Summer at Gate Farm

The heart of our small, authentic business is hidden in the rural county of Cheshire on Gate Farm, where we feel most at home. We are inspired by the perfectly imperfect great outdoors, and this renders in the crafting of our natural, homemade Valentte products.

During the summertime, we find our senses are naturally heightened, and the natural beauty of Gate Farm fuels our inspiration. The multi-sensory idea behind our carefully crafted blends of pure essential oils and plant-based ingredients is something we feel strongly correlates with the nature surrounding us. So let us share the beautiful surroundings of Gate Farm in the summer with you.

Just a few footsteps away from our production and offices we are greeted by the new born ducklings, playfully drifting and dipping in our pleasant, quaint pond. The path between the pond and the farm yard animals boasts a flurry of chamomile flowers producing a delightful sweet and floral scent that carries in the gentle breeze. Following the path down into the fields, and home of the farmyard animals, we find a mother pig tending to her young, piglets.

As we delve deeper into the farm on this warm summer’s day, the sun on our skin, we find the sheep and donkey basking in the sun. Heading back towards production, the natural, rural scent is replaced by the delicious aroma of our Valentte natural aromatherapy products being lovingly, hand-crafted.

As the hours of daylight increase, the opportunity to take a break from our beloved, hand-crafting work and explore round the farm in the sunshine reminds us of how lucky we are. Nature and Valentte really do go hand in hand.

-Justina, Co-Founder and Creative Director

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