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Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser


Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser is made from pure, natural ingredients and will scent your home for a minimum of 4 months with a warm and harmonising aroma.



Total Reviews: 454
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 24, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Got this to go with the candle. It’s so fragrant in room and is always commented on. Love it!
danni.casson - avatar danni.casson
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 24, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Beautiful scent, not overpowering but long lasting. All visitors comment on it and the ones I have given as gifts have been much appreciated.
Victoria - avatar Victoria
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 24, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

A beautiful uplifting and clean smell. It makes me smile when I catch it's fragrance as I enter the room. This was my first purchase from Valentte and I've since come back and bought candles intended for gifts, but can't bear to part with them!
Maggie T - avatar Maggie T
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Ease Tension and Anxiety

A therapeutic blend of five pure essential oils which deliver a warm and harmonising effect to calm and clear your head.


With it’s strong, slightly sweet, intoxicating scent patchouli oil is the perfect way to clear negative emotions, improve mood, and relax the mind.


Eucalyptus oil comes from the Eucalyptus tree, native to Australia. It has a powerful scent and is easily recognizable amd is often used in baths, spas, and saunas because of its refreshing and antiseptic attributes.

Size: 100ml

Looking After Your Diffuser

Flip The Reeds
Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.

Use The Right Number of Reeds
All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.

Direct Sunlight
Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.

None of our products are tested on animals


Scented with pure organic essential oils they fill your room with a gentle scent crafted to improve your mood and well being. Lasting for a minimum of 4 months.

Total Reviews: 454
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 24, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Got this to go with the candle. It’s so fragrant in room and is always commented on. Love it!
danni.casson - avatar danni.casson
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 24, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Beautiful scent, not overpowering but long lasting. All visitors comment on it and the ones I have given as gifts have been much appreciated.
Victoria - avatar Victoria
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 24, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

A beautiful uplifting and clean smell. It makes me smile when I catch it's fragrance as I enter the room. This was my first purchase from Valentte and I've since come back and bought candles intended for gifts, but can't bear to part with them!
Maggie T - avatar Maggie T
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 23, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Highly recommend this diffuser. Wonderful perfume fills the room.
Prompt delivery following order.
Nikki Freeman - avatar Nikki Freeman
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 22, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

This smells divine! It was part of the gift box that I ordered and I am delighted with it. I would defiantly recommend this scent to anybody the room smells beautiful.
Tracey Reynolds - avatar Tracey Reynolds
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 20, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

This is a beautifully scented reed diffuser, I return to this one every time I buy a diffuser although I do very much like your other fragrances. They are very high quality products which l love buying for myself and my friends, keep up the good work .
Judith Newman - avatar Judith Newman
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 20, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Love these diffusers, they last a good couple of months. Packaging and service is excellent so they also make great presents.
Stacey Godbehear - avatar Stacey Godbehear
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 18, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Gorgeous packaging and a lovely product. Absolutely love all your products.
Lesley - avatar Lesley
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 17, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

Just received my reed diffuser today. Lovely earthy scent. Very happy with the Valentte service.
Anna - avatar Anna
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
February 16, 2021

Perfect for easing tension and anxiety. Our Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser... View

First time buying this fragrance and I love it! Would definitely recommend!
FIONA Peters - avatar FIONA Peters
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Please share your story regarding this product. We also love to hear how you discovered Valentte.

Ease Tension and Anxiety

A therapeutic blend of five pure essential oils which deliver a warm and harmonising effect to calm and clear your head.



With it’s strong, slightly sweet, intoxicating scent patchouli oil is the perfect way to clear negative emotions, improve mood, and relax the mind.


Eucalyptus oil comes from the Eucalyptus tree, native to Australia. It has a powerful scent and is easily recognizable amd is often used in baths, spas, and saunas because of its refreshing and antiseptic attributes.


Product Details

Size: 100ml

Looking After Your Diffuser:

Flip The Reeds
Two or three times in the first week then whenever you want it to smell stronger.

Use The Right Number of Reeds
All of them for the first week, then if you want a lighter scent then remove a few.

Direct Sunlight
Try Not To! Essential oils are fragile. Harsh sunlight will affect their delicate scent.


Scented with pure organic essential oils they fill your room with a gentle organic scent crafted to improve your mood and well being. Lasting for a minimum of 4 months.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 cm

100 ml

454 reviews for Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser

  1. Roger

    Much better scent distribution than previous diffusers.

  2. Jane Hoey

    I absolutely love this fragrance and it really seems to permeate the air as opposed to diffusers I have bought from other companies. Very relaxing…

  3. Lynn Wallace

    love this diffuser the scent is great and it is lasting really well

  4. Nickie

    Lovely product. Lasts well, fills the room & smells beautiful.

  5. Maureen Mc

    Fabulous fragrance , it is by far my favourite, I have had many compliments about this and the fragrance lasts longer than any others.

  6. ianandsteve

    We have used the Room mist and loved the smell.
    Tried other Room diffusers but couldn’t smell them, so we tried Valentine Reed Diffuser, put ii in the porch, what a smell everyone who comes in have all remarked on the smell and asked where it came from.

  7. Debbie Ball

    Everyone comments on the lovely smell in my house. As a result I have bought approx. 10-15 diffuser/candle/ room mist gift sets and use them at home and give to friends as gifts who are always over the moon. So beautifully packaged and quality products. Even more exciting to hear that the diffusers now don’t need turning as much and hopefully the scent will go even further. Beautiful, calm and classy scents!

  8. Sarah Hughes

    This is a new fragrance for me as read about health benefits of patchouli and eucalyptus- am not disappointed.
    The combination is wonderful and makes the hall way very welcoming to visitors and the family as well!
    Would definitely recommend this product.

  9. Angie de Figueiredo

    What a wonderful smell. Keep it by the front door and it spreads throughout the house every time the door is opened

  10. pkat1959

    I 1at purchased this diffuser at Harrogate show and how pleased i was. I have been disappointed so many times with differences candles but not this time. Such a wonderful fragrance greets us as we walk through the door. Since then I have purchased another diffuser and a candle online Valentte will be my 1st choice for room fragrance from now on. Will be buying at Christmas also as the packaging is beautiful.

  11. Robbie

    Oh my, I thought nothing would smell better than the White Neroli scent but this does – I have a new favourite, it really makes the whole house smell like an expensive spa – love it, need more!

  12. Yvette Darrington

    I bought this as a present for my daughters birthday and she is overjoyed with it. The fragrance fills not only her room but the whole house. Beautiful!

  13. eas99willows

    There should have been a higher star rating than 5 for this wonderfully scented diffuser! I would definitely give 10! The perfume spreads from room to room giving a feeling of well being and happiness. I’m so glad I found you at the Birmingham NEC. Your home fragrance set is definitely on my Christmas wish list! Many thanks.

  14. Jan Clark

    Fourth purchase of these wonderful fragrances, so much better than JO Malone’s and White Company, pleased I purchased from you in Malvern.

  15. jill lang

    I bought a gift set from your stall at tatton park flower show, in the country living tent, it has been so lovely gorgeous spa like scent, so relaxing and long lasting , do much better than most of the other luxury brands, have reordered!!! love it

  16. glynisspicer

    I have bought the reed diffusers at the Countryfile show the past couple of years. They last over a year. Bought this fragrance in August, put it in my lounge, smells amazing & fresh. My husband has allergies to air fresheners, candles etc but the Valentte range he is fine with, so pleased I’ve found something he is good with, thorough recommend the whole range of Valentte products they are so worth the money.

  17. Sue Gott

    What a beautiful gift for myself and my colleague. I have seen these products previously at various country shows and have loved the quality of the look and smell and so I decided to treat us. Absolutely amazing smell! And I received a Lemongrass and Rosemary diffuser as well. Will definitely recommend these products to family and friends.

  18. Liz Buckland

    Love this fragrance. Always delighted with Valentte products and this was no exception

  19. w.carr

    I have recently bought my second batch of Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser not only for the fabulous fragrance but also because it last so long. My first diffuser is in its second year! I live in an open plan barn conversion so need these for cooking smells. Hope these new ones last as long as the oil is a different colour and not so thick. I have telephone asking for a call back but there has not been a response.
    Bought twice at large garden show but this time purchase on line in the sale; is this reason for difference?

  20. Hasu Anand

    Beautiful fragrance. Lifts my mood and spirit. Super as its organic too.
    Happy customer and would not hesitate to recommend it.
    Took advantage of sale and purchased as gifts as well for friends and family.

  21. trish Foster

    Amazing lasts for ages, highly recommend, bought a few sets for gifts usually from Ripley

  22. Yvonne

    Fantastic product, smells divine and lasts and lasts, I’m on my third one now and will keep buying!

  23. curlyjade

    One of my favourite products, ever since I found this reed diffuser I haven’t used another brand since. The fragrance lasts for such a long time so it’s great value for money.

  24. Rita MacGranthin

    Absolutely divine. Everyone that came into my home love them too.

  25. Frances Mather

    Really lovely scent. Often diffusers can be too subtle and you can’t really smell them but this one is perfect. Not too strong not too subtle.
    I discovered Valentte in my friends downstairs loo. She had the diffuser and I just loved the smell.

  26. Ellen McCarthy

    I bought a box set of eucalyptus and patchouli diffusers and put them all down stairs in different rooms and the smell was beautiful throughout my home for quite a long time – will definitely recommend it to family and friends

  27. Andrea Flanagan

    I first bought my patchouli and eucalyptus reed diffuser at the Harrogate flower show a few years back and have continued buying this not only for myself but have also bought to give to friends and family . The perfume is amazing and fills your room like no other that i have previously bought , all visitors comment on how nice the house smells and want to know where to find this product and of course i have enlightened them to valentte web site In my humble opinion valentte out shine all the high end retailers selling similar products as i have tried most of these and found them to be a poor second to valentte products

  28. Jane Welsher

    This is the most wonderful product, the fragrance is heavenly and not overpowering.

    I would certainly purchase again and am open to trying other products now that I have experienced the quality of the products

  29. S Hodgson

    I discovered Valentte products at the Spirit of Christmas fair and having loved what I bought there have just ordered a whole lot more! Fabulous long lasting smells and great value. Thank you.

  30. Valerie Lawrence

    In July 2018 I visited the RHS Tatton flower show and bought a hand cream , Candle and a diffuser, the diffuser is patchouli and eucalyptus and is absolutely fantastic so relaxing, clean smelling and stress relieving. The hand cream is the best I have ever used, the candle is sitting in my bedding drawer and the scent when putting clean sheets on the bed is lovely, I don’t want to burn the candle yet as it’s doing a great job where it is. I love the plain no nonsense packaging as with a wonderful product it speaks for itself. I cannot wait until next year to visit your stall again, I realise I could buy on line but being there and meeting your wonderful reps beats looking at a computer screen.

  31. Yvonne Rolfe

    My sister had one and we loved the smell so ordered one and absolutely delighted with it – the whole room smells gorgeous- will definitely buy again

  32. myriambill

    I purchased this Reed diffuser a few days ago. The whole downstairs srea smells divine!
    I will definitely buy more.

  33. Erina Wilson

    I purchased this reed diffuser in a gift set for my mum as her mothers day gift. It smells amazing!! I will definitely be recommending this scent and especially this company, along with purchasing more products for myself and for others in the future!!

  34. Judy Mountain

    Amazing long lasting smell all around The house . Been buying the diffusers and candles for many years and never been disappointed

  35. carolemc1961

    This is simply the best! Thank you Valle the. My house smells amazing. I’ve had so many compliments. Will continue to buy and try new products

  36. Sarah

    This is my favorite, it’s a smile when you walk in the room. I bought my first valentte product from a craft fair and loved it and I’ve carried on from there. They make fantastic presents as well as you know the receivers are going to love them too

  37. Karen Mc

    I have always loved the smell of Eucalyptus but my family can find it a bit overpowering. This combination with the patchouli is the perfect answer. Love the presentation of products when they arrive too. Lovely gifts if I can let them go.

  38. Michelle

    Stunning fragrance. The scent fills the house without setting off my allergies. Will be ordering more!

  39. Sara Farmer

    Lovely product still going strong 3 months in. I usually have the lemongrass and rosemary diffuser but am now converted to this!

  40. Jenny McLoughlin

    The scent of this diffuser is just amazing! If you love Olbas oil, you will love this and not just when you have a cold or hay fever, it has a warm undertone of scent that doesn’t make it smell medicinal.
    The strength of scent is also of note, mine is in a large room and still manages to make it’s presence know!

  41. Carole Johnson

    I have now bought 2 of these diffusers and can’t get enough of the amazing scent that lasts and lasts. Everyone comments how wonderful my hallway smells. Love these products

  42. Ms M O’Halloran


  43. Lynn wallace

    Just love the smell of this diffuser. Can’t wait to walk through my door and the smell fills the house. Makes it really homely

  44. martha williams

    I have always loved the scent of Eucalyptus because of it’s pure nature. Adding Patchouli makes the overall smell amazing. The scent lasts & doesn’t fade. Also the container is beautiful.

  45. kate

    Thank you for yet again speedy delivery of my latest order, I now have 3 favourites! The reed diffuser I’m using this time is patchouli and eucalyptus, it is a beautiful smell, commented on by everybody who comes in my house. The products are a very high standard quality and all smell fantastic, I wouldn’t use anything else now. I discovered valentte a few years ago at spirit of Christmas show and been buying ever since.

  46. L J O

    I bought this because I have the room mist and love the fragrance. I haven’t opened it yet but, if my other Valentte reed diffusers are anything to go by, I expect to be enjoying it for at least 2 years.

  47. Kirstin Forsythe

    I bought this after smelling it at a friends house, it’s beautiful! My perfect scent! Long lasting scent and has made my lounge smell gorgeous.

    I also think it is value for money

  48. Lynne Carr

    I received this as a present and was so pleased with it. It was the patchouli and eucalyptus scent which is beautiful. I have now reordered for myself!

  49. Kate Armitage

    As usual brilliant product. Long lasting fragrance, this one is so fresh smelling and you can smell it as soon as you come through the front door even though it’s not in the hall. Have used these products for a few years now and wouldn’t dream of using any other, they never disappoint, lots of my friends now use them.

  50. Carol Johnson

    I love the smell as I walk into my lounge this was definitely a good find.

  51. Mandy

    I’ve bought both the diffusers and the room sprays the White Neroli and Lemon is lovely the scent is so natural, I’ve had to buy more as my friends liked it so much I gave it to them and had to buy more, they make a great gift.

  52. L Mouat

    Love these reed diffusers. They are long lasting and have gorgeous scents. The Patchouli and Eucalyptus is my favourite.

  53. Yvonne

    I thought the Lemongrass diffuser was my favourite untiI I tried the Patchouli and Eucalyptus,love this one
    it is such a gorgeous smell when you open the door

  54. niki jones

    I buy the gift boxes they are such good value and they come so nicely wrapped

  55. Joyce Gillies

    I visited the Scottish garden show and purchased 2 diffusers and some hand cream. i would like to say how happy I am with all of your products . The quality of the product is very good and the perfume is accurate as we bought ie the perfume is as it said it was . would have no problems ordering from your company again

  56. Karen

    I was given the hand wash as a present loved it so much that I ordered more hand wash and a diffuser . Lovely fresh scent . Will be reordering.

  57. Elizabeth Duff

    Delighted with product, will definitely be reordering.

  58. Jo Miveld

    First discovered Valentte at the Hertsfordshire county show a few years ago. I was really impressed not only of the lovely fragrance but on how long their difussers last. They make wonderful gifts even down to the beautiful packaging. My friends and family are now buying their own as they also are highly impressed. Well done on a wonderful product and friendly professional staff and company.

  59. Karen davies

    My favourite 😊

  60. Hannah Parish

    My husband favourite scent. Last for ages and smell doesn’t change.

  61. Astrid Hernandez

    My new favourite scent from Valentte. Makes the house smell gorgeous! The diffusers always last a lot longer than other brands!

  62. EllReow

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  63. Christine Twist

    Changed frangrance this time – love it.

  64. Mark Seed

    Fantastic-house smells brilliant, love it

  65. Brenda

    Makes the house smell really nice, I love it

  66. miranda28smith

    My room smells divine, love it

  67. Catole Mclean

    Fabulous scent. I’ve bought many of these for different rooms. Lots of my friends comment on how nice the house smells. Highly recommended.

  68. Lorraine middle

    I first bought this product at Burleigh horse trials and loved the smell. I ordered a replacement online and the service was excellent, speedy and beautifully presented in a box. Will be looking out for your stand at Burleigh this year to buy further products

  69. Susan Beasley

    I first discovered Valentte at a Christmas market in Kingston, then again at Hampton Court Flower Show this year. I thought my favorite scent was the Lime & Grapefruit but now having had the Patchouli & Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser in my bedroom I re-ordered a gift box and have it in my living room. I absolutely love it, even take the Patchouli & Eucalyptus candle outside when we are eating, I’m hooked. It’s the best thing I have discovered in years and will be buying it for friends this Christmas as I’m sure they’ll love it too!

  70. Natalie Ellis

    Thought I’d try a different aroma for the lounge and absolutely love this! Will be buying again for sure 🥰

  71. niki jones

    I discovered Valentte by accident on a promotion website, I ordered a gift box to try along with some samples ,I love the diffusers i always buy the gift box of three (sometimes as presents ) but also so for myself as it works out really good value , I don’t buy big company branded anymore (eg glade,airwick etc as they are not that much cheaper and give out artificial smells and dont last as long )I buy these now , daughter has allergies and these dont irritate her they have a great aroma and last a long time, everyone comments at the fragrance when they come in the house, Lemongrass and rosemary are my favourite and usedin the whole house apart from my sons bedroom -he loves the patchouli and eucalyptus one for his room.

  72. Sue

    Treated myself to a gift set at Ripley this year and not disappointed one of the best reed diffusers I have had a lovely long lasting small – will certainly be buying more – that’s my Xmas presents sorted !!

  73. Ingrid Darnley

    I haven’t opened this s year but it has beautifully packaged and I am sure will be as lovely as the soy candles are.

  74. Suspect

    Treated myself to a gift set at the Ripley fair. And not disappointed as it is one of the best diffusers I have bought , a lovely long lasting smell certainly will be buying more. That’s my Xmas gift list sorted

  75. Christine Spencer

    My daughter introduced me to Valentte after she had purchased several items. I have bought the patchouli and eucalyptus reed diffusers, candle and room mist. It has an absolutely wonderful scent, not too heavy and very calming. I am about to order further supplies of this and would highly recommend.

  76. Carole Johnson

    Ive been using the Patchouli and Eucalyptus diffuser around my house for about 2 years and love the pure and relaxing scent which lasts and lasts.. i would never consider buying anything elae

  77. LG

    One of the best reed diffusers I have purchased and certainly the best value for money. A good strong long lasting scent, I’m absolutely delighted!

  78. Pauline Howarth

    Absolutely love the smell, a fine balance, not too strong but makes the room smell lovely and very relaxing.

  79. Angela Cunningham

    This is my favourite for Winter. A warm and deep scent for the colder months. The diffuser may well last till Spring. I would love to see you in Dublin at the Knitting and Stitching Show.

  80. Jean O’Shaughnessy

    My daughter and I went to a Craft Show at Alexander Palace and we didn’t find anything we wanted. On our way out we passed your stand and we were amazed at all the wonderful aromas displayed there. We were so confused as to which product to choose, the perfumes were just perfect, the bottles were nicely presented and candles looked expensive. The gift boxes were excellent. We just had to buy some candles as they are made from soy and pure essential oils. I have already bought some Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffusers for Christmas presents and I intend to buy some candles for birthday presents and I certainly will buy some for myself.

  81. Janet

    I love all the diffusers, the perfume is long lasting. Beautifully packaged makes me feel special when it arrives.

  82. Ruth Stringer

    I am normally someone who prefers zesty citrus aromas and have veered away from the sweeter smells. However, the patchouli and eucalyptus provides a calming, stress relieving room – similar to that of a spa. I have been converted!
    However, I am not saying I’ll never buy the lime aroma again. That’s the beauty of reed diffusers – you can change them to suit your moods.

  83. Nikki

    These are sold as being long lasting and yes they are . Mine has been 13 months and it still fragrances the room beautifully . Buying for gifts now . Lovely products and look great too .

  84. Jane Brookes

    Wow, this was part of a mix and match gift box purchase and it is a wonderful scent which has a long lasting fragrance in my large room. Other makes of diffuser just don’t touch this in terms of quality, value and fragrance.

  85. Sue Ebanks

    I have bought every kind of diffuser from high end, very costly ones to the more affordable ones, and i have to say that these diffusers were a fusion of high end quality at an affordable price. Love , love, love the patchouli fragrance whuch lingers around the whole room not just the area where the reeds are placed.
    Will absolutely buy again.

  86. Paula Cunnington

    This diffuser has a great smell; lovely to come into the house after a long day at work – makes you pleased to arrive home. There are so many that don’t really have an ability to fill the room but this diffuser doesn’t disappoint.

    Thank you Valentte

  87. Iain

    Excellent service again. Great smelling diffuser and long lasting. Super quick delivery also.

  88. Gemma Hartman

    My friend introduced me to valentte products at a recent Christmas fair in London and I bought A gift set for myself this room diffuser smells amazing as soon as I enter the living room you can smell the calming aroma. Will definitely be introducing this to friends and family

  89. Maria Moseley

    I discovered Valentte at Hampton Court flower show this summer and bought a diffuser for myself and two more for a friend’s birthday – she loved them as do I. Have just purchased more Reed Diffusers as Christmas presents.

  90. Christine Angela Larkin

    This is a stunning scent which doesn’t have that ‘fake’ aroma of synthetic products. It is excellent value for money and I will be buying more from the range of products. What a find!
    I discovered them through a Cheshire Life magazine in a spa hotel.

  91. Alison

    This is a real favourite of mine and I have bought several now. Beautiful scent that gently infuses the room and really lasts.

  92. Claire d’araujo

    Absolutely amazing smell! Lasting scent. In fact it’s the second one I have bought! Well recommended 👌

  93. Sue Fiorani

    I normally buy the lemongrass/rosemary, but had a change, this is just as Amazing, at the moment it’s my favourite, will definitely buying more !!

  94. Avril

    I’m slowly working my way through the different fragrances but this is going to be a repeat purchase. Being an “old hippy” l imagined quite a heavy scent. I couldn’t have been more wrong l’m happy to say. The eucalyptus brings a light freshness. Because the quality of the oils is so good the diffusers are very long lasting. Highly recommend.

  95. Sharon Carr

    Superb service, all comes in a lovely box packaged ideally ready to give to that special person for their big day. I’ve previously bought other diffusers and cant give a bigger review. Just love the patchouli and eucalyptus scent, and lingers throughout the house and everyone comments how wonderful it is.

  96. Leah

    Very nice fresh smell

  97. Amanda

    I first discovered Valentte at a craft fair a few years ago and have been very impressed at the quality of the products at reasonable prices. I bought a £25 gift set as a present and added this diffuser for myself as they were on offer at half price! I’ve only had it a few days so I’m not sure how long it’ll last but it currently smells divine!

  98. Fill reynolds

    I discovered these products via my neighbour, who’s home always smells so lovely when I walk in! I am a convert now and will continue to buy products from Valentte as I love all the aromas. The diffusers last for ages. The ordering process was very easy and the products arrived quickly and lovingly presented.

  99. judith.bate

    This is by far my favourite Valentte product. The beautiful scent greets me when I walk into my living room and is constant but not overpowering. Simply delightful.

  100. Elaine

    The smell from this amazing, and I love it! Got the matching candle and would definitely purchase again!

  101. niki jones

    i love the reeds they are amazing, my daughter has asthma and the cheap commercial artificial ones make her sneeze and cough -the valentte ones are great they re natural and dont effect her , they have such a great smell as well, everyone always comments when they come into my home I always buy the gift sets as they are great value and then give some to friends

  102. Bobby Povah

    I love this particular combination of Patchouli and Eucalyptus as the fragrance from the diffuser carries through a fairly large room as it wafts through the door when opened.
    This is part of a set that I bought trying out the Valentte range of scents.Lovely.

  103. Angela Darley

    strong smell only using half the reeds as the aroma is very powerful. but love the smell
    the others I have put to one side for the time being as I am enjoying the smell of the patchouli

  104. Margaret Tomlinson

    These candles and diffusers are beautiful / they keep their fragrance and last a long time. I have purchased at various shows the first time at Chelsea and then others In various locations around the country. Packaging is always nicely presented – prompt service and nice people to deal with. I particularly love Fireside and Neroli fragrances but have purchased a variety for presents. I can say no more.

  105. Liz

    My first experience of your fabulous Patchouli and Eucalyptus aroma was at the NEC Birmingham a couple of years ago. Valentte had a corner stand. I had walked by before I registered the lovely aroma (I have a mature eucalyptus tree in my garden) and just had to backtrack my steps to find where it came from. Luke served me and we had a super chat about the properties. Needless to say I came away with two gift boxes, and have been a return purchaser ever since. The reed diffuser emits such a wonderful scent for a very long time, not overpowering, but so pleasing. They are always placed somewhere in my house – I would hate to be without them. Many thanks.

  106. Megan

    Amazing strong relaxing smell yet not over powering ❤️

  107. Christine Salmon

    Use this in my downstairs bathroom. It’s got a deep soothing smell – love it

  108. Andrea Hardy

    I bought this Reed diffuser, along with a neroli candle and Reed diffuser at Burghley horse trials in September. Wow, they are amazing. They last, the scents are incredible, the packaging just beautiful …. I’m just about to purchase again for Christmas…. and obviously one for myself !!

  109. Debbie davies

    I first purchased a patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser as part of a gift set this summer at Tatton flower show , and it is amazing … it’s still half full and still smelling beautiful ! I have recently purchased more gift sets as they make lovely Christmas presents .
    Debbie , Wales

  110. Lucy

    The fragrance of this diffuser is absolutely gorgeous. I think it has to be one of my favourites. It smells really relaxing and I am really loving it. Highly recommended. I have only recently discovered Valette at the Living North Xmas fair and I am totally sold on them. Can’t wait to try their whole range!

  111. Christine Salmon

    Absolutely delighted with the quality and depth of fragrance

  112. Maureen Davey

    Following a strong recommendation from my daughter I treated myself to a Valentte gift box containing Patchouli and Eucalyptus products. I am thrilled not only with the lovely understated smell but also the length of time that these products last. A very efficient ordering process, quick delivery and a free gift – what more can you ask for! Will definitely order again and am often asked by others about the products.

  113. Margaret Sneddon

    Friend recommendation to purchase. This diffuser was bought as a Christmas present for someone who suffers from nerves and anxiety, hoping the relaxing fragrance will relax and uplift her mood. I loved the clean, fresh scent and hope that she benefits from the product.


    Lovely scent that fills the entire bathroom, but not overpowering at all. Really pleased with my purchase.

  115. Lynn Hedley

    Have purchased before , smells beautiful my favourite Reed diffusers ever !

  116. Jenny Watt

    This is my 2nd order of these and love them! My favourite diffuser.

  117. Mark Smith

    Great product, brilliant price, great delivery will use this seller again 10/10

  118. Catherine

    Hello, I bought 2 diffusers and a candle at your stand in the Royal Horticultural Halls before Christmas and I’d like to write a review
    “I love the Patchouli & Eucalyptus scent with its herby, earthy warmth. A candle, unlit, in my bedroom gives a lovely gentle aroma to wake up to, and the diffuser of the same scent in another room works well too. I also tried the Lime & Grapefruit diffuser in a large bathroom and it was refreshing and fruity at first but seemed lost after a while – perhaps this scent works better in a smaller room”. I’ll definitely buy the Patchouli & Eucalyptus again

  119. Sarah Roberts

    I bought a diffuser at the Liverpool Christmas market at the end of November. It is still going strong. I saw it was on sale so I bought two. Lovely fragrance and good service. Will be using you again

  120. Rachel Dodds

    Amazing strong smell beautiful packaging

  121. Anjali Parmar

    Lovely smell. Perfect for when feeling cold and helps breathing as nice to smell.

  122. Lorraine Copestake

    Always my favourite

  123. Debbie Osgood

    Love this defuser, was bought originally as a gift but had to buy my own as it smells to lovely. Now have them all over my house. Quick delivery and came in a lovely box.

  124. Karen verity

    Long lasting beautiful aroma.

  125. Elaine

    Purchased one of these originally from a stand at the Liverpool Christmas markets.
    Absolutely love the scent so purchased two more online.
    Ordering process and delivery are excellent, will continue to use

  126. Eva

    Lovely diffuser, lovely scent and enough liquid that it lasts a long time. Really gives a welcoming fragrance in my hallway.

  127. Christina Cooper

    The best diffuser l have ever had. Beautiful long lasting scent, l have them all over the house.

  128. Maureen

    I have my diffuser at the bottom of my stairs, so the glorious smell drifts subtly up the stairs when I come down in the morning. I got my first diffuser last year and was hooked. Just received a replacement although the original one is still going strong. Love it .

  129. Irene

    Lovely subtle fragrance – works well in our basement flat – bought my first one several years ago at a horse show – wouldn’t be without it.

  130. Lynda MacCabe

    Patchouli is one of my favourite fragrances and quite hard to find. The exotic smell of patchouli mixed with the clean scent of eucalyptus is a wonderful combination. It’s great for the winter months without feeling like it’s left over from Christmas. The reed diffusers last for AGES ( make sure you follow the instructions about turning the reeds) and there are no nasty chemicals being wafted around my house. I won’t buy any other make now and look forward to trying the other fragrances as we move through the seasons.

  131. Marilyn Webster

    Makes my room so lovely and fresh and lasts for such a long time. I originally had one as a gift so much better than any other make I’ve used

  132. Elena Lloyd

    Received this as a gift box. Im in love with it ❤️ Smell is perfect and long lasting! Very happy x

  133. Kleshna Handel

    Simply the most beautifully pungent smell I love it!!

  134. nikijones16

    lovely smell , my son has this in his bedroom, and my husband in his music room it fills the air its lovely scent

  135. tonybeasley2

    I have been using Valentte products for the last couple of years. They are amazing. I have the Patchouli & Eucalyptus Reed Diffusers in practically every room of the house. The smell as I open my front door is wonderful. With their smart packaging, the gift boxes make lovely presents for family and friends.

  136. Sue

    I absolutely adore the scent from this diffuser. The aroma it gives my loving room is so calming and restful. I haven’t found any other diffusers where the fragrance lasts for so long. I wouldn’t shop anywhere else for my diffusers now. Well done Valenttte you’re doing a wonderful job!

  137. Cathryn Johnston

    I have this in my office at work- it smells like a pine forest! Many staff members have commented and it makes my working environment really refreshing

  138. Elizabeth Hudson

    I love this diffuser! The fragrance is delightful, spreading gently throughout our house (we have the diffuser in the hall) so that everywhere smells good! I bought this diffuser in October and it is still going strong (although I have recently bought a replacement). Thoroughly recommend.

  139. Leah Appleyard

    Had so many lovely comments about this product
    Everyone says my house smell like a spa

  140. Samantha Anderson

    Bought this for my sister as she particularly like the smell of patchouli. She opened it and put it in her lounge . moment later the room was full of a wonderful aroma .It does not smell artificial.She was very pleased with her gift would buy again .

  141. Natalie

    This is such a gorgeous product, it is my fourth time buying from this company. Everyone compliments us on the smell in our home, this is my favourite scent and we have it in our bedroom. I found Valentte at a veggie exhibition a few years ago and have been in love with the scents ever since. I have bought a few to give as gifts but haven’t been able to part with them!

  142. Carol Johnson

    I love Valentte’s products I will not shop anywhere else now, I’ve tried several products and all are fantastic

  143. Ann Hunt

    I love Valentte reed diffusers and I find they are probably the best ones I have ever used. The scent is quite strong and lasts for ages. I would always recommend them.
    I discovered Valentte at a Chatsworth Christmas market a few years ago and regularly use their products.. the liquid soap and hand and body lotion are also among my favourites!!

  144. Michele

    Fabulous fragrance. Would highly recommend this lovely diffuser! Quality diffuser. Won’t buy anything else now!

  145. Jacqui Rowley

    Excellent strong fragrance. Would recommend.

  146. Susan

    I ordered this to brighten up my home during lockdown, The fragrance is amazing. The service was excellent, my parcel arrived quickly despite the strange times we are living through.
    I discovered Valentte at Olympia last Christmas.

  147. Jenny Malone-Lee

    Gorgeous perfume – I ordered for myself and my daughter. We both love it. I first came across Valentte as a result of a Christmas present and am very grateful. The fragrances are natural, uplifting and beautiful – am spoilt for choice!

  148. Diana Theophilus

    Received my order this week, i love the reed diffuser, it has changed the feel of my house and added a layer of much needed calm in these uncertain times. The whole experience of receiving my order has been good, fast delivery, beautifully packed and smelling divine, high recommend, thank you

  149. Zoey

    I got the Patchouli and Eucalyptus diffuser and candle back in July at Tatton Flower Show and I cant recommended them enough! The smell last and people always comment on the scent, it reminds me of being in a spa setting which is super relaxing and calming!

  150. Pauline Gammon

    I discovered Valentte at the Christmas Ideal Home Exhibition and found it difficult to pick which smell to have as they are all lovely! The patchouli and eucalyptus smells divine and really lifts my mood in these strange times.
    Thanks so much x

  151. Alan Muir

    I was given one of these as a gift (lucky me) 🙂
    Previously I had given up on diffusers as I had always been disappointed with either the scent, ease of use or time the scent was effective but this has been a revelation. The kit is easy to set up, the scent is lovely and long lasting.
    Now I have discovered this range I will be spreading them around the house and changing the room mood according to the seasons.
    A very happy user – thank you.

  152. Linda Cordell

    The smell from this reed diffuser is so lovely, and lasts really well, highly recommended.


  153. Teresa

    I have this diffuser in my hallway, with the candle next to it.
    It smells amazing all round the house and lasts for several weeks.

  154. Michele

    Love this fragrance, makes me feel happy! I’m so glad my daughter introduced me to Valentte! Really quality reed diffuser.

  155. Rachel Sigidi

    Gorgeous product. I was gifted this for Christmas and in March someone came into my home and was like, what is that smell, it’s gorgeous! It’s strong (in a good way) and long lasting. Have just purchased two more and the candles are equally strong and long lasting. Cheap candles and diffusers just don’t offer the same luxurious smell. Would highly recommend these lovely products.

  156. Claire d’araujo

    Absolutely gorgeous fragrance. I have purchased many-especially patchouli and eucalyptus diffusers. I have also purchased mix and match boxes for family birthdays and for myself.
    The fragrance lasts. Many compliments have been made. I absolutely love it. I want to try others thanks to the samples sent. X

  157. Gill potten

    Had this as a Xmas gift, just bought some more, big fan of anything patchouli.

  158. janice stokes

    Great service and this smells wonderful, I have them all around my house.
    The samples were very good too, love the mandarin and will be ordering that next time

  159. bond_sandra

    I am a massive fan of the reed diffuser’s . This is the first time I have tried the Patchouli and Eucalyptus, which I decided to try after having a test sample. The smell is divine and so fresh. Also the quality never fails to impress.

  160. Ruth Atkinson

    I bought the gift box for my mums recent birthday during lockdown! She called me today to say she has just put this lovely diffuser in her hall and can smell it right through her house! She loves it and said she would recommend to anyone! One happy mother! Thanks valentte!

  161. Paul Valente

    Bought one of these from your stand at a country show. Quite the nicest reed diffuser scent we’ve ever smelt. We’ll definitely be back for more. Thank You.

  162. Lucy

    Love the patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser. I’m very picky with diffusers but this one is perfect – a strong enough smell for you to notice it when you first walk into a room, but it’s not overbearing. It also smells very natural, unlike a lot of other brands which smell artificial and sickly. I discovered Valentte at London Fashion Weekend and have ordered online since – great service and fast delivery!

  163. Mrs Maharry

    This was peuchased as a gift and was received with delight. I have one which smells delightful and fills a small room with a soft subtle fragrance. I find it lasts a long time with regular turning of the sticks. Thoroughly recommend this product.

  164. Vikki Ponting

    I have ordered a few of this fragrance and just love the fresh scent, I have it in my cloakroom and it smells lovely.

  165. Mark

    Bought one at a craft fair some time ago and reordered As the old one was nearly spent. Excellent service and excellent product

  166. S Walsh

    Once again an excellent service. I was really looking forward to buying at the Country Living show back in April. As this didn’t happen, I couldn’t wait to order again my favourite patchouli & eucalyptus Reed diffuser & room mist. Such a fantastic smell & good price. Hope to see you soon at a future show, in the meantime I will continue to order from home as such an efficient service.

  167. Barbara Olsen

    This is one of my favourite fragrances. I first bought at a yoga show and it lasted for such a long time. All the products at Valentte have been to a high quality and value for money. Will be defo buying more.

  168. Hilary East

    I am delighted with this diffuser- the fragrance is amazing and is long lasting. Absolutely recommend this product and will certainly buy again.

  169. brenda cookey-leeks

    This is divine – a long time favourite of mine, always purchased at various ‘shows’ now our new way of life – buying on line, brilliant service! Thank you – so good – I’m just about to buy another for a cousins birthday

  170. Frances Ross

    First time using this fragrance but totally love it

  171. Christine Mckean

    I love the reed diffuser i have it in my porch you open the door and everone says whats that lovely smell

  172. Sharon Carr

    Until now Lemongrass & Rosemary had been my favourite diffuser but now I’m torn between the two. The Patchouli & Eucalyptus is such a fresh smell with the amazing aroma of Patchouli lingering in the air. I have this in my bedroom and you can smell it as soon as you come upstairs. Amazing 😁

  173. Taylor

    My go-to scent for literally everything… I love valentte products, they make my home smell like an absolutely dream! Not only do I stock my house with the Patchouli & Eucalyptus Diffusers, but the hand wash as well. Love, love, love! x

  174. Lisa Murphy

    I have placed this in my hallway, so every time I open my front door the smells hits me. Lovely product xx

  175. Heather B

    I now have 3 reed diffusers in the house and the smell is amazing! I love a strong smell and Valentte do not disappoint. Everyone gets a gift box for Christmas and I appreciate the extra free gifts offered which makes it an affordable luxury. Keep up the amazing work Valentte!!

  176. Annie Johnsob

    Absolutely dreamy x

  177. Lorraine Arnold

    Omg amazing!!! Gorgeous products smells and packaging, offered once and again. Great birthday gifts. My friend received her box today, called me and loves them. I told her about this company, she will order and is so impressed, me too

  178. Chrstine Reid

    Bought this Fragrance and another one from John Lewis I also bought my daughter one as a gift, the smell is amazing it really fills the room unlike other makes, my daughter in law came round the other day to drop shopping off, and said wow your house smells so nice, I love this smell so much, when sitting watching the tv of an evening I suddenly get a whiff of it and just love it.

  179. Chrstine Reid

    Bought this at John Lewis lovely smell really great for the bathroom

  180. Caroline Stacey

    Fantastic product fills the room with lovely relaxing aroma without being overpowering , I think this is my favourite scent

  181. Susan Hovey

    I just love this diffuser The scent is really amazing. I have it on the window sill in my kitchen. This was my first time purchase but I will definitely Be purchasing again


    Received my order today,bought two boxes, Lemongrass and lavender Reed Rediffuser ‘s 2 and 1 Room Mist in each box, my very favourite fragrance, have bought lots of these over the years, usually stock up at Harrogate flower show ‘s, however during lockdown have bought on line, thank you for the free gifts you sent me with my orders,l can’t say enough about how lovely your products are, the smell is beautiful and lasts ages and really good value, gave one of the boxes to my daughter she loves it,Thanks again xx

  183. Lucy Hone

    I purchased a box of 3 different diffusers and they have just arrived, so the first one I am using is the Patchouli and Eucalyptus. I cannot believe the amazing smell that you get every time you walk past – you dont have to be on top of it, as the smell wafts up to you. I cant wait to try the other ones in my living room. I think that these are excellent value and look like they will last a long time. Totally hooked on the wonderful aromas.

  184. Georgie Smith

    Absolutely beautiful. I keep mine in my bedroom and it smells so aromatic.
    Not sure if it’s related but I have slept much better too, as it really makes my room feel and smell like the perfect sanctuary

  185. Paula Burden

    This smells lovely – really reminds me of being at the spa – even my husband commented on how nice it is – I ordered after seeing an advert on Facebook and will be ordering again

  186. Christine Dickens

    Generous sized diffuser. Beautiful scent which is perfect for any room in the house. Highly recommend.

  187. Chris

    This is definitely my favourite ,The fragrance reminds me of a spa so relaxing,I love the candles,diffusers and room spray


    Have tried lots of different brands of diffusers and haven’t really found one I liked until now. This one smells absolutely gorgeous, it’s a good size, lovely packaging if you wanted to gift it and very quick delivery. I will definitely be ordering again soon.

  189. Pat Simmons

    This is amazing the smell goes on and on for ever through the night and day everlasting which l have never had before with any other products thumbs up to you

  190. Linda

    Absolutely love this product. I willie ordering refillsplus gifts for friends. Stylish and beautiful aroma.

  191. John McMaster

    Amazing scent, brilliant service quality products will be recommending and buying frequently

  192. Nicky Webb

    Absolutely love this diffuser it keeps the fragrance in the room all the time unlike other brands I have bought.

  193. Alice

    Great new scent to try!

  194. sassy_alli

    Another gorgeous scent. I’ve tried several and I live them all. Valentte are second to none.

  195. Wendy Carter

    The aroma from this product goes right through the house, gorgeous and homely.

  196. Colleen Manley

    Absolutely love this fragrance make my house smell gorgeous. My last one lasted 4 months. Great value for money.

  197. Kareen Davidson

    Have 2 of these in my very large front room and reminds me of the very much more expensive Jo Malone diffusers I used to gave in this room. Am now totally hooked on these diffusers

  198. Clare Cameron

    This is both a wonderful fragrance and a quality product. It smells so natural and clean and yet is interesting – an unusual pairing that works. The longevity is excellent – fills the room. I’ve had it for two weeks and it’s barely gone down! So glad I found Valentte!

  199. lisa a d murray-lang

    Absolutely beautiful! Gorgeous scent! Amazing!!!!

  200. Marie Heath

    Received this today and it smells Devine. Better than any other products I’ve purchased, great value for money.
    Marie Heath

  201. Stephanie Porter

    Gorgeous scent, highly recommend. Since purchasing I’ve had two family members make purchases also as they love my valentte products.

  202. Fiona Smith

    Very subtle scent which is not overpowering and makes the room smell delicious! I also received free samples which are all very fresh and smell very ‘natural’ . Would definitely recommend!

  203. Sara Dunkerley

    Love the smell of this! My bathroom smells great!
    Would highly recommend it.

  204. Eunice House

    Amazing products with fragrances that last & last. Just love them in my home

  205. Philippa Parker

    I bought one of these reed diffusers, absolutely love the fragrance, it makes my home smell absolutely gorgeous.

  206. Jeanette Cocklin

    Love them I have three around the house and the scent is gorgeous

  207. Leslry

    First bought this at Burleigh. Lovely scent I love it . I am on my third one and have bought one for my daughter who is now hooked on the scent.

  208. Linda Cassidy

    Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser I received this and candles last week. I only got using them today. They are absolutely marvellous. The smell is divine. They came packaged beautifully to Belfast , Northern Ireland. Thank you Valentte. 💥💥💥💥💥

  209. Debbie Davies

    I first purchased from valentte last year at tatton flower show . Since then I have purchased off them many times. The diffusers are absolutely amazing… the best I’ve ever bought and they last for ages without the smell fading. I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve also had the body lotions and room mist which are also lovely ….. they come beautifully packaged too. 😊

  210. Helen Illingworth

    Beautifully packaged when arrived. Smells divine wil definitely buy again 😀

  211. Rebecca Osborn

    Fills the room with an amazing scent. Rivals the far more expensive high street brands. I’ve already bought Your candles and diffusers for multiple friends and they’re in every room of my house! Love them!

  212. Nicole Holmes

    Beautiful fragrance, reminds me of relaxation at a spa! Lovely to walk into when you’ve had a long day at work. Thank you, very impressed!

  213. Lucy Sibson

    I ADORE this reed diffuser. My mother purchased one at the Country Living Christmas Fair last year and I regretted not buying one too as her house smells lovely. I eventually remembered to ask her for the company name and I immediately purchased one for the lounge which tends to smell a little bit “doggy” (thanks to my stinky Westie!) but, now the whole downstairs of my house smells beautiful. I will be purchasing another for upstairs. Just need to decide which of the lovely scents to go for.

  214. Paula

    The patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser is the best by far …had so many comments saying my bedroom smells like a spa. The gift boxes make such a beautiful present, or self gift…

  215. Jenny Norris

    I discovered Valentte at the ideal home show and haven’t looked back . Everything is beautifully packaged and such a luxury at an affordable price . This fragrance in particular is vibrant and exotic and I often get told how lovely my house smells . I have never been disappointed with any purchase . I would recommend Valentte also for making such wonderful gifts and treats across the whole range .

  216. Melanie Cole

    The Patchouli & Eucalyptus reed diffuser smells devine, I will be buying again for my sisters (and me of course). Was so lovingly packaged I was loath to unpack them.

  217. Linda

    This one is the first I have used in my house, I absolutely love the smell when I come into the hall it smells so clean and fresh, looking forward to using other fragrances elsewhere in the house.

  218. Sheena Burley

    Bought this in a gift box last year, absolutely love the smell. Fabulous value will certainly be buying again in the future

  219. Liliya Kobylash

    Sensual and warm scent. Not overpowering. Smells really nice. So glad that there is an option to order free samples.

  220. Brian Couchman

    Due to the free time I’ve had these few months I came across Valentte website and after browsing sent for a few samples (I did have time to spare 😄 ) pleasantly surprised when they arrived a few days later , after the smell test I was drawn to the intoxicating aroma of patchouli and eucalyptus and immediately purchased 2+ of the reed diffusers of same and for the good lady the hand cream ,although I wanted a third diffuser we agreed 2&1 now both happy. The rooms are now filled with the wonderful fragrance and staying in is a pleasure.

  221. Sheila Delamere

    Came across this lovely company on facebook. Delighted to receive my first gift box….am in love with the beautiful scent of the Patchouli and Eucalyptus diffuser. Will definitely be stocking up and would highly recommend!

  222. Anne Cameron

    Just wanted to say this reed diffuser is fantastic. This is my second purchase from Valentine and I am so pleased with your products. I will definitely be getting more gift boxes for presents! Well done
    Mrs Anne Cameron, Glasgow

  223. Gill

    The whole room smells Devine excellent service too

  224. Micheo

    Absolutely lovely, you can smell the fragrance as soon as you walk through the door. I’m normally sceptical about buying Reed diffusers due to the smell wearing off but these don’t disappoint , will definitely using this site again. I’ve also bought gifts for family for Xmas

  225. Tony Belmont

    I’ve been looking for quality room fragrances that didn’t cost the earth for some time. With these products from Valentte I think i’ve found them. Sophisticated, rich and most importantly long lasting smells that fill your rooms with a perfume that’s just perfect. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and you can order testers before you buy.

  226. Suzanne Belmont

    this reed diffuser smells amazing! I also bought the same in room mist for an added boost of fragrance but the reed fragrance fills the room!

  227. alison smith

    First time ordering from Valentte, and I am so impressed and would highly recommend. From the beautiful packaging to the amazing smell, I am truly converted now. I have been looking for a really good diffuser forever, and I have finally found one that is perfect for my household. I am so happy I found you guys, thank you.

  228. Andrea Flanagan

    I have been buying this product for some time now and it never fails patchouli and eucalyptus is just the most perfect scent great for easing tension after a hard day fills the room and last for ages will continue to buy this as far the best on the market !

  229. Linda Rock

    At last! A reed diffuser that doesn’t disappoint! The scent is amazing and so uplifting. It fills my living room and travels along my hallway, I can’t recommend it enough! Everything about my first purchase has been perfect… the ordering, delivery and the beautiful packaging and presentation. Thank you Valentte and Facebook for introducing me to such wonderful products. Will definitely be buying again.

  230. Mags spriggs

    The dominant smell was eucalyptus not enough patchouli. Wouldn’t buy it again.

  231. Jo T

    I was given the diffuser as a gift – the scent is lovely and goes right through the house. Long lasting too, will be buying again!

  232. Leander

    I purchased Valentte gift boxes for gifts & ordered myself some samples…
    I adore this scent, my living room is approx 26foot, I have two reed diffusers open, one at each end and they smell amazing. Excellent value.

  233. Sandy

    Love the smell of this diffuser, first came across it at Ripley fair. Love it.

  234. Wilma Campbell

    Love this, patchouli, has always been a favourite scent of mine.

  235. Nicola atkinson

    Love this diffuser they smell very spar like and last a good 6 months definitely a favourite if mine

  236. Katrina Moore

    I got a candle one xmas from my sister in law and really loved the smell-I saw valentte advert and thought okay I try-I am very impressed, I have rarely smelt a reed diffuser when I walk into a room but I can definitely recommend that valentte one smells just as the pack describes and my rooms smells lovely

  237. Katrina Moore

    I have only just purchased both a 25:00 & 30:00 gift boxes for Xmas presents as I thought they were exceptional value for money and I was very impressed that I got a free sample of hand cream whIch absorbs quickly leaving no greasy after effect-and free p&p because I spent over 50:00 AND! free room scent samples and not only 1 but 3 different samples-how good is that !-I have now ordered further boxes after smelling how potent the reed diffuser was and I am confident that every subsequent order I place will not disappoint-Great stuff!

  238. Gillian Parsons

    This diffuser was free with my box set. It smells beautiful. I have placed it in my hall by the front door and it has been commented on already. Will be purchasing this regularly.

  239. Val Fielding

    This diffuser is one of the best I have ever bought. The scent is fabulous it takes me back to my youth. I have it on a shelf in my hall and many visitors have commented on the smell. As soon as you open the front door the fragrance is very apparent. I have just opened my third one and will definitely be purchasing a 4th!

  240. Jackie

    A beautiful relaxing fragrance that lasts a long time.

  241. Glynnis Masters

    Fantastic product. The smell is amazing and the oil lasts a lot longer than other similar items which makes it great value for money. Highly recommend.

  242. Alison Perrett

    It smells Devine and far more than I expected

  243. Maggie Drosso

    This came as part of the gift box which I ordered as a suprise for my sons girlfriend …they both loved it my son especially as a bit of a wannabe hippy but seriously lovely lovely products pleased with all the products in the box certainly will buy again

  244. Paula

    My favourite fragrance which I have by the front door and everyone comments when arriving how relaxing the essence is and this product just seems to last and last

  245. Elizabeth Ashton

    I love this fragrance. At first I thought it was a little strong but now love it and the room always smells nice. I discovered Valentte at Southport flower show.

  246. Patricia Allan

    I previously bought a gift box from you and I chose the Lemon grass and Rosemary. I was absolutely delighted with my purchase. I loved the products so much that I had to try the Patchouli and Eucalyptus . The fragrance is just amazing and has now become my favourite ,so much so I had to order another gift box so I could have a diffuser in every room. I came across Valentte through Facebook and I certainly have been delighted with all my purchases.

  247. Laurie Benton

    I adore this fragrance, I am a child of the 70’s and love Patchouli, but combined with the eucalyptus gives it a fresh almost healthy smell.

  248. Ian Skelton

    I was working as a photographer doing a house interior shoot for a builder on an amazing renovation project… all the way around the house were these lovely aromas!
    When I got back to the office to start the editing, one of the first jobs was to zoom in on the reed diffusers ‘in shot’ & find out the brand 🙂

    Mrs S was very happy when a surprise package arrived in the post. Now our hallway smells lovely too

  249. Liz Burden

    Absolutely love this fragrance, it fills the whole room with an amazing refreshing scent, which is not overpowering like other reed diffusers I have used in the past. Will definitely be purchasing these as gifts for Christmas …. everyone who comes to the house comments on the beautiful fragrance.

  250. vikki campbell

    Love the fragrance and the look. Always gets comments. Super quick and efficient service too

  251. May West

    First time buyer., after seeing ad on Facebook. Bought the mixed box. Love the smell. Certainly will order again.

  252. Daisy Broadbelt

    I’ve tried a few of the reed diffusers, but this is by far my favourite to date. It’s not too ‘hippyish’ but is still so relaxing and calming. Love it.

  253. Jayne Caldwell

    Patchouli and Eucalyptus is lovely! I have my diffuser in the front porch so it smells amazing when I open the front door – so delightfully welcoming! I also have the patchouli room spray which is so strong – great sprayed on the sofa – smells lush!

  254. jayne

    Love this fragrance so fresh and really fragrances the whole of my down stairs

  255. Karen Dowe

    Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser
    All my friends comment on how nice my house smells as soon as they walk in. Tried so many reed diffusers over the years and this is my only go to now. I turn the reeds every other day and the diffuser lasts for approximately 3 months.
    Beautifully packaged and always arrives on time.

  256. Gaye

    This is a great diffuser, highly recommend. Great service start to finish.

  257. Janice

    My favourite fragrance. Lasting scent around the house.

  258. Tracy Hine

    They are all lovely products but this scent is by far my favourite. It lasts really well unlike some reed diffusers. Can totally recommend.

  259. Tracy Kenna

    This product is the best smelling Reed Defuser I have ever purchase. The smell is lovely and strong and has my home smelling amazing.

  260. niki jones

    i love these diffusers, i buy these as my daughter has asthma and these are natural and don’t irritate her as commercial ones used too , they have a lovely fragrance, i buy this scent for my husbands loft room and my sons bedroom as i think they are a bit more manly for them , i always buy in a gift set but always end up keeping two and giving the 3rd one away,

  261. Elaine Rogers

    Although I personally didn’t like this fragrance as much as some others it was as usual beautifully presented

  262. Irene Mawer

    I’ve had all the diffusers and I love them all. They all have a strong smell which lasts ana lasts. The best diffusers I’ve had.

  263. Irene Mawer

    I’ve had all the diffusers and I love them all. They all have a strong smell which lasts for weeks.

  264. Nigel Andrews

    Very nice diffuser, using in the bathroom. Would buy again.

  265. Clive Bayliss

    Compliments from friends meant I had to buy again for that perfect home scent.

  266. Elaine Rogers

    Although it lasts very well & the perfume distributes well is just not for me

  267. Caroline Devereux

    Beautifully packaged. This is a lovely product and not overly over powering but fresh.

  268. Sylvia Russell

    The scent is amazing and its last so long. Liked it so much bought one for my daughter in Australia.
    Discovered Valentte at the highland show last year.

  269. Maria Sweet

    This is such a fabulous smell. Really reminds me of my holidays in Portugal where my uncle has his house surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. You will not be disappointed.

  270. Wendy

    I first bought from Valentte at the Country Living Show. I now buy online. Beautiful, natural fragrance that lasts all year. I have bought several of these for friends and everyone loves them. I always make sure I have a replacement for myself. Highly recommended.

  271. E knight

    First smelt this in a friend’s bathroom, love it so much I got home and bought 2 gift boxes, chose all the same fragrance. I love that the patchouli comes through the scent of the eucalyptus. However, my diffuser is for the sitting room not the bathroom and hopefully it will continue to keep that fragrance in the long term. I will let you know in due course. Thinking of ordering few more gift boxes as christmas presents in a difference scent , but unable to work out as yet how to request the different fragrances as its either option 1, 2 or 3 and I dont know what those scents are.

  272. Susan Spaxman

    Such a lovely, natural scented fragrance. I have just purchased my second defuser – the first bottle lasted two years. Scent intencifies when placed near a warm radiator.

  273. Gaynor Rendle

    The whole room smells beautiful! Lasts for ages.

  274. Lucy

    Distinctive fragrance fresh and interesting. I have been buying the same fragrance for three years love it!
    First found it at a Christmas Fair but luckily later found Valentte on line.

  275. shkeelakayani

    I came across valentte products on Instagram whilst I was looking for candles and diffusers that used natural ingredients.
    The reed diffuser smells beautiful and I will be buying more.

  276. Philip Lawley

    This one is a more manly fragrance and not as sweet and citrus as some of the others. Hence why I love it. Will be buying again. Phil

  277. Rachel Smailes

    Fabulous fragrance, really lasts.

  278. Rosina Brittle

    A new discovery after using Rosemary and Lemongrass a few times. This is my current favourite. Wonderful smell.

  279. Dawn bell

    Wow this is by far the best smelling diffuser yet. Smell like a spa day when u walk into your room. Heaven . I’ve bought these before and will never stop buying . All packaged so well . I love this company and all their products. Xxx

  280. Linda

    I have bought a few products for presents and they all smell divine but I prefer this one which I purchased for myself. My home has a gorgeous scent every time I come in. I would highly recommend. The gift boxes are good value.

  281. Linda RILEY

    Love this one too. So refreshing and calming. This purchase is a gift for daughter, for her new home, I’m sure she will love it too.

  282. Susan Morrison

    Absolutely love this fragrance. I have it in my downstairs hall and can smell it every time I come downstairs. Not too overpowering, just right. Will certainly buy again.

  283. Mary Pellant

    Love the smell of this one. Have this one on our bookcase on the landing. Meets you when you come out of the bedroom, or walking up the stairs.

  284. Annette Allen

    I’ve been purchasing these products for years now after finding them at Horse of the Year show trade stand , can’t recommend them enough , the smell is amazing and they last for ages

  285. Juno

    Absolutely love this fragrance – you can smell it throughout the house. Lovely packaging too.
    I have bought before for presents but I end up keeping them for myself!

  286. Liz Scruton Scottish Borders.

    I absolutely adore valentte products , I have been purchasing them for a couple of years now for myself and also for presents.
    The fragrance is amazing the whole house smells like a spa and so Beautifully packaged .

  287. nicol

    This smells so gorgeous I love it! Valentte is also a really great company, good communication, quick delivery and some wonderful free hand cream, I think I know what I am buying everyone for Christmas now..

  288. jeffcoate34

    Patchouli has always been a favourite on mine and when mixed with eucalyptus even better. This is my second purchase, lasts for ages and never loses its smell.
    Just love Valentte products.

  289. Debra

    This is my favourite. I love this fragrance and it fills the room. People have commented how lovely it is

  290. Natalie

    Love this I am working from home and my home smells lovely . Makes me feel better x

  291. Jayne Brown

    I never tire of this fragrance. It’s soothes me after a stressful day working from home . I love it so much I have it in almost every room .

  292. Carole garth

    Live this aroma put this diffuser in my en-suite and it smells into the bedroom . 1st class diffuser

  293. Helen

    Love the smell. This is the first diffuser I’ve had that actually smells for weeks. Top product will definitely be buying again

  294. Paula Baker

    Absolutely love this fragrance and the diffusers last a long time. Take advantage of the free samples to help you choose favourite scents

  295. Sharon Smith

    I ordered this as part of the gift box and the fragrance is lovely. The fragrance makes the hallway and stairs smell lovely and It is nice to open the front door and get the fragrance straight away.

  296. Debbie ackroyd

    I initially bought a sample of this and loved the smell. It’s so welcoming when I go upstairs and the scent fills the staircase wonderfully

  297. Sam

    Lovely long lasting fragrance.
    Good presentation.
    Will buy your products again.

  298. Lynnette Richardson

    This fragrance is amazing i have this in my toilet upstairs & everytime i walk in the room smells amazing. I will definitely purchase these diffusers again & again for myself & gifts for family & friends.

  299. Susan Attwood

    Very nice product good you can choose your own fragrances will definitely purchase more products

  300. Jan

    Brought this diffuser & refill as a Christmas gift after using them myself many times!
    They’re long lasting & smell lingers for ages!
    Gorgeous to give but even better to keep for yourself!!

  301. Mabel Dawson

    Cannot praise the company high enough,ordered a reed diffuser from Valentte and when it came there was hardly any aroma coming from it,When i contacted the company they apologised and sent out another Reed Diffuser right away. Opened the second one and the aroma is beautiful Thanks again for excellent service,will reccomend you to all my friends

  302. Elaine Murphy

    I saw this an Face Book and as it had so many positive reviews I purchased the Patchouli & Eucalyptus gift box for £25..when it arrived it was in a beautiful box and even before I opened it I could smell the lovely scent..great value for money..I will definitely be purchasing another and as I was sent samples of the other scents I can choose my favourite

  303. Margaret Wilkes

    Beautiful fragrance, I love Valentte products and this diffuser is another to go on my favourite list. Bought as a Xmas present, it’s now on my drawers as a present to me!

  304. Helen Wallace

    I find it very ineffective it doesn’t seem to dissipate into the air although close up is smells good .I wouldn’t recommend it as a room fragrance

  305. Denise Mawhinney

    I love this reed diffuser. It’s such an unusual scent but it works. I’m very impressed with it and the service from Valentte. Will certainly be shopping with them again. I loved the little room spray samples I received.

  306. Jo Strong

    Not as strong as my absolute favourite lemongrass and rosemary but perfect for the bedroom. A lovely smell and I also burn the candle when I am getting ready for bed. As a long term insomniac it doesn’t knock me out but is very soothing aroma.

  307. Sinead Fahey

    My mam loves this reed diffuser. She’s very impressed with the scent (she got one as a present before) so we got it for her as part of her Christmas present. Will certainly be shopping with them again. She will love the little room spray samples too.

  308. Ann Seedhouse

    Loving the beautiful scent through my home. just the right eucalyptus fresh combination for me.

  309. Jenny Norris

    Can’t fault any of Valentte products . Beautifully packaged . Fantastic fragrances the only problem is what to order as all the fragrance combinations are skill fully matched . You won’t be disappointed.

  310. A Beattie

    Patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser was a lovely scent but to smell it in my lounge I had to be sitting next to it. I moved it to the bathroom and because it’s a smaller room the scent is stronger and the room is nicely scented. Was a bit disappointed .

  311. Linz

    Lovely scents but diffusers don’t work in large rooms you can only smell if sitting next to them

  312. Margaret Wilkes

    The smell is gorgeous, I have this in my clock room and I keep popping my head in just to have another smell. I’ve purchased Valentte products at various fairs and online too, can’t beat the aromas and longevity of the products.

  313. Jane Sanderson

    I love the smell of the eucalyptus and patchouli together. I have it in my bathroom as it reminds me of a spa. Love the rich aroma greeting me in the mornings, very indulgent.

  314. Mark

    Read diffuser works really well in large open spaces fills the entire house with non-over powering lovely fragrance.

    Patchouli and Eucalyptus Smells very much like a spa .

  315. Helen

    Lovely smell, you can smell it all day long

  316. Michelle Tanner-Langstone

    Lovely fragrance, potent enough to be aware but not to overwhelm.

  317. Sonja Sharpe

    Can barely smell this at all and am really disappointed. I have it in a bathroom and have tried turning the reeds round and everything. I don’t understand all the positive reviews. Maybe you don’t publish the ones that aren’t 5 stars? An unlit candle of yours that I have exudes more scent than this thing. Just disappointed that I have another diffuser too unopened , wish I’d bought candles instead . Looks nice just does not seem to actually work.

  318. E. Johnson

    I could smell this fragrance fairly straight away and coupled with the candle made a really lovely relaxing aroma.

  319. Sue

    Excellent free gift which came with the 3 candles I had ordered, patchouli and eucalyptus is one of my fav Valentine scents although they are all easy on the nose, highly recommended

  320. Elspeth Wallace

    Love the reed diffusers. This is definitely one of my favourite fragrances.

  321. Liz wood

    Love these diffusers – long lasting and lovely smells will definitely order again

  322. Tracey lydon

    Love this, strong and fresh without being overpowering. I’ll definitely buy again

  323. Louise Luckett

    Delicate fresh fragrance. Beautiful bottle. Smells so natural and just the right level. Will order again

  324. gill Jalland

    these diffuser are wonderful and last for ages. i just can’t resist this fragrance. my friend introduced me to these at one of the shows and ive bought online ever since. The gift boxes are very good value as a gift as a whole or splitting them up an inexpensive presents. i discovered for the first time, the gift bag which are a great idea.

  325. Gillian Moir

    The Reed diffuser is my favourite out of the gift box that I ordered. Will definitely order again the smell is devine and seems to be lasting which is good as other defusers I have brought after a few days seem to fade out.

  326. Sue S

    This is very strong smelling scent and not for me unfortunately. Gave me a headache as soon as I put it out. I gave it to my neighbour who returned it back to me after one hour as too strong for her also.

  327. Margaret Newman

    Purchased candle, mist and deffuser plus 2 body scrubs, to give as Christmas present for my grandchildren
    They smell beautiful and Presentation is excellent
    Will recommend this company to friends and family, very reasonably priced

  328. lisa.quigley

    Bought my first Valentte diffuser from Covent Garden 2 years ago. It is just about coming to the end of its life but still smells absolutely beautiful. Never have I known such a permanency of fragrance in a diffuser. It is now the scent of my lounge, recognised by visitors! So pleased to be able to order on line – my parcel arrived yesterday, beautifully packaged. Excellent service and great to be buying British.

  329. karen russell

    Again bought this form y daughter, she was thrilled smells like a spa, she put it in her office at home and it smells
    the room beautifully.

  330. jennyvance

    I purchased the Patchouli & Eucalyptus gift box and I like it so much I am going to order some as Christmas gifts.

  331. Margaret Green

    I’ve bought this a couple of times. Gorgeous fragrance that lasts for ages. A reliable uplifting treat

  332. Valerie Young

    I absolutely adore this fragrance! I received a sample and loved it so much that I bought a diffuser and matching room spray and hand wash to use at Christmas. I now have them in use and my home smells so festive! Love Valentte products.

  333. Louise Collett

    Absolutely gorgeous scent, the patchouli and eucalyptus is so uplifting. Natural and fabulous, unlike some synthetic alternatives.
    I can smell it from afar, will definitely buy other products.
    I highly recommend Valentte ❤

  334. Maureen Davey

    Love this company and this diffuser. Service was first class even in these difficult times and the goods were beautifully packaged and smell gorgeous. The gift box meant I could give a diffuser as a gift and still keep one for myself!

  335. Sue Banbury

    Just bought this diffuser, it is beautiful, a fresh hint of eucalyptus but with the delicate perfume of patchouli. This is not overpowering just a really lovely fragrance. Have now sent for more !!
    Really good service, very well packaged and quick delivery. Highly recommend.

  336. Dorothy Gauden

    Love this…the beautiful smell of Patchouli and the hint of Eucalyptus is just amazing

  337. L Mouat

    I use these reed diffusers all the time. My favourite is Patchouli and Eucalyptus. The smell is really lovely.

  338. Marlene Cash

    Absolutely beautiful, the smell is gorgeous, nicely packaged. Definitely recommend Thank you

  339. Pam

    Always a bit nervous about buying scented items online but was not disappointed am very happy with my purchase

  340. Robena Hinwood

    I bought this diffuser to use with the matching soy candle, one upstairs, one downstairs but the beautiful scent of the diffuser alone carries throughout my quite large house!!! It’s amazing! This company has ‘nailed it’ in my opinion!

  341. Jayne Allan

    Bought as a gift and sent direct to recipient so I cannot comment. However delivery was fast and ordering simple.

  342. Jo Hall

    I’ve purchased most of the products from Valentine at shows but this year due to Covid-19 I was missing the lovely smells. My favourite is the patchouli and eucalyptus reed diffuser which fills the house with the most beautiful aroma so I ordered a gift box for myself. I wasn’t disappointed when the parcel arrived beautifully packaged as always. The free samples enclosed also smelt divine and I shall definitely be putting in another order soon

  343. Jenny Dean

    These reed diffusers are fab. Whenever anyone comes into my house they say it smells lovely. Wont go anywhere else now.

  344. Lydia Ritchie

    These products are amazing. Rich in fragrance makes them long lasting and filters through the home.
    Always loved the Patchouli fragrance from way back
    Love all 3 products

  345. Janice

    Love this product! Perfect for home use you get the scent as soon as you enter the room it is in!

  346. Amanda Clarke

    I have bought this in a gift box for my daughter for Christmas. It hasn’t been used yet but the smell coming from the beautiful packaging is lovely. I also received great customer service after I had messed up my order. It was sorted out for me very promptly, thank you.

  347. claire.hovland

    This is the second time I have bought this patchouli and eucalyptus reed diffuser, my mum first bought me this as a gift and patchouli is my absolute favourite scent so I was really excited to find a reed with it in! The smell is beautiful and the fragrance lasts such a long time, I have now purchased several other items from Valentte for Christmas presents as I have been so impressed with the quality, all the items arrived beautifully packaged and I am sure the recipients will love their items as much as I have.

  348. Susan Patrick

    I received a gift of patchouli and eucalyptus candle and diffuser from my daughter in law. I was so impressed with the fragrance and how it filled the house with its aroma. Visitors commented on the lovely aroma in the house. So I decided to order some gift boxes as special gifts for Christmas and upcoming birthdays. I chose the above plus some new fragrances. I am absolutely delighted with the gifts. The gift box packaging and the lovely extra gift bags I ordered are perfect for individual gifts. I can’t thank you enough for your excellent service and will definitely be ordering from you in the future. Thank you.

  349. Cheryl Lambert

    Smells really beautiful ..had many co.ments on the strength of the fragrance too ..would buy again.

  350. Marion Bridgen

    This is such a wonderful fragrance, on so many occasions friends visiting asked “what’s that wonderful perfume”. I have just placed an order for some as Xmas presents. It’s also great to be able to support local home grown businesses.

  351. Anne Dey

    Bought this as a wee gift to myself and absolutely love it, the fragrance is very subtle and calming just wonderful

  352. Mailin Li-Phillips

    Bought 2 of these to give as gifts, so not able to comment on the scent. However the whole buying experience and service was excellent and the packaging was perfect 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  353. Frances Mathers

    I ordered a gift set as a present and they loved it so much I’ve ordered 3 more, 2 as gifts and 1 for myself. Devine.

  354. Liz Poraj-Wilczynska

    Thoroughly recommend. My visitors love it! It has a wonderful perfume and evokes times gone by.

  355. Rhonda Waters

    Beautiful diffuser long lasting and uplifting scent. Nicely presented and quick delivery, would highly recommend

  356. Jan Perry

    Have been buying your products for a few years, from the Ideal home show , Wisley from a stall outside the main entrance . I especially like the patchouli and eucalyptus,the smell lasts for ages, W as very pleased to see your advert on Facebook too

  357. Mary

    I’ve been buying from Valentte for some time and have never been disappointed their products are great and the service is first class and the presentation is first class.

  358. Jo Marks

    Fabulous diffuser – would buy again

  359. Anne McDougall

    Love the reed diffuser, not overpowering but can smell it all over the house

  360. Celia little

    Just ordered more of these after receiving one as a gift . Subtle sophisticated smell . Perfect .

  361. Linda Johnson

    I love the smell of this as I walk into the house a calming perfume. The Reed defuse are so long lasting you can smell it to the last drop.

  362. Ajit Patel

    My favourite.
    As you enter the room,it’s fragrance is divine…

  363. Isabelle Terry

    This is my very favourite scent – you’ve completely converted me! The freshness of the eucalyptus is amazing to smell whenever I walk into the room. Thank you for another beautiful product – great packaging too! xx

  364. Rose Smyth

    Beautiful strong scent, lasts for ages

  365. Malcolm Hartas

    It is subtle and long lasting and am delighted with the product

  366. Fiona Wilson

    I absolutely love this fragrance. It is so fresh and evokes thoughts of being outside . Very long lasting, one of the best I’ve come across. Love the fragrance so much I bought the hancrream. Beautiful. Have recommended to family and friends.

  367. Pauline Massey

    I bought this for a Christmas present and the recipient loved it. I am now going to buy one for myself.

  368. Susan Fawcett

    I originally ordered a couple of gift boxes for Christmas gifts after seeing you on Facebook. I liked the presentation & all products had good reviews. I was so impressed with the service & when opened the smell was delicious. I then went on to order another 4 boxes and they are all equally as good. Definitely my new go to for fragrances.

  369. Kathy

    Bought as a gift, but I didnt want to part with it. I love this fragrance.


    Beautifully packaged product and super fragrance . Highly recommended

  371. Maria Sweet

    I don’t even remember how I came across Valentte but just so pleased I did as since my first order have done a few as definitely without a doubt worth the money. One of my favourites has to be the Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser. This fragrance in my home reminds me of staying at my aunt and uncles in Portugal at there’s with their extensive grounds surrounded by Eucalptus trees, such a lovely smell andso reminds me of holidays! X

  372. Nita Patel

    I was very pleased with my order of patchouli and eucalyptus Reed diffuser which was presented in a beautiful gift box. The fragrance is amazing and the best diffuser I have bought. Will be ordering more in future

  373. Ana Lockett

    Bought as a gift to myself… absolutely my most favourite. Fills the entrance hall with this beautiful scent and everyone in our household comments on the scent

  374. Sandra Thompson

    Absolutely first class, have one in each of downstairs rooms

  375. Cheryl Tyreman

    I received this for my Christmas present and the smell is divine! I had the matching candle too 🙂 Looking forward to ordering more.

  376. Laura Hinshelwood

    Beautiful fragrances good strength, can smell all around downstairs. Beautifully packaged.

  377. Patricia Cooper

    After reading reviews on Facebook, bought Lemongrass & Rosemary and Patchuli & Eucalyptus Reed diffusers with hand cream for myself after buying gift boxes & other products before Christmas for friends, absolutely beautiful products, fragrance is first class, have one in the hall & bathroom.
    Service was outstanding, delivered within days.
    Will definitely be buying more.
    Highly recommend.

  378. Helen Andrews

    I have just had my second order from Valentte, all packaged so beautifully. I’ve got to say it is hard choosing a favorite as the natural scents all have different moods or uses.
    But if I have to choose, being the hippy I was/am I think the Patchouli and Eucalyptus is my winner.
    I have just moved so every room has something from Valentte in it down to the gorgeous hand sanitizer, the house smells fantastic. So glad I discovered you on fb, thank you 👍🙂

  379. Margaret Brown

    I have put the Patchouli and Eucalyptus diffuser in my bathroom and every time I go in its like going to a spa. The smell reminds me of a when I get a massage at my favourite spa. Its not too overpowering either. I certainly made a good choice with this one!

  380. Felicity Hannington

    I received this as a gift for Christmas and I must say the scent is delightful – like being in a spa! I put it in my large lounge and it’s a subtle but lovely smell.

  381. Julie Adams

    I just love this fragrance . The scent fills the room . Much better than any other product I’ve used before . Comes beautifully packaged , just want more !

  382. Pauline Howarth

    I absolutely love this product, smell is amazing and lasts for a very long time

  383. Christine Jones

    Absolutely lovely item, well packaged and smells delicious. Have already ordered again.

  384. Fi Ivin

    I have tried the other fragrances which I also love but this eucalyptus and patchouli is a real favourite. The delightful, warm, sweet smell lingers as you pass by and is uplifting.

  385. Erin Archard

    This is the 3rd or 4th time I have ordered this diffuser scent. It reminds me of being at a spa. I have had comments from friends when they’ve come round in the past, asking what the lovely smell is. Such a calming fragrance that lasts. Thank you! Erin

  386. Susanne Eke

    Lovely natural fragrance which works really well in a small space. I’ve dropped 2 star’s as unfortunately when I tried the diffuser in my upstairs bathroom ( still small size area) I couldn’t smell it at all.

  387. Seri

    Absolutely love this diffuser, and got it in the sale for a reduced price. The bottle it comes in looks modern and goes with any interior. Smells amazing! Will defs re stock when all out of them all.

  388. Pauline Ruddy

    Love this reed diffuser, my favourite scent, will last so long compared to other reed diffusers. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase this, totally recommend it.

  389. Sandy Spencer

    Got this for Xmas it’s wonderful and well scented, my daughter got me some for Xmas, beautifully packaged it’s amazing I’ve ordered another,

  390. Victoria Jackson

    Gorgeous and such a nice smell feel like I can smell it all day when it’s in the house

  391. Ann Tait

    This was my first purchase from Valentte and I was a bit concerned about buying online and not being able to smell the diffuser but I needn’t have been. The service from Valentte was excellent and the diffuser smells gorgeous filling my room with a beautiful scent. I have already placed a second order!!

  392. Linda Light

    I was very pleased with my diffuser my room smells lovely

  393. Julie Adams

    I just love this fragrance . The Reed diffuser fills the room with its wonderful fragrance . Highly recommend it

  394. Lynda Line

    I ordered 2 diffusers, one patchouli and eucalyptus and one neroli and lemon. Packaged beautifully and smell gorgeous! They were both for me but they would be lovely as gifts too.

  395. Alison singer

    Just received my reed diffuser , it’s gorgeous! The box it came in was so beautifuly presented. I also got a lemongrass and rosemary candle which I will be lighting but the smell it’s amazing! Couldn’t recommend a better company to deal with .thank-you

  396. Trudy Davies

    Love the scent of this! I put it in my home office and straight away the room smells amazing when I walk in, but not overpowering. Would definitely recommend it. My order was beautifully packaged too! ❤️

  397. Jacqueline Jones

    This is one of my favourite two fragrances from Valentte, a perfect combination of scents – a lovely rich smell but not too strong or overpowering, these make great gifts too!

  398. Deborah Doherty

    I was gifted a set of products for Christmas and was so pleased with the fragrance (Patchouli and Eucalyptus) that I have ordered more.

  399. Christine Stott

    This product is fabulous. Scent is clean and pure, reminds me of visiting the Spa. Very relaxing.
    Have ordered more already. Can’t wait to get the delivery.
    Lovely scent in the air in my rooms.

  400. Christine Stott

    Very impressed with the packaging of my order. Lovely box with ribbon – perfect for a gift.
    Truly great value for money
    Will certainly be passing on the website to my friends

  401. Lucille Grant


  402. Karen Mitchell

    Bought a refill as I had a bottle I wanted to use. Smells wonderful. Have put this in the bathroom. Refill bottle is really cute and I will use this for something else.

  403. Sally

    Absolutely love the Patchouli & Eucalyptus Reed diffuser, the scent is divine. I had a Valentte gift box with a reed diffuser bought for me a couple of years ago and it lasted nearly 2 years.
    I’ve bought gift boxes for friends and they have all been thrilled.

  404. Susan Oborne

    Patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser smells amazing. Had these diffusers before and they last so long. Best diffusers that I have had

  405. Karen Slater

    Finally found the diffuser I have been searching for , believe me I have bought a few .

  406. Amanda Read

    Have tried many Reed Diffusers before and I absolutely love my Patchouli and Eucalyptus Reed diffusers . I also bought the Room spray as well. The smell is not over powering and makes my flat smell like a Spa . Will definitely buy again and recommend to friends.

  407. Amanda

    Not my fav scent ! Too patcholi

  408. Barbara Ferrey

    Lovely smell which seems to last

  409. Elle Zwandahl

    A lovely musky blend of natural patchouli & eucalyptus – if you like earthy tones this is the one to choose.

  410. Jackie Brooker

    Absolutely love the patchouli & eucalyptus diffuser.
    My home smells like a spa.
    Best diffuser I have ever bought, looks smart too.
    Comes in a lovely gift bag.
    Will definitely buy more for myself and for gifts.
    Thank you valnette.com

  411. mitchelgrundy

    My girlfriend bought a few of these for the house and they are so strong and the scent is lovely. Really impressed with the quality and prices.

  412. Pam DSYLVA

    Was given this from a friend for Christmas
    Loved the fragrance as nit a fan of strong flowery scents
    This was light and uplifting and the scent is still ongoing
    Would recommend to anyone

  413. Sue

    My first purchase from Valentte and very pleased I did. I love the Patchouli & Eucalyptus Reed diffuser, the scent is light and fresh. I have it in my bathroom, smells lovely. I also got some samples which is great for helping to decide what to try next.

  414. Antoinette Cunningham

    I just love my patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser .
    I have it in my bathroom and it has turned bath time into spa time .
    I light the matching candle as well . Pure heaven .
    Thank you Valentte ❤️

  415. Sally

    Love my diffuser. Patchouli is a blast from the past and my working from home office smells amazing. Thank you. Packaging was amazing by the way, thank you x

  416. Sarah Foster

    Love it, smells amazing and lasts

  417. Dorothy Gauden

    Beautiful smell..last for ages…will certainly buy more

  418. mitchelgrundy

    I am in love with this scent!!

  419. Joan nevey


  420. Debbie Willoughby

    This is such a lovely smell – its very calming but strong enough that the smell goes round the whole of my downstairs. Its a lovely scent – one of my favourites!

  421. Sue

    One of the best diffusers I have had . The scent fills the house wonderfully. Will definitely buy again

  422. Thomas Stockport

    Products and service excellent have already recommended to friends who have been very happy

  423. Joan Docherty

    I purchased many of your products for Christmas presents and without exception all of my friends were absolutely delighted with their gifts. I have to say that my favourite fragrance is the Patchouli and Eucalyptus but I also love White Neroli and lemon and Lemmomgrass and Rosemary diffusers and candles. I will certainly recommend your product to my friends and will purchase your gifts for my myself and friends

  424. Alison York

    As I cook a lot this is ideal for my kitchen. It’s smell is calming and clean and it lasts.
    Cannot fault the service from Valentte either, a great company .

  425. Ann Tait

    Second purchase of this product. So impressed with its strength and perfume. Excellent service from Valentte

  426. Patricia mitchell

    First time trying these, very impress 😻

  427. Audrey Jones

    I have purchased so many diffusers, at last I have found a strong contender, I believe it had contributed to a more relaxed sleep giving the bedroom a gentle aroma. Love love love it

  428. Angel Thorneycroft

    Absolutely lovely fragrance. This Company is lovely to buy from. The products are beautifully wrapped and would make a great gift.
    I shall definitely be buying more!!

  429. Linda McKinney

    This was purchased as an alternative fragrance for the upper floor of the property. We already have the Lemongrass and Rosemary fragrances on the main floor. Absolutely delighted with both fragrances. We discovered the products after receiving them as a gift and have since found them to be the ideal gift for friends and family (as well as ourselves).

  430. Anita

    I have purchased soy candles, diffusers and room sprays from Valentte and have been delighted every time. I love all the fragrances but my favourite I think is the patchouli and Eucalyptus . Thank you Luke for great service too!

  431. Yvonne Davies

    These products are fabulous. Not only do they smell wonderful patchouli and eucalyptus is my absolute favourite they also come beautifully packaged. Love them all

  432. Mabel Dawson

    Great service,ordered on the Monday and got my order on the Wednesday,Forth time i have ordered these products and never been let down,the Aroma that comes from the reeds is powerful and lasts for 3months or more,better than any other expensive reeds i have bought .Will recommend to all myfriends..

  433. Melanie Cole

    Very friendly company. I usually buy my other candles and diffusers from another company, but have now decided to change, I love the Patchouli & eucalyptus, it smells devine. I managed to get a couple in the sale which will last for a while. Happy.

  434. Patricia Allan

    I have just received my gift box of Reed diffusers in the patchouli and eucalyptus fragrance. I just love this smell. I love it so much I have it everywhere in my house.
    I came across Valentte on Facebook. They make a lovely product and are such a pleasure to deal with.

  435. Dawn Hood

    Lovely smell but just not strong enough: I’ve even changed the reeds to a thicker one that I use with other diffusers and although the smell is a little stronger it’s not what I would expect. I have it on a cabinet at the top of the stairs so its in an open space with plenty of through traffic but I can only just smell it as I’m walking past (my husband hasn’t actually noticed it at all), other brands that I’ve had on there fill the whole of the landing with their scent. I’m hugely disappointed.

  436. Sharyn jonas

    Just received my package and very excited
    Tried this fragrance a month ago and now I’m totally hooked have the diffuser all around the home and they last quite a while too

  437. Suzy MAMOUZI

    Great fragrance really effective and lasts for ages

  438. Sandy

    Impressed with the lovely smell on entering the room. First purchased from you a few years ago at the Ripley Fair. Now buy for gifts as so pleased with all the fragrances.

  439. Jude Holdaway

    A lovely perfume which I am able to enjoy every day especially being shut in. I saw your advert on line.


    Really love this fragrance which is really long lasting. The room smells amazing would highly recommend

  441. Christine Lison

    Valentte was recommended to me by a friend and she was so right about how long the reed diffusers keep their fragrance. She bought me Lemongrass and Rosemary which I loved. However I have discovered that Patchouli and Eucalyptus is my favourite, I have now had several orders which come in lovely packaging and also timely.

  442. Nina Saville

    Love this product ! It has the most amazing scent and it really carries. I have mine in the living room but can also smell it in the hall and the kitchen.

  443. Nazia Akram

    Gave this to my sister aa a gift. She absolutely loved the scents.

  444. Christine

    Love this. I’ve had a patchouli and eucalyptus diffuser for such a long time that I first found on a stand at Blenheim flower show. It smells so good. Ordered a new one here, delivered promptly in a couple of days. Also came with 3 free samples of other fragrance that also smell divine. So I shall be ordering them soon too.

  445. FIONA Peters

    First time buying this fragrance and I love it! Would definitely recommend!

  446. Anna

    Just received my reed diffuser today. Lovely earthy scent. Very happy with the Valentte service.

  447. Lesley

    Gorgeous packaging and a lovely product. Absolutely love all your products.

  448. Stacey Godbehear

    Love these diffusers, they last a good couple of months. Packaging and service is excellent so they also make great presents.

  449. Judith Newman

    This is a beautifully scented reed diffuser, I return to this one every time I buy a diffuser although I do very much like your other fragrances. They are very high quality products which l love buying for myself and my friends, keep up the good work .

  450. Tracey Reynolds

    This smells divine! It was part of the gift box that I ordered and I am delighted with it. I would defiantly recommend this scent to anybody the room smells beautiful.

  451. Nikki Freeman

    Highly recommend this diffuser. Wonderful perfume fills the room.
    Prompt delivery following order.

  452. Maggie T

    A beautiful uplifting and clean smell. It makes me smile when I catch it’s fragrance as I enter the room. This was my first purchase from Valentte and I’ve since come back and bought candles intended for gifts, but can’t bear to part with them!

  453. Victoria

    Beautiful scent, not overpowering but long lasting. All visitors comment on it and the ones I have given as gifts have been much appreciated.

  454. danni.casson

    Got this to go with the candle. It’s so fragrant in room and is always commented on. Love it!

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