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Mix and Match Gift Box

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Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our whole range. Each gift box contains three products. For your first two items you can choose anything and then the third item must be either a hand cream or a room mist. The three items can all be the same scent or different. You decide!



Total Reviews: 1653
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 18, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Had one of your mixed box’s bought for Christmas the lemon grass & rosemary candle & diffuser set absolutely beautiful long lasting smell that impressed I have bought 4 box’s for gifts best by far for the smell lasting 🤗
Josie - avatar Josie
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 17, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Amazing scents made the whole house smell great and lasted for ages!
Really please with the whole service and how the gift boxes are presented.
Dee - avatar Dee
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 17, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

i was given some of your rosemary and lemongrass handcream as a present last year and am hooked! i have bought the whole range and several giftboxes for friends who also adore the fragrance.
Susan Thorpe - avatar Susan Thorpe
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Mood Boosting

Mix and match the fragrances to create your perfect combination. Each scent is made with pure essential oils blended to improve your mood and wellbeing.

More Info:

All products in our gift boxes are standard sized items. None of our products are tested on animals

All items are made with 100% natural essential oils.

Total Reviews: 1653
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 18, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Had one of your mixed box’s bought for Christmas the lemon grass & rosemary candle & diffuser set absolutely beautiful long lasting smell that impressed I have bought 4 box’s for gifts best by far for the smell lasting 🤗
Josie - avatar Josie
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 17, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Amazing scents made the whole house smell great and lasted for ages!
Really please with the whole service and how the gift boxes are presented.
Dee - avatar Dee
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 17, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

i was given some of your rosemary and lemongrass handcream as a present last year and am hooked! i have bought the whole range and several giftboxes for friends who also adore the fragrance.
Susan Thorpe - avatar Susan Thorpe
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 17, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

I received a mix and match gift box as a Christmas gift, I absolutely loved it. It was the hand wash, hand cream and reed diffuser. It has made my home smell gorgeous. Its as nice as a beauty spa fragrance and I love it. So much so that I have ordered 2 as Birthday gifts for my Mum and Auntie as I know they will like them as much as me.
The website, delivery and products are great for a family run business. I will definitely be putting more orders in in the future!
Gemma Lowe - avatar Gemma Lowe
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 17, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Received a gift box for xmas bought by my sister who lives in France. We both have a love for lavender so this was what my gift box was filled with. Before I even opened it the lavender smell was so strong. The room mist lives by my bed and a quick spray each evening relaxes me. The candle and diffuser in the front room. Beautifully packaged. Certainly a lovely gift!
antonia.dolden - avatar antonia.dolden
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 15, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

I have just received my third order from you and I was not disappointed fantastically gift boxed again even though one of the three items was free gift for reviewing. The geranium and ylang ylang handwash and hand and body lotion is divine just like expensive spa products. Ordering some more now for a present for a friend. Five stars amazing!
Maxine Wilson - avatar Maxine Wilson
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 15, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Ordered one day - delivered the next - well packed products. I ordered two wax candles Lime and Grapefruit and White Neroli and Lemon. Also I got a White Neroli and Lemon Reed diffuser. These were bought as gifts. The fragrance from the box - before I unpacked my items was wonderful. I just had to keep all of my order for my home! After this review I will be ordering again and this time (I promise!) I will be gifting the products. (In my order I also received three sample of my choice - different fragrances for me to try - free of charge. I love the principles and ethos of Valentte - including cruelty free products. Thank you Valentte.
Denise Taylor - avatar Denise Taylor
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 15, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Fantastic Quality
Bought this as a possible gift to give at Christmas, but loved it so much kept it for myself. Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrance.
I saw it advertised on Face Book
Sue - avatar Sue
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 15, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Received as Christmas gift, beautifully packaged and lemongrass scent is lovely !! Xx
Nicola Coyle - avatar Nicola Coyle
Mix and Match Gift Box
Mix and Match Gift Box
January 14, 2021

Create your perfect gift box by mixing and matching products across our... View

Absolutely thrilled with my mix and match box, the scent is divine, will definitely be ordering more. The packaging was very elegant, and looked very expensive. Thank you
Geri Thrift - avatar Geri Thrift
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Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Mood Boosting

Mix and match the fragrances to create your perfect combination. Each scent is made with pure essential oils blended to improve your mood and wellbeing.


Product Details

Gift box contains three full sized items.

More Info:

All products in our gift boxes are standard sized items. None of our products are tested on animals

All items are made with 100% natural essential oils.

1653 reviews for Mix and Match Gift Box

  1. Sarah

    Bought as a gift. My friend was really pleased with the gift box items & said how beautiful they smelt.

  2. Kirstie b

    Absolutely love these boxes, great products great value for money!!

    These candles are my all time favourite and I also ordered the body lotion which is amazing!! ???

  3. Mags Bland

    I love the Valentte products, they last so much longer & scent is more defined than competitor products. I have purchased before from shows & love them so much I bought 2 gift boxes this time and will buy on line. For my free gift I received a candle not diffuser as requested – the poor guy at the show was so busy. But not a problem!.

  4. Zuzana

    Got gift set box at Hampton court flower show. Got candle, room mist and hand wash lime and grapefruit flavour – smells georgeous. Would definitely recommend it.

  5. Ali Lomax

    Finding Valentte at the Christmas show at Olympia last year was such a great thing. Their gift boxes are superb quality in both packaging and content. Lovely to use pure untainted ingredients and the fragrances are wonderful to choose from. Fully recommend! Re-ordering this year over the online and over phone was a pleasure too, with their excellent customer care. Thankyou Valentte!

  6. Julia

    Purchased a gift box; candle, body scrub and hand cream at the Country Living fair London. Fantastic value for money, beautiful scents and expensive looking packaging! Bought 2 more mix & match gift boxes for friends on-line and now they’re hooked!! Finally found a company offering amazing products, affordable prices and fast delivery. Can’t ask for anything else!
    Thank you Valentte!

  7. AJ

    Love the smell of this diffuser. Teamed with the candle it’s perfect. Makes a great gift, beautifully package. Have now purchased 5 mix and match boxes for friends as well as myself.

  8. Cheryl Bone

    I first used a set brought for me as a birthday present two years ago and I loved them! Beautiful fragrance and long lasting. I have bought another set at the Hampton Court Palace Flower show and will hopefully again this year.

  9. Debbie Faulkner

    I ‘discovered’ this brand at Hampton court flower show and having had my fan sprayed with lemongrass and rosemary quickly returned to the stand and brought the reed diffuser, hand wash and room spray. Returning home I was disappointed to find the room spray missing and without too much hope left a message on the answerphone that night. Much to my surprise I had a call from Andy on Sunday afternoon and by the end of Wednesday the spray was in my hot little hand. I don’t normally buy this type of product, but am completely converted, not only by the quality of the products, but by the response of the team in dealing with my temporary angst. Thank you all so very much,

  10. Penny.goff

    Nice products but too much packaging. Also very dissatisfied with the delivery company UK Mail. Absolutely rubbish service. After 3 failed deliveries I had to drive 25 miles to the depot to collect the parcel myself.

  11. Janet Tyler

    Bought from Valentte at the Spirit of Christmas Fair previously. Products are excellent, diffusers last well, hand creams are great and room sprays back up the diffusers. Superb value for money, look good and certainly are as good as some of the more expensive ranges available ie White Company, True Grace etc.

  12. Louise

    Luke is lovely, so helpful, at The Game Fair. Love the candles & lemongrass diffuser.
    Will be buying more for me and for gifts for friends at Christmas. The smells lasts & lasts.
    The choose your own gift box is such a good idea. Xx

    Love Love Love it.

  13. Sue coleman

    The candles and diffusers last forever almost! These are the best I’ve ever come across ?

  14. Gillian Hynd

    These candles are fab the smell goes on and on. Longest lasting diffuser i have come across. Lemongrass and rosemary is my favourite ?

  15. Christine

    I recently purchased 3 of these boxes of mixed products, one fir myself and the others as gifts. They are wonderful! I first bought them last year at Tattom Flower Show and still have a diffuser which is still in use and just as strong a smell. Well worth the money.

  16. Kerris Bunting

    The most amazing and natural products I have ever used. So happy I found this company

  17. Jean Halkyard

    I bought a mix & match gift box when visiting Southport flower show this year.( 2018) I am very impressed at the lemongrass diffuser and room spray. The price for the gift set was really good and hopefully I will be using them again. The salesman on the stall was friendly & helpful.

  18. jencowie51

    I was at the Royal Highland Show in Edinburgh and purchased the Lemongrass & Rosemary gift box. Luke was very nice and when I choose the candle, hand wash & hand & body lotion he very kindly packaged these up for me even though these three items weren’t in the set (I didn’t realise at the time). I purchased these items for my bathroom and they look great and smell gorgeous. Would be great if you did these three items as a set.

  19. lynda.humber

    Bought my home gift set from Burghley – loved it. Great that you can mix and match and I intend buying more as christmas pressies

  20. Clare

    Bought from Burghley lots of compliments on subtle but unusual fragrance lasts a long time too

  21. Ulla Mercer

    Bought a reed diffuser and room mist at least two years ago at a show – absolutely lovely. The reed diffuser still has some oil in it!!

  22. Joy Anderson

    Bought a gift box at the show last year. Best buy ever! Great value for money! Lemongrass and rosemary amazing!

  23. Cathie lowe

    I brought five box sets for presents from a show in Gloucester and everyone loved them. The diffuser lates well over s year and has the best aroma I have ever brought and I’ve tried lots of expensive diffusers and nothing compares. I am so glad you have found me again ??

  24. Anne Simon

    I am very pleased with the products I purchased. The scent is of high quality and the fragrance lingers in the atmosphere. This demonstrates the products is of excellent standard.

  25. Anne Mayor

    I purchased a gift bow and body product at the Cheltenham show.
    Very pleased with 2 diffusers.
    Service was also very good.
    Thank you

  26. Sian Evans

    Bought this at Grand Designs – absolutely fabulous scent and quality – wish I’d bought more!

  27. Tracey Lumley

    I purchased a gift box for myself when you visited Alexandra Palace as a friend told me about your candles.
    I purchased the Geranium & Ylang Yland candle and the White Neroli & Lemon candle and also the Lime & Grapefruit room mist.
    They are absolutely fantastic, give off a great scent and the best I have ever used.
    The box itself was lovely looking and I almost wanted to give it away to someone as a gift but I decided to keep it for myself and I am glad I did but I will definitely buy another one as a gift. Very impressed, bye bye Yankee!

  28. Jill

    Bought reed diffusers at Olympia absolutely thrilled with the fragrance that lingers all around the room

  29. Jacqueline Nevison

    I have just purchased a mixed box from Ripley Castle Christmas Fair. The service was excellent and the products outstanding. The candle and diffuser both smell amazing and the body lotion just glides on.
    I would definitely recommend as a Christmas or Birthday gift, or like me, just for yourself.
    The boxes provide excellent value for money.

  30. Janis.b

    Purchased the gift box with 2 diffusers and a room spray all White Neroli and lemon. What a great fragrance.

  31. julievwatson

    Love these products, the scrub is fabulous and all the products are of a high quality. Very good value for money considering the quality of the ingredients. Great aromas which do nit fade.

  32. G Grant-Haworth

    I found Valentte at a Christmas Fair and now I never buy candles anywhere else. Am also partial to the hand cream which is so rich and fragrant and sinks right in. Lovely products.

  33. LisaMarie

    I am over the moon with the gift set I purchased. It smells divine and I can’t wait to gave it to my mum. She will love it

  34. Kim Durling

    My wife loved it, makes the room smell nice and came nicely wrapped would stemomend the Neroli scent.

  35. Hayley Van Den Bergh

    Fab set, just love the candle. Love the smell

  36. Rebecca keely

    Great to have a choice of product for a gift to tailor to recipient.

    I have bought Valentte products on at least 5 separate occasions and I have been delighted every time. Scents that last and high quality creams.

    Beautifully packaged and even over the busy Christmas period, good despatch/delivery communication.

  37. V Cherry

    I purchased the Mix and Match box as a gift and was very pleased with the presentation, contents and speed of delivery of the box. The Valentte scents are gorgeous, and I would recommend their products highly.

  38. Steve Ariss

    Love this company, have met them at shows before but first time bought on line super service. Products are great. They last longer than any other reed defuser we we have had and the scent is just devine. Very happy to recommend to anyone

  39. Heather

    These candles are the best I’ve had, they make the room smell before they are even lit ! My favourite is the lemongrass and rosemary, as an aromatherapist you know when there is a good blend of essential oils, excellent, would highly recomend.

  40. WendyT

    *5 stars*
    I bought my sis-in-law a mix ‘n’ match giftbox for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. I had a sneaky peek myself before I wrapped it up and the aroma from the 3 different products which was a diffuser, hand cream and a candle were gorgeous. Ordering online and delivery was very simple and quick. I had only come across this company from my MiL having a room spray which was the lemongrass and rosemary one, and that one is lovely too. Highly recommended and I will be treating myself and other family members to more of this.

  41. Maggie Antoun

    The mix and match box is excellent value for money. The three products you can choose from are all of a high standard. This makes a very elegant present.

  42. Em Snowdon

    I discover Valentte a couple of years ago when I bought a home fragrance box at crafts for Christmas at Harrogate show ground. What can I say? They are the most Devine smelling gorgeous candles I have ever had the fortune of buying!! I only buy soy candles as I have cats and they don’t burn as hot. I also think that my house smells of cat, but the rosemary and lemongrass fragrance does the job perfectly. I started with candles but have now also got the reed diffuser and room spray and my house smells amazing!! Candles are in fact my guilty pleasure and I have In fact just ordered another home fragrance box. Well done Valentte from a super impressed customer ??

  43. Beverley

    Beautiful mix and match gift box – this is my second one – great as presents or something special for yourself.
    The scents are devine will definitely keep buying.

  44. Helen

    I bought a mix & match gift box at the Ripley Christmas show. Lovely products! Candles & room diffuser all smell so nice!

    The fragrance is lovely & all nicely packaged. They make really lovely gifts as they come nicely packaged. Compared to a lot of other much more expensive products these are equally as nice with a great choice of fragrances.

  45. Smac

    Excellent products and customer service

  46. Georgie

    Made in the UK. Organic. Safe. Smell divine. I don’t buy anyone else’s.

  47. louise.metcalfe3

    I love the gift boxes, they are so well priced and are beautifully wrapped up whether they are a gift to yourself or others. I bought 2 at Christmas for friends and family and loved that I could tailor their boxes to their personalities and preferences. My mum got home and room gifts, my best friend got a spa in a box!

  48. Susan

    5 stars for product, 5 stars for customer service !
    I had to stop using candles as I have an epileptic dog, chemicals are a no no, then I came across Valentte at Ripley Christmas Fair, intrigued by their pure scents and oils and ethics I came home to look them up, I e-mailed a list of herbs and oils my dog could not have i.e. Rosemary is a trigger, the guys came up trumps not only did they e-mail me they rang me, the Lavender candle would be just fine, so impressed by their scents I ordered myself the gift box with 2 Lavender candles and a Lavender hand cream as it was good value but also ordered another as a gift.

  49. Tim Walters

    Easy ordering. Product arrived quickly and as advertised. Beautifully packaged. Perfect gift. Products are beautifully produced. Will definitely order again, both for us and as gifts for friends. Glad we’ve discovered Valentte.

  50. Jo ellis

    Great value having the gift box after smelling this candle and Rees diffuser in a clients house I couldn’t resist I lobe the fragrance so fresh.

  51. Lynnette van Heerden

    The gift box was is incredibly good value for such beautiful products. I bought one for myself because I liked the diffuser my mother had bought a few years ago at a market in Kingston (but only used recently) so much. Perhaps it was the ‘aging process’ but the older fragrance (lemongrass and rosemary) is more mellow and less astringent than my newly bought ones, but it’s still a great scent. My mother has also now bought a gift pack! Thank you, Valentte!

  52. Anne Brooks

    I’m so happy to be introduced to your wonderful scents and products. One of my favourites which I’ve purchased for both myself and our daughter is Geranium & Ylang Ylang reed diffuser , love it so much I’ve just purchased the hand cream and candle. I first discovered Vallentte products at Home & Garden Olympia. On receiving email soon after with offers on gift box I tried to place an order but found it difficult and gave up. Next Day to my surprise I received a call to say they’d noticed I’d tried to place an order was there anything they could help me with ?it turned out to be internet problems ! Was I pleased to get that call which introduced me to these wonderful scents and products. The smell when the gift box arrives is wonderful! The service I’ve received if I had a query brings back faith that customer service is still out there! Well done to the team for such nice products at very good prices! I’m now buying products for gifts as well!

  53. Emma Paskett

    As always great service. I ordered 2 gift boxes online before Christmas as presents. They arrived literally the next day, packed beautifully and smelling divine, I love love love the lemongrass and rosemary. Thank you

  54. Claire Driver

    These gift boxes make wonderful presents and so beautifully wrapped too. They are so very well received.

  55. Lorna Fawcett

    I was over from Australia visiting family for Christmas and came across the Valentte gift boxes while brousing at the Alpine Village Christmas market in Kingston upon Thames. Having sampled the lavender body scrub, which left my hands feeling soft and smelling amazing, I knew what my “Secret Santa” request was going to be!! I enjoyed treating my sisters to a hand scrub and massage after Christmas, and the lavender diffuser in my bedroom has helped me to sleep better and recover from jet lag now that I’m back in Australia. Thank you!! I’ll have to put in a standing order with my Secret Santa ?

  56. Josephine Scott

    Love these Mix & Match gift box selections. Good value for £25. Orderd them several times now also purchased them at the shows. I love the Rosemary & Lemongrass, so i was a little dissappionted when i made an order for £50.00 to receive the free Rosemary & Lemongrass hand wash. unfortunatly the hand wash was out of stock so i ended up with two White Neroli & lemon hand Washes and no Rosemary & lemongrass hand wash to make the complete set. I will have to order another R & LG hand wash to make my Set complete.
    Thank you to VALENTTE, Look forward to seeing soon at the shows in 2019.

  57. Prue Clark

    I love the differs and candles and bought them for Christmas presents. Everyone who received a gift box loved them so I bought two more gift boxes just to have in for birthdays. The hand cream which came as a free gift was also delightful.

  58. jn2000

    What a fabulous way to buy the products, amazing value. At this price I really don’t mind getting products I haven’t tried before ( mandarin / grapefruit and geranium / ylang ylang are my favourites ) but it’s good to diversify ! I often go for the hand creams as the 3rd item – they make great little gifts for girlfriends

  59. Joy

    This gift box was great value for money!! When the candles are lit their scent fills the whole house and not just one room. Best of all they burn evenly and there is very little wax left. Of all the candles I’ve used before these are by far the best and I will always buy them. Thank you also for the free gift. Gorgeous! Extremely pleased with my purchase.

  60. Susan Brown

    I have been given two gift srts at Christmas. I love the set. Scent stays in the candle and diffuser. Great gifts, buying more today.

  61. Karen Mackay

    Bought this for a gift , beautifully packaged and smells gorgeous . Will buy it again . Arrived quick .

  62. Jill Branson

    As always, delighted with all the products. I shall continue to order not just for myself but also gifts for family and friends.

  63. Ali

    As ever I am thrilled with my ‘mix and match ‘ gift box. The candle fragrance is devine and even when not in use fills cupboards and rooms with a gorgeous scent of lavender. The diffuser and hand cream are equally well worth the money. I usually buy a gift box for friends but have decided I will also be treating myself regularly with one too!

  64. mail1

    I first bought a gift set (two in fact) at the Malvern Spring show. One was for a gift and the other was for myself. I have to say the quality of the product was outstanding. The perfume permeated the room for longer than any other reed diffuser as did the candle. Looking forward to seeing them at the Spring Show again.
    Ian Buckley

  65. Janet Clark

    this is the third box I have purchased along with stand-alone items. What is not to like?? the quality the fragrances and the care taken to package. It is an affordable indulgence for self and a more than acceptable ready to go gift … ready boxed with ribbon.
    Over the years I have tried a variety of products which included a variety of prices and reactions from visitors with artificial fragrances – Valentte has a positive response all round – it adds subtle sustainable fragrance without being overpowering.
    Cannot enthuse enough……I love it!!!!!!!!!
    The bonus/free items are a fabulous way of trying out new fragrances.

  66. Lesley Hurford

    I received a gift box as a gift, what a wonderful gift, beautiful fragrance and long lasting candles that really do keep their fragrance. My only criticism would be is that the body scrub is a little too oily. Will definitely be placing an order for more.

  67. Moira

    I purchased the lavender hand and body lotion along with the hand wash at the Ripley Castle show and am delighted with it. The fragrance is long lasting and very nourishing..great for the perfect nights sleep. Just ordered the mix and match box for Mums birthday , the lavender of course.

  68. Naomi Law, Bromsgrove

    I have bought my products, at the shows and the customer serivce is amazing. Friendly, knowledgeable and no pressure selling. Although that isn’t needed as the products sell them selves, fragrances are clean and strong, product packaging is simple and elegant. I used to buy NEOM but im truly s convert now. The fragrance doesn’t stop until the last drop has been used, diffused or melted.

  69. Guy Wilcox

    My wife loves the lemongrass and rosemary range to the point where we gave around 30 of the mix and match box sets to our friends and my customers at Christmas. Just bought a few more box sets for my wife (again).
    Excellent service and great value for money.

  70. Jacqui Feomberg

    I love these Mix and Match gift boxes and so do my friends and family who I buy them as presents for. They always know when a Vallente delivery has arrived as the smell of the gorgeous items carries through the house. They know they are in for a treat but just have to wait ?

  71. Karen

    i love these products. The lemongrass & rosemary diffuser are the best that I have ever bought! The smell is amazing and all the other products are amazing.

  72. Karis Walton

    After buying Valentte products at a craft fair and liking them, my husband and I recently decided to treat ourselves to a mail order gift box. It arrived promptly in lovely packaging with a free candle included and, although reasonably priced, felt quite luxurious. I like that the candles are perfumed with essential oils rather than chemicals and they make our house smell great even when unlit. The hand cream is very moisturising and also smells lovely – I was complemented on my perfume last week when this was the only scent I was wearing! Really good value for money – I will definitely buy from this company again.

  73. Rachel Box

    Beautifully presented gift box, and great value for money.
    The contents were well packaged so arrived safe and sound.

  74. Boo Bragg

    Thank you again, such a joy, I bought this box as gifts as usual I am reluctant to part with them, equally I want my friends and family to enjoy also, so probably be ordering more soon.

  75. Lesley Stanworth

    A fabulous idea for a gift. My friend was delighted with hers…. she loved the different scents and i loved being able to choose.

  76. Rita. Bolton

    I have a lovely perfumed bathroom and cloakroom. Everyone comments on it. This is my second purchase. I ove it.

  77. Mrs Tracey Sinclair

    I discovered these wonderful products at a craft fair & have been absolutely delighted with them ever since. The fragrance of lemongrass & rosemary is my favourite & many people comment on the lovely smell when they enter my house. I use the diffuser, candles and room mists & absolutely hate running out of them so I’ve always got 2/3 in stock . If you’ve never tried these please do as once you’ve had these you’ll never get any others !!! Also the company beautifully package them to make lovely gifts , that’s if they ever get them as I have good intentions of giving them out & end up keeping them!!!

  78. J G

    All purchases were received beautifully packed and delivered in a couple of days from ordering. The reefs have a lovely long lasting fragrance and the hand wash excellent. Many thanks for a good service.

  79. Jayne Turner

    I absolutely love your products, the diffusers are the best I’ve ever bought, with the fragrance not only beautiful but the how long they last is excellent. I have bought lots of others over the years but would not buy any others again.
    The candles are amazing, whether lit or not I can still smell the fragrance, again like the diffuser they last really well.
    The room spray is great if you have cooking smells a couple of sprays is all you need.
    I have recommended your products to numerous friends and also bought them as gifts, everyone loves them.
    I will continue purchasing your products and live trying out the different fragrances.

  80. Gemma

    Fabulous products! They smell incredible and everyone comments on how beautiful the candle looks! Th delivery was super speedy and I got a free extra product which was fab! Highly recommend and will definitely be ordering again! Xxx

  81. Sue

    Beautifully packaged and arrived very promptly.My sister gave me the hand cream ,which I love so I’m sure that this will be the ideal gift for her .

  82. Amanda

    I was introduced to valentte products at the Yorkshire Show last year and have continued to purchase gift boxes for gifts and personal use. The fragrances are gorgeous and I have recommended them to friends and family. The customer service is brilliant and orders always arrive promptly.

  83. Julie Miller

    Absolutely love these boxes and order them regularly, they’re such fantastic value for money!
    I usually have 2 diffusers and a room spray and sometimes a candle.
    The diffusers last for many months and smell amazing and the candles although not that big fill the whole house.
    My favourites are the neroli and lemon, geranium and ylang ylang and lemongrass and rosemary.
    Highly recommended!

  84. Patricia morris

    I’ve been buying the lemon and Rosemary diffusers and sprays for a few years now. First bought them at the Cheltenham fair. They have a really strong scent but not overpowering , just a clean smell. They last a long time and even though I have tried other makes, I always go back to valentte as their products are far superior

  85. c03dav03

    I bought one of these lovely gift boxes while working at crufts I had a patchouli candle, mandarin and grapefruit body scrub and a room spray. All are fantastic the candle scent fills the room, I used the spray in my bedroom in the morning and could still smell it when I went to bed. The body scrub left my skin so smooth and the smell was Devine . I am now as I write this review looking at ordering more of your fantastic products.

  86. Stephanie Watts

    I am thrilled with my Valentte purchases. My parcel arrived beautifully packaged. Valentte body lotion and hand cream are the best I have ever used. They certainly sort out dry skin. I am thrilled with my white neroli and lemon defuser too, it freshens the whole house.

  87. Harding Brown

    My sister in law recommended Valentte and after receiving the free samples you offer I ordered 2 gift box sets. They arrived promptly and were well packaged. I love the scents and thought that the sets represented very good value for a high quality product and will be ordering again in the future

  88. Steve Blake

    Great discount buying the box set ( so good we bought 2)! More importantly the products (especially the diffuser and candles… White Neroli, are really excellent. Definitely be back again. Thanks Valentine.

  89. Amanda Hutton

    We brought a gift set from Crufts last weekend. I have been looking for gorgeous scents that are dog friendly and I’ve found them! Our house smells amazing and the dogs love it! I have noticed them sitting closer to the diffusers. Thank you so much. Will definitely be ordering more for the rest of the house!

  90. Brigitte Hale

    Bought 2 gift boxes – really loved the lavender candles and the white neroli ones. Unfortunately, also got a couple of patchouli and eucalyptus ones, the smell of which I find really horrible – so much so that I have given them to a charity shop. I’ll stick with the less medicinal ones in the future as most of them are great.

  91. d2oty

    Amazing products and fast delivery

  92. s.makin221

    Love the gift box, a fantastic present to give. Can smell the candles without opening! I particularly love the neroli. It’s a great value and stylish gift. I will definitely be ordering again. So glad I found your website through a friend.

  93. Ann Browning

    I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with a gift set of your products that I received for a Christmas present. I think the hand cream is the best I have ever used and I very much look forward to trying some of your other products.

  94. Jackie

    I went off a friends recommendation to try the diffuser. Must say I am not disappointed would highly recommend. Really good high quality product and smells amazing.

  95. rk.turner

    I love these gift boxes – such good value. I struggle to give them away as I want to keep them. I have diffusers around my house. My friends always comment on the lovely aromas! The hand cream smells delicious and is rich and nourishing.

  96. Lu

    Excellent value, really lovely products presented well.

  97. Karen Lubbock

    The gift box is a present for my daughter. The packaging is exquisite and the items smell wonderful. She’ll really love the different products and the sensational scents. Thank you for the offer.

  98. stylish2damax

    I attended the Ideal Home Show with a friend and to be totally honest is was the fragrance that pulled us towards their stand.
    Their products hands down trump Thw White Company and that was not easy for me to say.
    All products live up to their name but my fave is lemongrass & rosemary.
    I now know what my friends are receiving for their birthdays!
    Thank you

  99. Julie murden

    Purchased the mx and match gift box for a friend’s birthday. She was delighted with it. Lovely packaging and the products smell fabulous. First class service too.

  100. Anne

    Love this mix and match gift box the candles smell amazing and burn slowly the hand cream is the best I have tried the packaging is fantastic and delivery is very quick first time I have used this company and will definately use again

  101. Louise Russell-Boyne

    I just can’t stop buying your products ! Love the smells all about my house, love to give them to people for gifts. Just love the quality & service.?

  102. Emily

    Absolutely brilliant . Packaging ace , products fab and make great birthday presents! I will regularly be buying these !

  103. tinamiddleton66

    What an amazing find!! Everything I ordered is GORGEOUS. I only wish I had chosen a variety of fragrances rather than only one, for my Gift Box, then I would have been able to experience more scents!! Next time I will do just that! Love it! Thanks

  104. Carol West

    Bought a gift box and it’s beautiful. The aromas are perfect, I was assured that they wouldn’t burn black and they don’t. Just a beautiful scent and hand cream. The hand cream is beautiful to use and you don’t need that much.

  105. Anita Thirlaway

    All of your products are outstanding, the packaging makes them extra special too. Well done Valentte.

  106. Michelle green

    Bought this box for mother’s day present and my mum loved it , everything smells lovely and it’s all natural and came in a stylish box

  107. Monica Taylor

    Ordered for my mums Mother’s Day present. She loved it. I loved the box it came in, too few people appreciate a good box 🤭 and really well packaged. The products were all a good size and at the time I ordered it came with a free reed diffuser (which I sent to my mum as well). Looking forward to telling the husband what I want for my birthday 🎁

  108. Pam Bartram

    Bought this as a gift, but I think I will have to keep it myself. Packaged really nicely and the items are great quality. Will be re ordering another 👍

  109. Helen swanwick

    Amazing variety of fragrances my favorite is lemongrass and rosemary i have it in my bathroom toilet and porch everyone who visits asks what the lovely aroma is, i have also purchased the gift boxes for birthdays and xmas presents they are amazing value for money.I found this gem of a company when i visited
    the good food xmas show in birmingham a few years ago .Friendly helpful guys that run the show when you ring for an order they always have time for you nothing is too much trouble i will always buy their products again and again.

  110. Kenprince75

    I purchased a gift set for my lovely girlfriend. She was over the moon with it. Loved all of the items and now wants more. I know where I will be doing my shopping for all of her gifts in the future. Thanks.

  111. Clare

    I’m becoming slightly addicted to Valentte home scents after being recommended last year. The gift boxes are great value considering the product quality. So far my favourites are rosemary and lemongrass and patchouli and eucalyptus, their aroma is an utter delight.

  112. Oceana_900

    I ordered 2 gift boxes.
    Boxes were lovely with all different contents, including 2 freebies,. All smell wonderful.

  113. Janeallenc

    Amazing , saw this company at the ideal home show, purchased 2 gift boxes, one I kept the other sent to my friend, both of us love them. WILL BUY AGAIN.

  114. Fiona Pinder

    I love the scents from Valente and this one is so refreshing, but not overpowering.
    This gift box is amazing value for money and a gift for me from me!!
    I first met Valentte last year at the Country Living Spring Fair and have been buying their products ever since.

  115. Annie

    Beautiful products, beautifully presented.


    Really good value. Bought for present after being told how nice the scent was.


    Really good value. Bought for present after being told how nice the scent was. Originally purchased at Game Fair. Always look for stall ever since.

  118. Nikki O’Hara

    I gave these twice as gifts for people who are tricky to buy for as the contents are such a great x

  119. Kim

    Been buying these products from Luke when we found them in Covent gardens loved the products then and they still love them now my favorite is the lemon grass it smells amazing

  120. Ss21

    I bought this as a present. It was packaged very well and I didn’t need to do anything with it but hand it over. Lovely!

  121. Marilyn Wilson

    I am absolutely delighted with my gift box. I bought the lemongrass and rosemary scent and it is gorgeous without being overpowering. The candle lasts a lot longer than other similarly priced candles too I am just about to buy another 2 boxes this time – one for me (again) and one for a present.

  122. tracynrnk

    Discovered these products at the ideal home show in London and fell in love immediately. The lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser smells amazing and I’ve had so many compliments from visitors to my home. Great value for money too.

  123. Lynda GOMERSALL

    The mix and match box is such a good idea – chose three different scents for my daughter-in-law. Came beautifully packaged – gives it a luxurious feel, and I know the items inside are equally so.

  124. Caroline

    Wonderful gift for friends, purchased 2 gift boxes and both delighted. Beautiful fragrance and very good value – highly recommend.

  125. Sloane Verbeeten

    Love the hand cream, so thought I would treat my Mother to a gift box as part of her birthday present. She loves the fragrance and can’t wait to try some others, what a bargain!
    I am now going to purchase more as birthday gifts as they are so gorgeous.

  126. Judy Mountain

    Excellent quality, makes a beautiful gift with lovely packaging. Smells gorgeous all over the house

  127. Liz Brooks

    I love all the products but the lemongrass & rosemary products are my favourite. A close second is the line & grapefruit. Very high quality candles, diffusers & skin products. The gift boxes at the reduced price work our very economical.

  128. Arthea

    Great value! The scents are long lasting and fantastic. I was so pleased to discover that I could order these online after discovering Valentte at SoC 2018

  129. G

    Great value. You can pick whatever you want and customise the box and everything I’ve used from Valentte so far has been amazing. They all smell and feel great. Strongly recommend it

  130. Anne

    After purchasing a mix and match gift box for my self my daughter fell in love with it so I ordered her one her favourite scent is lemongrass and rosemary excellent value for money and quick delivery

  131. Michelle Wiggans

    Excellent value for money. My neighbour introduced me to Valentte after I commented how lovely her house smelt.

  132. Rosie

    Great value for money. Such beautiful scents. Unfortunately, I never got to give the box, just shared out its contents… and kept one for myself!

  133. Lesley Bennett

    Smells divine! And beautiful packaging, would not hesitate to purchase again. And again.

  134. Lesley Bennett

    Purchased for my daughter instead of Easter chocs! She was absolutely thrilled.

  135. Gaynor Tracey

    Absolutely amazing products will most definitely be using you again

  136. Joy Childs

    Just received my first order. Beautifully presented. Got three samples of spray lovely!!!
    Candle smells wonderful!! And I got a lovely Reed Diffuser!!!
    Well impressed!!
    Found you by accident glad I did!!
    Thank You
    Well worth what I paid

  137. Susan Brown

    Love the strong smells of your products. I have the candle, room spray and attomiser in lemongrass and rosemary.

  138. Marilyn Anderson

    Found Valentte at the Ideal Home exhibition and loved the hand cream sample so much I had to order a full size. Since then I have brought 2 gift boxes for friends birthdays, and more for myself, all of which smell divine. I love these products so will be ordering again soon! Thank you ❤️

  139. ianmckayfraser

    absolutely love my items will buy nothing but these to perfume my home ,i have give away my other room scents as these smell so lovely and natural just love them x

  140. Vicki Masters

    I bought my first gift box at The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, I was amazed at the quality for the price and delighted that I could buy more gift boxes online. I have a dog and always worry that my house many smell ‘doggy’ (I don’t mind but visitors might!) I was so pleased when a friend commented on the lovely smells in the house, it was my eucalyptus & patchouli reed diffusers, not my dog! Also I will never need to worry about gifts for friends, the Valentte Gift Boxes are what everyone would want to receive.

  141. Ian Buckley

    Once again a great value for money gift set. So much so just bought another one at Malvern Spring Show. All the best to Luke and the team. Ian B

  142. Helen Wyn Williams

    Bought as a gift after trying products myself. They are ideal for the fussiest of recipients as they are beatifully packaged and smell gorgeous! Will be buying more. Many thanks.

  143. Mrs Tanya McIntosh

    I bought this after seeing them at the Ideal Home Exhibition. I have been disappointed in the past with reed diffusers but this one really is lovely and the handcrafted is just divine. I will continue to use these in the future.

  144. Melanie

    Bought a mix and match gift box after attending the Cheltenham Spring Home and Garden Fair. It was intended to be a gift but I kept it as the White Neroli and Lemon was so gorgeous. So I will definitely be buying more (and possibly sharing).

  145. Patricia

    This is my third mix and match gift box. I bough this for my sister’s birthday consisting mixed scents of reed diffusers and a room mist. She adores them all. Will be coming back for my next mix and match gift box very soon. Thank you Justina and Luke.

  146. Margaret Wilkes

    I found Valentte at Living North Live in Newcastle. I had a quick smell of the fragrances and thought they were all lovely. I tried the hand cream sample, it was gorgeous, so had to have some. I bought a gift box for my sister’s birthday, I ordered on line and it was delivered within 2 days. What’s not to love? The gift box might end up as a gift to me! At the price, I know I couldn’t buy similar products anywhere. I’ll definitely be buying more.

  147. Katie

    I had heard of Valentte before but never had the change to try it until I spotted a stand at the ideal home show. I loved the different fragrances to choose from, they were all lovely! I tried The patchouli and eucalyptus reed diffuser, and the white neroli and lemon reed diffuser. Both make my house smell amazing and the fragrances last for ages! Longer than any reed diffuser I have every tried and Greta value for money. I will definitely be purchasing more !

  148. Rema Parmar

    I ordered this gift box and the packaging was beautiful, ready to give gift. The products within are outstanding and with the environment in mind, they are the way forward. Amazing quality and fragrance.

  149. Pamela Hewitt

    I first discovered your products at The London Ideal Home exhibition and loved the Lemongrass &Rosemary Hand cream, it moistures and smells lovely. I have now bought the Shea Butter and look forward to using it.

  150. Colb

    Tried the lemongrass & rosemary as a sample at the show in London, loved the creamy texture and smell, so bought 2 x £25 mix & match sets as presents. My Daughter also bought the same cream and really likes it. I got 2 creams, 2 candles, 2 room mists in 2 sets. Very nicely boxed, like the ribbon, looks a great present as well as the products, which everyone I’ve shown will be ordering, I’m like a walking talking free advertisement for these products, can’t fault them. Whoever bothers to read this !!!!! Buy Some ✅

  151. zoe Juson

    This is the second box I have ordered from Valentine. I love the fragrances and makes the perfect gift for someone who is difficult to buy for. Looks so luxurious & expensive, fragrance lasts & lasts, would absolutely recommend.

  152. Liz Scruton

    This is the 2nd gift box I have bought I genuinely think they are value for money.
    The products are Beautiful and smell fantastic,I bought one in the Cotswolds and then sent for one online ,I will continue to use these products and also buy them for gifts Liz

  153. catherinehenshaw

    I originally saw you at The Handmade Fair and my mother in law bought a gift set from you. Every time I went to her house the smell was so amazing that I just had to order some for myself.
    The gift set is such great value and the scent such good quality I will definitely be ordering more.

  154. J Mansell

    We saw Valentte at the Malvern Flower Show. My wife tried the sample of the hand cream, which she LOVED ! We promised to return before leaving o buy a gift set, however we forgot… I went to the website and saw them at the great price so i ordered it. Delivery was perfect as we were away for a couple of days and the fragrant box was there waiting. when opened, the actual gift box is so lovely with the ribbon and looks way more expensive than it actually is. This is the first of many purchases for sure.

  155. Anne Brooks

    Was lovely to put a face to a name when I met Luke at the Sudeley Castle Home & Gardens show. I thought I knew what I was buying before I went, but changed my mind when I tried the body scrubs! I bought two of my fav smells geranium & ylang ylang & lemongrass & rosemary , they like other products don’t disappoint! I now have Valentte room diffusers in most rooms in the house, beautiful & long lasting! Have tried a few but keep coming back to Lemongrass & Rosemary! So fresh and a delight when you walk in the room!

  156. bethanyfulks

    I ordered one of the gift boxes as a birthday present for my mum. The scent combinations sound divine and I thought the entire range seemed like something she’d enjoy!

    I was a little disappointed to receive my gift box in a white cardboard box as opposed to the luxurious looking purple boxes shown in the photograph, but the products themselves still look very nice and I’m sure she’ll enjoy them all.

    I ordered whilst the gift boxes were on offer and thought they were such a brilliant price for the products!

  157. Lu

    I ordered this gift box for a friends birthday, such amazing value! My friend absolutely adores the fragrance, and I have no doubt she will be a new customer, she keeps raving about the quality of the products……and rightly so!

  158. Suzanne Nelson

    First discovered Valentte at the Ideal Home Show in Glasgow. The scents are heavenly, and there’s an amazing range to choose from. The design and packaging is very elegant. I bought this for myself, but will definitely be buying more as gifts for my friends.

  159. Alison Brodie

    Beautifully packaged with quality products, perfect as a gift or to treat yourself.

  160. Ailsa Connelly

    This box is a luxurious experience at a bargain price. The smells are rich and long-lasting with classy packaging. I will definately be buying more.

  161. Gayle SIMPSON

    We recently purchased a gift box from a show. What excellent quality. Great, natural fragrances, strong but not overpowering. Excellent customer service. Cant wait to make more purchases

  162. Hilary East

    Lovely gift and so reasonable. Will definitely order again.

  163. Caroline Smith

    We went to the Ideal Home Show back in March, and my lovely daughter bought my Mother’s Day present from you. I have the Lemongrass and Rosemary reed diffuser and it is wonderful. The scent fills the house and is so uplifting. I will definitely buy from you again.

  164. Kathy Dennis

    Third time I’ve bought one of these gift sets and I can honestly say they are top of my list for diffusers, room sprays etc. The fragrance is fabulous and lasts so much longer than most diffusers from other suppliers and the scent lingers without being overpowering. I would certainly recommend any Vallente product.

  165. Helinka Carr

    I have always found the produces from Valentte great value and great quality. The aromas are distinctive and strong. Plus no one creates such products.
    At Ribley castle I buy myself a box of wonderful scent.
    I recommend all of the products

  166. Ann Carss

    Received my box exactly as chosen. Beautifully presented, safely packaged. Best value ever.

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  168. Frances Whyte

    I had a free sample of hand cream from a previous show but had thrown the packaging away so couldn’t remember the make. I was very happy to see your stand at the Royal Highland Show so that I could finally treat myself to a selection of products.
    Box arrived beautifully packaged, thankyou

  169. Katherine Wright

    This is the third year I’ve bought a selection box from you from the Royal Norfolk Show, the candles and diffuser last ages and smell amazing, reasonably priced so couldn’t say no! Thank you!

  170. kirsty-aurea

    Great value for money and lovely scents. Gift box is really nicely presented. Lavender smell is wonderful, powerful but not overpowering, as is the Jasmine & Rosewood. Personally found the Lemongrass and Rosemary far too overpowering (very sweet and lemony – a bit like Lemsip) but would definitely buy again from Valentte in different fragrances.

  171. Margaret Molloy

    I attended the Royal Highland Show in June 2019 at Ingliston and bought a mix set. The products are really lovely. I chose the Lemongrass and Rosemary candles, hand cream and room mist

  172. jogodwyn

    Really great value for money. Brilliant that you can customize the box for each friend, mix up the scents and different products. You won’t be disappointed and neither will they! I personally love the rosemary & lemongrass, really yummy!

  173. paula1

    discovered this company at the royal Norfolk show. purchased a gift set therefor my daughter, was so impressed with the quality of the products ordered one online for myself when i returned from holiday. superb fragrance from the reed diffuser. hand cream gorgeous.

  174. Jane Farrell

    Discovered Valentte through recommendation from a friend and couldn’t be more pleased. The box and ribbon adds a touch of class and the quality of the products amazing. The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is a beautiful fragrance that totally lifts the room and a winner for all the family.

  175. Julie Wilkie

    Bought two of the gift boxes after receiving a sample hand cream at Gardening Scotland. The Lemongrass and Rosemary scent now fills mine and my Mums house and we both love it. Would definitely recommend. Will be back to purchase more.

  176. Sarah Parkhouse

    I have bought a lot of candles and reed defusers over the years, but these are hands down the best I have come across – the beautiful fragrances fill the room and last for a long time – absolutely gorgeous, I won’t buy from anywhere else – I have found th ultimate x Amazing products xx

  177. colourfulsarah

    Absolutely love the hand cream – will be ordering again and the candeles smell wondefull. good value all round. Thought the handcream was small but a little goes a long way!

  178. Pam Dutton

    Hi Luke, I’m so pleased to receive my chosen gift box, just in time as my defuser is running out, my favourite which I always get is Lemongrass and Rosemary, but I will look forward to going to the Southport flower show and maybe trying other fragrances, and of course meeting you again as I did two years ago at the show. Regards. Pam.

  179. Fiona Woods

    I arranged for a gift box to be sent to my friend for her birthday. She absolutely loved it, beautifully presented and she said the scent was fresh but slightly exotic.
    I am very happy with the service from Valentte.

  180. Sheila Jackson

    I ordered two gift boxes after visiting the Hampton Court Flower Festival. They arrived almost by return of post! Beautifully packaged and labelled. The fragrance was amazing and you could smell them even before opening the box.
    Thank you

  181. Eileen Hipgrave

    I attended a show and left the gift box I had bought in the ladies room, by mistake. I contacted Valentte to see if anyone had handed in the box. I don’t know if anyone did, but Valentine sent me a new one, free of charge. The hand cream is amazing, and my bathroom smelling of rosemary and lemongrass is divine . I will buy more of these products in a heartbeat. Thank you for your kindness

  182. Debbie

    Having tried the Lemongrass and Rosemary sample of hand Cream at Hampton Court Palace I ordered the hand cream liquid soap and cracked heal foot cream. When I called it was explained to me that the products are vegan too which was the final reason a made the purchase. All smell beautiful and the fragrance lasts and the foot and hand creams are simply lovely. That’s Christmas gifts sorted !

  183. Marion Wilson

    Got this gift box as a present and loved the smell. So fresh and clean. I love it so much I instantly ordered another so I could have reed diffuser all over the house.


    Bought the box set as a present to myself after receiving a free hand cream sample at Malvern Garden Show. Very
    pleased with the candle, room fragrance and foot cream. All smell lovely and presentation box made it really special.
    Shall be ordering more in the future to give away as presents.

  185. Chris Blakeman

    I have bought several of these boxes for presents. The packaging is lovely and good value for money but mainly the scent is so long lasting. I am really enjoying the lemongrass and rosemary at the moment. Will be buying more in the future.

  186. Sheena Little

    Purchased the lavender gift box from Luke at the Yorkshire Show, it was sent out to me the following week and not only were the candles and hand cream just beautiful, so was the gift box. The lavender candles fill your room with the most relaxing lovely scent and the hand cream has the same lovely scent and is very moisturising. I look forward to reading Lukes blog every morning, they are so inspiring. I first met Luke at the Yorkshire Show quite a few years ago, where I purchased some lemongrass nail balm and loved it so much that I now visit his stand every year. Going to have to purchase another gift box soon as I have already burned one of the candles and need some more. An excelent service from Luke and his team.

  187. Deborah Phillips

    Purchased at the Hampton Court show-absolutely gorgeous scent that lasts and lasts. The skincare is deeply nourishing and it’s comforting to know that all the ingredients are natural!

  188. Julie Clark

    The mix and match gift boxes are great value. Beautifully and elegantly wrapped and an excellent choice of products. I can’t rate the scents highly enough and no longer buy any candles anywhere else. You only need to burn one of these candles for a few minutes and the scent fills the house. The room mists are fantastic for adding a quick freshen up to any room when you don’t have time to light a candle. My favorite is definately the Lemongrass and rosemary and when I buy a box for someone else I often get one for myself at the same time.

  189. Valerie Rose

    I can’t praise this highly enough. The gift box is great value, not only do you save money based on buying they products individually but they make great gifts. I have tried the diffusers which are fantastic, the candles which smell divine and the hand cream is excellent quality. I can thoroughly recommend these products.

  190. Hayley Tansey

    My gift box arrived and it was absolutely gorgeous!! Beautifully packaged with tissue and ribbon, and the contents is amazing! I am so thrilled with all of it I can not wait to order another!

  191. yvettehastie

    The gift boxes are beautiful and excellent value for money. The reed diffusers are the best I have came across. The smell fills a whole room.

  192. Carol

    Lovely gift for myself ordered after being given a sample at the RHS show at Tatton Park.

  193. Suzan

    Being a creature of habit I have ordered another Rosemary and lemongrass mix and match box, I can’t recommend this product enough , the smell is devine and makes me smile when I smell this scent through my house, my neighbour commented on the delightful smell and will be ordering hers shortly for her and her daughter so the product sells it’self. Thank you valentte team .
    Kind regards Suzan sharman

  194. Lesley Gillon

    I really enjoyed receiving my gift boxes that i ordered from the game fair .
    Once again you have delivered a beautiful box of delights . The packaging is lovely and the service excellent. I will be ordering more as gifts in the future . Thank you Luke and your team . Winners every time 😀

  195. Paula Griffiths

    I’ve been receiving regular emails from Luke at Valentte and as I’m a frequent purchaser scented candles and fragrances for the home, I usually tend to buy yankee products, I decided to give Valentte a try buying a geranium and ylang ylang diffuser and a home scent gift box containing a jasmine and rosewood standard size candle, diffuser and room scent. Although the gift box arrived beautifully presented, I was rather disappointed as the scent was not nearly as strong as I had anticipated. The geranium and ylang ylang diffuser has barely any scent what so ever. Ive yet to light the candle or use the room scent spray but if the geranium and ylang ylang diffuser is anything to go by, I’m affraid I’ll be sticking with yankee products.

  196. Anne

    Bought this for daughter who absolutely loved the candles that I have her favourite is lemongrass and rosemary and petuloi and eucalyptus the lavender reed diffuser is lovely not overpowering will definately buy again

  197. Liz Barron

    I have been purchasing your products for several years. That in itself tells you that I love them! The favourite by far is the rosemary and lemongrass diffuser. Great perfume and really lasts. The only disappointment with my recent purchase is I feel the quality of the gift box itself has been lowered. Having said that the products are great! Keep up the good work!

  198. Hilary Mayman

    Loving having discovered your products- the gift box arrived beautifully (& ethically) packaged & made a wonderful gift for a friend’s 60th. The diffuser really is the best I’ e ever had, divine fragrance & it scents a huge area of the house. Fabulous products every one & sensibly priced as well 🤗

  199. Jane Quigley

    I really enjoyed customising a gift box and the presentation and packaging is really nice and the service excellent. I will definitely be ordering more as gifts in the future and recommending the website to friends. Thank you Luke and team and glad we met up at the Countryfile Show!
    Jane Q😄

  200. Kim

    Absolutely love my gift box which was beautifully presented. My house smells gorgeous when I come home. This was my first box but I will definitely be ordering again for myself and gifts for friends and family. I was told about Valentte from a friend who had bought items at Tatton Flower Show.

  201. Tina Williams

    Fantastic product beautifully packaged

  202. Naomi

    I purchased a gift box from The Countryfile show at Blenheim Palace. I currently have the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser in my kitchen. It smells beautiful. I am burning the jasmine and rosemary candle in my lounge which smells equally beautiful. These are excellent quality products with a good level of essential oils within them. I highly recommend the gift box which is very good value for the level of quality of these products. I have since ordered another box for a Christmas present for my mum.

  203. Lindsay Kelson

    I purchased this as a gift to myself this time and I am so glad I did. The 2 reed diffusers have a gorgeous scent and the room spray is a lovely addition.
    This is now my new treat to myself as it brings such a beautiful scent to our home. It will also be my new go-to gift for my family – as well as the products being so high quality, the gift box is just beautiful. A very premium gift at a not so premium price tag. Perfect

  204. deb.light

    This gift box was one of 6 bought for gifts for bridesmaids at my daughters wedding last week. All the boxes were well received. I personally love your products and will be a frequent customer!

  205. mandyhill153

    I bought Two gift boxes for presents after buying one previously at a show.
    The fragrance of the lemongrass and rosemary is fantastic and very fresh and the room diffuser lasts for months!!
    Will definitely be buying more!!

  206. Vicky Taylor

    I absolutely love the smell of the lemongrass diffuser. I have had to order more for friends as they love the smell in our cloakroom, and the fragrance lingers for months. Looking forward to meeting you at the Spirit of Christmas. Your gift boxes make wonderful presents

  207. finandharvs

    We bought a gift box from a stand in our local flower show. We both love the freshness of the lemongrass and we love the fact that all ingredients are natural. I don’t think we’d buy any other candles or diffuser.

  208. vdobson71

    This is a fabulous purchase. Please dont think £25 at present is a lot. You will not regret this purchase, whether bought for yourself or a gift.

  209. c.payne1812

    Lovely presentation box. Ideal gift.

  210. Karen70

    Having purchased this for myself at the Southport Flower Show I have since purchased another as a gift. Beautiful products with a gorgeous smell. Amazing value for money. I will definitely be buying more.

  211. Sloane Verbeeten

    As usual the products smelt great.
    Bought a box for a birthday gift my friend loved the Lemon and Rosemary reed diffuser.
    So glad I received a sample of your products from the ideal home exhibition.
    Many thanks Sloane

  212. Patricia Tait

    We have just purchased our third mix and match gift box as we were so impressed with the first two. We discovered Valentte at Chatsworth Christmas market and were so pleased to see them again at the Country Show. The products are all amazing and the aromas are very natural and not overpowering. We have used the candles, diffusers and room sprays and would definitely recommend any of them. This is a perfect gift and great value for money. So glad we found you again.

  213. John Draper

    We first purchased this at Tatton flower show and were so impressed with the quality and longevity of the fragrances that we have purchased them as gifts for friends. I will continue to use these products and would recommend. We particularly like the pachuli .

  214. Sharon Seed

    All the products are packaged really well and smell wonderful. I have placed several orders for Christmas presents for friends and family. We have the Patchouli and Eucalyptus reed diffuser in our lounge and you can smell it the minute you walk in. Customer services is excellent and speedy delivery too.

  215. Tanya McIntosh

    Great purchase. This is the second mix and match box I have bought and I just love the scent of all the lemongrass products!

  216. Anita Webster

    Lovely product, beautifully packaged and very good value for money.

  217. Diane Dye

    Second box I have purchased after someone bought me one as a gift.Excellent value and service cant fault it.The Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed diffuser and hand cream have the most beautiful perfume.I have now stopped buying electric plug in ones as these last far longer and are better value and the house is full of perfume all day long.
    The hand cream is rich and creamy..does what it says on the lid “intense moisturising”.

  218. Sheila Farrow

    Bought a white neroli and lemon gift box from Burghley yesterday. Never been a diffuser fan but have to say I am converted.Absolutely beautiful scent and will be ordering another gift box as a present,

  219. Becky

    I love this mix and match box! The products are gorgeous and as always smell lovely! Can’t wait to purchase more lovely products.

    Thank you!

  220. Alison Wood

    This brand is new to me but I am now big fan! I picked up a sample at a country show as I liked the scents of their creams and candles abd the current offer made this purchase a must have. Very pleased so far and would like to spread the word and urge others to try your products as they are unlikely to be disappointed.

  221. Mary O’Hara

    I cannot say enough about these products. They never disappoint. There is so much choice. They come highly recommended.

  222. Diana Rawlings

    This is great value for this type of gift box. I bought a neroli candle, a gerainium reed diffuser and a hand cream. I have to say I was really impressed. There is a high concentration of essential oils in the products and the fragrance is fabulous. I really like the way you can mix the products and fragrances avaliable. I’ll definitely be ordering again.

  223. Carla Calver

    I purchased my mix and match gift box and Burghley and I had never seen valentte before. I absolutely adore the lemongrass and rosemary smell and got two candles and hand cream. I’ve not been a fan of reed diffusers in the past, but since reading the reviews I’m going to try one. Ordering more for presents for my family now as the gift boxes are perfect. Very impressed. Would also be interested in a luxury face / night cream too if you extend the range. It’s a lovely smell to fall asleep with.

  224. Anne

    The Gift boxes are really good value I have purchased quite a few for myself or as gifts the cracked heel treatment is brilliant also good for cuticles as it softens them the room sprays are really nice and the candles last for ages and smell amazing even when not lit my favourite scent is lemongrass and rosemary

  225. Lynne Cain

    Purchased my first box at the Edenbridge and oxted show. Wow my diffuser has been going a few weeks now and I am impressed with the continued smell and how long it is going to last as hardly moved. The lemongrass and Rosemary is just amazing. I will be trying other smells soon on my next purchase. Even my partner commented that we need to get rid of the electric plug in ones.

  226. Lisa church

    Absolutely love this range of products. Just made my second purchase of the mix of 3 products in a box! Make fabulous gifts and the products smell amazing and last soooo long !! Will definitely give this a 10/10

  227. Judy English

    First tried this range at the Chatsworth Fair and was really impressed that I ordered the mix & match box and chose the Lemon Grass selection and am very impressed. Would recommend Valenntte to my friends and anyone else who likes fresh fragerences.

  228. Sheila Farrow

    Again a beautifully packaged product.the mandarin and grapefruit is a lovely scent. Will be buying again soon,

  229. Margaret Cunningham

    Saw this range advertised on Facebook and thought it seemed great value. Ordered 2 boxes (one for myself and one for a gift). I have been very impressed with the Lemongrass/Rosemary fragrance and also the Lime/Grapefrujt. Highly recommended. Will definitely be buying more for Christmas presents.

  230. Vicky Dufton

    Bought this as a present for a friend… Great value and great products. Diffusers fill the house with a lovely fragrance…lime and grapefruit being my favourite with lemongrass and rosemary a close second!

  231. Karen Leatherland

    After being offered a free sample of hand cream at the Chatsworth Country Fair, I ordered the mix and match box. The delivery was excellent and the value for money exceptional. I cannot recommend the Lemongrass and Rosemary enough. I have tried many makes of Reed diffusers of varying prices but this outshines all of them. The hand cream is outstanding and will definitely reorder in the future.

  232. Justina Bailey

    I have purchased the gift box with lemon grass and rosemary. Body scub for myself and husband. My son loves it so much he has taken the other I was saving for Christmas, and the handcream is so rich and the smell lasts hours! I will be buying more as Christmas gifts this year.

  233. Julie Moyce

    Absolutely love the White Neroli and Lemongrass Reed Diffuser – beautiful smell and really lasts. The Gift Boxes are excellent value for money, plus added bonus of a room spray or handcream. First heard of Valentte at the Ideal Home Exhibition.

  234. Lisa Ingram

    Lovely gift set bought for a friend . All of the products smelled amazing and she loved it !

  235. Steve Beattie

    Excellent value and great delivery I have reviewed the individual products, but not disappointed at all

  236. Caroline Mant

    This is the second gift box I have ordered, and I am again pleased that the recipient is thrilled with my gift. Beautifully presented – it makes a lovely present.

  237. Anne Hopkins

    Was delighted with gift box, both contents and presentation and will make a perfect gift. Great products, will be recommending

  238. deb eddleston

    Always a treat to get my valentte products, especially in the lemongrass and rosemary fragrance. Beautiful long lasting scent, stylishly presented and well packed & delivered. Wonderful gifts for friends and family and a treat for me!
    BTW Customer care is excellent if you have a query.
    If you’re reading this before wondering whether to purchase, go for it. You will not be disappointed and I bet you go back for more.

  239. Karen Roberts

    Excellent value, make wonderful presents

  240. Emma

    I really like having a choice of products at good value for money. I have to say, the room sprays are fantastic! Plus the hand creams really moisturise my hands.

  241. Susan Lester

    I bought this for my daughters birthday. Really lovely scent and a quality product at affordable price. She loved it.
    Planning my Christmas list of products for all the girls.
    Thank goodness I came to the stall at the Game Fare.

  242. Marian Barry

    OMG I can’t shout out enough how much I love Valentte. My husband bought me my first box from Ripley Castle, he was very dubious as I love a candle and reed diffuser but he says I spend too much. The lemongrass and rosemary is too die for, he has even encouraged me to buy more.
    Keep up the great work Valentte.

  243. Carol Mcloughlin

    Excellent idea to mix and match room and body products. Best of both worlds. That’s Christmas sorted for all my female relatives. Really like to be able to personalise each set with products chosen by myself.

  244. Alan Osborne

    Brought 3 gift boxes with different products in them, all I can say is excellent, the smell is superb!

  245. Helena Goldberg

    Excellent value
    Love the hand cream
    Originally bought this product at yhe Southport Flower Show

  246. Jo Middleton

    Purchased three candles at Grand designs in the mix and match gift box .
    They are the best candles I have purchased. No smoking, they burn evenly and the smell is amazing and lasts. Will purchase again.

  247. Judith Kirkman

    I first discovered Valentte at a Gift Fair in Ripley (nr Harrogate) when I bought a Gift Box. That was over 3 years ago now and I look forward each year to finding them again at the 2 x Harrogate Flower Shows. I usually buy a gift box for myself (Geranium & Ylang Ylang is my favourite!) and then I go on to buy one each for my daughter and my friend as presents. We love them! Thank you.

  248. Wendy Stacey

    Received a mix and match box containing lemongrass hand cream and two candles. They all smell amazing. Lighting one candle is sufficient to scent our fairly large lounge. Much stronger than others I’ve tried and they last ages. The hand cream is very luxurious. Would buy both again.

  249. April saunders

    Great value and wow products

  250. Beverly Colburn

    Fantastic value box which was actually a treat for myself, not a gift! I fully understand why lemongrass and rosemary is your bestseller – just love the smell although cardamom and nutmeg might be my next purchase.

  251. Dee Arbuckle

    Love all 3 products in mix and match gift box, candle, diffuser and room must. Beautifully packaged and they smell gorgeous.

  252. Dee Arbuckle

    Love the hand and body lotion and hand wash in 2nd gift box l purchased , so creamy. Visitors always asking what the lovely smell is in my home.

  253. Janette

    I was so pleased with the 1 st gift box that I decided to buy one for myself, it smell wonderful & was well wrapped, very nice product 👍

  254. C bracewell

    I bought two boxes of mix and match one for myself and one for my daughter who likes her candles they are lovely scents and I highly recommend them would buy again.

  255. Ann Killoran

    Bought our original gift box at Grand Designs Live. Beautifully wrapped and presented. The smell is divine and the reed diffuser has lasted a very long time. Just ordered our second box. Would highly recommend.

  256. Roz

    Bought a mixed box for my friend for Christmas as it meets my challenge of always giving unusual and natural gifts. The fragrances are lovely and I’m confident she’ll love it

  257. Gilly Thompson

    Great to be able to put together exactly what I want and tailor it to the recipient. Absolutely fantastic value, a wonderful gift choice for mums for Christmas ❤

  258. Julia Loud

    I bought this as a birthday present. The look on her face when she opened the box and the wonderful scents were released was truely memorable. I think you have another convert to your wonderful products.

  259. Susan Laffan

    I have now bought 8 gift boxes as Christmas Present. After seeing you at the Southport Flower Show this year. I am very impressed with the products and the Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite. Will recommend your products to my family and friends. Thank you.

  260. Debbie Gardner

    Fabulous smell that fills the whole house, love the gift box sets, great value for money, and fab service 😊

  261. Joanne harris

    Amazing gift boxes, filled with fantastic products. I’ve brought 4 in the last month for Xmas gifts . And all wrapped perfectly for you, it’s a no brainier.

  262. Kirstie McDowall

    Fantastic products, I wouldn’t use anything else now. Great price and amazing products. Can’t recommend this company highly enough

  263. Suzan sharman

    I have gone into my 3rd year now using Valentte mix and match boxes, I cannot sing the praises enough of how fantastic these products are and really good value for money comparing alike products on the market. The lemongrass range really is best in my opinion to anything I have ever purchased, and have already recommended these to my friends and neighbor’s. Perfect product that never needs change in any way. Suzan sharman

  264. Janet Joy THOMPSON

    Excellent service again! Love the products.
    please award your staff a gold star for packing and prompt delivery.

  265. Jeanette Treadwell

    Fabulous smell as always. Makes the whole house smell beautiful.
    so easy to order and really quick delivery.

  266. Angelawilliams

    This is a great idea , getting to hand pick the product & scent ,
    This purchase was bought as a birthday present for a friend . Beautifully packaged too .
    I will be buying more 😊

  267. Jo Adamson

    The smell of these products is gorgeous. This is one of my favourite scents. The whole house smells delicious.. even with btwo dogs!

  268. Sloane

    Box was great as usual, buying plenty for Christmas presents. Everyone loves them, they smell divine.

  269. Margaret Cunningham

    1st saw on Facebook. 3rd box ordered for Christmas present. Love all the fragrances. Easy to order and delivered really quickly. Would recommend and will definitely purchase again.

  270. chrstbryn

    I bought one of the mix and match gift boxes at the Hatfield show. Loved the white neroli and lemon so much I have bought two more for gifts boxes. The reeds last over 6 weeks. I have one in my bathroom and the fragrance can be smelt all around the house. The candle can be smelt even when not lit. A great gift for yourself or others. Love it and would recommend.

  271. Margaret W

    Amazing service all orders are packed very securely,
    the moment you open the packaging the aroma from the
    products is wonderful. I have purchased the 3items gift boxes
    for presents and when family and friends have received them
    they cannot praise the products high enough. please continue
    the high standard for all to enjoy.

  272. Moira K

    I bought a gift set lemon grass and rosemary. Love the sent, really strong and refreshing. l received a sample of hand cream ,makes your hands feel wonderful ,scent is very spa like and soaks well into your skin. My colleagues at work also think this product is brilliant. Extremely happy with my purchase . Will definitely purchase these products again

  273. Judith

    I bought a gift box just after visiting the Southport Show and after trying various samples I was drawn to the patchouli and eucalyptus fragrance more than any other so have now bought a second box as a gift. My patchouli and eucalyptus reed diffuser smells divine and I will have to start buying them in bulk!

  274. Anne Smith

    I have been buying Valentte products for some years now. Always excellent quality and value for money. The diffusers last for ages.
    Hand creams are gorgeous. Smells amazing.

  275. Anne Smith

    I have been buying Valentte products for some years now. Always excellent quality and value for money. The diffusers last for ages.
    Hand creams are gorgeous. The scents are amazing.

  276. Alice Costello

    I bought two of these boxes as gifts plus a reed diffuser for myself. The gifts went down really well- they love the products! I am loving my reed diffuser. The neroli scent is gorgeous and I can genuinely still smell it strongly whenever I am in the room. I will be buying again!

  277. Cathie Booth

    Excellent value for money! I absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary scent so it was a no brainer to order them this way and save money.

  278. Cathie Booth

    A really good way to purchase the items, especially when you are buying them as a gift you can treat yourself as well! I absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary scent in everything and it is really hard to give it away!

  279. Brady Cradduck

    This is the most beautiful gift set full of gorgeous smelling items.
    The best gift you can give to anyone.
    I originally brought one of these sets at carfest south and since I have brought them for many family and friends.

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  281. Lisa O’Sullivan

    Lemongrass and rosemary everything!
    Bought a box at the spirit of Christmas fair with the reed Diffuser and candles – my home smells incredible – absolutely love these – I’ve had so many comments about the smell – I will be reordering as I can’t go an evening without lighting the candle – thank you – very uplifting X

  282. Wendy

    I purchased a gift box after ordering the scent samples. The diffuser has made the whole house smell amazing, and as soon as I open the door the smell of lemongrass greets me. The handcream is great too, not too greasy, and the fragrance lasts ages. I will definitely buy again

  283. Jane

    A stylish gift that smells Devine . Love it

  284. Charlie Ritchie

    What can I say, I love these so much that I have brought a few for Christmas presents Lush! X

  285. Mara

    I bought 2 boxes 1 as a gift. They are excellent value. I love the scent of lemongrass and rosemary, I have the reed diffuser in my lounge, it smells wonderful and spreads into the other rooms. Originally introduced to Valentte at the Sudely Castle show, then a friend gave me the hand and body lotion which I am using regularly and have introduced some friends to it.

  286. Sue Gott

    Love these gift boxes. I bought this one for a Christmas gift. The fragrances are absolutely beautiful. The scents really do fill the room.
    Excellent value for money.

  287. Shann

    Love these products, bought for Christmas presents but I don’t want to part with them.

  288. Susan Smith

    Lovely products as ever and smell wonderful. Always the same high quality

  289. Fi MacRae

    Fabulous present either for yourself or friends- or both! Gorgeous fragrance and great value for money. Highly recommend.

  290. Avril Ralston

    I bought the gift box as a Christmas present for my daughter and I am sorely tempted to keep it for myself. I love the fragrance so much!

  291. Deborah

    Ordered a mixed gift box for myself such a lovely set smells lovely arrived quickly in a lovely gift box will definitely order again

  292. Janet D

    My daughter- in-law gave me a boxed Valentte gift set for Mothering Sunday.
    I was surprised how the reed diffuser wafts lovely scents around my lounge and hallway. Some other reed diffusers I have purchsed, I haven’ t noticed much scent coming from them and thought they were a waste of money. Certainly not this one though, it is lovely. Your hand cream is really nice too. Thank you Vallente and my daughter-in-law too.

  293. Penny

    I ordered the Mix & Match Gift Box for myself and I wasn’t disappointed. The products are simply gorgeous. The Geranium & Ylang Ylang Pure Shea Butter is pure heaven. The matching Reed Diffuser is in our bedroom and we love the subtle perfume. The Lemongrass & Rosemary Hand Cream leaves my hands so very soft as well as leaving a delightful scent.

  294. Penny

    I ordered your Lavender Hand Cream and the perfume is gorgeous that I want to keep smelling my hands all the time. My hands are the best they have every been and so very very soft.

  295. Penny

    Your Reed Diffusers are the best I have ever used and last for several months. We have the Lemongrass & Rosemary in the office and the heavenly perfume wafts through the hallways. Everyone who comes through the front door have remarked on how lovely the scent is.

  296. Hayley Tansey

    Ordered this beautiful gift box in the Lemongrass and Rosemary as a gift for my mum’s birthday. What a wonderful gift it made. The fragrance from this range is amazing and the presentation was lovely. She was thrilled with it and I will not hesitate to order this fabulous gift for other friends. Highly recommend x

  297. Kath Timoney

    Ever since I discovered Valentte at Royal Highland show there is nothing that comes near to the fabulous scent these diffusers give off. I have bought quite a few gift boxes and 3 for myself. I would not look at any others now


    As always amazing. Just love this stuff. Thank you

  299. Marie O’Neill-Udrzal

    I received the gift box And started using the diffuser it smells so nice and long-lasting are use the handcream every day and people ask me what I’m using so I’ve been telling them because they can smell it when I get to work I’m so so happy that I bought a second one for my daughter

  300. Lana

    In the mix and match box I ordered a Jasmine and Rosewood reed diffuser which may be given away for a present but the Lemongrass and Rosemary hand and body lotion along with the White Neroli and Lemon hand cream are definately for me. The smells are gorgeous. They were beautifully wrapped in tissue paper in a very sturdy box tied with ribbon. I found Valentte online and signed up for the newsletters.

  301. Anne Clarke

    Had a gift set given as birthday present. Most beautiful reed diffuser I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to use the candle. Won’t use any others from now on.

  302. Elaine

    Excellent service and so good to be able to choose your favs for the box!! As usual beautiful perfume very satisfied

  303. ann whitehead

    only came in a white box but with a lovely black ribbon, I have yet to use it , but smells lovely

  304. Vivienne

    Beautifully wrapped and on opening the box a lovely smell of lemongrass hit my nose,glorious!
    The candle sits on my side table and perfumes the air and I haven’t lit it yet. I haven’t used the diffuser yet ,that’s a pleasure awaiting me. The hand cream feels luxurious and smells divine, great buy!🌟

  305. Christine Griffin

    I had an email from this company and after reading reviews made an order. I chose a reed diffuser and hand cream. The reed diffuser emits a beautiful scent that wafts across the room. The hand cream is grease free and dissolves into the skin. I cannot stop using it. I have put in more orders for Christmas presents and am sure that my friends and family will be as impressed as I am

  306. KATIE Mawdsley

    I bought the Lemongrass and Rosemary Room reed set at car fest 2019 .Its a beautiful product, much vastly better than the synthetic room fragrancies that are Available. So came back and brought this amazing gift set.

  307. Anne Connolly

    These products are amazing the fragrances are so fresh and natural. I bought a gift box with the candle, diffuser and hand cream, really luxurious products

  308. Mary Dix

    I bought 2 Mix and Match Gift Boxes for Christmas presents. The packaging is very smart and I am sure will be greatly appreciated. It is such a good idea to be able to choose the set of 3 items.

  309. Jane Neve

    Really happy with my gift box purchase. Packed and wrapped up beautifully
    The reed diffuser is lovely, can smell it as soon as I walk into the house.
    Looking forward to using the other products

  310. Dianne N

    Just want to say how thrilled I was to receive my second box of Valentee candles and diffusers I first discovered you at The Yorkshire show where I bought lemongrass and rosemary box set it made my home smell beautiful .Thanks once again

  311. Sarah D

    I went to your stand at the Spirit of Christmas Show, at Olympia, recently! There was crowds of eager ladies around the stand and having smelt your ‘fragrences’ I can see why! They are amazing and when I got home that night I ordered a gift box with 3 different fragrances and they haven’t disappointed. Along with the diffusers I was sent some samples which I have ordered today.
    Many thanks

  312. Natalie Morris

    Love my box! I get one every December (for myself) and the reed diffusers last for a whole year! Thank you once again Valentte

  313. Linda OConnor

    I first discovered Vallente at the Ideal Home Show. These boxes are incredible value and the products are great quality. I buy several every year with a mix of candles, reed diffusers, liquid soaps and hand cream Originally I just bought for myself but so many people have visited my house and admired the products that nowadays I also buy them as gifts.

  314. Rebecca Herbert

    Valentte products are the best on the market. The fragrances are superb and the reed diffuser continues to fill a room with fragrance even after a year. I usually buy the White Neroli and Lemon fragrance and have items in my lounge, bathroom, bedroom & cloakroom. Friends and family often comment on the wonderful fragrance of the room and I will often light a candle 20 minutes before guests arrive.
    Wonderful products which make equally wonderful gifts!

  315. Margaret Hendry

    I first sampled Valentte products at the Home Show in Glasgow and was delighted with the Lemongrass hand cream. I have since recieved as a gift body lotion and reed diffuser so I am now gifting my very good friend with a gift box. I know she’ll be delighted as well.

  316. Karen whitehead

    I love the lemongrass and rosemary I have had a reed diffuser in my living room for ages and it smells gorgeous every time I enter the room. I can’t wait to try the new ones

  317. Carole Hamson

    I first saw you at Chatsworth Christmas market, I bought two boxes one for my mum in law, one for myself
    My favourite is – Lemongrass and Rosemary I have the reed defuser in all my rooms and light a candle in the evening
    I always keep a few products in, they are such perfect gifts
    since i have had mine, few of my friends have joined Valentte family

    Thank you

  318. Catherine Church

    I bought one of these boxes at the Ideal Home Exhibition and have now re-ordered as I like them so much. This time it is for a gift. the fragrance is lovely and lasts a long time

  319. Margaret Bromley

    As always I love choosing these boxes and everyone who I give them to as a gift cannot believe how beautiful both the perfumes are and also the bottles.
    I have just opened the pitchoue and eucalyptus diffuser and can smell it all through the house.
    Can’t wait to try al the other perfumes.
    Am so glad my cousin recommended I try Valentte

  320. Sue Stamp

    I first encountered Vallentte products at Ripley Castle Christmas fair when I was given a sample of hand cream. I just loved the smell and texture and decided to look at the website. I was very impressed with the ethos and also with the reviews I read and decided to buy a gift box which arrived very quickly. The bos itself was beautifully presented with a tasteful monochromatic colour scheme. The box seems to be exceptionally good value and it would make a delightful gift – though in this case I’m treating myself!
    I will definitely be buying more to give to friends and family.

  321. Helen Tutton

    The perfect present for mother, mother in law and aunt who all fell in love with the scent of lemon throughout my house. Job done how easy was that which usually takes weeks of going round the shops getting more and more despondent with the whole process. Thank you valentte.

  322. Anne

    Discovered Valentte at a Stylist Magazine event at Olympia last year, where I was given a sample pot of hand cream which was scented like sherbet lemons – so refreshing!! I recently wanted to buy a get well present for my cousin who has been seriously ill and decided flowers and chocs wouldn’t suffice, so turned to Valentte and ordered a Mix and Match box so she could try the different products and some of the scents. As I was ordering I realised this would also make a great Christmas present for my daughter in law, so chose a totally different selection for her. Age range 30 – 66!! Had a couple of queries and spoke to Andy, who had it all sorted in an instant and the boxes were delivered quickly, in perfect condition and beautifully wrapped. Many thanks to one and all.

  323. Mrs Colthup

    I discovered Valentte at the Country Living Christmas Fair & was so pleased I did, oh my gosh what a beautiful fragrance I love anything with a lemon scent & the lemongrass & rosemary ticked all the boxes I bought the gift box selection absolutely gorgeous well done Valentte

  324. Dennese

    I discovered Valentte at Southport Flowershow.
    This is a Christmas gift and is beautifully packaged. I can’t wait to see my friend’s face!!!!

  325. Judith

    Once again, a beautiful gift box. I have bought several in the past three months and all the recipients are delighted, and I’m delighted too, with the items I’ve bought for myself. My favourite scent is the patchouli and eucalyptus, it’s divine.

  326. Ana B

    I first was introduced to your products when I attended the Spirit of Christmas show. I have gone on to make another purchase and love the packaging it’s very high end with sensible pricing.
    I can’t wait to share my purchases with my friends as Christmas presents and I am sure they too will love them!!

  327. Jennifer bruno

    Beautiful gift – loved it!
    5 stars*****

  328. Joanna Welsh

    I am thrilled to be purchasing this item for my lovely daughter Hannah who has so admired my Valentte products. She loved the fragrances and the professional classy products that are included in the box.
    I am a huge fan of all the Valentte products and thank Justine , Luke and all the team x

  329. Ruth Gilks

    I bought several gift boxes from the NEC Show in September and adore all of the products. Lemongrass is divine and the patchouli and eucalyptus is very soothing and relaxing. Also cannot recommend the hand cream, hand wash highly enough. The gift boxes make excellent Christmas presents hence back here to order more 🙂

  330. Jenny Page

    I recently treated myself to a gift box at the Liverpool Christmas market. I chose two candles and the Lemon & Rosemary diffuser. The fragrance is amazing really citrusy but not overpowering. I have it in our bedroom and it is wonderful to wake up to its lemony freshness. I will certainly be ordering a refill.

  331. melanieingle1981

    Ordered the most beautiful gift box of a reed diffuser and two hand creams and, as with previous purchases, I am delighted. The fragrances in these products last SO much longer than other ‘posher’ Reed diffuser and hand cream brands and the hand cream is wonderfully moisturising. Am pleased to be able to share my love of valentte with some friends and family this Christmas. Keep up the good work!

  332. M Gordon

    These gift boxes have now become a stable.for friends birthdays etc.
    You cannot fault it and the gift box is always well received.
    There are some scents in the range that the receiver always are surprised how long the scent actually lasts for!!!

  333. Bernadette Tatton

    I ordered the lemongrass and rosemary gift box, ie hand cream, candle. The smell is lovely, the hand cream both light and nourishing. In actual fact I had previously bought a gift box for myself whilst at Cheltenham Races in November, and was so impressed I purchased another online for a Christmas present for my sister. Am sure she’ll love it.

  334. Pauline Holt

    Wonderful gift box. Beautifully packaged. Even had a ribbon on it. Very pleased with purchase and service. First came across Valentte at Burghley Horse Trials and have been a fan ever since. The band cream is superb.

  335. Stephanie Robinson

    i first came across your products a few years ago at a Christmas market at Castle Howard, found them wonderful the candle lasts such a long time the lemongrass/rosemary room spray also lovely the sent stays until they have gone!!! Tried the body lotion and hand cream this time just perfect not found any better products. Initially had trouble with delivery as we live down an isolated lane but sorted out immediately via a phone call from yourselves, no other than first class service thank you Luke and your team.

  336. Karen Parkinson

    Love these mix and match boxes excellent value for for money with excellent products

  337. Karen Parkinson

    Beautiful gift boxes for presents, products are lush

  338. Carol

    Three lovely gifts for only 25.00! Excellent!

  339. Tracy Miller

    I love how you can mix and match to get the perfect gift and for a fantastic price

  340. Yvonne

    To me its fantastic value with the option to choose the great value products you want. Love the Lemongrass and Rosemary

  341. Emma Petts

    Excellent value for money and a wonderfully presented gift

  342. Lorraine

    Beautifully presented gift box. Love the flexibility of the mix n match option. Makes a fabulous present.

  343. Marion Smith

    I have ordered quite a few gift boxes now and will continue to do so. I love that you can mIx and match fragrances along with the product type. Everything about Valentte is A++ – products, packaging, delivery and customer service.

  344. Sharon

    These candles are by far the best I have ever bought and the gift boxes are great value for money. I’m a very happy multiple repeat customer!

  345. Tracey Parkinson

    Received a gift box for Christmas . It was beautifully packaged and smells heavenly

  346. Elaine

    Having purchased items from Valentte before for myself I ordered a mix & match gift box as a Christmas present. The recipient was highly delighted with the selection of Lemongrass & Rosemary products & will be ordering further items in the coming year.

  347. kayesthermiller

    This is the best home fragrance I have ever bought everyone who comes into my home always asks me what I use. Just gave one as a present for Christmas she was over the moon. Now I am buying another one for myself.

  348. Alison Day

    I absolutely love the Lemongrass and Rosemary- the smell is amazing, so fresh and zingy. I have bought many premium candles over the years but the quality and scent of these is easily as good if not better than many double the price. Love it!

  349. Tracey Smith

    Amazing products with fantastic smell. Loved them as soon as I tried the sample at Liverpool winter market. Gift boxes are amazing value – particularly the 3 main item one .

  350. Sharon Rafter

    I first discovered Valentte products at the Royal Lancashire Show we were finished showjumping so had a look around the stalls I was drawn in by the smell I bought two candles and a diffuser then showed them to my friends who also purchased them and we’re all hooked on them, your room smells incredible with them and I can definitely recommend them, S.Rafter

  351. nicola.humph19

    I recently brought a gift set containing 2 candles and a diffuser from Liverpool Xmas markets and I love them, the products are amazing, I have had so many comments about the beautiful smells. My candles have nearly gone I have had them on that many times. I will be reordering very very soon and also purchasing some for presents for my family and friends.

  352. Carol Butler

    Saw these first at Burghley Horse Trials. Lovely products and made wonderful Christmas gifts which I knew would please. Great that you could mix and match and try new scents.

  353. Mrs J Bifulco

    I first saw these products at a local show a few years ago and brought a box with candles and room spray. I can honestly say that the are the best scented candles I have ever used. Although not overpowering, the scent is quite strong but very enjoyable. I restock every time I see them at a show and friends and family love having a box as a gift

  354. Jacqui C

    I’ve been buying these products and sets, for myself and family, for a few years now after first trying them at a show in Yorkshire. This year I decided to purchase them for some of my staff (located around the UK) for Christmas and everyone at Valentte couldn’t have been more helpful. As always, they went over and above what I needed and everything went to plan, even though there were almost 20 different addresses (all with personal messages) that they were going to. I would HIGHLY recommend not only the Products (which are gorgeous) but the company as well.

  355. Shelley Tiplady

    Bought as gift set. Reciepent loves them.
    They smell amazing

  356. Sandra Cramp

    I am pleased with my purchase and particularly like the lavender scent, very relaxing and calming.

  357. Christine Sloan

    I purchased the gift pack for a Christmas present but was unable to part with it. I discovered Valentte at Glasgow Country Living exhibition. WIll definitely purchase more products

  358. Valerie Mitchell

    I first came to know Valentte after receiving a Mix and Match gift box for Christmas, comprising of a candle, diffuser and hand cream in Geranium and Ylang Ylang. I love all three products. The diffuser has a subtle but strong scent, without that strange to describe tang you so often get with diffusers. The candle is helping me through the winter months now that the Christmas decorations are down! The hand cream works very well and is easily absorbed without a greasy film. I loved the set so much, I ordered another to give as a gift! I think Valentte’s product are very high quality and – so important – affordable. I will certainly continue buying from you.

  359. Michele cooper

    I purchased this as a gift and loved it so much I kept it.!
    Love it.

  360. J Jackson

    I bought the mix and match set for a gift, after staying with my son who is using these gorgeous candles, I went on to buy bought some more for myself.

    Wonderful customer service, highly recommend your company and products.

  361. Fiona Dures

    This is my second order from valentte. The eucalyptus and patchouli hand and body lotion is absolutely wonderful,it smells delicious and makes my skin very smooth, I am just wondering what to get next!

  362. Eleni D

    Bought Gift box for Christmas got diffuser, candle and hand cream absolutely love it! Smells amazing, cream leaves skin soft and silky.

  363. Eleni D

    Bought Gift box for Christmas in the Liverpool Christmas Market, got the reed diffuser, candle and hand cream absolutely love it! Smells amazing, cream leaves skin soft and silky.

  364. Teresa Cowper

    I received my first set as a gift and soon realised it was a must have in my house. The candles and room diffuser (patchouli and eucalyptus) smell absolutely amazing.
    When I went to spirit of Christmas I decided to buy 3 more sets for my daughters, they loved their gifts. It’s my daughters birthday in 2 weeks and I’m about to order another set in line.

  365. Patricia

    I discovered Valentte a couple of years ago at a food show near Manchester. I have since been their loyal customer and have only been using their natural products. I love the beautiful scents and I have bought a number of mix and match gift boxes for family and friends. The gift box is elegantly packaged at a very affordable price. Unlike other high street brands, I can mix and match different products and different scents. Thank you Justina and Luke.

  366. Karen Packe

    I smelt the lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser round my friends house. I loved it that much I went online straight away to order myself one. I them went on to order 2 gift sets as presents. They loved them too. Another friend came round my house the other evening 6 weeks into me having my diffuser!! And went online and ordered herself a gift set. They really are beautiful products. Thank you nearly time for my next order!!

  367. Hayley Henman

    I purchased a mix and match gift box at a recent show. I have used the diffusers (in different rooms) over Xmas and they are by far the best I have ever purchased – also the hand cream is fantastic. Great that you can mix and match different fragrances and items.

  368. Jane Brazier

    l discovered Valentte at Burghley Horse Trials last year and bought a Mix and Match box for myself and one as a gift. Love the White Neroli and Lemon but also the freshness of the Geranium and Ylang Ylang. The reed diffusers last ages and give a subtle scent and the hand wash leaves a lingering fragrance. l was so pleased with the products and presentation l have just ordered more for forthcoming birthdays and a treat for myself. The order came within a couple of days.

  369. Gary

    I was disappointed to to receive one of the reed diffusers with a worn label and also leaking in the box. I emailed Valentte the same day and sent a photo and seven days later I have had no response which is even more disappointing.

  370. Lin

    The mix and match box was lovely bought as a birthday present and the recipient was really pleased. Would define purchase again for myself and as a gift. Great value

  371. Nicola Stewart

    I usually get one of these sets at Ripley Summer Sale, but couldn’t wait this year.
    The box is so pretty and makes a stunning gift for everyone, even the most discerning Harrogate Ladies, clamor for the gift box at the Ripley Summer and Christmas Fayres.
    I love the choice you can make, 3 items to compliment the others or 3 totally different scents.
    I have 2 very hairy dogs, so wet dog smell is inevitable, however the diffusers are just the very best at taking wet dog away and replacing it with the harmonious and beautiful scent of Lemongrass and Rosemary.
    The diffuser oils are of such high quality and can last up to 4 months. The room mist is fabulous and the guys at Valentte told me to spray it on lightbulbs as the heat warms up the scent making it even better.

  372. Michelle Hearn

    Bought two of these gift boxes while visiting the home exhibition in Birmingham, lemongrass & rosemary hand wash, had & body lotion & Reed diffuser, smells absolutely amazing. I got the above in white neroli & lemon too which also smells really good, will be ordering again soon.

  373. Ali Lomax

    As always, beautifully packaged and efficient delivery. Lovely goods at a really great price. Thankyou again Valentte!

  374. Kerry goel

    L have bought from valentte several times now ! They really are the best candles ,diffusers, handwash, money can buy ! I absolutely love the white neroli and lemon, everyone always comments how lovely the house smells, would definitely recommend anyone to try all the products 😊

  375. Virginia

    Love these products and have happy relatives who have received gifts

  376. Jane Guvenir

    I love these gift boxes! They are great value and choice of products amazing. I love all the valentte products but especially the candles which provide a great perfume throughout the house.

  377. Wilma HIrd

    Fabulous products, the hand wash leaves your hands so soft, the diffuser smells amazing and the hand cream is just fantastic.

  378. Fra nces Rissell

    Just love this mix and match, such excellent quality and not sure how they manage to do it for this price!!! Thank you so much for my favourite fragrance which lasts and lasts xx

  379. Hilary Danelian

    I have always chosen the Lemongrass and Rosemary scent when purchasing Valentte products. This time I thought I would try a different scent and ordered the White Neroli and Lemon. Guess what? I love this too! This proves to me that the quality of all Valentte products is guaranteed. I am a big fan!


    I loved this mixed box of lavender diffuser, lavender mist and lemongrass scrub. The lavender perfume is subtle yet strong enough to be noticed and relaxing. The scrub is amazing in both scent and feeling.

  381. Karen Hoather

    Lovely products good value and well packed what’s not to like

  382. Christala

    I discovered Valentte at the Ideal Home Show. I purchased a patchouli and eucalyptus candle and received a free sample of lemongrass and rosemary hand cream with my purchase. I loved both products and was happily surprised to find I could combine these items in a Mix and Match gift box and for a special offer price! My home and hands smell beautiful, I will definitely buy again.

  383. Suzanne Humphries

    Excellent value and lovely smell. I wasn’t sure which scent to choose so lovely to receive the free samples will try another next time as they all sound so good

  384. Janet lawrence

    After picking up a hand cream sample at the Grand designs show last year I loved the product . The cream is amazing and the lemongrass & rosemary smell is gorgeous . A lovely treat to use .

  385. Janet lawrence

    I sent for a gift box with 3 products , the presentation is beautiful and the diffuser sticks, candle & hand cream are just amazing the smell stays for ages .
    A beautiful gift .

  386. Sue Shepherd

    I first found you at the Southport flower show and have been with you ever since, I like all of your products but in particular I like the body scrub, it really works well. Thank you .

  387. Kerry