Trombone Oil

I have an app on my phone called Feedly, which I use to follow and read a variety of blogs. Most of them publish daily content that I find useful and inspiring. The app puts all this great information in one place, so when I have a spare five minutes each day, I can open it and catch up.

These bloggers write on a range of topics, and when they make a recommendation, particularly books to read, I invariably buy them. I don’t overthink the decision. If one of them takes the time to say something is good, I immediately open audible and order the audiobook.

Last week Rohan Rajiv who writes the fabulous A Learning A Day blog mentioned he was reading Disney CEO Bob Iger’s autobiography “The Ride of a lifetime.” I bought the book and started it yesterday.

Early in his career at Disney, Bob Iger describes a friend handing him a note while he considered a new program, that reads:

“Avoid getting into the business of manufacturing trombone oil. You may become the greatest trombone oil manufacturer in the world, but in the end, the world only consumes a few litres of trombone oil per year.”

If you are starting a project, or running a business, I urge you to remember these words. For me, this quote was worth the entire price of the book.

Together, we climb the mountain, not in giant leaps but one small step at a time.

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  1. Luke
    I’ve bought your products, many times. Then your blog kicked in, I enjoy that too, it’s often about the challenges you face. I’d like to hear more about the challenge with regards to the environment, we can all and must take onboard. You’re considering change, so how will your products, packaging and operations become more environmentally focused? When you do new, make this a key part of it all, in the end this won’t be about Trombone oil, it’ll be about a better and more sustainable future, for us all.


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