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White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle


Our white neroli and lemon candles are made with soy wax and scented with pure aromatherapy essential oils. No parafin wax or synthetic fragrances ensure that the candles burn beautifully with no wasted wax left on the glass and fill your room with a happy and uplifting aroma.



Total Reviews: 328
White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle
White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle
May 22, 2018

Our white neroli and lemon candles are made with soy wax and... View

I absolutely love this fragrance! So calming and yet uplifting too. An absolute must have!
Clair Bloy - avatar Clair Bloy
White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle
White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle
May 21, 2018

Our white neroli and lemon candles are made with soy wax and... View

This candle burns evenly and for a long long time. The citrus scent is refreshing and pretty.
J Calder - avatar J Calder
White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle
White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle
May 21, 2018

Our white neroli and lemon candles are made with soy wax and... View

I absolutely love this candle! It's such a refreshing smell and even when it's blown out the scent lingers! Very happy with my purchase and shall definitely get it again! ?
Janice - avatar Janice
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Happy and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of eight pure essential oils that will drive away sadness, invoking a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood.

White Neroli

With it’s slightly sweet and citrusy top note scent neroli is very calming and makes you feel happy and at peace with your environment.


Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and eliminating negative emotions. Increasing concentration and alertness.

Size: 150g

Burning Time 40 Hours. Suitable for a typical sized sitting room.

None of our products are tested on animals


Clean burning, highly scented with no wasted wax. 100% Natural. Our candles are made from the finest soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. We never use synthetic or artificial fragrances.

Total Reviews: 328
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Your email will not be published.

Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Happy and Uplifting

A therapeutic blend of eight pure essential oils that will drive away sadness, invoking a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood.


White Neroli

With it’s slightly sweet and citrusy top note scent neroli is very calming and makes you feel happy and at peace with your environment.


Lemon oil is calming in nature and therefore helps in removing mental fatigue, exhaustion, dizziness, anxiety, nervousness, and nervous tension. It has the ability to refresh the mind by creating a positive mindset and eliminating negative emotions. Increasing concentration and alertness.


Product Details

Size: 150g

Burning Time 40 Hours. Suitable for a typical sized sitting room.

None of our products are tested on animals


Clean burning, highly scented with no wasted wax. 100% Natural. Our candles are made from the finest soy wax and scented with pure essential oils. We never use synthetic or artificial fragrances.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Candle Size

3 Wick, Standard

328 reviews for White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle

  1. Julia

    I love these candles; the neroli and lemon smells exquisite and fragrance your room in no time! The candle burns down evenly and last a long time! You will not be disappointed with this purchase!

  2. Claire Green

    Absolutely gorgeous candles. White neroli and lemon is the loveliest fragrance and makes my living room smell amazing.
    My absolute favourite, I will be back for more!

  3. Hayley Hesketh

    I have bought these candles for years as they smell amazing and fill the room with fragrance

  4. Liz Bentley

    Lovely candle burns evenly beautiful aroma excellent value for money.

  5. Janice

    I absolutely love this candle! It’s such a refreshing smell and even when it’s blown out the scent lingers! Very happy with my purchase and shall definitely get it again! ?

  6. J Calder

    This candle burns evenly and for a long long time. The citrus scent is refreshing and pretty.

  7. Clair Bloy

    I absolutely love this fragrance! So calming and yet uplifting too. An absolute must have!

  8. Andrea

    Absolutely gorgeous smelling candle. I bought several to give as presents and everyone whose received one loves it.

  9. A Ireland

    Gorgeous candle and fantastic price for the size! I bought the large one, which i’ve been lighting every evening and it doesn’t seem to be doing down at all – the glow it gives is lovely, and the scent is really calming, and smells totally natural. I have mine placed in a fireplace grating and it’sb the perfect size for this. Love the fact that it’s soy too – it’s quite hard to find soy cadles of this size. Highly recommend.

  10. Collette

    Gorgeous smelling candle burns evenly and lasts a long time, excellent value when bought as part of the gift set. I bought two gift sets for gifts and the recipients loved them. Will definitely be buying more.

  11. Robbie

    Gorgeous sent, can even smell it when not lit, tempted to get the larger one. Thanks valentte!

  12. Robbie

    Gorgeous sent, my favourite and I’ve tried most of them now, uplifting and long lasting fragrance. Thinking of treating myself to the larger version.

  13. Janet

    All the products are great, this candle is especially gorgeous and would highly recommend and would buy again.

  14. Sarah

    Love love love this candle. Smells divine. Burns evenly so no wastage. Labelling could be made more premium given the quality of the product.

  15. Ali

    I discovered Valentte at Hampton Court last summer. I’m a candle addict & I’m always on the look out for quality, value for money & unusual scents. The White Neroli & Lemon is hands down my favourite candle. Ever. Burns well, no wastage & the scent is just amazing – rich but never cloying or over powering. I can confirm that even people who ‘can’t stand those scented candle things’ go out of their way to light said candle if they arrive home first 😉 I’m at Hampton Court again this year & I really hope Valentte will be there too x

  16. Marta

    One of the best candles in the world! This scent is just divine, the neroli makes you feel cuddled while the lemon gives you a zesty energetic twist, leaving a fresh, springlike aroma in the whole house! I love it! I recommend these candles because they’re nature, burn evenly without wast and smell amazing! Plus you can feel the love that has gone into it when you burn them!

  17. Amanda Murray

    Love, love, love this company and their candles and hand creams. Best reed diffuser as well. The smell is delightful and they last. Best value for money in my book!

  18. Linda Gray

    One of the best candles I’ve ever used. The smell is divine. Will definitely be buying more.

  19. Diane

    I have one of these candles in my bedroom that I haven’t lit yet, but the high concentration of essential oils means that the room is still beautifully fragranced.
    When lit, the candles burn evenly and cleanly.
    The product itself is faultless – I think the only way it could be improved would be to make the label a bit more ‘premium’ and attractive – but that’s probably just me being snobby 🙂

  20. Paula Newton-Appleby

    Hi. My sister and I bought your ACE neroli candles and equally fantastic handcream set at the Ripley Homes and Gardens show. We really enjoyed the shopping experience afforded us by Adam who was a delightful character and very knowledgeable about your products. What a great ambassador for the brand!
    I have never had such a fantastic house fragrance and urge everyone to purchase your candles! But leave some for me!!
    I was told that by submitting a review I would receive a coupon for a free candle… fab!!
    Thanks again for a lovely experience.

  21. Sandra Dunn

    Love the fresh scent of this candle….so many of my friends have walked in the room and asked what is that lovely smell. I should be on a commision.

  22. Claire Riley

    I first bought valentte gift sets 4 years ago . And still buying them . So do I need to say any more?
    I love white neroli & lemon candels . So much I got the 3 wick one this time.
    Also I love to keep Geranium and Ylang Ylang room mist next to my bed .
    I could go on & on . All the products are very good quality.

  23. Mrs m

    Wow… such an amazing scented candle! Absolutely love it, it smells so nice and it’s scents spreads around the whole house! Will definitely be buying more… great candle

  24. Claire

    The 3 wick candles are brilliant. The fragrance really fills the room. White neroli and lemon is a gorgeous, fresh and uplifting fragrance. I highly recommend it!

  25. Kate Ison

    Fantastic candle, the scent fills the room. This is a high quality product that is worth every penny – I will be a returning customer. I can’t wait to try the reed diffuser too.
    Thank you for a super product.

  26. Sheila Wright

    Yet another simply stunning fragrance that makes our whole house smell absolutely divine. I don’t burn the wick but instead use a melting base to melt the wax . I purchased a supply (along with the Rosemary & Lemongrass candle|) at the Game Fair held at Hatfield House last year and was so impressed, I purchased another supply this year at Ragley Hall. Luke could not have been any or helpful.

  27. Joyce Scully

    Bought a couple of items at Burleigh 2018. The White Neroli and Lemon candle is remarkably fresh and not at all overpowering (as many of the synthetic canldes on sale in supermarkets are) and the lemon Grass and Rosemary diffuser just has such an appealing fragrance that I’ll be buying more for other rooms in the house. In comparison to other “top end” candles/diffuesers on the market, these Valentte ones are reaally good value. Easy to recommend.

  28. Sian Evans

    I wish I’d bought more! Purchased this beautiful candle along with diffuser and room spray at the Grand Designs show yesterday. I can still smell the lovely scent in my lounge this morning – truly gorgeous candle.

  29. mandywarren38a

    Absolutely love the smell of this candle. Bought the soy candle, defuser, body cream and scrub all in White Neroli & Lemon. I particularly love the fact that it is all natural and the candle is make of soy. Having a chemical allergy and asthma I can tell immediately if a product is natural or not…. these products are natural, smell really lovely and I will be back for more. The products above were bought from the Spirit of Christmas Fayre 2018. Will be buying Christmas presents from you soon!

  30. Sarah Chamberlain

    My goodness me, I bought this as part of a gift pack (for myself!) and haven’t even lit it yet, and it smells divine. I have it sat next to me in my study whilst I work and its just gorgeous. The smell is beautiful and just delighted with the product.

  31. Daniela Harwood

    Bought this candle at the Christmas Country Living Fair last week. Why didn’t I buy another? So far the scent has been divine and burns nicely leaving no candle residue on the edge of the glass. Heaven! Still to try the room spray but that seems lovely too. Gave a candle to my Mum as well and she is saving it for Christmas. Don’t stop to think about it; just buy these products and you won’t be disappointed.

  32. Anne Mcginnity

    I visited the Christmas fayre recently and saw the valentte stand. I picked up a tester bottle of the lemongrass & rosemary diffuser. I was totally sold on your products. The smell was amazing. I left with my purchases. Was annoyed I did not buy more and returned two days later to stock up. Great gifts for a special occasion.

  33. Dawn Stockley

    Such a beautiful and long lasting scent. I bought this candle along with a Jasmine and Rosewood one at the Sandringham Christmas Craft Fair. Both have delicate and positive scents which make my house smell beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend these candles and i will certainly be buying them again.

  34. Heike Brugger

    Beautiful smell not only for the candle but also the hand cream and diffuser! Fantastic products

  35. Jade

    Lovely scent that fills the room. Candle doesn’t seem to burn down too quickly either.

  36. Arrowsmith

    Lovely scented candle, long lasting fragrance, buns slowly

  37. Maggie Antoun

    This candle definitely deserves five stars. It lasts for ages and has a a very fresh and pleaseing scent. Excellent product.

  38. jarmstrong2011

    I absolutely love this product, the fragrance is amazing and last really well. I bought my first set at Hardwick food fair a couple of years ago, and have been a regular customer ever since

  39. Richard Jacob

    Excellent candle. Strong, long lasting smell. Best scented candle ever found.

  40. Hossangui Jaiantcumar

    Amazing small and long time we can use.i brought from Christmas gift for myself in Kingston I love the norali I hope this year they will have jasmine iam waiting.

  41. Barbara Brackstone

    Lovely fresh aroma. These candles last for hours and fills my room with a beautiful fragrance.

  42. Julia Jaeger

    This is my favourite candle. The scent is glorious fully scenting the room without even lighting it. But when lit it still perfumes the room, burns cleanly without smoke and looks attractive. Love it. Plus Valentte best quality candle I have purchased.

    First seen at Spirit at Olympia.

  43. Ann Gibbons

    The most beautiful smell in my room , makes me so relaxed , highly recommend this one

  44. Rita MacGranthin

    As candles go this is one of my favourites. Nicer than some of the more expensive candles.

  45. Susan Lee

    I love the fresh smell of the neroli and lemon candle. It is my absolute all time favourite.

  46. Amie

    Hello! I visited your stand at the Spirit of Christmas event yesterday and bought 3 products for £30. I ummed and ahhed about including a candle as in the past I’ve been let down by other brands. However, apologies as I’ve totally forgotten your name, the lovely guy on the stand challenged me to give it a go, so I did. I wanted to let you know that I’ve got the candle burning now and you were spot on! It’s great- the scent has filled the room and it’s really lovely. I also tried the hand cream sample and that’s fab too. Thank you for creating such credible products and thank you for the challenge as I’m super happy with my purchase!! ☺️

  47. Penelope Rae

    Have just visited the Country Living Christmas show and was so pleased to be able to purchase more of your lovely products.
    I am especially happy with the candles that smell divine and burn evenly.

  48. Rose Gayle

    I first bought Valentte candles when I went to the ideal home show a few years ago and was very impressed with the smell.
    I recently bought a selection of candles and skin care. I love all the smells but white Neroli and lemon is my favourite I put a candle in my guest bedroom and its made it smell lovely without even being lit yet. I have taken advantage of the sale and placed a second order. The scents are divine and the candles truly create a beautiful aroma in your home.

  49. Sue

    Have been buying this candle for a few years now. It has a lovely scent that lasts for ages. It fills the whole room with the georgeus scent. I would highly recommend it.

  50. Teresa Jellis

    I received this candle as part of a gift set at Christmas and have since purchased another two. This candle doesn’t disappoint! The whole house smells amazing, just like a spa! Everyone that comes in to the house comments on the lovely smell. Will definitely purchase again and again. Well done Valentte. Have also purchased other candles within the range that I can’t wait to try.
    Would thoroughly recommend.

  51. S Hodgson

    I discovered Valentte products at the Spirit of Christmas fair and having loved what I bought there have just ordered a whole lot more! Hadn’t tried this candle before but will become one of my favourites. Fabulous long lasting smells and great value. Thank you.

  52. Mrs m mallabone

    Amazing fragrance, love it!!!

  53. dcaister

    Beautiful uplifting fragrance. The candle when lite fills the room with a gorgeous fresh aroma.

  54. Taslim

    My favourite one. Absolutely love this candle. My kids love it too.

  55. Cath

    I bought a gift set containing two of these candles and it’s like being transported to a distant tropical shore. Great value and great natural scent. I discovered Valentte at an exhibition and always look out for them. Great hand cream too- very luxurious and nourishing

  56. Wendy Poole

    I LOVE the smell of this candle!! In fact all the fragrances are lovely but this has to be my favourite! Bought a gift set at Southport Flower Show last year & the year before & my mum loves them too, so was so pleased to see the Gift Box on Sale, what a great Mothers Day present and of course treated myself!! My house smells amazing! Cant recommend enough!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  57. Sarah Hounslow

    Lovely smell. Very natural and uplifting. Would definitely recommend. The handcream and room spray are also very good in this scent.

  58. Boo Bragg

    Thank you again for the wonderful smell of this candle, so glad I have found you.

  59. Mary Megson

    First time I’ve tried these candles, had this on last night and can still smell it 24 hours later. Already told a family member about them. Longest smelling candle I’ve ever had. I bought a gift box and it would make a lovely gift as it was packed well and looked good. Thank you.

  60. Michelle Gartland

    The best smelling candle I have ever had. I love this fragrance so much. First came across the beautiful filled gift boxes at Ripley Castle Christmas fair 2 years ago and could not wait to get back last year to purchase more. The room mist I spray on my pillow and love the smell as I turn over in my sleep. All my friends will be receiving these for their birthdays too this year, now I’ve joined on line to purchase . I’ve now moved on to the skin care as the fragrances are so lovely.

  61. Debra Marshall

    These candles after trying many brands are the best that I have used which has been the last 2 years . The quality and scent is second to non and can’t recommend them enough.

  62. Deborah campbell

    A lovely scented candle, valentte never disappoints, best candles ever!

  63. Sian Rees

    I first discovered Valentte at Crufts 2018 and have only used their products since. These candles are amazing, the fragrance seems to last for ages without being overpowering, unlike your usual room fragranced candles. I would recommend these to anyone.

  64. Holly

    Absolutely love this candle. Everyone who visits my flat compares it to a lovely spa retreat. This is why I have purchased 5 candles so far.
    Will definitely be getting all my candles from Valentte from now on

  65. Stacey pater

    Candle arrived nicely packaged I have not lit it yet but do not like the smell of it , wish I had received the sample smells first

  66. tara.m.king

    Absolutely thrilled with my purchase! The smell is simply heavenly can’t recommend enough!

  67. Tracey Balu

    Simply the best candle I have ever bought. The fragrance was beautiful and the candle burns evenly so no waste. I will Definately be buying more for presents

  68. Richard Jacob

    Excellent scent.

  69. Sue

    The most amazing smells

  70. Ashleigh Megson

    Love this scent. More subtle than the very strong Lemongrass and Rosemary. Smells like a posh Spa! I like that these are soy wax to it has a lovely soft natural feel. Highly recommend Valente products. Great savings too when bought as part of a gift set.

  71. Layne Barry

    Absolutely beautiful smell. Even when not lit. Well worth it. I will be definitely be adding to my Xmas list for me and pressyz. Present from my daughter

  72. Rosie

    Light and fresh with an underlying scent which lingers. A beautiful candle.

  73. Marie Marr

    I love the amazing smell of this candle I have also bought the diffuser both last for months. I will definitely purchase again and have bought as gifts for friends and family.

  74. Andrew Scripture

    We were given a Valentte candle as a Christmas present and liked it so much we bought some more. This one makes the room smell fresh and light – no surprise that it has a lovely citrus smell, and it’s a real joy to have.

  75. Fiona Prestidge

    Such a beautiful smell and very unusual – highly recommended.

  76. Amanda

    I love, love, love my candle!
    My sister-in-law brought me one for a Christmas present and I can’t believe how gorgeous it smells. Also how long they last… absolutely brilliant . Even if you don’t light them they still make the room smell incredible . I’ve even brought myself the gift set I love the products so much. Thank you Valentte!

  77. Jackie Tranter

    I usually buy the Lemongrass and Rosemary candles but this time I have bought the white neroli and lemon which smells absolutely beautiful and I will so enjoy the perfume drifting throughout the house.

  78. Tracey Taylor

    I bought a gift set at the Malvern Garden show and must say I absolutely love the neroli & lemon candle and hand cream. True to sales assistants advise the candles scent can be smelt from another room. Will defiantly be ordering more.

  79. Clare

    I usually buy products in the Valentte Lemongrass & Rosemary range but decided to try this candle for a change. Lovely scent even before I lit the candle and reminds me of trips to a luxurious Spa. As always brilliant service when ringing to query an order and beautiful packaging received.

  80. Nicki Stabbins

    One of my favourite ever candle smells. Friends also comment about the lovely smell this candle gives off .

  81. laura.randall1

    This candle has the most gorgeous smell, is long lasting and burns brilliantly. Best scented candle we have bought and we’ve bought lots!!

  82. Laura

    These are the best smelling candles I have EVER bought! The smell fills the house and I just love them! I always bought cheaper candles but they don’t produce such beautiful, long lasting scents that the Valentte candles do. I’ve definitely realised it’s a false economy to buy cheaper candles! Excellent customer service too!

  83. richard1

    Excellent candle, wonderful strong scent.

  84. lesley.starkings

    I discovered Valentte at the Royal Norfolk Show a few years ago and bought the White Neroli & Lemon candle and diffuser and wow how gorgeous is this scent! Just bought the same again at the Show. Best candles and diffusers ever! Am so in love with White Neroli. Can smell it all over the house

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  86. Vikki White

    I purchased my first candle and hand scrub at a Christmas market as a gift. I ended up keeping the candle as it was so gorgeous. It last well and the smell lasted right to the end. I have just purchased another candle and some body scrub – it’s delicious and so worth the money!

  87. Rachel Clarke

    Having discovered Valentine ar Burghley some years ago, I have never been disappointed by their products. The candles are long lasting and burn really well. The packaging is always impeccable. This scent is really fresh and uplifting. A real joy.

  88. Linda Gray

    I have been using these candles for a couple of years now and have not found any better. The scent is beautiful and natural.

  89. Adele Burdon-Bailey

    I purchased this at Tatton RHS show and I’m a convert. It’s comforting and yet sensual. Just divine. I’ve abandoned my old, very well known, candles in favour of Valentte. Even unlit the fragrance fills the room.

  90. sallyannperry1

    Been using these candles for a few year, I love this candle it burns evenly the whole room has the most beautiful fragrance. Highly recommended

  91. Andrea Ryan

    Uplifting and refreshing scent, burns evenly and easily. Clears the space of odours and leaves a fresh long lasting aroma. Best thing about these candles apart from their gorgeous aroma is that they are non toxic and don’t damage us or the environment! X

  92. Jade

    Really refreshing scent. Lingers around the full house and always get lots of compliments about the smell of my house

  93. davidjamescarr

    I bought this candle at the Hampton Court flower show and the scent is really uplifting and casts its’ scent throughout the room even when not lit. I liked it so much I will be ‘walking up the aisle’ to them after splashing out on 6 triple wicks, well we have the whole ballroom of a hotel to fill !😀

  94. Emma Hesketh

    My sister purchased for me and wow I am now addicted. I have tried so many candles in the past but these are the best, I cannot recommend enough. The neroli scent is crisp whilst the lavender is heavenly and relaxing.

  95. Deborah

    Bought as a treat for myself with 50% off. Such a lovely candle. You could still smell the fragrance the following day. Came in such a lovely box. Would definitely buy again

  96. Samantha

    I love this candle. Smells absolutely gorgeous even before lighting. It was packaged well and delivered without any problems.

  97. Lisa Ingram

    Gorgeous smelling candle

  98. michelle

    lovely smelling candle, even without lighting could smell for ages, great packing as well.

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  100. jenniewormald

    This is the first candle I have just purchased and the scent is beautiful I will definitely be purchasing another on

  101. Sarah Hounslow

    My favourite of the Valentte candles. Fresh clean scent which makes the whole house smell great. Buy again and again.

  102. Amanda

    Beautifully packaged, divine aromatic blend and even better that this luxurious candle is chemical-free.

  103. Geraldine

    Love his candle. The room has a lovely fresh scent – and it doesn’t take long to notice after lighting the candle. All natural ingredients so a winner all round.

  104. trikkia103

    Love these candles, they really scent your whole room. Bought this as part of a gift box for a Chrismas present and i’m Sure the recipient won’t be disappointed!

  105. Linda

    The lemongrass and rosemary has always been a favourite until I got the white neroli and lemon – it smells wonderful and gives off the scent long after you e blown out the candle!

  106. Elizabeth McRae

    This is my all time favourite candle. It fills the room with a lovely, feel good ambience. It is a quality candle which burns cleanly. I also use the Reed diffuser of the same scent – sublime! The pa kaging is also classy. I first discovered Valentte at Gardening Scotland in Edinburgh and would never think of purchasing home fragrance products from another company.

  107. Ben

    A lovely combination with light floral and fruity sweet notes. The candle has a reasonably strong scent before it’s been lit, and fills a room with a wonderful smell once it gets going. I’ve put mine in the downstairs loo. The smaller space means the candle acts almost like a diffuser. I can also highly recommend the actual neroli and lemon oil diffuser

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  109. Jean Knill

    This product was recommended to me and was really nice lovely smell which I could smell unlike others which I couldn’t will be trying others

  110. Sally Bult

    I’m a bit of a candle fan, and this is one of the best I’ve tried. The scent is strong (which in a candle you do need) and does last when lit. So many candles smell good but when lit you just can’t smell them- this smells great from the get go. This scent has a nice clean, white flowery smell. It’s got to be soy, who wants to burn paraffin?! -And this soy is creamy.
    I’d definitely recommend it.

  111. Alison

    I discovered Valentte at the Ripley Gift show and loved the gift box so much that I’ve ordered extra online as gifts for others and for myself! These candles are amazing – last for ages and the fragrance is fantastic – I would definitely recommend

  112. Al

    We discovered Valentte at the Highclere show two years ago, and have been burning their White Neroli and Lemon Soy wax candles ever since. The candles really do fill the rooms with scent and all our guests remark how lovely the house smells. We give them as presents too, and the are always well received. We can’t really imagine using any other make. Whatever Valentte are doing, they are doing it well. And they are about a fifth of the price of their nearest competitor.

  113. Teresa Tanner

    Love these candles and now use them instead of plug in air fresheners as the frangrances are lovely. This one is my absolute favourite!

  114. Lorraine Jones

    White Neroli and Lemon Soy Wax Candle..Love this scent. The room smells so nice and it is the first aromatic candle that my husband has ever commented on.. must be good..

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  116. atmonia

  117. Gillian Smellie

    Valentte is my new favourite candle supplier. We came across you for the first time at a fair in London in November. I am now delighted to see that you will be at Ripley Castle so I can stock up for Christmas. The candles scent is strong but not overpowering and the candles burn smoothly and evenly. Highly recommend.

  118. Tuhina Lloyd

    I received a home fragrance gift box as a birthday present and was delighted with the presentation which was simple yet elegant. The white neroli and lemon candle is particularly impressive and fills the room with the most wonderful intense aroma. Friends have commented that my living room smells just like a spa. The burn time is really good too. I have bought further boxes as gifts and hope to purchase more as Christmas presents. They really are excellent value.

  119. Sue Jesshop

    Lovely candle and diffuser set which I bought my daughter as this is her favourite scent

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  121. A O’Gorman

    Thank you for making such a gorgeous product. My all time favourite is a true Neroli fragrance and this has it in spades, the candle smells beautiful even before it is lit and the diffuser radiates the fragrance around the room.

    Such a refreshing change to find a company that really lives up to its marketing promise

  122. Emma Darroll-Brough

    This candle has got an amazing scent to it, that fills the house but is not over powering, the candle burns for hours and melts slowly so it last for a decent amount of time. I have a house with pets and it dose not irritate them. I highly recommend and will keep using this product, I have even brought some for the family that are very fussy about what they use.

  123. metro.dynamo

    I bought a set from the Christmas market in Liverpool. All the scents were great, but I picked this one out as we all loved it. Wrapped up great and ready to give as a present as is, or you can split them up and give them as separate gifts. The scents are divine and natural smelling, no synthetic scents going on here! Loved the products and would buy again. Thank you!

  124. Hilary Bowen

    I love Valentte products and have purchased several gift boxes for friends and family and single items since I first came across them at a Christmas fair in London. I recently purchased several candles (a treat for myself) when they were on offer. The fragrance is wonderful and fills the room. They burn slowly and will last a very long time. I like that Valentte use natural products in the range of items.

  125. Karan D

    Love the smell of the candle amazing.
    Cant live with out the hand cream makes my hands so soft amazing products x

  126. Sam Telford

    Absolutely love this candle, burns nice and even down to the bottom ( followed the advice for first burn). It throws the most stunning aroma through my large kitchen but isn’t overpowering either !
    A favourite I will return again and again to buy, as I was so fed up of buying candles that smelt nothing like they did in in the jar once they were lit ! This one burns exactly as it smells in the jar.
    Perfection 🙂

  127. Penny

    I love the smell of White Neroli and Lemon, my favourite scent. Even before the candle is lit, the scent is heavenly. I will eventually try all your products but in the meantime am telling my friends about Valentte.

  128. Karen McElligott

    I love these candles; the neroli and lemon smells exquisite and fragrance your room in no time! The candle burns down evenly and last a long time! You will not be disappointed with this purchase

  129. Debbie

    I first came across Valentte at Burghley Horse Trials, and bought a gift box there, as the natural essential oils smell devine. Since then I’ve bought many of my favourites online including the Neroli & Lemon candles – perfect for creating a soft light and a gorgeous relaxing scent at bath time!

  130. Miranda

    This candle is the best I have ever bought , fills the room with the beautiful scent , not too overpowering .. the other scents are also gorgeous , it’s hard to choose !
    Can’t praise this company enough and they are always boxed so well…
    Make extra special pressies

  131. Anne Fraser

    Love the Neroli & Lemon candles. So fresh and calming scent. Sister first bought me one. Now bought as Xmas presents. Mix and match boxes great price. Candles seem to last longer than others of similar size and they burn evenly.

  132. suedeans

    This candle is absolutely gorgeous: it smells divine and burns evenly, which I’ve never found with any other brand. It’s also excellent value for money. Thank you Valentte!

  133. Sue

    A lovely scenting candle , gives off a strong scent throughout the house. Unlike many other candles that burn and you cannot smell.


    Beautiful fresh smell that lingers, will buy again

  135. Julie Smith

    The lemon and neroli scent is lovely and the candle lasts a long time. I first bought these candles and diffusers at a Castle Howard fair and recently purchased more candles on line. They arrived very quickly and were beautifully packaged. Would highly recommend.

  136. Gilly [email protected]

    Lovely, long lasting fragrance, even when unlit.
    Clean fresh scent which can be used any where:
    Excellent customer service

  137. Ana B

    Adore my recent purchase of the Neroli candle. Smells fabulous and was beautifully packaged.

  138. Christine Mansell

    This is the second scent we have chosen from Valentte and once again they do not fail to please. Great candles!

  139. Mrs Lindsay Williams

    5* as always. Have bought various products on line and at shows through the year. Cannot fault the delicious scents, fabulous presentation and sheer value for money. Now buying as gifts for friends who are amazed at the quality and gorgeousness of these products!!!

  140. Anne Gribbon

    This candle has the most amazing smell, it makes my open plan apartment smell gorgeous.
    It also burns down with no waste I’m a big fan and will not buy my candle or Reed diffuser from anywhere else.
    They are amazing.

  141. Mrs Cheryl Bone

    This candle has a lovely scent and is very long lasting. Highly recommended.

  142. Helen Greig

    I was bought this by my friend for Christmas. It is one of the nicest candles I have ever had. It burnt for hours and hours and the whole house smelled lovely. Even my husband noticed it! I have since bought them myself for presents.

  143. Jayne

    Beautiful fragrance bought another recently as the quality is so good. Great service when ordering online.

  144. Pauline Rychlewski

    Wonderful fragrance- absolutely love all the scents but this is my favourite.
    Will definitely be buying again 😍

  145. Lisa Wicks

    Received within 2 days, stunning packaging… very happy with my purchases!! The smell from my candle & diffuser is delightful highly recommend. I also love the website.

  146. Gillian Cottle

    I love all the products. Ansld White Neroli and Lemon is one of my favorite scents. The candles smell wonderful ans dont burn to fast. I have the diffusers too…. and the handwash. All smell amazing and the smell keeps going for a long time

  147. Pauline Rychlewski

    Omg the scent from this candle is absolutely amazing, I love all the products but this is my favourite.

  148. lisaruddy

    This is my new favourite scent. Just gorgeous. Once lit, you can smell it throughout the house and every visitor has commented on the smell. I just love it. And fabulous customer care , very quick to get back to you if you’ve any queries. Have ordered another and will definitely be a repeat customer.

  149. Linda OConnor

    I first came across Valentte at the Ideal Home Show a few years ago and have been a fan ever since. I love so many Valentte products and this candle is exceptionally good. They burn for ages and burn very evenly so there is usually very little wasted wax. I find the wick needs trimming after use but I think that is normal with most long lasting candles. The scent of this is unusual, it isn’t sweet but l refreshing with a slightly herby edge. It fills the whole of our large living area very quickly without being overpowering. The only downside to these is that so many guests, both male and female, admire the aroma that I often end up giving them the candle to take home but at least it makes thinking of their next birthday present easy.

  150. sarahrollason1

    Beautiful long lasting candle that smells divine. Everyone comments on the smell in our house and I point them to the candle! Have brought lots more!

  151. sarahrollason1

    Gorgeous smelling long lasting candle that fills my house with this gorgeous smell. Won’t buy anything other than candles or room diffusers from this company as no other candles or room diffusers can compare!

  152. Lorraine

    Beautiful long lasting scent.The scent fills the room a en when not lit.
    I adore valentine candles.

  153. Aideen grimshaw

    The scent this candle ( and the diffuser) gives off is so beautiful.. whilst it’s gentle it’s very effective and even when not burning the scent lingers in the room!
    The candle also burns evenly so no wastage!
    Highly tecommend

  154. Carol Heayberd

    My house smells lovely after burning the candle. Everyone comments on the smell! It burns for such a long time and I never get tired of the scent. Thankyou!

  155. Andrea Hardy

    This candle is the KING of candles, the scent ya divine, the burn is clean, it’s just the perfect addition to your home ❤️

  156. pathill52

    I love my candle. I’ve brought candles from different shops, but wow this is lovely. I just love to light candle on a Saturday night, with a glass of wine and chill. I would highly recommend Valentte products

  157. Wendy Poole

    My new fave smelling candle! Love how I walk in to my lounge and I can smell this straight away! Smell lasts till the very last burn! Love it 🙂

  158. Tania Shurlock

    I keep this by my bed (lit for an hour 2 wks ago) i can smell the scent next to me as I sleep, relaxing.

  159. Penny Rae

    After smelling my amazing candle and dropping hints I bought the amazing White Neroli and Lemon candle and matching diffuser for my son! From ordering to delivery 1st Class-would highly recommend.

  160. Fliss

    I smelt the fragrance of this candle wafting through my friend’s house & fell in love with it!

  161. Sarah West

    Love this candle I’ve bought it before. The scent lingers on and it burns evenly

  162. Andrew Scott

    Beautiful fragrance, excellent presentation and packaging with ribbon and tissue paper

  163. Julie Guest

    Love these candles, still trying to work out my favourite scent !

  164. Marjery

    Lovely citrus fragrance without being overpowering.

  165. Wendy bam brough

    This was a lovely candle. It smelt Devine and the aroma filled the whole house long after it had finished burning

  166. Anna Lord

    A strongly scented candle which makes the whole house smell fragrant. I must comment on the excessive packaging used for sending me the candle. The candle and 3 small samples were packed in a cardboard box with packing which seemed far too large for sending the product.

  167. Alison Woolner

    I ordered 2 of these candles blind, without having smelt them first. They arrived today and are already filling my home with a wonderful aroma. I am delighted with my purchase, thank you. Just wondering what to try next!

  168. Kevin Brady

    I have ordered several of these since receiving one as a gift at Christmas as the scent is just gorgeous and lasts for a long time. Very impressed

  169. Sarah Moore

    This is gorgeous, very fresh citrus scent that last for ages.
    The reed diffuser is definitely going on my birthday list.

  170. Heather Crocker

    The scent is beyond amazing even when not alight. Amazing

  171. M

    This candle has an amazing scent , so fresh

  172. Jackie Baulf

    I love the Valentine candles, the scent is amazing, all natural. I love lightning one in the evening when I get home from work, but I also love giving them as presents.

  173. Kirsten

    Beautiful fragrance, sweet , pretty and fresh . Lit in my bedroom for a wonderfully relaxing aroma . Valentte candles are always fabulous quality .

  174. Julie Miller

    Love this candle. It’s only small but the fragrance is fantastic and fills the whole house!

  175. Jackie Whitmarsh

    Bought one of these candles at a show. I had forgotten how gorgeous this was until I lit it! Very pleased with this candle. Thank you. Packaging for the gift box was lovely.

  176. Claire Conchie

    This is a wonderful candle! It has a beautiful fresh scent that really fills your home. This is the third time I have purchased this particular one and I’m sure I’ll be buying more. Can’t recommend highly enough. I first discovered Valentte products while I was exhibiting at a show and I have bought numerous products for myself and others over the past 18 months.

  177. Jane

    What a lovely surprise receiving my favourite candle for Mother’s Day! I first discovered Valentte at a Christmas fair a few years ago – I have since bought many products for myself and family. This is my favourite scent – reminds me of warm weather and happy times, an absolute delight. The candle fills my whole house with the most amazing scent.

  178. lisaruddy

    This is a beautiful scent which stays room even after the candle has gone out. Lovely fresh clean smell.

  179. Diane Davies

    Very good quality candle – the neroli aroma is wonderful.

  180. MRS Susan Harrison

    this was bought as a gift and absolutely love it , beautiful smell all around the room

  181. Sorrel

    Really gorgeous candle. Looks classy. Smells divine. Beautiful packaging. Promptly sent. Great customer service. Will most definitely order again. Thank you x

  182. Alison McLellan

    Lovely light refreshing scent which reaches the whole room.

  183. Sue

    Best fragrances candle I’ve bought so far! Burns well, no smoke & lovely fragrance..my choice was white neroli & lemon…which I adore!

  184. deborah loosley

    This candle smells amazing

  185. Emily Barrass

    I have the white neroli and lemon candle, reed defuser, hand cream and room mist and they are gorgeous, beautiful smell.

  186. Caroline Phillips

    These are the best candles I’ve ever had! They are made of quality products, the smell is strong and so beautiful. The burn well and last.

  187. Louise Wicks-Gemmell

    This is the most amazing smelling candle I have ever used. I fills the room with scent even when not lit. I love it and will definitely be ordering again.

  188. Holly

    Lovely smelling candle that really fills the room and lasts very well.

  189. Julie

    I love these products. I received my first gift box as a Christmas present and have been using since. Delivery is very quick and efficient.


  190. Angela

    Love this. Put in my cloakroom and gives off such a lovely scent I don’t need to guess a freshener as well

  191. Louise

    The best candles ever..the fragrance lasts for ages. I get lots of compliments about them. Found them at Burghley Horse Trials one year and always look forward to buying more.

  192. Sonja Castle-Mott

    Valentte candles are wonderful-my favourite being the white neroli and lemon. They smell divine. I’m greedy-I like to have 2. One in my hallway unlit and enjoy the mild scent, and the 2nd one I like to light in the evening, and at the moment when we are all staying safe in our homes (touch wood) it’s nice to have a candle shining out of the window. I would recommend Valentte candles as they burn for many hours and the scent lasts.
    I was first given a Valentte box of goodies as a birthday present and now love to give them for presents to special people.


    Over the years i have brought many candles, we found Valentte at the grand designs show a couple of years ago and now only buy our candles from Valentte! they are long lasting and the fragrance last throughout the house, also use the reed diffusers and just trying the skin care products, which are amazing too.

  194. Carolyn Mellor

    I adore the citrusy/ floral aroma, clean and fresh. It’s also burning cleanly, sign of a good candle. Hope to re-order

  195. Sw

    Lovely fresh scent that smells great even unlit.
    Candle burns well and overall it compares well with more expensive brands

  196. Bridget Levingston

    Beautiful perfume, long lasting. Great value, great product.

  197. Clare

    Fantastic product, gorgeous smell with a fragrance that lasts for ages, this is my favourite smell so far! 🙂 x

  198. Debbie Beilby

    This is a lovely candle. Really nice scent and burns well, quality wax. Highly recommended

  199. Jean OBrien

    Lovely smell to this candle , fresh and crisp makes you feel really chilled I only burn for an hour and the smell lingers for ages , even my husband loves it ! cant get better !

  200. Jayne Kent-Webster

    Fabulous product. Smells divine and fills the whole room with scent. Best bit is coming down next day and still smelling the lovely aroma. I first bought at a local fair and have been buying ever since.

  201. S Jacobs

    I have purchased candles in the past and was always disappointed with the fragrance. This however is the best and worth every penny. The scent is truly divine and soothing and lingers even when the candle is unlit. Just what I need after a stressful day at work. I will definitely purchase this again and also try the other scented candles.

  202. Paramabandhu

    The best scented candle I have had. The fragrance is wonderful – complex and lingering, but not overpowering. The candle burnt right down to the bottom of the glass, rather than dying half way down. Also, being made of soya, the tiny bit of wax left at the bottom is great for gardening hands!

  203. Jo

    Just love this company and all products I’ve bought to date, the Lemon and Neroli candle is fabulous, can be smelt through the house even the day after, oils definitely recommend, I won’t even consider any other candles since first buying these! Amazing! Thanks for wonderful products,

  204. Louise Robinson

    Amazing scent. Some candles do not smell as great when they are lit but this one does. A fantastic gift for family and friends during lockdown.

  205. V

    I’ve been using Valentte candles for a year now. They smell amazing. Lemon and neroli is my favourite. The smell fills the house and it can also be smelt from the garden!

  206. Mrs Joy Clark

    I absolutely love these candles, I love all the scents but I think this is my favourite.
    They are especially good because they are made from soy wax which are not carcinogenic

  207. roslyn brydon

    Received a lovely giftbox Order 27345 from a friend this week and was delighted to hear I can now receive a coupon for a free candle. The White Neroli and Lemon soy wax candle was the one I received and the scent is just fabulous and looking forward to trying another candle scent with my voucher.. The hand and body cream lime and grapefruit is also lovely and soft on my hands and legs and such a therapeutic smell. Really lifted my mood after I had just received some very positive news.First time I have seen your products and will be ordering for myself and others.

  208. Nicky

    I originally received the gift box as a gift and the smell was insanely gorgeous! I ordered another gift box just for myself with the White Neroli and Lemon candle is my favourite so far, but I plan on exploring all of the range, high quality product excellent value for money.

  209. Jo Evans-astley

    Definitely the best scented candles I have ever purchased, will only buy from Valentte, superb quality and customer service

  210. Stacey Gorman

    Beautiful scent, not over-powering. Scent lingers for many hours after lighting candle. I will be purchasing more.

  211. wendy atkins

    this has not been lite yet but the smell across the room is amazing,am saving the pleasure of lighting it till my last candle is finished but judging from the lovely smell given off unlite it will be amazing .great quality product

  212. Lisa Crawley

    I cannot praise the candles enough. The smell whilst burning is sensational, but also the room still smells amazing even after the candle is blown out. All Valentte products are high end at a really affordable price. I will always return buy.

  213. Carolyn Lennard

    The most beautiful candles. I will not buy anything else. The smell and quality are amazing. Once you try you will be hooked

  214. Taslim

    Smells amazing, my favourite so far! Have ordered this a few times now.

  215. chris.scrivener4

    I cant tell you how amazing these Candles are, the scent is just beautiful. Friends come into my home and immediately say ohhh whats that lovely smell. Ive noted the labelling has recently changed and although I really liked the old labels these are even better, they look very premium and fit in perfectly with any area of the house. Thank you Valentte for anther job well done.

    Im a real fan but honestly its like anything Valentte do, they do it so well from all there amazing products to their second to non customer service (Andy is so nice to talk to, his enthusiasm is infectious), their unbelievably quick delivery and such beautiful packaging .

  216. Karron

    Wow wow wow!!!! The best most stunning fragrances candle I’ve bought in a long time massive fragrance throw but not overpowering or something that smells mass produced – burns beautiful as all Valentte candles do – I’m on to my second mix and match box in less than a month – careful they are totally addictive – but so affordable for luxury products 💜

  217. Helen Greig

    This is my favourite of all of the Valentte fragrances. You can smell the candle when it isn’t even lit. They burn for hours and hours and there is no residue left in the glass. The glasses are very nice afterwards for a little g and t! The packaging is fabulous – a lot of companies would charge a good bit on top for what comes included by Valentte. The customer services are really great, and someone has answered the phone immediately, the two times I have had to call. I couldn’t recommend these lovely products more highly.

  218. Jill

    I have given this to a relative and they think the fragrance is absolutely beautiful. Definitely going to buy again.

  219. Fiona Lang

    The White Neroli and lemon is my current favourite of the soy candles ..within a couple of minutes the beautiful fragrance is filling the room..I love when I open the door to my lounge in the morning..that I can still smell the beautiful Neroli and lemon…10 hours after blowing out the candle the night before..

  220. CJ

    Wonderfully intense and delightful aroma . One of my favourites ( although so difficult to choose between them). Looking forward to continuing to enjoy your candles.

  221. Yvonne Huntington

    This candle is my favourite. The smell is wonderful, when it’s burning it is good to know that the ingredients are all natural. When it isn’t lit, the room still smells wonderful.

  222. gaytitchner

    Repurchased this as part of a gift set, not only are these product the best I have ever tried, but the presentation and packaging is beautiful, if you are hesitating don’t, just purchase, you will be delighted.
    I first discovered these products at an Ideal Home show I attended with my sister, we both bought these and love them, what I hadn’t realised until I sent for this last purchase is that they are from Cheshire so supporting a local business too.
    Thank you so much it was a joy to receive.

  223. Ali L

    I wanted to write a review on the recent TOTALLY GORGEOUS candle I was given for my birthday!
    I cannot underestimate the power of the White Neroli and Lemon scented candle…..it is totally awesome. The fragrance is gentle but powerful and just seems to invite you into the room . It really does appear to offer a hug in scent!
    i would heartily recommend a Valentte candle to anyone…..another addition to their wonderful range of their perfectly scented goodies!

  224. Nicola Turner

    I love this candle and also the reed diffuser in the same scent that I bought. I light this candle each night in my conservatory and it smell divine and after over a week it’s hardly burnt down at all. I can’t recommend Valentte enough. I’ve been buying candles and reed diffusers for years and even the more expensive ones don’t smell as strong or last as long as these do. Excellent, I’m so impressed.

  225. Julianne Macrae

    I ordered this as part of a gift box and I am super impressed with the quality of the candle I received. The white neroli and lemon smells divine and even my husband, who doesn’t usually comment on my candles, asked me what it was, saying he really liked the scent! Neroli is one of my favourite essential oils and coupled with the fresh and vibrant lemon- is just delicious! I have already recommended you to several friends, one of whom had just placed an order! Will definitely be purchasing more of your gorgeous products.

  226. Julianne Macrae

    I ordered this as part of a gift box and I am super impressed with the quality of the candle I received. The white neroli and lemon smells divine and even my husband, who doesn’t usually comment on my candles, asked me what it was, saying he really liked the scent! Neroli is one of my favourite essential oils and coupled with the fresh and vibrant lemon- is just delicious! I have already recommended you to several friends, one of whom had just placed an order! l definitely will be purchasing more of your gorgeous products.

  227. jo

    I first bought this gorgeous smelling candle at the Hampton Court Royal Flower Show. And have been buying from Valentte ever since. Gorgeous smell and really lingers. Would definitely recommend all their products which I have now used and enjoyed.

  228. Leanne Crowley

    I love this scent. I gave bought a Bomb candle in this scent but its no where as good.
    The scent is strong but not too over powering.
    Its so natural and relaxing.

    Leanne Crowley

  229. Joanna Bonney

    Amazing smelling candle, had very many remarks on the fragrance from my husband who never notices things like this!

  230. Pat Garner

    Lovely slow burning candle with a wonderful scent.
    I discovered this company through the recommendation of a friend who bought me a gift box last Christmas.

  231. Jan

    Love the fragrance and the fact the ingredients are Organic and natural

  232. rowantree36

    One of my favourite candles. Received it today together with a free heel balm, all beautifully packaged as usual, so no damage in transit and added gift of a sample of hand cream!
    Thank you so much – I wouldn’t buy my candles from anywhere else. I discovered Valentte at a Country Living Fair many years ago. Really missed this fair this year.

  233. sean

    Incorporated this with the body scrub. What a lovely candle. Such a special candle and gives u everything u expect and need

  234. Debra

    I’ve had these candles and reed diffuser’s now for the last 3 years and are better than any leading brands in the shop’s for the fragrance and keeping their smell . Love all the fragrance’s but the white neroli and lemon is my favourite.

  235. Kerry goel

    Would only buy from Valentte! Candles smell incredible and the whole house smells amazing, fantastic service great packaging! 5 star all round !

  236. Kerry goel

    Utterly delicious smelling candles, wouldn’t use any other ! The whole house smells amazing 5 stars from me !!

  237. Rachel Winter

    I have had many many fragranced candles from so many different place and after receiving my 3 free samples if fragrance I then decided to order 2 of the candles just to see if they were as good as Valentte say they are.
    They are amazing! This fragrance is beautiful and makes my entire house smell gorgeous. My home smells like a very expensive posh spa, it’s so fragrant, I am very impressed with them and I will definitely be buying other products and fragrances from Valentte.

  238. Tracy

    Was introduced to this product by a friend and am very impressed with the quality. One of the nicest candles I have tried, and I’ve tried a few 🤣

  239. Joan Irwin

    I had this candle burning in a lantern outside whilst having drinks with visitors and the smell was amazing!!

  240. Val Bucknole

    What a find! Incredibly wonderful fragrance – a sheer delight. As is the diffuser of the same fragrance for such a really Welcome amount.

  241. Anne

    Wonderful products. Last for ages and smells delicious . Highly recommended. Better than some more expensive candles

  242. Carolyn Lennard

    Amazing smell and quality is first class . Have purchased several times and never been disappointed. Delivery fast and packaging lovely . Would highly recommend these products

  243. goodall823

    Quite disappointed in the quality of the candle I received, it smells divine but the overall appearance is definitely not worthy of giving as a gift as I intended!

  244. Carolyn Kay

    Delicious smell and did not disappoint when lit . Aroma lasted right to the end

  245. Lynne McNally

    A very good quality product that isn’t too overpowering but makes the room smell beautiful. I would definitely purchase more.

  246. Grace Wright

    I ordered a full set with this candle in it and I am really pleased with it. I got a free lemongrass and rosemary hand cream sample. My daughter loved the scent from it so much so that she ordered 3 full sets as gifts for friends. I am definitely going to be ordering more gift sets as presents as they are amazing and so nicely packaged.

  247. Grace Wright

    Lovely products. Lovely scents and so nicely packaged.

  248. Tracey

    This is a beautiful uplifting fragrance that fills the whole room, I can’t get enough of it! Everything from Valentte comes beautifully packaged, and their products are gorgeous.

  249. Helen Harper

    Absolutely love my items, beautiful scents and arrive really well presented, exceeded my expectations, will make lovely gifts at Christmas time when i will order more! xx

  250. Pat Garner

    A wonderful slow burning candle that I light every night for absent friends.

  251. Elizabeth Burton

    What a lovely scented candle. Neroli and lemon. The scent is so good even without lighting the candle. Great size too so will last a long time.

  252. Shahi Kapow

    Amazing candle, burns well and smells delicious

  253. Helen Glacken

    Loved all my products. Arrived beautifully presented and they smell gorgeous. Already thinking about Christmas presents.

  254. Shelly White

    Absolutely gorgeous smell and beautifully packaged.

  255. Barbara varey

    Absolutely thrilled with all my products especially the reed infusers and candles . I was given a box of goodies as a birthday gift and have since purchased more for myself and gifts especially at the sale prices

  256. Jan

    Wonderful fragrance and burns evenly. I think I may try and collect the whole set in this fragrance, it’s so beautiful. I shall be trying the reed diffuser next!

  257. Trudy Elliot

    Stunning fragrance that is noticed by anyone visiting. Will be ordering again

  258. Margaret Green

    One of my favourites in your range. A gorgeous scent that lasts for ages

  259. Sheena Robertson

    This smells so good and last ages. Will buy again

  260. Laura shepherd


  261. Christine Dickens

    Exquisite scent which completely fills the house with an uplifting aroma. Candle evenly burns. An absolute ‘must have’ product. Would make a lovely gift.


    Long lasting relaxing scent that creates a good atmosphere to sit and rest in. It burns evenly and clean. A fab buy.

  263. Angelika Gorecka

    Amazing candle! By far the best candle I have ever used! My favourite company

  264. Angelika Gorecka

    Amazing quality product! Will definitely be returning!
    Very happy customer

  265. Yvonne

    Smells lovely evening when not lit. Have always bought candles and room sprays as presents but I took advantage of a free gift with an order to have one for myself.

  266. Kazza Woolsey

    Absolutely love the smell of this; I have the room scent too. Delicate and relaxing.

  267. kath stephenson

    Such a great scent, can even smell it when it’s not lit. Lovely candle, definitely recommend

  268. Kelly

    Such beautiful gifts! I bought this as part of a set for a friend and she loves them all. The scent is so fresh and uplifting and beautifully packaged. Makes a wonderful thoughtful gift for a bit of luxury me time !

  269. Mrs J Cooney

    Haven’t burnt the candle yet but fragrance is delightful and the product looks full of quality

  270. Lana Brigstock

    The fragrance is one of the nicest I have found for a long time , it makes my house smell delicious, I have the Reed diffuser too ,, it adds extra depth to the room , I will definitely be buying from you again . Lovely packaging and a quick delivery service .

  271. Tricia Martin

    Absolutely beautiful could smell it well before I got it out of the box candle burns well fragrance filled the room would purchase again.

  272. Julia Jaeger

    Deeply scents the room without even lighting it. Will definitely buy again!

  273. Kelly Dean

    These candles are amazing, I could smell them before even lighting them. When burning they fill the room and surrounding areas with a wonderful scent. I will certainly be purchasing more in the future!

  274. Lisa Rowe

    The scent that comes from this candle even before you light it is fabulous, can’t wait to try other fragrances

  275. Tania Shurlock

    This relaxing scent can be smelt even when the candle is not lit! I love having it next to my bed.
    Can you make one with frankincense please? I wouldn’t buy from anyone else 😍

  276. Gemma Williams

    Wow – this little candle carries more fragrance that other candles I have which are double the size! It’s also long lasting… I’ve had it lit loads and it’s still going. Lovely.

  277. Karen Forster

    This is such a nice candle. The smell is so refreshing and relaxing. Will buy again!

  278. liz

    This candle smells lovely, even unlit. I used to work in a lab testing essential oils and these smell like
    top quality ones . Would make a great present if you could bear to give them away.

  279. Jacqueline Hurren

    Not lit my candle yet, but I placed it on my mantelpiece and the scent filled the room. Absolutely quality product.

  280. Alison Allison

    Beautiful gifts and well presented

  281. Fay

    Just received my ordered gift box. Well packed and good delivery. I used the white neroli and lemon candle straight away. Excellent strong aroma which for a medium sized candle filled the room. The aroma remained in the even though I had extinguished and returned 1/2 hour later.
    Can’t wait to try the other items and will definitely be ordering again

  282. Angela Wingfield

    This was a gift from a friend – I loved it so much I ordered a box of various items and am delighted with them all. The candles smell amazing and if, like me, you live in a small apartment is ideal for covering cooking smells. I have had many candles before from top brands but none as lovely as these.

  283. Lorna Roberts

    I love the fragrance of this candle , smells beautiful. Very pleased with my purchase and will buy again.

  284. Kimmy

    Bought this as a cheer up gift for my daughter, she loved it. Great communication and delivery and tracking updates, can’t wait to receive my own goodies


    The fragrance from this candle is amazing and lasts a long time.

  286. Lisa Farrell

    Absolutely divine …recommend highly

  287. Lisa Farrell

    Absolutely divine …recommend highly

  288. Maureen

    I bought a gift set for friends who have recently moved house. I selected this candle to include & I’m so pleased I did. It looks lovely & is gift wrapped nicely so I know they are going to love it.

  289. Lynda Lattimer

    Delighted with my Neroli and Lemon wax candle I purchased, beautifully packaged.

  290. Sian Brett

    I love all the valentte candles but the white neroli and lemon has to be my favourite! When I like the candle the whole ground floor of the house smells amazing! They are also good value and long lasting.

  291. amanda thurtle

    Love this fragrance , smells devine when lit , have also purchased the diffusers & room spray
    Would highly recommend 💙

  292. Mark Dickey

    So many of my friends have commented on how nice my place smells

  293. Jane Hiscocks

    Really gorgeous scent(even when unlit). Will definitely be buying some of these products as Christmas gifts.

  294. Nicole

    Lovely scent to this candle- saw the Facebook ad and was intrigued by the description. It’s a bit smaller than I expected for the price, but is a good product overall.

  295. Maureen Stewart

    Smell of candle was lovely. Lasted right until the end of the candle which lasted for about a week burning it each night. As the wax went down by about the fourth night the glass jar became very black by the flame and I also got a mushroom affect after each burn on the wick. I always trim the wick of a candle with a wick trimmer before lighting a candle. Because of the jar becoming very black I took 2 stars off as it was not a total clean burn.

  296. Louise Cantwell

    My favourite candle rediscovered!
    I bought a Valentte box at a flower show a few years ago and loved the products. The combined scent of different candles lit at the same time was heavenly.
    I recently saw an advert and couldn’t resist the special offer. Delighted with this particular scent all over again.
    Highly recommended.

  297. Suzanne

    Smells divine – leaves your room smelling gorgeous xx go ahead and treat yourself

  298. Suzanne

    Smells divine . Leaves your room smelling absolutely gorgeous – go ahead and treat yourself x

  299. Jackie O’Connor

    I have purchased 2 of the amazing gift boxes. After receiving the first, I quickly reordered another.
    They are fabulous and the scents beautiful, very natural and still permeates the house hours later.
    I especially like the neroli, verbena and lemon grass, having them in candles and Reed diffusers. I know Christmas shopping will be sorted! I highly recommend this company and their gorgeous products.

  300. Caroline Kingham

    The smell is amazing as all the candles are live them

  301. Caroline Kingham

    The smell is amazing as all the candles are love them

  302. Linda Ripley

    Bought this candle as a birthday present for a friend…came beautifully wrapped in a box ready to be given no wrapping needed!! She loved it😊

  303. Yvette Morgan

    Absolutely superb , highly recommend

  304. Karen Taylor

    I love the White Neroli and Lemon it smells beautiful. I have the candle, room mist and hand cream and its just divine – very spa like.
    I have purchased a couple of gift boxes for presents for friends and I know they will absolutely love them. I can highly recommend and will definitely be reordering.

  305. Linda Trueman

    A gorgeous candle that makes the whole house smell fresh I love it.

  306. Wanda Butchart

    Love the smell of this White Neroli and Lemon candle . Just burning it for a couple of hours leaves my home smelling so lovely even the next day . I can’t recommend it enough.

  307. Sharon Keogh

    Bought the neroli & lemon candle along with the diffuser & room spray for my bathroom. Smell absolutely divine. Looking to get a full set of one of the other fragrances for the bedroom probably the lavender & then the living room. Working my way around the house filling it with gorgeous aromas 😊

  308. Fiona McMartin

    The White Neroli and Lemon Soy are my favourite candles. The scent fills the room with its relaxing fragrance, and visitors all comment on how lovely the house smells.


    This is my 2nd purchase from Valentte. I was hooked after the first gift box I received and will certainly be ordering more. The candle has only been lit once so far but the fragrance is still lingering – 5 days after the first use.

  310. A cape

    Love this candle. Smells divine. My favourite so far.

  311. Anthony Worth

    Fantastic value, beautiful fragrances, fast delivery, what more could you ask for. Will definitely buy again

  312. Michelle Taylor

    Love this candle the scent is amazing

  313. Robert Murray

    This is my first product from you. It smells lovely. I will be purchasing more in the future for Christmas present’s.

  314. Tracy O’Connor

    I’ve bought many candles for our home over the years…and this white neroli and lemon one has to be one of the best!!
    The throw of fabulous fragrance fills the house, and burns consistently every time it is lit.
    If you’ve ever been disappointed with a candle before…I really would recommend giving this a try..it’s a beautiful and natural alternative to all those nasty chemical ones…the only thing is ~they are slightly addictive…we’re on our third box now- and will be back for more xx


    Amazing scent you can smell it even when not lit,
    Speedy delivery and the packaging is very elegant, will definitely be purchasing more in different scents

  316. Sarah

    Absolutely love this scent, and that I can smell it on walking into the room, even when the candle isn’t burning!

  317. Alison

    This is my favourite candle of all time. The scent is so fresh and clean and the candle burns beautifully. I’ve just moved house and have Valentte products in most rooms – it smells amazing! Will be ordering gift boxes as Christmas gifts as the packaging is very luxurious and delivery is very reliable.

  318. Sonia Moore

    I ordered the free samples before ordering and loved the scent of the White neroli and lemon candle, fills the room with the most gorgeous aroma. My box came very well packaged and prompt

  319. Faatima Osman

    Lovely smelling and very relaxing.

  320. Catherine Austin

    My most favourite so far but I’ve not tried the rest yet, I absolutely adore the perfumes they are so clean, fresh and simply beautiful. Inwork from home doing massage therapies and beauty treatments so it’s important for me that my clients come into the house and feel good. Once they smell these they are going to love them too. My order of three candles came in record time, beautifully gift boxed and as soon as I opened the box there was an amazing scent filling the house. Thank you Valentine I will be back for more of your products

  321. Lynda

    Love, love, LOVE these candles. The fragrance is glorious and they last right down to the end. The only there candles I have that do this are much more expensive.

  322. Kathy Dyer

    I had to include the White Neroli and Lemon candle, and diffuser, on my order because it smells so fabulous. My sister (having discovered you at Burghley horse trials) gave me a gift box last Christmas, with these in and they smelt amazing. When I was visiting her recently she had the Lime and Grapefruit diffuser and when I commented on how lovely it made the room smell she mentioned the special offers you have on. I couldn’t resist, and added that to my order as well. And because of your offers I got the free handwash as well. It too is lovely.
    The candles are such good quality, last for ages and scent the whole room.

  323. Elizabeth Lindsell

    I ordered the Neroli and Lemon Candle after trying the free scent samples offered by Valentte. The smell is so lovely and natural. Furthermore the candles are made of soy wax. I will purchase again.

  324. Suzie DG

    This is a beautiful very nurturing scented candle a perfect match used together with the reed diffuser. The reed diffuser leaves a subtle fragrance in the room but after lighting the candle for a couple of hours, this beautiful scent penetrates through to adjacent rooms. Perfect!!!

  325. Pamela Rhind

    I really love this candle. It smells amazing and I can still smell the fragrance when its not lit. It appears to burn evenly too.
    An expensive candle but well worth the price tag.
    I will be back.

  326. Laura shepherd

    Defo the best smell ever 😍 lovely products xx

  327. Sophie Worth

    I was introduced to Valentte candles during a mindset and meditation class. It literally filled the room. This candle smells amazing ! I highly recommend and will definitely be purchasing this scent again.
    S Worth

  328. Maureen McCallum

    This is the most amazing scent! Close your eyes breathe deeply and you are transformed to a wonderful place! The service provided is second to none and I highly recommend this site

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