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Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser Refill

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Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients and the 100ml refill will scent your home for a minimum of 4 months with a stimulating and uplifting aroma.



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Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 10, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

I can't stop ordering! They smell amazing and the smell lasts and lingers. I've had the candles and the diffusers and i am now ordering the room mists. Highly recommended 10 out-of 10!
Rachel Winter - avatar Rachel Winter
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

After my free samples I ordered this diffuser. The smell is simply gorgeous and it really is uplifting. I am planning to buy more as presents for family and friends, so they can enjoy the wonderful smells on offer
Carol Pilbrow - avatar Carol Pilbrow
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Such a gorgeous refreshing scent, the room is filled with deliciousness. Beautiful packaging - made it feel like a birthday gift for me! Im absolutely delighted with my this and my body lotion which is so creamy leaving skin feeling sumptuous and smelling luscious!
Thank you 😊
Im so please Sam Thomson (Made In Chelsea) recommended you on his Insta stories.
Karen Sanders - avatar Karen Sanders
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

Lovely fresh smell. Will definitely order again. Prompt delivery
Emma Needham - avatar Emma Needham
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

After discovering Valentte a few years ago at the Suffolk Show I have loved using their products. Their lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser smells divine and lasts a lovely long time. It also arrives beautifully packaged and makes a wonderful gift.
Claire Driver - avatar Claire Driver
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

I have been buying the Lemongrass and Rosemary room diffusers for a number of years usually at Fairs but recently ordered online due to the Covid19 situation. It arrived within 3 days of ordering which is excellant service. I love the combination of ingredients and find that it keep it lovely fresh smell for a long time.
Marjorie Jenningd - avatar Marjorie Jenningd
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

I really like the smell of lemongrass as it made me think of my holiday in Thailand. This diffuser's smell is divine ! Its not easy to find good lemongrass smell diffuser in the UK and this is just the best I can find!
Susanne - avatar Susanne
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser
July 9, 2020

Our lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients... View

I cannot tell you how divine this product is! I buy it regularly now as I’ve not found anything else to compete with it. The whole house is fragranced with a beautiful light lemon scent. Every product with this perfume is absolutely gorgeous. Just Buy It!
joyellendersmith - avatar joyellendersmith

The Blend:

A therapeutic blend of six pure essential oils which deliver a powerful boost to your concentration and focus.

Stimulating and Uplifting


With it’s strong, sweet, lemony scent, Lemongrass is purifying and stimulates awareness. It refreshes the mind and is helpful for mental fatigue and loss of concentration.


With a warm and refreshing aroma Rosemary clears the mind of confusion and doubt and promotes mental clarity. Stimulates your sensitivity and increases your creativity by lifting exhaustion and awakening your heart.

Life is so much brighter when we focus on what truly matters

Our best selling scent Lemongrass & Rosemary is specifically blended to improve your concentration and focus.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Reed Diffuser Refill Sizes

1000ml including 10 sets of reeds, 100ml including 1 set of reeds, 500ml including 5 sets of reeds

101 reviews for Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser Refill

  1. james broughall

    Love the fragrance. I bought a couple of the diffusers at the ideal home show so reordered when they were getting low. I ordered the refill as part of the three item box set but was sent just three standard diffusers as apparently it was added to the box set selection in error!! No communication from the company to explain just a hand written note in the box when the item was delivered. Interestingly I was still able to add a different fragrance refill as part of a three item box set the next day!!

  2. Chris Foulcher

    My daughter bought me your lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser for my birthday in January and l have been so pleased with the gorgeous smell in my living room ever since and also the room spray that came with it. I then found the website and ordered 2 refills so l can continue to enjoy the fragrance that l love.

  3. Heather

    I have this in the hall so people smell it as they step into my home. Its an uplifting and fresh fragrance which lots of people comment upon & I love it!


    Loving the lemongrass & rosemary diffuser, it’s the first one I’ve ever used that has my friends & family commenting on when they walk into my living room 😀
    It’s not over powering but leaves a lovely lemony aroma around the room. The gift box I bought at Ripley Castle last Xmas comes in a very smart gift box & gives excellent value for money when you compare it with other high end brands.

  5. Sandra Smith

    I love this fragrance, I bought a box set at a show & decided to buy the refill so I can have it throughout the house, the hand wash & cream are quality products too

  6. Jacky Holt

    Having used Valentte diffusers for over 12 months(and wouldn’t use any other) i was so pleased to see the lemongrass and Rosemary refil, i can refresh my diffusers and reeds without having to throw away my container. As everyone is trying to do there bit on the recycling front these days this refil is a welcomed addition to an already great range. Well done Valentte.

  7. tstannoch

    This is a beautiful long lasting fragrance and makes the roo smell so fresh. All my guests have enquired about the beautiful aroma. Thoroughly recommend

  8. Sarah Rollason

    Ordered this ad my favourite smell and panic it may sell out!
    Wish this could be in the half price sales but I think I’ll be waiting a long time!

  9. Liz

    Purchased this at the Grand Design show, and Hampton Court flower show. The lemongrass and Rosemary Diffuser is the best product I have found, and I have purchased many. The scent lasts a long time , however large the room you can still smell it . Highly recommend.

  10. Margaret Mills

    I received two diffuser refills of lemon grass and poured them into the original bottles. These fragrances have the most beautiful smell, but even more importantly, they last far longer than others.

  11. Jo Godwyn

    I’ve used many Reed dividers in the past, this is by far the best I’ve ever tried! Not too strong, but you can obviously smell it when you walk into my house. Gorgeous scent too!

  12. Fiona Caulfield

    Love this scent. Everyone comments on how nice it is when they go into the rooms. Would highly recommend to anyone who is thinking about purchasing.

  13. Amy

    I use these in my office it’s a very fresh smell have had loads of people ask were they can get them from .
    Delivery is always quick all the products are amazing and the gift boxes are a really good.

  14. Karen bee

    My absolute favourite smell in the house and lasts for ages!

  15. Google

    Always a big fan of linking to bloggers that I adore but do not get a whole lot of link like from.

  16. Julie Kinnon

    Lemongrass and Rosemary is my favourite Valentte fragrance. I have purchased a number of their diffusers for myself and gifts for friends. This time I bought a refill and will continue to enjoy this lovely product.

  17. Tina Lockyer

    Love this diffuser it smells so fresh.
    Bought one at the Ideal Home Exhibition so recently bought a refill. Will definitely order again. Might order some for Christmas Gifts this year.

  18. thecranns

    I was introduced to Valentte at Chatsworth Country Fair. Loved the smell and initially bought a candle but after listening to your guy talk about the diffuser I decided to try one of these as well, despite my misgiving having tried a number before and only been disappointed. So glad |I did, it smells amazing without being overpowering and it is clearly going to last. Will be buying from you again!

  19. Mary

    Lemongrass & Rosemary is an amazing smell and long lasting

  20. Beverley

    The lemongrass diffuser is just beautiful. I bought one last year and wish I’d bought more. Found Valentte again at the Handmade Festival and have stocked up for the season.
    Other diffusers don’t last as long and don’t smell as nice. Not overpowering at all, just lovely.

  21. Deborah Mulhall

    Another great fragrance bought for my daughter to refill her empty bottle. One of her favourite smells so always a good stocking filler.

  22. Julie Parker

    I love these, the smell is so fresh and lovely. It lasts a long time and fills my home with a gorgeous scent. Well worth the money.

  23. Claire mckenna

    I purchased the lemongrass and rosemary defuser during the summer and I absolutely love it! The smell is fresh and it lasted 2 months! I love it so much I recently ordered the refill! What a great way to save on cost and also better for the environment being able to reuse the glass bottles!
    Everyone who visits my home comments on the beautiful scent! Thank you Valentte

  24. Ruth McGuinness

    I will never have any other diffuser in my house! This scent is amazing and fills my rooms! Everyone who comes to my house comments on the diffuser! I love it!

  25. Julie Simpson

    I discovered valenttte at Harrogate flower show.
    The lemongrass and rosemary diffuser is in my bathroom and everyone comments on how lovely it smells. Lasts for ages- love it.

  26. Julie

    Discovered this product at Harrogate show. Have diffuser in my bathroom- everyone comments on the fragrance- gorgeous but not overpowering

  27. Imogen

    Got this as a present and it lasted months and months. Wonderful scent, subtle and natural. Have just bought a refill.

  28. Samantha Evason

    The smell is amazing and fills my whole house! They last longer than any other diffusers too

  29. Debbie H

    I recently attended the Grand Designs Show at the NEC and nearly walked past the Valentte stand but I was stopped in my tracks by the amazing aromas. I was astounded by the range available and the excellent prices. I decided to buy the Lemongrass & Rosemary diffusers and candle and absolutely love the smell. I am sure I will be coming back for more.

  30. rachel2

    Beautiful products. The most wonderful smells. So glad I found you, or did you find me !!!! Love Luke’s blogs as well, he really should write that book.

  31. Carolyn

    Excellent product with a lovely scent which lasts for ages.

  32. Sharon Carr

    My absolute favourite scent, it brings back distant memories of Thailand. I have the diffuser in my bathroom and I can smell the scent from the hallway. Would highly recommend this scent.

  33. Lynda Keith

    Thought I try a refill and it ticks all the boxes! Lovely scent and very reasonable – fragrance lasts for months!

  34. Susan Jesshop

    i love the scent of this diffuser which lasts much longer than any other that I have used.
    First bought your product at the Knitting and Stitching show in London.

  35. Sue Jesshop

    beautiful scent which lasts much longer than any other diffuser I have used.

    First bought your product at the Knitting show in London.

  36. Lynn

    Great product, was pleased to be able to get the reed diffuser refill. Love the Rosemary & Lemongrass, such a fresh aroma and lasts a long time.

  37. Elaine Riley

    I bought this for my sister as a Xmas gift. She had previously purchased this whilst at The Ideal Home Show.
    She really loves the lemon grass and rosemary perfume, and says it makes her home smell lovely

  38. Lorraine

    This is an amazing product, from the moment you open it your home smells so lemony! It does not lose its scent as the weeks pass by, my whole family loves it.

  39. Tracey Hayes

    Love this smell. Amazing quick fast delivery and wrapped up so lovely.

  40. joy.stanton21

    My house smells fabulously like spring. Exotic and fragrant.

  41. Lindsay Budgen

    A truly gorgeous scent! These are lovely, long lasting diffusers.

  42. Ann R

    Excellent company selling quality products. The fragrance is beautiful and lasts for ages. Highly recommended.

  43. Margaret Engel

    Ideal way to keep the fragrance going. Love the smell. So fresh.

  44. Cathryn Johnston

    I love these diffusers- they are all over my house and now I have one in my office at work and many people have commented on the lovely smell.
    I like that they last a long time and also are good quality too

  45. Viv Humphrey

    These are the best home fragrance diffusers ever I love them all! I first came across them at my local show in Malvern many years ago, they last for ages & smell fantastic! Brilliant customer service will always be ordering from Valentte from now on! Many Thanks

  46. Mara Ciolfi

    It is great to have a refill for the wonderful reed diffuser, one of my friends has just been to visit and asked what the lovely lemony smell was. It is rosemary and lemongrass.

  47. Elaine Parlour

    I bought a selection of Valentte products and gave them as Christmas presents. The recipients have since told me that they loved the products so much that they have gone on to order further items from Valentte. My favourite fragrance is lemongrass & rosemary although my last order included patchouli and eucalyptus. I have not been disappointed with anything I have bought from Valentte and can recommended them to family and friends with full confidence. Elaine

  48. Mrs D

    Absolutely love this scent!! 💗
    It’s such a strong long lasting refreshing fragrance fills the entire house to smell so fresh.
    I received my order quickly and so Beautifully wrapped, in gift boxes and bows. I know the recipients of the gifts will be so pleased. Thank you everyone at Valentte 😊

  49. Mrs D

    Totally love this scent!! 💗
    It’s such a strong long lasting refreshing fragrance fills the entire house to smell so fresh.
    I received my order quickly and so Beautifully wrapped, in gift boxes and bows. I know the recipients of the gifts will be so pleased. Thank you everyone at Valentte 😊

  50. Deborah Leith

    We ordered this refill after our purchase at the BBC Country file show back in August 2019, we live the lemon freshness it gives to our house.

  51. Ruth Moore

    I love the fresh scent from the Lemongrass and
    Rosemary diffuser which is placed in my hallway. The refill is good value.

  52. Dominique

    I purchased two Reed diffusers last year at a trade show, for my new home. I have one in each bathroom and I get compliments constantly about the lovely scent. They’ve lasted 7 full months and I am only now having to purchase the refill.

  53. Amanda

    I love the smell. Got a few of the past year or 2.
    Just about to order more. Definitely recommend valentte products. The last ages and are the best smelling products out there. Fantastic gift or just keep them for yourself.

  54. Kay

    I have Rosemary and Lemongrass Reed diffusers in various rooms, since coming across this lovely scent at an Ardingly craft show. Have now purchased the 500ml refill so I can top up/reuse the original glass bottles and have a continually fragrance filled home.

  55. Lorraine Calvert

    I was bought the diffuser for Christmas and absolutely loved the aroma. It is very fresh and made the whole house smell beautiful! When it ran out I purchased the refill and will carry on doing so for the forseeable future! Interestingly I didn’t use the new reeds at first thinking as it was the same aroma I wouldn’t need to. The refilled diffuser didn’t smell but when I changed the reeds over the beautiful smell emerged. I can only think once the reeds dry out they don’t work as well?

  56. bridget comiskey1

    All the Valentte products are brilliant – the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser is my favourite with a strong fresh scent and which lasts for ages and refills available that arrive in the post with brand new reeds. Worth every penny and more. Once you’ve bought one you’ll be hooked!

  57. Cay Byford

    I bought the original diffuser at the Spirit of Christmas Fair, unlike some diffusers it has a long lasting fragrance, and does not evaporate quickly either.
    A refill seems a good idea!
    I was given a hand lotion sample which smelt devine, but it only had a number, not the fragrance, but so good I’ve ordered the same fragrance as the diffuser.

  58. Linda Kincaid-Falkner

    Absolutely love this fresh scent which fills the room! Very good value for money too.

  59. Melanie Howse

    This lemongrass and rosemary refill is the best . I have tried others but nothing compares to this one topped up diffuser in bathroom and the smell is awesome.

  60. Lesley Gould

    I am a regular customer when visiting Ascot Fashion Fair or the other shows that Valentte exhibit, they are products always in my home. I love having diffusers and candles in my home and these fragrances are so pleasant to have and make the whole of my home smell amazing. Visitors constantly comment. Given our lock down situation for the awful virus its great that I have still been able to buy them online. Thank you.

  61. Monika

    Absolutely gorgeous! My favourite.

  62. Marilyn Webster

    Absolutely love the lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser, really fills the room with scent. Will definitely buy again

  63. Tracey Mason

    I love all my products from Valente. The scents are gorgeous, they are all natural and they last a very long time. I’ve been a customer for a few years now. The hand and body cream is divine.

  64. Karen Knight

    I bought a gift box previously with the rosemary & lemongrass and white neroli diffuser. Loved the smell of the rosemary/lemongrass so decided to get a couple more plus a refill bottle for use in my WCs at home and will continue buying it

  65. Anne

    Love this scent. Purchased a gift box originally from Southport Flower Show and then recently purchased refills and a gift box for a friend. The scent lasts for ages. Much longer than products I’ve had from other companies. Many visitors to our house have remarked how nice it smells.

  66. Jennifer hadwick

    Love this smell, it sweetens up my bathroom nicely and last for ages, You can smell the sent even walking past, I’ve just ordered refills so I will never go without the nice aroma that the product gives..
    Jenny from Cornwall

  67. Anne Cowley

    This is my third diffuser I just love the lemongrass and rosemary. My nephew bought me a set for Christmas and I loved the smell especially the candles.

  68. Angela Davey

    My Absolute favourite ! A beautiful smell that fills a huge room … a super service.

  69. Heather Chalk

    Perfect to have a refill for such lovely fresh smelling diffuser, that unlike so many doesn’t induce a migraine. Wonderful.

  70. Heather Chalk

    First came across these products when I was given a free sample at a show over two years ago. I haven’t bought any other makes since then. Lemon and rosemary is my favourite though. The smell is so fresh and doesn’t bring on a migraine as so many other makes do.

  71. Tina Wingar

    I absolutely love the fresh zesty smell of this diffuser. The whole room has a lovely fresh aromatic scent without being too overpowering.
    They last way longer than any other diffuser I have used in the past.
    I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody.
    If you’re sitting on the fence undecided then give it a try!

  72. Linda Telford

    Beautiful scent. I use it in my bathroom and it’s fabulous. It’s very long lasting well worth the money.

  73. Tina Wingar

    Fabulous smell. Zesty and fresh. Best of all it lasts for ages. I would definitely recommend buying this fabulous product.

  74. Gary Pavitt

    A great scent that lasts at least 3 months. Great service from the website with fantastic offers. Lovely to try new scents via the free samples too.

  75. Geralyn Lennon

    So many suppliers of Reed diffusers fail to give to the opportunity for a refill of your favourite aroma. This is an opportunity to get my favourite lemongrass and rosemary topped up to keep me happy. Excellent product. Thankyou Valentte.
    I first encountered Valentte at the Southport flower show many years ago and have been a regular customer since.

  76. Tracy Birch

    Excellent product – The fragrance fills the room . It’s absolutely lovely .

  77. Solange Wardell

    I was given a gift set of Lemongrass and Rosemary Reed Diffuser and Candles for Christmas and loved it. So I decided to buy some more of this lovely fragance for the rest of the house.

  78. Nick Reeve

    I bought this reed diffuser at Crufts dog show originally and immediately loved the scent. I now have a diffuser in most of my rooms and my whole house smells great. The perfume isn’t too sweet or too spicy and has no artificial hints. Really love it.

  79. Medina Flatman

    This is my absolute favourite scent
    It’s great that you offer refills
    I ordered online and delivery was extremely prompt so even during lockdown my home smells beautiful.
    thank you to all the staff for continuing to provide a great service

  80. Lesley Newman

    I have recently received my first order from you of a Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser, after being recommended by a friend. I was very impressed with the product and the prompt service you provided. I will continue to use your products as I have been looking for a quality diffuser for some time and now have found it. Many thanks, Lesley

  81. Dee Reeve

    My favourite room fragrance. Does not lose its scent over the 3 months . This is why I am purchasing refill for original diffuser.
    Received as a gift last year and introduction to the Valentte range.
    Highly recommended.

  82. Amanda White

    I was delighted when I discovered I could order a refill of my favorite room fragrance. The lemon grass and rosemary sent fills my house with an uplifting air to brighten every day.

  83. Tina Wingar

    This is such a fresh and uplifting fragrance. It scents the whole room without being too overpowering. I’ve tried many others over the years, but this is by far and away the best one yet. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product to anybody thinking of buying it.

  84. susanwilliamson1953

    My all time favourite diffuser. Lasts months and smells fabulous the whole time! Always get comments on how lovely my rooms smell with this in!. Love it . only thing I would say prefer old packaging looks more upmarket.

  85. Louise Attwood

    What can I say, the original diffuser was so lush, I just had to have more and obviously the most practical option was to get a refill. Love it!

  86. Susan

    Love this diffuser. Have bought for a few years now and never disappointed. Beautiful fresh and lively fragrance.

  87. Jan Thorne

    I received my first lemongrass and rosemary diffuser as a gift. I was very pleased with it as the fragrance is very refreshing and not overpowering. Friends and family have also commented on the fragrance, some have ordered it for themselves. I was over the moon when I was able to order refills. I would highly recommend this product.

  88. Kate Galloway-Hale

    The scent is divine – a combination of refreshing and invigorating ! I bought my first diffuser last July at the Hampton Court Flower show and like other reviewers I can confirm the Valentte fragrance diffusers are one of the best out there. I am always happy to support small family owned businesses (as I run a small business myself), so during this strange virus pandemic/lockdown and the new world we find ourselves in, the first thing I did when I needed to order some more diffuser fragrance was to go on Google to check if Valentte products were available online. I’m glad I did. Delivery was fast and the packaging luxurious – to match the product. Couldn’t be happier.

  89. Rachael Hawes

    What a totally gorgeous scent! I love it’s strength and freshness – it totally livens up my workspace and helps to get my brain in gear! It lasts such a long time too, as I first bought the diffuser at a show last year and it’s only just running out now – excellent value for money!

  90. Sheila Gledhilll

    Put this diffuser in my hallway & everyone who calls remarks on how beautiful the sent is

  91. Monika Sykes

    This is wonderful scent for home. It smells relaxing and fresh, not too strong. I have it in my bathroom for this extra luxury feel.

  92. Georgina Roseweir

    I absolutely love this product, I’m totally addicted to it. The scent is amazing and makes my home smell lovely. I get so many compliments on it. Well worth the money.

  93. janettongue754

    I bought my first lemongrass and rosemary reed diffuser from a garden show last year and loved the perfume it also lasted a very long time.
    Janet Tongue

  94. Kate Doubleday

    Received this as a part of a Christmas present and decided that once the bottle was empty I would order another from you as the scent is so refreshing and long lasting. I particularly like this product as it contains no ‘nasties’ and I know exactly what it contains.

  95. Rose Robins

    I think I bought this product initially at the Bath & West show. Love the fragrance, hence bought some more. It’s fresh and has lasted a long time. Everyone who comes to my home always comment on how lovely it smells. Will try the samples and continue to buy to make my home smell gorgeous.
    Take care and stay safe in these very scary times 🌈🌈

  96. Judy Martin

    I’m so happy that I can buy refills for my favourite smelling diffuser. – Rosemary and Lemongrass. I have several diffusers around the house and it’s fantastic I can reuse the diffuser bottles instead of recycling them. Bye the way I really love the new design of your name on the diffuser – very classy looking.

  97. Rose Robins

    Rosemary and Lemongrass is my favourite. I have one in my dining room and one in the bedroom. The fragrance is natural and divine. Anyone visiting my home always comment on the lovely Fresh smell. Don’t ever replace this one. 🌈

  98. Jeremy Greenwood

    Lemongrass and Rosemary smells just like being at the Spa. Lovely fragrance highly recommended.

  99. Shannan

    Love love love this scent, so strong! Luke also sent me out another defuser after a mix up was so quick and friendly! Will repurchase again and again! 🙂

  100. Gill Drury

    Have just received my box of the wonderful box full of Lemongrass and Rosemary goodies. The scent is strong but not overpowering, just enough to think, what a lovely smell. Anyway, love them and look forward to seeing you back at the London shows later in the year.

  101. Zoe

    Love this fresh fragrance which penetrates and permeates the air with the zing of lemon.

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