John Blakley

    This smell is so nice it makes you feel happy …I have told my friends to get it

  142. Carol Landricombe

    I love the smell of lemon

  143. Kirsty Harrison

    Lovely smell

  144. Natalie McFadden

    Fab sample, will but definitely.

  145. Hannah

    This scent is absolutely lovely. Leaves the room smelling fresh but cosy at the same time. I would love to try the other room sprays but I love this one so much, and even better with the diffuser and when the candle is burning too!!

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